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JUNE 2014

Tash’s Training Tip - Who are you as a rider? ~ Kate’s Knowledge - Mud Fever News From Holland ~ Kate’s & Fabienne’s Tips

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Natasha is pumped and very excited to launch her new website This website is dedicated to helping riders achieve the level of success they want in competition. Winning competitions, doing personal bests, increasing percentages and moving through the levels takes more than just luck. There is a system and a structure to it. Natasha is super excited to share all her tools, tips and strategies on how she went from a prelim level rider to a Grand Prix dressage rider in 5 years. She will be sharing all she knows, on how to win at competitions and move through the levels, in a special, 2 day workshop on the 5-6th July 2014. To see if it is right for you, and to claim her FREE video series on how to overcome competition nerves, excel in the warm up arena and how to learn your dressage test and master the arena click on the image to your left.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful.


From the Editor Hi Fabulous Friesian Lovers!! Wow!! What a month! Can’t believe we are nearly half way through the year! With Natasha and her family in Europe... this month has been hectic! Make sure you check out the photos so far from their trip on page 7! We have been running Friesian lessons and experiences non stop since we are not competing this month... and we LOVE IT! The website is also getting a revamp... so make sure you stay tuned for that and let us know what you think! This month we have some fun with Jorrit and face paint, so make sure you check out Ebony Park TV on page 15. Kate introduces EP Meteor, half brother to Milo, who she is currently competing at Novice level dressage. Keep sending photos of you and your horse in so that we can feature you in our “best friend picture board” and if you have any questions that you would like answered, please email us at!! We hope you had a fantastic month, and enjoy the mag! To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

• PAGE 21-22: BREEDING PACKAGES WITH EBONY PARK JORRIT!! • PAGE 23-24: PHOTO GALLERY Jorrit’s face paint and Hercules and Krixus in the fog!

Kate Langdon


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


News From Holland - Abe one of only 10 Grand Prix Friesians! An introduction of Grand Prix horses Friesian horses are making their influence felt in higher dressage. In the Netherlands three horses are competing at Grand Prix level and abroad several others have also managed to progress this far. We will give a brief account of the horses that are currently acting on Grand Prix level. Ebony Park is very proud to say that Friesian stallion Ebony Park Abe is one of these 10 elite Grand Prix dressage Friesians!! Natasha and Abe scored their personal best score last Friday in the Grand Prix with two international judges, with a 62.7% (one of the judges scored them with 64.1%!!!!), with an 8 for the pirouette!! Congratulations to this fabulous pair!! If you think a Friesian is the right dressage horse for you, we are currently offering lessons on 3 of our Friesians here at Ebony Park!! Two are purebred Friesians, and one is 1/2 Friesian Grand Prix schoolmaster The Carrock Tambo!! Click here for more information

on having lessons on your Dream Friesian!! :)

Wieger Star (Leffert 306 x Oege 267)

The Netherlands Hielke van het Stronkse Hof Star (Mintse 384 x Tsjerk 328) Breeder: Wieger Baron Rider: Ykje Baron Owner: the Baron family

Breeder: J. de Croon Rider: Ingeborg Klooster Owner: Demro Stables (Van Nuys family) Ingeborg Klooster competes Hielke under his sport name Hoppe van de Demro Stables. Klooster describes the stallion as ‘a real strapping fellow with a world-class character.’ She explains: ‘His best asset is his never-ending commitment to work, he will never let me down.’

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014

Wieger is a son of Nimberley (Oege 267), the Studbook mare who received Preferent status and was declared Performance on the basis of her offspring’s successes. Wieger has a fantastic attitude to work. At the beginning of his schooling career he used to become too hot under saddle, but now his forward-going attitude has turned into an advantage.


News From Holland - Abe one of only 10 Grand Prix Friesians! Wilke-C. van de Wijdewormer Star (Fabe 348 x Tjimme 275)

Breeder: E. Constant Rider: Melanie Mouthaan Owner: M. Mouthaan A rising star in the world of dressage with Friesian horses is Melanie Mouthaan. With Wilke-C. van de Wijdewormer she takes part in Grand Prix classes for riders younger than 25.

The Veenstra family paired their Star mare Jink (Naen 264), who is by now both Preferent and Performance, with Rypke and the result was Wolter V. Veenstra: ‘Wolter is now fifteen years old and a wonderful horse. He will always put in 200% and really has a golden character’, Jenny Veenstra says.

Breeder: the Veenstra family Rider: Jenny Veenstra Owner: Jenny Veenstra

Abe Star (Anne 340 x Nammen 308)

Australia Django of Cacharel Star (Pike 316 x Jakob 302)

Belgium Wolter V. Star?(Rypke 321 x Naen 264)

combination has shown to be very successful at Grand Prix level.

Breeder: Cacharel Friesians Rider: Jeremy Janjic Owners: Dick and Lynn Jennkin (Tashkent Friesians)

Breeder: G. de Jong Rider: Natasha Althoff Owner: Natasha Althoff (Ebony Park Stud) Abe’s dam is a Studbook mare with full papers: Wendeliene (Nammen 308). In 2005 Natasha Althoff and her parents bought Abe in the Netherlands. The road to the top is full of ups and downs, but she reached her goal, competing at Grand Prix level, in 2011.

Django’s dam is Rianne fan ‘e Olde Hoek Star (Jakob 302) and Dick and Lynn Jennkin bought him as a foal. The imposing Django proved to be very talented so that he stayed in training with Jeremy Janjic. This

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


News From Holland - Abe one of only 10 Grand Prix Friesians! United States Ivan Star (Laes 278 x Wicher 334)

Breeder: Dark Horse Farms Rider: Julio Mendoza Owner: David Deal Julio Mendoza moved to the States in 2007 where he has been running his own training stables since 2009. With Julio in the saddle, Ivan was the first ever Friesian horse to take part in the Pan-American Games in 2011. In 2013 they made a successful debut in the Grand Prix.

Eeltsje F. Star (Fabe 348 x Tjimme 275)

Breeder: P.L. Folkertsma Rider: Nicole Glusenkamp Owner: Paula Marsh (Wyning Edge Friesians)

to become more established’, Lynette tells us. They have been competing in Grand Prix classes since last year.

Eeltsje F. is a half-brother of Anton 343 (Oege 267) and both have Iduna Star Preferent (Tjimme 275) for a dam. Paula Marsh brought Eeltsje to America in 2005 where she went on to write many championships to her name with rider Nicole Glusenkamp.

South Africa

Wietze G. (Rypke 321 x Reitse 272)

Breeder: M. Reynders Rider: Cheré Burger Owner: N. Pienaar

Breeder: M. de Graaf Rider: Lynnette Wadsworth Owner: Lynnette Wadsworth The 60-year-old Lynnette Wadsworth started taking dressage lessons at the age of 47. Wietze was sold to America in 2005 and a year later bought by Lynette. ‘He knows all the Grand Prix exercises but they still have

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014

Anders 451 (Adel 357 x Ouke 313)

In 2009 Cas van het Hoksent was approved as Anders 451 via the Short Test. Peter Spahn has broken new ground for Friesian horses by schooling him up to the highest level in dressage. In 2013 the South African Cheré Burger became Anders 451’s new rider.

Source: KFPS Website


Note from Tash

DIARY DATES The Horses are having a break

from competition for the next

month or so while Natasha is in

Europe... but we are running

lessons and Friesian

experiences at Ebony Park

during this time, so if you have ever wanted a lesson on a

Friesian... now is the time!! :) Check out

Natasha and her family on their

trip!! :) She even managed to find some horses!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Mud Fever As we get into the depths of winter and wetter months, our paddocks are constantly muddy, and I know from talking to our vet, that there has been a higher than usual incidence and severity of the dreaded mud fever over the last few years!! CAUSE Mud fever in horses and ponies is also described as "Cracked Heels", "Greasy Heel", Rain Rot, or "Mud Rash". Mud fever is a form of dermatitis or skin infection affecting horses which is caused by by an infection of the skin by bacteria, including Dermatophilus congolensis, and often Staphylococcus spp. Dermatophytes (fungal organisms) can also contribute, as can chorioptic mange mites. Mud Fever/Cracked heels is characterised by scabs forming on the horse's legs that may have swelling in the area surrounding the scabs. Sometimes you will also see mud fever on the horses belly!

Dermatophilus, one of the causes of mud fever

Different stages of mud fever (Source:

Early signs of mud fever can easily be overlooked and may even resemble a bit of mud stuck to the fur. The lesions are often 2- 8 mm in a raised circular patch. The crusty scabs caused by mud fever stick to clumps or tufts of hair - when they are removed the matted hairs come with them. The skin under these clumps of hair is often inflamed and oozing serum.Mud fever can cause swelling in the pastern area of the leg and the horse may be lame.

Under normal circumstances the skin acts as a protective barrier, preventing microorganisms from entering the horse's system and doing any damage. However, this barrier can become weakened through the abrasion of soil grit on cold, wet skin. The continual wetting of the skin causes a breakdown of the protective barrier of the epidermis, allowing the bacterium to enter and cause infection.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Mud Fever Shared boots, wraps, grooming supplies, and horse-handler's hands can all serve as fomites (an inanimate object that carries and spreads disease), carrying the causative organism(s) from one individual to another. For this reason, mud fever should be considered a contagious disease, and general hygiene steps should be taken to limit cross-contamination. Horses and ponies standing for hours in muddy, wet paddocks and at gates are a common sight during the winter months and early spring. It is in these conditions that mud fever thrives. Generally, those horses and ponies with white socks are more prone to the condition, although Mud Fever will affect horses of all breeds, ages and colours. For example... our Friesians have no white on them in general, and they s t i l l g e t m u d f e v e r, especially in their feathers!!

PREVENTION Ta k i n g p r e v e n t a t i v e measures can reduce the chances of a horse getting infected with Mud Fever and reduce the severity of the symptoms. Always make sure that the horse's pasterns and heels are cleaned thoroughly and dried after exercise. Clip any long hair and feathers but avoid clipping all of the horse's legs. A good preventative remedy to try is to spray the legs, especially the back of the pasterns, with a half and half mixture of vinegar and baby oil after washing and drying. The baby oil moisturises the skin and prevents it from cracking, the acidic vinegar changes the pH value of the skin just enough to make conditions on the skin unfriendly for the bacteria to grow.

It is possible that the mud fever can also lead to more serious infection such as equine cellulitis which can be extremely painful for a horse or pony.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014

Preparations like tea-tree oil and emu oil also have mild antiseptic properties and can also be used to try to prevent and treat Mud Fever. Anhydrous lanolin can also be applied to the horses legs to prevent mud fever it sticks to the horses legs and doesn’t let the nasty bacteria get in! Paddock Management Preventative action should be taken as soon as the paddocks start to become wet and muddy. Rotation of paddocks keeps horses from having to stand in wet, muddy ground. Electric fencing may also prevent horses from standing for long periods in the deep mud that collects in high traffic areas. Grooming Washing the infected area with an antiseptic solution is part of the treatment for mud fever. H o w e v e r, w a s h i n g a horse's legs repeatedly can remove the natural oils in the skin and may allow the condition to become established.


Kind Kate’s Knowledge - Mud Fever The legs should be dried thoroughly after washing with antibacterial shampoo using towels (wash them after this!) Care Products There are many products available to help protect the skin from the constant wet by forming a barrier between the mud and the leg. However, barrier creams have the disadvantage that the horse's legs are still covered in mud when they come in from the field. Alternatively, some form of covering for the leg may be used as well as good immune support to reduce the effects of mud fever. TREATMENT Keeping the horse out of the wet and mud if possible is the first step in treatment of mud fever.

If the mud fever is severe enough, you would also clip hair away from the infected area, which allows it to be exposed and dry out more easily and quickly. There are so many treatments out there sometimes they work for some horses, and sometimes extra treatment is needed, but here are a few of them... Use of an anti-bacterial lotion or anti-fungal cream on the scabs to soften them and gently remove them. When the scabs are removed, the skin is kept clean and dry, which are not ideal conditions for the b a c t e r i a t o g r o w, a n d hopefully this means that the healing process is sped up! Yo u c a n a l s o u s e a treatment of copper sulphate, or another treatment called Nycex this comes in a powdered form and is mixed into a bucket of warm water and applied the affected area of the horses legs. This helps to soften the lesions, so that they can be picked off. Once you have dried the horses legs, you can put the antibacterial cream (even zinc cream) on the affected area.

Keratex mud shield powder is also apparently quite good as a treatment. Pottie’s green ointment to treat the mud fever is also good (you can also use it to treat ringworm). Remember that it is a good idea to consult your vet if your horses mud fever is getting worse - they can give more drastic treatments such as an IV infusion of sodide that will kill the mud fever from the inside out! If you have any questions about feeding your horse in the summer months, make sure you email me at u To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

Kate Langdon For a full list of sources, please contact Ebony Park.

Common treatments Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Attention All Ebony Park Family Members!! Introducing the Ebony Park High Point Award!! When you invest in an Ebony Park horse, it’s more than just a horse - you become part of the Ebony Park family!! So for the first time this year, those of you that are part of the Ebony Park family - i.e. those of you who have an Ebony Park horse - will be able to enter your horse to be in the running for the Ebony Park High Point Award!! This will be judged by Natasha at the end of 2014, based on results that you send in to us from the whole of 2014! There will be three categories for the Ebony Park High Point Award: 1. Best Performing Crossbred Friesian for 2014 2. Best Performing Purebred Friesian for 2014 3. Best Dressage Performance for an Ebony Park bred horse for 2014 The winners will receive Ebony Park 5x rugs to fit their horses! Check out Ebony Park Achillies and Lara!!! Lara and Achillies have been competing as a pair for a little while... but in May they had their first Novice start... which they won!! Congratulations to this super little pair!! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Reserve Your Dream Foal‌ with the Ebony Park Friesian Dream Payment Plans taking on a whole new look!! At Ebony Park, our mission is to help all Friesian lovers with a dream - to own a Friesian - and to make that dream a reality. Click on the catalogue below to check out the possibilities and to reserve your Dream Friesian now!!

Only one 2014 foal left!! 4 sold for 2015...

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Tash’s Training Tip - Who Are You As A Rider? determined to have fun anyway... I didn’t have onetempi’s, and I had never ridden a Grand Prix test. And what about now? Who are you right now as a rider? Right now I can get my ones, I can ride the Grand Prix, I have ridden the test 18 times in competition, and over 100 times at home. Right now I am focused on doing less and having more, making everything more effortless, engaged and exciting. That’s me right now. Hi Super riders! :) Who were you as a rider? How is everything going with you? How is the riding going?!?!? Some of the people I have spoken with recently have been upset with their riding either it’s not where they want it to be, or it’s not easy at the moment, or they have lost their desire for their dream as they doubt themselves that they have it in them to get it... So if that’s where you are right now, I wanted to give you some tips to help... :) I love this quote by Robert Tew: “Who you were, who you are and who you will become are three completely different people.” Let’s think about this :)

Who were you 10 years ago as a rider? For me I was riding Elementary - not very successfully, not getting the whole dressage thing, and pretty much thinking it was all too hard. What about 5 years ago? Who were you then as a rider? I was again riding Elementary with a new horse but I had ridden my old horse to Inter 2, I understood this dressage thing a lot more, and I was having a lot more fun. What about 1 year ago? Who were you as a rider 1 year ago? I was about to launch into Grand Prix, not knowing what I was doing but

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014

Now this is the fun part – who will you become as a rider? What kind of rider will you become in one year? What about in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Are you getting it?!!?!? Did you see ALL the progress and learning’s and knowledge you have gained in your past? Do you see how 10 years ago the rider you were then is vastly different to the rider you are now, and therefore the rider you are now is vastly different to the rider you will become in your future. People wonder why I don’t despair when things go wrong and it appears I have ‘failed’. Well it’s because I know it’s (a) necessary and (b) transitory. Let me explain :) Failure, mistakes, uh oh’s, problems, challenges, hardships,


Tash’s Training Tip - Who Are You As A Rider? dramas... whatever you call them, they all are necessary to teach us how to be better, how to cope with more, what to do differently, how to think differently. I am ONLY the rider I am today because of the problems of yesterday and trust me, I had millions of them, but they all served me to make me better. The other thing is – they don’t last. Think of your biggest riding failure or mistake or problem you had 10 years ago – does it still plague you now? Does it still affect you now? Is it even a problem now?

For me 10 years ago my biggest problem was how to get my horses neck out – now my problem is how to keep my flying changes straight – a different and much better quality of problem. So when you feel like you are not making progress, and it’s all too hard, and maybe you want to take up running or another sport, remember you are right where you need to be! This is a journey, and it’s a marathon not a sprint. You will arrive and you will get there, as long as you keep going. Keep solving the problems, and keep creating

better quality problems as you go. I meet with a mastermind group once a month and we all share our biggest challenge and then brainstorm how to address it, we all get very caught up in it, and as one of the other members said last time ... you know what ... SUPER problems to have!!! And we all laughed! Because it’s so true! You think your problem is you can’t get into grade 2? Try the person who’s problem is that they have never done a dressage test, or can’t rise trot, or can’t even get a horse yet!!!! Another quote I love is: “ If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back” Regina Brett It is so true! So love your problems! Realise they are part of who you are, will become part of who you used to be and will help you be the who you will become!

To Your Success,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2014


Ebony Park TV This month we decided to have some fun with Jorrit... and painted his skeleton on with face paint to show you how a horses bones look compared to what is on the outside - ENJOY!! :)

Click on the video above to play the episode - you will be taken to the YouTube link so you must have an internet connection.

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Left: Quote of the Week Below: Tash’s training tip

Our physiology determines our resulting emotion. If we hunch our shoulders, look down, lower our voice, breathe shallower and think of bad things we feel defeated. However if we pull our shoulders back, look up, speak with command tonality, breathe deeply and think of success we feel confident and strong! Try it!

Above: Caption this photos around the farm Left: More photos around the farm

Have you ever wanted a lesson on a Friesian? Well now is your chance‌

Ebony Park is now offering lessons on Grand Prix schoolmaster and 1/2 Friesian gelding, The Carrock Tambo. This is your opportunity to experience what the Friesian paces are like, as well as ride an educated horse that has been there and done that - has all the buttons - but is also super quiet and safe for those of you with less confidence! Lessons are conducted by new young horse rider and trainer, Kate Richmond, and are starting this month! If you would like to book a lesson, click here to fill out the form on our website, or call Kate on 0422 227 364 for more information!

Ebony Park Gift Vouchers! Stuck for a gift idea? Ebony Park has the answer... why not gift an Ebony Park Friesian Experience!?! Have you or someone you know ever: Dreamed of sitting on a Friesian? Wanted beautiful photos of you with your dream black horse? Been curious to go behind the scenes of Ebony Park, meet all the horses and really see what we do every day with our Friesians? The Ebony Park Friesian Experience will give you all this and more! If this is the perfect present for you or someone you know, click here now to reserve your experience, and to find out more. We will personalise the voucher and send it to you (via email or express post if needed).

Have a lesson on a purebred Friesian!! Ebony Park is very excited to be offering lessons on two of our purebred Friesians - 6 year old Zeus of Ebony Park who is training at Medium level dressage, and Friesian stallion Ebony Park Jorrit, who has competed to Medium and trained up to the PSG movements.

LESSON SPECIAL!! 20 minute trial lessons for $60!! go to the lessons page on our website to enquire now and book in your lesson! If it is your dream to ride a purebred Friesian, then make sure you click here to book in your lesson now!* *Lesson are subject to horse availability and rider experience. First lesson is given on Grand Prix 1/2 Friesian schoolmaster The Carrock Tambo to assess rider ability.

Megan Kennedy having a lesson on Zeus! :)

Alex Kastellorizios having a lesson on Zeus! :) Natasha and Ebony Park Jorrit

Kate’s Kickass Tips! Hey guys, Hope you’re all well and having fun with all your horses. This month I thought I would give you an update on one of our y o u n g crossbred Friesians EP Meteor. Meteor is a 4 1/2 year old Friesian x Thoroughbred, by Ebony Park Abe and is half-brother to EP Milo (they have the same mother). At only 4 ½ years he is already just over 17hh and still has some growing and filling out to do - so he suits my height perfectly!

Meteor shows great potential in the dressage arena, he has 3 lovely paces and a huge powerful canter which feels like you can do the length of the arena in just 3 strides. Because Meteor is such a big horse he has needed a bit more time to grow and develop so we have been slowly building up his back muscles and working on a lot of supplying and stretching to get him nice and soft. He has started his leg yielding and is showing great reach in his stride as well as started some baby shoulder in.

Kate’s Kickass Tips! He has so much power and strength and has a real look at me attitude when you ride him. To me he is a great example of a cross bred Friesian, he has the muscle, power and presence that a Friesian has, yet is light and versatile like a thoroughbred, making him a great match for Dressage. I’m excited to watch this guy mature and grow and I love that I can ride Milo’s halfbrother, and compare their progress to each other!

Hope you guys have enjoyed this month’s update, good luck with all your training and if you have any questions, make sure you email them through! until next time,

Kate :)

Invest in Breeding Shares with your very own breeding permitted imported Dressage Friesian Stallion!

This means a fantastic opportunity has opened up for people who would like to breed with a KFPS foalbook Friesian Ster stallion, imported from Holland, who holds a current breeding permit, without having to purchase and house one of your own.

We had some marvellous people looking to purchase Jorrit a few months ago. But when it came to making the decision we couldn’t bear to part with this stallion. He is so friendly, and everyone’s favourite in the stable - we just couldn’t let him go. However, Ebony Park isn’t using him as much as a breeding stallion, as many of our young fillies are related to him, and thus unable to be bred back to him.

Ebony Park is offering the use of Jorrit to you, to use on your website, and to breed to your mares, as if he were your own stallion! This means you will have your very own stallion to breed your mares to, and produce outstanding foals to excel in the dressage arena... or just to have as your Dream Friesian!! :)

Invest in Breeding Shares with a Friesian Stallion! There are three levels of package available, which depend on your breeding needs and aspirations of your breeding and/or business in the future. This opportunity is via application only and is subject to an in depth conversation, analyzing your goals, to determine what breeding package will ideally suit you and your breeding needs.

Places are strictly limited with a limit placed on packages available, so get in quick otherwise you will miss out. So contact the office on 0422 227 364 or email to register your interest and confirm your place. Click here for more information! :)





Services Included




Number of packages available




Bonuses Included in each package

Ebook: Horse Breeding Made Easy

Ebook: Horse Breeding Made Easy

Ebook: Horse Breeding Made Easy

Website Page

Website Page Ability to sell services and make profit on your investment

Total savings on breedings when you invest in package




Jorrit’s Dressage Results: Competed up to Medium level dressage in 2012 with scores over 61% (and was used for Friesian experiences and lessons after this time.) Won at Elementary level with scores over 65% Elementary Champion at Western Victorian Dressage Club in 2011 Won at Novice level with scores over 69.6% Novice Champion at Western Victorian Dressage Club in 2009 Won at Preliminary level with scores over 72.8% Qualified and competed at Victorian State Championships in Preliminary in 2008 (placing 8th)

There are 3 packages to choose from, depending on how many breedings you will need. The packages range from 5 breedings to 20 breedings, with the savings ranging from $11,250-$55,000. The breedings are available for 5 years, and do not need to be used this breeding season.

Photo Gallery

We had a lot of fun with Jorrit painting his skeleton on with face paint!

Photo Gallery

Hercules and Krixus, two of our purebred geldings (they have the same mother Hercules is 3 1/2 and Krixus is 2 1/2), were put onto the arena together, as we think they would make a great carriage pair! Unfortunately, it was so foggy we were only able to take ‘artistic’ photos... but we think they turned out pretty well! If you think Hercules and Krixus would make a great pair for you, please contact us at info@ebonyparkstud.c and stay tuned for more photos soon!

Fabulous Fabienne’s Friesian Fables Hello everyone! This month I thought I would give you an insight into my time so far here at Ebony Park. I have been here for around 2 months now and I love it! Looking after all of the horses is so much fun, and I am learning so much. One of my duties is to clean the stables in the morning... Zeus’ stable is so easy to clean it only takes 1 minute, if only Milo would learn from him, sometimes it’s like he has a mini party in his stable… it’s always dirty! Of all the stallions I love to handle Jorrit the best - he is just so easy, sometimes I forget I’m handling a stallion, he is just a big teddy bear. One of the best parts of my job is that I get to ride so many different horses. From Helena (one of the 3yo mares) who is super sensitive to Jorrit (one of the stallions) who is the total opposite, I am really developing my riding skills to learn how to handle all different types of horses.

Fabulous Fabienne’s Friesian Fables So far I am really enjoying riding Zeus, I have been working on getting him in front of my leg and working him forward into my contact. After work the Ebony Park team get together a couple nights of the week and do personal training! At home I don’t normally do any gym work, so it’s fun learning how to do weights with Phil. Sometimes I lie and say “I can’t do any more because I’m not used to it” when really I can do a lot more, but shhh don’t tell Phil that! However I have found that all

of the exercises that we do are helping with my riding, and I am getting a stronger seat :) I have loved meeting the whole Ebony Park t e a m a n d f a m i l y, hope you have enjoyed my article this month. Until next time,


BEST FRIEND PICTURE BOARD! We want to celebrate with you, any photos of you and your horse - they don’t have to be dressage photos, and they don’t have to be Friesian photos - just a photo of you with your best friend! Just email your photo to and we will share it on this wall next month! This month’s theme is the Ebony Park Family - check them out!

Above: Charmaine Wood “my BESTEST friend

Above: Jodie Rondo

Right: Terrarossa Alchemist by Jorrit just after coming home from the breakers - Kellie Mitchell

Above: Kerry Sullivan - Bella, 4yo Friesian WB mare “love her to bits” Below: Theresa Kallo - Diva at their first ever liberty session. Above Right: “I am still in the kindy of the horseriding world” from Chennai India

Right: Danielle Richter - “my little piece of home” Isolina TK

in the whole wide world” Friesian Loyde

Ebony Park Rockstar of the Month EP Aria (A.K.A. EP Kate) & Lauren

She was such a friendly and adorable foal, especially to my two young daughters and we all formed a special bond there in the paddock.

To The Team at Ebony Park, I would like to thank you all for helping me purchase my beautiful ¾ Friesian filly ‘Aria’ (aka EP Kate). When I first came out to your property to see her as a two month old foal, I fell instantly in love with her. I didn’t choose her, she came over and chose me!

I also got to see her mother ‘Anika’, father ‘Jorrit’ and grandfather ‘Abe’ and was very impressed by her breeding. The payment plan you offered made it so easy to purchase her so I could pick her up and bring her home when she was 10 months old. I had two riding lessons on her magnificent father ‘Jorrit’ and was welcomed out to the stud to visit Aria many times to watch her grow. She was well handled, cared for, fed, feet trimmed and vet checked. I was constantly kept informed of her progress and the Ebony Park Team were always very helpful and knowledgeable if I had any questions.

Ebony Park Rockstar of the Month EP Aria (A.K.A. EP Kate) & Lauren Aria is now 18 months old and is growing up beautifully. She is a real character and adores attention and is always the first to come when called. She is taking on her fathers amazing looks, features, feathers and mane. I look forward to training her and riding her as my competition horse. Thanks once again for making my dream become a reality. Kind Regards, Lauren Hand

5 Minutes with Steffen Peters Born in Wesel, Germany, Steffen is a four-time Olympic dressage competitor and three-time USEF Horseman of the Year. He marks as his good fortune to have trained and ridden a number of remarkable horses, reaching back to his teenage years in Germany when his father bought him a three-year-old KWPN gelding named Udon. The two trained at Jo Hinnemann’s barn in Voerde, Germany, where Steffen met American trainer Laurie Falvo who invited him to work at her barn in San Diego in the summer of 1984. Captivated by the lifestyle and weather, Steffen made a life changing choice and moved to San Diego with Udon. Living in a $200 a month garage, riding a motorbike for transportation, he worked for others for five years, including Guenter Seidel, before going out on his own in 1991. In 1992 he became a U.S. citizen. While riding in a clinic with the late Dr. Reiner Klimke, Steffen was spotted by Lila Kommerstad who would become his first sponsor, purchasing Udon from the Peters family. With the horse he had brought up from a three year old, Steffen saw his dream come true as they were honored to represent the U.S. in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics where they won team bronze. Other great horses came into his life, including Akeena and Grandeur whom he rode in the 2002 World Cup and competed in the CHIO in Aachen. These two campaigners spent several years retired at Steffen’s barn. Peters continues to live in the San Diego area with his wife, Shannon. Their large dressage barn is home to approximately 65 horses as of 2012, around half of which the couple trains and the other half of which are in training under other riders. Outside of his competition and training schedule, he teaches in around 30 training seminars each year. His staff call him "a machine" with regard to his training and competition schedule, and in addition to riding, he participates in swimming, cycling and tennis. The horse upon which he won many of his titles, Ravel, was retired in 2012, and Peters is currently working with a new international competition horse, Legolas. Peters is the first person to be awarded the USEF's Equestrian of the Year Award three times, having won the honor in 2008, 2009 and 2011. Source:, Wikipedia

Facts: Born: 18th Sept 1964 Country: Germany Competes for: USA Lives: Escondido, California Height: 1.73m Weight: 68kg


Narre Warren

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