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JUNE 2013

Tash’s Training Tip - Riding Rules ~ Kate’s Knowledge - Feeing a Horse After Laminitis News From Holland ~ Loes’ Learnings - Part 2 Canter Transitions ~ Danielle’s Tales - No Bridle!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine

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Click here to register your interest and for more information now! I look forward to meeting you and sharing the Dream Team experience with you, so that you can connect with a group of people to reignite your passion of riding and horses and completely transform your riding experience. Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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From the Editor Hi Fabulous Friesian Fanatics!! :) Wow! We have had so much going on in the last month! Tash and Abe did their thing at 2 competitions last month, and Loes and Dante also had their second ever competition which was exciting! Tash was also invited to speak at the Mitavite 2013 Victorian Dressage Expo which was fantastic! She spoke about the breeds of horses that are not necessarily your typical dressage horses, such as Clydesdales, Riding Ponies, Arabs... and Loes and Zeus were there to represent the Friesians! This month we have heaps to share with you - Loes talks about trot-canter transitions, Danielle shows off her prowess without a bridle, Tash talks about riding rules, and I give you the ins and outs of feeding a laminitic horse... and so much more! And make sure you check out the gorgeous Delta of Ebony Park on page 16 - she is all the way over in WA, and owner Krista is in the early stages of riding her - what a rockstar! Have a fabulous month!! :) To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,


Kate Langdon


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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News From Holland This month we thought we would share an awesome video that photographer and Friesian owner and lover Cally Matherly put together for the KFPS last year on the Friesian horse... click on the link below to watch it now!! :)

The KFPS Friesian Horsebeautiful, versatile, athletic, kind, willing, and able to do anything! May the world see that this breed is loved and enjoyed by all. Believe it and do it! Own a Friesian Horse!

For more information please visit: Amazing Music is by E.S. Posthumus titled "Manju". To Your Dreams Becoming Reality, The Ebony Park Team

The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Note from Tash

Hello Superstar Friesian lovers! :) Happy June!!!! :):):)

We are gearing up for a super June with Abe and I doing the Melbourne 3 Day Event Masterclass with Christoph Hess. I am very excited to learn from Christoph and looking forward to taking that learning to improve my scores in the dressage arena!

Saturday 8th June Melbourne 3 Day Event Masterclass with Christoph Hess - Natasha will be first on

There are lots of things going on here at Ebony Parl and I am loving the challenge and growth opportunities that are presenting themselves. each and every day. With Winter starting this month, Ebony Park is preparing for the Spring that is coming, we have new growth projects - of course new foals due and new standards to meet so we can continue to serve the most important people out there - you! I am looking forward to this month as I am sure you are, and I hope you all keep warm and enjoy your horses!!! To Your Success,

at 10am so come and support us at this exciting event!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


Abe was pretty pleased with himself after the Grand Prix test :)

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Kind Kate’s Knowledge - What to Feed a Horse That Has Had Laminitis This month I have had a couple of people that have asked me about laminitis - and while none of our Friesians have had laminitis, it is something that we need to think about! :)

and fescue dominant pastures, are considered high risk pastures, as well as succulent, rapidly growing clover in pastures in early Spring.

acts directly to trigger the onset of laminitis and devitalisation of the hoof lamellae. Any excess sugars may also be overloaded into the hindgut, with secondary production of lactic acid, a nonabsorbable, nonmetabolisable acid, which can accumulate in the hindgut.

Many horse and pony owners often battle for months to restore the hooves and improve the gait following a bout of This acts to lower the founder (laminitis). hindgut pH and suppress Horses and ponies that normal fermentation, with have suffered a single, or the death of large recurring episodes of numbers of hindgut laminitis, or the more microbes (these are serious structural hoof really, really important!) changes associated with and damage to the pedal rotation as in barrier function of the The typical stance of a horse with laminitis in the front founder, require careful hindgut lining. A toxin is feet. Source: dietary management to also produced by the lactic reduce the risk of further acid producing bacteria and These grasses are able to episodes of founder, as well as other dying bacteria, which accumulate large amounts of to promote the re-growth of when absorbed into the blood nonstructural carbohydrates affected hooves as the animal stream, circulates to the (NSCs) in the form of fructans recovers. A prior episode of hooves to interfere with the and other simple sugars. founder increases the blood supply to the lamellae Under cold overnight and early likelihood of further episodes and devitalise (make them morning conditions, these as hoof structure and come apart) the basement sugars are not transferred into circulation is often membrane attachments. The the plant stems for growth. compromised - so you need to weakened lamellae Some of these simple sugars be really careful! attachments can be torn apart in the succulent shoots and by the continuous downward The Underlying Cause leaves are digested in the rotational ‘pull’ of the deep stomach and small intestine to Early Spring Founder flexor tendon attached under release glucose, which then the pedal bone, leading to Winter grasses that are triggers an increase in the level founder. boosted in growth by warmer, of circulating insulin, which is early and wet Spring conditions Late Spring and Autumn already high in an animal after rain or irrigation, with cool Founder suffering from Insulin nights and warm days, often Resistance (which can be an Pastures which reshoot after become lush and highly underlying cause of laminitis rain, grazing or after being productive. Lush pasture, and founder in many horses). slashed under warm, wet especially ryegrass, phalaris In turn, the elevated insulin

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Kind Kate’s Knowledge - What to Feed a Horse that Has Laminitis conditions, can store large amounts of NSC carbohydrates, which can be digested in part in the small intestine to cause “spring fever” or excitement, as well as trigger an insulin surge, leading to laminitis, especially in animals bordering on Insulin Resistance (IR). Steps to Avoid Laminitis The management goals in preventing ‘grass’ founder should be observed from the start of spring or following late summer rains, when lush, rapidly growing plants with new shoots, are likely to produce high amounts of soluble carbohydrates. Even frost damaged pastures and dried grass in a drought can contain high levels of soluble sugars. Restrict access to lush spring pastures to the hours in the early to mid-morning to 10 am, and again in the mid to late afternoon, as the peak production of fructan sugars in the leaves of plants synthesised by sunlight photosynthesis occurs over the late morning to mid afternoon period. Always soak good quality grass hay, (eg. grass and clover hay grown in early spring which can contain high levels of fructans or soluble carbohydrates) for 60 minutes in double its volume of lukewarm water. Soaking in

this way can remove up to 33% of the fructans and NSC sugars from grass hay and 2 5 % f r o m l u c e r n e h a y. Remove and air dry to drain away the water, or tease out the hay on a wire netting - soak in the morning, drain during the day for the evening feed, and vice-versa. Do not add the soaking water to the feed. Ensure that the hay is free of

mould or a “musty” smell. A polywoven chaff bag is a suitable soaking bag to reduce leaf loss and a hay net can be used to air dry the soaked hay. Note: If hay (or chaff) is soaked on a regular basis, soluble nutrients such as calcium, traceminerals, salts and vitamins will be leached out of the hay. These should be replaced in the feed with a salt mix and a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Offer chaff (avoid large volumes of good quality (high

carbohydrate) oaten chaff – soak if necessary) or ‘soaked’ hay before turning out to graze in the early morning or late afternoon to fill the horse’s stomach and limit the rate of fill when grazing, as well as dilute the intake of fructan grasses. Consider the daily use of Virginiamycin (Founderguard®) to suppress D-lactic acid producing bacteria, or EquiShure™ to buffer hindgut acidosis and the cascade of damaging bacterial toxins during high risk periods these products are expensive, but worth it to prevent the effects of high levels of fructans in the gut. Although, these products may not directly help prevent the onset of laminitis in Insulin Resistant animals, they should be supplemented after the initial attack of laminitis, especially if the high sugar feed or pasture intake is reduced which limits NSC ‘food’ for microbial growth, to help minimise the risk of sudden death of large numbers of hindgut bacteria which can cause a secondary, more damaging episode of laminitis about 7-10 days after the initial onset. A supplement of EquiShure™ may also be helpful to neutralise excess hindgut acidosis during this period. A grazing mask (founder mask) to reduce the volume of grass that can be consumed is also helpful.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Kind Kate’s Knowledge - What to Feed a Horse that Has Laminitis Ensure regular daily exercise in ‘cresty’ overweight ponies, especially those which are insulin resistant, to help minimise the risk of laminitis by utilising more glucose during exercise, but do not exercise an animal with laminitis as severe internal hoof damage and further rotation of the pedal bone can occur – consult your vet or farrier for advice. Besides adopting the restricted feeding management program, horses and ponies recovering from laminitis must be provided with a diet that will not only minimise the risk of recurrence, but also allow regrowth of a sound hoof structure.

founder. Unfortunately, grass hays and chaff contain poor quality protein, which does not provide an adequate intake of amino acids (lysine, methionine) for hoof keratin f o r m a t i o n a f t e r f o u n d e r. Lucerne hay has higher protein

Hoof Growth Aids

Protein supplements containing methionine, as well as calcium, zinc, Vitamin A and Biotin (also known as Vitamin H) supplements are useful to Grazing muzzles are an excellent idea if your promote hoof regrowth (eg a horse is unable to be locked up during the Biotin supplement combined periods of the day when your pasture will be with a well formulated tracehigh in fructans (the middle of the day). mineral and vitamin Source: supplement). A supplement of calcium, such as dicalcium phosphate (10g/100kg bodyweight) is recommended. Dolomite is not a suitable source of calcium as it is poorly absorbed in horses. Shortfalls of salts which are leached out can be made up by adding a salt block or a salt supplement to the diet of your horse.

Dietary Management Any risk of excess starch intake that could trigger a recurrence must be prevented. Chronically foundered horses and ponies are best managed by restricting grazing and feeding a low starch/NSC ration. The ration base should include low sugar (low glycaemic) feeds to minimise the risk of soluble carbohydrate overload from non-structural carbohydrates (NSCs) in Spring harvested grass hay, or even oaten chaff. Many veterinarians recommend feeding grass hay or oaten chaff or hay, as well as straw, to horses and ponies recovering from laminitis and

carbohydrate content or is a ‘low glycaemic’ roughage.

Remember: dietary management, regular exercise and hoof trimming to maintain short toes is paramount to preventing repeat episodes of founder. and a lower level of NSC, but in large amounts in excess of 1kg/100kg , it can overload excess sugar into the hindgut to trigger laminitis – it must be soaked as well. Although clover hay contributes protein, avoid feeding large amounts as it can also contribute carbohydrate NSC sugars – lucerne has a lower

Let me know if you have any questions! To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

Kate Langdon Source: C1feedingafterlaminitis.pdf

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Tash’s Training Tip - Riding Rules Hello Super Star Riders!!!! :) I’m sitting here trying to write this article for and so far I have written four articles of anywhere between 600-1200 words and none of them are ‘right’. Now, I don’t know if it’s me trying to get it ‘right’, me having too high standards for myself, or me just wanting to really help! I don’t write these articles for me - I write them for you, I want them to inspire you, educate you, and assist you in creating the riding and the life you desire. Every month I get emails from people that say these articles have really helped them. They have overcome obstacles, something has clicked for them, and they have seen their situation in a new light. Sometimes people say I have changed their life - where as my answer is always - $%^&! I didn’t do anything! You’re the one with the courage who made the change!!!!! So I sit here, and yes I can write about many things, but there is one question in my head - what do you need? What do you want? What would you like to know? If you and I could sit down and have coffee what would you ask me? So if you know what you would like to know or have a burning question you would

like answered about mindset or about riding email me at and I will make sure I will incorporate it for you! But that doesn’t help me today! I need to get an article out!

muddled aid to a horse. It is not fair. Make sure YOU know what you want, YOU not what you are asking and YOU deliver it clearly. Then mean it! If I give a clear aid to the horse and it ignores me - I give it a WAKE UP! Whether that is in a form of tap with the whip or a strong half halt, I am telling the horse HEY when I say it I MEAN it! If you give clear aids but never really mean it, it’s like I asked for canter but I didn’t care if he did it, well don’t bloody ask then! Say what you mean - mean what you say! 2.Sparkling eyes!

So looking around the room for inspiration I come across my rules for business. They are my rules of conduct in my business but I think many of them are also needed as rules for good riders. 1. Say what you mean, mean what you say. Give clear aids to your horse the whole time. Nothing gets me more cross than if I see one of my riders give a

Now most people who read my business rules don’t quite understand that one! But what it means is how inspired are you, how excited are you and how pumped are you? So does your horse have sparkly eyes? Does he want to do the work? Is he excited and inspired to work for you? Are you inspired and excited to be working with him? Is the work fun and sparkly? If the sparkle has gone out of it, what can you do to bring it back? I do trick training just for something different, and a mental challenge to the horse - you could go for a jump or a trail ride, or anything to bring the sparkle back for you and your horse.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Tash’s Training Tip - Riding Rules 3. Not wow but how. So many people can look at top riders and say WOW. That’s great but rather say HOW. How do they make that look effortless? How do they look so still and good? How do they get the horse to dance like that? Be inspired by greatness to improve your game. Think how can I be like that? What do I have to do to get that? 4. Back yourself completely Don’t second guess yourself how’s this for a guarantee you WILL make a mistake! You WILL get it wrong! So now we have that out of the way - you may as well back yourself! You will make the mistake whether you back yourself or not. But do you really want to be second guessing yourself worrying if you should have put leg on or should have half halted or should train shoulder in today - just do it, back yourself and back your decision! A horse can feel when you are not sure. I have coached so many riders who don’t look where they want to

go, so the horse goes somewhere else. The minute I get them to look at where they want to go and COMMIT to it! NO MATTER WHAT, they are going there - the horse follows. The horse will follow a leader. So back yourself and LEAD! 5. No emotions I like this one too!!! :) I have everywhere around my goals the words - be a robot I don’t care! There is no room for feelings in business, only facts. Well in riding there is no room for emotions either. I don’t care if you are tired, stressed, hungry, upset, worried, blah blah blah! I don’t care and neither does your horse. They don’t matter in the horse arena! That is your $%^& so deal with it somewhere else! Not on the horse! Your horse needs you to be calm, confident, making decisions clearly - not on emotion. 6. Past is only useful in learning what to do next better Past is over. Done. Get over it. :) But it can be useful to give you insights into the future. My horse at a competition was very fresh and when I got on - he bucked me off. Now I don’t care, it’s done, whatever. But I do use that information to make sure EVERY competition I lunge him for 15

mins first before I get on. By using the past information, I make sure in the future that will never happen again. Thats the usefulness of the past :) 7. Model success How do you have success - do what what successful people do! It’s pretty easy huh?! I make sure I surround myself with people that are better than me. So I am constantly striving and improving to get to where I want to go. So who are the better riders then you that you watch? I have a rule - if someone has higher results then me - I SHUT UP and listen. So who can you watch? I encourage everyone to come to competitions and watch the tests, and also watch the warm up - I spent 4 hours watching the warm up at the last competition because I like to see the different strategies and warmups of others. There are another 21 rules, but these were the main ones that I find important to really improve your riding! So have a great month incorporating them into your riding rules!!! Or not, which ever you would prefer! :)

To Your Success,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Abe’s Perspective Hey super riders! My name is Abe and I am Natasha’s superstar Friesian stallion and her one and only horse she likes to ride. I told her I thought it was very unfair that she was the only one to share how to ride - as lets’ face it... I’m the one that really makes it all happen - so this is my chance to teach you how to really ride a horse... with advice straight from the horses mouth! *Taken from June 2013 Your Riding Success Monthly. If you would like to view Your Riding Success March Monthly click here

Hello humans! How are you!?!? I am really happy! Winter is here - which means Tash gets lazy and rides me less - yay!

better and things to be better and better and to be honest I just get a bit over it and so does she.

I'm sure she has some holiday planned which is awesome because then I get 2-4 weeks off as well! I LOVE time off! I spend the time thinking of the mares I will breed with in Spring and all that yummy green grass that also comes in... and of course how everyone will love me when we go out and compete again.

The rain and cold makes things a little uncomfortable and she is shitty and I am shitty and together we just stop making progress.

A rest is really important especially for someone like Tash. She can be a little bit crazy! She always wants MORE and wants me to work better and

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Abe’s Perspective This makes Tash crazier. What she has learned - thank GOD! I've been trying to teach her for 7 years! But ya what she has learned is to make progress sometimes the best thing you can do is stop. It seems counter-intuitive - (I know I am a horse but I have a big vocabulary!) To advance, get stronger, make progress, get results - yes you need to work hard, but there also needs to be a time for rest and recovery. A time to let everything sink in and just settle so you know where you are. You can't push all the time.

perform for her... Plus I think it’s funny when she doesn't ride those movements for a week and then I do it perfectly - I'm telling her - ride me less!!!... and feed me more! So in your riding this month - it’s ok to give your horses a bit of time off - and more carrots! I'm telling you now we will perform better for you!!! :) To Your Success,


Whenever Tash gets a bit too retarted in her riding and I end up not understanding her at all, so we lose the one time tempis and the half pass looks crap... The best thing she can do is leave me alone. In her attempt to 'force' it she does the opposite and loses it. It’s only when she lets go, chills out and leaves me to it then I can then

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Ebony Park Rockstar of the Month Delta of Ebony Park and Krista Shepheard I’ve had the gorgeous Delta for 5 months now, and I still have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not still dreaming… the last 2.5 years, since my initial contact with Kate at Ebony Park, have just flown by and now I have this huge loveable beast in my life that I couldn’t imagine being without… In her typical Friesian way she has wormed her way into everyone’s heart. Once I’d finished paying off my “lay-by” horse, as it was referred to by my friends, I made the choice to bring her over to Kambalda, 60km east of Kalgoorlie, unstarted and a wonderful horseman and friend, Geoff Ferguson started her training for me. He did an amazing job, though he did say that she was one of the most “boring” horses he’d started as she was just so perfectly behaved. It was only the third day under saddle that Geoff told me she was ready for me to take over the reins, so with heart thumping, I took a big gulp and up I went… and it was amazing (and a tad terrifying)! For a horse that had been ridden less than half a dozen times she was absolutely fantastic… calm, forward and responsive… also very wonky, like riding a piece of wet spaghetti, but I guess you can’t have everything!

was a bit hesitant about working with such a blank slate without Geoff’s guidance. Matt worked wonders with her and has helped her develop in to a wonderful riding horse. To be honest, I think I’ve been spoilt rotten to have such wonderful, knowledgeable people in my life… Ebony Park for making the purchase of Delta possible, and Geoff and Matt, two fantastic horsemen, to lay the perfect foundation of Delta’s (hopefully very successful) dressage career… it also helps that Delta herself is just so perfect (yes, I could be a bit biased!). As for the future, hopefully it will be back to Matt for some more dressage training, and then we’ll be out to some local comps… then a holiday out at the station with Geoff for a few months I think :) *Make sure you email us whenever you take an Ebony Park horse out and get some pics or footage, so that we can include it in the next magazine! We want to hear form you and share in your successes!!! :)

Unfortunately life got in the way of riding after Geoff left, so I contacted Matt Nazzari, a local dressage rider in Kalgoorlie, to ask if he would be able to take her on for a few weeks to put some more training into her as I

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


Delta of Ebony Park and Matt Nazzari. Photo by Rochelle Rose

Feel freey! to share this publication with your friends,a family, club... anyone on who might its content useful. Have ever wanted lesson afindF#esian?

Well now is your chance… Ebony Park is now offering lessons on our Medium Level purebred Friesian stallion, Ebony Park Jorrit. This is your chance to experience what riding a Friesian stallion is like, as well as learn some pretty cool dressage skills. Jorrit is available for seat lessons – this is your opportunity to experience what the Friesian paces are like, and a great chance to learn how you can improve your seat to sit their gaits deeper and more effectively.

We also offer dressage lessons on Grand Prix schoolmaster and 1/2 Friesian gelding, The Carrock Tambo. Lessons are conducted by our dutch Friesian specialist young horse rider and trainer, Loes van der Leest. This will be the last month that lessons are availalbe with Loes, as she is going home and the horses will be having 2 months off! So make sure you book your lesson in now! If you would like to book a lesson, click here to fill out the form on our website, or call Kate on 0422 227 364 for more information! “I cannot wait to come back to Ebony Park and to continue my riding journey at home as well” “It has always been my dream to ride a Friesian stallion and having a foal by Jorrit I wanted to take the experience – I never thought I would have the chance! I just want to say thankyou to the whole team at Ebony Park (but especially Loes and Jorrit!) for the amazing experience I had during my lesson at Ebony Park. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would get to sit on a Friesian stallion, let alone be able to trot and canter, and learn so much that I can translate to my own horses and riding in the Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013 16 process.” Kellie Mitchell, 2013

COMEwith your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful. MSpublication Feel U free toDshare EAthis R R O Y E M AK NE TRUE THIS JU

EP Milo

e to r e h Click k out chec e on ag his p bsite! e our w


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


REAMS COME D R U O Y E K MA Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful. NE TRUE THIS JU

Anika x Elko 2013 Foal Due 7/10/2013

e to r e h Click out the k chec nt plan e paym on our page site! web


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


S COME E AM DR R U O Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful. Y E K A M E N JU IS TRUE TH

Venus x Elko 2013 Foal Due 12/09/2013

e to r e h Click out the k chec nt plan e paym on our page site! web

Previous 3/4 Progeny at Ebony Park:

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


Who is ready for the opportunity of a lifetime? Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful.

An exciting opportunity exists for an energetic, motivated, driven dressage rider who wants a riding career with horses, including riding at Grand Prix level. Our young horse rider Loes is leaving us after 2 1/2 years to go back to Holland, so we are searching for our next superstar to join the Ebony Park Team!!!!!! Ebony Park is a Friesian horse stud with over 40 horses. We breed, train and ride Friesians to Grand Prix level. Currently we have two young stallions that are competing Preliminary and Elementary and need to be prepared for Novice and Medium level. We also have a Medium level and Grand Prix level Stallion on the property, and young stallions and crossbred Friesians needing to be broken in every year. We are looking for someone very hard working, committed and dedicated to doing what it takes to improve daily, and become the best version of them that they can be. You will be pushed in your role and in your riding to give your best every single day. You must also be capable to give lessons up to novice/elementary standard on our two schoolmasters. You will be trained in your riding, training and in management to step up and increase your skills on the job. You must be friendly, like people, like working as a team as well as alone, and committed to making Ebony Park the best working environment and best business that it can possibly be. We are not looking for people to ‘try’ and see if horses are what they want to do. We want people who have proven they understand that they know what it takes to get results with horses, and are dedicated to improving themselves and their riding. This is not a shortterm position – we are looking for someone who is dedicated to taking our stallions to Grand Prix, and as such we are looking for a 5 year commitment. Click here to find out what the position entails and Magazine for moreJune information on how to 20 apply... Ebony Park Friesian 2013

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Ebony Park TV Handling a Young Foal

Click on the video above to play the movie - you will be taken to the YouTube link so you must have an internet connection.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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EBONY PARK PHOTO GALLERY! Danielle’s Mother’s Day Photo Shoot with Jorrit

Danielle decided to make her mother a canvas print for Mother’s Day! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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We want to celebrate with you, any photos of you and your horse - they don’t have to be dressage photos, and they don’t have to be Friesian photos - just a photo of you with your best friend! Just email your photo to and we will share it on this wall next month! Amanda and her best buddy!

Steff and Sammy!

Above: Harmen (who is a Jorrit baby) & Gretta

Left: Kellie and her first pony, Buddy. I. 5 years on and still keeps on pushing their abilities and teaching her 2yo gelding how to be an amazing second horse! Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013

Karena and her 2yo gelding Euro by Abe


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Lovely Loes’ Learnings!! Hey Everyone!! :) Last month we showed you what Danielle had been working on with Jorrit - trot-canter transitions! This was something that Danielle had never really worked on before, and it was made even harder because Jorrit can be quite lazy, and only does things if you ask him in the right way, with exactly the right aids at the right time something you can only learn with practice!! So this month I thought I would demonstrate the same trot-canter transitions, with some video taken on the same day that Danielle rode Jorrit when I jumped on him and had a go. So click on the video below to watch the video of how it should be done, with someone who has practiced lots to get it right!! :)

Until next month,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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Delightful Danielle’s Tales Hey Everyone!! :) This month I am really excited to show you what I have been doing on my “Indian Princess Pony” - my 6yo paint mare, Charisma. A bit of a background story on Charisma first - I bought her about 6-7 months ago, as an unbroken, unhandled 5 1/2yo. She was very head shy and not particularly trusting. As I slowly worked on her on the ground, she was also put in foal to our purebred Friesian stallion, Ebony Park Jorrit - and I can’t wait to see the result!! :) My dream has always been to ride a horse with no tack through the bush... and I have been working towards this with Charisma, who is now much more trusting - we really have a connection which is building more and more each day! :)

I would love to hear what you think, so shoot us an email to let me know!! Until next month,


So this month, I thought I would show you the progress we have been making recently I started riding her with no bridle, just with my seat and the aid of a whip... click here to check out the video!

Danielle and Charisma - only the third time with no bridle!! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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5 Minutes with Adelinde Cornelissen When did you start competing - what discipline and at what age? Dressage at around the age of 7. At age 16 and 18 years old became Dutch champion showing my pony Ayesha in 1995 and his son Mr Pride in 1997. Why riding? It is something I wanted to do all my life. The relationship with a horse to perform together is something very special for me. I am quite athletic and love many sports including cycling, running, skating and swimming. W hen and w her e did you par ticipate at your fir st international competition? 2007 - In Falsterbo, Sweden. (She surprised the world by becoming the runner up behind Swedish star Jan Brink.) Most memorable riding story... Adelinde’s first international contest was in Falsterbo, Sweden, in 2007. She surprised the world by becoming the runner up behind Swedish star Jan Brink. She surprised the world even more by becoming the runner up behind Isabell Werth in the biggest international CDI of the world Aachen 2008, only her third international contest abroad. The choice for the Dutch Olympic team had been made before Aachen and Adelinde and her horse Parzival became the reserve rider for the Dutch squad for the Olympic Games 2008. The year 2009 became rather unbelievable. Adelinde scored a World Record in the Grand Prix Special (84.04%) and won the individual gold medal at the Europeans in Windsor, next to the team gold medal with the Dutch and the individual silver medal in the Freestyle. After all those successes, coincidences that decided her choices in the past, now again helped her further. Through a new Grand Prix horse Jerich Wünschtraum owned by Herbert Jerich from Austria, she finally could welcome a sponsor who helped her to buy the second half of her medal horse Parzival from co-owner Henk Koers. Hobbies? All sports.

Adelinde & Parzival (Source:

FACTS DOB: 08/07/1979 Country: Netherlands Website: Height: 170cm Weight: 55.8kg Education: University Graduate - English Teacher Current FEI World Dressage Ranking: 1 Current Trainers: Sjef Janssen Johan Hamminga (trainer to GP level)


Superstitions? None


Most influential person and why? It's not just one person. I am grateful to my Mum and Dad for teaching me everything in life and to my trainers who helped me to the place where I am now, especially Johan Hemmings at the start and Sjef Janssen now. Ambitions during sporting career Simply to get better every day and to improve with Parzival and hopefully with a lot of other horses to come.

• Jerich International • Havens • Anky Technical Casuals • Olaf Bijlsma

Languages: • English • Dutch • German

Source: FEI Official Website

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful.


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Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful. Ebony Park Friesian Magazine June 2013


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