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MARCH 2013

Tash’s Training Tip - When do you have your ‘service’ ~

News From Holland - KFPS Horse of the Year Decided

Kate’s Knowledge - OCD & Osteoarthritis ~ Loes’ Learnings

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YOUR Riding Success Do you want to reconnect with your passion of horse riding and love of horses? Riding horses is a unique experience that can make you feel on top of the world or insignificant, at any given moment. Many people that work with us in our programs are at a cross roads in their riding, and discover that they hold the key to their riding success. Imagine in 3 short months you are connecting with your horse at a completely new level, feeling that old passion and excitement you used to have for your riding and achieving the goals that you have always wanted.

In 2 days, you will: Rekindle that special bond between you and your horse Reignite that flame of passion for riding your horse Know an easy system for how to ride that gets results Feel motivated and excited about riding and competing Be free from fear, so you can just enjoy the special experience of being one with your horse ➡ Reconnect with your love of horseriding ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡ ➡

Now is your time to learn the secrets of riding success and breakthrough to the next level! Act Now! Places are limited! Click here to register and confirm your place, and for more details. I look forward to meeting you and sharing this breakthrough experience with you, so that you can connect with a group of people to reignite your Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013 passion of riding and horses and completely transform your riding experience.


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From the Editor

Hi Fabulous Friesian Fanatics!! :) Welcome to Marvelous March!! This month is another busy one! We are getting all geared up and ready for Dressage with the Stars at the end of the month, and in the same weekend we have the Victorian Keuring!! This month, Tash talks about making sure you get yourself ‘serviced’ regularly... that’s right - just like you would get your car serviced! I answer a question from a reader about osteoarthritis and working a horse with this condition on a sand arena, and Loes has a lesson with Tash and gives you her learnings! :) Natasha had a clinic with Princess Nathalie in February, so this months ‘5 minutes with...’ has a look at her achievements!


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We hope you have a sensational month - perhaps we will see you at the Keuring or Dressage with the Stars!!



To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

Kate Langdon


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013 • PAGE 15: 5 MINUTES WITH PRINCESS


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News From Holland - KFPS Horse of the Year Decided

Friesian horse lovers from all over the world voted for their 2012 KFPS Horse of the Ye a r. To g e t h e r with a professional jury they decided that Egberdina’s Tjardo (Time 398) was to follow in Annichje fan B o k k u m ’ s footsteps.

Tjardo is owned by Gerrit Soepenberg of Den Ham. The stallion made a real name for himself in harness (honorary class) as well as under the saddle (Z1) together with Susan Bouwman-Wind. Breeder Adriaan van de Ven of the Dutch Vinkel breeds horses next to his cattle farm. He sold Tjardo for only a small amount of money at the time. Later on Tjardo was auctioned for as much as 64,000 euros. Adriaan: ‘I’m totally fine with that. Anyone who can’t handle that should not be breeding horses. Friesian horses are m y h o b b y. S u s a n w a s

looking for a good horse and said to Gerrit: “If you want something, buy that one.” He’s still a stallion and who knows, he might get a second chance in the proving. It’s a unique horse and he’s done so well.’

Susan was clearly moved in her speech of gratitude, in which she thanked all her team members for her and Tjardo’s successes. ‘It’s me in the arena with Tjardo, but we surely could not have done it without you.’

The prize was kept a secret from Susan until the last moment. To her it was all a big surprise. She was already in the arena with Tjardo for the driving champions’ ceremony when the steward asked her to remain in the ring.

Source: KFPS website

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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DIARY DATES Sat 16th March Boneo Park Abe - Grand Prix DRESSAGE with the STARS Thurs 21st March Zeus - 5yo Friday 22nd March Abe - Grand Prix Zeus - 5yo 2nd round (if qualifies) Sat 23rd March Abe - GP Freestyle (if qualifies) Sun 24th March Victorian Keuring Jorrit, Zeus and Dante will be there in various classes!

Note from Tash Hi Superstars!!! :) Happy March!!!! How is this first 1/4 of the year treating you?!?! I personally have had a lot going on in February - most of it not fun stuff, so moving on and looking forward to punching out a super March and making things happen! :) What about you? At EP we have had some excitement with EP Meteor coming to be broken in for Nicole to start riding!!!! Excitement Nicole!!! :) This month Zeus and Abe are ready to rock at Werribee for the 5yo and the Grand Prix CDI at DWTS. Then we have the Keuring the very next day with Dante, Zeus, Jorrit and Abe going off for that! I would also like to welcome Katelyn for work experience on Fridays. I'm sure you will learn a lot from our super team, and get used to our way of doing things :) I hope you enjoy our magazine this month! We have a few extra things in here that I hope add value to you and your riding. I am also super excited to launch our Your Riding Success Monthly Mag which is filled with riding tips and strategies, so if you want to have more success in your riding click here to check it all out now! As always - thank you for all your feedback and suggestions! We get such a buzz out of reading it all so keep it coming!!! :) Lots of love! To Your Success,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Kind Kate’s Knowledge - OCD & Osteoarthritis This month I have had another question from a reader - in regards to OCD and Osteoarthritis, and whether it is ok to work your horse in a sand arena if he has this! With use and age it is very common for horses to develop arthritis. Initial signs are often subtle but with time become really obvious. Osteoarthritis (also known as Degenerative Joint Disease or DJD) is probably one of the most common causes of lameness in horses. The most common cause is from low-grade repetitive trauma from riding and training. When a joint is used, there is a cycle of degradation, and possibly damage, followed by regeneration and repair. The joint remains healthy as long as the degradation does not exceed the ability to repair. Often the balance is tipped by hard and heavy use or just many years of use. This leads to inflammation of the joint capsule that stabilizes the joint and the synovial lining that produces the joint fluid. The effect is instability and unhealthy joint fluid. The cartilage that protects the ends of the bone is responsible for shock absorption and allowing the bones to glide over one another without resistance or pain. It is highly dependent on

stability, to minimize damage, and healthy joint fluid, to encourage repair. Once the inflammation starts, damage can occur to the cartilage as well. With inflammation and cartilage damage comes the pain and a decreased range of motion that negatively affects performance. The body responds by laying down extra bone in and around the joint in an attempt to stabilize the joint. Unfortunately the effect is a build up of irregular bone that interferes with movement, causes pain and is more easily fractured than normal bone. These boney changes can be seen on x-rays but are only there after the problem has been going on long enough for this response to take place. The first step in addressing OA is to have the horse

evaluated. A lameness exam can be used to determine where the OA is, which can be challenging at times with four legs involving over 30 joints not to mention the spine. Techniques that are used are flexion tests where the joint is bent for a given amount of time before trotting or blocks where areas are numbed to pinpoint the source of pain. Xrays can then be taken of the joint in question. The amount of change seen on x-rays can help determine how chronic the problem is and what therapy would be best. In most cases exercise and use is helpful when done at an appropriate level. Movement helps stimulate blood flow and maintain range of motion. I encourage people to continue riding as many years as the horse is comfortable doing so. Being a pasture ornament isn’t

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Kind Kate’s Knowledge - OCD & Osteoarthritis

such a bad life either but there may come a time in severe cases where quality of life needs to be taken into consideration. When there are more bad days than good days or if they continue to get stuck laying down and therapies are no longer working, it may be time to end the pain.

Once OA has developed, there is nothing – NOTHING – that can be done that has been shown to reverse, or even control, the process. That’s right. No supplement, no drug, no injection, no

device (shockwave, magnets, special horseshoes, etc.), can make a joint with OA normal.

I mean, think about it. If there were a cure, why are there so many different treatments? If there were a cure, there would only be one treatment, and everyone would use it (like, say, antibiotics for bacterial infections). Since there’s no cure, treatment of horses with OA is aimed at trying to make the horse as comfortable as possible, for a long as possible. Depending on the severity of the problem, proven e f f e c t i v e treatments might include antiinflammatory and painrelieving drugs ( e . g . , phenylbutazone, “ b u t e ” ) , injections of various antiinflammatory substances directly into the joint, reduced intensity of exercise, and, in overweight horses weight loss. For most horses, light exercise is also helpful – just about

anyone who has experienced a sore or stiff joint knows that one way to feel better is go get (and keep) moving. OA does not necessarily mean that your horse’s career is over, but it might mean that you (and your horse) have to learn how to best live with the problem. Given that horses don’t complain, and try to do the best they can with what they have, that’s sometimes easier for the horse than it is for the owner! So to answer the second part of the question - is working on a sand arena ok if your horse has osteoarthritis? There is no simple answer here - you know your horse best, so just take it easy and make sure you watch for any signs that your horse is not coping with the surface you are riding on! Until next time - to your dreams becoming reality,

Kate Langdon Sources: Kirsten Voigt; - David Ramey.

Above: An Arthritic hock joint Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Tash’s Training Tip - When Do You Have Your ‘Service’? Everyone knows it is important to get the car serviced regularly. You make sure things don’t wear out, and the car simply runs better, quicker and more economically. However, some people... I admit it! I am one of these people!!!! ...wait until their car is making an almighty thunk bang boom before they limp to the mechanic and think “hmmmmmm, I’m sure nothing is too wrong”, and a couple thousand later are cursing why they let the service go 10,000 km over!

simple truth is I don’t ‘run’ as well. I’m tired, moody, sensitive. Arrrgh! When I fuel my body with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, some lean meat and nuts and 2L of water - I feel energetic, vibrant, excited, I can take on the world! It is so important to me as a rider, to make sure I am eating the right foods, so that I can be in the right shape p h y s i c a l l y. . . b u t m o r e importantly, so I can be in

Well, just like it costs you more in the long run if you forgo the regular service checks on your car, it also does if you don’t service you! So what do I mean? 1.

What fuel do you put in the engine?

I LOVE chocolate! I LOVE it!!! It’s my favourite thing in the world, with ice cream being second, and mexican food third... BUT I can’t eat these foods all the time! I would love to! And I have been guilty of it! But the

setting doesn’t work - I have had a goal for years to lose weight and be healthy”. But when we find out their top value is freedom and fun, well I know why they never got their goal! You can’t have freedom and fun when it comes to making a food choice! I mean, you can but what’s more fun? Ice cream or broccoli? So if you have a goal that is to ride Grade 1 by the end of the year, but you are Grade 5 and value family as number one, and only ride once a fortnight... you also won’t get your goal. Now, I’m not saying the value or the goal is wrong ... nothing is right or wrong! it’s just that you know already you are set up for failure because you will never do the actions required. 3.Are you towing

the right shape mentally - a lot to do with that is what I put in my body. Are you driving with the hand brake on? Are your values in line with your goals? When I coach, I may have a client that says “oh, goal 2.

above your capacity? Are you taking on too much? Sometimes we take on too many tasks and we literally don’t have the hours in the day to complete them, that erodes our self esteem, as we think we are not good enough, and so on, etc! I say to all my clients - who is

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Tash’s Training Tip - When Do You Have Your ‘Service’? Number 1 in your life - they might say kids, or husband or horse .... No! The answer is YOU! You’re Number 1!!! So look after you first! Then help others but not more than you can do. So if you work full time, have children, have a big presentation coming up at work, your mother is coming down for a week and your oven has just broken... It’s ok that you didn’t get your 5 rides in! The world doesn’t end, and your goal never h a p p e n because of a few days! My best friend is always there to remind me - hey Tash, don’t beat yourself up over it. It’s just one day. And she is right! Do you need an oil change? If you have any ‘unfinished’ business with someone, or some event you need to move on and not let it effect you. This is summed up in a fantastic quote “the best 4.

thing about the past is ... it’s in the past!” Yay!!! :) Yes, it is, so if it is still affecting you in the present - you need to make the choice to let it go. Just like a mechanic - drain the oil, and put in some new oil! So if you had a fall off your horse, and every time you get to ‘that’ corner where it happened you tense up. You need to make a

conscious decision to let it go. Visualise a waterfall in that spot or something else relaxing and calm to you. Tell everyone ‘thats my FAVOURITE spot on the arena! And soon your unconscious will believe it!!! :)

And finally: Tr y a n e w s e t o f wheels! Nothing is more exciting about doing something new. It’s invigorating, and especially if it’s something you might find challenging! I love that feeling in my stomach when I am out of my comfort zone! Its like “wow! I’m really doing something here!” The BEST part about doing something new and challenging, is when you have done it, you feel a million bucks don’t you? You feel strong and invincible! You start thinking - if I can do that, what else can I do?!?!?! Exactly! So if you have only ever jumped 50 cm, put the jumps up to 65 cm and go for it!!! If you have only ever done a Grade 4 test, enter grade 3 and go for it!!! Either way, you will learn heaps and feel better for it! :) 5.

Have a super sensational month!!!! To Your Success,


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Abe’s Perspective Hey super riders! My name is Abe and I am Natasha’s superstar Friesian stallion and her one and only horse she likes to ride. I told her I thought it was very unfair that she was the only one to share how to ride - as lets’ face it... I’m the one that really makes it all happen - so this is my chance to teach you how to really ride a horse... with advice straight from the horses mouth! *Taken from March 2013 Your Riding Success Monthly. If you would like to view Your Riding Success March Monthly click here

This month I want to talk about trot-canter transitions. When I was broken in and first learnt how to carry a rider on my back, I learned that a kick meant “go forward”. When I was first learning canter, my rider would kick me and kick me and I trotted faster and faster until I finally cantered! Then the kicking would go away... So I learnt that legs mean go. Then, as my training progressed my rider taught me when she puts her inside leg on I was to canter - she did this by applying the aid, and then applying the whip until I learnt what she meant. I still remember the first time Tash came to ride me in Holland... I have to say - she wasn’t very good! ;) She kept telling me to canter with an outside leg and I thought she was an idiot. But I know how pretty I look cantering with my mane out so I did it anyway just for fun.

When I came out to Australia, I had to learn all of Tash’s aids. She had to learn them too, as like I said 7 years ago she wasn’t that good! She learnt how to do less and less which meant I had to do more and more. If you look at the video you can see I always need to have a concentrated face, my ears are flicked back listening and concentrating on her because she gets so cranky if I miss an aid! It can be confusing working out what she wants from me. Like she says - there are so many aids, and they all feel almost the same. Lucky I am so awesome and I can figure out most of the time what she wants. Sometimes I get lazy and try and get away with doing less, but she is getting better and better and figuring that out, and makes me work just as hard as she does. My advice for teaching your horse a super trot-canter transition is be really clear with your aids. One thing Tash is really good at is

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Abe’s Perspective being consistent in the way she asks for something. She always asks EXACTLY the same way... Her way may be a little weird, but it is always the same. That’s the key. So when I feel her leg on a specific spot partnered with her seat a certain way, and her rein a certain way and... I know it sounds funny but the entire way about her just says canter now, and she has no doubt, no uncertainty, no fear around it she just demands it happens NOW - I just follow her lead and do it. A good leader is crucial and as much as I make sure she knows she is not in charge... she actually is and she leads me and helps me as much as she can, so I can perform what she is asking. So my tips for asking your horse for something (such as the trot-canter transition) are:


Ask the same way


Make sure your whole body says to canter NOW


Help the horse understand what you want. You might need to do the aid the refined subtle way, but then back it up with a kick or a light tap with the whip so the horse wakes up and says - what do you want! He/She will then listen better and be ready for your lighter aids... you might even need to do it a few times ... not for me, because I learn perfectly... but for some other horses it takes them a bit longer. :)

Oh and MOST importantly! My FAVOURITE part of when Tash rides me is the end, she gets off, and as soon as my bridle is off I get a treat. Sometimes ... when I’m really good I get two treats!!!!!! :) I love that she acknowledges me and thanks me for trying so hard and concentrating! Grand Prix is really hard, so I really love that she appreciates my hard work! So don’t forget to give your horse a treat!!! :) Speaking of food I’m off to graze. Have a super month with your horses and keep smiling! :) To your happy riding success!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Ebony Park Rockstar of the Month EP Bastian and Sian Just thought I'd give you an update on Bastian, he's been going amazingly! Recently (at the end of 2012), we went to the pony club grounds, he did not bat an eyelid at anything! Had a flat lesson then decided to ride around with my instructor through the forest and out through the cross country, we went over bridges, the whole grade five course, some grade four brushes and the grade three ditch with absolutely no refusals, he took it all in his stride! Most of the time he just trotted over the jumps, but a few of them he actually jumped. Unfortunately as we were going through the forest mum couldn't follow with the camera! But we did get some footage of the water jump! :)

Just want to thank you guys again for breeding such a wonderful horse, he is an absolute dream to own, and despite the fact we've only been out a few times, he's received bucket-loads of compliments every time! Click here to check out the most recent footage we have been sent from Sian of her and Bastian!! *Make sure you email us whenever you take an Ebony Park horse out and get some pics or footage, so that we can include it in the next magazine! We want to hear form you and share in your successes!!! :)

I took Bastian to pony club in February for the morning, we had a show jumping lesson and cross country lesson and he was once again impeccably behaved! Every instructor there adores him, I get countless compliments on his "willing nature and superstar qualities" everyone is amazed at how he tries his heart out to please me!

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


Snow White of Ebony Park Feel free to share this publication with your friends, family, club... anyone who might find its content useful.


Click here now for video of Snow White and more information!

Snow White is a surprise from Kirsten this year, as she has a white star and a white foot! The Friesian Society doesn't like white on Friesians, so she is ineligible to be registered in the higher studbooks, but she is still a purebred Friesian. We love her and love her white, as it certainly sets her apart from the others, and makes her in our eyes the prettiest. She has a wonderful trot and one of the best canters we have seen in a Friesian foal. We think she will have an amazing dressage career in front of her and will certainly stand out with her white! If you have always wanted a dressage Friesian - this is your chance to get an exceptional foal for a very considerable saving on price.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Ebony Park TV Connection and Outside Rein - a lesson with Tash, Loes and Dante

Click on the video above to play the movie - you will be taken to the YouTube link so you must have an internet connection.

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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We want to celebrate with you, any photos of you and your horse - they don’t have to be dressage photos, and they don’t have to be Friesian photos - just a photo of you with your best friend! Just email your photo to and we will share it on this wall next month! Trish Keating and Argent (Navarr)

Lucy Wiseman with her two ponies yearling EP Loki (Abe x Dazzle) on the right & 2yo Andalusian Rosco on the left!

Dean Johnston and ‘Girl’ - his first ride ever at age 4 and he never looked back!

Eliza Vitols - This is my gorgeous boy Mikey!

Right: Ashleigh Sosa and Sparky!

Left: Kate Trewin and EP Sienna - This is about the best i can do when it comes to pictures of me WITH Sienna! I'm never smiling because I'm too busy worrying about taking the photo before she gets to my phone! Everything is a toy to her :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013 Renee Milham and her mare Amber!


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To celebrate summer (which has now come to an end, this month we wanted to share more of our beach photos with Abe and Jorrit!! :)

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Lovely Loes’ Learnings!! Hey Guys!! It’s been a couple of months since I talked about what I have been learning in my riding, so I thought this month I would let you take a peek at a lesson Tash gave me on our 4yo stallion, Ebony Park Dante, to show you what we have been working on. During this lesson, I needed some help with ge t ting Dante rounder and holding his head lower, longer and de e pe r (t h e bigge s t t hi ng w i t h friesians is that they like to come short in the neck and hold their head up) - it’s the carriage horse in them! So what did I learn from the lesson? I learnt that I have to give more with the reins and ride him more for ward and into the contact, so that his head will go down and his back will soften. When he gets a bit tricky with his head (we have a light connection which is fantastic, but he doesn’t stay t h ro ugh w h e ne ve r s ome t hi ng changes) - I just need to open my hands, especially on the outside rein (this is not how we would ride a test,

but we need this for him to learn what he needs to do, and for the muscles to grow). Dante tends to really struggle when we change the rein, so what I really need to focus on is doing more turns with him - serpentines, figure of eights... so that the change of rein is fluid and easy for him. As always, I need to focus more on using the outside rein (and inside leg) and ride him with longer reins so that he can come down and into the contact, and push him more with my seat so that he doesn’t fall in. Click here to watch the video now, and if you have any questions, make sure you email us at Have a fantastic month!


Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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5 Minutes with... Princess Nathalie

Nathalie’s first pony was a naughty Welsh Mountain pony Pascha, but she spent her teenage years out of the saddle at school. After school she got 6 months to find out if riding was something she really want to do. Based on the advice of Danish Olympian Jytte Lemkow, in 1994 Nathalie was sent to Sweden to train with Kyra Kyrklund on the Swedish stud “Flyinge”. After four years, during which she won the bronze medal at the European Championship with the Danish team, she had to change coaches as Kyrklund moved to England. She teamed up with Klaus Balkenhol, coach of the German dressage team. Nathalie gained a place in the 2000 Olympic team as reserve rider, and afterward participated in the European Championship of 2001, winning a bronze medal and the World Championship 2002 (where she was placed fourth) with the Danish team. She was a member of the Team Denmark dressage team in the 2008 Summer Olympics and was awarded a bronze medal. Nathalie was part of the Danish equestrian team in the London 2012 Olympics, competing in the team and individual dressage events on her horse Digby. She finished 12th in the individual event and helped Denmark to a 4th place team finish. In addition to riding she also breeds horses, as does her mother. In autumn 2005, the princess opened her own stud farm, which is based in Bad Berleburg. She is now back training with Kyra Kyrklund and her husband Richard White. Nathalie is not known for riding the most spectacularly moving horses, but the accuracy in her tests and harmony with her horses make her such a unique rider. “My father neglected to buy a horse for millions. I never asked him to and I have never been upset that he didn’t do it,” she said frankly. Nathalie can rely on the horses from her mother’s breeding program which HRH Benedicte started after she received the mare Oxenholm Pamina as a gift from the Danish warmblood society. This brood mare produced Nathalie’s most successful dressage horse to date, Digby (by Donnerhall x Sandro) with whom she won team Olympic bronze in 2008 and became reserve champion at the 2011 World Cup Finals. Nathalie explained that she always rides in a snaffle. “90% of the time I ride all my horses in a snaffle. Two weeks before competition I will start putting the Facts! double bridle in. I’ll start them in a double bridle when they are at the end of 6 DOB: 2nd May 1975 begin 7 years old, until they are used to it and then I go back to a snaffle.” Royal Ties: Her mother is the Nathalie’s seat was praised by the panel and they wanted to know what she younger sister of Queen did exactly. “It’s just a feeling I have in my bum. It’s something in my body,” she said almost cluelessly about her own ability. “It’s the same with Isabell. Margrethe II of Denmark She wiggles around and her horse does it. There’s only one bum like Married to: Horse breeder Isabell's." Alexander Johannsmann Source: Wikipedia, Eurodressage

Ebony Park Friesian Magazine March 2013


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Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - March 2013  
Ebony Park Friesian Magazine - March 2013  

This month is jam packed!! Check out the latest episode of Ebony Park TV, Kate talks about osteoarthritis in horses and what this means for...