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JULY 2013 Don’t Train the Problem, Train the Cause YRS TV - Getting on the Correct Canter Lead From the horse’s mouth - Abe’s perspective Melissa shares her story Natasha talks about how Michael Jordan is an inspiration to her Book of the Month And so much more!

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- Riding Program Do you know Natasha has a riding program dedicated to helping you get from Preliminary Dressage to Elementary Dressage in an easy to use, proven, step-by-step system!?!? It is a 12 month program that covers what you need to do as a rider, and what you need to do to train your horse, to progress easily and effortlessly through the grades!

Ok hands up if you think you understand, and more importantly find you are actually doing dressage well, and it is easy? If that’s you – don’t read on. You are not right for this program. I’m talking to you if you get frustrated by all the different ‘ways’ to do dressage. If you get confused by training different movements. If you want to progress in your riding but you get stuck. The Your Riding Success Riding Program is an online program designed to give you a step by step, easy-to-use formula to get from basics to elementary. This program is one part of the Dream Team Program, but due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to make this program available online as a separate program to the Dream Team. Each section has a workbook to work through and fill out, as well as a video split into manageable chunks. The Riding Program has been sold to members in over 6 countries including USA, Germany, Hong Kong, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada and even Namibia!! So if you are 'stuck' in a riding level and looking for answers, perhaps the Your Riding Success Riding Program is right for you! Click here for more information now! :)


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Welcome!! :) Hey guys!! Wow... can’t believe that we are already past the mid-point of the year, and that this is already the 5th edition of the Your Riding Success Monthly!! It feels like just yesterday when Tash came to me with one of her hairbrained ideas... “Kate... wouldn’t it be cool if...!!” Remember - if you have any questions that will help you in your extraordinary riding journey... make sure you ask - we are here to help!! :) Have a fabulous month, and can’t wait to hear all of your successes for the first half of the year!! To Your Dreams Becoming Reality,

Kate Langdon





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Therapies YOUR RIDING SUCCESS MONTHLY | July 2013 | 3

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Hi Danielle! - firstly I wanted to say - what a great question and one that can be quite confusing if you don’t know what you are looking for! Thanks!! The first thing that you need to know when it comes to cantering is that your horse can ‘lead’ on the left leg or the right leg. The lead leg is the one that hits the ground first in front - the lagging leg is the one that comes after it :)

Generally, what we would call the ‘correct’ lead leg in the canter, is the one that is on the inside when you are doing a circle. However, leading from the outside leg is also an important movement in higher level dressage, and is called the counter canter. So there are no wrong or right lead... the horse may just start cantering on the outside leg coming forward or the inside leg coming forward.


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YOUR RIDING SUCCESS TV When you are sitting on the horse in the canter on a circle, look down at the horses shoulders - the leg that the horse is leading with will be the shoulder that comes forward first. A fairly educated horse will go on the inside leg naturally when you ask for canter... however a Grand Prix horse like Abe will have to be able to lead on any leg that you ask, so you need to know the right way to ask him! When you are looking to get your horse on the inside lead leg, you want to put your weight on your outside leg... I know we have been talking about the horses inside leg coming forward and leading, but remember that the inside leg has to be free to come through, so you want the horse kind of sitting on their outside then the inside leg is free to

“When you are sitting on the horse in the canter on a circle, look down at the

come through first. You may also think that you need to bend the horses head to the inside to free up the inside leg... but that actually loads the horse up more on the inside leg and makes it harder to lead on that leg. So I always want my horses nose in the middle of his chest. To have bend and flexion to the inside, you want the nose in the middle of the chest, but to be able to see his eye on the inside... You also want your inside leg on and the outside leg comes back slightly. Also make sure you have his outside shoulder with the outside rein. Your biggest aid is your inside seatbone... ask for canter by making this seatbone ‘pop’ and don’t over-exaggerate or it will be wrong! Make sure you sit deep into the seat, don’t move around in the saddle! The best thing to do is to watch the horse on a lunge or moving free and see what it does with its weight and its head... this is what you want to copy when you ride! Have fun - good luck to you guys, and make sure you have a super week! If you have any other questions, make sure you contact me - To Your Success,

horses shoulders - the leg that the horse is leading with will be the shoulder that comes forward first.”

Natasha To make sure you stay in the loop, like us on Facebook (click here) and subscribe to our mailing list to make sure you are on our mailing list and get the weekly blog and monthly magazine (click here to do that now)


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FROM THE HORSES MOUTH | ABE’S PERSPECTIVE Hey super riders! My name is Abe and I am Natasha’s superstar Friesian stallion and her one and only horse she likes to ride. I told her I thought it was very unfair that she was the only one to share how to ride - as lets’ face it... I’m the one that really makes it all happen - so this is my chance to teach you how to really ride a horse... with advice straight from the horses mouth!

Hello there riders! How are you?!?! I am more than well .... did you hear the news?!?!? .... I'm going to be an Uncle!!!!!! Tash is in foal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) So this month has been fun! Tash has been told not to ride so I'm the only one she trusts enough to get on and feel 100% safe. Of course I feel even more important than ever... but the other horses just laugh at me and say we are the ones having a holiday - you are the one that still needs to work!

riding so we can come out next year and blitz it! It’s tough though. I feel there is a lot of pressure on me to look after Tash and her baby! If anything happens Phil and a whole lot of crazy Grandparents might not be happy. I know Tash's dad pays our food bill and the last thing I want is him cutting off the oat supply because he got angry at me!

I'm ok with that though. I love my work and I don't want to lose my sexy big muscles - I have some big Grand Prix competitions to win so Ta s h b e t t e r k e e p


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FROM THE HORSES MOUTH | ABE’S PERSPECTIVE I don't know if you have ever been in that position where everyone is counting on you and relying on you to do something. Normally when Tash rides if she does something stupid I give a little kick out or pigroot, now I feel bad - almost that I should behave opposite to what I feel is me just to make everyone happy.

She said I take full responsibility that my actions have consequences and I agree to face whatever comes my way as a result.

The problem with acting in a way that isn't you is you get tired putting on the act. You spend your whole day trying to please everyone and in the end you feel bad because you didn't please yourself.

That’s why I love her so much and know what a great mum she will make teaching these lessons to her children.

I had a chat to Tash about this and she asked me this one question: Abe in 7 years of me riding you - have I ever fallen off when you have misbehaved? I said no.

I won't blame you, or the weather or anything else. She sounded just like at a competition when I don't listen and I miss a change or something - she doesn't blame me - she blames herself for not getting my attention.

So in your riding this month I hope you are helping your horses out and taking responsibility for whatever the horse does we are trying our best and we are who we are. To Your Success,

She said as uncoordinated as she is she isn't about to go falling off now and if she did there would be only one person to blame! I was like yes! Me! She said no Abe it wouldn't be your fault, it would be mine.



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Rebecca Twikler Equine Dentistry

ARE YOU HAVING CONTACT ISSUES WITH YOUR HORSE SUCH AS: Head tossing whilst being ridden? An unsteady contact? Difficulty turning? Problems with stopping and perhaps running through the bit? Rearing? Is your horse sensitive in the mouth? DOES YOUR HORSE: Drop feed while he is eating? Pack feed into the sides of his mouth? Dunk hay in his water bucket? Drool excessively? Have lumps on his face or jaw area? HAS YOUR HORSE’S WHOLE MOUTH BEEN ASSESSED BY A QUALIFIED EQUINE DENTIST? Out of sight should not be out of mind with horses teeth! If you have said ‘Yes’ to any of the above, your horse may have issues in his mouth, which can cause issues when you ride! When your horse has a sore mouth they do not want to co-operate with us as riders! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS DISCOUNT VOUCHER, YOU MAY BE SURPRISED TO FIND OUT EXACTLY WHAT IS IN YOUR HORSE’S MOUTH!

DISCOUNT VOUCHER This voucher provides the horse owner with a $10 discount off the normal dentist consultation price. You pay only $60 per horse. Included in the consultation is: Free bitting advice, measurement at bit check Free feeding advice to prolong the life of your horses teeth A report of your horse's whole mouth from a qualified equine dentist Appointments available Monday-Saturday (7am-6pm) Call Rebecca on 03 5668 9203 or 0435 165 262 for appointments YOUR RIDING SUCCESS MONTHLY | July 2013 | 8

Voucher valid for 6 months from 1st June 2013

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Gippsland Performance Horse Therapies “Keeping Performance Horses Performing� Does your horse need remedial massage therapy after an injury, or do you just like to have your horse massaged regularly to keep those muscles relaxed and supple? Here at GPHT, we do a full assessment of your horse, and treat the whole horse - we look at the feet, saddle... every aspect of the horse is covered to get the best results possible and achieve the desired outcome. We work out a treatment plan that suits you and your horse, to help achieve results. We value our clients - our fast responses and quick turn around time are what makes us rise above the rest. So if you think your horse deserves the best care possible, call 0407 955 267 now to book your session in!


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FROM THE EXPERTS | NATASHA ALTHOFF DON’T TRAIN THE PROBLEM, TRAIN THE CAUSE Hello everybody!!! How are you all going with your riding journeys!?!?!? :) I trust they are going well and that you love implementing all your new learnings! I want to discuss in this article about finding the root cause of a training issue rather than training the presenting issue. …But what does that mean? :) Well, as my riding knowledge has increased I have had many amazing opportunities to ride many different horses and learn so much from each of them. What I have come to realise is that I need to search harder and fix the training issue that is causing the presenting training problem. I learned in coaching that when people come to me with a presenting problem - Let’s use something easy like time management. I can coach them on structuring their day in 15minute blocks, using a time tracker, a diary and a day planner, but none of that will work long term because I am only surface coaching. I am only coaching the presenting problem. My job is to delve deeper and find the cause of the time management problem. In this case it was a fear of not being good enough, so if they ran late to appointments, missed meetings and didn’t catch up with friends they had an excuse to explain why they don’t succeed in work and don’t have friends because they are too busy. If they had plenty of time and still didn’t succeed in work or

have friends then there would be no excuse except for the thing they fear most, not being good enough! So by working on being and feeling good enough all the time management problems can be completely resolved without one mention of a day planner or time tracker in sight! Bringing this back to riding - I sometimes choose to have a challenge around flying changes. Now I am the Queen of flying changes! Sometimes though I like to play with myself and don’t get the results I choose. Now when this happens I could try to fix the flying change itself, work change after change after change but that actually isn’t the issue. The issue is always me moving in the change or me not getting enough bend and flexion to the right and having the horse completely through onto the outside left rein. So I go to work on fixing that underlying problem, work on keeping myself still, and lots of shoulderin and lateral work for my horse to get the softness to the right and the left rein connection. Guaranteed I then go across the arena and get all the changes perfectly. Why? Because I have corrected and trained the issue, not the problem. I get that a lot with people saying my horse is bucking, make it stop. I laugh firstly because I am only little and I can’t ‘make’ a 600kg animal do anything! ! So I observe the horse and I realize that the buck is the presenting problem of the training issue, that the horse refuses to go forward into the bridle. This means my training job is to get the horse forward into the contact. Yes I will get some bucks convincing the horse this is the way to go, but once I have succeeded in getting the horse forward and connected to the bridle the buck completely goes away.


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So it is not that the horse is a ‘bucker’ it’s that the horse doesn’t go forward, so that’s actually what needs to be fixed!


So what training ‘problems’ do you encounter on a daily basis? If there was to be a cause to those problems what would it be? Another example is, riding a correct 20m circle. If the circle is not round, it could be because you don’t have bend or flexion, it could be that you not looking up and planning where your circle will go, and it could be lack of forward or the horse running so you are not in control. This means that the 20m circle is not the problem, the bend, planning or control is the issue and THAT is what you need to work on, not the 20m circle itself. I like to think of it as a Band-Aid, yes you can treat what you see on the skin around the band aid, or you can rip off the Band-Aid and treat and deal with what is really there, the underlying factors that you previously didn’t notice. I trust you have enjoyed this article. Please email me with any thoughts/comments about any of the articles, or any requests for what you would like me to write an article on. I am here to help you and happy to assist with any questions you may have!


Until next month, To Your Success,

Natasha YOUR RIDING SUCCESS MONTHLY | July 2013 | 11


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TASH’S THOUGHTS Hello Superstar riders!!! I trust you are having an amazing July!

There are no new workshops running in the month of July... due to SECRET HORSE BUSINESS!!! :) :) :)

Halfway through the year - how are you tracking for your 2013 goals? What’s working? What isn't? How is your riding going?!?! This month we are playing with some new projects and getting clear on how we can best serve you guys! So if you would like to email me with what you would most like to see me do for you guys - let me know, I would love to hear from you! I trust you enjoy this month's mag! Have an amazing month!!! To Your Success,



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Mel!sa Debnam

My riding journey restarted back in October 2011. After being told I could never ride again, and being given the full list of medical reasons why I could not ride (not to mention the full list of reasons why I provided myself as to why I couldn’t). I jumped in and brought an ex-trotter called Cruise, who had been off the track and had started some education under saddle. We spent what felt like eternity, just doing ground work… I didn’t have the confidence to get on him and when I finally got the courage to get on him, someone had to hold him while I climbed on from a 44 gallon drum... then I couldn’t ride without someone watching or without a safety vest all while riding in the smallest paddock possible. My little ‘security’ blankets kept me safe. After a couple of months, being back in the saddle was no longer enough. I wanted desperately to have that drive; that determination to go out, to dream big, to chase my dreams and my goals. I was feeling very lost. I had essentially, a blank slate for a dressage mount with Cruise who firmly believed exiting at A was a pre-requisite half way through a dressage test and pacing was a dressage movement that was so advanced even Totilas couldn’t do it.

We did our first official EV prelim start in the Autumn of 2012, scoring 46% - but I didn’t care about the score, I cared that I did it - halted and saluted at the judge, it was a goal that took me 10 years to achieve! But then wheels then began to fall off… I had nothing after that goal.. Literally nothing... My first meeting with Tash was at the inaugural Breakthrough to Your Riding Success workshop. It was time to step it up a notch, step out of the comfort zone, and challenge those limiting beliefs… I wanted more, I was at that stage where I was back with my bum in the saddle, riding as much as I could but still… there was something missing. I still lacked that 100% confidence in myself, that 100% determination I had…. That’s when I joined the Dream Team. All those years ago when I set that goal of riding in an Official EV competition, I dreamed I would one day make it to Prix St George. It is all well and good have a goal, but I need to break down the goal into a series of steps, into smaller goals. What did all these Prix St George riders have that I didn’t have?? Balance, an independent seat, even light contact, controlling the tempo, correct timing of aids… well there you go! There are my goals! It’s no longer about the horse, it’s about me. What am I doing to affect the horse?


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Mel!sa Debnam

He felt like a dead weight in my hands, every time he moved I bounced around, asking for canter I tilted over his shoulder, the list of ‘issues’ was endless. In summary I was being carted around wherever Cruise wanted to go! Recently I have taken up riding bareback. No excuses, nothing to grab hold of…the litmus test!. This pushed me waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone. (Back on with that back protector) I hadn’t ridden bareback since my early teenage years, but I was determined there was one thing that was going to make me relearn balance was to get rid of the external interferences – so bye bye new expensive dressage saddle. Hello rolly polly tubby pony! The startings were by no means pretty and that inner voice had my whole body shaking, even Cruise took two steps sideways away from the mounting block just to give me the quizzical ‘what on earth are you doing’ look. I made sure no one was around before climbing on board…then I made sure no one was around when I decided to ask for a trot a couple of weeks later… that was pretty messy too.

So messy that Cruise just kept stopping and refusing to go any further. With each ride my confidence grew… but what was growing more was my balance... and my ability to feel footfalls and to time the aids better. Did I dare try to canter? Hmmm… did I hear those limiting beliefs kick in again… hell yes, but this time I was prepared for them. I ‘de-friended’ those limiting beliefs and stepped it up. OMG the horse didn’t take off, I didn’t fall off… I half halted and came back to a walk. That transition was nice.. no dead weight…. Hang on even the whole session up to this point he’s been off my hands. I could have a loop in my rein! Yep have to try it again… wait for the foot falls, keep them tempo, roll the hip, a little bit of outside thigh bang walk-canter transition. What were those goals again? Balance? Independent seat? Even light contact? Controlling the tempo? Correct timing of aids? Did I or did I not just tick off those goals?? 1 2 3 4 5 TICK! Needless to say I was as hooked to riding bareback again as I am to a morning coffee! If I look back to 6 months ago when I started my Dream Team Journey, I would have never thought that even riding bareback would assist me achieve something that I struggled with and that is just one of so many things I’ve learnt this year. My Dressage journey is not focussed about me riding Prix St George this year… or even next… it’s about what it takes for me to develop my abilities as a rider and to get the very best out of the horse I have. Those small goals equal the bigger goals… the journey is only just beginning. Thankyou to Tash and my most AMAZING Dream Team friends who are my inspiration, my passion for Dressage is firing once more! Cheers, Mel (Diva of the Dressage Arena) :)


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NEED TO KNOW | NATASHA ALTHOFF MICHAEL JORDAN - AN INSPIRATION! Michael Jordan is a huge inspiration for me. I know strange as I’m not really into Basketball! I admire him so much as I love his attitude. You see, people might think that he has this great attitude, because he is the most talented, greatest player of our time. I think he is the most talented and greatest player of all time, because of his attitude. In high school Michael Jordan was dropped from the high school team. Imagine if because of that event he decided not to play basketball, but instead it drove him to be better – in his words:

“I have missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I have lost almost 300 games. On 26 occasions I have been entrusted to take the game winning shot… and missed. And I have failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” Achievements “I realized that if I was going to achieve anything in life I had to be aggressive. I had to get out there and go for it… I know fear is an obstacle for some people, but it’s an illusion to me.” Overcoming Failure

“I think that not making the Varsity team drove me to really work at my game, and also taught me that if you set goals, and work hard to achieve them— the hard work can pay off.”

If it turns out that my best wasn’t good enough, at least I won’t look back and say that I was afraid to try; failure makes me work even harder.”

Michael Jordan is tall, athletic and smart… so are a million other people! He is not necessarily gifted, special or different. He is the greatest of all time because of this thinking. So although I don’t play basketball, I don’t really like basketball, and I don’t want to play basketball, by modeling his thinking, I know I can get the same results in my chosen sport.

“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”


Determination “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Confidence

Here is some of his philosophies:

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”


To Your Success,

Check out all the Success Stories and Feedback we have received this month at YRS HQ!! MASSIVE FAN! Have been watching religiously since the beginning and you've helped me in heaps and bounds, moving from Level 4 to Level 2 in one year :) Something I couldn't have done without you! So thanks soooo much! Thanks for all your help, I can't thank you enough! Cheers, Carolina Hi Tash, I just wanted let you know how much your program has done for my riding! In 2 months I've seen incredible improvement in our transitions, my balance, seat! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work Tash!! Shannon Bortnick Canada Doing fabulous here. I worked harder yesterday than I've worked before I used Natasha's advice for sitting trot and half halts and it just seemed that my lovely mare and I were speaking the same language. Canter transitions too from my seat improved immensely-now that I've stopped leg swinging and kicking. Have truly discovered muscles I didn't know were there! Many many thanks truly - for Natasha's bubbling enthusiasm and unselfish sharing of her knowledge that makes us believe our dreams might just become reality!! Mairi Roddy Scotland

“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” Leadership

Natasha Althoff


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DEBBIE McDONALD - RIDING THROUGH I don’t know about you, but I love to read. So I thought it would be really cool if we put together a Your Riding Success Book Club. This means every month we can read a book, and I will review if the following month on our website (click here for the book club page) and in the magazine, and we can have a discussion on Facebook, and I am happy to answer any questions you have from reading the book As I know some people don’t like to read, I won’t be flooding the Your Riding Success Facebook group with talking about books, if not everyone is into it. So Super Kate has created a page on Facebook. So click here now to head over to the Facebook page now and join the group - I have already posted the book for this month - “Debbie McDonald - Riding Through” by Debbie McDonald with Nancy Jaffer If you would like to get yourself a copy, click here to purchase through Amazon now! :) Since it is taking so long to order the books... we thought we would give plenty of notice - this one won’t be reviewed for a couple of months, so you have plenty of time to order it and read it so that you can share your thoughts! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts and share a book with you every month! To Your Reading Success,

Natasha Althoff


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We want to celebrate your successes with you, so please send in your pictures of the jumps you have conquered, ribbons you have won, dressage tests you have aced, and anything and everything else that we can celebrate and share with you! To submit your photo for next month, post it on our Facebook wall, or email your photo to


Right: Nicole and her horse Skye... Reserve Champions...and having fun at the same time!! :)

Left: Sian and Bastian (by Abe) rocked the Eltham Dressage day in June, coming how with overall champion of the day!! :)

Right: All the way from Scotland... Mairi and her horse Jubilee!! :)

Left: Kirsty competed in the Townsville show with a Friesian stallion owned by Melissa McCallum YOUR RIDING SUCCESS MONTHLY | July 2013 | 18

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