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Luxury Home Furniture Chislehurst

Ebony & Ivory offers luxury home furniture Chislehurst residents love to showcase in their homes. Our collections are the quintessence of taste and style meant for homeowners that want superlative quality and aesthetics when it comes to their home interiors. Each individual item in our store is sourced from luxury brands and designers inspired by traditional and modern aesthetics, offering a combination of superior quality, functionality and attention to detail. Choose from pieces to suit the style of your home, whether it is modern and minimalist, traditional and ornamental, or warm vintage. Furniture Our furniture listings include unique, one of a king statement ottomans, benches and stools bringing together stainless steel and leather, cowhide or crocodile leather finishes for the modern home or classic leather trunks for the warm, vintage inspired living room. Modern, minimalist homes can be updated with the innovative Halo Swashbuckler series of tables. Classic homes will receive a touch of bygone elegance with the Culinary Concepts range of richly detailed leather travelling trunks in warm shades. The Brompton range of bookshelves coffee tables, lamp tables and leathers are carefully crafted to match and enhance the aesthetics of any elegant home. Lighting Complement your home interiors with rich, detailed and statement lighting units such as our sparkling globe chandeliers, lovely teardrop chandeliers or large crystal chandeliers with candle bulbs that add class and interest to any modern living room. We also offer unique brushed metal spotlight style ceiling and floor lamps that make excellent conversation pieces. Choose from our fine collection of chandelier floor and table lamps to add a touch of unique luxury to classic rooms. You can also find antique brass finish lamps for warmth and vintage style to your interiors. Mirrors Each mirror at our store is a statement piece to suit all styles of interiors. Choose from highly detailed ornamental pewter and silver mirrors to go with a traditional dĂŠcor, rustic wood finish rectangle and rounded mirrors for a vintage appeal, aluminium portlight mirrors for a nautical theme and a variety of standing and leaner mirrors for contemporary homes. Accessories Accessorize your home with our unique collection of vases, champagne coolers, wall art, table and wall clocks, cushions, pots, sculptures and statues. All pieces are created with rich, luxurious metallic finishes, quality glazes, exquisite detail and attention to textures and design. Choose from a variety of themes and styles ranging from nautical to exotic and classic, to complement your home interiors. Candles and Fragrances No classic or contemporary living room is complete without attention to fragrance. Set the mood for a gathering or party with our handmade scented candles, diffusers and room sprays with subtle and

innovative fragrances. Only the best quality natural waxes and superior quality aroma oils are used in our products. Our candles are attentively crafted to ensure even distribution of fragrance.

Our store is also a catalogue of lifestyle ideas for luxury home furniture Chislehurst residents can take inspiration from to update and decorate their homes and design their home interiors around. Know more about on luxury home furniture

luxury home furniture  

Ebony & Ivory offers luxury home furniture Chislehurst residents love to showcase in their homes. Our collections are the quintessence of ta...