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Bails Townhome Volunteer Project (BTVP) Fall 2009 Situational Analysis: The Bails Townhome Project needs 100+ volunteers per day. This can be difficult because the project kicks off in January, typically the coldest part of the winter season. Habitat for Humanity should be working to increase the awareness oft heir huge project to the population of Denver Metro Area citizens. That is why Habitat for Humanity has come up with the Chilly Challenge. I propose that we implement the Chilly Challenge as we get hundreds and hopefully thousands of Denver residents on board. I propose that we get the service industry in Denver on board. Servers and bartenders are typically made up of college students, recent college grads, teachers ans some other pretty cool people of ages 18 and up. This industry is a large and untapped resource. There are hundreds of Denver servers and bar staff that would be willing to donate their time and energy for a great cause. They just have not been told what cause yet! As a selling point, they could learn that the physical labor is not only rewarding, but good at channeling stress and frustration from their typical daily grind. Goals: • To increase awareness of Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver and its Bails Project amongst the service industry. • To give the service industry in Denver a much needed and very warding outlet while building/assisting at our Bails Site. • To gain monetary donations. We hop that those who cannot physically show up for a build day an contribute whatever money they feel they can towards the Bails Project. • To attain gift card donations from Denver metro establishments to provide to volunteers, with hopes of retaining for the families in need. Objectives: • To challenge 500 bar/restaurant employees to volunteers • To recruit 100+ volunteers by January 30th, 2010 • Incorporate said volunteers into the Chilly Challenge and reward them with donated goods. • Attain 100+ meal vouchers/gift cards from local businesses to distribute amongst the successful restaurant workers. Research Men and women in the service industry account for the 17% of the employed population within Denver. Personal Experience: I know many restaurant staff that volunteer their time already every summer for

the breast cancer walk(s). Many of my physically fit friends support their communicty already by oding charitable runs as well, like the Turkey Trot, The Running for the Green and the Bolder Boulder. The way I see it, staff members are looking for some way to participate in their community, but I have never heard or seen anyone from the Habitat for Humanity come to any place I have ever worked really pitching this fulfilling opportunity. Food service and drinking establishments typically maintain long dining hours and offer flexible and varied work opportunities; so they would have 1 or more days a week off during the week. Many food and beverage serving and related workers work evenings, weekends and holidays. Thus, these workers lead a different style of life that is usual up later at night and missing holidays and family time. Surveyed Employees and Management @ College Inn (my employer) -All thought that the idea would be effective in gaining volunteers -If the opportunity were presented to volunteer on one of their days off earned them a free dinner, they would participate (Partner with a restaurant or company to donate vouchers) Tactical Plan: ➔ MAPs: Those employed with a restaurant or a bar in the Denver area ◦ Demographics: ▪ Ages 18-40 ▪ Men, women and their children ◦ Psychographics ▪ Familiar with and appreciative of teamwork ▪ Outgoing and adventurous ▪ Tendency to work hard as they are used to immediate gratification ▪ Some can be bored with or tired of the service industry and are looking for a challenge ▪ Works well with others ▪ Can be giving and thoughtful and willing to help out All of the demographics and psycho-graphics fit well with those that H4H is looking for in a volunteer. In this job industry, you must be able to work well with strangers and the public. You are sometimes needed to go out of your way to accommodate a customer the way a fellow volunteer is needed to help one another out. Robyn and any other delegates she so chooses will be the ones implementing this program. An An announcement about this Chilly Challenge will be made in The Onion and the Westword. There will be four parts of this implementation: ▪ Person attaining the 100+ vouchers or gift cards from any Denver metro area establishments. Vendors tend to jump on these opportunities especially to those in the industry as they tend to consume more than the gift card amount. It is conceivable that one would get 10 or more gift cards from one single establishment. ▪ Person approaching businesses, informing the establishments and handing out/posting fliers for the staff. ▪ Person creating link on H4H website and maintaining a user-friendly registration. ▪ Person creating an advertisement donated by The Onion and the Westword publications ➔ Message Development Objectives: ◦ Gain Attention-Even if the employees do not end up volunteering, they may spread the word about our cause or donate online. ◦ Provide Information-Information about Habitat for Humanity-inform that there are other

opportunities worldwide at our audiences' fingertips. If they start here in Denver, they may go on to help out at our international efforts. ◦ Co-create meaning-we provide (you) with an opportunity to help others, make contacts, work off some stress and get outdoors while we do the same. ▪ Message Points • When volunteering for our project, you will feel that you are a providing a service to those in need. • Establish MBR- you help us so we help you • When volunteering for our project, you will feel and be rewarded • Visit our website for any additional information you may need on making this decision. • You can include your friends or family. • You have the option to donate your earned “dinner” back to the families. ➔ Channels/Media ◦ Print: H4H will use donated space to promote this upcoming Bails project in The Onion and the Westword since these are two free publications that the young bartenders and servers may take advantage of. ◦ Fact to Face: Recommended as managers or other staff may disregard emails or phone messages. It makes it easier to say yes when a person is in front of you. Robyn or an elected delegate will make rounds to these establishments talking to staff an distributing fliers with the H4HMD website. ◦ Robyn will also take email addresses to email any additional information packet-the website will also ask for email addresses. ◦ Given this is a holiday season, I predict there will be a large turnout. The larger the outreach, the larger the outcome; people are more willing to contribute during the Christmas season.

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