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ebm-papst technology in supermarkets: potential energy savings everywhere.

There are many applications for ebm-papst motors and fans in

consumption, longer system service life or noise reduction. Our fans

supermarkets, from central air conditioning to check-out conveyors

and drive systems for refrigeration and air conditioning can look

to complete cooling systems. All of our solutions have something in

back on a long history of success. Write the next chapter yourself!

common: they always set new standards, such as reduced energy

1 Evaporators. Evaporators in supermarkets have to meet especially high hygiene standards. The ideal solution is our compact AxiCool fan unit. In addition to its high energy efficiency and reliability, it is full of innovative details for optimum food safety such as side hinges for better cleaning or an air-guiding system that ensures high air throw and ideal distribution of cold air.

2 Condensers. ebm-papst fans for condensers provide high cooling performance with low noise levels and minimal energy consumption. The fans can also be fitted with the AxiTop diffuser and the FlowGrid air inlet grille; in combination with operation at partial load, these can reduce noise and energy consumption even further – a particular benefit when in the vicinity of residential areas.

3 Chiller cabinets. Many chiller cabinets still work with conventional shaded-pole motors, using up a lot of energy. Our energy-saving motors (ESM) have an efficiency of over 70 % and need only around a tenth of the power. Our iQ motors are also based on the highly efficient GreenTech EC technology – and they’re very smart as well. Depending on requirements, they can be equipped with various additional functionality such as two preprogrammed speed settings for day and night operation. Replacement is easy since they have the same dimensions as the existing Q motors.


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