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EDGAR SLATNOW Guillermo Coronel 17/08/2013

INTERVIEW WITH EDGAR SLATNOW For the beginning, could you give us, an introduction telling us about you and your band Melotron? Melotron was founded as an electronic band from three guys called Andy Krueger, vocals and composing, Kay Hildebrandt, machines and programming, and me, Edgar Slatnow, keyboards and lyrics in 1995 in a city not for from Berlin. We found success with their first single, "Dein Meister," in 1998. This was the great start to publish six longplayers: Mörderwerk, Fortschritt, Weltfrieden, Sternenstaub, Cliché and Propaganda, a lot of singles and three EPs: E.P. Sode 3, Brüder and our newest one from 2013 Stuck in the mirror. In the last years we gave lot of concerts in a lot of countries and of course in Argentina too. There was a great audience and we had a lot of fun before, during and after t

Why the Melotron lyrics are there only in German? That’s the truth of the past.  At Propaganda we started to sing a little bit in English. The reason: Always to do, what everyone is expecting of you is boring. So we start to sing some songs in English and maybe in the next years in other languages too.

How many countries and continent do you visit in Melotron´s tours?

Oh I told it to you. I don’t know it exactly, but a lot and what we really liked to play were South America. On the other site it’s not so important in which country you are playing, if you have a great time there. And I can tell you: There is no country of this planet, I was there and I won’t do it again.

How is the relation of Melotron and the other German Synthpop bands?

We have met a lot great guys with bands. We like to play with other bands together and so we played with a lot of bands. It’s good for the own inspiration to get in contact with new people.

How Could you tell us about the new Melotron´s album?

Stuck in the mirror is our new single and really great club hit in Germany and a lot of other countries. Just like a bomb after five years of musical silence; very powerful and bombastic. At the next we will publish the LP Werkschau, which is a best off but not typical. Every song from this album is new produced and different to the original. Furthermore there are some new songs. I like this album really much, cause the old great songs with new sounds. Some of them changed their characters. It’s awesome.

From your point of view what band Do you think are better in this moment in the Synth scene in Europe?

I don’t know, what you’re meaning. There are a lot of good bands and we are one of them. So this is super for Europe and I think for every other continent too.

What Melotron´s album Do you think is the best?

Always the next.

If you have the opportunity Would you like come to Argentina again in a tour? Absolutely yes! Maybe next, maybe in two years, maybe later, but I promise we come back to one of the most beautifully cities in the world and a great county called Argentina. See you later.


Interview with Edgar Slatnow (Melotron)  


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