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Orchestra and Instrument Cover

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We are delighted to have this opportunity to provide you with information on insuring your Orchestra’s Instruments and Equipment through EBM. In association with Lark (Group) Limited in the UK, who currently arrange insurance for many Orchestras around the world, EBM can now offer an exclusive dedicated Policy for Orchestra’s in Australia.

EBM’s tailored insurance solution is suited to both amateur and professional musicians alike. A dedicated Account Manager will handle all aspects of your policy from policy coverage through to the administration and assistance with claims. Your Account Manager can also advise on risks specific to Orchestras such as transportation and general care of instruments.


Brooke McLaren Commercial Division Manager - Southport Phone: 1300 553 534 Fax: 1300 365 822 Email:

Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd (EBM), was established in 1975 and has since grown to become Australia’s leading privately owned and operated insurance broking firm, with a network of offices throughout Australia. Our clients range from large corporations to small companies, trades-people, real estate agents and property managers, private landlords, parents with schoolchildren and even horse owners. In a country dominated by foreign owned insurance brokers, we have won a reputation as a professional, innovative and soundly managed company that is passionate about providing great service to our clients. The EBM team is drawn from a group of widely experienced and highly qualified people, and all of our senior brokers are Qualified Practising Insurance Brokers with decades of experience in Australia and internationally.

Lark (Group) Limited has over 30 years experience in Musical Instrument and Classical Music insurance broking and has an international reputation for their expertise in this field. As a world leader in Musical Instrument Insurance and already with a host of Australian clients, Lark partnered with EBM to head up expansion in the Australian market. Since its inception in 2012 the facility has gone from strength to strength, successfully maintaining and growing the client base here. The dedicated Musical Instrument Facility broker is Brooke McLaren. Brooke has been with EBM for over 9 years and during this time has managed a number of insurance facilities and schemes. She is assisted by Gareth Greaves who has been with EBM for over 9 years and has experience with both commercial and musical instrument clients.

Gareth Greaves Commercial Division Manager - Melbourne Phone: 1300 553 534 Fax: 1300 365 822 Email:


With security being a high priority EBM’s Musical Instruments policies are insured by underwriters at Lloyd’s of London which holds an A+ Rating by Standard & Poors.

There is no excess for claims on Classical Instruments, however there is the option for a voluntary excess in order to reduce the premium should you choose to do so.

The policy provides worldwide, multi risks cover including fire, theft, flood, accidental damage and depreciation following accidents.

Transit cover is included as standard even when unaccompanied in transit providing that instruments are securely packed in a hard case.

No Claims Discounts are available 10% year one, 15% year two and 20% year three and subsequent years.

Instruments are insured whether played within or outside of the Orchestra. Theft from Unattended Vehicles cover is available at an additional premium.


EBM’s role doesn’t end when we arrange your insurance. Our commitment is to provide a simple and streamlined claims process to ensure as little downtime as possible should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a loss. The claims process is facilitated by our dedicated team in Australia. In the event of a claim, the policy holder retains the choice of repairer and the option of cash settlement is available to ensure a replacement instrument can be purchased without delay.

We understand you may have ongoing commitments so we will also pay up to 20% of the sum insured or $5,000 (whichever is lesser) for the hire of a replacement instrument whilst repairs are being conducted or a replacement is being sought. Authorisation of claims settlements is usually within 2 business days. Our aim is to make sure you suffer the least inconvenience possible when making a claim.


How much should I insure my instruments for? Instruments should be insured for their Full Market Value. You must ensure the amount insured remains accurate otherwise the amount of a claim may be reduced in proportion with the level of underinsurance. What is sufficient evidence of value? Evidence of Value can be a valuation on letterhead and signed by a well respected craftsman/dealer in the trade. We can also accept a purchase receipt from a shop. When is evidence of value required? This is required prior to inception of the policy for instruments valued at $74,000 or more however we ask that you provide evidence of value for all items as soon as possible, as this is a requirement in the event of a claim. What is the Excess in the event of a claim? For Classical Items there is no excess. For Electrical items, a $160 excess per claim applies. Can I use my own repairer? Yes, you can choose a repairer of your choice. It is recommended that the repairer holds a diploma from a well reputed educational institution or similar qualifications in this trade. Is my instrument covered during transit? Yes, providing it is securely packed in a hard case.

Are my instruments covered when I am not playing in the Orchestra? Yes, subject to the policy terms and conditions. In the event of a total loss claim do I receive a cash settlement or would I need to purchase a replacement instrument before settlement is processed? You receive a cash settlement. If I leave my instrument on the tour bus whilst touring would they be insured? If you are with the instrument they would be insured however if the Orchestra’s policy does not include cover for unattended vehicles e.g. theft - this would be excluded if the instruments are left unattended on the bus. How do we get a quote? A proposal form will need to be completed and a list of all instruments and their sums insured provided to us. We can then provide a quote within 24 hours. How do we pay the premium? Premiums are to be paid within 30 days to EBM. Payment options include cheque, BPay and Credit Card. How can I get a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and policy wording to see all of the details of the cover? The PDS can be downloaded at or by calling us on 1300 553 534 to request a copy.

Please note that we may place, renew or vary this policy of insurance under an authority given to us by the Insurer(s) and will therefore be effecting the contract as agents of the Insurer(s) and not as your agent. Our advice about insurance is provided for your general information and does not take into account your individual needs. You should always consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to see if the product is right for you. A copy of the PDS is available on our website or you can contact us for a copy.


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