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Blinken 1 Emma Blinken April 18, 2013 Ms. Edwards Searching for Self the modern Novel 12

Prayers for Me

The Unknowing, what a difference Listening to a world where noises mean nothing And sounds mean everything A world where everyone was so passionate But there was nothing to understand To pray or not to pray just to live The unconditional love for a question that has no answer But why, why was this so The unfamiliarity continuously uncomprehendable and disheartening To all the others it was everything they believed in The love, the life the joy the despair But where was this power coming from? The question with no answer It seems as if all my questions don’t have answers As the howls become loader and the noises escalate So does their prayer

Blinken 2 Praying for what is unknown seems as if you are digging at an endless pit So why keep going? But why go back? Will there ever be an understanding? Maybe even a glimpse of freedom from this idea But not for me I do not understand They all feel, feel the power, feel the sensation But I see totalitarianism The restrictions the rules the unjustly laws Completely and utterly disgusting I believe that I will never understand But he tells me different Her rights denied, right before her eyes His, gained by doing nothing They are the same aren’t they? I feel so But why is one given more power then another when praying is done the same He says we are all the same But the evidence is in the halls Its is in the books It is in the airs We are not the same

Blinken 3 I cannot stand it any longer The love that some feel is putrid but the power still lives on In most But not in all I am one

Prayers for me, English project poem  

This is the poem part of my enish project