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A business city inside the city. Large, flexible, green, premium class A offices, Cluj-Napoca’s new business hub.

Cluj-Napoca, heart of Transylvania Voted the best Romanian city to live in, over 400,000 people call Cluj-Napoca home. This dynamic, multicultural city is aspiring to become European Capital of Culture in 2020. The Office connects you with a highly qualified workforce - without a doubt, one of the city’s most important assets. With more than 100,000 students, Cluj-Napoca is a vibrant university centre whose future rests on IT&C, engineering, financial services and other innovative industries. Infrastructure development, the preservation of a rich cultural heritage, together with environmental sustainability, are top priorities for Cluj-Napoca.

Evolving infrastructure Currently under construction, the Transylvania Highway will provide a fast link to Bucharest (420 km) and Budapest (460 km), shortening travel time to the main cities in the region. The city’s fast-growing international airport hosts 6 airlines connecting Cluj-Napoca with 16 European destinations.

Denmark Lithuania

Belarus United Kingdom



Czech Republic Slovakia

This city is a great opportunity and The Office lets you be part of it.

Austria France


Hungary Romania

Croatia Serbia Bulgaria Italy


Already well connected with the rest of Europe, Cluj-Napoca’s infrastructure is developing rapidly.

Investment boom Cluj-Napoca is an attractive destination for multinational companies focusing on software development, financial services, near-shoring business process outsourcing, industrial production or logistics. It is emerging as an important service hub due to its highly skilled and multi-lingual workforce. Accessible costs and an excellent geographical location have prompted consultancy companies to place Cluj-Napoca among the world’s top destinations for IT investment, highlighting the city’s successful strategy in this field.

Cluj-Napoca equals multi-lingual, highly skilled people, a vibrant university environment, accessible costs and excellent geographical location.

The Office Great companies and their talented employees deserve the best. The Office provides far more than just excellent offices: it is a business city inside the city, in a fresh environment, a space where business objectives are met, providing ground for expansion. Here, global corporations and local companies will have top quality class A offices in downtown Cluj-Napoca, in a certified green building.

Its sophisticated architecture, large and flexible floor space and a wide variety of services and shops (such as day-care for children, banks, cafeteria, restaurants and a pharmacy) are some of the ingredients which will turn The Office into the region’s new business hub.

Experienced team New Europe Property Investments (NEPI) is the most active real-estate investment fund in Romania, with over 417 million Euro invested in office buildings, commercial centres and industrial properties. Ovidiu Sandor is a successful entrepreneur from Timisoara. He is known for the development of City Business Centre Timisoara, one of the most impressive office projects in Romania.

Proven concept The Office is being designed by the same architects at Andreescu & Gaivoronschi who have already put their signature on City Business Centre Timisoara, a well-established, award-winning project.

The Office relies on the proven concept of City Business Centre Timisoara, a project which has become that city’s prime location for office space in just a couple of years. Not surprisingly, it has drawn in big names such as IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft, Deloitte, SAP, Raiffeisen Bank and UniCredit Tiriac Bank.

Awards won by CBC Timisoara:

Ideal downtown location Built on Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989, on the site of the former Tricotaje Somesul Factory, The Office will be the business hub of Cluj-Napoca, a brand new district in its own right. The central location makes your office space easily reachable from any of the city’s living districts via 6 bus and 4 trolley-bus routes. Employees and visitors are always within walking distance from the city’s cultural, financial, administrative and commercial centre.

Premium class A office space The Office is designed to ensure maximum comfort, flexibility, efficiency and access to all amenities. The intelligent building management system ensures perfect working conditions while reducing energy consumption. Security is provided by specialised systems and staff.

Each level is 3 m high and features raised floors, 4 pipe HVAC for simultaneous heating and cooling, fresh air ventilation, numerous elevators, back-up generators and a wide range of Internet and telecommunications service providers, to make sure your requirements are fulfilled.

Predictable expansion possibilities Giving you great flexibility as far as expansion opportunities are concerned, the project will be delivered in three Phases, summing approx. 54,000 sq. m leasable area and 1,785 parking places. This phased development guarantees that whatever the growth path your business takes, The Office will always be able to accommodate it. You can plan for growth easily, taking up space as your business requires.

Phased development Phase I: 19,350 sq. m delivery Q2 2014 Phase II: 18,000 sq. m delivery 2015

Large, flexible floors The Office ensures that moving into a new office can be a pleasant experience. With leasable areas going up to 9,000 sq. m per floor, meaning up to 1,000 employees in a single open space, The Office offers great flexibility in expanding one’s business. Large floor plates with no walls or columns let you design and use your space efficiently, with no constraints. Reconfiguration, when needed, is easy.

Phase III: 16,770 sq. m delivery 2016 Total leasable area: approx. 54,000 sq. m Underground parking places: 1,705

Phase I Q2 2014

Phase II 2015

Phase III 2016

All the services you need

Attract top talent

The Office provides your business and your employees with all the services that you might need on a regular basis.

A highly qualified workforce is one of the city’s most important assets. The Office helps you create an employee’s dream, to attract top professionals. You focus on finding the best employees; let us offer you the most attractive office environment.

The day-care centre and kindergarten gives your young employees the peace of mind to work without worries. Coffee shops and a lunch restaurant will make any break pleasant, right next to the office. Food store, pharmacy and doctor’s offices will also be available. The penthouse business restaurant will be the perfect place for doing business in a less formal setting. Consultancy companies, law firms, banks and a notary’s office will be conveniently located in the same building as you. Nowhere is business simpler or more efficient. The Office will be a great bonus in your offer to attract all the talent you need. No other place can beat it.

The Office boosts both the involvement and the dedication of people working here. Its architecture, utilities and services aim to increase comfort at work, enhancing opportunities for networking and communication. Three floors will be ready to host up to 1,000 people per floor in the most efficient and comfortable way.

International green building certification The Office is designed to receive an international green certificate. State-of-the-art technologies and the use of natural materials provide a pleasant work environment, which includes many ecologically friendly features. Green terraces, a natural extension of the workplace, allow active breaks that stimulate creativity. Thanks to its own system of selective waste collection and a highly efficient energy system, The Office plays an active role in reducing pollution. This allows for consistent savings on service charges, making the project eligible for a 72% property tax discount.

Green business city The structure spans over 65,000 sq. m of construction. When fully completed, it will provide everything a business needs in order to stay on a path of solid growth.

Reference Number BREEAM-0047-8388

The Office is designed to have 540 racks for bicycles/ motorcycles, making the location easily reachable by all means of transport. This green business city is within walking distance from all the central areas of Cluj-Napoca and there are good public transportation connections to all the main districts.

Green terraces at The Office redefine the concept of creativity and relaxation.

Phase III

Phase II

Phase II

Phase I

Technical information

Visitor’s parking

Offices standard Raised floors, antistatic and anti-allergic carpet. Hanging ceiling, integrated lights, HVAC system, fresh air system. 3 m free height from carpet to hanging ceiling. 500 Lx lighting system. BREEAM certified.

Lunch restaurant

Air conditioning and fresh air The 4-pipe fan-coil air conditioning system covers all office spaces and enables independent control for areas of 36 sq. m or more. This allows optimal working conditions regardless of season or location in the building.

Main lobby

Banks Coffee shop

A separate fresh air intake system ensures 30 cubic metres of fresh air are brought in per hour for each permanent employee (based on a 10 sq. m per employee layout). The system includes a highly efficient energy programme, allowing you to enjoy natural daylight while correlating this with indoor temperature control and power usage.




Structure and façade A flexible layout with six central cores (two in each Phase), creating an open space without walls. The glass façade brings in a maximum of natural light. Most workplaces are located up to 9 m away from a window. Exterior glass shading on the South and West sides, for optimised intake of natural light. Balconies are provided on each floor, shaded by a brick façade as well as terraces on the top and third floors, to insure a pleasant environment.

12 m


6m Visitor’s parking Ground floor plan

Phase III

Phase II

Phase II

Phase I

Building management system and IT An advanced BMS system will control and optimise all energy-related functions of the buildings. Flexible and customisable, the system helps save energy and reduce costs for tenants. The Office will encourage the presence of all relevant Internet and telecom service providers. Optical fibre and wireless solutions will also be provided.

Electrical power Redundant dry power transformers in each Phase. Medium power at optimum cost for tenants. Individual metering per tenant. A supply of 220 V and 380 V is available on all floors. Backup is ensured by diesel generators installed in each Phase. These will cover each building’s vital functions as well as an important part of tenants’ needs.

Safety and security Two fully separate escape routes in each core (totalling 12 escape routes). Water hydrants and fire extinguishers are available on each floor, all in line with both Romanian and European legislation. Fire-resistant exit doors with anti-panic systems. Exit signs and emergency lighting. Fire alarm sensors in all spaces, including in the hanging sealing, as well as fire alarm buttons on all floors. Video surveillance of all access points, common areas, underground parking. Access control system to each tenant space. 24 hours per day/7 days per week security service. Ground floor with anti-burglar glass.

12 m

6m Floor plans: 3, 4 and 5.

Leasing information


Phase Ground floor First floor Second floor Third floor Forth floor Fifth floor Penthouse

I (2014) 2,390 2,775 2,965 2,980 2,990 3,000 2,250

II (2015) 2,500 2,690 2,590 2,630 2,630 2,640 2,320

III (2016) 2,090 2,370 2,360 2,640 2,650 2,650 2,010

Total per Phase (sq. m)







Underground parking places Total leasable area:

approx. 54,000 sq. m

Underground parking places: 1,705 Street level visitor parking: 80 Total parking places: 1,785 Racks for 540 bicycles/motorcycles.

Final area may vary slightly, as well as the exact number of parking places - both underground and street level. +40 256 491 042 +40 21 232 1398 Location: Bulevardul 21 Decembrie 1989, number 77 Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

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