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“Grows your business”

Who are we? 

Effective Business Group International is a dynamic connected community of businesses focused on promotion, communication, and growth.

“Global reach”

Mission 

To increase the revenue, profit, and value of our members by combining a world leading business network with the best advisors, promotional tools, and communications hub.

“To deliver competitive advantage”

What is delivered? The power of 3: 

Advice + Promotion + Communication = Growth “The best synergy”

How it works 

All members have on demand access to an allocated Personal Business Advisor and a specialist advisory hub.

All members are given a powerful toolkit to promote their business globally.

All members have full use of EBGi -BusinessBook© to connect and communicate with other members. “3 keys to growth”

Why it works 

EBGi dramatically raises the market awareness and profile of its members both nationally, and internationally.

EBGi members can gain real market leverage as a result of organised, and dynamic synergy.

EBGi members can short cut many business issues and gain faster, more profitable results. “Low cost, high returns”

What’s in the engine bay? 

  

 

Pro-active networking focused on business advantage. Promotional medium for member’s products and services. High quality dedicated business advice. Access to funding. Access to new markets, customers & suppliers. Access to world class training & events. Powerful member to member communications including social networking. “It’s an engine for growth”

As a member, do you want to…  

    

Promote your business? Connect with new trade partners & customers? Reach new markets both at home and internationally? Raise Finance? Develop or launch a new product? Build a highly visible e-business? Source new suppliers? Solve a specific problem? “It’s practical”

Do you also want to… 

  

Connect with likeminded business people? Build personal security and business value? Belong to a powerful community that is expanding globally? Accelerate problem solving? Get rid of the feeling of “being alone”? Grow your business “It’s personal”

Our credentials 

 

 

Our management team has many years of successful business leadership experience. Our services are tested and proven. Our ethos is geared to quality, reliability, and results. Our advisory team is acknowledged as being among the best available. Our technology is leading edge. Our services are available 24/7. “The engine works”

What does all this cost? 

No joining fees.

FREE Lifetime membership to the EBGi Network.

FREE access to a Personal Business Advisor

FREE initial consultation worth £1000. “Instant R.O.I.”

Easy to join    

 

Go to Register business and contact details. Obtain user name and password. Submit additional information to the promotion engine – e.g. business profile, products & services. Sign up to any or all of the EBGi services. Contact your assigned advisor. Plan for growth. “Power from simplicity”

Finally… 

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete”, - Jack Welch – chairman & CEO of GE (1981 – 2001)

EBGi challenges convention to deliver our members true “competitive advantage”

Why wait? “Do it now”

“Grows your business”

Effective Business Group Introduction  

Information about the Effective Business Group and the benefits of free membership with us!