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CONTENTS With its innovative products and solutions, the Eberspächer Group contributes to environmentally friendly, comfortable and safe mobility. Top products in exhaust technology, vehicle heating and bus AC systems as well as automotive electronics make us a highly sought-after automotive industry partner around the globe.

OVERVIEW Discover the world of Eberspächer: Get to know us as a trendsetter in mobility. Pages 4-5



The art of engineering meets creativity:

Innovative products: Sophisticated sys-

Good ideas are the fuel that runs our

tem solutions for environmentally friendly


mobility, more safety and comfort.

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The latest technologies and advanced

A dense network of companies: All over

processing techniques: Eberspächer

the world, we’re there where things are

stands for manufacturing quality around

happening, working directly with our

the world.


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Team spirit has priority: Eberspächer

Further room for growth: Eberspächer

lives and breathes a culture of openness,

awaits an exciting future in the inter-

flexibility and mutual respect.

national automotive industry.

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Innovation rooted in tradition: Eberspächer sets the trend with forward-looking technology solutions in the automotive industry.

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The Eberspächer Group. An Overview



Eberspächer is a leading systems supplier for exhaust technology,

More than 60 locations in 26 countries on four continents – we are

vehicle heating systems and bus AC systems. We are also a professio-

wherever our auto industry clients need us to be. Our international

nal innovation partner for the automotive industry worldwide in vehicle

business contributes approximately 50 percent of our revenue – and this

electronics and networking with automotive bus systems. Eberspächer’s

trend continues to grow. This international presence is something every

pioneering products make passenger cars and commercial vehicles

company needs today. The global structures and standardized processes

across the world more powerful with real gains in terms of comfort and

in our worldwide development and manufacturing network are crucial

safety. All vehicle manufacturers in Europe and North America, as well

and form the pillars upon which our international forward strategy is

as an increasing number of producers in Asia, rely on our technology.




Founded in 1865, we remain to this day a privately owned family busi-

Our products are not just innovative – they’re competitive on the

ness with lean, medium-sized structures: quick to make decisions, with

international stage. In the future we remain fully dedicated to increasing

fast expert implementation. We are able to determine our own strategic

productivity and keeping our unit costs under control. This also applies

orientation, priorities, and the focus of our daily work. We focus on

to our new factories in Germany (Dresden) and Brazil, which have made

long-term business relationships, not short-term gains. We drive the

the international Eberspächer network even more stronger.

development of our entire group of companies forward with passion, a sense of balance, and a clear strategy for growth.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Eberspächer invests about six percent of its influenceable revenues


(without monoliths) in research and development each year. An invest-

The Eberspächer Group employs about 6,000 people worldwide. All

ment that in international comparison makes us an innovative leader in

unified by their passion for automobiles and for innovative products

the automotive industry. We are always a step ahead in basic research.

and solutions. Their team spirit, their joy in responsibility and personal

We also are pursuing the strategy of leveraging our core competencies

development, are key factors in our continued success. In the future, the

to develop new technologies, as well as winning new markets with our

Eberspächer family will grow primarily in the four BRIC countries: Brazil,

existing product know-how.

Russia, India and China.

6 l 1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p

Dynamic and on the way: Ebersp채cher products contribute to environmental protection as well as more safety and comfort in traffic.

1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p I 7

Full Speed Ahead: Innovation for the Future Eberspächer’s research and development engineers are working today on the mobility solutions of tomorrow. They know their customers' requirements in the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, and they are key drivers of advances in the automotive industry.

At Eberspächer, pioneering technologies do not come by chance; they are the result of consistent and thorough innovation management. Some 600 developers worldwide are constantly optimizing our components, plants, systems, and manufacturing processes. Several new products come from this combined expertise in technology and process management. Good ideas systematically lead to strong solutions that offer our customers true added value. Following our company tradition, Eberspächer is building on its leading position as an expert technology partner for environmentally friendly and comfortable mobility around the globe. Year after year, six percent of our influenceable revenue (without monoliths) flows into research and development. Our strategy includes tracking technological trends and integrating them early on. This makes us one of the first ports of call in the automotive industry when it comes to trend-setting exhaust technology, vehicle heating and bus AC systems as well as automotive electronics.

8 l 1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p

Good Ideas are Fuel for our Company

Eberspächer engineers set the pace in the development of modern automotive technology. With expertise, determination, and creativity, they get the most out of each of our solutions.

Our products have to prove themselves in a

them to exchange their knowledge all over

generations of vehicles. And strengthen our

broad range of traffic situations. The list of

the world and to meet the needs of customers

position as a technology and quality leader.

material and functional requirements is long,


and the development timeframe is short.

Eberspaecher's corporate culture promotes

That’s why our engineers think ahead: In the

Eberspächer engineers have a sense for

goal-oriented innovation throughout the

basic research phase, they are already con-

technological trends and are able to properly

company. That’s how good ideas become

sidering how technologies and processes are

assess the potential of innovative ideas. They

pioneering components for progress in the

suitable for mass production. Uniform develop-

remain focused on products and solutions that

auto industry.

ment methods and standardized tools enable

will bring decisive advantages for the coming

Our development engineers listen to each customer’s needs and find the best solution every time.

1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p I 9

3 6 4



1 2


➊ Emission Control Modern exhaust systems remove over 95

➎ Electro Chromatic Auto-glazing With a targeted shadowing of

percent of pollutants. Eberspächer has made significant contributions

the vehicle’s windows, it becomes less warm inside and the air-condi-

to this development.

tioning system consumes less energy. Innovative control devices from Eberspächer Controls drive the electro chromatic auto-glazing.

➋ Sound Design Our innovative ActiveSound/ActiveSilence® technology makes gasoline and diesel engines much quieter, and electric

➏ Power Supply Stabilization for Start-Stop Systems Modern

and hybrid vehicles safer. A key advantage lies in the customized

start-stop systems reduce fuel consumption while idling. Thanks to

sound design.

electronics from Eberspächer Controls, the on-board power supply stays on.

➌ Lightweight Construction With custom-designed material strengths, alternative materials, and new system designs, we have

➐ Thermal Management Like hybrid and electric engines, modern,

achieved a weight advantage of more than 25 percent.

consumption-optimized engines offer too little residual heat to warm the vehicle to a comfortable temperature. Our highly efficient

➍ Heat Recovery Systems Recovering energy from the exhaust

heating systems are custom-tailored to the requirements of new drive

system is a hot topic of the future. The goal here is to transform heat

concepts – as are the corresponding bus air-conditioning systems.

from the exhaust system into reusable energy. These technologies significantly reduce the emission of CO 2 or pollutants.

A tribute to us

At Eberspächer, successful innovations aren’t just technological in nature. When we’re developing new solutions, we keep in mind from day one that costs should be internationally competitive.

1 0 l 1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p


[1] Thermal shock test on a manifold-cat-module in non-stop operation. [2] The temperature pattern is checked during the warm-up phase.

[2] ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGIES Fuel Cells The researchers at Eberspächer are working on a diesel-driven fuel cell. It should supply commercial vehicles with on-board electrical power in the foreseeable future. Electrical Heating Our high-voltage PTC auxiliary heating elements control voltages between 200 and 500 volts, which is typical for electric vehicles. The emissions-free electrical heaters support air purification in congested urban areas. Bioethanol fuel-operated heaters work independently of the vehicle's power supply and don’t draw on the battery – the electric vehicle's range doesn’t suffer.

1 0 0 % Inn o vat i o n . D e v e l o p m e n t S t r e n g t h a n d T e c h n o l o g y L e a d e r s h i p I 1 1

“We are looking to the technologies of tomorrow and beyond" Eberspächer‘s R&D divisions are the intellectual engines for innovative products and competitive customer solutions. The heads of development, Uwe Kohle (vehicle heaters) and Mathias Keck (exhaust technology), explain how they are constantly expanding the company's technological leadership.

Heads of Development Uwe Kohle (left) and Mathias Keck ensure that good ideas are translated into pioneering components that push the auto industry forward.

Where do the goals for Eberspächer’s inno-

odologies. We already depend heavily on simu-

of our decisions are oriented towards the long

vations come from?

lations. Our roadmap anticipates a complete

term and less on quick success. That's why

Uwe Kohle: Because we’re deeply integrated

switchover to virtual product development by

we're not just concentrating on mass produc-

into auto manufacturers’ development plans,

2028. Until then, we will continue to increase

tion applications; we're also focusing on the

our objectives come directly from our project

the share of development work performed vir-

technologies of tomorrow and beyond. We’re

requirements. At the same time, we develop

tually, as well as our efficiency requirements

thinking ten to fifteen years into the future.

our own innovations on the basis of our ex-

for simulation methods.

pertise and experience – always with specific

Uwe Kohle: And that’s exactly what ensures us Eberspächer views itself as a technology

our competitive lead. Eberspächer’s techno-

leader in exhaust technology and vehicle

logy leadership is distinguished by our ability

How do you make innovations available to

heating systems. How do you back up that

to expertly translate our customers' highest

customers as early as possible?


demands into mass-production-ready products

Mathias Keck: To give one example, we invest

Mathias Keck: We are able to bring a clear fo-

and custom-tailored solutions. Now and in the

a great deal in development tools and meth-

cus on research and development because all


customer goals in mind.

12 l 100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio

Innovative combination systems by Ebersp채cher help commercial vehicle manufacturers meet strict emission limits.

100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio I 13

Sophisticated system solutions for environmentally friendly mobility, more safety and comfort Eberspächer’s product portfolio offers solutions for the auto industry’s needs, today and in the future. Our extensive technological expertise makes us a highly popular systems partner for many manufacturers.

Innovative products that meet the highest demands on functionality – that’s what Eberspächer stands for. As a global systems supplier for exhaust technology, vehicle heating and bus AC systems as well as automotive electronics we develop and produce well-engineered solutions for auto manufacturers around the world. Our comprehensive know-how in original equipment also benefits parts dealers and workshops we supply around the globe. Our exhaust systems set standards. They reduce pollutants and noise while also reducing CO 2 emissions. Eberspächer developers have made it possible to custom-design the sound of exhaust systems. Our vehicle heating and bus AC systems ensure the greatest comfort temperaturewise – and here we also focus on environmentally friendly solutions. Furthermore, Eberspächer supports the trend towards increasingly high-tech equipped vehicles with intelligent, powerful control devices and network solutions.

14 l 100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio

Intelligent Exhaust Technology for Sustainable Mobility Cleaner, lighter, quieter – Eberspächer‘s exhaust systems for cars and commercial vehicles already remove well over 95 percent of all pollutants. At the same time, our new antisound system revolutionizes the conventional method for sound absorption and sound design.


The demands for environmentally sustainable

soot particles. This doesn’t just depend on

nium are setting new standards on the market.

mobility are climbing. Low-consumption com-

efficient SCR catalysts and particulate filters

In terms of lightweight construction, we have

bustion engines and efficient exhaust tech-

– what’s crucial here is the perfect interplay

committed ourselves to a pioneering role and

nology are becoming increasingly important.

between chemistry, thermal characteristics,

built a Center of Competence in Schwäbisch

Eberspächer gears its products to the globally

and mechanics between the individual exhaust

Gmünd, Germany.

ever-stricter emission limits of tomorrow.

system components and the engine. Our ActiveSound/ActiveSilence® system is a

Passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world look to us and our

To reduce fuel consumption and thereby re-

quantum leap in sound absorption and sound

expertise as a specialist for exhaust systems.

duce CO 2, our experts are constantly reducing

design. Exhaust noise is not just effectively

the back pressure and weight of our exhaust

reduced using an electro-acoustic actuator,

Exhaust gas purification focuses today

systems. Lighter systems made of tailored

it is custom-shaped – with both sporty and

primarily on fighting nitrogen oxides and

stainless steel strips (Tailored Strips) and tita-

brand-specific exhaust sounds.

100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio I 15


The Future of Exhaust Technology – Made by Eberspächer

Heat Recovery One of our development priorities is the recovery of energy from the exhaust system. Our goal is to reduce environ[1] The acoustic test-bench setup delivers valuable information on outlet

mental impact effectively. By using latent heat accumulators, the

and structure-borne sound radiation of prototypes.

catalytic converter can start up faster in the future and significantly

[2] Efficient exhaust technology is a key step on the path towards environ-

reduce exhaust pollutants. At the same, we are working on conver-

mentally friendlier mobility.

ting unused exhaust heat into mechanical or electrical energy. Lightweight Construction Alternative materials such as titanium, aluminum or plastics, as well as clever designs for more compact construction, are enabling additional progress in lightweight construction. An active contribution to reducing CO 2 emissions. Sound on demand Coupling the ActiveSound/ActiveSilence® system to the navigation device is also technically possible. On the

A tribute to us

The ActiveSound/ActiveSilence® system adapts exhaust

basis of GPS data, sound can be adjusted to different safety and

noises to the vehicle and engine type via software.

noise control requirements in city traffic, residential areas, country

Carry-over parts enable implementation in a wide range

roads, or the highway.

of models and save time and money.

16 l 100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio

Comfortable Temperatures ON THE GO: Vehicle Heating Systems and Bus Climate Control Parking heaters for cars and commercial vehicles or climate control systems for buses – if you want ideal interior temperatures, Eberspächer offers customized solutions. We also have solutions in our portfolio that fit the new engine designs of today and tomorrow.


In the Eberspächer Group, our customers find

as standard or custom equipment, directly

heating systems make for a comfortable

a wide range of vehicle thermal management

from the factory. The great thing about these

interior without drawing on the battery, which

solutions: from electrical auxiliary heaters

heating systems, however, is that they can be

would reduce the operating range of electrical

for low-consumption cars to powerful diesel

easily retrofitted. Eberspächer works together


heating for buses, including matching climate

globally with 4,000 certified component part-

control systems.

ners and specialized dealers, expertly bringing

Our subsidiary, Eberspächer catem, specia-

an additional plus to vehicles.

lizes in electrical auxiliary heaters. The PTC

Ever since we equipped VW Beetles with

heater can be adapted to the requirements

Eberspächer parking heaters in the 1950s,

Economical diesel or gasoline engines, as well

of any vehicle model and used as a decentral

they have become synonymous with comfort

as vehicles with alternative engines, all pose

system, too. A prime example is the headspace

and coziness in cars. They keep the wind-

a unique challenge when it comes to getting

heating system in a convertible located in the

shield clear in the winter, nicely preheat the

the right temperature. Because in these cars,


car, and ensure a warm engine start that

there’s either too little residual heat, or none

protects both the environment and the motor.

at all, available to heat the cabin. Our intelli-

Eberspächer Sütrak specializes in powerful

Many auto manufacturers deliver pre-heaters

gent, low emission, economical fuel-operated

heating and air-conditioning products in

100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio I 17



[1] + [2] More comfortable: Bus AC systems and vehicle heating systems ensure comfortable temperatures while on the move. [3] Functional circuit: A pump inside the pre-heater controls the water circuit that keeps temperatures in the vehicle's engine and interior at manageable levels using the heat exchanger.

buses. We support bus manufacturers with a complete, one-stop heat management portfolio: for urban or touring buses – from Sprinters to double-deckers. We focus consistently


on lightweight construction and economical energy usage here, too. Electrical Vehicle Heaters The new high-voltage heating systems for hybrid, electric, and fuel-cell cars are pioneering achievements. Eberspächer catem already delivers them in series production to auto industry clients.

A tribute to us

With our "inconspicious heating" concept, auto manu-

Bus AC Systems Hybrid and electrical drives are becoming

facturers can incorporate Eberspächer heating solutions

increasingly common in buses as well. Eberspächer Sütrak offers

into almost any vehicle class. With extremely durable

electrical climate control systems with the suitable power supply.

heating systems, emission-free and quiet.

18 l 100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio

Innovative Electronics in Tune with the Times Today, a premium class vehicle already has over 70 electronic control devices – and this number is going up. The increasingly complex development and networking of automotive electronics is an exciting challenge for the future. We’re taking it on!


100% AUTOMOTIVE. Our Portfolio I 19

[1] Our control devices are thoroughly tested. [2] Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is a standard part of the production process. [3] The modular design of our electronic systems makes it possible to create a wide range of custom solutions. [2]


Eberspächer Controls – the name says it all.

at a traffic light: the radio and navigation

transmission, sensors, software engineering,

Our subsidiary is the recognized specialist for

device keep running without interruption. The

and microcomputer technology all play a fun-

complex electronic controls and for switching

new electronic control unit for shading the

damental role in the development of the next

and distributing high voltages in vehicles. The

vehicle windows also provides an innovative

generation of vehicles. Eberspächer Electron-

latest example is the electronic connection

contribution to environmental protection. When

ics is part in this trend as an expert service

of modern PTC heaters in electric cars to the

the sun shines bright, this feature relieves the

provider in the international auto industry.

high voltage supply.

air conditioning to help reduce consumption.

Many manufacturers put their trust in our de-

Yet products from Eberspächer Controls

Eberspächer Electronics supports developers

of market experience. They use our network

don’t just control heating, engine or exhaust

in the electronic networking of individual

analysis software and control device simula-

technology; they also support efficient energy

components and entire vehicles. Our experts

tions, or they hire us to build prototypes and

management. For example, via electrical

accompany every project phase with their

carry out precise measurements in vehicles.

system stabilization. A stable vehicle electric

flexible test systems and tools for the FlexRay

system is key for modern start-stop functions,

and CAN automotive bus systems – from the

Because Eberspächer Electronics produces all

which increasing numbers of vehicles use to

specifications to architecture, design, imple-

of its hardware products in-house, we are able

save energy in urban traffic.

mentation and integration to testing for series

to guarantee the highest quality – even for


components that are manufactured in small

velopment expertise and more than 15 years

Thanks to the electronics from Eberspächer

runs for specific customers.

Controls, electronic voltage stays constant,

In the future, the share of electronic systems

even when the engine restarts after stopping

will also continue to increase. Information

A tribute to us

Eberspächer is a pioneer in vehicle electronics and automotive bus systems. Our expertise is especially in demand for FlexRay, switching high voltages, and high-voltage applications for hybrid and electric vehicles.

2 0 l 1 0 0 % P r ec i s i o n . Q u a l i t y i n P r o d u c t i o n

Perfection in series production: Ebersp채cher combines a passion for automobiles and the art of engineering with a commitment to premium quality.

1 0 0 % P r ec i s i o n . Q u a l i t y i n P r o d u c t i o n I 2 1

TO ACHIEVE Top Quality and Highest Efficiency, WE CROSS BORDERS We are constantly optimizing our development, production, logistics, and business processes. Our goal is to offer customers around the world top-quality products and system solutions.

Ebersp채cher is the world market leader in several technologies and products for a reason. In terms of quality, we have crafted a clear standard of leadership. All production processes are geared towards a goal of zero defects and are extremely efficient. With the latest technology and sophisticated process technology, we are the link between high quality and competitiveness. Our quality management system ensures first-class results at all of our locations. From the initial concept to the creative process to aftersales service, our business partners can expect one thing from us above all others: the best.

2 2 l 1 0 0 % P r ec i s i o n . Q u a l i t y i n P r o d u c t i o n

Eberspächer Stands for Quality: Production TO Perfection

In the auto industry, top quality is a crucial factor for success. Our customers can count on the fact that the same high quality standards apply at all Eberspächer locations.


We work closely together with auto manufac-

the different locations and plants is of major

our worldwide locations and all of our pro-

turers on quality. Every customer has a person

strategic significance for us.

cesses. Just like our zero defects strategy,

to contact on issues related to quality who en-

which we implement effectively with

sures that all expectations for product quality

Our production factories use highly automated

are fulfilled. Suppliers are also fully integra-

processes that we are constantly upgrading

ted in all processes. A team of Eberspächer

to the latest standards. All manufacturing

And with success: Our customers regularly

experts regularly and systematically evaluates

processes are comprehensively planned in ad-

reward us for zero defects parts and outstan-

their performance.

vance, systematically monitored, and contin-

ding product quality. We owe our reputation

ually optimized. That’s the only way that we

in this area above all to our committed em-

With standards that are uniform worldwide,

can continue to offer our customers the best

ployees, because "quality begins with people,

we ensure that development and production

quality at competitive prices.

not with things" – Philip B. Crosby, inventor

planning processes come together perfectly,

numerous instruments and methods.

of the Zero Defects concepts.

and that series production components are de-

We know what it is that we owe our reputation

livered according to your exact specifications.

as a technology and quality leader to. Our

The intensive transfer of know-how between

quality management is deeply engrained at

1 0 0 % P r ec i s i o n . Q u a l i t y i n P r o d u c t i o n I 2 3


[1] The titanium exhaust pipes on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS are 40 percent lighter than a similar stainless steel model. [2] Precision work on the Airtronic production line in Esslingen, Germany. [3] Production of exhaust systems for commercial vehicles in Neunkirchen, Germany: A nearly 100 feet long robot track system means maximum automation.


A tribute to us

Higher quality and process reliability with an accompanying reduction in production times and lowering costs – Eberspächer delivers this for example in the laser-hybrid welding process for joint technology.

2 4 l 1 0 0 % T R U S T. W e L i v e V a l u e s

Pioneering: Our culture of values makes the Ebersp채cher Group an internationally successful community.

1 0 0 % T R U S T. W e L i v e V a l u e s I 2 5

Team Spirit Has PRIORITY: Shared Values Provide Orientation and Create Trust The Eberspächer Group lives and breathes a culture of openness, flexibility and mutual respect. Our values set the tone. Worldwide.

Respect and Tolerance Our goal is work that is defined by mutual respect, friendliness and politeness. We recognize the positive diversity in every individual and promote personal development. Loyalty and Trust Eberspächer is committed to a genuine partnership with customers, suppliers, and employees. We strive for trusting, sustainable business relationships and want people in our company to feel at home. Discipline, DILIGENCE, and Quality We have an obligation to our business partners and employees. We stand by our word – worldwide. The foundation for trust-based collaboration is disciplined reliability in all business areas. We consistently deliver our contribution to drive projects and the company forward. All employees are responsible for producing high-quality results in their work.

2 6 l 1 0 0 % T R U S T. W e L i v e V a l u e s

Strong Values Shape Our Company’s Development

Great achievements and outstanding innovation are based on a solid foundation of values. That’s what our corporate group’s success is based on, for almost 150 years.

"I really appreciate the support I receive from management and my colleagues as well as the opportunity for further education." Ayabonda Qwane, quality engineer, Port Elizabeth/ South Africa

A company child-care center helps make professional and private life easier.

1 0 0 % T R U S T. W e L i v e V a l u e s I 2 7

Innovation Attracts. FAMILY DELIGHTS. Careers at Eberspächer

Every employee at Eberspächer is shaping the future of automotive technology. We are among the leading high-tech systems suppliers in the industry. At the same, we are able to offer the benefits of a medium-sized family company: an extraordinarily good corporate climate, quick decision making, lots of scope for action and secure jobs. "My co-workers are all very friendly, always ready to

We strive to attract committed and talented people and keep

lend a helping hand, and extremely dedicated."

them in the company over the long term. We open up outstanding

Helen Herzog, test engineer, Esslingen/Germany

development opportunities, both to beginners and experienced professionals. We encourage employees to bring their passion for innovative solutions, demonstrate a strong desire to take on responsibility, and place value on team spirit. For more information, go to

Take a responsible approach to business.

This spirit will continue to be a driving force

we live and breathe a culture of openness and

That’s what's made Eberspächer great. We

for profitable growth in the future.

responsibility that enables top performances.

have always shown a will to further develop

That makes the Eberspächer Group an interna-

ourselves and bring innovative products and

Despite changes in technology and the eco-

solutions to new markets. In the meantime,

nomy, Eberspächer's customers, employees,

our worldwide presence has made it neces-

and business partners can always depend on

We consider our corporate responsibility to

sary to establish uniform global structures and

this: the long-term oriented and predictable

be a central tenet of how we see ourselves. It

processes as a global corporation. However,

policies of a family company, and a firmly

doesn’t end at the factory gates; it is incorp-

we have preserved our medium-size virtues:

established culture of values. We appreciate

orated in the entire production and supply

speed, flexibility, and a health portion of

fair dealings and strive for stable relation-

chain. We have set ourselves the goal of pur-


ships, internally and externally, at all levels.

suing an environmentally sustainable balance

Partnership for shared success is shaped by

for our activities and products.

In almost 150 years of company history,

loyalty, respect, tolerance, and mutual trust.

Eberspächer has constantly reinvented itself.

At our domestic and international locations,

A tribute to us

tionally successful community.

Eberspächer lives a culture of openness and responsibility. This promotes a stimulating workplace environment which constantly creates new ideas for our automotive industry customers.

2 8 l 1 0 0 % I N T E R N A T IO N A L . W e A r e O n S i t e

Ebersp채cher is at home in all of the key markets of the international automotive industry. We are constantly expanding our worldwide presence.

1 0 0 % I N T E R N A T IO N A L . W e A r e O n S i t e I 2 9

Many Paths Lead to Eberspächer. And These Paths are Short, All Over the World We are always where our customers need us. In 26 countries on four continents. Directly on site and close to the action. That’s one of Eberspächer’s strengths.

The Eberspächer Group’s network of com-

Eberspaecher Tecnologia de Exaustão Ltda.,

panies spans the globe. More than 60 loca-

is located. The company supplies car and

tions in 26 countries cover the key markets in

commercial vehicle manufacturers throughout

the international auto industry. Centers for re-

the Mercosur economic area (Argentina, Brazil,

search and development, procurement, sales,

Paraguay and Uruguay) with modern exhaust

customer service and production are typically


right by our customers. Assembly plants on four continents are close to carmakers' factory

In our business, it’s important to be present

gates and deliver "just-in-sequence," up to

on-site and talk with internationally active

the assembly lines.

customers about their needs and the situation in individual markets. Think global, act local –

Eberspächer is constantly expanding this

that’s what makes collaboration successful in

global presence: whether in China, India,

every region of the world.

Russia or Brazil, where the newest subsidiary,

30 l 100% FUTURE. Mobility 2020

Thinking ahead to get ahead: In the future Eberspächer’s automotive technology will expand into new areas.

100% FUTURE. Mobility 2020 I 31

Eberspächer 2020: Listen. Understand. Act The Eberspächer Group has grown continuously in recent years. Our team has grown larger, stronger and more international. A good foundation from which we can look out into the exciting future.

We are at home in the auto industry. The

ambitious goals in the future. The bar remains

industry’s development will be shaped by

high: our customers justifiably expect that

new forms of mobility and environmentally

Eberspächer delivers the same level of quality

sustainable engine designs. The combustion

around the world that has made our company

engine will continue to play an essential role

great in almost 150 years. High reliability,

for quite some time, especially in combination

quality materials, durability, and environmental

with electronic components and in long-

aspects – everything must work in harmony,

distance travel. In many vehicles, we will see

even if the cost pressures in the industry

a qualitative improvement in comfort, safety,

continue to rise.

and networked infotainment. Eberspächer employees will continue to be the For Eberspächer, these industry trends offer

basis for innovative products that deliver the

outstanding opportunities to expand our posi-

best possible price-product ratio. They supply

tion as a system partner for exhaust techno-

expertise in all areas, work with efficient

logy, vehicle heating and bus AC systems as

methods, and are ready to exchange their

well as automotive electronics. From the be-

knowledge across disciplines and borders. We

ginning, our company has been based on the

are using global, yet highly focused struc-

principle that we identify fully and completely

tures to expand our product portfolio and our

with our customer’s needs.

customer base, especially in Asia and South America.

We concentrate our thinking and action on products and services that bring our business

To reach this goal, we're setting the agenda

partners in the international auto industry for-

for the mobility of tomorrow. Today, in 2020,

ward. Together, we seek new successes every

and beyond.

day – and we will continue to set ourselves

J. Ebersp채cher GmbH & Co. KG Ebersp채cherstrasse 24 73730 Esslingen Germany E-mail:

Eberspächer Company Portrait  
Eberspächer Company Portrait