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System overview

Testtools SDK – the programming library for all requirements Work with data bus systems such as CAN and FlexRay is a standard

Testtools SDK thus provides you with all important building blocks

procedure in the development of ECUs or the application of

of a programming library in a single tool. Extensive tests on ECUs,

electronic components for vehicle networks. In order to achieve

access to vehicle databases or expansion of an analysis software

meaningful configuration results rapidly during the time-consuming

by the FlexRay data bus can thus be implemented rapidly. Test

and costly test phase, Eberspächer Electronics developed Testtools

engineers benefit from this not only in the development of their

SDK – a comprehensive programming library for all requirements.

own applications, but also in the expansion of existing test setups by the CAN and FlexRay bus systems. Together with the clearly

The tool developed by the electronics experts from Göppingen

structured depiction of even complicated XML files, Testtools SDK

can be easily adapted to individual requirements and offers many

thereby combines all user requirements from message receipt

advantages. These advantages include trouble-free expansion of

via a hardware interface through to the decoded signal in a

users’ own applications for access to CAN and FlexRay bus systems.

single programming library. This ensures prompt results in the

Testtools SDK also features a hardware access to which the

development of ECUs – while reducing the time and costs involved.

interface cards from Eberspächer Electronics can be connected: The FlexCards then permit direct access to the vehicle network including data transfer. The extensive features of the programming library are rounded off by a signal-oriented programming interface (API) for CAN and FlexRay.

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Expansion of an analysis software by FlexRay

Configuring FlexRay If you are already using a suitable tool as an analysis software for

Testtools SDK thus gives you the option of simply expanding

the CAN bus system and wish to expand this by FlexRay, Testtools

your analysis software by the FlexRay bus system – without the

SDK offers you the suitable solution. With the programming library

complicated configuration otherwise required and the complex

from Eberspächer Electronics, you can quickly and simply use

implementation of database modules without a great investment in

FlexRay databases in FIBEX or AUTOSAR format for your analysis.

time and expense.

Another advantage of Testtools SDK is that measuring hardware can be configured synchronously with the FlexRay bus system. For this purpose, the programming library automatically sends the corresponding database parameters directly to the hardware and thereby perceptibly simplifies your work in integrating the new bus system. Testtools SDK thereby offers you all options for using FlexRay for your data analysis – from the integration of different measuring hardware into your test setup through to reading in different database formats. Furthermore, messages can be interpreted and even filtered with Testtools SDK.

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FIBEX Information

Database navigation When a new application or an ECU is tested in a test setup, the data

Testtools SDK also administers different FIBEX versions for you,

to be fed into the vehicle network must be defined first. Databases

so that you can change between different test requirements and

in FIBEX format form the basis for this. The difficulty here is that

configurations at any time. This also applies to the description and

the underlying FIBEX databases – also due to the integration of

configuration format AUTOSAR, which is also fully usable for your

numerous XML references – are highly complex and therefore

tests with Testtools SDK.

not very clear. Particularly if only individual sections of the FIBEX database are required for a test, the navigation is correspondingly complicated and time-consuming. To help test engineers configure the corresponding messages from FIBEX databases for a meaningful test, the relevant data can be extracted with Testtools SDK. For this purpose, the programming library directly accesses the FIBEX databases via standardized interfaces and depicts the stored XML files in a clearly structured form. This permits simple navigation and simplifies selection of the required references for a test. They can then be conveniently imported into the test system via the Testtools SDK interfaces.

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Test drives

On-board signal evaluation Test drives with vehicle prototypes or new hardware provide

Testtools SDK uses a CAN message in the evaluation of the

important input in the assessment of individual ECUs or about

corresponding interface signals from the vehicle. This is tapped

the interaction between all components in the vehicle network.

directly from the data stream in the network via measuring

These include driving-dynamics tests that are directly initiated

hardware and forwarded to the test system used in the vehicle.

and monitored by test systems, for example. In order to be able to

This can then be used to display and save the data. Trouble-

monitor and record the communication within the vehicle network

free operation of individual ECUs or possible fault sources are

as well based on the signals from ECUs, Testtools SDK can be

immediately recognizable this way. Particularly when adaptations

integrated directly into the test system. This gives you direct access

are required, this permits rapid modification of individual

to individual interfaces within the vehicle network. Via this access,

parameters – for successful completion of the test-driving phase.

the desired signal can be easily filtered out from the data input using Testtools SDK.

Measurement hardware


Testtools SDK Log file Filter

Customer application

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Functionality of Testtools SDK

Testtools SDK key features As a complete solution, the comprehensive programming library

Reading in database files

Testtools SDK offers all important tools for your work with the CAN

Another advantage of the programming library from Eberspächer

and FlexRay bus systems. Benefit for you: You now require only one

Electronics is trouble-free read in of all commonly used database

product to meet all of your requirements for a programming library.

formats. Since direct data import without additional tools is

As you can easily integrate Testtools SDK into your system setup,

possible, you can immediately use all contents of your relevant

you immediately benefit from the many features of the new tool


from Eberspächer Electronics. Decoding of messages Reading messages via hardware interfaces

Decoding of messages and signals with Testtools SDK is also simple:

The benefits of Testtools SDK include convenient import of

In order to read-out their content, you no longer need to define a

messages via hardware interfaces. This also eliminates the need

complicated basis for message and signal interpretation. All options

for complicated implementation of different programming interfaces

for rapid and successful message and signal decoding are already

(APIs), which you would otherwise have to set up for your interface

integrated into the programming library, allowing immediate access

connection. This is made possible with the uniform interface of

for you to all important data and measured values.

Testtools SDK. Independently of the hardware used, this permits you to change rapidly between several hardware interfaces – without requiring another configuration.

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Access to the contents of database files

Reading in and writing log files

The same applies to working with databases: You can conveniently

One highlight of Testtools SDK is the option of reading in log files.

read-out their contents with Testtools SDK via a simple interface.

This not only permits you to use different log files, but also to

Another useful feature of the programming library is the clearly

process them for further processes, to modify them or to save them

structured depiction of even complex XML files that are used as

in different formats. Testtools SDK therefore provides the ideal

standard for describing networks for ECU tests. Thanks to Testtools

prerequisites for interoperability and thereby also allows you to use

SDK, time-consuming and complicated development of users’ own

your log files for other tools in your network.

solutions for access to databases is no longer necessary. Plug-ins for data evaluation Decoding of signals

The extensive product features of Testtools SDK are rounded off by a

You can send encoded signals in a CAN bus system with Testtools

data filter and plug-ins for data evaluation. The filter processes even

SDK. The comprehensive tool from Eberspächer Electronics performs

large data quantities, giving you rapid access to the information

the complex calculation of the required raw message values. They

you need. The uniform interface of the programming library also

are then extracted from the data of a message by Testtools SDK and

permits easy description of plug-ins for data evaluation. If you use

form the basis for encoded transmission of a signal.

the Caromee analysis software from Eberspächer Electronics, you can use the defined interfaces for this application as well and do not need to fix any new plug-ins.

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FlexCard: Mobile PC Interface Cards

flexcard usb As a multifunctional USB interface card, the FlexCard USB convinces by virtue of its robust design that can withstand even harsh testing conditions in test vehicles. Particularly advantageous: When connected to a USB port on your test stand PC or laptop, the FlexCard interface card also requires no external power supply. Furthermore, various driver versions and a uniform API ensure simple connection to your test environment. The FlexCard USB features one FlexRay, two high-speed CAN and one low-speed CAN interface. An additional trigger input and output permits synchronous processing of external signals.

flexcard cyclone ii se With the FlexCard Cyclone II SE interface card, Ebersp채cher Electronics offers a suitable solution for mobile applications with the laptop. The FlexCard Cyclone II SE is connected to the vehicle network by means of a 32-bit CARDBUS-compatible PCMCIA interface. Besides the FlexRay interface, the card features two highspeed CAN channels as interfaces. In addition, the FlexCard Cyclone II SE possesses one trigger input and output each.

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FlexCard: PC Interface Cards as an Integrated Solution

flexcard pmc ii You connect the bus system to the PC software (e.g. Caromee analysis software) via the FlexCard PMC II for tests on vehicle networks using permanently installed computers or on test benches. Like the mobile interface cards from Ebersp채cher Electronics, the integrated solution offers comprehensive functions to assist you in measuring and evaluating signals and messages. As a special feature, the interface offers four physical layer slots. Via FlexTiny II modules from Ebersp채cher Electronics, this allows you to equip the slots with various bus configurations. You therefore have the option of up to eight high-speed CAN interfaces or up to four FlexRay A+B interfaces on the FlexCard PMC II. Combinations of both bus systems are also possible. A PMC-to-PCI adapter is available for PCI systems.

Eberspächer Electronics has developed and produced various hardware platforms for the evaluation of FlexRay for numerous customer projects. This has resulted in a comprehensive portfolio of CAN and FlexRay products, which is continuously being expanded and improved. As a professional service provider with solid bus system know-how, we will support you with tailor-made engineering services and development and test tools. Our services include the implementation of Eberspächer Electronics products in your systems and contract development projects for hardware and software in the area of bus systems.

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