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&ANTASTIC !MAZING SO CLOSE TO PERFECT These are not the typical words from a careful and

restrained winemaker. They are, however apropos for the 2013 harvest. The harvest began right on time.

2 Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

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wines and experiencing their true potential.

Ben Mayo, Winemaker

slowly. The color and flavor of the 2013 harvest is incredible. I am looking forward to blending the 2013

Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014 3


Days were mild with lots of sun. The nights were cool and windless, allowing the grapes to ripen evenly and



And at Eberle‌


sustainable manner.�



and making their wines in a

Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance.

accomplishments help raise the bar of the region as a whole,� said Jennifer Porter, executive director of the

“This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our wineries and growers whose individual

a greater understanding of Paso Robles’ diversity and complexity.

stories more clearly, which ‘in turn’ will give consumers and trade

viticultural area, which will allow growers and vintners to tell their

to create 11 districts within the boundaries of the Paso Robles

and reports. The AVA continues to mature with a current proposal

scores, creative video marketing initiatives and high-profile articles

recent years with a number of accolades through exemplary point

Paso Robles as a wine region has been gaining in popularity in

said Gary Eberle, owner of Eberle Winery.

region has grown exponentially with talent, quality and artistry,�

“Since 1983, when the Paso Robles AVA was first created, the

vineyard acres.

Angeles and San Francisco, has more than 200 wineries and 32,000

Paso Robles, located along the Central Coast, midway between Los

annual Wine Star Awards.

growers, recognized for growing

proud of our skilled vintners and

largest wine producer, we are

Institute. “As the world’s fourth

President and CEO of Wine

said Robert P. (Bobby) Koch,

favorite Golden State wines,�

world to continue to enjoy their

wine lovers in the U.S and the

vintage statewide will allow

“California’s excellent 2013


named the 2013 Wine Region of the Year in Wine Enthusiast’s


by Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wine Region of the Year

existing state law.�

of the basin will remain with the county because of

to gain approval. Even if successful, partial control

Formation Commission over the next few months

with San Luis Obispo County’s Local Agency

PRAAGS and PRO Water Equity will be working

all landowners in the area an equal voice.

developed a governing body for the district that gives

near the Paso Robles Basin. Both groups feel they’ve

Equity are looking to create a new water district

Groundwater Solutions (PRAAGS) and PRO Water

The Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for

a major concern.

of rainfall on the Central Coast, water conservation is

affiliate, KSBY, “With the dry air conditions and lack

issues for our industry. According to the local NBC

in the state--which is making water one of the top

of drought—in fact 2013 was the driest year on record

growers. We’re technically going through another year

)TS BEEN A BUSY YEAR for California wine grape

Harvest, Water, Wine


What’s Inside:

Paso Robles Voted



GOLD MEDAL – 2009 Eberle Cabernet/Syrah GOLD MEDAL – 2009 Eberle Cotes-du-Robles







4 Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

alone are just $35. Qualified trade is admitted free to the Grand Tasting. For tickets or more information visit

lunch (10:30am-1:00pm) and the Grand Tasting (1:30pm-3:30pm) are $85, and tickets for the Grand Tasting

Robles. Tickets for the full slate of activities, including the seminar and

will take place at Broken Earth Winery on Highway 46 just east of Paso

featuring over 150 Paso Robles Rhone-style wines. The day’s events

seminar, a vintners’ lunch, and a Grand Tasting and silent auction

Paso Robles. Events include a fun and educational “Rhone essentials�

Rangers chapter for a day celebrating the vibrant Rhone community in

Day Weekend) join the 40+ members of the Paso Robles Rhone

doesn’t end abruptly. - Jeff Siegel; - Very much in the black fruit/brooding style mold, it will find fans for its exuberant fruit and depth. - Linda Murphy

2012 Eberle Estate Chardonnay – Medal of American Merit %QUIVALENTTO3ILVER


Blanc and Viognier.� Drink now. 304 cases. 7INE

balanced by a refreshing thread of acidity. Grenache

The grace notes of floral, mineral and citrus zest are

macaroon, lemon curd and baked apple flavors.

“Very detailed, with a smooth mouthful of coconut

2011 CĂ´tes-du-RĂ´bles Blanc


Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014 5

$15.00 Clean, light, fresh, just sweet enough. - Bruce

CRITICS SILVER 2012 Muscat Canelli Paso Robles

bodied. Explosive berries. Long finish. - Wilfred Wong

Deep ruby color. Bold berries. Long and rich. Full

CRITICS GOLD 2010 Zinfandel Paso Robles $26.00

balance ripe fruit. - Michael Apstein

Robles $24.00 Attractive savory -- meaty -- notes

CRITICS SILVER 2011 Syrah, Steinbeck Vineyard Paso

Dark, lively. Cherry, tobacco. - Laurie Daniel

CRITICS SILVER 2010 Sangiovese Paso Robles $24.00

$34.00 Tannins to the forefront, and even a finish that


2012 Eberle Muscat Canelli – Medal of American Merit

CRITICS SILVER 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles

finish. - Deborah Parker Wong

2010 Eberle Zinfandel – Medal of American Excellence

Red – Medal of American

medium tannins, lifted, pure fruit with bright, lengthy

Selection Paso Robles $19.00 Varietally expressive,

CRITICS GOLD 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Vineyard

afraid to get minerally chalk on its hands. - Joe Roberts

CRITICS SILVER 2010 Barbera Paso Robles $28.00 Not

long, evolving finish. Great stuff. - Paul Lukacs

floral bouquet followed by rich, ripe flavors, and a

or crab. Tastes pricey. - Bruce Schoenfeld; - Beautiful!

out for a cream sauce but also functional with lobster

Blanc Paso Robles $24.00. An elegant wine, calling


aftertaste. - Wilfred Wong

balance. Juicy red and black fruit flavors. Pleasing

fine on the palate, really juicy. Dry, nice acidity, good

chalk in the aromas. Medium bodied, textured and


2009 CĂ´tes du RĂ´bles


2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – Medal of American


2012 Mill Road Viognier – Jefferson Cup Nominee


SILVER MEDAL – 2012 Eberle Estate Chardonnay

SILVER MEDAL – 2012 Eberle Muscat Canelli

SILVER MEDAL – 2010 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

SILVER MEDAL – 2010 Eberle Barbera

GOLD MEDAL – 2010 Eberle Sangiovese





CRITICS GOLD 2009 CĂ´tes-du-RĂ´bles Paso Robles


$21.00 Medium to dark ruby color. Ripe fruit some


Eberle Estate 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon


Awards and Accolades 4OP,EFT 4ASTING2OOM

/N3UNDAY &EBRUARYTH  (the Sunday of President’s

Rhone Rangers

What’s Happening:

6 Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

Black Tie Valentine’s Dinner in the Caves 3ATURDAY &EBRUARYTH  &EATURING#HEF7ILLIAM#ARTER 0LAYBOY-ANSION ,OS!NGELES #! Eberle Winery welcomes good friend (and Executive Chef of Playboy Mansion West) William Carter to our annual Black Tie Valentine’s Dinner in the Caves. Experience the ambiance of our caves while feasting on a meal prepared by one of the finest chefs in the country. Chef Carter is extremely talented in creating unique menus to pair with the flavors of Eberle wines. It’s definitely a dinner worth looking forward to! $150/per person, $120 Cellar Club members.

Budi Kazali Zagat Rated A “wine country must� attest oenophiles of this “unbelievable find� in Ballard – voted No. 1 for Food in Santa Barbara – showcasing chef-owner Budi Kazali’s “talent in the kitchen� with “sophisticated� Asian-inflected New French fare crafted from “fresh� ingredients and complemented by a lengthy list of “local� vintages; the “intimate� setting with a “roaring fireplace� is elevated by “superb� service, making the entire “dining adventure� an “extremely pleasant� “getaway.�

Wine Fest in Paso Robles! 3ATURDAY -AY  Join Eberle Winery in the city park to celebrate our 32nd annual Wine Festival weekend! Visit Eberle Winery and take advantage of special sales in the Tasting Room as well. Eberle Winery is currently celebrating 35 years of fine winemaking in Paso Robles and was recently voted “Winery of the Year� by the 2013 Central Coast Wine Competition. Eberle Winery is located at 3810 Highway 46 East in Paso Robles, CA. 805-238-9607.

Wine Fest Dinner on the Cellar Floor &RIDAY -AY  &EATURINGTHE#RACKED#RAB 0ISMO"EACH Brace yourself for one of the best (and entertaining) dinners of your life. Eberle Winery is happy to welcome back the famous Cracked Crab to do an informal dinner on our cellar floor. We’ll roll up the doors, hire a band, tie on some bibs and enjoy the freshest seafood our county has to offer. They put the buckets on the table and we do an old fashioned crab feed. No one goes home hungry! We have to thank Mike and Kathy Lee for joining us again‌and promise you it’s a night of no-fuss fun. Just great food and great wines—which make a perfect combination!

Zinfandel Festival &RIDAY -ARCH  %BERLE7ELCOMES#HEF"UDI+AZALI 4HE"ALLARD)NN Chef Kazali has garnered many accolades, including winning Central Coast magazine’s Ultimate Chef competition in 2009. The Ballard Inn was named the best restaurant in Santa Barbara County by the review guide Zagat, which praised him for his “sophisticated Asian-inflected New French fare crafted from fresh ingredients.� Now a local celebrity with his TV show “The Inn Crowd� his food and personality are in the spotlight more than ever. Please join us for a Zinfandel Festival dinner in the caves with this amazing chef and find out why the locals, and the press, are amazed by his skills.



Barbeque Bites by Gary and Marcy Eberle and Friends 3UNDAY -AY  It’s an annual tradition. You’ve got to come to Eberle Winery and enjoy Gary and Marcy’s barbeque during Wine Fest! All of our friends will be here. Gary will be in charge of the grill and his best friends will be helping out to make this a spectacular event. Look for live music, special sales in the Tasting Room, and a picnic deck overlooking the Estate vineyard so you can enjoy your lunch. Eberle Winery is located at 3810 Highway 46 East in Paso Robles, CA. 805-238-9607.

2014 Guest Chef Dinners and Special Events

Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014 7


California: t1FBSMPOUIF3JWFS 4BDSBNFOUPo&CFSMF Vineyard Selection Cabernet t$IF[.BNBO3FTUBVSBOU4BO'SBODJTDP  Hayes Valley – Eberle Syrah t4BWBOOBI$IPQIPVTFo-BHVOB/JHVFM $" – Eberle Viognier t'JSFGMZ#JTUSPo1BTBEFOB $"XXX Côtes-du-Rôbles t3FGVFM#BS3FTUBVSBOUo&CFSMF.JMM3PBE Viognier and Zinfandel

Distributor info: DRINK EBERLE WINES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Wondering where to find your favorite Eberle wines? We are distributed in most states in the USA. We’d also like to say thank you to new partners who share our vision for selling fine wine. So please stop in, say “Hi� and drink what’s good in your ‘hood.

the caves. This is what Wine Country Weddings are meant to be‌and it can be yours! Eberle Winery is currently celebrating 34 years

beautiful vineyards. A wedding and reception at Eberle Winery.

h!N%BERLEWEDDING ISCELEBRATEDINTHEVINEYARDv As the longest continuously-run family owned winery

Here you’ll embark the luxurious yet casual m/s Paul Gauguin. With an endless choice of things to do, from relaxing poolside with a book to playing the slots in the casino, you will never be bored.

Today, you’ll call on Huahine, known as the “Garden Island� for its lush rainforests and dramatic terrain.

event and then take time to head to your wedding destination on the Eberle property. (You may

Day 6 Moorea

Graced with an abundance of fresh fruits and flowers, spectacular mountain peaks, peaceful multihued lagoons, and palm-fringed beaches, Moorea boasts an awesome beauty that is unsurpassed.

8 Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

Rates from $4195 per person for a window cabin (lower rates applicable.) Fare includes gratuities and alcohol. Book through Aimee Presto at Protravel and receive an additional $100 off per person for shipboard credit. For more information, please contact Aimee Presto at 914-835-7600 or 914-992-5521. Or you can email her at You can also contact Marcy Eberle at 805-238-9607 or email marcy@

Cap off your epic journey where it all began. You won’t be the same as when you first set sail – these exotic isles are said to touch people in magical ways. If you want to explore more of this side of paradise, perhaps you will choose our pre- and post-cruise hotel programs in Bora Bora, Moorea, Taha’a and Papeete.

Day 8 Disembark in Papeete

Explore more of this peaceful oasis. Perhaps you will choose to trek on the “Trails of the Ancients� or snorkel one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons.

Day 7 Moorea/Papeete (Tahiti)

of the Tasting Room for a glass of wine before your

underground caves. Have your group take advantage

an intimate reception in our 17,000 square feet of

wedding near the beautiful vineyard and later host

our 64 acre Estate Vineyard. Imagine having your

rent Eberle Winery for the outdoor deck overlooking

celebrations of 80 people or less, you can virtually

your heart desires for your special day. By hosting

Explore more of this magical isle on your own or on a choice of optional shore excursions. Choose from several, like a jitney tour on “Le Truck,� a 4-wheel-drive safari, or a glass-bottom boat ride.

Day 5 Bora Bora

Immediately recognizable by Mount Otemanu rising from the ocean, this half-atoll, half-mountain is surrounded by a spectacular lagoon and a series of smaller islands..

Day 4 Bora Bora

of Eberle under their belt. They can help you with

Motu Mahana, an islet adjacent to Taha’a, is our very own South Seas paradise, featuring white-sand beaches with swaying palms, crystal-clear waters, and gentle breezes. As an exclusive Paul Gauguin event, you will spend a full day on this idyllic island.

lighting, music, food, flowers or anything else that

expertise. Our events staff has more than 30 years

Day 3 Taha’a (Motu Mahana)

Day 2 Huahine, Society Islands

Day 1 Embark the m/s Paul Gauguin in Papeete, Tahiti

in Paso Robles, we can promise you quality and

also available for rehearsal dinners on the deck or in

here it is; A wedding in one of California’s most

Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014 9


Come for the ambiance. Be thrilled for the experience. Remember the best day of your life.

people in the American wine industry.

recently voted #43 of the top 100 most influential

wineries in the United States, Gary Eberle was also

in Paso Robles. Continuously voted one of the top

Housewives of Orange County.�) Eberle Winery is

wished and worked for it all to come true. Now

January 17-24, 2015

have seen a wedding here televised on “The Real

Weddings and Special Events It’s your day. You’ve planned, prepared, dreamed,


Cruising to Tahiti!

to wait list.

*UNEAND.OVEMBER Must be an existing cellar club member to be added

Rare and Reserve – two shipments a year



10 Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014

Eberle as we celebrate 35 years as the longest family-owned winery in Paso Robles!

Wine Festival continues with sales in the Tasting Room, complimentary wine tasting and cave tours. Join us at

Eberle Newsletter Winter-Spring 2014 11

to report sales tax. Please check WWWWINEINSTITUTEORG or visit our website at WWWEBERLEWINERYCOM

For information on new direct shipment states, please contact us at Eberle Winery. Some states may require consumers

wine tasting and cave tours! We’ll have specials in the Tasting Room to make it a perfect visit.


", "; $" %$ '- (" *" *% *- .* ./ .0 /$ /% /) /. /7 /: 0) 03 5/ 59 7" 8" 8* 8:

Join us in the city park for some good old fashioned wine tasting fun. Or come to the winery for complimentary


and promise you it’s a night of no-fuss fun. Just great food and great wines—which make a perfect combination!

old fashioned crab feed. No one goes home hungry! We have to thank Mike and Kathy Lee for joining us again‌

some bibs and enjoy the freshest seafood our county has to offer. They put the buckets on the table and we do an

As a California winery, we can legally ship to the following states:

ment. Please note, Will Call parties will be hosted on Friday evenings in 2014.

Brace yourself for one of the best (and entertaining) dinners of your life. Eberle Winery is happy to welcome back

the famous Cracked Crab to do an informal dinner on our cellar floor. We’ll roll up the doors, hire a band, tie on

Mark your calendars for the Eberle Winery Will Call parties. Taste our newest Cellar Club releases and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow club members. Food and wine pairings will be made for each ship-




Eberle Winery dinner on the Cellar Floor with the Cracked Crab, Pismo Beach, CA


have events planned all weekend long. Here’s what’s going on at Eberle:

still going strong. The main tasting in the Paso Robles city park is the star of the show. But local wineries also

It’s an event that Gary Eberle helped create more than 3 decades ago. Today, the Paso Robles Wine Festival is

32nd Annual Wine Festival May 15-18, 2014

wine tasting and cave tours all day.

3UNDAY -ARCH  - Look for special sales in our Tasting Room, barrel samples and more! Complimentary

3ATURDAY -ARCH  - BBQ bites by Gary and Marcy Eberle and Friends 12-4pm

&RIDAY -ARCH  - Dinner in the caves featuring Chef Budi Kazali, Ballard Inn, CA

and especially, great Zin!

It’s one of the best wine festivals in the west! Join the Eberles and gang for three days of great food and wine...

Get Ready for Zin Fest!




Bi-Annual – two shipments a year


Will Call Party &RIDAY !PRILTH PM PM

Will Call Party &RIDAY *ULYTH PM PM

Quarterly – four shipments a year (January, April, July and October)



Eberle Winery’s Cellar Club

our events staff, chat with Garry DeRose your club manager, and stay for some great appetizers and, of course, some fabulous wines. We hope you can join us for the upcoming dates:

Sure, it’s great to drink Eberle wines at home or at the restaurant of your choice, but it’s even better to share the experience with friends here at Eberle Winery. Come for the camaraderie, visit with Jan and Oralia of

Cellar Club

Telephone: 805.238.9607 Fax: 805.237.0344

Winter Hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Summer Hours: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Located on Highway 46 East, 3.5 miles east of Paso Robles and Highway 101


3810 Highway 46 East P.O. BOX 2459 Paso Robles,CA 93447


Presorted Standard US Postage PAID Permit 14 Paso Robles CA

Eberle Spring 2014 Newsletter  
Eberle Spring 2014 Newsletter  

Read about the latest happening at Eberle Winery, including events, new releases and where to hang out with Eberle on the road.