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Montwood Shopping Center is a new, 29,000 square foot, commercial development. The contemporary design encompasses an open air, walkable configuration of retail, office, and restaurant units. It is adjacent to a service station that is accessible through a shared driveway. The largest building hosts a second story that creates an exclusive separation for more private offices. The metal awnings help provide shade without enclosing the structures and the facade is harmonious with the desert landscape. The center is conveniently oriented for direct accessibility to Montwood Drive and Estrada Dr, providing prime visibility for customers traveling from all directions.



This project developed an all encompassing building. It was designed to be two halves of a whole. One half of the 84,000 sq. ft. building includes a large open call center flanked by individual offices for brokers. Windows in the individual offices and high placed windows were incorporated to allow natural light to reach the entire call floor, creating a comfortable and productive working environment. The other half of the building accommodates an auditorium, individual classroom/meeting spaces, a conference room, and a large banquet area equipped with storage and kitchenette facilities. The lobby connects the two halves but could also be used as a separate space if need be. It is light and airy, welcoming guests no matter if they are employees or merely visitors.



Essex Alley is located at 513 West San Antonio Ave. This project transformed a historic building that was originally built in 1920 into a mixed use building designed for apartments and retail space. To enhance the square footage, a sunken courtyard was added between adjacent buildings for access to the basement retail units. This new project is just steps away from the new baseball stadium, multiple restaurants, bars, and ops that have opened up in recent years, including another mixed use across the street renovated by Liev Arch.



The Onix integrates local contemporary architectural vernacular with the demands of high density, 21st century residential design. This new development is a 58,000 sq. ft. site specific condominium complex. It features shaded corridors for protection from the elements of the southwest and is deeply layered with shadows, colors, and textures that emulate its surroundings. Water features and a pool were included to enhance the public spaces and cool the air during hotter months.



210 Ceviche is located in an attached space. The original structure of the building was very rustic timber frame that provided a strong base for the restaurant’s theme that reflects Mexico’s famous Mazatlan. The color scheme stems directly from the turquoise waters and vibrant beaches where the owner grew up. An enclosed patio was added to increase square footage and is equipped with air conditioning for the humid weather in San Antonio. Collaboration with: HAD-VD (Mx.)



The Cielo del Rio project was an 800 square foot addition to an existing 2190 sq. ft. home. The addition design was developed congruently with that of the original award winning house that was designed by Morris Brown. The objective was to create a space that combined a string instrument repair workshop, instrument testing studio, and a living space that included a kitchenette and bed. In addition, this project require direct southern light exposure and an enclosed courtyard for specific landscaping.



Ranger Trail apartments is an economically efficient, single use complex. This project boasts a contemporary aesthetic that is clean and minimal, while still maintaining a connection with the desert surroundings. Ranger Trail ensures comfort and convenience with multiple floor plans for many clients.



Liev Arch  

Our Projects exhibition

Liev Arch  

Our Projects exhibition