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Since launch GoPro have been hugely impressive with their releases, and the newest range of products dropped from GoPro are no exception to this. The GoPro HERO 4 range has two big players in it - the 4 Silver, and the 4 Black; both of which we will be reviewing in this article, however we’ll start with the Silver rendition first. GoPro have always released head-cams with above average video quality, and for years they’ve simply gotten better at what they do. GoPro tend to have this film quality that you just know it’s been recorded on a GoPro, with it’s barrel distortion and colour rendition. But how does the 4 Silver hold up to previous renditions? Firstly the lens quality here has somewhat been improved. What we have now is even sharper footage than before, with less distortion and fuzziness around the edges; which is definitely a good thing. On top of this the processing seems slightly different, giving us much smoother imagery through sharp areas. Overall though, whilst the video seems to be a lot smoother, we’re not sure that smoothness holds up against the asking price of the Silver 4, so what else does it bring to the table? Well, GoPro have go about adding a ton of features that finally puts the control of your filming back into your hands. Now this won’t guarantee better quality film, but if you have a basic understanding of photography and the camera in use, then you’ll definitely see some improvement here. ProTune has seen some work done to it as well. ProTune, a piece of software that comes with GoPro devices simply used to flatten the colour profile of your film, however now it unlocks a whole heap of settings including ISO limit and sharpness that will help you further improve your film; if you know what you’re doing with it that is!


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IN TERMS OF DURABILITY, THE SILVER 4 USES THE SAME TRIED AND TESTED BODY SHAPE AS PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THE HEAD-CAMS. A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING YOU ASK… WELL SEEING AS GOPRO HAVE FORGED AN EMPIRE BASED AROUND THAT ONE DESIGN, WE’LL GO WITH IT BEING A GOOD THING. WE’VE LITERALLY MANAGED TO DROP, SMASH, GO HEADFIRST INTO THINGS AND PLAY CATCH WITH THE SILVER 4 AND IT’S NOT ONCE STOPPED RECORDING, NOR HAS IT RANDOMLY TURNED ITSELF OFF. There was however something that made the reliability of the camera a little iffy, but i’ll get to that a little later. In terms of how easy the Silver 4 was to use, well it doesn’t really get much easier than this! With the new GoPro range, the mass appeal of the Silver 4 is the fact it now has a small LED screen built into the back for ease of use. Not only does this screen make navigating the device very easy, it also allows you for the first time on a GoPro device to see what you’re actually going to shoot. Being a touchscreen, we did have a few teething issues with it, sometimes having to press the screen more than once to get it to work, and this is where that issue of reliability comes into play. Whilst being the Silver 4’s silver lining, it is also a slight hinderance at times. As mentioned the first issue we had was how finicky the screen could be at times. Having to press things more than once to get it to register, shutting itself down, sometimes not shutting itself down… It was just a little inconsistent. Now the pressing things more than once isn’t exactly a new thing with touch screens, so this we can allow, however the not turning off? That could be annoying, especially as these cameras already have such a small battery life! In terms of accessories, the GoPro range will have you well stocked. A quick Amazon search will show you the scope of accessories available for the GoPro; far too many to list. Just know that if you buy a GoPro, chances are there’ll be an accessory out there for you! All in all, the GoPro HERO Silver 4 is a very, very good head-cam. The LED screen is a nice touch albeit a little unreliable at times and the improved image quality goes along way. We’re definitely a fan though!



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