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Essexville Baptist Community Church Bringing People to Christ … Becoming People Like Christ … Being Christ to People December 2012

Volume 21, Issue 12

In the Spotlight MEN’S GROUP DECEMBER 8

Presented by The Adventure Club Kids


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6:00 pm Sunday December 16 Parents, relatives, friends and even church members are invited to the Adventure Club Christmas Program Sunday, December 16, at 6:00 pm. The children will present a simple program and, everyone will sing some Christmas carols, and, yes, there will be refreshments. Bring your Holiday spirit and celebrate the season through the eyes of a child.








Everybody’s heard the Christmas story, right? Wrong! There are lots of people out there … maybe people all around you … who don’t know the beautiful story of Jesus’ birth. And even if they know the story, they need to be reminded of it at least every Christmas.





It All Happened in the Country will remind you of the Savior and how God loves you enough to send Him. Read the story over and over this season and then tell it to somebody else. Tell ‘em how it … all happened in the country!




The Lighthouse Pastor Richard’s Ramblings December seems to be one of the busiest times of the year. As the month progresses, it seems the holiday season is less about joy and celebration, and more about physical and financial stress. We become so consumed with going to parties, finding just the right gifts, and then there is all the baking and decorating. We begin to feel like we are chasing our own tail. Christmas is about being pursued. But it is not us doing the chasing. Christianity is unique from all other religions because it is about God’s pursuit of us to draw us to Himself. In every other religion, people pursue their god, hoping that through good behavior, keeping the right rituals, good works, or other efforts they will be accepted by the god they pursue. The British poet Francis Thompson writes of the relentless pursuit of God in his life. In “The Hound of Heaven,” Thompson writes that as he fled from God he couldn’t outrun “those strong feet that followed … with unhurrying chase and unperturbed pace.” That is the Christmas story! The message of Jesus’ birth is the wonderful truth of God’s pursuit of every one of us. Paul reminds us in Galatians, But when the right time came,

God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law. God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves to the law, so that he could adopt us as his very own children. (Galatians 4.4-5 NLT)

When you begin to feel a little lost, or even completely buried, by the relentless pursuit of all the holiday stuff, stop running! Fix yourself a cup of hot chocolate and read through the Christmas story again. You will be refreshed with what happened the day Jesus was born. Hopefully you will also discover the hope His birth brings to your life, and to all people. What was so different about that starlit night from all the others? Why was a small, humble town located in the hills of Israel, at least for a moment, the most blessed place on earth? Why did the birth of a child to simple and common parents change the future of all humanity forever? It is because God loves us so much that He pursues us – even to come as a baby. May you have a very merry Christmas.

Copies of Sermons Available Did you miss a Sunday and want to listen to a message? Is there a message that you would like to hear again? All of Pastor Richard’s sermons are available on the church website at Messages can be put on CD for pickup as well. Contact the church office if you would like a copy. Page 2

V ol u me 21, I s su e 1 2

Student Ministries Youth Group Christmas Party Plans are being made for a Progressive Dinner for the Youth Christmas Party. The date is Sunday evening, December 9. We would like to have an appetizer, soup, salad, main dish, and desert. Each would be at a different home. A gift exchange and some holiday games will be at the final home with desert. We are asking parents or anyone else that would like to host a course to please contact Shirley Reid.

Youth Group meets Every Week - 6:00 pm Middle School and High School Students come for a great time with friends and discover something new about God. Except for Christmas Day, Youth Group will meet every Tuesday in December at 6:00 p.m. Bring your friends!

JOIN the CHRISTMAS CHOIR If you are interested in singing for Christmas, come join the Seasonal Choir. We will provide special music for Christmas. Practices are at 6:00 pm on Thursday evenings. The more voices the better the harmony.

Men’s Group Meets December 8 Come join the men’s group that meets for Bible study, prayer, and accountability. The group meets twice a month for an 8:00 am breakfast at Krzysiak House Restaurant .

Communion Sunday Is Food Pantry Sunday The first Sunday of each month is Communion Sunday. Bring in specific food items to help stock the food pantry. This month we are looking for the following items: Canned ham, boxed potatoes, canned vegetables, Juices and Candy Canes. Paper products are always welcome. Items can be left in the designated containers at each entrance of Church. Page 3

The Lighthouse RETIRED MINISTERS & MISSIONARIES Offering remember with LOVE

During the month of December our congregation will receive the Retired Ministers and Missionaries offering (RMMO).

The RMMO is an annual ABCUSA offering that provides (1) Thank You checks to over 3,000 retired ABC ministers and missionaries and their widowed spouses service, and For the LORD is good; his steadfast (2) emergency and other financial assistance based on need. love endures forever, and his You are invited to make a contribution by using the enclosed envelope. The envefaithfulness to all generations. lope may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday mornings, or mail it to the Psalm 100:5 church office. Please help us remember those who have served us as your gift makes a difference.

give with GRATITUDE

Ladies Christmas Party Monday, December 10 Holiday Home Tour...The home tour will take place December 10 at 6:00 p.m. All who are interested in taking part is asked to meet in the church parking lot before six to gather together into two or three cars to do the tour. Please bring one plate of goodies for the get together at Wilma's at the end of the tour. This will be the ladies Christmas party so come and join the fellowship and get some home decorating ideas.

J.O.Y. Group Holiday Lunch Wednesday, December 12 The J.O.Y Group is headed to Frankenmuth to have a holiday lunch at the Bavarian Inn. Bring a $5.00—$7.00 gift for a gift exchange. After lunch spend time visiting the different shops. J.O.Y. stands for Just Older Youth, if you feel this is you, you are welcome! If you would like to join in, mark the Welcome Card at the Sunday worship service or call the church office 892.9892. That way we can be prepared with enough transportation. The church van will leave the parking lot at 11:00 am.

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6:00 pm Ladies Home Tour


6:00 pm Council Meeting

24 7:00 pm Candlelight Service


9 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School

4:00 pm Youth Progressive Dinner

16 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School

6:00 pm Children’s Program

23 10:00 am Worship 11:15 S. School



2 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School


6:00 pm Choir 7:00 pm Worship Team

6:00 pm Adv. Club 6:00 pm Mom’s Grp.

26 NO Bible Study NO Adv. Club NO Mom’s Group

6:00 pm Youth Group

25 Office Closed

27 NO Choir NO W. Team


6:00 pm Choir 7:00 pm Worship Team

6:00 pm Adv. Club 6:00 pm Mom’s Grp

19 10:00 am Bible Study

18 9:00 am Relaxers Bowling

6:00 pm Youth Group


12 10:00 am B. Study 11:00 am J.O.Y. Frankenmuth Trip

6:00 pm Choir 7:00 pm Worship Team

6:00 pm Adv. Club 6:00 pm Mom’s Grp

6:00 pm Youth Group

11 9:00 am Relaxers Bowling



5 10:00 am Bible Study


4 9:00 am Relaxers Bowling










8 8:00 am Men’s Group



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9—Gary & Judy Asel 11—Tim & Sheila Reid 23—Tim & Pat Wescott


1—Abby LeVasseur 1—Ted Schlosser 1—John Keuvelaar 3—Dale Asel 6—Helen Meyer 7—Tim Ahler 8—Tim Wescott 9—Mallory Wynne 9—Grace Kulmacz 11—Marge Ward 13—Kerry Janca 13—Dorothy Kurchak 14—Gracie Austin 14—Matt Smith 20—Nikki Elek 21—Jean Mattice 22—Trinity Bell 22—Nicole LeVasseur 24—Bryan Traxler 26—Eugene Grocholski 27—Melissa Eigner 30—Nathan VanSnepson


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Peg Brunner Jerry Brunner

Sue Weber-Pobanz Aaron Newberg

Nancy Metzger John Metzger

Mary Jane Sharpe Don Buschlen

Marge Ward Dave Ferranti

Debbie Jonas Mark Jonas

Volunteers Needed

Dorothy Newingham Marion Wood Les Anderson John Metzger

December 9

December 16

December 23

Christmas Eve

December 30

Volunteers Needed

Debbie Ryan Joe Ryan

Wilma Anderson Les Anderson

North Side Greeters

December 2

South Side Greeters

Rose Smith Marge Ward

Volunteers Needed

Amy Kulmacz

Vickie Gentle

Nancy Humpries

Jeannine Bakus Jeff Newingham

June Piggott Natasha Gentle

Vickie Roller

Amy Kulmacz

Rose Smith Natalynn Gentle

Debbie Ryan Marge Ward


Junior Church

Kelly Arambula Andrew Kinnamon

Shirley Reid Emily VanSnepson

Kelly Arambula Jesus Arambula

Shirley Reid Benjamin Kinnamon

Kelly Arambula Andrew Kinnamon

Sound Booth

The Lighthouse

V ol u me 21, I s su e 1 2

Church Council Highlights The regular scheduled meeting of the Church Council was on Monday, November 19, with fifteen members present. The Trustees requested each board to go over their budgets and reduce their overall projected spending by 25% for 2013. Missions: 381 shoeboxes were dropped off at EBCC. Jody VanSnepson and Sheila Reid delivered them to Mt. Pleasant, where they were loaded on a semi truck for the processing center. Deacons: Communion for December was planned. Over $3000 was received so far this year for the Sunshine Fund. Hanging of the Greens will be Sunday, November 25 to decorate the church, with a soup and sandwich supper at the end. Trustees: The proposed budget will be completed soon. A suggestion was made to publish the financial report in the bulletin or newsletter. The copier has needed to be replaced. A new one will be leased for $275 a month. The next regular meeting of the Council will be on Monday, December 17, at 6:00 pm.

Annual Reports Due December 17 All boards, committees, and other groups are asked to have your annual reports turned in by the December 17 Council Meeting. Any and all reports turned in early is much appreciated. It takes time to put together and make copies of the full annual report.

The Annual Business Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 20, 2013.

2013 Contribution Envelopes The Contribution envelopes for 2013 will be available for pick up beginning Sunday, December 9. They will be located on the table in the lounge. Also remember that for your contributions to show up on your 2012 giving statement it must be received by December 31. Any contributions received after December 31 will be recorded for 2013. If you think you might need to catch up on your giving and would like to know what you have given to date, please call Jeanne in the office for a printout. Page 7

Essexville Baptist Community Church

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Christmas Eve Service Monday, December 24 Bring all of your Christmas guests to the Christmas Eve Carols and Candlelight Service. Come early and enjoy the refreshments and fellowship.

6:00 pm Holiday Punch and Cookies 7:00 pm Candlelight Service

Non Profit US Postage Paid Essexville, MI Permit No. 19

December 2012 Newsletter  

December 2012 Newsletter

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