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Essexville Baptist Community Church Bringing People to Christ … Becoming People Like Christ … Being Christ to People April 2012

Volume 21, Issue 4

In the Spotlight

Palm Sunday April 1 10:00 A . M . Worship The triumphal entry of the King of kings. The celebration of the Lord of lords.

Maundy Thursday April 5 7:00 P . M . Service A somber service reflecting on the elements of the Lord’s Supper on the night of his betrayal.


Good Friday Community Service April 6 12:00 P . M . Service at EBCC Good Friday is a day of suffering and sacrifice, the day of crucifixion. We welcome you to come to a 45 minute service as EBCC hosts St. Luke’s Methodist Church. Pastor Richard will be presenting the message.

Easter Sunday, April 8 9:00 A . M . Continental Refreshments 10:00 A . M . Worship Celebration The Lord has Risen! Hallelujah! Come celebrate the foundation of our faith the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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The Lighthouse Pastor Richard’s Ramblings This is quite possibly my favorite time of year. Easter is the true pinnacle of our faith. Nothing defines who we are and what we believe any more than remembering the death Jesus suffered so that we would not have to endure eternal suffering. Our hope is defined in our celebration that He did not stay dead! He arose, conquered death, and so, we too, will be victors over death as well. This is the time of year that we are reminded that we have a very generous God who sacrificially gave himself for us. And to think that it is not because of anything that we would be able to do for Him, but rather because he loves us that much! We have an opportunity to express that same kind of sacrificial generosity on Palm Sunday, April 1st. The day that we will shout hosanna in the highest and proclaim Jesus Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords, we will be bringing a special offering to replace the windows of the church. In Exodus chapter 35, Moses speaks to the Israelite community about how God was instructing them to participate in the making of the tabernacle. In verse 5 he says, “From what you have, take an offering for the Lord. Everyone who is willing is to bring to the Lord an offering …” The Trustees shared the plan that they have carefully researched and shared it with us. There are several gifts that have been made since then. That is great to see the enthusiasm for this project. I encourage you to consider how you, too, can “bring from what you have” on Palm Sunday. I would like to share a recent experience I had with the current windows. One very windy day I heard what sounded like a whole school gym filled with screaming girls. I thought it was possibly something going on outside, and when I went to the sanctuary to look out and see—it was just the wind whistling through the windows! On that first Palm Sunday, the crowd shouted, “hosanna, blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord.” We read in Luke that the Pharisees told Jesus to make them be quiet. Jesus replied, “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” Is it possible that we can bring our gifts of praise on Palm Sunday so that the windows will not cry out!

Copies of Sermons Available Did you miss a Sunday and want to listen to a message? Is there a message that you would like to hear again? All of Pastor Richard’s sermons are available on the church website at Messages can be put on CD for pickup as well. Contact the church office if you would like a copy.

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V ol u me 21, I s su e 4

Adventure Club Last Night April 18, 2012 For children 4 years old thru 5th grade Adventure Club will not meet on Wednesday, April 4 because of Spring break. In April, we will meet on April 11 and April 18; which will be the last night until September.

Plan Now For VBS! July 15-19 Mark you calendars now! You will want to schedule your vacation around this year’s VBS, Sky—Where everything is possible with God! Sunday, July 15—Thursday, July 19 will be the dates for this high -flying time for children 3 years old through fifth grade (finished this year). Each evening will begin at 6:00 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. Volunteers will be asked to arrive earlier to prep their areas. Information and volunteer signups for all areas will begin this Month. Watch for the special insert in the Sunday bulletins, or talk to Karen Osterhout. Registration for children opens in May online at the church website.

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The Lighthouse A giggle, a coo, a sweet little smile, A new baby is coming in just a short while.

It’s a baby shower for Beacon of Hope Pregnancy Care Center 6:00 P.M. Tuesday, April 17, 2012 On Tuesday, April 17 at 6:00 p.m. the ladies of EBCC will be sponsoring a baby shower to benefit the Beacon of Hope Pregnancy Care Center. Nicole LeVasseur from the center will be here to give a presentation. We will meet in Harfst Hall and enjoy dessert along with some games. Contact Peg Brunner 989.893.5247 if you wish to bring a dessert. Come bring a baby gift and invite a sister, friend or neighbor to join in on an evening of fun and warmth. Please mark the welcome card if you are attending. Items needed are: Baby thermometers Baby toiletries Teething rings Wipes Socks Clippers Bottles Pacifiers Diaper bags Baby wash clothes and towels Items for Preemies are also needed.

Adult Membership Class Rescheduled Saturday, April 21 at 9:00 A.M. Are you wondering what it takes to be a member of EBCC? The first step is a membership class. Some of the topics covered in the class include: what does it mean to be a Christian, why is it important to be baptized, and what does it mean to be a member. You will also learn about what makes EBCC a family, who we are wanting to reach, what our mission statement is, and what we are seeking to become. This class is open to anyone interested in membership, as well as those who just want to know more about EBCC. The rescheduled membership class will be on Saturday, April 21 beginning at 9:00 a.m. and ending around 2:00 p.m. Talk to Pastor Richard or mark you Welcome Card if you are interested so that we can have enough materials prepared for everyone.

J.O.Y. Group Lunch, April 18 This month the J.O.Y. group will be having lunch at OLD COUNTRY BUFFET located on Bay Road in Saginaw. After lunch, we will visit the Family Christian book store. The van will depart from church at 11:30 a.m. Be sure to mark your worship welcome card if you plan to attend. Page 4




29 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School


6:00 pm Worship Team

25 10:00 am Bible Study 6:00 pm Mom’s grp

24 9:00 am Bowling Alert Lanes 6:00 pm Youth Group

6:00 pm Worship Team

6:00 pm Last Night for Adventure Club 6:00 pm Mom’s grp

6:00 pm Ladies Baby Shower

6:00 pm Council Mtg.

22 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School


18 10:00 am Bible Study J.O.Y. Group

17 9:00 am Bowling Alert Lanes


15 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School

6:00 pm Worship Team

6:00 pm Adventure Club 6:00 pm Mom’s grp

6:00 pm Youth Group

7:00 pm service




11 10:00 am Bible Study


4 10:00 am Bible Study


10 9:00 am Bowling Alert Lanes






8 9:00 am Continental Refreshments 10:00 am Worship

1 PALM SUNDAY 10:00 am Worship 11:15 am S. School




GOOD FRIDAY 12:00 pm Community Service at EBCC 6


28 8:00 am Men’s group

21 9:00 am Membership class

14 8:00 am Men’s group



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3—Randy & Kay Eigner 20—David & Patty Franceschina 25—Wayne &Josephine Jay 29—Brandon & Nikki Elek


1—Sue Collier 1—Allie Flues 4—Sue Weber-Pobanz 6—Benjamin Cutshall 7—Richard VanVoorhees 10— Benjamin Piggott 11—Gary Asel 12—Connie Estabrook 14—Dorothy Newingham 15—Scott Wynne 21—Charlene Mayotte 22—Judy Asel 22—Kay Eigner 22—Benjamin Kinnamon 23—Wilma Anderson 24—Randy Eigner 25—Allyce Estabrook 28—Cathernmae Waldron 29—Peg Lesperance 30—Emily VanSnepson


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Jeannine Bakus Jon Bakus

Sue Ahler Tim Ahler

June Piggott Tom Piggott

Debbie Ryan Joe Ryan

Peg Brunner Jerry Brunner

Mickey Ferranti Dave Ferranti

Vonda Schlosser Ted Schlosser

Nicole LeVasseur Dave LeVasseur

Noreen Keating Ed Keating

Mary Jane Sharpe Don Buschlen

April 8

April 15

April 22

April 29

North Side Greeters

April 1

South Side Greeters

Amy Kulmacz

Vickie Gentle

Jeannine Bakus Natasha Gentle

June Piggott Marge Ward

Vickie Roller

Nancy Humphries

Amy Kulmacz

Rose Smith Jeff Newingham

Kristie Smith Natalynn Gentle

Nicole LeVasseur Debbie Ryan


Junior Church

Shirley Reid Benjamin Kinnamon

Kelly Arambula Andrew Kinnamon

Shirley Reid Emily VanSnepson

Shirley Reid Benjamin Kinnamon

Kelly Arambula Jesus Arambula

Sound Booth

The Lighthouse

V ol u me 21, I s su e 4

Graduate Recognition Sunday, May 20 We would like to recognize any high school or college graduates on Sunday, May 20. Please contact the church office by May 13 with the names of any graduates. This will be a special time to recognize the achievements of each graduate, and present them with gifts from the church on May 20 during our regular worship service.

Student Ministries Activities Youth Group April 10 & 24, Middle School and High School Students—come for a great time with friends and discover something new about God. Youth Group meets every other Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. Bring your friends!

Newsboys Concert May 5 We will be traveling to Flint on Saturday, May 5th to see the Newsboys in concert. Tickets are $15, and forms and money need to be turned in by Tuesday, April 10. Watch for your forms in the mail or on the Website.

Men’s Group Meets April 14 & 28 Come join the men’s group that meets for Bible study, prayer, and accountability. We are using The Resolution for Men, inspired by the movie, Courageous, for a study guide. The group meets every 2nd and 4th Saturdays for breakfast at 8:00 a.m. at Krysiak House Restaurant. We are meeting on April 14 and April 28.

Communion Sunday Is Food Pantry Sunday Every Communion Sunday bring in specific food items to help stock the food pantry. This month we are looking for the following items: coffee, can meats, can vegetables and pastas or boxed potatoes. Paper products are always welcome. Items can be left in the designated containers at each entrance of Church.

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Family Night Baseball Game Plan Now for a great evening promoted by the Men’s Ministries of EBCC. Open to everyone! Special $1 concessions available that night. Prepaid tickets are $9.00 each. Tickets can be ordered through Pastor Richard or the office.

Thursday, July 12 7:00 P.M. Game Time

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