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December 2012 Number 82

Merry Christmas Generations Past and Future

'Lest we Forget' ingenious arrangement from the Railway Farm Shop

‘Leaders of the pack’

The above arrangement was made by Lesley, the owner of the Railway Farm Shop, as her own tribute to the fallen at Remembrance time. It is made up of red peppers surrounding a black one. A piece of curly-kale serves as a poppy leaf. She felt that as many of the Saxmundham shops were paying their tributes then the Farm Shop would too. On the right young cyclists from Benhall perform a sterling job in raising money for their new play area. Turn to page 16 for the full story of how they raised over £550. Christmas @ The Key

New Years Eve 2012

Christmas Party Menu available from the 1st of December

open for drinks from 6pm

Christmas Raffle 23rd of December @ 7.30pm

Special New Years Eve Menu available from 7.30pm

Christmas Day Please book in advance open for mulled wine, mince pies & drinks from 11 am Christmas Lunch served from 12.30pm please book in advance

We are now live! Visit, you can join our mailing list to keep updated with events at the pub

Tel: 01728 688510

There will be some live music & fireworks at midnight

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News The Manda Wilderness Community Trust Many of you may remember an article some time ago about the Manda Wilderness Community Trust, following our quiz at Sternfield, the proceeds of which went to the said charity. Blaxhall churchwarden Miranda Barclay has recently visited the project and returned with a first hand report of where our money went and the amazing people of the area. On December 7, 1950 the building of the first church at Cobue was initiated with the placement of the first stone by Italian missionaries, and in 1958, construction of the main church building (on the steps of which the Choir Festival took place) commenced and it was finalized in 1960. Shortly afterwards in 1964, the Liberation War in Mozambique started and the Portuguese started to infiltrate the region, including Cobue. "An eyewitness account of those times was given by a family group of tourists from Lisbon. Amongst them was Carlos Cacoete who came back, he said to 'lay ghosts and end my recurring nightmares'. He had last been in Cobue in 1974/75 as a Portuguese marine during his compulsory military service. He said that as the army could not pacify the guerillas, the Portuguese sent a particularly uncompromising Lt. Colonel to Cobue with the marines. All journalists were barred from Niassa, the seminarians were evicted and the marines moved into the seminary near the church. The doors of St. Michael's, the Cobue church, were closed. The marines were made to use their 7 boats to patrol the whole lakeshore right up to Tanzania and if they saw anything suspicious had to land and search through villages and hills. They were forbidden to give away any food to the local people, who Mr. Cacoete said were close to starvation. Nearly 40 years later the bullet holes that still remain on the face of the main church building are continuing proof of the terrors of the war in Mozambique. Local people tell of a beautiful Sunday during the civil war years and a big wedding celebration was planned at the Roman Catholic church in Cobue. Fifteen members of the Mozambican armed forces of Frelimo remained at the church to guard the site and the rest joined in the wedding celebration. News of the celebration reached Renamo, the opposition forces, and an incursion on Cobue was planned. The ensuing massacre is remembered by villagers to this day. The Manda Wilderness Community Trust was created in 1999 to promote truly responsible tourism to strengthen the local community and environment. It aims to empower some of the poorest communities in Mozambique with the tools to develop their own area in a sustainable way. Go to to find out more. Miranda left for Mozambique on the 20th October to take

65 donated recorders (plus a guitar and tambourine!) to the rather bemused population of the MWCT. After an afternoon of teaching the children of Mala Village and several sessions with the Choirmasters of the outlying villages her purpose became clearer and caused a great deal of excitement and satisfaction as people began to create their own melodies! The money raised by the Ebb and Flow Quiz night as well as Woodbridge School Concerto Concert was seen to be put to good use paying for the visiting band and the feast for the 300 participants. Miranda was struck by the richness of the sound and the intricacies of the harmonies which seem to be innate in the culture of the region. She said,� It was surreal, sitting in front of a bullet splattered church under the full moon listening to choirs perform by candlelight gospel music that could have graced the Albert Hall or our own Snape Maltings. I felt very privileged to have experienced such an event.� Twelve choirs comprising twenty enthusiastic Nyanja voices each competed for first, second and third prizes in an evening of joyful celebration. The event was hosted with the goal of bringing the sixteen communities of The Manda Wilderness Conservation Area together and it did just that. It was a night of great anticipation and (see p10)

Christmas Events at Snape Maltings Saturday 1st December Farmers Market from 9.30 am to 1pm Sunday 16th December Father Christmas arrives by barge around 2.30 pm with carol singers and Martlesham Brass Band Saturday 22nd December Special Christmas Farmers Market 10 am to 1pm Snape Maltings is open until 4pm on Christmas Eve and re-opens at 10am on Thursday 27th December 2012.

Tel: 01728 688 303 Free car parking ~ open daily from 10am

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Cuttings from the Walled Garden: Jim Mountain The Walled Garden. As the sales side of the business continues to slow down with each shortening day and the onset of colder weather, it is time to catch up with jobs we have been too busy to complete during the summer. Good light is very important in the winter months for plant growth. During the wet summer, the glasshouse roof became dirtier than I have ever seen it. Many nurseries use strong chemical sprays to clean their glass but their abrasive nature is slightly damaging so I resort to brushing the glass clean with a soft broom and washing up liquid. A wet day provides the best conditions for softening the dust and algae. It is necessary to avoid windy days and limit the time spent on the roof to avoid tiredness. With narrow gutters 4 metres from the ground and only 6 inches wide to walk down, safety is key.

pots will be limited. The Matrix pansies that provide instant colour from January to June have been potted and are growing slowly in the cool conditions. Ann and the team are finishing the perennial splitting and potting. When the final records are entered on the computer, we shall have a clear picture as to whether we have reached our production targets for each variety. The years trip by and it is easy to lose touch with people. I received a phone call one Saturday morning from an old college friend. John Allwork started a gardening business after working for many years on the production side of an aquatics nursery. Always a thoughtful person, he started writing poetry and has a website This light-hearted offering brings back memories of weekly identification tests.

Polythene tunnel recladding is preferably done on a warm There's Matricaria matricarioides day, but by November it was clear that one of our sheets Myriophyllum proserpinacoides would not survive the winter. Four of us spent a pleasant Metasequoia glyptostroboides morning replacing two sheets on the twin span tunnel. Polystichum acrostichioides Simon had already prepared it by removing doors and Lysimachia clethroides vents and covering up sharp or snagging objects. We Catalpa bignonioides started on a still morning and managed to put the first sheet Ceratostigma plumbaginoides on quickly. Once it was secure, we started the second. That Remembering these names, was more difficult as the first edge is fixed onto the gutter Can drive you quite crazy! with access limited by the first sheet. One gust gave us a Then there's, Bellis perennis, scary moment as an end of the 9m sheet flipped over, but Ah, thanks for the Daisy! with enough people around, we were able to reposition and fix it with no damage done. A day was spent completing the Jim Mountain fixing and washing the net sides. It looks as good as new. Virtually all the winter flowering pansies and wallflowers are now sold and the colour choice for my own late planted pots will be limited. The Matrix pansies that provide instant colour from January to June have been potted and are growing slowly in the cool conditions. Ann and the team are finishing the perennial splitting and potting. When the final records are entered on the computer, we shall have a clear picture as to whether we have reached our production targets for each variety. Virtually all the winter flowering pansies and wallflowers are now sold and the colour choice for my own late planted

LEIGH LANGUAGES 2012 Principal: Mrs H.E. Leigh M.A, Cert. Ed. NEW CLASSES FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS in FRENCH & SPANISH during 2012 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mobile: 07968 796072 Telephone/fax: 0208 5043652

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Local History Ghosts of Christmas Past The photograph below was taken at the old Ipswich and East Suffolk Hospital in 1910. In contrast to the commonly held image of scary matrons and strict regulations the extensive decorations suggest that hospitals 100 years ago were not all starch and straight faces.

The sprawling Anglesea Road site served over 250 parishes, totalling some 200,000 people. Opening in 1836 the initial building boasted just 50 beds, but the capacity had grown to 350 by 1940. Numerous extensions and improvements through the 19th century saw all the latest healthcare features introduced, including operating theatres, an x-ray room and children’s open air balconies. With increasing numbers of hospitals banning Christmas decorations altogether, citing infection risks and fire hazards, images such as this may soon be referred to as’ the good old days’. E&F would love to receive more old photos, stories, history from across the benefice, so please email us if you have something we could feature.

Advertising in Ebb and Flow Thank you to all our supportive advertisers! Ebb and Flow is run and produced by a small team and delivered by an unsung group of heroes to every house in the benefice – that’s 1450 copies! To take advantage of such fantastic unrivalled reach of households in the EIGHT villages within the benefice: Snape. Sternfield, Stratford St Andrew, Farnham, Great Glemham, Little Glemham, Benhall & Blaxhall email 2012 rates as follows: 4.9cm x8.65cm £15 per insertionper month 4.9cm x 17.9cm £25 per insertion per month 9.8cm x 8.65cm £30 per insertion per month 13.3cm x 17.9cm £90 per insertionper month Front page solus strip colour: £80 per insertion per month

01728 830683

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Snape News Snape Carol Singing Once again the time has come to exercise our vocal cords to entertain the residents of Snape and to benefit good causes. Each year we manage to do a wonderful job raising money for local and charitable organisations. Hopefully, this year will be no different. We are looking for singers, collectors and lamp carriers. You don't have to be experts, just come and enjoy yourselves. With our red scarves, tilly lamps and carols we really look and sound the part. Who knows, we may even have snow...! The routes and dates are as follows and we meet outside the village hall at 6.15pm. Ring Chris Scott, 01728 689110, if you wish to find out more. Fri 14th Dec. The Green; Gromford Lane; Cundell Green Road; Wadd Lane; The Wadd. Mon 17th Dec. The Terrace; Glebes; Stanhope Close; Main Road (twixt Stanhope Close and Saxonfields); Saxonfields. Tues 18th Dec. The Common; Main Road (all except above); Garrett Close; The Crown. Fri 21st Dec. Priory Road; Drury Park; The Golden Key.

Snape W.I. – November This month was Snape W.I.'s AGM. Treasurer, Jane Hudson presented the Annual Financial Report and the Secretary, Brenda McConkey, reported on all the past year's meetings, outings and other activities. Gay Page, the outgoing President, spoke very eloquently about why she supports the Women's Institute, how she came to be a member of the Snape branch, and why she has encouraged others to join. Gay has been a fantastic President during her term. Her enormous enthusiasm, boundless energy and unfailing good humour have been an inspiration to us all. Thank you Gay for making Snape W.I. so much fun. As well as Gay, several other committee members stood down this year. They were each presented with a bottle of sparkling wine in thanks for their contribution over the last few years. Gay was

also presented with a beautiful flower arrangement created by Snape W.I. member Elaine Warmingham. New members were then elected to the committee. After all this activity, refreshments were served and members settled down to an excellent quiz set by Chris and Maggie Scott. The winners were presented with treats while the losers were presented with wooden spoons. Many thanks to Maggie for running the quiz and for generously donating her fee to Teenage Cancer Trust. The next W.I. meeting, on Wednesday 5th December, will be our Christmas Party when, by popular demand, the Play Reading Group will again provide the entertainment. They were very funny last year and we are all looking forward to more laughter. Members are asked to bring a plate of food for sharing, which can be sweet or savoury and a wrapped Christmas present up to the value of ÂŁ4.00 which will go into a lucky dip.

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Barrie’s Letter

The Alde River Benefice

The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, IP17 1LJ 01728 603180

Dear Friends, The first Sunday in December is Advent Sunday, the first Sunday of the Church's year. So before we have even reached the end of one ordinary year we have started on the next. This serves, in some ways, to emphasis the never ending nature of time. Sometimes we might feel that a “pause button” would be useful to at least give us time to catch our breath but that is not how things are and wishing is not going to make any difference. So as we come the end/beginning of a year perhaps we can take stock both of what we have achieved in the year that is ending and what we might hope for in the years to come. Looking back, hopefully there are things that we are happy about but maybe other things which we just wish had been so different. Generally there is no point in beating ourselves up over missed opportunities or mistakes of the past that we can do nothing about. However, if there are things we said or did that we now regret which have resulted in hurt to or estrangement from someone , then we should be bold enough to tackle them rather than leaving them to fester. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus we should remember that his coming to earth in a human form was all about giving people an opportunity for a fresh start. His birth is a sign that so great is God's love for us that he wants to refresh the relationship where it is good but also to re-establish it where it has broken down. Too often in a relationship we say that things have gone too far to have any hope of reconciliation, but that is not how God sees things. Jesus being born as a helpless baby to a poor family show us just how far God will go to restore the relationship between God and his people. Being born as a helpless human baby devoid of his power Jesus is taking a risk; a risk that he thinks is worth taking if it allows people to be reconnected with God. What sort of relationship does God want for us ? The history of the Bible tells us that he wants a loving relationship, a relationship where we can be immersed in his love. A relationship where we recognise that he loves us more than we deserve and that we do not earn his love but that it is freely given. Once we acknowledge this then hopefully we start to live as people who are loved. We do not have to put other people down just to show how great we are. We stop holding grudges because we recognise just how much God has forgiven our own short comings. When we recognise that God's love for us is unearned and infinite then we can start to encourage others to acknowledge that love without fear that by loving others God's love for us is somehow diluted. At Christmas we remember that God took the initiative. It would be good if this Christmas we responded by acknowledging that love and seek to share it with the same generosity that God shows in his love for us. You are probably reading this several weeks before Christmas so it would be a good chance before you get overwhelmed in preparations, to plan to respond to the greatest of gifts that we will receive this Christmas and every Christmas, in fact every day of our life – God's love! Have a happy Christmas and a very happy New Year. Barrie




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News Snape Epiphany Evensong - 6th January The next choral evensong will not be on the fifth Sunday of December as it is too close to Christmas and New Year. It will be on 6th January and will celebrate Epiphany - with a big focus on the Wise Men. Please come and join in with the Alde River Singers, who will be practiing in the church from 16.00, or just to the service at 18.00.

young self-sown stock that have grown thin, tall and straight from the sticky clay that caps the landscape on the farm, or magnificent old hedgerow trees with billowing crowns. Alongside oak, ash trees have quite literally propped up the history of England. Ash has historically given us fuel for heating and cooking, timber for the construction of buildings, carts, cars and early planes, wood for tool handles and for weapons - the arrows let loose from the longbow were made from ash. It is fastgrowing, yet dense and is an excellent wood-fuel.

I have the honour of working at the farm with a large There will be plenty of rousing music to welcome in the number of specialists - plantsmen and women, arborists, New Year! firewood processors, millers, builders and craft workers. All use ash and rely upon it as one of the fairest woods in Please contact Barrie or Bill Gloyn on, England. Its light colour and suppleness when young or for more information. treated with steam makes it attractive for furniture making and construction. Tribute to the English Ash - the Fairest Tree in And it is beautiful when alive, with dark buds, olive green England bark and great bundles of delicate foliage. We have discovered on the farm the first cases of Chalara fungus, the disease that is affecting ash trees across Europe These trees are not just structures. They provide the very and England. The fungus has infected about 90% of the air that we breathe. Diseases detected in oak, horse saplings we planted as seedlings last February. It seems chestnut, larch and now ash are telling us that our most likely that the young trees caught the disease from woodlands, the coral reefs of this island, are not well. airborne spores after they were planted at the farm. It seems a great folly that the government has slashed funding for our UK forestry agencies. The wildlife and Some of the most beautiful trees on this farm are ash trees ecology of Britain are at the root of our existence and our survival. We forget at our peril that we depend upon forests, woodlands and wildlife. Written with hope for and in tribute to the common ash Fraxinus excelsior, the fairest tree in England. With very best wishes, Jason Gathorne-Hardy

The Writer’s Hut

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How about joining a group of people dedicated to the art of Creative Writing? You will be alongside like-minded people who are keen to express their creative thoughts. You may want to improve your grammar, your punctuation, your story structure. Maybe you have a book in you that just has to be written, or perhaps your work is becoming more demanding and you need to hone your writing skills. Ever felt desperate when faced with a blank sheet of paper with lots to say and no idea how to say it?

Willie Free Boiler Maintenance

Gas and Oil (Corgi Registered) The Writer's Servicing Hut - runCommision by Tim Cazalet meets approximately monthly in Sweffling Breakdownsfrom 'til 3.00. Bring penLandlords’ and paper andSafety your own lunch. Tea and coffee Certificates

etc provided.

Sunnyside, 71 Haylings Road, Leiston, IP16 4DS 01728 830683

Next meeting Sat 8th Dec

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Local Food avoid any that are soft or wrinkly. To prepare them scrub them well. Add them to a tray of roast vegetables and roast in sunflower oil until soft. Alternatively chop a few It's that wonderful time of year again when you can sense artichokes and add them to soups, stews or better still the expectation and excitement building during the run up pop a few into the slow cooker - not too many though as to Christmas day. Holly wreaths hang gaily on doors, the flavour can be very overpowering. sprigs of mistletoe adorn hallways and the heady scent of mulled wine tells us that the Christmas day is fast Despite their unattractive appearance these delicious approaching. morsels are never better than when they are roast until their skins are caramelised and the flesh is moist and Our family home never feels better than during this, the gently yielding. However you choose to eat them, be festive season, when we spend plenty of time together sure to go easy as they are rich in inulin which, although indoors cosied up by our fire. With the presents wrapped it has health benefits, can have a potent wind producing and the room festooned in sparkly decorations it is now effect! time to plan the food for our fun filled Christmas day. As well as maintaining all that's traditional it's nice to try White cabbage something new with the county's seasonal best produce. Here are some ideas to add a touch of difference to a few of Whatever you do I would advise not to boil this crispy, the vegetables available locally this month. nutritionally rich vegetable. Unlike its cousins, savoy and red cabbage, in my opinion white is by far best Fresh local produce available in December includes; served raw or at least cooked as lightly as possible. Here are a couple of suggestions to serve it at its best. Brussel Sprouts Jerusalem Artichokes Finely slice your white cabbage and add to an equal Turnips proportion of grated carrot and a handful of finely sliced White cabbage onion. Mix these all together with a generous helping of

Making the Most of Our Local Seasonal Produce December. By Jennifer Hammond

Brussel Sprouts

mayonnaise (Hillside is a local favourite) and season to taste for a wonderfully flavoursome homemade coleslaw.

This cruciferous vegetable resembling a mini cabbage should not be reserved purely for consumption at Christmas. Slice half of a white cabbage and add to a hot wok of stir Choose shiny green sprouts. It's wise to buy them on the fried vegetables. Add a handful of toasted sesame seeds stalk as this helps to preserve them and retain their and a liberal dash of soy sauce. Strips of cooked pork go nutritional content. particularly well with stir fried white cabbage. If you are boiling your sprouts be sure not to over boil as this destroys their flavour and is possibly the reason they have such a negative reputation. Once boiled gently fold in some lightly fried pancetta and chestnuts and a generous knob of butter. This is a delicious side dish that would complement Christmas dinner beautifully.


Turnips are unsurprisingly not at the top of many a shopping list. This may be because in the nineteenth century they were mainly grown for cattle fodder. Other nationalities have a more positive view and use them in a For a touch of difference slice your sprouts and toss a variety of imaginative ways. The French braise, sautĂŠ handful of them into a vegetable stir fry with some sesame and glaze them, Italians throw them into risottos, the seeds and soy sauce. This is fabulous served with strips of Chinese enjoy them roasted and Middle Eastern countries enjoy all manner of pickled forms. cooked beef. In the winter it is best to peel your turnips and add them to soups and stews. They are also nice when gently roast If there were a competition for the most misleading and served with a joint of roast meat. vegetable name, Jerusalem Artichokes would surely carry off first prize. As it happens they are not related to the Enjoy all the food and festivities this season and don't artichoke family and they do not originate from Jerusalem. forget to support your local suppliers. Have a very happy They are in fact an edible tuber that is related to the Christmas. sunflower and is readily available during the colder months. You can find a complete list of where to buy locally Always buy fresh artichokes with hard, brown skins and grown, seasonal produce in our August issue. Jerusalem Artichokes

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News Great Glemham Micro Poetry Festival Since the parish council bought the telephone kiosk in Great Glemham from BT it has been used for various cultural purposes - exhibitions of postcard art and photographs, a flower show, a Macmillan coffee morning and a children's book swap. Earlier this month it was at the centre of a micro poetry festival. Judy Brown, a poet who has won prizes for her first collection, was the guest of honour and read some of her work. Then others got up on the grass next to the kiosk to read their poems. The youngest entrant was Malachy King, aged 5 who was away for the weekend but entrusted Nicola Redman to read his limerick.

and I feel old, and I am no longer wanted They ripped out my heart and left me to rot and then sold me for a pound for I know not what but then they cherished me and made me sparkle and filled me with photographs and books and flowers and even poems and now I am loved as ever I was and I stand red and proud with my gold crown. Tim hosts a Creative Writing course once a month in Sweffling Called The Writer's Hut Contact

Photographs of the event and copies of all the poems are available on the Great Glemham website. One of the poems, by Tim Cazalet, was about the phone The website also has lots of local information and news of box itself. events taking place in Great Glemham. I stand red and proud with my gold crown What on Earth? they say Talk to someone from here? Surely not. But they soon catch on and feed in heavy pennies and crinkly thrupenny bits, and their slinky sixpences and I stand red and proud with my gold crown They call their mothers and their brothers and their grannies and their lovers I miss you mum, You're in the team Saturday OK? I made some jam today I love you, I love you too and I stand red and proud with my gold crown I am here at 3.00 in the morning My baby is sick, come quick I am here at half past eleven at night There's been a crash, come quick I am here in the darkest hour of the morning My husband won't wake up, please come and I stand red and proud with my gold crown Just turn left and you'll see the red telephone box Go just a few yards past. Turn right by the telephone box and go straight on all the way. Leave the telephone box on your right go past the turning and it's on your left - can't miss it I am their guide and on dark nights I lead the faithful to evensong and I stand red and proud with my gold crown But what's this? New money? O yes I take it all, the pennies and the new 2p's the fives and tens and even the 50's But that's ten shillings in real money, and they shake their heads but I stand red and proud with my gold crown But now it is quiet, and they don't come in I'll call you this evening I hear them say they sit in their armchairs chatting away

Cookery Demonstration at The Riverside St Mary’s Church, Farnham organised a cookery demonstration by Jason Shaw, who is head chef at the White Lion at Aldeburgh and Emma Crowhurst the cookery writer and chef. The Riverside was crowded as Emma and Jason demonstrated their culinary skills. Debbie Taylor was the only member of the audience brave enough to try spinning the molten sugar used for decoration of deserts and other food. The White Lion kindly provided lunch for all and over £2,000 was raised that was shared between Farnham Church and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. See back page for pics

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News (from p2) start of the festival and the vibrant voices of the choirs displayed their hours of training and practice. Preparations for the event kicked off at 7 a.m. the morning of October 27, with visitors coming on foot and boat from as far away as fifty kilometres. After enjoying the sounds of the twelve choirs showcasing their best pieces and harmonising in the best tradition of Gospel music, the competition wrapped up with a triumphant mass choir piece called 'Nyanja Mama'. The voices of the choirs rang out so beautifully that once was not enough and in the following encores even the crowd, including young children, joined in the melody. Heartfelt congratulations to Mala Choir for winning first prize, a five song recording session in a nearby beach town in Mozambique; to Mcondece for taking second prize, a video exchange with a choir in Canada and a folder for each choir member; to Chigoma Choir, who walked away with third place, twenty recorders, instruction book and a pitch pipe; and to Andrew Kaiwala, the winning choirmaster, who took home a gleaming tambourine, undoubtedly to be used during countless Anglican church meetings in Mala Village!

The photograph below shows the improvements made to the church in time for the Choir Festival, including a gleaming new roof, finalized in early 2012. As a resident of Blaxhall the photo above puts our repair schedule firmly into perspective!

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News Blaxhall Community Coffee Morning Tuesday 4th December at 10.30am in the Youth Hostel Lounge Please join us for coffee, home-made cakes and a friendly chat. This is the first of the coffee mornings which will be then held on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

St Mary's Church Benhall Christmas Services. You are invited to two Christmas services at St Mary's Church, Benhall. The first, featuring the Nativity, will take place on Sunday 16th December at 3pm and will be conducted by the Rev. Nigella Youngs-Dunnett . There will be tea and mince pies afterwards. This service will replace our usual 10am Family Service. On Sunday 23rd December at 6.30pm we are holding a special Music and Words for Christmas service at the church. We will be singing Christmas carols and listening to seasonal readings and poetry. The service will be led by Anne Newman and there will be tea and coffee afterwards. This will replace our usual 9.30am Communion service.

said that the greatest period for popular songwriters was the 1930s and 1940s. These were the days of Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, George Gershwin, Rogers and Hart and Rogers and Hammerstein. Many of these American songwriters were in their late teens and early twenties when they started to write and they came from a wide spectrum of families from the very rich to the very poor. Many bands in the UK played their music, including Bert Ambrose and Lew Stone. One of the best known singers at that time was Leslie Hutchinson, known as Hutch. Terry said that songs written during that period are still loved and sung today. He performs once a month at a pub in Hadleigh and finds that many of the younger customers enjoy the old songs. The December meeting will be the Christmas Party on the 4th. Don't forget to bring your knife, fork spoon and plate. Please give generously for the draw with items for the hampers as we are well below our usual amount of money for this year's charity. Ladies are asked to arrive at 7pm for a prompt start at 7.15 pm.

Little Glemham Donations

Everyone welcome.

The St Andrews Trafalgar service collection of £65 has been sent to Seafarers' UK, while the £212.50 from the Womens Fellowship News Benefice service on Remembrance Sunday has been sent November's meeting on the 6th was a musical evening to The Royal British Legion. with Terry Malster singing and playing songs from the 1920s through to the 1950s on his electric piano. The first Alde Valley Luncheon Club song he played was 'Stardust' by Hoagy Carmichael, an gh American composer and musician of the late 1920s. Terry We look forward to welcoming club members to our told us Hoagy's story of how he came to write the song and Christmas Party on Tuesday 11th December, when we shall be serving roast turkey with all the trimmings and seasonal vegetables followed by Christmas pudding, trifle and mince pies. Please note we shall start at 12 noon and finish at around 2.30pm. Please contact the Club Secretary Brigid on 01728 602030 if you have any queries concerning the Club.

Blaxhall Carol Service The 2012 edition of Blaxhall’s ever popular Carol Service will be taking place on Sunday 16th of December at 6.30pm in St Peter’s Church. Please come and join us for this essential part of the festive season.

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News Great Movies in Glemham The young(er) Dustin Hoffman at his most gauche brought memories back for many in Glemham village hall on Friday evening. The film was The Graduate and the memories were, of course, totally of a cinematic nature! When was it made? How old was Dustin Hoffman? When did I first see it? In case anyone still needs an answer to the first two questions, it was definitely 1967 and believe it or not he was 30 years old. The answer to the third question - only you will know. However, it is likely that a larger proportion of the audience will be seeing the next film for the very first time. Galaxy Quest will be shown on Friday 14th December This clever, witty and heart-warming spin on the Star Trek universe, made in 1999, is full of action and laughs. Galaxy Quest was a successful sci-fi TV show, but was cancelled. Twenty years on, its demoralised stars are reduced to signing autographs at fan conventions. A group of aliens, who have mistaken broadcasts of the show for historical documents and think that the actors are a real space crew, come to them for help in

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negotiating with a reptilian warlord waging war on their people. The actors are transported to the replica of the Galaxy Quest spaceship built by the Thermians and find themselves having to save the day for real, with the help of a couple of young fans back on earth. Doors open at 7.15 and programme starts at 7.45pm. Admission free – donations to cover costs welcomed. Get Fit Lose Fat Snape Village Hall

Weight management Course 7pm till 8.30pm DO MY GENES MAKE ME FAT? WHY IS IT SO EASY TO PUT ON WEIGHT? Find out the answers to these questions and more 8 Week course starting - Friday 11th January 2013 Cost ÂŁ60 Weekly Weigh in and exercise (work to your own ability)

Ring Marion Walker - 01728 68866 or email -to book your place

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News The Royal British Legion (RBL) – Snape and Farnham Branch November Meeting plus AGM We had a very pleasant and interesting evening and after the formal meeting enjoyed a raffle, refreshments and discussion around the bar. Legion in the Community Alan Edwards recently gave a short talk to the Saxmundham Cub Scouts on the significance of Remembrance Sunday and the origins of the Poppy emblem. He also outlined the important role and the work of TRBL in assisting wounded soldiers. David Mincher and Frank Beeson have carried out some minor repair work at the home of one of our Members. The Poppy Appeal 2011/12 We have had another very successful year and raised just over £4,000 including the Branch donation. The final figure nationally was just under £40.1 million, which represents a year on year increase of 9.38%. Poppy Appeal Collectors If you would be interested in performing this once yearly but very important task in the Snape area please let the Secretary know. Remembrance Sunday In a full Snape Church, The Rector Reverend Barrie Slatter, took the service which was led by the Branch with two Standard Bearers in support. The exceptionally good weather also enabled the wreath laying ceremony at The Memorial to be performed within the church grounds. Glemham Hall Carols and LessonsTicket sales are going well for this popular Christmas event. Some still remain and can be purchased from The Chairman, or any Branch Member you may know. A FINAL reminder:= Monday 10th December, 7:00pm at Little Glemham Church = Afterwards at Glemham Hall = Refreshments, pay bar and excellent raffle = Tickets £12 = All proceeds to The Poppy Appeal Our next meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 3rd December 2012 at The Benhall Club. For more details on any of the above please contact David Mincher (Chairman) on 01728 747066 or Alan Edwards (Secretary) on 01728 688502. Lifts to The Benhall Club can also be arranged if required.

Blaxhall Ship Upcoming Musical Events December Sun 2nd 'Buckshee' 2.30pm Weds 5th 'Shipshape' Traditional music 9pm

Thurs 13th 'Open Mic' 8.30pm Fri 14th 'Irish Night' Local traditional players 9pm Weds 19th 'Shipshape' Traditional music 9pm Sat 22nd 'Greg McDonald' 9pm Thurs 27th 'Open Mic' 8.30pm Mon 31st New Year's Eve 'Ellen Foster' 9pm

The Ship Inn Blaxhall Good Accommodation & 'Country cooking' every day Real ales with famous home-made Pies, and Puddings A rare survivor of its type the Ship offers good value, a friendly social scene, a busy program of live music and 8 en-suite guest rooms For Accommodation and more info see: or call 01728 688316

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News Snape Community Primary School FUN TIME

Blaxhall Line Dancing gh

Starling Class invite you and your child to join in the fun

Because of the lack of members Blaxhall Line Dancing Group no longer meet on a Thursday.

Thursday 31 January 11am to 11.45am

Blaxhall Christmas Concert

Parents and carers are welcome to join us with their 2, 3, and 4 year olds for a variety of activities covering different areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum. Please note we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 2 years old.

Sunday 9th December at 3pm Christmas Concert in Blaxhall Village Hall. . Music will be provided by the British Legion Training Band.

Tickets, £5 to include a Blaxhall Tea, The overall effectiveness of our Early Years Foundation available from Nigella Youngs-Dunnett 688660 Stage Class has been judged outstanding at our latest Ofsted Inspection. Little Glemham Christmas Party 2012 This takes into account: Outcomes for children, the quality of provision and the effectiveness of leadership and management.

At St Andrew’s Church Little Glemham, 7pm on Friday 7th of December at Glemham Hall.

Lots of Christmas fun, including food, bar, quiz, raffle, Contact the school on 01728 688373 to book a place or if music and carols. you need any more information. Also see our school Tickets £10 from Ann (747429) or Jane (663226). website

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News Children Of Benhall Raise Over £500 For Their Community

Play in Benhall aim to start work in February, when they hope their fundraising total of £24,000 is reached.

The pedal power of 29 youngsters in Benhall Green has raised over £550 towards the development of a play area and social space for the community. Children of the village turned out in force on the morning of a sunny Saturday 3rd of November for a sponsored cycle ride around the lanes of Benhall. They cycled for 1 mile and returned to the Green to receive a winner's medal. There was a great range of transport, from racers and BMX bikes, to plastic motorbikes and tractors. Children, parents and other residents gathered to eat tasty home baking and residents from around the Green shared produce and donated money. A generator was found by the boys and cups of tea were handed out. Genny, a resident of the village with young children said 'This is the nicest event I have been to in the village. It's been wonderful for the community to fundraise together. I hope that it is the first of many events that Benhall residents can all participate in, particularly as we will have such a lovely community space to gather in'. The brains behind the day, Elli O'Connor, sorted out the route and much of the baking. The whole event was planned in less than 3 weeks and with little fuss, showing what can be achieved when people in a community pull together for a common cause they care about. The event was set up by Play in Benhall, a group of parents from the village who are developing plans to create a new play area and social space on the village green. The area has the potential to be a beautiful meeting space in the heart of the village but is currently overgrown with brambles, thistles and nettles. Plans are being discussed and developed with the support of the Parish Council. They have agreed to maintain and insure the new area. Play in Benhall aims to create a delightful space that can stimulate imaginative play and be used by all residents. The space will feature a huge slide that follows the existing slope of this natural amphitheatre. There will be wooden steps up to it, native planting and a bug bank. Other features will include soft mounds, tunnels, seating, a hazel tipi camp, sandpit, goal posts, a wooden lookout post and a beautiful carved entrance archway to welcome people to the site.

For more information please contact Rachel Nightingale on 07739 825 417

M & S SERVICES SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT SERVICING LOCAL AND PERSONAL SERVICE Maintenance and servicing of all treatment plants Care and advice Emergency call out and repair service Compressors/Blowers/Pumps and consumables Commissioning Removal of septic waste

Mark Saunders Tel 01728 832346 Competitve rates - fully insured

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From the Registers Baptisms

Contact Us

The Baptism of Lewin Luke Garrard, the son of Fiona and Luke Garrard took place at St Andrew's Church, Little Glemham 28th October, 2012

If you wish to contact the Ebb and Flow team with contributions, questions, letters, advertising enquries, etc please email Please remember we are a small team of volunteers so may not get back to you immediately, but will try to do so within a few days.

The Baptism of Darcy May Garrard, the daughter of Fiona and Luke Garrard took place at St Andrew's Church, Little Glemham 28th October, 2012 Weddings The blessing of the marriage of Nicola Ann Feary and Lee Patrick Fehily took place at Saint Andrew's Church, Little Glemham on the 23rd October, 2012 . Funerals The funeral of Beatrice Blackhall, aged 90, took place at St John the Baptist's Church, Snape on 2nd November, 2012 followed by burial in the churchyard. The funeral of Frederick Charles Goddard, aged 86, took place at St Mary Magdalene's Church, Sternfield on 5th November, 2012 followed by burial in the churchyard. The funeral of Eileen Teresa Duxbury, aged 81, took place at St Mary's Church, Farnham on 19th November, 2012 followed by burial at the Woodland Burial Ground. The funeral of Pauline Margaret Norgen, aged 60, took place at St Mary's Church, Benhall on 23rd November, 2012 followed by burial in Benhall Cemetery The funeral of Richard George Arthur Rope, aged 86, took place at St Peter's Church, Blaxhall on 26th November, 2012 followed by burial in the churchyard

October rainfall (mm) in Great Glemham October saw no less than 18 days of rainfall, too many to fully break down in the available space this month; suffice to say the total was a very damp 101.5mm.

Total 101.5mm

Blaxhall Highs and Lows in October Highest Lowest Windiest

16.9째 C 0.2째 C 30mph

2nd 28th 16th

AJB Upholstery _______________________________________________________

Traditional & modern upholstery & Loose covers, cushions and bespoke furniture. Good fabric selection, Upholstery sundries Workshop/showroom open Monday to Friday ______________________________________ Andy Blackburn The Workshop Wayside, Glemham Road, Sweffling IP17 2BQ Tel: 01728 663901 Mobile: 07789 110218

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The Puzzle Page

December Crossword



1. A quick form of coffee (7) 4. Graphic (5) 7. Steps (5) 9. Love story (7) 10. What you don't get in a poor harvest (6) 11. Topics (6) 15. Nutritionist (9) 17. Nearly (6) 19. Movie genre (6) 22. Transport system (7) 24. Dye (5) 25. At a subsequent time (5) 26. Recite (7)

1. State indirectly (5) 2. Accomplish (7) 3. Limited period of time (4) 4. Vitality (3) 5. Animal toxin (5) 6. Chest of drawers (7) 8. Sorrow (7) 12. Monstrous (7) 13. Fuel (3) 14. Angry dispute (7) 16. Paradise (7) 18. Slightly wet (5) 20. Scope (5) 21. Song of praise (4) 23. Armed conflict (3)

November solutions December Sudoku

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Letters & Quiz Dear Ebb and Flow

December Quiz - Stage Names

I'm known by some as 'Shoe Box Sheila.' Many people give me presents and bits and bobs and through your letters page I'd like to say a great big thank you one and all. This year I've filled 33 shoe boxes. The boxes get sent by The Samaritans to orphans who are pleased to receive soap, flannels, tennis balls, hats and scarfs. It is hard to comprehend when one attends car boot sales and sees all the toys and clothes hardly used that have been thrown out.

For many years it has been common for performers to adopt “Stage Names” . To do this some made only small modifications of their real names others adopted something completely different. Do you know the “Stage Names” of the following people ?

Thank you to all and a very Happy Christmas. Sheila Last

Adopt a Christmas Tree Have you ever thought what a shame it is to turf out your faithful tree every Christmas? l

Now you can do your bit for the planet and start a new family tradition by hiring your tree this year, complete in it’s pot. The tree will be delivered to your door, then collected after Christmas, replanted and labelled with your name ready for next year. Prices from £15 Call Andrew on 07958 252750

1) Mary Isobel Catherine O?Brien 2) Michael Shalhoub 3) Norma Jean Mortensen 4) Barry Alan Pincus 5) Madonna Louise Ciccone 6) Hugh Cregg 7) Thomas Jones Woodward 8) William Henry Pratt 9) Arthur Stanley Jefferson 10) Burle Icle Ivanhoe 11) Margarita Cansino 12) Brenda Webb 13) Frances Gumm 14) William Claude Dukenfield 15) Douglas Elton Ulman, Jr. 16) Doris Kappelhof 17) Henry John Deutschendorf 18) Virginia Patterson Hensley 19) Pierino Roland Como 20) Vincent Damon Furnier

Answers to the November Quiz - Famous last words Who said these words as they were departing? 1. And still it moves … Galileo 2. Die, my dear doctor, why that is the last thing I shall do ….Lord Palmerston 3. Either that wallpaper goes, or I do … Oscar Wilde 4. Et tu Brute … Julius Ceasar 5. I am dying as I lived, beyond my means …… Oscar Wilde 6. I am just going outside and I may be some time …… Capt Lawrence Oates 7. I go from a corruptible to an incorruptible crown … Charles I 8. I shall hear in heaven …… Beethoven 9. If this is dying, I don't think much of it … Lytton Strachey 10. I've had 18 straight whiskies, I think that's a record … Dylan Thomas 11. Last words are for fools who haven't said enough Karl Marx 12. Let not poor Nelly starve … Charles II 13. Monsieur, I beg your pardon … Marie Antoinette (as she tripped over the executioner) 14. Oh, I'm so bored with it all …… Churchill 15. Thank God, I have done my duty …… Nelson 16. This is a sharp medicine but it will cure all deseases … Sir Walter Raleigh (as being executed) 17. Wait 'till I have finished my problem …… Archimedes 18. We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England as I trust shall never be put out …… Hugh Latimer 19. Why should I see her, she will only want me to give a message to Albert …… Disraeli 20. That's all, folks, I'm off to pastures new …… Joyce Lovett

Emma, Skye and their cakes helped raise £550 towards Benhall’s new play area

If you spot the above signs of Chalara Fraxinea please call 01904 465625 or 0131 314 6414

Debbie Taylor (right) tries her hand at spinning sugar in front of a packed audience at the Riverside.

Saxmundham £165,000

Modern 3 bed end terrace with garage and garden



Recently refurbished 3 bed semi, generous plot. Aldeburgh 01728 454622

Kelsale £177,500

Saxmundham £129,950

Theberton £219,950

3 bed extended semi with garden and parking.

Modern 3 bed mid terrace Open plan living area, en suite.

Snape G.P. £250,000

Aldeburgh £575 pcm

Leiston £650 pcm

2 bed unfurnished cottage for rent close to High Street.

Spacious 3 storey unfurnished four bed semi.

Stunning 2 storey 4/5 bed house Galleried landing. Garden.

Spacious 3 bed mid terrace, garden and parking

Saxmundham 01728 605511 Southwold 01502 722065


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