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Beautiful Machines and Beauty Queens

Visitors looking over a vintage motorcycle at the Alde Valley Classic Car Show

This year’s Miss Benhall, Penny Norgen with her assistants Sky Samuels and Emma Ward

Top left - In excess of 60 vintage cars and motorcycles were on display at the fourth annual Alde Valley Classics event held on Sunday 12th August at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew. Visitors throughout the day admired the exhibits, browsed the various stalls and enjoyed meals, other refreshments and sideshow games. A team of volunteers from churches throughout the benefice worked hard providing meals, refreshments, serving on stalls and directing traffic. This ensured that the day was a great success. The organisers would like to thank all those who took part and made it such an enjoyable event. Alde Valley Lunch Club members admire the Olympic Torch, brought along by Derek Thompson

Bed & Breakfast available throughout the Summer Months Double & Twin En-Suite Rooms

Bed & Breakfast available throughout the Summer Months A Country Pub with Proper Food, Real Ales and Rooms Tel: 01728 688510

Double & Twin En-Suite Rooms

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News Great Glemham Flower Festival – All the World's a in the box, stopping cars and passers by in their tracks. Thank you to Nicola Redman for such a beautiful show. Stage The 5th Great Glemham Flower Festival was held on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July. The displays, which depicted various stage productions, were, as ever, absolutely stunning. It is always a pleasure to hear what visitors have to say about the flowers and to discover which particular displays caught their attention but time after time the same comment was made this year – how does such a small village put on such a wonderful show? The truth is that it takes masses of hard work and commitment – therefore, in the spirit of this year's theme, the credits are as follows: ARTISTS The Mikado....................................Phyl Palmer Madame Butterfly...........................Liz Cazalet The Railway Children.....................Geraldine Smith Aladdin............................................Jules Bell Mary Poppins..................................Sandra Ellis All the World's a Stage....................Isabel Dalziel Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat ............................................Patricia Drummond-Smith The Phantom of the Opera...............Emma Cross The Little Sweep..............................Jenni Wake-Walker Barnum.........................................Henry & Percy Moore Alex & Maddie Cross A Midsummer Night's Dream...........Stephanie Hand Swan Lake.........................................Jill Pascoe Romeo and Juliet...............................Emma Cross Singin' in the Rain.................Marian Heffer & Jill Smith PUBLICIST..........................John Cross FRONT OF HOUSE.............Brian Drummond-Smith

One of the flower arrangements which followed the theme of Music Shows. Here is “Barnum “

Snape Maltings Events Farmers Market with over 30 producers Saturday 1st September

Keith Nash Exhibition 'Under the Anglian Skies' 3rd September to 8th October

Tour of Britain Breakfast at the Maltings Sunday 9th September from 9.30am Spectators & breakfast across the frontage The Annual Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival 29 & 30th September

HEAD OF SECURITY.........David Creed

Food Festival Fringe Event – Café 1885 A huge thank you to Jill Pascoe and Edna Deabill for serving up delicious refreshments in the village hall. Shirleen Aherne created the most beautiful 'pop up' garden in the churchyard (this will remain in situ all summer, so please come along and have a look). The Alde Valley Players Archive was on display in the village hall – many thanks to Richard and Carolyn Nichol for putting this together. Masses of people came to have a look and a chuckle at the pictures – happy, happy memories. The red telephone box hosted a Mini Festival of Wild Flowers – tiny glass bottles of wild flowers were suspended

Tuesday 2nd October, 2.30pm – 3.30pm Award winning French Patissier Jean Baptiste hosting an afternoon tea of tastings and demonstrations of cakes, pastries and tartlets

Rag Rug Mat Making Workshop Saturday 6th October For full details telephone 01728 688 303

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Cuttings from the Walled Garden: Jim Mountain The Walled Garden. Plants in pots are not dissimilar to animals in that their needs must be met every day; either watered or fed and at least checked to ensure that there are no signs of pest and disease. They therefore constitute one of the basic costs for the business and we have to ensure that the numbers we keep equates approximately to the number that we can sell. Following the washout spring, our stocks were higher than we liked and a sale was deemed to be the solution. With some carefully placed advertising, a modest reduction on all plants and an area devoted to huge reductions on selected plants, we were able to sell a good quantity of our surplus stock and increase the number of visitors to the nursery. We were satisfied with our fortnight's effort and the customers seemed pleased to have picked up some bargains. The problems of working out the discounts at the till never materialised and I was very delighted with the way all my staff managed.

warmth have reversed the situation. Higher temperatures and strong sunlight have jerked them into growth. Fortunately, by the time the warmth arrived, we had germinated most of our winter flowering pansies. These do not like temperatures exceeding 65째F and we do our best by keeping them in the cool of a store, one wall of which is three bricks thick. Despite the outside of the wall facing south, the shed inside remains surprisingly and constantly cool. Woe betide anyone that leaves the door open. The seeds are surface sown and as soon as the tiny white roots appear, the trays are removed to the greenhouse where they are covered with a thin layer of vermiculite and a close covering of plastic. They must not be allowed to dry out at all and are carefully shaded to control the temperature. Visitors like the atmosphere created by the garden, but I feel that it has a mind of its own and it is becoming unruly. Long growths produced by the wet spring need pruning. Geranium 'Claridge Druce', which we now no longer even sell, has rampaged too widely. It's deep pink flowers tinged with blue are pleasant enough, but it grows taller than is useful and spreads itself around, almost crossing the boundary from being ground- cover to that of invasive pest. And then there are those Aquilegia seedlings which have gone everywhere. Better get back to work!

Our glasshouses slowly empty as the summer continues. We don't grow a lot of primulas and polyanthus but the polyanthus especially are still in demand as an alternative to the ubiquitous winter flowering pansy for autumn planting. We buy these plants in as plugs. Our usual supplier only starts to sell the young plants in September which is too late. This year we switched to another and have already received the plants. The Jim Mountain modern hybrid Primulas are amazing plants. The plant breeders have done wonders with them, not only in providing plants with huge blooms but an amazing range of colours. They need the correct nutrition during the LEIGH winter and frost protection to keep them looking perfect. Potting of these plants is straightforward on our Javo potting machine and it was cranked up to Olympian speeds to get the job done quickly.


Principal: Mrs H.E. Leigh M.A, Cert. Ed.

The final arrival of summer weather has not only brought forth a great many more customers, but also encouraged plants which had been languishing in their pots. A batch of newly potted Sedums that I frequently watched seemed to be making no growth at all, and some were going backwards. A few days of bright sunshine and real

NEW CLASSES FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS in FRENCH & SPANISH during 2012 FOR MORE INFORMATION: Mobile: 07968 796072 Telephone/fax: 0208 5043652

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Local History & Characters Ye Olde Saxmundham We’ve cobbled together some old pics of our local market town for September; ranging from 1910 to 1930 some aspects look very familiar while others are much changed.

E&F would love to receive more old photos, stories, history from across the benefice, so please email us if you have something we could feature.

Kim Curtis Dog Walker 01728 688584

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Snape News Snape Harvest Supper

Join the Angels at Snape Choral Evensong

Snape will be having their harvest supper this year on the 6th October at the village hall. We are fortunate to have Bill Gloyn to entertain us again this year and Joyce Lovett (queen of the quizzes) to test your knowledge. Tickets are £7.50 and as usual, bring your own drink. We have a lot of fun at this popular event, so please come and get your tickets early. Tickets available from Kitty Waddell on 688613, Sara Hinton on 688877 and Ilse Edwards on 688502.

The next evensong led by the Alde River Singers will be on Sunday 30th September. Once again the Singers – conducted by Bill Gloyn - will be a fine blend of local voices and visitors from around the home counties. Our organist will be the brilliant Victor Scott from Southwold.

Hope to see you there!! Thank you Ilse Edwards

Snape W. I. There was no meeting in August, but please note that our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th September.

The theme will be St Michael and all Angels, the 29th September being Michaelmas. We have been honoured by the opportunity to sing an “Invocation to Michael” composed by Jane Alderson. That will be our Introit, to be followed by a selection of angelic music – with a surprise or two in store. Plenty of opportunities for the congregation to sing too. The Angels made a notable appearance together with a bright star in the East – why should the music in celebration be only reserved for Christmastide? New singers of all parts are always most welcome. We rehearse at 16.00 in Snape church and retire for tea before the service at 18.30. Do come to join us – in the choir or congregation. For more information please contact Barry or Kitty Waddell – 01728 688613.

Golden Key Quiz The Golden Key Quiz in Snape on 24th July proved just a s s u c c e s s f u l a s e v e r. Presented by The Warblers, seven plucky teams fought it out for the prestigious first place - which was won by The Unsettled with a clear lead. Thanks to all concerned, and appreciation for the generous £84 that will go to Suffolk Family Carers. Keep your eyes peeled for the date of the next quiz which will be in the autumn.

Advertising in Ebb and Flow Thank you to all our supportive advertisers! Ebb and Flow is run and produced by a small team and delivered by an unsung group of heroes to every house in the benefice – that’s 1450 copies! To take advantage of such fantastic unrivalled reach of households in the EIGHT villages within the benefice: Snape. Sternfield, Stratford St Andrew, Farnham, Great Glemham, Little Glemham, Benhall & Blaxhall email 2012 rates as follows: 4.9cm x8.65cm £15 per insertionper month 4.9cm x 17.9cm £25 per insertion per month 9.8cm x 8.65cm £30 per insertion per month 13.3cm x 17.9cm £90 per insertionper month Front page solus strip colour: £80 per insertion per month

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Barrie’s Letter

The Alde River Benefice

The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, IP17 1LJ 01728 603180

Dear Friends, By the time that you read this the Olympic Games will be a little way behind us but the Para-Olympics will be about to start. So what did we learn from the Olympic experience. We enjoy success although we usually play down it importance but in fact are very happy to be associated with it when it happens. Also maybe, if we are honest, we are greatly relieved that all the disasters lurking in the back of our minds did not happen . Either all the Olympic venues were filled with the Welsh whenever team GB won a medal or everybody has learnt to sing the national anthem with enthusiasm. But what now ? I am confident that we will be impressed, if not a little shamed of ourselves, by the ability and courage of the para-olympians. Here are people who by everyday standards could be expected to give up and complain but instead they reacted to adversity with great courage. Although they have had to supply most of the “drive” they will all have been very dependent on the support of other people. So what can we learn from all this ? To be associated with success is pleasant and we can bask in reflected glory even if our justification is quite tenuous. When confronted by failure and hardship we may be much more reluctant to claim association but this is often where we have the most to offer. Many people would have suggested to Jesus that if he wanted to make a difference he should ingratiate himself with the leaders of the nation but instead he spent most of his time away from the city elite. He associated himself with the poor, the sick and especially those who because of their leprosy were social outcasts and offered them support. Even with these people he did not set out to court popularity in the modern day sense of “celebrity”. Just as Jesus was prepared to associate with those in difficulties during his earthly life so he remains committed to be with us when life is at the opposite of winning gold medals and basking in the glory of success. He know what absolute desolation feels like; just read of his words as he dies on the cross. The paraolympians in their needs have sought the help and support needed to bring them to the level of achievement that we will witness. However, as important has been their willingness to accept that help and guidance.. Perhaps we have to be prepared to be open to God in our times of need rather than seeing ourselves as too busy, wrapped up in solving our problems on our own. Its in times of adversity that we are most in need of God's support and guidance but the first step in obtaining it always lies with us – we just need to ask. Barrie




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News Benhall Harvest Festival

Alde Valley Luncheon Club

Benhall church will be holding their Harvest Festival on We were very pleased that a record number of our members attended our Olympic themed lunch on 14th Sunday, September 16th at 10.00am. August. It was a very special occasion because we were The service will include some well-known harvest lucky that one of the Olympic torch bearers, Derek hymns and the presentation of traditional harvest gifts. Thomas, who ran in Wickham Market, was also able to The 'Open the Book' Team will present the story of attend with his torch! creation. The gold-coloured torch (below) is made of an inner and There will be the opportunity for children (of any age!) outer aluminium skin held in place by a cast top piece and to participate in the story. Just bring along your favourite base and was chosen from 89 designs and named 'Design cuddly toy or a model creature of any kind - animal, bird, Of The Year'. It is perforated with 8000 holes to represent each of the torchbearers carrying it. The holes are not only fish or creepy-crawly - and join in the fun! decorative but also reduce the weight of the torch and prevent heat being conducted to the holder's hand. It is lit Refreshments will be available after the service. by a small cartridge of liquid petroleum in the head of the torch. This burner is made up of 2/3rds propane and 1/3rd Benhall and Sternfield Ex-Servicemen's Social butane and is a double burner – an outer bright flame and Club. an inner blue flame can re-light the torch if the outer flame Make the Olympian effort to walk to the club! goes out. When the torch holders purchased their own torches, these burners were removed. Big news - Dance School arrives! As of Tuesday 11th September we will have our own dance For our September lunch, on Tuesday 11th, we shall be school! From 3.30pm – 9.30pm every Tuesday, Erin Lea serving braised beef followed by cheesecake with cream. Murphy will be offering dance classes for all ages and abilities. Contact her on 07985521888 for further Our contact number is Brigid on 01728 602030, for any queries you may have regarding the lunch club. information or check out her website. The club now has its own section at your official local website. Diary of Events For September 2012 Every Thursday morning: Pilates. please book first. Saturday: 1st September: BINGO. 7.30 for 8pm Tuesday 11th September: Erin Lea-Murphy's Dance School 3.30-9.30pm Saturday 15th September: Harvest Festival Tuesday 18th September: Erin Lea-Murphy's Dance School 3.30-9.30pm Saturday 22nd September: BINGO. 7.30 for 8pm Tuesday 25th September: Erin Lea-Murphy's Dance School 3.30-9.30pm

Willie Free Boiler Maintenance Gas and Oil (Corgi Registered) Servicing Commision Breakdowns Landlords’ Safety Certificates Sunnyside, 71 Haylings Road, Leiston, IP16 4DS 01728 830683

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Local Food Making the Most of Our Local Seasonal Produce – September. By Jennifer Hammond September is traditionally a time where we think of summer as drawing to a close. However it still very much deserves its place in the warmest season, for instance last year's September was over a degree warmer on average than its June. The sea off our coast is at its warmest around this time, and there is the added benefit of beautiful late summer sunsets. September is our harvest month, a time when all the fields are stripped of their golden ears of wheat and barley. As the last of the crops are gathered in we are treated to sun ripened produce available in our local farm shops and gardens. September yields plenty of fresh and tasty locally grown produce. Below is a list of a few of the best that September has to offer along with some suggestions about how to make the most of them. Fresh local produce available in September includes; Courgettes Runner Beans Discovery Apples Black Berries Courgettes This tasty and nutritious vegetable can be eaten raw, roasted, boiled, fried or even added to cake ingredients and baked. Courgettes are best chosen young with a dark green, glossy and firm skin. Often abused and over-cooked this versatile vegetable has a delicate flavour and when served correctly is an absolute delight. Try the following to give your freshly grown courgettes the treatment they deserve. Chop three medium sized courgettes and add to a frying pan with sunflower oil and garlic. Add a small handful of chopped green beans and fry until they are soft and the courgettes are slightly golden. Add this mixture to a bowl of fluffy cous-cous. Stir in a couple of chopped vine ripened tomatoes and a few finely chopped spring onions. Season to taste and drizzle lightly with balsamic vinegar for a Mediterranean tasting side dish.

Runner Beans These are a family favourite and nothing beats eating piles of freshly picked young runners smothered in butter with a tasty Sunday roast. Always pick young beans with a good depth of colour and a look of hydration about them. Dry, light coloured beans with seeds protruding are often stringy and inedible. For a touch of difference try stir-frying your chopped runners with garlic in olive oil. Add some chopped onion, some thin slivers of halloumi cheese and a small handful of pine nuts. Fry this mixture gently until the cheese turns a pale golden brown. Season to taste and serve it hot or cold as a delicious side dish to salads and summer meals. Discovery Apples These crisp and delicious gems are ready to be picked in September. They are super when eaten straight off the tree. Alternatively you can use them in crumbles instead of Bramleys. Simply peel and stew them in a pan with a tiny amount of water, a dash of honey and some cinnamon. Once they are soft add a topping of flour, oats, sugar and butter all rubbed together. Bake in the oven until the topping is golden and serve piping hot with ice-cream, cream or custard. Adding chopped cored pieces of the apples alongside a joint of roast pork also helps to keep the meat succulent and provides an instant homemade apples sauce once cooked. Blackberries Eating blackberries freshly picked from the hedgerow is one of life's simple pleasures. These yummy, succulent berries rarely make it home but if you do find yourself with some extra left over try the following. Add a handful or two to your apple crumble (as above) for a colourful and fruity autumnal pudding. You can also add them to a mixture of elderberries and rosehips stewed with jam sugar and strained through muslin for a sumptuous bramble jelly. Throw a handful of berries into creamy Greek yogurt or on to a high quality vanilla ice-cream with some toasted flaked almonds to make a quick and easy after dinner treat.

You can also add courgettes to a fresh summer tasting omelette. Simply beat the egg mixture pour into a frying pan and add chopped courgettes and small chunks of feta before turning the omelette over in the pan. Serve this with some fresh green leaves and tomatoes. Courgette flowers are also edible and are delicious fried in tempura batter (mix corn and plain flour with an egg and some ice cold soda water to form a light batter mixture to dip This is just a snippet of what is now readily available. Make them in). You can also stuff them with tomatoes, herbs and sure you make the most of all this month brings by visiting goats cheese for a scrumptious treat. our local suppliers for fresh home-grown produce.

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News You can find locally grown, seasonal produce available at the following places: Snape Farmers Market, Snape Maltings, Near Aldeburgh, Suffolk, IP17 1SR 01728 688 303 The Farmer’s Market is the first Saturday of each month from 9.30am. Every market has a draw for a hamper with a product from every producer on the day (over 25 producers). Simply spend £5 on any stall and you can automatically enter. The winner is drawn at the end of the market at 1pm. Friday Street Farm Shop, Farnham, Saxmundham, IP17 1JX Tel: 01728 602783 Email: Opening times: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5.30pm Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday – Sunday 9am – 5pm Railway Farm Shop, Main Road (B1121), Benhall Green, Suffolk Tel: 01728 605793 Email: Opening times: Monday-Saturday 8.30am – 5.30pm Sunday 9am – 2pm Maple Farm, Kelsale, Saxmundham, Suffolk Tel: 01728 652000 Email: Farm Store offering freshly harvested vegetables, eggs and a full range of flour: Open daily 9am – 6pm The Suffolk Providore provides a vegetable box delivery service. This offers the very best of East Suffolk Produce brought together in an easy to use online shop. 1 The Anchorage, Sweffling, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 2BN Tel: 07949 200664 Email: Online Shop:

Sponsored Cycle Ride - Great Glemham The 31st annual Suffolk Historic Churches Trust Bike Ride takes place on Saturday September 8th. Sponsorship forms for Great Glemham can be obtained from Marian Heffer, tel. 663574, or from the Church.

Get Fit Lose Fat Snape Village Hall Weight management Course 8 Week course starting Friday 7th September Cost £60 Measurements & Fitness Testing Week 1 & 8 Weekly Weigh in 7pm till 9pm Includes 60 minutes fitness (work to your own ability) Ring Marion Walker 01728 688669

or email to book your place

GARRICK FLOORING CENTRE LTD Carpets, Vinyls and Contract Flooring NEW TO OUR SHOWROOM THIS YEAR!! Crucial Trading Stand, Sisal, Seagrass. Beautiful selections of Carpets & Rugs Now selling Memory Foam Mattresses Next Day Delivery. Domestic & Contract, Carpets & Vinyls Solid Wood & Kardean Show Floor. Great Prices & a Large Carpark. Evening Appointments Available NOW OPEN SATURDAYS 10am-3pm. Unit 1 The Street, Farnham, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1JZ Tel: 01728 603434 Mob: 07711429226 Email:

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The only tractor on show at Stratford St Andrew proved a source of interest to both young and old alike

Visitors to Benhall Show witnessed to rare sight of a magnificent Bald Eagle

Staying with Benhall Show, a message for those involved ... On behalf of the Committee responsible for running the Benhall & Sternfield Annual Memorial Flower Show & Sports on 11 August I wish to thank the villagers of Benhall & Sternfield for their tremendous support in providing prizes and helpers to continue this traditional village Show. I also wish to thank the wider community for exhibiting in the Flower & Dog Shows and for attending. We were blessed with wonderful weather and we look forward to seeing you again next year on Saturday 10th August 2013. Pat Robbins 2012 Show Chairman

2012 Farnham Fete was blessed with some of the best weather in weeks.

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News Home-Start For Families Home-Start is for families living in the Suffolk Coastal District, who have at least one child under 5 years of age. Families may need support for many reasons; coping with postnatal illness, a child’s disability, family breakdown, or bereavement, or maybe feeling isolated and unable to connect with the local community. Whatever the reason Home-Start provides non-judgemental practical and emotional support and helps build confidence and ability to cope.

please give us a call on 01394 389402, email or visit for volunteer application form or referral form.

Local Labrador Wins First Prize We received this from ‘Gracie’s’ owner last month, just to late to publish, but we all love a happy ending and local triumph, so spare a smile for a champ...

On Sunday 1 July 2012, I took my 18 month old black Labrador Gracie to the Martlesham RSPCA Fun Dog Show where I entered her into the class for ‘The Prettiest Bitch’ which, much to my delight, we won and were presented with a red rosette and goody bag. We then were called back into the ring to compete against all the winners of the other classes to be judged for ‘Best in Show’ and …. Home-Start also runs Family Groups in Leiston, wait for it …… we won this as well and this time we were presented with a silver cup! Felixstowe, and Woodbridge Our parent volunteers visit weekly for 2-3 hours. Generally we say that volunteers are not ‘cooks, cleaners or babysitters’, what they can do is be an extra pair of hands, or listening ears, they may accompany families to appointments, groups, or even the supermarket! But first of all they’ll be a friend.

Family groups provide parents in need of support with a safe, stimulating environment where they feel accepted, included and encouraged to play with their children and make new friends.

Gracie is a very high energy dog and loves to meet people but has a tendency to jump up all the time; so meeting the judges and trying to keep her 4 feet firmly on the ground and not in the air was a real test for her and for me.

Family groups are much smaller than mother & toddler I attach the photos I took of her when we got home, groups, with up to eight families attending a session. proudly showing off her silver cup and red rosette; we even opened a bottle of champagne to toast her success – If you are interested in supporting a local family, we run what a clever girl! courses throughout the year, or If you are interested in receiving support from the scheme (Suffolk Coastal only)

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News Benhall Show Benhall Show had the benefit of one of the nicest days of the summer. The procession was led onto the field by a group of dancers with spectacular colourful costumes. After prayers led by the Rector and the silence in remembrance of those from Benhall and Sternfield who gave their lives for their country in wars, the show was officially opened by Christine James, perhaps better known as the tennis star Christine Truman. One of the spectacles of the show were the Birds of Prey from HMP Warren Hill. Several of these birds were flying loose and one decided to pause for a while on the ridge of a neighbouring house.

There were a good number of entries in all the classes in the show tent. The prize for most points went to Norman Thompson from Leiston and the Rosebowl for the most points from a Benhall/Sternfield resident was shared between Sheila Last and Pauline Graham

Benhall Pre-School Fundraising Request My partner Rick Berry will be taking part in a sponsored bike ride in September to raise money for Benhall Pre School. We live in Snape and Rick works at the local garage and we are well known in the community. If you would like to sponsor Rick, then please speak to me or him. We are trying to help raise funds to build a new facility for Benhall pre-school children. Thank you. Katrina

Beautiful weather blessed Benhall’s annual show

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News Women’s Fellowship

The Royal British Legion (RBL) – Snape and There was no August meeting. The meeting at 7.30 pm at Farnham Branch Benhall Club on Tuesday 3rd September will be a talk on August Meeting. “Images of India” by Sue Seaborn. Don't forget the small bring and buy stall for our charity. The large BRING AND The Chairman opened the meeting with the Act of Remembrance especially for those soldiers killed since our BUY stall is next month. last meeting. A full agenda covered a variety of matters (starting unofficially with self congratulations over Team GB's successes at The Olympics!) and included -

The Ship Inn Blaxhall

Good Accommodation & 'Country cooking' every day Real ales with famous home-made Pies, and Puddings A rare survivor of its type the Ship offers good value, a friendly social scene, a busy program of live music and 8 en-suite guest rooms For Accommodation and more info see: or call 01728 688316

Snape Fun Day on 4th August. This enjoyable event on a miraculously dry day, enabled the Branch to raise £50 for club funds from two games. As in previous years, members assisted with the transport of tables, chairs and trestles to and from the playing field and the erecting and dismantling of gazebos. Balloon Race. This County event at last year's Poppy Launch was won by the Branch and helped to raise £260 for the Appeal. 2011 Poppy Appeal. At 3rd July 2012 the figure for Suffolk was £662,198.47 compared with the previous year's figure of £641,835.50. REMINDER - Local help for Branch Members. This is

purely a Branch initiative, offering help on a local basis to Branch Members who may require assistance with small “Handyman” type jobs. Please contact The Welfare Secretary, Mrs Jean Matthews on 01728 688809 with any enquiries. EARLY NOTIFICATION FOR YOUR DIARY. Glemham Hall Carols and Lessons. This year's event is on Monday 10th December and music in the Hall will once again be provided by The Barry Kingston Trio. Further details will follow. Our next meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 3rd September 2012 at The Benhall Club. For more details please contact David Mincher (Chairman) on 01728 747066 or Alan Edwards (Secretary) on 01728 688502.

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News Little Glemham Parish Room Quiz

harvest hymns.

Little Glemham Parish Room Committee is pleased to announce another of its popular Quiz Nights on Friday 5th October at 7.30 in the Parish Room, with Quizmaster Stephen Bayfield. There will be a valuable prize for the winning team. Tickets are ÂŁ10, to include a fish and chip supper, bookable in advance by phoning 01728 747464 or 747465 or from the Lion Inn.

Numbers are limited so please contact either June Sampson (60230) or Carolyn Glennon (603376) for tickets. Don't forget to bring your plate, knife, fork, spoon and dessert dish!

Suffolk Historic Churches Bike Ride This very successful annual event is taking place on Saturday 8th September from 9 am – 5 pm. If anyone can help man Benhall Church for an hour on that day to welcome the riders, sign their sponsorship forms and offer them refreshments, please let me know as I am preparing a rota. Tel: June Sampson 602320.

Benhall Harvest Supper This is to take place at Benhall Club on Saturday 15th September at 7 p.m. A main course cold meats and salads will be followed by a dessert of fruit meringue or apple pie with ice cream or cream. There will be entertainment after the meal and the evening will finish with a couple of

Little Glemham Parish Room Committee Little Glemham Parish Room Committee is to hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday September 4th at 8.00 in the Parish Room. The public are invited to attend.

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News Great Movies in Glemham

890089 or online .

The popular Great Glemham Village Hall film shows have been running each month from September to April for the past eight years. These are pleasant and relaxed evenings to which everyone from the Ebb and Flow area is very welcome. There is no entrance charge, although it is hoped that the appreciative audience will make voluntary donation of about £4.00 to help cover the expenses of the evening, including the catering. (Any surplus is used to contribute to the licence fees, towards replacing equipment and the other general running costs of the village hall.)

12th - Weather, climate and climate change - illustrated talk for Suffolk Wildlife Trust by Steve Western at Leiston United Church Hall, 7.30pm. £2.50 .

The evening usually gets underway between 7.15pm and 7.45pm with a glass of wine or soft drink and a chance to catch up with friends and neighbours. The film starts at 7.45pm and, unless it is very short, there is usually a ‘comfort break’ interval of 20 minutes about halfway through. During this interval there is invariably some light refreshment, provided by the organisers and often styled to go with the film being shown. Traditionalists also have the chance to buy an ice cream from the tray. Over the years these lovely evenings have built up a dedicated and loyal audience. If you haven’t yet been, do try it – you’re assured of a warm welcome. This year’s programme starts on Friday 14th September with The Artist, the recent Oscar winning silent movie. The programme continues as follows: Fri 12th Oct Fri 16th Nov Fri 14th Dec Fri 11th Jan Fri 15th Feb Fri 15th Mar Fri 12th Apr

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy The Graduate Galaxy Quest Twelve O’clock High When Harry Met Sally Hors de Prix (Priceless) The Blues Brothers

Suffolk Wildlife Trust September Events 9th - Birdwatching Basics course at Foxburrow Farm, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1NA. 10am - 3pm. For beginners/less experienced. £20/£17 concessions. 01473

M & S SERVICES SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT SERVICING LOCAL AND PERSONAL SERVICE Maintenance and servicing of all treatment plants Care and advice Emergency call out and repair service Compressors/Blowers/Pumps and consumables Commissioning Removal of septic waste

Mark Saunders Tel 01728 832346 Competitve rates - fully insured

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From the Registers Baptisms

Contact Us

The Baptism of Kelsey Marie Bowers, the daughter of Kelley Bosanquet and Jeremy Bowers took place at All Saints Church, Great Glemham on 29th July, 2012

If you wish to contact the Ebb and Flow team with contributions, questions, letters, advertising enquries, etc please email Please remember we are a small team of volunteers so may not get back to you immediately, but will try to do so within a few days.

Weddings The wedding of Miranda Inman and Ewan Thomson took place at All Saints Church, Great Glemham on18th August 2012. Funerals The funeral of Eileen Mary Waide (Nina), aged 93, took place at St Mary's Church, Benhall on 1st August 2012 followed by burial in Benhall Cemetery. The funeral of Margaret Lilian Plant, aged 85, took place at St Mary's Church, Farnham on 21st August 2012 followed by burial in the churchyard. Interment of Ashes The ashes of Hazel Le Rougetell, nee Sherwood, born at Lime Tree Farm, Blaxhall, were interred in St Peter's Churchyard on the 17th August 2012.

July rainfall (mm) in Great Glemham

8 2 11


2 3 5 8 10 11 12 13 14 16 18 19 20 29 31

15 7 12 10 5.5 4.5 1.5 9.5 1.5 1.5 2

AJB Upholstery

Total 96.5mm


Traditional & modern upholstery & Loose covers, cushions and bespoke furniture.

Blaxhall Highs and Lows in July Highest Lowest Windiest

26.3째 C 8.3째 C 26mph

24th 30th 11th

Good fabric selection, Upholstery sundries Workshop/showroom open Monday to Friday ______________________________________ Andy Blackburn The Workshop Wayside, Glemham Road, Sweffling IP17 2BQ Tel: 01728 663901 Mobile: 07789 110218

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The Puzzle Page

September Crossword

Across 1. Piquancy from orange peel (4) 3. What a postman does (8) 8. Feast (7) 9. Somewhere to put the address (5) 10. Performer (5) 11. Prevent release of news until a set time (7) 12. Voice box (6) 13. Large numbers of people (6) 16. Closest (7) 18. One of the senses (5) 20. Cajoled (5) 21. Before (7) 22. Fragile (8) 23. Unsightly (4)

August solutions

September Sudoku

Down 1. Striped equine (5) 2. US legislator (7) 4. One or the other (6) 5. Hot remnants of a fire (5) 6. Bars (7) 7. Secured by written agreement (10) 9. Research workplace (10) 12. Lackadaisical (7) 14. Hoping for (7) 15. Certify (6) 17. Spiritual being (5) 19. Ahead of time (5)

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Letters & Quiz

Dear Ebb and Flow I wish to say in your magazine how much I and many others enjoyed the birds of prey at the Benhall Show on August th 11 . The birds – even the newer little owl – really seemed to enjoy their act. The patience of the handlers, their love for the birds and the trust that the birds had in them was truly amazing. Congratulations to the handlers and to the organisers of the Benhall show for finding them. The good weather made everything fantastic and the show was a very high standard this year. Thank you, one and all. Mrs Sheila Last 11 Forge Close Benhall Dear Editor Please can you include the following into the next magazine; MISSING TORTOISE On 23 July, Uncle Frank the tortoise decided to go walk-a-bout, it was a very hot sunny day which is the type of weather he loves and therefore he really gets a move on. However we are convinced that he is still in Snape and cannot be to far a way from his home in Stanhope Close. He is just 4 years old so is only approx. 5in diameter, with such a pretty shell, but he is very well camouflaged. Please check in your garden, under plants, shrubs, leaves etc . He may well have dug himself a hole to sleep in, so if you are watering your garden it may disturb him and he might come out. If we do not find him by the winter he will not survive as he needs to be indoors in the warm and his hibernation has to be monitored. Uncle Frank was given to the Thurston family when they celebrated their Silver Wedding Anniversary, so he is very precious to us and we miss him terribly. Thanks to those who have searched already, please keep your eyes open for him, we are not giving up hope yet and we will let you know if he is found. Steve, Mel & Jasmin Thurston – 19 Stanhope Close, 688849 / 07837528187

September Quiz - Cookery Terms What do the following cookery expressions mean ? 1. Au beurre …………… 2. Blanquette …………… 3. Chantilly …………… 4. Diable ………… 5. Espagnole …………… 6. Farci …………… 7. Au gratin …………… 8. Indienne ………… 9. Julienne …………… 10. Lyonnaise …… 11. Macedoine …………… 12. Naan …………… 13. Pate-de-foie gras …………… 14. Quiche Lorraine …………… 15. Ragout …………… 16. Sweetbread …………… 17. Tandoori …………… 18. Vol au vent …………… 19. Weiner Schnitzel …………… 20. Zabaglione ……………

Answers to August Quiz - Relatives Give the relationship of the first to the second person listed. 1. Augustus Ceaser – Julius Ceaser … Great Nephew 2. Charles II – Mary (William and Mary) … Uncle 3. Princess Diana – Barbara Cartland …Step Granddaughter 4. Duke of Edinburgh – Queen Victoria … Great Great Grandson 5. Elizabeth I – Mary Queen of Scots … Cousins 6. Elizabeth II – Queen Victoria … Great Great Granddaughter 7. Clement Freud – Sigmund Freud …Grandson 8. T.H. Huxley – Aldous Huxley …Grandfather 9. Lord Lichfield - Queen …Cousin 10. Franz Liszt – Richard Wagner …Father in Law 11. Thomas Mann – W. H. Auden … Father in Law 12. Napoleon III – Napoleon I …Nephew 13. Ginger Rogers – Rita Hayworth …Cousin 14. Franklin Roosevelt – Theodore Roosevelt …5th Cousin 15. Queen Victoria - Albert …Cousin 16. Queen Victoria – George III …Granddaughter 17. George V – Kaiser Wilhelm …Cousin 18 Charlie Chaplin – Eugene O'Neill …Son in Law 19 Kublai Khan – Genghis Khan …Grandson 20 Henry VIII – Catherine of Aragon (before

Stuart Bellis and Iris Clarke after their wedding at St Andrew's Church, Little Glemham on 28th July,

Some of the congregation at the Blessing of Animals Service at Farnham on 29th July.

Kelsey Marie Bowers with her parents Jeremy and Kelley after her baptism at All Saint's Great Glemham on 29th July, 2012

Rosemary Coneybear and her ferret looking angelic just before he bit the Rector's finger

Ebb and Flow September 2012  

benefice magazine suffolk news

Ebb and Flow September 2012  

benefice magazine suffolk news