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February 2014 Number 94

Sights and Sounds of Christmas

Wrapped up and ready for Snape carol singing...

Snape primary school Christmas play at the village hall

Christmas may be a month behind us, but with photos from around the benefice hitting our inbox we felt one last hurrah was in order. I for one was particularly taken by our church tower’s very special decoration - thanks to Rev'd Barrie's ingenuity, St Peter's Church in Blaxhall became the latest in the Benefice to be adorned with a star over Christmas and Epiphany. The star survived the bad weather and was a persistent beacon of hope visible from afar.

Also inside, Barrie’s final letter and news on the new Benefice Ministry Team. As night fell Blaxhall’s guiding star became ever more impressive

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News Life on Snape Marshes

News from The Alde River Benefice Ministry Team th

Flooding in Snape and Surrounding Areas 6 December 2013 f

It's been a very un-winter like winter so far, but one that has been marked by the biggest tide surge the East Coast has seen for 60 years. Aside from the direct effect on the unfortunate people whose homes and businesses have been affected, the event will inevitably have a bearing on wildlife.

As everyone may already know, The Rev. Barrie Slatter will be ending his term of office as Rector and will be retiring th from the Benefice on 6 February. We now enter a period of Interregnum when the process begins to find a new Rector. The Benefice phone number 01728 603180 will remain as the contact number for any requests regarding information or help that the churches and ministers at Great Glemham, Little Glemham, Benhall, Farnham and Stratford, Blaxhall, Snape and Sternfield can give. Please use this number as you would do when Barrie was working from the Rectory. We will be carrying on as normal and working together as a team to keep things running smoothly until a new minister is appointed to the Benefice. Services at all of our churches will continue as usual.

At the height of the floods, Snape Marshes was under five feet of water, which took well over a week to go down. Although the river wall was not breached, it was overtopped by the water surge. Much of the new path has been washed away and the clay bank deeply scoured. We do though count ourselves lucky that Snape Marshes has not gone the way of nearby Hazlewood Marshes. There, the floods breached the sea defences so badly that the th reserve is unlikely to continue as a freshwater grazing On Sunday 9 February at 11am at Great Glemham marsh, which is very sad considering the amount of work Church there will be a Benefice Farewell Service for Barrie and Susan. This will be an opportunity for people that has gone into improving it as a wildlife habitat. throughout the Alde River Benefice to show our thanks It's hard to say what impact the salt content of the water and appreciation to them both. Please come along, enjoy will have on Snape Marshes reserve. Reeds clearly are salt the service and give them a great send off! resistant and grass can tolerate salt to a degree. We will though have to wait and see what happens to the other flora There will be regular monthly updates in Ebb and Flow when the seasonal marsh flowers appear in the spring and regarding all events and developments throughout the summer. Marsh marigolds or kingcups have spread on the Benefice. marsh quite considerably over the past few years and we GET FIT - LOSE FAT hope that these brilliant yellow flowers continue to thrive, alongside the Southern marsh orchids that are such a Snape Village Hall feature in June. WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & EXERCISE COURSE

It's been quite a lean time for those of us who like to see the usual influx of winter birds such as waxwings, fieldfares and redwings, as very few of these have been about. In December we were lucky enough however to see a merlin, a first for the reserve. Great to see, although unfortunate for the meadow pipit that it had caught. We also saw recently a stonechat - not a rare bird, but one that we hadn't seen on the marsh for about three years. So all in all it's not been all bad news for wildlife and we're hopeful that the marsh will make a full recovery in time for the arrival of the redpoll cattle in April or May.

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Cuttings from the Walled Garden: Jim Mountain The Walled Garden The nursery remained closed from a few days before Christmas until the middle of January. For the past two years, the break had coincided with spells of freezing weather. This year it has been mild and sunny and there was a long list of jobs needing to be done at home whilst waiting for mobile phone text messages indicating the presence of a rare bird which must be seen or photographed. A text reporting two scaup at East Lane on the irrigation lagoons took us out and the stiff breeze on arrival turned into gale force winds. We spent an hour sorting out subtle characteristics that differentiate Tufted Ducks from Scaup. The howling wind and choppy water surface made this difficult, but persistence in identifying important detail means that you learn and the more you know, the more you see. Our yew hedge at home, while thick and green in the middle, has not been clipped. I borrowed various hedge trimmers from work and set about getting it into shape. The longer I did this, the greater I appreciated Simon who cuts the nursery hedges with a better eye than I have. Not only is there a certain technical skill required, but some muscle as well. Within the hedge and nearby were thick suckers of bamboo which, after chopping out some root, could be removed. The bamboo, Phyllostachys bambusoides 'Holochrysa' forms a 15 foot high clump of hard, shiny ochre coloured stems with a diameter of 2ins. It spreads, and one of the suckers was 27ft from the parent. Its redeeming features outweigh its invasiveness as it

as it provided a safe night-time roost for up to 100 goldfinches during the cold of last winter. By the time I had finished dealing with it I felt my efforts nearly equivalent to those of my predecessor at the nursery, Jimmy Frazer, who said he dug over part of the walled garden on Boxing Day in order to work off the excesses of his Christmas dinner. A plant I have yet to tackle in the garden is Berberis julianae, an extremely prickly evergreen with glossy leaves. This plant can be a real deterrent for intruders and nothing beats it, not even barbed wire. Long-tailed tits safely nest within it and the blackbird eats the black grape coloured fruits which follow the golden flowers in spring. Jim Mountain


01728 830683

Tony Brown's Funeral Service New Cut, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1EH TEL: 01728 603108 FAX: 01728 604346 Email: Website: Established 1979 Proudly Independent Family Funeral Service

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Local History Changing Face of Traffic Following our photo of the old Snape bridge published last month we’ve received the following, most interesting email from Lord Cranbrook; The narrow, hump-backed bridge at Snape was a traffic hazard and undoubtedly inadequate for modern traffic flow. None the less, on historical and aesthetic grounds, my late father opposed its removal and argued for a replacement to be built alongside, as had been done in other cases to preserve historically or monumentally important bridges. When his cause was lost, he bought a load of the coping stones that show prominently in the photograph in No. 93 (Jan. 2014). Some he placed alongside his drive at Red House Farm, where they still stand. I piled a few of the remainder in the garden, as fun for our (then) small children who clambered over and crawled under the heap. Others have been used as marking stones in the family cemetery. On her mother's, my late aunt Anne caused an epigraph to be carved that is incomprehensible to anyone not knowing this story, but significant in context. It reads: "Stones from old Snape Bridge" Cranbrook Great Glemham House Staying with the theme of increasing traffic becoming a problem, I thought these two (right) photos of (1940s?) Little Glemham were interesting, if for no other reason, than the glaringly empty road!

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Snape News Happy New Year from Snape Village Hall We began the New Year by decorating the front exterior of the hall with 2 beautiful hanging baskets filled with pansies and ivy generously donated by Ladybird Nursery. Many thanks to Bob and the team and to Janet and Peter Bunn for putting them up and agreeing to look after them! The first coffee morning of the New Year went off with a bang, and this also involved Tim's head! Thank you to everyone who helped make the morning such a success in the absence of the organiser and for all the phone calls and support for Tim whom I am glad to say is fine now! The morning raised another £110 for the refurbishment fund, on top of which we had a generous donation of £70 from the 'Grumpy Old Men' (long may they be grumpy if they continue to support the village hall!) and £30 from a generous benefactor. We are very grateful to you all. Thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to seeing you all at next month's coffee morning on 13th February at the later time of 10.30am. January is clearly the month for fantastic donations as the Carol Singers, who were out in some awful weather in December, have donated £155 to the Village Hall from their collection. Much appreciated. Our thanks must go to Maggie and Chris Scott for all their hard work in organising the event. It really helped us to get in the Christmas spirit. The next management committee meeting will be held on th Monday 20 January 2014 when we will be planning the timetable of events for the year. We are hoping to submit this for publication in February ready for the March edition of Ebb n Flow. In addition to this we will be prioritising the refurbishment and will provide an update on this too. The heating will be high on the agenda I am sure. Don't forget the 60's night on Feb 1st at 8pm. (Doors/bar open at 7.30pm) It should be fun and you can dress up if

open at 7.30pm) It should be fun and you can dress up if you like and really get in the swing of things! We look forward to seeing you there. We are also collecting bric-a-brac to sell at future coffee mornings. We still have lots of books for sale but would welcome any unwanted Christmas presents or other items which may be lurking in your cupboards. Every little helps! Please contact Caroline Beach on 01728 689136 who would be happy to collect

CRAFT FAIR Free entry Snape Village Hall Saturday 1st March 10am to 3pm Refreshments available Proceeds to Snape Primary School

Snape Carol Singing 2013 Another year of carol-singing around Snape is completed…. But what a contrast in the weather! The last two years have seen snowy seasonal evenings but this year was mild and wet. Up to nine stalwarts braved the rain each evening. It was all worth while as we raised £625.00 over the four nights! £315 has been sent to the Teenage Cancer Trust (East Anglia), and £155 has been sent to both the Village Hall and the Playing Fields Committee. Thank you to those who opened their doors and invited us in to warm us up with seasonal sustenance, and a big thank you to the singers, many who came out on three or all four evenings. This event could not have happened without your support, well done!

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Barrie’s Letter

The Alde River Benefice

The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, IP17 1LJ 01728 603180

Dear Friends, This is my last letter to before I leave the Benefice on the 9th February after ten and a quarter years. As I write we are in the process of packing and sorting the accumulation of all those years and in reality many years before that. Sorting can be a euphemism because in reality it means dividing things into two categories things to keep and things to throw away. As we all know as soon as you throw something away you will find you need it, so maybe better to keep it ! (Don't tell Susan but when I took some bin bags full of clothes that she had put out to the tip at Leiston, - these were the lowest category of clothes as the better ones had gone to charity shops - , as I fed them into the appropriate bin at the bottom of the bag was my Fathers Duffle Coat – not fashionable, I agree but they never wear out! Worse, however, was a sheepskin jacket, not only was this not warn out- well only slightly. This jacket which dates from the early '60's was the first non-school uniform coat I ever had and marked an important turning point in my life. I was probably wearing it when I first set eyes on a very young Susan. So how could it be consigned to the bin ? Safely retrieved I shall look forward to wearing both in retirement – even though I have not worn either all the time we have been here. But hey fashions change.! So what memories to keep and take away and what to throw away ? Being in the Benefice has been exciting and it has been encouraging to see the different parishes increasingly come together. The faithful worship week by week is good. I hade the privilege of being involved in the lives of so many people at important times in their lives; children born and baptised, confirmation candidates of all ages, couples preparing for marriage and then at the other end of life's spectrum sickness and death. It has been a joy to be the recipient of so much love and affection. What to throw away ? Those moments of hurt from a very few people, some intended and other just accidental. These, like all such moments, are best discarded, as to dwell on them just eats away at you. John Henry Newman wrote the following which sums things up very well:All below heaven changes Spring Summer Autumn each has its turn The fortunes of the world change what was high lies low; what was low, lie high Riches take wing and flee, bereavements happen Friends become enemies and enemies friends Our wishes, aims and plans change.

There is nothing stable, but you, O my God ! And you are the centre and life of all who change, who trust you as their Father, who look to you and are content to put themselves into your hands.

As you can see from elsewhere in Ebb & Flow you have a strong Ministry Team which will support you during the interregnum so that it does not feel that I am abanding you but please do give them the support and encouragement that you have given me. Finally, thank you Susan for all your love and support. God bless you all now and in the years to come Barrie

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News Age UK Suffolk and Suffolk Family Carers

Snape W.I. - January Meeting

Are you a Family Carer for someone with memory loss? Would you and the person you care for like to have a day out to enjoy yourselves? Age UK Suffolk, supported by Suffolk Family Carers will beholding a 'Day Out' once a month at the Forget-Me-Not Clubs. Come along to eat, chat and be entertained. Transport may be available for those that need it. There are now two regular venues, one in Aldeburgh, on the last Monday in the month, and one in Framlingham, on the last Thursday in the month. The next events are: Aldeburgh, on Monday, 24th th February, 2014, and Framlingham, on Thursday, 27 February, 2014. For more information call: Vicky Hutchinson (Local Carers Link Worker) at Age UK Suffolk on 01473 353055 / 07841 460379 or Sheena Fisher (Age UK Local Link) on 01728 602857.

Snape W.I.'s January meeting took the form of a soup and a roll fundraiser. The delicious soups were made by members of the committee and raised ÂŁ60.00 - a great start to this year's fundraising activities.

Blaxhall Allotments Having an allotment is a healthy productive hobby that can improve your general health and lower your stress levels. Growing your own fruit and vegetables means you get really fresh, tasty seasonal produce. Growing your own also means you are doing your bit for the environment helping to reduce food miles and pollution from the transport and packaging of shop-bought food. If you are interested in renting an allotment in Blaxhall or would like to share one we can put you on the waiting list and will contact you as soon as one becomes available (although this may be a year). The waiting list is always open.

After lunch we welcomed Antony Mustchin from Archaeological Solutions. As a result of the new housing development on Church Road, county archaeologists were given access to the site before building commenced. A number of exploratory trenches were dug and evidence of Iron Age, Romano-British and Anglo-Saxon settlements were found. However, habitation was not continuous throughout the three periods. For the Iron Age settlement, evidence was found in the form of barley and wheat residues as well as some pottery fragments. The Romano-British settlement was dated to the first century AD, probably not long after the initial invasion in AD 43. There were possible structural remains, a Roman fire pit containing mostly oak and with an almost intact pottery bowl (the missing fragment of which was found on a different part of the site). There was also a double-flue Roman kiln containing seven kilograms of pottery fragments, all utilitarian ware. There was no evidence of a high status residence although Antony seemed to think that there might have been one nearby.

The Anglo-Saxon settlement was dated to the early to mid period and showed evidence of post-built structures, one of rectangular shape and some smaller ones, but no Please contact building remains. The buildings seem to have had Margaret Grenham, Blaxhall Allotment Secretary sunken floors, which may have been used for storage. Telephone 01728 688611 There was also evidence of burnt flint pits, all with imported flint (as it is not normally found in Suffolk). Suffolk Wildlife Trust Talk These pits are a bit of a mystery, as flint explodes when On Wednesday 12th February at 7.30pm at the Leiston combusted! United Church Hall there will be a talk by Patrick Barker for Suffolk Wildlife Trust entitled 'Farming With Wildlife Anthony's talk was extremely interesting and personal to In Mind'. Entry is ÂŁ2.50 and is open to all. many of us who live in the area. He also brought with him some of the archaeological findings which were absolutely fascinating. Our thanks to Antony who was a very engaging speaker. Also to Brian Boulton who very kindly provided technical assistance. Our next meeting is on Wednesday 5th February, at the usual time of 7:30 pm, when garden designer, Xa Tollemache, will be talking to us about her work and in particular the garden she has created at her home at Helmingham Hall.

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Local Food & Recipes Banish The Winter Blues With Simple, Heart- 3 tablespoons cream finely chopped parsley, or if you've managed to get it to warming Soups over-winter, chervil finely chopped

While the weather outside might suggest otherwise, we are now well into winter. And what better way to get warm after walking the dog or tidying-up in the garden then a hearty bowl of soup. Soup is the ultimate comfort food, particularly if you're feeling a bit below par. It's also easy to make, delicious and nutritious and, even more important in these times of economic austerity, very cheap to make. It's a great way of using up all the vegetables that have been lurking at the back of the fridge or larder, or you can use leftovers from the night before. Alternatively, with just a few basic ingredients you can create something special for friends. Some of the ladies from Snape W.I. have kindly donated the following tried and test recipes for you to enjoy.

Simple Vegetable Soup A simple, inexpensive, old-fashioned soup Serves 4-6 people depending on the size of your soup bowls Ilb potatoes, peeled and diced 3 carrots, diced 2 large leeks, cleaned and finely sliced 2 oz butter 2 pints vegetable stock or water salt and freshly ground black pepper

Method Melt the butter in a pan. Add the leeks and carrots and cook gently over a low heat, covered, for approximately 10 minutes until soft but not browned. Add the potatoes, stock or water, salt and pepper, a teaspoon of sugar. Cover again and simmer for 25-30 minutes until the potato is completely cooked. Cool slightly then put through the blender. Return the soup to the pan, taste for seasoning. To serve re-heat and add the cream, and parsley or chervil.

Sandra's Mother's Scottish Lentil Soup Many good soup recipes are the result of thrifty cooks making use of all the leftovers. If you're cooking up a ham over the weekend then this is the perfect recipe for a Monday night supper as it uses the water in which you boiled the ham. The cut does not matter - from a cheap hock to expensive gammon. What is essential is that you save the water as it is the stock for your soup. This makes a large pan. Ham stock Add lentils - approx. 350g (soaked overnight if necessary nowadays) Add chopped onion (2 large) and carrots (3 or 4 large) and if you wish some chopped potatoes. Bring to boil and simmer until thickened and the lentils are cooked. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste plus a very good dash of Lea and Perrins. This can be put through a blender to give a creamy consistency but it is not absolutely necessary. Add some chopped ham if there is any left over.

Advertising in Ebb and Flow

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Thank you to all our supportive advertisers! Ebb and Flow is run and produced by a small team and delivered by an unsung group of heroes to every house in the benefice – that’s 1450 copies! To take advantage of such fantastic unrivalled reach of households in the EIGHT villages within the benefice: Snape. Sternfield, Stratford St Andrew, Farnham, Great Glemham, Little Glemham, Benhall & Blaxhall email Rates from June 2013 as follows: Single column width (up to 95mm) charged at £3 per 10mm tall, eg a 95x50mm ad = £15 per month. (Prices will be rounded to the nearest 10mm.) 50x180mm wide strips are charged at £25 per month. Please email for all other sizes, prices, enquiries.

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News Eezee Reader

Help to keep warm this winter

Gt Glemham School Trust has an 'Eezee Reader' available for anyone who would like an aid to help them read small print. It is connected to a spare channel on a television set, then a hand held scanner is moved over whatever needs to be read and the image is magnified and comes up on the television screen. It enlarges handwriting, newsprint etc. It is a small, compact piece of equipment and if you would like to try this reading aid – or if you know of anyone who might like to use it - please contact Nicola Redman on 01728 663304.

Winter weather can create serious financial and physical challenges, especially for the elderly, disabled people and families with young children struggling to keep warm in their homes. Last year, there were more than 350 excess winter deaths in Suffolk, believed to be connected with the cold weather. Free help and advice is at hand.

Suffolk's Warm Homes Healthy People scheme offers support to those most in need. The scheme can help home owners or tenants who privately Apology rent and are on a low income or in receipt of a means tested In January's Ebb and Flow the text used to set the scene for benefit. The scheme also takes into account age, disability the flooding in Snape was written by Janet Harber of and cold related health conditions. Sudbourne . We neglected to give a credit to the author of that original information and apologise for this. We would If you're struggling to keep warm or are worried about the like to thank Janet for her account of this tidal surge which cost of heating your home, you could get help with: was so devastating for many Snape residents and which helped to put the rest of our article – both prose and · Emergency boiler and heating repair costs photographs – into a greater context. · Winter fuel payments

Ebb and Flow Editorial Team

· Free home energy survey with advice on insulation, fuel switching and cheaper oil prices

Riverside Quiz Night


Basic draught proofing

Temporary loan of heaters We are having one of our popular Quiz Nights at the · Riverside Centre on Saturday 8 February starting at 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome, please come and join us People with vulnerable relatives or neighbours are also urged to help them find out more about the support available. for an evening that will test your wits. Eligibility criteria apply. For more information, call Warm Homes Healthy People helpline on 08456 037 686 (Local rate, lines open Monday-Friday, 9 - 5pm). Warm Home Discount Scheme Did you know that electricity suppliers can award eligible customers with a £135 Warm Home Discount? Receiving this discount won’t affect your cold weather or winter fuel payment. To find out more, contact your energy supplier direct. Please keep warm this winter.

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Enhanced Ministry Team Set To Hold The Fort

With the retirement of the Rector, Barrie, the Benefice moves into an interregnum until a new incumbent is appointed. The Benefice is fortunate to have a strong Ministry Team, now joined by retired priests Revd Canon Derrick Stiff and Revd Christine Brooks. The full team shown above now comprise ( Back row) Revd Christine Brooks, Revd. Prebendary Derek Johnson, Dr Martin Simmonds, Revd Canon Derrick Stiff. (Front Row) Revd Nigella Youngs-Dunnett , Mrs Ann Boulter (Benefice Administrator) Mrs Shirley Leeks and Mrs Ann Newman. Not in the picture but shown separately are Mrs Isabel Dalziel and Revd Celia Cook; Revd Celia Cook, who was until recently the Curate in Aldeburgh, will have oversight of the Benefice but only for a few weeks until she takes up her new appointment in Essex. The strength of the Ministry Team means that the pattern of services in the Benefice will continue unchanged. Ann Boulter has been appointed by the Churchwardens to be the Benefice Administrator and it will be her voice you will hear if you telephone the Rectory on 603180. The full contact details of all the Ministry Team is set out in this month's Supplement..

Snape Carol Singers, enjoying much needed refreshments

Snape marshes, under the flood water

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Blackbird enjoying Jim Mountain’s Berberis julianae ...

... while Eileen Mountain enjoys a 93rd birthday tea

EXPERTS AT SELLING HOUSES For a free sales appraisal of your property just give us a call. Ashford House, High Street, Saxmundham. Tel: 01728 633777

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News want to make the batter matter and raise £25,000 from everyone holding suppers. Last year we raised The British Legion Training Band did a fantastic job of £12,500from the suppers. getting us all in the mood for Christmas. Now it is the turn of the Tutti Swing Band and the Tutti Folk Band (aged 9- The money raised from the suppers will help the Spinal 15) who are coming to Blaxhall for the first time to help us Injuries Association offer support to individuals who shake off those winter blues and literally swing into become paralysed and their families, from the moment a Spring! spinal injury occurs, and for the rest of their lives by Spotted by our talent scout Robin Graham at a New Year providing services and publications which enable and Concert, they were quickly signed up and, lured by the encourage paralysed people to rebuild lives after spinal promise of the famous Blaxhall teas, agreed to give us a cord injury. concert in our very own Village Hall! What Luck! They will be performing tunes old and new to suit all ages, Every year in the UK over 1,000 people experience a so come along and get with the beat…………You know spinal cord injury and there are an estimated 40,000 spinal cord injured people in the UK alone. you want to……………………!

Swing Into Spring With The Beccles Tutti Bands


Community Fundraising Manager, Elizabeth Wright, says, “The Fish and Chip Supper is a wonderful opportunity for a great evening with friends and family. We are also encouraging people who work to hold a Fish and Chip Lunch in their work places to raise even more funds. You may be even a local community group wanting to run a fun evening with your group.

Hold a Fish and Chip Supper to Help Spinal Cord For more information or request a fundraising pack call Injured People Rebuild Lives After Injury Elizabeth Wright on 0845 071 4350 or e m a i l Great British Fish and Chip Supper – Friday 16th May 2014 or visit

Want to eat Fish and Chips, while raising money for th charity? Hold a fish and chip supper on Friday 16 May 2014 whilst raising awareness of spinal cord injury and supporting SIA's vital services.

Need Rehearsal or Creative Space? See our Smalls column on page 19

You can hold a fish and chip supper in your own home, at work or hold a larger supper at your local community centre. SIA will provide a fundraising pack containing hints and tips, recipes, invitations and donation envelopes. By inviting 8 friends and asking them to donate an additional £5.00 means you will raise at least £40.00 from your supper but we will also give you additional fundraising ideas to raise even more money for SIA. th

In 2014 SIA is celebrating its 40 anniversary and so we


Come and visit our kitchen and bathroom showroom in Snape New displays for 2014 CGL Design Ltd, Unit C, Brick Kiln Park, Snape, IP17 1QG Tel - 01728 688787 Email -

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News The Royal British Legion (TRBL) – Snape and For more information about The Royal British Legion, visit Farnham Branch January Meeting We had a lively first meeting of the New Year and concentrated on the following matters:Glemham Hall Carols and Lessons: Our Treasurer was delighted to report a profit of over £1,050 for this very popular annual event. Once again, The Branch would like to thank all those who attended and contributed so generously. This amount will go towards our contribution for the POPPY APPEAL. East Anglian Daily Times and TRBL 'Shoulder to Shoulder' Campaign: In recent editions of The East Anglian Times, Kate Williams, TRBL's area manager for East Anglia and Essex, explained how donations can help former and active servicemen and women. They receive many requests for assistance in Suffolk and north Essex every day, ranging from Second World War veterans who need a new cooker or fridge to young Service leavers who require adaptations to their home after injury on when on operation. The most common items needed relate to mobility needs and helping people to remain independent, such as mobility scooters, care alarms and grab rails. They are seeing younger ex-servicemen and women who need items such as level access showers, stairlifts and mobility vehicles.

Womens Fellowship k

There was no meeting in January. At the next meeting on Tuesday 4th February we will be welcoming a representative from Aldeburgh Cottage Hospital. They will be giving us a talk about the Hospital and their work and collecting the cheque for the funds raised for their charity. Don't forget to bring along your annual subscription of £8.

Alde Valley Luncheon Club k

We were pleased that so many of our members attended the January lunch. It was Barrie and Susan's last time at the Club, but of course they are welcome to attend any time they are in the area! At our lunch on February 11th we shall be serving braised steak with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables followed by fruit salad and cream. If you have any queries regarding the Club, please contact Brigid on 602030.

Ashe Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

ŸLast year, TRBL helped 1,000 people in Suffolk and

North Essex. ŸThey spent a total of £430,000. ŸThe beneficiaries ranged in age from 22 to 90. ŸThey also support the families of the servicemen and women. Our next meeting is at The Benhall Club on Monday 3rd February 2014 at 7.30 pm. Lifts can be arranged if required. For more details on any of the above please contact: David Mincher (Chairman): 01728 747066 or Alan Edwards (Secretary): 01728 688502.


Upholstery Specialists with over 30 years experience Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ


Reupholster All Antique and Modern Furniture Loose Covers Custom made Curtains and Blinds Cushion Service, Bring us your old cushions for replacement or re-stuffing, Foam, Feather and Hollow Fibre New Foams, Get any size/grade of Foam cut to your requirements Repair Service, Rebuttoning, Seat, Web and Spring Repairs Bespoke Chairs, Stools and Sofas made for your needs All Commercial work undertaken, Public Houses, Hotels, Clubs etc..

FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS including Electrical Surveys Landlords Electrical Safety Certificates

Come and see us at the Marlesford Antique Warehouse, A12 Marlesford, Suffolk, IP13 0AG

Domestic - Commercial - Industrial

Telephone: 07712 873 544 Visit:

Part P approved - All work to BS 7671

V C A Fisher C Eng. MIET

Tel: 01728 602857

You can always send us a picture, with a brief description of your requirements to:

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News Benhall Daffodil Show The annual Benhall Daffodil Show will take place on Saturday 22nd March. Lunches will be served and we will have stalls to browse and buy from. If you are able to help by donating to or manning a stall or by serving or providing food for the lunches or in any other way then please contact either Carolyn Glennon on 605761 or June Sampson on 602320. More details will follow in the March edition of Ebb and Flow.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (12A) Friday 14th February in Great Glemham Village Hall IP17 2DN This light-hearted comedy with its star-studded cast including Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson, Maggie Smith, Penelope Wilton, Ronald Pickup, Celia Imrie and Dev Patel was a great hit with audiences in the cinema when it was released in 2012 and should prove a popular choice in the village hall. Seven British retirees travel to Jaipur in India to take up residence in what they believe is a luxurious hotel. Rather more run-down than advertised, the Marigold Hotel, together with its young, exuberant and everoptimistic owner, as well as India itself, nevertheless slowly begin to charm in unexpected ways. A delightful heart-warming movie perfect for Valentine’s Day! All welcome ~ doors open 7.15 pm ~ programme starts 7.45 ~ £5 admission

93rd Birthday Celebrations Marion Mountain made a special tea for her mother, Eileen's 93rd birthday at The Walled Garden. A dozen friends and family came to drink her health and enjoy a splendid array of cakes.

Barbara's Sewing Services No job too big or too small

Barbara Tatam

The Workshop Dress Maker / Machinest Wayside Glemham Road Sweffling, IP17 2BQ 01728 663901 07952 085 725

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News We still need:-

Foodbank Update It is now three months since the local Foodbank started in the Saxmundham Deanery. The area covered is roughly from Yoxford in the North to Marlesford in the south, Aldeburgh in the East to Great Glemham in the west, though we do go over the boundaries when requested.

Pasta sources Rice Rice pudding (Tinned) Tinned vegetables Tinned meat (stew/curry/ham/corned beef etc) Tinned fish The recipients are given a voucher by suitable bodies e.g. Tinned fruit Health Visitors, Doctors, Social Workers, CAB etc. who Jams and marmalades contact the Foodbank co-ordinators. They then contact a Biscuits volunteer distributor who goes to the store in Leiston and collects the food, which is packed for singles, doubles or We also need families (enough for three days). The food is taken to the recipient who hands over the voucher, which is returned to small packs of nappies the co-ordinators. formula milk soap, shampoo Since September 32 vouchers have been received and food female sanitory items for 94 people given out (52 adults and 42 children). We razors have had 1086kg donated and the average weight given to tin openers each person is 8kg therefore the food donated has covered wipes, etc those needs. However we really need more of the baby food following:dog & cat food loo rolls Milk UHT (I/2 litre) or powdered Sponge pudding (tinned) We have enough of the following at present but are still Fruit juice (Carton long life) accepting Instant mashed potato Soup, cereals, tea bags, instant coffee, pasta, tooth Tinned tomatoes paste and brushes Sugar (550g) Snack bars (KitKat, Penguin, etc) Items in italics indicate additional items we like to offer Chocolate (Dairy milk small bar, etc) which are not included in standard boxes.

01728 688241 Garage Services Air-Con Full Services Small Services Winter Checks

Tyres Batterys Exhausts Engine Fitting Gear Box Fitting

MOT Repairs Electrical Work Clutches Welding

Servicing for all cars including 4x4’s


MOT’s MOT Tests Weekdays 8.00 till 5.00 Saturdays 8.00 till 12.00

Full Vehicle Diagnostics

Snape Car & Van Hire - Our aim is to keep you on the move! Cars Daily £30 a day Weekend £35 a day

Ford Transit SWB Daily £45 a day Weekend £60 a day

Ford Transit LWB Daily £50 a day Weekend £70 a day

Luton with Taillift Daily £60 a day Weekend £80 a day

Documents To Bring: Driving Licence - Photo Card AND Counterpart if new style licence Proof of Address - Utility Bill or Bank Statement Credit or Debit Card - For Holding Deposit/Pre-Authorisation

Even cheaper rates for Long Term Hire See our Website for Details or give us a call

Website: Email:

There are boxes for gifts of food in Blaxhall Church and Youth Hostel, Great Glemham church, Saxmundham church and their Coffee Shop 'At the Crossroads' (mornings only)

Thank you for all you give.

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News Calling All Singers……………………..

at one point in his life was a postman in Woodbridge, in later life living in Battersea. James (Jim) Sawyer, Come and help us give Barrie and Susan a good send-off William's son and Peter's father, learned to ring but rang by joining together to lead the singing in a Benefice choir just one peal (at Woodbridge), whereas Peter has clocked for their leaving service. up almost 500! CHOIR PRACTICE at 9.30am in GREAT GLEMHAM CHURCH. St Peter's Blaxhall 6 bells are not the easiest to ring since SERVICE AT 11am. they do not get used often and Peter Sawyer carried out Contact Miranda Barclay on 01728 688750 for more some maintenance on them before the peal attempt. The details. ringing 'methods', exactly as used in 1913, were also not the most straightforward, in particular 'New London Centenary Peal rung at Blaxhall Treble Bob' and 'Woodbine Delight Minor'; to which were On Sunday 1st December 2013, a pleasant sunny day with added one 720 of 'Oxford Treble Bob' and two 720's each almost no wind, the sound of St Peter's church bells drifted of 'Kent Treble Bob' and 'Plain Bob Minor'. The other across the parish in the still air during the afternoon. In ringers were Patricia Hitchins, Janet House, David Brown, church bell ringing terms it was an auspicious day since a Simon Smith and Ben Trent, and the peal was rung in the band of 6 bell ringers from the Church of St Peter Mancroft name of the Norwich Diocesan Association. The 'Felsteadst centenary peal on 1 in Norwich were attempting to replicate a peal rung in Database' of peals indicates that the st December 2013 was only the 31 peal rung in Blaxhall Blaxhall exactly 100 years previously. The 2013 attempt rd on 5040 'changes' (of bell sequences) in 7 'extents' (of 720 since the 1913 success and the 73 since 1900. changes) involving 5 'methods' was successfully completed in 2hrs and 41mins. Peter Sawyer, who with Bell ringers wanted! Anyone interested in joining a group friends was trying to replicate the achievements of his to ring the bells across the Benefice please contact Mike grandfather William James Sawyer, was particularly Cowling, 01728 689177, pleased, having previously successfully replicated another Training is available. of his grandfather's 1913 ringing exploits on 10th May Alde Valley Players Cabaret Night 1913 at Pettistree. Wash away the February blues and come to the Alde Valley Players themed cabaret night on Saturday 8th February at 7.00 for 7.30 at Gt Glemham Village Hall. Do come and join in the fun for 40's FRIVOLITY! No Ration Books Required. Bring a torch in case of black-out. 1940's dress optional. Themed food and licensed bar. Tickets £7. To book tickets or for further information please call Jacqui Churchman 603540 or Jill Pascoe 663699.

St Peter's Church, Blaxhall, Suffolk St Peter's Church is in need of repair - to the external walls and rendering to reduce dampness - to the base of the tower for structural reasons Details of these repairs are shown on a display board in the Church porch. The cost of this work is ~£30,000. The PCC has agreed an initial £5,000 donation from Three generations of 'ringing' Sawyers existing funds and is considering ways of raising the Although achieving a total of almost 100 peals (5 in required total. Blaxhall in 1913), William James Sawyer only rang another 5 after 1913. He was sent to the trenches in If you would like to contribute towards these northern France during WW1 and suffered gas poisoning improvements please contact the Treasurer, Mrs Sheila and shrapnel wounds but survived to the good age of 88, Scopes (01728 688178), to arrange to make a donation, dying in 1966. William Sawyer resided in Tunstall and at preferably by the end of February as this will give the PCC one point in his life was a postman in Woodbridge, in later a clearer view of future funding requirements. Gift Aid on life living in Battersea. James (Jim) Sawyer, William's son donations is available to taxpayers.

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From the Registers Baptisms

Contact Us

The baptism of Fearne Susan Cooney, daughter of Stephen and Lucy Cooney took place at St Peter's Church, Blaxhall on 22nd December, 2013.

If you wish to contact the Ebb and Flow team with contributions, questions, letters, advertising enquiries, etc please email Please remember we are a small team of volunteers so may not get back to you immediately, but will try to do so within a few days.

The baptism of Isabella Claire Butler, daughter of John Butler and Emily Peck took place at St Peter's Church, th Blaxhall on 12 January, 2014. The baptism of Charlotte Grace Butler, daughter of John Butler and Emily Peck took place at St Peter's Church, th Blaxhall on 12 January, 2014.

Funerals The Funeral of Dorothea Rae Mary Stanley, “ Rae Woodland”, aged 90, took place at the St John the Baptist rd Church, Snape on 3 January, 2014 followed by burial in the churchyard . The funeral of Kelvin Glenn Miller, aged 61, took place at Seven Hills Crematorium on 7th January, 2014. The Funeral of Ivy Selina Huddle aged 104, took place at the St John the Baptist Church, Snape on 9th January followed by burial at the Greenwood Burial Ground. The Funeral of Betty Chambers aged 92, took place at the th St Mary's Church, Benhall on 13 January, 2014 followed by burial in the Benhall Cemetery. The Funeral of Dennis Walter Chandler, “Spud”, aged st 71, took place at All Saints Church, Great Glemham on 21 January, 2014 followed by burial in the churchyard The Funeral of Cyril Fernley James Green, aged 88, took place at the St Mary's Church, Benhall on 21st January, 2014 followed by burial in the Benhall Cemetery

December rainfall (mm) in Great Glemham 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 21 23 25 28 30 31 4


1 18 2 11 5

Total 74.5mm


7 19 1.5 2


AJB Upholstery _______________________________________________________

Traditional & modern upholstery & Loose covers, cushions and bespoke furniture. Good fabric selection, Upholstery sundries Workshop/showroom open Monday to Friday ______________________________________ Andy Blackburn The Workshop Wayside, Glemham Road, Sweffling IP17 2BQ Tel: 01728 663901 Mobile: 07789 110218

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The Puzzle Page

February Crossword



1. Germless (7) 5. Mishmash (7) 9. Circumference (9) 10. Church officer (5) 11. Male ruler of an empire (7) 12. Supple (7) 13. List (9) 15. Not the most (5) 17. Not our (5) 19. Longing for something past (9) 22. Annual book of information (7) 25. Atomic (7) 26. Plant life (5) 27. Eradicate (9) 28. Hen or rooster (7) 29. Flaxseed (7)

1. Ultimate (7) 2. Hold spellbound (9) 3. Plunge (7) 4. Amuse (9) 5. Small goat antelope (5) 6. Implement (7) 7. Sound (5) 8. Reap (7) 14. Vital (9) 16. Gather into a whole (9) 17. Vehicular activity (7) 18. Plunder (7) 20. Sell to the highest bidder (7) 21. Simpleton (7) 23. New Zealand native (5) 24. Tidy (5)

January solutions February Sudoku

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Quiz, Letters & Leftovers I would like to put this letter of thanks into your Ebb and Flow ... BLAXHALL CHRISTMAS PARTY We would all like to thank Graham, Naomi and all for their hard work, fantastic food and brilliant music at the Christmas Party. A good time was had by all. Linda Keeble

Small Ads 'Rehearsal Room and Creative Space' in The Old School, Campsea Ashe. email Tel. 01728 748206 / 07971166815

January Quiz - The Answers to how well do you know the district ? 1) What family built Hurts Hall in Saxmundham ? Long 2) In which country did they make their money ? Jamaica 3) Which future President of the USA stayed at Hurts Hall ? 4) In which “Hundred” is Blaxhall situated? Plomesgate 5) Which family built Glemham Hall ? The Glemhams 6) To which family did they sell Glemham Hall ? The Norths 7) The A12 when a Trunk Road joined London to where ? Great Yarmouth 8) Who built Snape Maltings ? Newson Garrett 9) Where did the Snape Maltings Branch Line join the East Suffolk Line ? Farnham 10) Who built Glemham House ? The Duke of Hamilton 11) What was the name of the Public House in Farnham ? The George 12) Who ran the horse slaughter house in Sternfield / Wisby

February Quiz – Name the hymn/song to which these lyrics belong 1) “Be thou still my strength and shield” 2) “Send forth your word, Lord, and let there be light” 3) “My hope to follow duly is in thy strength alone” 4)”All is calm, all is bright” 5) “I see the stars, I hear the mighty thunder” 6)”Father-like he tends and spares us” 7)”Take from our souls the strain and stress” 8) “There in the garden of tears, my heavy load he chose to bear 9) “No foes shall stay his might, though he with giants fight” 10) “Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden” 11) “Riches I heed not, nor man's empty praise” 12) “How awesome is the sight, our radiant king of light” 13) “Through many dangers, toils and snares” 14) “The ripe fruits in the garden, he made them every one” 15) “I need thy presence every passing hour” 16)”No condemnation now I dread; Jesus, and all in Him, is mine” 17)”I'd thank you, Lord, for my fuzzy wuzzy hair” 18) “Hymns of praise then let us sing; Hallelujah!” 19) “My head thou dost with oil anoint” 20)”Cast out our sin, and enter in, be born in us today”

13) What was the name of the public house next to the garage in Stratford St Andrew ? The Black Swan 14) Which benefactor of an American college which bears his name is commemorated in Lt Glemham Church ? Elihu Yale 15) After which local village does the Suffragan of this Diocese take his title ? Dunwich 16) What type of nuclear reactor was Sizewell A ? Magnox 17) What is the river that is crossed by the ford at Benhall ? The Fromus 18) What originally happened at Moore's Yard ? Haulage Depot 19) Who originally operated from the industrial site at Farnham ? Hubert Heffer 20) Who built the East Suffolk Railway? Morton Peto

Blaxhall Community Coffee morning th

On 7 January some of the BCC regulars welcomed in the New Year with a delicious full English cooked breakfast and much more. Then it was off to the YHA lounge for more coffee and cakes, for those who had any space left, and to share news and views with others who joined us there. We meet in February at the regular time, 10.30am, and will be discussing a lunch gathering in the YHA in March. This will probably be held on Shrove Tuesday, 4th March, no doubt followed by coffee, chocolates and other sweet things, in the comfort of the lounge. Further details will be made available nearer the time but why not make a note of the date now.



Modern 4 bed family house with cloaks, 2 reception, kitchen/diner, en suite, garden & garage. EPC—D

Saxmundham £250,000

Beautiful Grade II listed 3 bed town house. Cellar, Sitting room, kitchen/ diner,cloaks, bathroom EPC-E

Aldeburgh 01728 454622







Two bed semi—part of the Old Railway station. Hall, cloaks, living room, study, bathroom, garden. EPC-F

Elegant 3 bed inter war semi 2 reception, kitchen, cloaks, bathroom, garage & garden.. EPC—D

Spacious 4 bed detached house Cloaks, 3 recp, kitchen/diner, utility, gardens, garage. EPC –D


Stratford St Andrew £415,000



Detached 3 bed executive home in large plot. 2 reception, kitchen/ breakfast room, utility. EPC-F

Spacious family residence with granny annexe and studio in large plot . Summer house EPC –D


Stylish detached 6 bed house in a generous sized plot with views towards the sea. EPC-E

Saxmundham 01728 605511 Southwold 01502 722065


Benefice magazine 2/14

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