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January 2013 Number 83

Christmas Around the Parishes

Benhall St Mary's children performing nativity play at the Riverside for the Alde Valley Luncheon Club

The children lead some of the singing at Blaxhall Carol Service

Benhall St Mary's children get their reward from Father Christmas after performing the nativity play

Children at Benhall spell out the meaning of Christmas

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News Life on Snape Marshes

Death of a Blaxhall Farmer

There certainly has been plenty of life on Suffolk Wildlife Trust's Snape Marshes reserve over the past few weeks. The eight remaining cattle were taken off on the unusually-late date of 15 November on a sparkling sunny morning. This was a good team effort involving several Snape Rustlers who did a stirling job in getting some fairly reluctant beasts into the cattle crush ready for collection. They were in fine condition - the cattle that is - and David Hull the grazier was very happy with them.

When Richard Rope died last November it brought to an end the long connection of the Rope Family and Blaxhall. The Ropes came to Blaxhall in the mid-1840's when George Rope married the daughter of Thomas Pope and she inherited the Grove from her father.. Since that time the Grove has been passed down through the generations. Richard's grave in Blaxhall churchyard is next to that of Edwin Rope who had passed the farm to Richard's father Geoffrey, who in turn passed it to Richard.

Further human activity took the form of four school visits in mid-November. These linked such activities as woodland adventures, dormouse model nest building and mini-beast searches with skills and knowledge including language development and science. The visits were ably led by Gemma Smith, SWT's Carlton Marshes education officer and were enjoyed by a total of 73 pupils from Benhall pre-school, Benhall Primary and Snape Primary. Gemma said, "The children loved being outside the classroom and learning about the natural world, but what many of them liked in particular was the mud on the Carnser!" It's nice to know that some things don't change.

Although there was this long connection with Blaxhall the Rope family mostly farmed at Leiston at Upper and Lower Abbey Farm. Richard was born at Upper Abbey Farm in 1926. He excelled at classics at Uppingham School and was awarded a scholarship to Emmanuel College, Cambridge to read classics. However, Richard's mind was set on the land and so he switched from classics to Land Economy. Following his graduation Richard was sent for officer training and then posted to the Royal Artillery but the war in Europe came to an end just as he was completing his training. After the army Richard worked for a time as a land agent in Cambridge but he then returned to Leiston. In June 1955 he married his wife June and they set up home in Old Abbey Lodge.

Talking of mud on the Carnser, Suffolk County Council still intend to resurface the very muddy stretch at the village end, but haven't yet set a date. Fingers crossed. An interesting sight in early December on the Carnser were fresh slots (prints) made by a red deer, quite a change from the usual muntjac. Red deer have been seen on the marsh and river wall, but it was quite a surprise to realise that they too enjoy a stroll along the Carnser. We've seen marsh harriers, including a striking male, hunting regularly over the marsh and the resident barn owl has been about quite often at dusk. We're still hoping that a short-eared owl or hen harrier will pay a visit as in previous years. We're also hoping for a mate to appear for the barn owl in time for the breeding season in spring. Otter activity seems to be increasing, with well-worn paths leading from the marsh to the Alde over the river wall. The otters are doubtless after the many grey mullet that can sometimes be seen when the estuary is calm. In the early new year, we'll hold work parties to clear several trees that are colonising the reedbeds, as without this work the area would eventually become woodland. It will be good to see our volunteers on the reserve again after a lull in activity in the autumn, as without their hard work it would be hard to keep the reserve in its current prime condition for wildlife. We are very grateful to everyone involved in our work parties and cattle rustling. Derek and Lesley Walduck Voluntary Wardens

Richard was very active in the Leiston Community , he served on the Leiston Town Council and was its youngest ever chairman. He was a governor of Leiston Grammar School and served on Leiston PCC. He loved the marshes at Abbey Farm , which are now part of the RSPB Minsmere Reserve and was a keen member of the Norfolk and Suffolk River Authority. When the Abbey Farms were bought by Nuclear Electric as both a buffer zone for Sizewell B and now the site of Sizewell C seventeen year ago June and Richard moved from Lower Abbey to live at the Grove. Once in Blaxhall he continued with his community and church work.

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Cuttings from the Walled Garden: Jim Mountain Sizewell B. The chainsaw quickly reduced into firewood those pieces that were deemed too split or rough to be used. There is mixture of relief and contentment which results By the time we had replaced the contents in the shed, we from completing preparations for the onset of cold had freed half the space for garden furniture. weather. The nursery boilers have been serviced and there is enough oil to last into the New Year. This reduces the I have written before about the disappearance of the buds likelihood of a boiler breakdown and the potential loss of on my Prunus incisa 'Koi No Mai'. This should produce a plants during a cold snap. I can therefore sleep better at mass of pink spring blossom but doesn't because of very night. Plants which suffer from frost damage have now occasional visits by shy and elusive bullfinches. Finally, I been brought inside, with those least tolerant of the cold managed to photograph one and this provides ample being put in the warmest places. Our aim now, is to ensure compensation for the loss of buds. Bird photography can that all our stock is well protected to ensure it looks good in be a frustrating business as they so often are obscured by the spring. Evergreen plants especially can look very twigs and foliage, or just at the moment the trigger is ragged if they are subjected to severe cold in winter. pressed, they fly away. If only they were all like the Hornemann's Arctic Redpoll that fed on seed by the sea Because of the high cost of oil, I decided to line an area of wall in Aldeburgh in bright sunshine, while the glasshouse with thin polythene. I have used thin grades of ornithological paparazzi snapped away to their heart's polythene before for partitions and it works well. The roll I content. bought for the lining is not the best grade and looked decidedly smoky, but as it is so thin, I don't think it will Jim Mountain exclude much light. It is surprising how many and how varied are the items bought over the years for the nursery and to keep track of them I keep a database on which I record serial and model numbers, sizes, costs and any other useful detail. This saves a lot of time when reordering and ensures for example that till rolls actually fit in the till. My roll of polythene will be marked up as poor quality and I shall look elsewhere when buying the next roll.

The Walled Garden.

It might be an understatement to say that this autumn has been damp and I have looked at the furniture and garden ornaments which we have to leave out for lack of space, but would be better stored in the dry. In the furthest corner of the nursery is a tin shed in which, during the course of the spring and summer, gets filled with 'useful' packing materials. Four bags of old compost bags will find a use, while 15 bags do not and merely take up space. It was therefore with great satisfaction that I found a morning to go down with Simon and empty the shed onto the grass. We threw out as much as we could and cast a very critical eye over the still sizeable heap of timber which I had bought in our the early days of the nursery as a job lot of used shuttering timber following the construction of

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Local History Suffolk’s Coast - At the Mercy of the Sea Most local readers will be familiar with the story of Dunwich, but the following four images are still a startling reminder, following All Saints Church from when it was first abandoned in the mid 18th century to it’s ultimate demi

demise around 1920. A single gravestone, that of Jacob Forster, can still be found at the top of the cliff.



1910 1785

E&F would love to receive more old photos, stories, history from across the benefice, so please email us if you have something we could feature.

01728 830683

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Snape News Snape Village Hall Snape Village Hall is an excellent facility which has served the village and surrounding area for over 90 years. The Village Hall Committee is now recruiting new members to assist with the running and operation of the Hall. There are 3 meetings per year and if you would like more information please call the Chairman, Ron Sheward(01728 688294), or alternatively why not come along to the open meeting on 25th February 2013 at 7:30pm? The Committee is also looking for a new Chairman as Ronis retiring from the post in April 2013 after 24 years sterling service. Nominations are now sought for this role and previous experience is not essential. Please contact the Secretary, Elaine Warmingham on 01728 687460 for further details. The Hall itself can cater for a variety of events as diverse as children's parties, toddler groups, indoor bowls, dancing and art classes. Situated on the main road in the village, there is ample parking for about 30 cars and facilities that can provide for parties of up to 200 (dependant on the type of event), with licencing for entertainment and live music. For further information, or to book the Hall, please contact Ron or Jean Sheward on 01728 688294.

Snape W.I. – December Meeting The Snape W.I. Christmas Party was once again very entertaining. Pam Wilmot got everyone into the festive spirit with a reading from Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol', and Julyan Heazell read a couple of beautiful poems by Thomas Hardy and Walter de la Mare. Then a very talented troupe from the Play Reading Group, ably led by Sandra Bennett, performed a very funny sketch called 'The W.I. Committee Meeting'. This provoked much laughter, particularly from past and present members of the committee. The current president would like to stress that it is most unusual for committee meetings to descend into wine-induced chaos and that our meetings are normally very business-like. After the entertainment, members helped themselves to a delicious buffet, the special Christmas raffle was drawn, and everyone received a Christmas gift. The W.I. Christmas dinner was once again held at The Crown. As always Gary and Theresa looked after us very well. A big thank you to them, and to all the staff, for a very enjoyable evening. Our first meeting in 2013 will be held on Wednesday 9th January at the earlier time of 12 noon. This will be a soup

and a roll fundraiser. Lunch will be followed at 1.30 with a talk about Women of World War II by Christine Redington. We shall also be discussing, and voting on, the two resolutions for 2013 put forward by the W.I. nationally. The first one is about the decline of our high streets and town centres, the second is about keeping young people safe from internet sites that encourage suicide and self-harm. Information about these resolutions is in the November/December issue of W.I. Life. Anyone wishing to vote but unable to make the January meeting, please give your voting slip (you can find this in W.I. Life) to a committee member before then as our form has to be with SEFWI by mid-January. Any members wishing to enter the 2013 Suffolk show, please let us know at the January meeting. More information about the categories is available on the SEFWI website. Subscriptions are due in January so please remember your cheque books for this and the clothes rail. Snape W.I. wishes everyone a very happy New Year.

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Barrie’s Letter

The Alde River Benefice

The Rectory, Stratford St Andrew, Saxmundham, IP17 1LJ 01728 603180

Dear Friends, Here we are at the start of another new year. For the young this may be more significant as a proportion of the total length of their life to date but less so for those who already have a lot of years “on the clock”. Nevertheless the new year does provide that moment when we can hopefully look forward. Few people are not going to hope that things will get better for themselves and those around them but these thoughts may be held with a greater degree of confidence in some than in others. It was Harold Macmillan who coined the phrase “events, dear boy, events!” when even the best laid plans are disrupted by events beyond your control. Other expressions talk of “travelling hopefully” and maybe this is all that we can do. Travelling through life prepared for the unexpected greatly reduces the trauma when thing do not go according to plan. This openness to what comes along will often mean that we are able to enjoy things beyond our wildest imaginations. On the 25th January we celebrate the conversion of St Paul. From the moment that Paul encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus his life took a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. Instead of persecuting the young Christian Church he became one of the people most responsible for establishing it throughout the Roman Empire. Over one third of the writings contained in New Testament are from Paul. He wrote them to guide the new churches in Corinth, Galatia, Thessalonica and Rome, through open letters to their leaders. He wrote other more personal letters to Timothy and Titus on their personal development as Church leaders, and finally while in prison awaiting execution himself he carried on writing letters to other churches and individuals. In his writings Paul never appears to hanker after his old life and what might have been, he is far too obsessed with the present and the future. If we become obsessed with the “might have been” this often prevents us enjoying the present and the future. This need to let go of things applies in other walks of life. Often we keep the wounds and hurt inflicted on us by people and events, raw and painful because we dwell on them and go over them again and again in our minds. If we truly embrace the Peace of Christ this can wash away any memories of hurt and failure and free us to truly embrace what lies ahead in the coming years. Have a Happy and exciting New Year. Barrie




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News Local Singer-Songwriter Reaching Wider Audiences Lucy Sampson, local singer and songwriter, has had a busy year so far, with gigs in Suffolk, Essex and Norfolk. Lucy won a slot at the Maverick Festival 2012 with her 'Snuggle Song' and wowed an appreciative audience there with other compositions. Another high point was opening for Matt Cardle (winner of TV programme The X Factor) at the magnificent High Barn in Great Bardfield, Essex. Lucy also played on one of the main stages at the first ever FolkEast Festival at Somerleyton and performed at the Halesworth Gig in the Park and the Party by the Pond at Framlingham. Lucy's music crosses many different genres such as folk, Americana, country and acoustic. She has recently produced a second EP 'Trust' and this includes five very different tracks and shows her versatility on guitar and ukulele.

Could you be a Friend to Suffolk's Churches? Are you someone who values the church building which has been part of your community for generations? Many such buildings are under threat from crumbling plaster, rising damp, failing pipes, tottering towers or the dreaded Death Watch Beetle. Your church might currently be in the fortunate situation where all is well – but in the future it could be your community that needs help from the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust.

In 2013 we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary and since 1973 we have given out grants, totalling more than £3 million, to help restore and preserve churches of all denominations. These grants have been a lifeline to struggling fund-raisers. The money comes from the annual sponsored church bike ride in September, from legacies and donations, but also from the subscriptions of the Friends of the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust. In return for a minimum annual donation of £15 per person Friends are invited to an annual dinner, study days and other events. They also receive twice yearly newsletters about the work of the Trust in Suffolk. Please become a Friend of the Suffolk Historic Churches Trust – your church could be the one that needs help in the future. Martin Favell Chairman, Suffolk Historic Churches Trust

office telephone: 01787 883884

Alde Valley Classics Event August 2013 You may recall that in 2012 we organised a very successful Alde Valley Classics event at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew. We are looking to form a work group to plan a bigger, better, vibrant, exciting event for 2013. The first meeting will take place on Thursday 3rd January at 6.30 pm. If you feel that you could assist in any way, ideas, help on the day etc. then please contact Rev. Barrie Slatter at The Rectory (01728 603180).

A Good Sunday for Children Sunday the 16th December was a good day for children in the Benefice. A large number took part in the nativity play at Benhall which put a new slant on the Christmas story by trying to spell out what Christ’s birth means to us. The children of St Mary’s Primary School Choir sang a number of songs , Similarly a large number of children attended the Blaxhall Carol Service that evening and lead the singing in some carols. All this followed on from four young people from the Benefice affirming their faith by being confirmed by Bishop Sandy Millar at Aldeburgh Church.

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Willie Free Boiler Maintenance Gas and Oil (Corgi Registered) Servicing Commision Breakdowns Landlords’ Safety Certificates Sunnyside, 71 Haylings Road, Leiston, IP16 4DS 01728 830683

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Local Food Making the Most of Our Local Seasonal Produce January. By Jenifer Hammond It's time to brace ourselves against the cold weather as we head briskly into 2013. With the thrill and excitement of Christmas behind us we can now look forward to a brand new year and all the things that 2013 may hold in store for us. With it being so cold and dark it's a good time to stock up on seasonal root vegetables and to make the most of tasty pot roasts, casseroles and stews topped with stodgy, melting dumplings. January is not the most exciting month for home grown produce but the farm shops and local grocers hold good supplies of locally grown vegetables during this time. Added to free-range meat, beans and pulses the produce available during this time is plentiful enough to conjure up a veritable winter feast. See below for some ideas and inspiration for the best of what this cold winter month has to offer. Fresh local produce available in January includes;  

Carrots Savoy Cabbage Garlic Walnuts Carrots

crunch to most dishes. Savoy Cabbage   This beautiful vegetable with emerald coloured leaves has a lovely nutty flavour when gently steamed. Its outer leaves are perfect for stuffing. Once steamed place each leaf in turn on to a baking tray lined with lightly oiled aluminium foil. Add a tablespoon of spicy mince into the centre of the leaf, roll into a little parcel and once all the required leaves are stuffed, sprinkle over a fine layer of grated cheese. Allow two to three parcels per person and serve with boiled or mashed potatoes or rice. For a tasty side dish finely slice half a cabbage and fry in a pan with pancetta and a couple of chopped garlic cloves. Season well and serve straight away. Garlic Garlic is renowned for having a whole host of health benefits, many of which are destroyed when it is cooked. Garlic has a very pungent smell and tastes spicy and hot when served raw. To make it more palatable, blend two cloves with a tin of chickpeas, some chickpea water (reserved from the tin), a squeeze of lemon, half a teaspoon of tahini, a splash of olive oil and a small handful of fresh parsley. This makes a lovely, grainy home-made hummus that is wonderful served with sliced raw vegetables (crudités) and strips of warm pitta bread.

Roast garlic is also a real treat. You can buy a garlic roaster specifically designed for this or simply pop the whole bulb, skin and all, into a roasting tray with a joint of meat or roast vegetables. It is cooked when the cloves are soft and gooey inside. You can then squeeze the cloves onto the vegetables, add this purée to sauces or gravy, spread it on bread or crackers or eat it on its own. These sticky and sweet cloves make a welcome addition to any roast or Roast carrots are a real favourite in our household. If you Italian inspired meal. buy organic there's no need to peel the skins. Simply scrub and remove any blemishes. Pop whole medium sized Walnuts carrots alongside your roasting joint of meat and potatoes. They need approximately an hour in a moderate oven. Walnuts are a delicious treat. Our favourites are the wet Don't worry if they get slightly over cooked. Well roasted variety available in the autumn but a good supply of the dried carrots develop lovely caramelised skins and the soft kind are available at this time of year. Walnuts have many sticky flesh inside is delightfully sweet. You can eat these health benefits due to their high content of heart healthy safe in the knowledge that none of the goodness has been omega-3 fatty acids so should not be reserved only for boiled away. This is arguably the best way to serve this consumption at Christmas. Serve them chopped or sliced veg. scattered onto a fresh leafy salad or stirred into a mixture of chopped potatoes, celery, apples, raisins and mayonnaise, Raw carrots are also yummy and retain all of the nutrients Waldorf style. They are also lovely when baked into cakes, and flavour. Thoroughly wash your carrots, cut into strips brownies or biscuits as they hold a subtle crunch making and serve with home-made hummus (or one from the wide them ideal for cooking. Use them generously as their selection of “Purely” hummus - made locally) and various antioxidant properties are well documented. other dips. This makes a lovely crunchy and vitamin packed snack. You can also grate carrots into salads, pasta For a healthy start to the New Year make buying and eating and rice dishes. This adds a welcome splash of colour and local seasonal produce one of your new year's resolutions. The humble carrot is an essential on any shopping list. This popular and versatile vegetable is packed with betacarotene and vitamin C making it the perfect vegetable to fend off those winter colds. Loved by adults and children alike here are some ideas to make the most of this very tasty vegetable.

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News You can find locally grown, seasonal produce available at the following places: Snape Farmers Market, Snape Maltings, Near Aldeburgh, Suffolk, IP17 1SR 01728 688 303 The Farmer’s Market is the first Saturday of each month from 9.30am. Every market has a draw for a hamper with a product from every producer on the day (over 25 producers). Simply spend £5 on any stall and you can automatically enter. The winner is drawn at the end of the market at 1pm. Friday Street Farm Shop, Farnham, Saxmundham, IP17 1JX Tel: 01728 602783 Email: Opening times: Monday – Thursday 9am – 5.30pm Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday – Sunday 9am – 5pm Railway Farm Shop, Main Road (B1121), Benhall Green, Suffolk Tel: 01728 605793 Email: Opening times: Monday-Saturday 8.30am – 5.30pm Sunday 9am – 2pm

a desperate need for another classroom to enable teaching of the added year groups. The fund to date stands at around £65,000 of the £88,000 needed, coming from over £40,000 that the school holds, £20,000 from the County Council, £2,500 promised from the locality budget of our County Councillor Andrew Reid, and the promise of £3,000 from a local charity involved in education. As you will see from the insert in this month's Ebb and Flow, we are launching the Friends of Snape Community Primary School, with the aim of raising further funds for the project. Those of you who become a Friend of Snape Primary School will be recorded on a plaque held in the school On the 27th and 28th of April a Snape Primary School Heritage Weekend is being held, organised by the school Parents and Staff Association and Brian Boulton (so we know it will be good!) with photographs and artifacts from years gone by, and with invitations having gone to pupils past and present, from all over the world. There will be refreshments, and performances by current pupils. At present we have a number of requests for funding in the pipeline from a variety of sources, both locally and nationally. The aim is to be able to start on the new build by the end of the summer term. Snape Parish Plan indicated strong support for the retention of the school by village residents who responded. Please help us to make this a certainty.

Sizewell C Consultation

Hopefully by now everyone will have received a copy, probably through the post, of EDF Energy's Sizewell C Maple Farm, Kelsale, Saxmundham, Suffolk consultation newsletter. Tel: 01728 652000 The consultation period lasts until 6th February Email: 2013.Snape Parish Council will submit a completed questionnaire to EDF but to ensure we get as wide a local view Farm Store offering freshly harvested vegetables, eggs as possible please let us know if you have anything to say and a full range of flour: Open daily 9am – 6pm by Monday 14th January so that your ideas can be incorporated in our reply. You can,of The Suffolk Providore provides a vegetable box delivery course, send in your own questionnaire direct to EDF. service. This offers the very best of East Suffolk Produce If you haven't got a copy of the newsletter, visit brought together in an easy to use online shop., which has a 1 The Anchorage, Sweffling, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 copy of the questionnaire for download. 2BN EDF also have an office at 48-50 High Street, Leiston Tel: 07949 200664 which will be open every Saturday from 900-1200 after Email: the holiday period from 3rd January onwards Online Shop: until 2nd February 2013. If you have any comments please let the Parish Clerk know Snape Primary School first of all, by email at, or by post to Snape Community Primary School is launching the final her at 19 Stanhope Close. push to raise enough money to build a new classroom. As the County has moved on to two tier education, there is Snape Parish Council

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Jim Mountain’s elusive Bullfinch

Red Deer tracks have been spotted on the Carnser at Snape

The YHA lounge was warm and welcoming for folks as they came along to the Blaxhall Community Coffee morning on Tuesday 4th December. The coffee, cakes and chat were enjoyed by all, from the youngest – just three months – to the oldest – not yet ninety. We look forward to meeting there again on Tues 8th January at 10.30, everyone from Blaxhall or further afield most welcome.

Stratford St Andrew Christmas tree

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News Benhall and Sternfield History Group's Coffee Origins” with the months illustrated by her paintings of fruit and vegetables and explanations about their history. Morning and Craft Fair On Saturday 24th November the local history society organised a social and fundraising event to get people together and to raise money for local charities. Stalls were manned by local creative crafts people. Rufus' homemade bread soon sold out, Alice's beautiful sugar ivy decorated Christmas cake looked splendid, Sally had a stall with beautifully presented herb-based skin creams and Lesley produced a wonderful calendar for 2013 “Foraging the

The Railway Farm Shop displayed rustic winter wreaths and the needlewomen of the villages had colourful stalls with a wide array of cosy knits for the winter, sewn items and splendid rag rugs. Talented artist Bob Dawkins had a selection of his work. The portrait of Mr Obama was very impressive. Hannah was selling beautiful pottery – ideal Christmas presents. There was a grand Christmas Hamper draw with three baskets of Christmas goods. A special feature was a display of photographs from the exciting events which took place in 2012 - the Jubilee Celebrations, Flower Show, Open Gardens, History Walk and Sponsored Bike Ride for the new play area The Youth Bus parked outside the school as an added attraction, giving an opportunity to see at first hand what can be provided for village youngsters as we have no Youth Club. Over £500 was raised and we look forward to making donations to the Preschool and the Youth bus. Thank you to all who worked so hard to bring about the success of the event, from the stall holders, crafts people, cake makers, drinks providers and “washer uppers” to those who donated goods to sell and finally the visitors who came along to support the event. The Benhall & Sternfield History Group members are working on a collection of photographs suitable for printing as a series of village postcards that show the delights of our area – postcards that can be sent to friends and family or bought by visitors to the. The Group continues to work on local history and the recording of memories. Tel. 602393 for further information. Katie Carr-Tansley (Chairman)

Anyone for table tennis? We were thinking of organising some fortnightly Monday evening table tennis sessions in Snape following the popular taster in the autumn. Ideally we need 8 – 12 people to sign up for around £2.00 per person so that we can be sure of covering the cost of hiring and heating the Village Hall. Could you let us know by 11th January if you're interested in coming along? The first session would be on Monday 28th January. Terry and Lynne 688065

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News Womens Fellowship

Concert For The 60th Birthday Of Geoffrey G Lilley



The Women's Fellowship Christmas Party was held on 4th December at 7.15 pm and about 28 members and 5 members of our entertainment group for the evening sat down to a lovely meal of cold meats and salads, followed by delicious desserts - all prepared by the committee. A refreshing drink of cranberry and lemonade or orange juice and lemonade was also available followed by tea or coffee after the meal. The ladies brought along draw prizes for the three Christmas hampers which were the main prizes. After the meal, we were entertained by Five In A Bar with some of their popular songs. They also led the carol singing to end the evening. Our chairman Janet Burrows thanked them for entertaining us. She also thanked the committee for their support throughout the year and for preparing such a wonderful meal for everyone. Special thanks were given to the secretary and treasurer for all their hard work. Christine, our treasurer, confirmed that with funds gained from tonight's draw we had surpassed the projected amount of money promised to our charity for the year. Janet wished everyone a happy Christmas and confirmed there would be no meeting in January and we would meet again on the first Tuesday in February when the year's subscription fee of £8 would be due.

On Friday 8th February at 7.00 pm in the Britten Pears Room at Snape Maltings there will be a concert for the 60th birthday of Geoffrey Lilley. The Suffolk Phoenix Band will be performing and admission is £5.00. This concert is in aid of St Elizabeth Hospice.

June Sampson

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Get Fit Lose Fat Snape Village Hall

Weight management Course 7pm till 8.30pm DO MY GENES MAKE ME FAT? WHY IS IT SO EASY TO PUT ON WEIGHT? Find out the answers to these questions and more 8 Week course starting - Friday 11th January 2013 Cost £60 Weekly Weigh in and exercise (work to your own ability)

Ring Marion Walker - 01728 68866 or email -to book your place

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News The Royal British Legion (RBL) – Snape and Farnham Branch November Meeting Not unexpectedly for this time of the year, attendance was low, but the latest Branch and national news and activities were enthusiastically discussed. Glemham Hall Carols and Lessons The major topic of the December meeting was to finalise the arrangements for this much anticipated annual event, and on Monday 10th December we had a very enjoyable and successful evening. Around 100 people attended, firstly in a packed Little Glemham church and then afterwards for the buffet and entertainment in Glemham Hall. Music was provided by Mr Nick Raison and the evening included an excellent raffle. Whilst we are unable to confirm the total funds raised at this stage we would like to thank all those who attended, particularly for their generosity in support of THE POPPY APPEAL. Further details will follow in the February edition of Ebb and Flow. Poppy Appeal Organiser Simon Cusworth has decided to step down as our organiser. We would like to record our thanks for all his hard work in recent years and the successes he has achieved. We are looking for a replacement and would ask anyone who might be interested in carrying out this very important role to contact our Chairman. See details below. Poppy Appeal Collectors If you can assist with this once a year but important task in the Snape area, please let our Chairman know. At the end of another active and successful year for the Branch, we would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Members and everyone in the community a very happy and prosperous 2013. Our next meeting is at 7.30pm on Monday 7th January 2013 at The Benhall Club. For more details on any of the above please contact David Mincher (Chairman) on 01728 747066. Lifts to The Benhall Club can also be arranged if required.

1953 Flood Exhibition - Flood Awareness Weekend Friday February 1st - Tuesday February 5th To mark the 60th anniversary of the east coast floods during the winter of 1953 a series of events will be taking place around the area. Venues include Aldeburgh cinema, Peter Pears Gallery, Snape Maltings and Orford Town Hall. For full details please see the included flyer or visit

Blaxhall Easy Listening Classical Concert Saturday February 16th at 3pm at Blaxhall Village Hall The Coastal Ensemble wlil be playing a variety of works, including Handel, Morricone and Mozart.

The Ship Inn Blaxhall Good Accommodation & 'Country cooking' every day Real ales with famous home-made Pies, and Puddings A rare survivor of its type the Ship offers good value, a friendly social scene, a busy program of live music and 8 en-suite guest rooms For Accommodation and more info see: or call 01728 688316

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News Hospice and the local Air Ambulance. It has also worked with Great Glemham Farms and the Friends of Butchers Once again we were lucky to have the children from Field with a view to establishing a play area in the centre of Benhall School perform their nativity play at our the village: the Friends have just obtained over £17,000 Christmas Party on 11th December, which was fantastic from the National Lottery for equipping the area in line and enjoyed by us all. with plans reached as part of a consultative process.

Alde Valley Luncheon Club

We shall be celebrating the 5th birthday of the Club at our Suffolk Wildlife Trust coach trip to RSPB Titchwell January lunch on Tuesday 8th January. The menu will be Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Potatoes Marsh - Sunday 27 January followed by Profiteroles with Cream. Back again by popular demand and selling out fast! Winter is one of the best times to visit Titchwell Marsh on the Please contact the Club Secretary, Brigid, on 01728 stunning North Norfolk Coast. Its mosaic of wetland and 602030 if you have any queries concerning the Club. coastal habitats attracts large numbers of overwintering waders, ducks and geese. In the late afternoon we'll see Great Glemham Parish Council thousands of pink-footed geese flying to their roost sites The parish council is looking for two new members. If along the coast. Hen harrier, marsh harrier and barn owl you are interested or wish to discuss the matter further, can be seen over the reedbed at dusk. please call the honorary clerk Nicholas Redman on   Coach leaves Leiston 7.30am with pickups at 663304. Saxmundham, Kelsale and Halesworth. Book your place The parish council has approved a budget involving no now by ringing Carl Powell 01728 831841 or email increase in precept but also featuring enhanced donations Price £15 per person, to a number of bodies that stand ready to help all electors cheques payable to Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Advance including the Citizens Advice Bureau, St Elizabeth's booking and payment essential.

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News Friday 11th January 2013 Great Glemham Village Hall Doors open at 7.15 and the programme starts at 7.45pm. Admission free – donations to cover costs welcomed.

M & S SERVICES Following the showing of the hilarious Galaxy Quest in December, Great Movies in Glemham kicks off the New Year On Friday 11th January with Twelve O’clock High Starring, amongst others, Gregory Peck In the early days of the extremely hazardous daylight precision bombing raids over Germany, General Frank Savage takes command of the 918th bomb group in England which has incurred heavy losses and is suffering from low morale. Much of the story deals with his struggle to turn the group into a disciplined fighting unit. Actual combat footage is used in this tense war drama, which perfectly captures the terrible pressures it placed on young American pilots similar to those who flew from the Parham airfield. A film therefore with local resonances, it won 2 Oscars and was nominated for 2 more.

SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT SERVICING LOCAL AND PERSONAL SERVICE Maintenance and servicing of all treatment plants Care and advice Emergency call out and repair service Compressors/Blowers/Pumps and consumables Commissioning Removal of septic waste

Mark Saunders Tel 01728 832346 Competitve rates - fully insured

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From the Registers Baptisms

Contact Us

The Baptism of Emily Katherine Barker, the daughter of Jeanie and Nick Barker took place at St Mary's Church, Benhall on 1st December, 2012

If you wish to contact the Ebb and Flow team with contributions, questions, letters, advertising enquries, etc please email Please remember we are a small team of volunteers so may not get back to you immediately, but will try to do so within a few days.

Confirmations Imogen Bacon, Emily Barker, Caroline MasonGordon and Jonathan Mason-Gordon were confirmed by Bishop Sandy Millar at Aldeburgh on 16th December.

Weddings The marriage of Suzy Rachael Denning and George Edward Falconer Newman took place at Saint Mary's Church, Benhall on 15th December, 2012 The marriage of Gemma Louise Cowling and Daniel Peter Barton took place at St Andrew's Church, Little Glemham on 20th December, 2012

Funerals The funeral of Mercia Violet Mary Mills, aged 82, took place at St John the Baptist's Church, Snape on 30th November, 2012 followed by burial in the Woodland Burial Ground, Farnham.

November rainfall (mm) in Great Glemham 1 4 6 10 12 17 20 21 22 24 26 27 28

9 17 2




1 2.5 6 10

9 6.5 1.5

Total 69.5mm

Blaxhall Highs and Lows in November Highest Lowest Windiest

13.9째 C -1.8째 C 40mph

13th 19th 25th

Blaxhall Highs and Lows in 2012 Highest Lowest Windiest

29.8째 C -11.8째 C 45mph

18th Aug 11th Feb 25th Jan

AJB Upholstery _______________________________________________________

Traditional & modern upholstery & Loose covers, cushions and bespoke furniture. Good fabric selection, Upholstery sundries Workshop/showroom open Monday to Friday ______________________________________ Andy Blackburn The Workshop Wayside, Glemham Road, Sweffling IP17 2BQ Tel: 01728 663901 Mobile: 07789 110218

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The Puzzle Page

January Crossword



1. Knowledgeable person in a particular field (6) 3. Receive something offered (6) 8. Circuitous (7) 10. Luxury craft (5) 11. Prominent (5) 12. Out of the ordinary (7) 13. In front (5) 15. Felt pain (5) 20. Frequent patron (7) 22. Mindful (5) 24. Once more (5) 25. Imbue (7) 26. Firstborn (6) 27. Request for a sum of money (6)

1. Oar (6) 2. Not at any time (5) 4. Aquatic South American rodent (5) 5. Leave out (7) 6. Aggregates (6) 7. Progeny (5) 9. Last letter of the Greek alphabet (5) 14. Emaciated (7) 16. Item of furniture (5) 17. Colonnade (6) 18. Juicy fruit (5) 19. Breakfast food (6) 21. Parts of a chain (5) 23. Die away (5)

December solutions January Sudoku

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Letters & Quiz (and a wedding!) January Quiz – A Miscellany 1) Who wrote the poem 'The Owl and the Pussycat'? 2) In Peter Pan, what is the name of Captain Hook`s ship? 3) What is the common name for the medical condition epistaxis? 4) Where in the human body would you find the Islets of Langerhans? 5) What mineral has the lowest number on the Mohs scale? 6) Who wrote the Waverley novels? 7) Which King of England was crowned on Christmas Day? 8) Who overthrew King Idris in 1969? 9) In which British city did the Peterloo massacre take place in 1819? 10) Prime Minister on V-J Day? 11) During World War II, how was William Joyce better known? 12) What colour is the bullseye on a standard dartboard? 13) What official number Olympiad wasl London`s 2012 Olympic Games? 14) What was Mohammad Ali`s birth name? 15) Which football team are nicknamed the Rams? 16) In which European country would you find the Troodos mountain range? 17) Fort Knox lies in which American state? 18) Winnepeg is the capital of which Canadian province? 19) Barwick Green is the name of the title music to which show? 20) Who won the 2012 Tour de France

After a very wet and windy Friday the day dawned bright for the wedding of George Newman and Suzy Denning at St Mary's Church, Benhall. Suzy and George met whilst crewing sailing yachts in the Mediterranean.

Firewood cut and split to your requirements £55 per load Kevin Ross

Answers to the December Quiz - Stage Names f

01728 688676 07748436887

For many years it has been common for performers to adopt “Stage Names” . To do this some made only small modifications of their real names others adopted something completely different. Do you know the “Stage Names” of the following people ? 1) Mary Isobel Catherine O?Brien……………….. Dusty Springfield 2) Michael Shalhoub………………………………. Omar Sharif 3) Norma Jean Mortensen ……………………Marilyn Monroe 4) Barry Alan Pincus………………………………. Barry Manilow 5) Madonna Louise Ciccone……………………….. Madonna 6) Hugh Cregg……………………………………… Huey Lewis 7) Thomas Jones Woodward……………………… Tom Jones 8) William Henry Pratt…………………………….. Boris Karloff 9) Arthur Stanley Jefferson……………………….. Stan Laurel 10) Burle Icle Ivanhoe………………………………. Burl Ives 11) Margarita Cansino……………………………. …Rita Hayworth 12) Brenda Webb…………………………………… Crystal Gayle 13) Frances Gumm………………………………… Judy Garland 14) William Claude Dukenfield……………………. W.C. Fields -15) Douglas Elton Ulman, Jr……………………….. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. 16) Doris Kappelhof…………………………………. Doris Day 17) Henry John Deutschendorf……………………… John Denver 18) Virginia Patterson Hensley……………………. Patsy Cline 19) Pierino Roland Como………………………….. Perry Como 20) Vincent Damon Furnier………………………. Alice Cooper

Top left: Blaxhall Christmas concert. Top right: Four young people from the Alde River Benefice joined others from Aldeburgh for their confirmation by Bishop Sandy Millar. Left: Richard Rope, who died in November. Far right: Local singersongwriter, Lucy Sampson. Right: The team from St Johns Saxmundham, winners of the 2012 Ebb and Flow quiz.




3 bed Victorian semi, 2 reception, kitchen, bathroom, small garden



19th century 3 bed carriage house, courtyard garden. Aldeburgh 01728 454622



3 bed semi-detached family house, conservatory, garden.



Enchanting 19th century 2 bed semi with large garden. Saxmundham 01728 605511


Modern 3 bed family house with conservatory, garage/workshop.

Saxmundham £209,950

Modern 4 bed link detachedhouse, garage and garden.

Aldeburgh £279,950

Attractive bay fronted semi, 3 reception, courtyard gdn.

Rendham OIRO £198,000

Individual 2 bed detached house, enclosed rear garden.

Southwold 01502 722065 www.jennie


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