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SUMMARY: Simon Hopkins has been a senior figure in the international investment management industry for more than a decade. He was an early advocate of hedge fund investing for institutional investors, and has been a prolific capital raiser for both single manager funds, funds of funds and listed closed-end funds. He created and successfully sold one of the UK’s leading hedge fund advisory businesses to Close Brothers Group plc and until recently served as global head of the institutional asset management business at Close.

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BIOGRAPHY: Simon Hopkins has over 20 years’ experience in the European investment business. He started his investment banking career with SG Warburg & Co in 1986, joining UBS in 1988 as a European equity specialist. From 1990 to 1996 he spent over six years as a French equity market specialist in Paris, first with HSBC James Capel, then Nomura France, where as director of French equities, he built a highly-rated equity sales and research business. In 1996, Mr. Hopkins established Fortune, a diversified hedge fund management and advisory firm, and its research affiliate Global Fund Analysis.

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BIOGRAPHY: Fortune Group went on to become one of the UK’s pre-eminent hedge fund advisory firms, with a focus on pension funds, charities and endowments, as well as a number of the world’s leading families. The firm was successfully sold to UK-listed, financial services group, Close Brothers Group in 2006, culminating in its full integration in January 2010. Today, Close oversees in excess of $41 billion largely through its trust and asset management activities.

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BIOGRAPHY: As an independent firm, Fortune managed the award-winning Fortune family of funds, and numerous customised mandates, overseeing $5 billion for a wide range of institutional clients including insurance companies, private banks, family offices and endowments. The firm also seeded over 20 single strategy funds during the course of a decade through its unique emerging manager program.

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FACULTY OF LAW LLB. (HONS) 1983 - 1986



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FOUNDER & CEO 1996 - 2010

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FORTUNE GROUP: The creation of one the industry’s first dedicated research and investment consulting businesses, Global Fund Analysis, which at its peak had over 27,000 registered users around the globe, saw Mr Hopkins become a prominent authority on absolute return strategies and the industry in general. Concurrently, Mr. Hopkins played a pioneering role in seeding many of the incipient European hedge funds through the Fortune Group an alternatives investment banking and advisory business, which he also created in 1996, and which merged with Global Fund Analysis in 2000.

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Simon possesses a deep understanding of global investors and the driving forces of fund investing. He is a regular commentator on fund industry topics in the financial media and has addressed numerous conferences, the OECD and the London School of Economics on hedge fund investing. Mr. Hopkins graduated with honours from the University of Bristol's Faculty of Law in 1986.

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Fortune created a number of single manager investment propositions across a range of strategies including European and Global Equities and TMT. The funds were offered as feeders where Fortune served as counterparty providing the safety of a world-class UK financial services group, detailed and ongoing analysis of the managers credentials, along with minimums of $50,000.

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Fortune offers an investment advisory service where we assist money managers with alternative allocations, principally focused on hedge funds but spanning a multi-asset class model. We advise some of the largest families in Europe as well as a number of large investment groups, providing them with deep and trenchant analysis of the opportunity set and building decorrelated, diversified portfolios wthin a fully automated IT platform.

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IN THE PRESS: Mr. Hopkins is a regular commentator on fund industry topics in the financial media and has addressed numerous conferences, the OECD and the London School of Economics on hedge fund investing. He was featured in a significant interview with FTfm in December 2008.

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“Transparency is knowledge and we look for as much as possible to better inform our understanding of our clients’ portfolios.”

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“One may never get transparency across all managers, but the more one has, the better off one most certainly is.” SIMON HOPKINS AR MAGAZINE

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References: fortune.html#1.

“I strongly believe that managed accounts will prove the strongest growth area for hedge fund investing over the next decade.” SIMON HOPKINS CHINA HEDGE, 23 JULY 2009

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References: story.php/aid/4785/The_old_ model_is_broken_.html

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References: In this interview in the Australian Financial Review in 2007, Hopkins’ prescient comments predicted many of the problems that investors encountered in the 2008 market meltdown.

“What are these guys doing with your money? The offering memorandums are drafted in such broad terms they could really be doing anything.” “Typically, wiring money out to funny little companies incorporated in the Cayman Islands just doesn’t fit with the fiduciary responsibilities of a pension fund manager.” “The structure is cumbersome, lacking in transparency, illiquid and expensive.”

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References: Hedge Fund Alert May Issue, 2010

Over the years Hopkins and his team raised a total of $10 billion from institutional clients around the globe… HEDGE FUND ALERT MAY 26 2010

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REFERENCES: David Suratgar spent 10 years as legal counsel of the World Bank. Also advisor to the Bank of England, HM Treasury, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank. Morgan Grenfell, director from 1978, deputy chairman from 1992. His consulting roles have included assignments for Morrison and Foerster; Salans, Hertzfeld & Heilbronn; Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, the Ministry of Mines of Argentina and European Investment Bank.

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“His leadership of the Fortune Group of diversified hedge fund management and analysis and his responsibility for its research facility, Global Fund Analysis, has provided him with an unparalleled overview of the direction of the world of international asset management.” DAVID SURATGAR CHAIRMAN, MEDICAPITAL BANK

“Simon is particularly adept at opening up new areas of distribution and forming relationships globally that helped not only Fortune but also the wider Close Group.” JONATHAN SIEFF CHIEF EXECUTIVE, PRINCIPLE CAPITAL

Jonathan Sieff joined Principle Capital as Chief Executive Officer in October 2008. Prior to Principle Capital, Jonathan was Chief Executive of Close Brothers' Asset Management business which he joined in 2003. Jonathan oversaw dramatic growth in that business during his time there and had £27bn of assets under his care across a range of Multi-asset class investments, Fund and Trust Administration assets, Custody assets and Banking deposits.

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Jack Schwager is a Managing Director, and Senior Portfolio Manager at Close Asset Management. He is also principal investment manager of the Market Wizards Funds, a managed account program. His prior experience includes over 30 years on Wall Street including 22 years as director of futures research for some of Wall Street’s leading firms, where he also spent ten years as the co-principal of a commodity trading advisory business.

“Mr Hopkins foresaw the tremendous potential of the hedge fund industry in the early 1990s and had the courage of his conviction by starting his own hedge fund / research advisory firm in 1996.” JACK SCHWAGER MANAGING DIRECTOR, CLOSE ASSET MANAGEMENT LTD

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“Simon has an encyclopaedic memory for virtually every important firm and manager in the investment management industry. He is a very well known figure on the investment conference circuit and social gatherings in the industry.”

Mark Ebert has over 20 years of M&A and investment banking experience. He is the former global head of M&A at UBS. He is currently Chairman of the Fortune Group (since 2006) and until recently he served as a director of Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch's private equity funds (since 2001).


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PERSONAL LIFE: Mr. Hopkins is married to Joann Eun Young Jhin. Born in Seoul, Korea, Ms. Jhin was educated in the US at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Together, they have three children. Mr. Hopkins has a prolific interest in current affairs and international cultures and has travelled extensively to countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Australasia, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. He also has an interest in international human rights and civil liberties and a general aversion to violent conflict. Mr Hopkins is a supporter of Coram, the Ghurkha Welfare Trust, WWF and Friends of the Earth.

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Although non-denominational, Mr. Hopkins helped organise the first inter-faith conference on investing for the Three Faiths Forum in 2009 Mr Hopkins currently serves as a non-executive director of the Swallowcourt Group, a provider of care to the elderly and those with acute special needs. Other interests include sport, theatre, music, international culture and traditions.

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CONTACT DETAILS: Address: Milltrust International Group 3 Phillip Street #18-00 Commerce Point Singapore 048693 E-mail: Skype: +44 (0)208 1235821

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Simon Hopkins Professional Databank  

A visual outline of the professional career of Simon Hopkins

Simon Hopkins Professional Databank  

A visual outline of the professional career of Simon Hopkins