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Sixth Form Prospectus

> MISSION STATEMENT We are dedicated to the education and development of the whole person. We will ensure that all our students realise their full potential throughout their time at Nightingale Academy. We aim to provide high quality education for all of our students.

> WELCOME FROM THE PRINCIPAL I am delighted to introduce you to the Nightingale Academy Sixth Form prospectus. Inside, you will find a wealth of information about the expanding opportunities that abound for Post-16 students at the academy and be able to gain further facts about the progress we are making in delivering high quality learning pathways for our oldest students. Since the academy opened in September 2010, we have worked very hard to expand the curriculum offer for our 16 – 19 year old students. For the first time, we are now able to provide an expanding range of Level 1, 2 and 3 courses in a wider choice of subject areas. We are very aware of the needs of all of our students and identify courses that will enable them to progress to further and higher education, high quality apprenticeships or further training opportunities. I am proud that our pathway tracking of students when they leave Nightingale Academy demonstrates that we have reduced the percentage of those not in education, employment or training (NEET) to merely 1.5%. This is a fantastic achievement, considering that across London, the figure is well above 10%. The resources and facilities that we can offer are of a very high

standard compared to most school sixth forms. Our College campus is separate from the main academy building and offers small, purpose built teaching areas well suited to the needs of older students. With our recent investment in Apple resources, we now have Apple Mac suites, equipped with the latest technology to provide wonderful learning resources. Next September, we will be the only school or academy in Enfield to be able to offer courses provided in conjunction with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, with only 50 places available for students interested in furthering a career in sport, IT and Business Enterprise. Please contact the academy to arrange an appointment to view our wonderful facilities and meet some of our current students and staff. I look forward to welcoming you as part of our new cohort in September. Jane Willis, Principal


To be aspirational


To be inclusive


To encourage participation in learning


To foster independence and personal growth


To strive for excellence in all our work


To prepare our students to be citizens of a multicultural, multiracial and multilingual society in which awareness of, respect for and interest in other cultures is vital and ability to communicate with speakers of other languages is a much valued skill

>>COLLEGE COLLEGEETHOS ETHOS To support you to achieve your potential and help you fulfill your dreams. >> A supportive network of staff >> Relevant courses and varied pathways to follow and choose from >> Opportunities to progress outside the classroom

> THE ‘THREE PART OFFER’ Narrowing the gap to develop successful young people As one of the Mayor’s Academies, we promote the Mayor’s vision for academies in London through the ‘Three Part Offer’:

• No student leaves the academy as

NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)

• Students develop the skills of

‘employability’ so that they achieve the most appropriate pathways to further education/employment (EET)

• Students, parents/carers and the local

community are given greater access to learning and experience of employment through vibrant ‘Community Learning Hubs’

Since opening in 2010, Nightingale Academy ‘NEET’ figures have reduced dramatically, with recorded figures in 2012 for all 2011 leavers reaching 1.5% (3 students). This is in comparison with national NEET figures (Aug 2012 – DFE age 16-18) which were 10.3%. We organise and deliver various programmes and projects that are designed to develop students’ employability skills, focusing particularly on careers and future pathways. For example, our College students have taken part in projects working directly with companies such as Transport for London, Carillion, The Greater London Authority, Workspace and Ernst and Young. The offer of work experience is also available to students either as part of their course or through the development of the programmes mentioned above. Where possible, students are

also supported in finding voluntary or paid work placements for holiday periods. Students receive support in developing CV’s, personal statements and are also able to access impartial careers advice and guidance. Students will also receive support when planning to move on from Nightingale Academy, whether that is onto an apprenticeship, going to university or into employment. For more information, or to express an interest in taking part in programmes that are run, please see a member of the Employability Team.

> WHY STUDY HERE? Take a close look at Nightingale Academy in Edmonton. Our vision is to provide a world class learning environment in a Mayoral Academy at the heart of the local community, where all young learners will have the best possible education to enable them to be successful lifelong learners.

> FACILITIES We are about to enter the next exciting phase of our building developments. As a result of a significant grant from central government, the whole school will be completely refurbished and improved by a brand new Learning Resource Centre (library) and additions to our high standard Sports Centre. The 6th form College building, with its own social area, computer room and garden, has been upgraded over the summer, and we now have 3 new classrooms equipped with Apple iMac specialist technology, to improve and enhance learning in Music, IT and Media. An exciting additional benefit of this work for our students is the opportunity of

apprenticeships with Carillion, our building contractor. Students have their own common room where you can study or relax with a game of table football. There is a dedicated study lesson every period of the day and staff are always around to help and guide you when you need it.

“With our combination of a strong pastoral team, dedicated teachers and superb facilities we feel the 6th form experience at Nightingale Academy is second to none.�

Mr Bishop, Post 16 Achievement Leader


Mr Adam Bishop Post 16 Achievement Leader I am so pleased to welcome students to Nightingale Academy Sixth Form. Our Sixth Form offers a wide curriculum to a variety of students. In my position as Achievement Leader I can assure all new students that they will receive top-class teaching from a staff that cares deeply about their future. We are proud of our facilities, with a separate building specifically for Sixth Formers, containing the latest computer technology as well as sports facilities that are as good as anywhere in the country. The teaching and facilities tell only half the story of our Academy. The Sixth Form is a major part of the welcoming community that is our school. Many Year 12 and 13 students are role models for younger years holding positions such as Student Leaders, Reading Mentors and Student Councillors. As well as giving them new skills, these roles show the students true worth when applying for other courses or employment. As a Mayoral Academy we are committed to securing a positive future for all our students so our care carries on beyond the length of the courses.

Mr Moncef Fakhfakh Vice Principal and Director of Post 16 It is a privilege and an honour to have been given the leadership of Post 16 provision from September 2012. I immediately took the opportunity to refine and adapt our curriculum so it matched the needs of all the students wanting to come back to our Sixth Form. We now have courses running in most subjects and at most levels. Our students can see Pathways through their education that never narrow and always lead them to fulfil their aspirations. We hold them to this through having the highest expectations of them e.g. 95% minimum attendance, 3 study periods attended weekly and community involvement and contributions for all students. In return we offer every student the highest standards of education and have the highest expectations also of the teaching staff. If you are looking for a Sixth Form that will support you and challenge you towards excellence, then Nightingale Academy is the right place for you.

> STUDENT LIFE AT NIGHTINGALE “Our aim is to unleash the talents of London’s young people to both raise their horizons and develop the necessary skills to become successful citizens and thrive in their future lives.”

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

Life at Nightingale Academy is not all about study. There are many enrichment activities and opportunities for you to excel and improve your learning and personal skills; from being Reading Mentors, Peer Mentors, Student Leaders, Student Councillors, Sports Leaders, YAVE volunteers to ambassadors for Nightingale Academy visiting other countries. You will have the chance to play for school teams and have the use of top class sporting facilities. In 2011, some Sixth Form students were taken to Poland and Italy to take part in a Comenius project.


“I’m currently the president of the sixth form. I never thought that I‘d ever be able to stand in front of a crowd and express my ideas. That’s honestly because I never knew myself. Nightingale Academy has been a great part of my secondary school. They helped me develop various skills that so far have been a great help and without a doubt will be for the rest of my life. I arrived to the UK in September 2007 and was assigned to Nightingale Academy in January 2008. My English was horrible. I was only able to say short sentences which most of the time didn’t make sense. The teachers here are one of a kind. They are the most helpful, caring and supportive staff. It was a privilege to have worked with them. The teachers push all the students as hard as they can to achieve the best grades possible. It only took the school a few months to assign a teacher who spoke my language to help me improve my English. That is exactly what the school does. If your child has any difficulties with English, or has recently arrived to the country, this school will provide the best care and tuition to develop their English and more. In addition, the school is very strict in terms of uniform and presentation, which I think is great and will prepare the students for the business world that’s out there waiting for them.

“To be the president of Nightingale Academy is a real honour. I’ve been given such great opportunities, and being head girl is one of them. I have been a student for over 12 years and I have been to schools in two different countries. I can tell you that Nightingale Academy is one of the schools where it feels as if everybody is family. The lessons are interesting and the teachers try to keep them enjoyable by doing fun activities related to the topic, or by making us debate about our ideas and opinions. The teachers are always very helpful and the sixth form feels like a family because all the students know each other and help each other out. There is a common room where students are able to have their own independent study time during the periods that they’re free. I would advise everybody who is planning on doing A-levels or BTEC subjects to come and get a taste of what it is like being a part of the Nightingale family.

I would like to finish by saying, if you want the best for your education and for them to have the best secondary school experience, I advise them to consider signing up to this school.”

I am currently studying Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics – I’m planning to become a dentist. It’s not easy, but with the help of my teachers and a lot of hard work, I will get the grades that I want. My fellow student, Krystian Goc, and I are going to try our hardest to make this school a place where students can study but also a place where students can be comfortable and feel safe.”

Krystian Goc – President of the Sixth Form

Marian Hasan – President of the Sixth Form

Tel: 020 8443 8500 Fax: 020 8372 0202 Email:

Nightingale Academy Prospectus  

Nightingale Academy Prospectus, Edmonton London 2013.

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