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Skateboard Magazine Issue #2 Vol. 1 Spring 2015

EatTheBologna By Scott Morton

Issue 2 Vol. 1 Spring 2015

Content • Carmel Valley

Thanks for shredding

Directions to the Banger Block

Open your pupils

• Video Hype

• Sombine Art

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Austin Lenahan Boneless 180

Hugo Lagunaz Back 360

Jonno Gaiten Frontside Feeble

Photos: Charlie Nunez

You know that set of stairs that you walk down everyday and think “maybe someday.” Well youngin’ Mauro Avila stepped up and hucked this Ollie on the way to class early one morning.

Brothers in shred. Taran Mckay Front Board

Photo: Matt Erlandson

Matt Erlandson Back Lip

Guy-whose-name-Iforgot-to-ask Frontside air. Next time dude!

Cordano Russell Frontside Feeble

Joel Aldous Beanplant Bluntslide

Joel Aldous with a Crooked Grind to be thankful for

Grant Fiero achieves the Impossible

Thanksgiving at Carmel Valley Steve James at Finesse likes to do little get-togethers every so often at the skateparks in the Carmel Valley area. It gets the team together and really gets the good vibes flowing. For thanksgiving he had us all say what we were thankful for; and the most responded answer should be obvious, SKATEBOARDING! Friends and good health were also mentioned. Afterwards we all celebrated that thankfulness in the best way possible, by shredding with friends in good health. Ate some PB&J’s (Classic son!) and got to the skating. The session got serious on a couple of obstacles. The big quarterpipe got murdered. There was one point where there was a train of Rod James, Joel Aldous, Matt Erlandson and Guy-Whose-Name-I-Forgot-To-Get (Sorry dude!) skated around in circles right behind each other and got about 5 tricks each before someone fell. There was a point where two people were back smithing at the same time. After the awesome quarterpipe session I assumed the session was starting to wind down. Nope! They moved over and people started killing the rail. Tricks were fired off with incredible consistancy. Cordano was making front feebles every try. When Joel landed a beanplant bluntslide it was officially shut down. Getting everybody together has a way of making everybody shred harder. Rod James Melon to Fakie

Turqiose Pants Fly Out

Matt Erlandson Crooked grind

Matt Erlandson Switch Jam

In 2013 and some of ‘14 I waslucky enough to have two of the nicest dudes live at my apartment, Joe Marshall and Ed Penprase. Once they got on their feet they got their own apartment in the next building over. It was good times getting a chance to shoot some of the most stylish skaters I have ever dealt with. Between Joe giving me tips on how to draw better and Ed trying to give me fruit all day long, it was awesome. They recently moved up to the northern half of California to finish the school thing. Till next time I wish the best of luck to these bro’s.

Ed Penprase Back Tail

Bad Art/Good Fun


Ride to this shit Diamond Dogs is one of the most skated to albums I have ever listened to. With Wieger in SB chronichles, Jamie Palmore’s Sk8 Mafia 2008 edit, and both of the songs used in Arto’s Sorry parts, you would think that this album is running dry with songs to skate to. Nope not even close. The title track is a high energy song with a ton of swagger and lyrics that are still relevent today. David Bowie-Diamond Dogs (1974) The horns in the chorus would be perfect for some hammers. In fact describes disgusting streets we skate every song on this album is just as on. Even the slow songs that haven’t relevent as it was in 1974. The first been used up have so much style track on the album, the spoken word in them that they are begging to be poem Future Legend, would work skated to. This ain’t skateboarding, great as an intro to a video, as it this is GENOCIDE!


e p y H Video Tailor Mckay A New Year on the Banger Block

Tailor has been the filmer and hype man that gets things done in San Marcos lately. Not only has he got the whole squad together on the regular, but he films it all and puts out edits constantly. If these are the throwaway edits, I can’t wait for the full length. With such consistant rippers such as Austin Lenahan, Noah Lora, and Hugo Lagunaz he is able to stack an insane amount of footage. Plus he’s got lil bro Taran turning up all day long. I’ve never thought about it before, but Austin skating shirtless and wrapping his shirt around his head brings to mind some Reese Forbes style. A buff ass blonde dude ollieing over whatever the fuck he wants. Austin not only has style, he has power and pop to go with it. Hugo (Bugo) is treflip God. He can treflip better than I can ollie. Just in this video he has some of the most casual treflips. He is also typcially in a wristguard. Maybe he is trying to make it into a new style. Swagged out with ice on the wrist has a new meaning now. The soundtrack is fully turnt. It’s not only old hip-hop but it is lo-fi and shit most people haven’t heard. Somehow a couple of kids from San Marcos managed to fully run the trap. Go figure. Usually when I review a video I pick out certain tricks that stand out, but in this video it is just 20 mins of homies killing it. Instead of having parts with enders featuring each person, it is just a montage of the Mark Park Fam getting their kill on. Tailor’s video’s showcase the local skill and just emphasizes the talent we have here. GET BUCK PLAYER!

215 North Coast Highway, Oceanside

Same shit, different year. Scott Morton Frontside 5-0.

Photo: Charlie Nunez

Jakob Robinson Wallie

ETB 2015

Yo, lemme peep dat footy

Eat The Bologna Issue 2  

Eat The Bologna Issue #2 Summer 2015

Eat The Bologna Issue 2  

Eat The Bologna Issue #2 Summer 2015