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Finding An Agent That’s Right For You Are you interested in learning more about footvolley? Do you want to

Colombian Success In The US Perfecting My Foot Volley

join the match? We have a wealth of resources available for you. From videos on technical development with Professor Alzate to information on competitions to upcoming web docs on the sport, we’ve got you covered! Go to Eat Soccer! for more information.

Go International: Colombian Beach Soccer Who is up for a little sand, sun and Facebook or at the following email international beach soccer competi- address: tion? Just in case you think that it’s too Barranquilla, Colombia will serve as late to coordinate your travel, Spirit the host city for the Beach Soccer Airlines and Avianca have great International Tournament beginning rates on flights to Barranquilla and on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Teams neighboring city Cartagena. from Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil will be there to compete for the Feel free to contact me about any first championship title. questions that you may have regarding, my lodging, food and general If you want to learn more about en- experiences in Barranquilla. tering your team in this inaugural competition, contact Liosh Alzate on

GO International: Colombian Beach Soccer Ask The Masseuse

Qiana (center) pictured with Colombian footvolley/beach soccer players Liosh Alzate, Ronald Orozco, James Jimenez and Gregory Hamburger

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Perfecting My Foot Volley After several days of footvolley training, both of my quads had bruises on each side. I didn’t have much access to ice so I emailed international massage expert, Vickie Torrey to ask her advice.

In preparation for my upcoming footvolley exhibition at the 2010 Footvolley World Cup in Hollywood, Florida, I traveled to Barranquilla, Colombia.

My two weeks of intense training with Professor Liosh Alzate and his group of athletes, VT: Massage the areas with an ointment that who compete internationally in footvolley contains Arnica, Aloe, or Vitamin E. and beach soccer, were full of adventure on and off of the sand. To get the scoop on my Her advice worked wonders. To everyone’s experiences in Barranquilla, go to Qiana’s surprise, my bruises disappeared in a matter Glamorous Soccer Life of days. What can I do to heal the bruising?

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Vickie Torrey has been using her hands for many years to heal and teach healing to people throughout the world. Now, she has partnered with me to show athletes how we can use our hands to heal our bodies and improve our sports performance. Check out our new video entitled, Self Massage For The Athletic Warrior. It is available for rental or purchase on Amazon. Also, you can find a brief demonstration from the video on Eat Soccer.

Colombian Success in the US Coach Al Mora Gives Advice to Colombian Players As a native of Bogota, Colombia, Al Mora used his street soccer roots to journey from playing in his native home country to first division teams in New England. He holds Brazilian and Dutch credentials, and trains dozens of soccer players in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Now, Coach Mora wants help the next generation of Colombian players to take their game global. What teams did you What advice do you have for younger Coplay for in Colombia? lombian players that want to play abroad? AM: While serving in the Colombian Air Force, I played in the Military Games. After my graduation from the Academy, I played for an amateur league in Cali and Villavicencio. This league is now the 2nd division professional league in Colombia. Once I arrived in the United States, I played for several 1st division teams in the New England area, Portuguesa, Sporting Club (Rhode Island) and an Italian Club in Boston.

AM: I advise them to become very disciplined and technically very strong. It’s a good advantage and it’s expected. My training philosophy comprises of three things: commitment, hard work and discipline. In our next issue, our conversation with Coach Mora continues as he discusses his thoughts on the Colombian National Team and his perspective of soccer in the United States. Until then, you can learn more about Coach Mora’s training on his website or email him at

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