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September 27, 2013

Eaton weathers the storm

From Inferno to flood

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September 27, 2013

Powell gets first and goal

emilypennington staffreporter

Breaking out of the norm, Jehna Powell (15) will suite up for the football team next year as the first female player in school history. Powell has never played on an actual football team, but has always been ready to play whenever she was able. Powell said “I’m not trying to take anybody’s position, or mess up the football program; I just want to try something new.” Powell said she has been constantly debating the idea of joining the team. The tipping point came during the Roosevelt vs. Eaton game last year when she saw that Roosevelt had a girl on their team. Watching the game she said she noticed “the boys were very accepting and treated her as one of them.” Before she could even get cleared to join the team she first had to talk to Athletic Director Steve Longwell. When Powell went to talk to Longwell she said she was nervous, but was pleasantly surprised with how well he reacted. As far a girl on the team, Longwell said, “I think its an awesome idea.

If she can give it a shot and do well then that is great.” So far Jehna said she has received excellent feedback, especially from the female student body. A major supporter was senior Halei Moody. Moody took a great interest in her joining the team and said, “It’s a thing that a lot of girls that have that opportunity don’t do. I think people should follow her example and do what they want to do, and not listen to what others say.” For Powell, her past few years have been all about branching out and trying new things. Last year, Powell went out for the swim team. This year, Powell intends to go out for the track team, another thing she has never gone up against. Football players will have something new to think about come fall season, but football player Garrett Proctor(15) said he isn’t worried. “I encourage her to go out,” Proctor said. “If she can put it through the uprights, I am more than willing to play on the same team.” What started as a small dream for Powell is now coming into fruition as of next year and Eaton fans can look for her on the field next season.

Reece Kothe

Jehna Powell (15) proudly holds a football in the EHS stadium where she will be playing next season. Powell is the first girl at EHS to get the go-ahead to play football.

New band, agriculture teachers praise kids of Eaton

calebleonard staffreporter

Two new teachers have have joined the Eaton High School community for the 2013-14 school year. Logan Doddridge, a guy who says he likes to play golf and says he “scores okay,” will be the new


band instructor, replacing Phuong Nguyen. And Melissa Achzigner, a graduate from rival Platte Valley, will be teaching Ag classes. Both teachers say they are excited to start the new school year at a new school. Doddridge is no stranger to Eaton High School, having assisted Phoung Nguyen for three years prior to his resignation. His family has a background of teachers: his grandmother, mother, as well as many members on his dad’s side of the family have been school teachers. With the encouragement of his family, Doddridge graduated from UNC with a degree in music education. Doddridge said that the legacy he would like to leave behind is


“my passion for music” and to convey to students “how awesome music is, so they are as passionate about music as I was.” He went on to explain that he likes all types of music but jazz is by far his favorite. Doddridge also had a few words of wisdom concerning the

students of EHS: “Do and get involved in every single thing you can get into. Don’t be afraid to try new things... you can always work it [extracurricular activities] out. Even though you may be really tired and busy, do as much as you can.” Achzigner graduated from Platte Valley and attended CSU—where she discovered her interest in Agriculture. After graduating from CSU, Achzigner taught at Grover for two years. She explained that the experience in Grover was good. Almost all Grover students live out on a ranch and understand what hard work means. However, Achzigner switched schools and taught at Platte Valley. After teaching at Platte Valley, she spent a year at JBS realizing

that her passion was in teaching Agriculture. She said she hopes to “...leave a [more] solid program that students want to be part of with Agriculture and FFA.” She also said the students at Eaton impressed her: “Coming from Valley, the behavior of EHS students is better and more respectful. They listen and are eager to learn. I think they are more rounded of a kid.” Achzigner also had a little advice for students to kick off the year on the right foot. She said, “When you go to work in a corporate setting, life is not like it is [in highschool or college]. You have to have your stuff together, and if you don’t, you’re out. Realize that college is even fairly easy but once you become a real adult, it’s not fun.”

redREPORT 3 Versoi performs addition Social media place for snoops September 27, 2013

averyjones editorinchief

Math teacher Ken Versoi waltzed into Eaton High School for the first time on Sept 3--two weeks after school started--sporting a grin and a pair of bags under his eyes that only a new father knows. Joseph Michael Versoi--better known as Baby Joe or Baby Versoi-was born 8 pounds 13 ounces, 21 inches Friday Aug 9 at 4:15 p.m. to Ken and Kendra Versoi. Versoi took a two-week sabbatical for his family leave during which he said he “changed a lot of diapers and played with Little Joe and learned what it is to be a family--be a dad. Oh and did I mention change a lot of diapers?” According to Versoi, the diapers are the one of worst parts of being a new father. However, he said he disliked them only because they are tedious more than anything. Versoi said, “Seriously, it’s a constant thing. Like I’ll change his diaper and be fastening it on and, what do you know, I have to change him again. It’s like ‘Oh my gosh, really? I literally just changed you!’” The very worst thing about having a newborn according to Versoi, is when he has tried everything he can think of to calm baby Joe, but the baby just won’t stop crying and he

doesn’t know why. “It’s heartbreaking. It’s the worst feeling in the world knowing you can’t make your kid feel better,” said Versoi. Versoi said the small lack of sleep was also a nuisance, but he could handle that because he is used to running on only a few hours of sleep a night. The pros outweigh the cons for Versoi though, because he says just being a dad is the best feeling in the world. Having a son and a family is fantastic, Versoi said, because “it’s a really awesome feeling knowing you have a kid and he’s--he’s--he’s awesome.” Versoi said it was nice to be home

with his son and wife. He said, “It was great that my wife and I got to see each other every day. We’re both teachers so the amount of time we see each other is really dependent on the amount of grading we each have.” Now that Versoi is back at school, he said he feels like he’s playing catch up. Having missed the first two weeks of school, he missed getting to know his new students. “I’m sort of winging it! I don’t know anybody’s names. Everyone else knows each other and is in their routines already,” said Versoi. “Mr. Watkins described it best: I feel like a sub!”


Baby Joseph Michael Versoi became the first addition to the Versoi family on August 9 and weighed in at 8 pounds 13 ounces.

Syria conflict on students’ minds

Jacobsell copyeditor

Since March of 2011, an ongoing armed conflict has been burning in Syria between the forces of Bashar al-Assad and the rebels known as the “Arab Spring.” Now with talk of an invasion, several Eaton seniors are watching the news. Bryce Dyer (14) said “When I turned 18 and had to register for the Selective Service, I found myself paying more attention to affairs around the world,” but he said he disagreed with America going to Syria. The Arab Spring has sought to bring down the al-Assad regime, which has been in power of Syria since 1971. To stop these riots, the Syrian government instituted mass

murder upon the rebels by the use of chemical weapons. It is unsure whether or not the al-Assad government is responsible for these chemical attacks, but the United Nations has conducted an investigations within the Syrian city of Damascus. According to recent reports, the death toll of the weapons in Damascus has reached 1429, including rebels and civilians. President Obama has said that intervention in Syria is necessary for peace. The United Nations has confirmed that Chemical weapons were in fact used in Syria, but have not released a verdict as to who lunched the attacks. Russian president Vladimir Putin has offered to take Syria’s chemi-

cal weapons and Syria has agreed. Putin stated that if the United Nations report shows “Beyond doubt” that the Syrian government used chemical weapons on its civilians and it will support a campaign to eliminate further threats in the future. On the other hand, Putin also stated that any military action prior to the United Nation report would be seen as an act of aggression and will lead to a reaction in the “most decisive and serious way.”

haley cox

other crimes against the nation. The NSA is a relatively secure and opinioneditor Facebook, Twitter, Skype, secret organization. Up until recently, the public knew texting, there are many forms of very little about the agency and its communication for people to get operations. what’s on their Computer administrator mind out in Most teens... John Baker said, the open. “Anyone in their right But this have no clue that mind knew we were summer, they are being all being monitored.” a huge But most people monitered c o n t r ove r s y were unaware until arose when Edward Snowden, a p e o p l e system administrator, learned that leaked several mass someone is surveillance operations actually paying to unauthorized attention— personnel. the U.S. Because he blew the g ove r n m e n t whistle, Snowden was and its agency forced to flee the country, narrowly the National Security Agency. escaped U.S. prosecution, and is The NSA is a government currently living under asylum in organization that monitors social Russia. media and communication in the Snowden follows in the footsteps United States and works with other of fellow info-leaker, Bradley countries with similar monitoring Manning, another government agencies, and it turns out it has employee who released American the ability to tap in to Google, cell secrets to Wikileaks. phone, Twitter, Facebook, and Manning was based in Afghanistan other record at any given time. when he was given a dishonorable The NSA has long and vigilant discharge and imprisoned for a arms, with international stations maximum of 35 years. Manning in the United Kingdom, Canada, was found out when Adrian Australia, New Zealand and is also Lamo told military authorities that cooperating with other monitoring Manning had admitted to giving agencies around the world. information to Wikileaks. And The NSA was originally founded how did the government find out? in 1940 and was involved in many The conversation took place over dangerous missions during the cold war. The National Security webchat. Most teens unless they watch Agency has several memorials the news, have no clue that they commemorating the deceased are being monitored. Wesley members’ bravery. Newhouse (16) said he had no idea The NSA is not an agency what NSA is or what they do. designed for snooping on the Although news of the NSA can be American people’s private matters a shock to the system at first, many but exists, rather, for the country’s Americans believe that the NSA is safety. for the safety and well-being of the Furthermore, the NSA is not country. interested in commercial matters, So unless a person is sending meaning they are not looking for bomb schematics or looking people who are pirating media on up recipes for Napalm, they are the internet or Skype chatting from more than likely not a priority for different countries. the NSA. In the words of Baker, They are after terrorists or “You’re not that important.” criminals planning attacks and tanneralm



September 27, 2013

Graham survives train collision

averyjones editorinchief

Lauren Graham was driving home Friday, Sept .20 when she and her father were hit by a train at the intersection of Hwy 85 and CR 76. They were coming home from delivering food to someone whose house had been flooded. Graham was driving, and she said the late afternoon sun was in her eyes so she couldn’t see the stop sign before the tracks. There is no white line painted on CR 76 to indicate where to stop, so Graham was not helped at all trying to see where to stop. Her father, who was sitting in the passenger seat, said she’d gone too far, so Graham slammed on the brakes to avoid stopping on the tracks. Graham said she looked left and the coast was clear, but when she looked right, she saw the southbound train coming toward her. Her dad started yelling “Back it up! Back it up! Back it up!” She put the

car in reverse and tried to get off the tracks as fast as possible; Graham said she managed to back up a few inches, but they didn’t make it off in time. The train hit the front end on the passenger side, sending it flying into the nearby ditch. Graham said she remembers the whole thing very clearly despite how quickly it happened. She said, “Everything was really fast! I could just see flashes of what was happening, and before I knew it, it was over.” She said she remained calm through the whole thing. “I was really scared and upset, but I could also think and be level-headed,” Graham said. After being rushed to the hospital by paramedics, Graham was released the same night of the accident with minor injuries. She sprained her right foot, putting her on crutches and in a boot for the next week. She banged her head multiple times once cracking her nose on the steering wheel causing

a bad bloody nose but no fractures. She sustained several cuts, bumps, and bruises due to shattered glass, air bag damage, and seat belt constraints. Graham’s father had a concussion as well as many cuts and bruises; he was kept overnight to monitor his concussion, but he was discharged Saturday morning and is healing speedily. “We recovered pretty quickly—physically and emotionally,” said Graham. Graham’s accident at this intersection is not an anomaly. This intersection is notorious for being one of the most dangerous intersections in Weld County. In the past ten months, two other train-car collisions have occurred. Graham said, “If we could get anything there that would be great— guard rails, even a white line would be great! I’ll do what I have to do—sign a petition, join a committee—whatever I have to do to get something there.” Graham’s accident was a narrow

escape. Graham said, “The whole thing was really scary, but I’m just so glad we’re ok. I was told that a few more inches and we wouldn’t

have made it.” Graham said her word of advice to drivers is “always wear your seatbelts!”

courtesy Courtesy photo

The Grahams’ car was totalled after the front end was smashed by a southbound train at the intersection of Hwy 85 and CR 76.

A peek at Homecoming court

Tiara Miller

Homecoming Court 2014 From Left to Right: Estin McGraw, Michael Cardona, Tyler Gavette, Landon Koelzer, Bryce Dyer, Emily Naill, Avery Jones, Brittany Pierce, Halei Moody, Holly Mawson, Ryleigh Haynes. Not Pictured: Chad Foos


September 27, 2013


Fly above the rest reecekothe newseditor

As the blistering heat of summer begins to fade, just imagine - a cool, crisp breeze scented with fresh pine, flowing through the crooks of your helmet enriching your senses. At the same time you notice the feeling of adrenaline steadily coursing through your veins as you approach the precipice of your line. Meanwhile, the faint peaceful sound of small, white flakes falling upon the blanketed landscape amongst high, rugged mountains towering all around encouraging you evermore. The fluffy, deep powder cools the earth and tempts you to drop in, while a flawless blue sky offsets the perfectly white snow in a surreal scene. Everything in your mind and body build to a climax of nerves, emotions, and exhilaration before you can no longer stand at bay. As you make your first cut through the deep snow, the powder flows over your skis like a cloud engulfing your body and generating a feeling of complete and utter freedom. Nothing on earth can compare to the surreal feeling of shredding down the mountain. The mountain falls abruptly like a steep giant becoming increasingly more difficult to navigate but none of that matters now, for the focus garnered within your mind is untouchable and you are one with the mountain. Steadily increasing speed everything begins to slow down in your mind as you enter Warren Miller’s “flow state” (A state of being in which the faster you go physically, the slower things become mentally) and skillfully weave through groves of trees, soaring over cliffs like an eagle. This new, magnificent world you have lived in for only a short period of time: the world of skiing and snowboarding, has altered you in amazing, divine ways,

inspiring you and others to ski “like there’s no tomorrow.” Shredding is not just an activity, but rather a lifestyle that you live whenever you are connected to the mountain. The more you progress in your abilities, the greater the feelings of freedom will become, driving you to push your limits further and further. Join me this season, and discover what its like to be a part of this world of extreme winter sports. With the cool weather just around the corner, it is time to prep your planks and purchase that coveted season pass. (I recommend the Epic pass or the Colorado Super pass. Both are available online.) After all, Colorado is one of the supreme winter wonderlands on earth (with six resorts rated among the best in the world. Vail was rated number 2 with Steamboat and others consistently scoring high). It’s time to take advantage of this worldrenowned place that we are lucky to call home. Skiing is just around the corner with A-Basin predicted to open first in mid October. Be inspired by pros like native, Bobby Brown, who made it big here, in the great state of Colorado. To get truly psyched, view one of the famous Warren Miller films packed with freestyle action with the newest edition titled, “Ticket to Ride” coming to Fort Collins at the Lincoln Center on Friday, November 8th. Get stoked for what is predicted to be an epic Colorado snow year and embark in the journey of shredding. This February, the Sochi Winter Olympics will include for the first time ever the freestyle event of Slope Style. Look for Tom Wallish, the self-taught U.S. skier who put this sport on the map, and follow his advice to “Fly above the Rest.”

Student Lunch Special Cheese burger...................................$2.00 Cheeseburger Combo....................$4.00 2 pc. Chicken Fingers w/Fries...$3.00 680 Oak Ave. Eaton, CO (970)454-2959

Haley Cox

Foreign Faces

The new foreign exchange students, Yan Villalobos (15), Laura Lazaro (15), Punch Boonyawiwat (15), and Ploy Keerakiatwong (15), strike a pose during a passing period.

tiaramiller featureeditor

Each year Eaton High School welcomes a small group of foreign exchange students. This year Eaton High School welcomed four: Punch Boonyawiwat and Ploy Keerakiatwong, from Thailand; Laura Lazaro, from Spain; and Yan Villalobos, from Chile. Foreign exchange students come to share their culture with students and experience American culture.

Puch Boonyawiwat

Boonyawiwat came here from Bangkok, Thailand and is staying with Garrett Proctor (15) and his family. She said shedecided to get into a foreign exchange program because a lot of her friends have been exchange students in the United States and they loved it here. She has been speaking English since first grade and claims that the most difficult part of the language is the grammar. In Thailand, Boonyawiwat’s hobbies include playing the piano, going to movies, shopping, and going out at night with her friends. She is excited about this year. She said, “I like it because it’s just so different here.”

Laura Lazaro

Lazaro came to Eaton from Madrid, Spain to learn about the culture and to improve her English. Even though she’s been learning English for nine years, Lazaro said, “It’s so important to know English now.” Lazaro is staying

with Jennie Haley (15) and her family. This is not Lazaro’s first time being a foreign exchange student. She has also stayed in Ireland and Canada, so staying with strangers is not a foreign concept to her. This year Lazaro is a junior and plans on joining the swim team. In her free time, Lazaro hangs out with friends, listens to English and Spanish music, shops, and travels. She spending a year in the United States is exciting for Lazaro because she gets to see a new country and meet new people.

Ploy Keerakiatwong

Keerakiatwong came to Eaton from Bangkok, Thailand to improve her English and to learn about a new culture. She is staying with the Zeller family her host father is a police officer in Eaton and her five host siblings are homeschooled. Keerakiatwong has studied English for three years. She likes that Eaton is a small town because “people are so nice, everyone

knows everyone.” Keerakiatwong is a junior this year. She enjoys outdoor activities, watching movies, sleeping, and listening to music from America and Thailand. Keerakiatwong loves meeting new people, playing sports, and learning about a new culture. One of her favorite sports is tennis.

Yan Villalobos

Villalobos came to the United States from Santiago, Chile to learn culture, better his English, and “experience America, like in the movies.” Villalobos is staying with Ashton Baker (15) and her family. He has been learning English for about three years. Villalobos misses his family and Chilean culture. Villalobos is a junior this year and plays soccer at Frontier. In his free time, Villalobos plays guitar and water skis. He is not used to a small town. He said, “I prefer city, but I love this town. It’s small but I love it.”



Back to School lexielapp


Haley Cox Tessa Ochsner shakes her computer in frustration because Pandora radio is blocked.

Pandora not priority for technology


Some teachers feel that the technology at EHS is not good enough. TreEaton Tech Department recently goning said “I think that due to the upgraded the district bandwidth to be districts piecemealing of tech over double the size from 25mbs (mega- the years until we implement a sysbits per second) to 50mbs on Friday tem not made of garage-sale items, Sept. 20 it’s not going to be With this change in the better.” If it wasn’t used Although the tech bandwidth, teachers and students can expect the indepartment works ternet to be faster and not for instructional very hard to keep kick them off as often. purposes, it was the school’s comHowever, this solution puters running, Panis a temporary solution. dora is looked at by taken off. for on the same dayinterthe tech committee net use reached 41mbs of as a luxury in the the 50mbs availible. Tech there are -John classroom; administrator Jerry Windhigher priorities for sor said “This [bandwidth Baker bandwidth. situation] is only a tempoJohn Baker, a tech rary solution” and it will administrator said be only a matter of time that although stubefore more bandwidth dents enjoy the muis going to be required sic Pandora offers, it to keep up with the everstill is not essential. growing demand for the use of the “The tech committee blocked Pandointernet. ra because it was a lower priority than With this demand in mind, the other websites. Because if it wasn’t tech department blocked the use of used for instructional purposes, it Pandora, and some teachers are not was taken off. It was a tech commithappy with the change. tee and academic decision.” “It’s very irritating because there is When the tech department doubled no other way to access music except the bandwidth, very few students through student devices… which is and teachers really understand the usually inappropriate music.” said magnitude of the yearly cost, which, Shelly Tregoning, a teacher who with the the new 50mbs connection, misses Pandora after it was blocked is about $6,300 added onto the bill, on Aug. 30. Baker said. Tregoning said that the music helps The bigger picture, Baker said, students concentrate while doing isn’t about Pandora; it’s about the work at the same time keeping music management of the school’s internet. in an appropriate level. Every aspect of the internet—whethOther teachers agree that the luxury er it is Pandora, Youtube, Vemo, stuof having Pandora helps classes be dents allowed to use the internet— more enjoyable and at the same time will always be carefully considered keeping students on task. for the management of the network. staffreporter

September 27, 2013

Everyone is coming back and adding to the many changes taking place this year. The teachers have high expectations and departments have made several changes. This year’s English 9 is replacing House on Mango Street with Hunger Games. They are also taking out A Raisin in the Sun and reading Night. In history, Tom Trotter said, “We’re going to continue to work on writing and push writing skills and close reading skills.” Trotter said that Chad Shaw is teaching one of the US History classes because the junipor class is so big. This year in science, Molly Maguire said, “CP Bio isn’t disecting pigs anymore because state testing requires ecology now, and I didn’t need to teach it before.” The math department got new books for Geometry and Algebra 2. In addition Mark Watkins is teaching AP Calc and Ken Versoi is teaching Statistics instead of the other way around. This year Eaton High School

welcomed two new teachers, and English teacher Merri Kirby said her best advice for new teachers is that “they should worry least about the students liking them and worry most about the students respecting them.” Along with two new teachers, Eaton High School also has two teachers who have moved to halftime. Christina Contreras only works on white days and Kendra Hixon only works mornings. With the changes in staff, Eaton High School counselors ran into some issues with scheduling. This year Eaton High School enrolled 37 new students putting the student body at 504 compared to last year’s 488 students. Marcy Sanger said, “The hallways and classes are so much fuller this year because we are over 500 kids.” R3 classes this year are so full, when scheduling Tara Kaysen said, “The classes are so full because of computer problems.” The computers sort the students into the classes they need and have signed up for, the problem with this is that the computer doesn’t know how many desks are in each room. Marching band meets at 7

that the marching students will be able to have a full schedule and so they can practice every day instead of every other day. This year brings a lot of decisions for the seniors. This year the seniors need to think about their next step after graduation. Brandon Carlson (14) said that in his last year of high school he would like to see “a better environment” where people are nicer to each other and give positive reinforcement instead of harsh criticism. On the other side of the septrum, frshmen are getting into the swing of things at the high school level. Stefan Gerkin (17) said, “Coming to high school from middle school is different because of how much responsibility and freedom we have.” Freshmen are adjusting to the schedule change because they do not have the block scheduling in middle school. They are also expected to perform at a higher level and be more responsible for their schoolwork. But as Gerkin said, high school is not as scary as the middle school teachers said it would be.

Avery Jones Emily Strait teaches her crowded R3 World Liturature class of 30 sophomores. This class is one of the fullest duringthe R3 hour which is oneof the hardest to schedule.


September 27, 2013


Best “Girl Codes” to live by lindydixon & emilypennington

New this year to MTV is the smash hit “Girl Code.” This show focuses on the key elements that all girls should know and live by. With both comedy and truth, this show digs into all the things that girls everywhere need to know. #GirlCode 1. “Put confidence with any outfit, that’s style” How many

times have you heard that confidence is key? It’s the truth! Confidence is one of the most beautiful traits in a girl. Style is not solely based on the outfit you’re wearing, but how you wear it. #WorkIt

2. “You gotta fix the inside and there’s no plastic surgery for your soul” This quote is gold. Simply

said, the ugliest personality ruins the prettiest of faces. There is no easy fix for an ugly soul. #CheckYourself

3. “You better paint your face real nice, be real nice, smile real hard and stay positive.” You may Tiara Miller

Band marches on

The EHS band rocks out to their rendition of “Party Rock Anthem” during their march-a-thon early Monday morning.

tiaramiller featureeditor

When no one else was at the school, the band came at 7:30 a.m. to march for their annual march-athon on Monday Sept. 23. The tradition was started by Phuong Nguyen to raise money to travel and participate in regionals and possibly state. This year the band is hoping to raise $1,200. Logan Doddrige, the new band instructor said “it’s a good way to let the community and school know how hard we work.” The band marched for four hours straight, that’s nothing compared to the eight hour marching days they had over summer. Doddrige said, “I was very happy with it [march-a-thon], we got off to a slow start but it was awesome.” This year, due to rain in the morning, the band had to march

in the gym as opposed to the football field. The band fine tuned their show and learned the last few parts. This year they are marching to “Party Rock Anthem,” “We Are Young,” and “Some Nights.” The band went through their whole performance and worked out the small issues. Teachers came into the gym after a meeting to watch the band’s final performance after a few hours of practice. They gave the band a standing ovation after the performance. This week Doddrige and the band worked on homecoming prepreation. They worked on parade marching and perfecting their marching performance. Doddrige is excited about this year because out of the 30 schools

he applied to, Eaton was his first pick. He wanted to teach at Eaton because he worked with the band last year. He said, “the kids are awesome and I felt welcomed by the teachers and students.” Make sure to get to the football game at 6:35 to see the band play, they’ve spent countless hours on their show and deserve some recognition. Doddridge said, “I really tried to write 8 minutes of interesting and exciting show.” He wanted to make the show interesting to watch and listen to. Doddridge will still be accepting donations that support this dedicated group of people in achieving their goals of going regionals and state. The performance they are working on will be what they perform at regionals and hopefully state.

not have the skinniest legs or the flattest stomach, but you gotta work with what you have. Be positive in your image and don’t let anyone else’s judgement of you creep into your mind. Feel good, look better. #BigGirlCode

4. “People don’t want to hear about your diet. Just shut up, eat your lettuce, and be sad.” As

teenage girls, we can all relate to this quote. Everyone has that one friend that is always on some type of diet. It seems as if they are just on a diet to have people know that they are on a diet. That, however, is kind of ironic. Isn’t the point of a diet to get attention off your weight? No one truly cares about your diet. That my friends, is girl code. #EatYourLettuce

5. “You will never look like the girl in the magazine. The girl in the magazine doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine.” Don’t

strive to be Sports Illustrated covermodel-perfect because it is not going to happen. Nobody is that perfect: even she isn’t that perfect, so why try. #Photoshopped

6. “You know a girl is pissed off angry if she’s doing this when she talks... like she’s Mariah Carey in the booth.” If she goes

to this extreme just back off, walk away because she’s about to blow up. #InDaBooth

7. “When people say you’re photogenic, that’s just a way of saying your face looks worse in real life” What a downer. At first,

being told that you’re photogenic is taken as such a compliment, but what are they truly saying? This is a backhanded compliment. Other examples of this compliment include, “Those blackheads form the cutest pattern!” or, “You make me feel so smart when you talk!” People are trying to say that you look ugly in person and the camera makes it just a little less painful to look at you. #NotACompliment

8. “Fill up the cart! Fill up the cart! Do we need it? Don’t think about it, fill up the cart!” This

should be every girl’s motto while shopping (With some boundaries). If the shirt is the only one left in your size, your favorite color, and it’s ON SALE, go for it. Do you truly need it? That is not important. If you are in love with an item of clothing, you search for an occasion to wear it. If it just so happens that there is nowhere at all that you will wear it, you sport that outfit around the house like you’re on the runway! #FillItUp!

9. “When you’re feeling neglected THE DUMP IS COMING!” No guy is just going to break

up with you out of the blue. Chances are that he has given you many signs, including neglecting you. He will stop wanting to spend time with you and start pushing you away. When this starts happening my best advice you is to grab the ice cream and tissues, call up your best friends and prepare yourself because the DUMP is in your near future. #Dumpage

10. “Have some fruit loops, mac and cheese, and chocolate milk in one bowl, use a pickle as a spoon and you’ll be fine.”

Did you hit rock bottom, at your lowest point, past the stage that ice cream and sweets can’t make everything better? Well here’s your go-to. Just stuff your mouth, cry it out, and you’ll be fine. #ChocolateCheeseLoopyPickles

inside Temperature (F) outside Temperature (F)



September 27, 2013


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Schools closed due to heat... Brush Platte Valley Sterling University Greeley West Greeley Centeral Frontier Lyons Most Boulder Schools UNC

reedhodgson, reecekothe Scorching heat complete with zero air conditioning made learning a struggle as students sweated their way through each agonizing, record-high day at the beginning of September. Due to the drought that has plagued Colorado for the last several years, this summer was been no exception to the presently arid climate with some record-breaking, excruciatingly hot days. The heat continued to be extremely hot through the start of this school year making it difficult for students to perform at their full potential, sweating and feeling very uncomfortable. Some schools even went to rare lengths because of the severe heat going as far as closing down their facilities. Eaton, however, never shut down its facility, but it did go to other lengths to make students feel more comfortable in school. Many teachers posted signs over their doors telling


students to report to different, cooler rooms, and several brought their classes to the commons, which actually had air conditioning. Many teachers, especially in the 1928 building, had to move class a number of times. Tom Trotter, history teacher, said, “Nobody can tell me that having children in a 90 degree classroom is good for the kids and the learning process.” Having class in this kind of heat is disruptive to not only the class moving around, but to other classes as well. When a class has to collectively move to another place, after locating the correct new room, crossing the entire school, and finally settling down, as much as ten minutes can be lost from class time. Trotter said he could never remember it being this hot this late into the school year. He emphasized the unsuitable teaching conditions. He said, “It’s not educationally sound to conduct classes when it is this hot, and as educators we should know better.” On Friday Aug 30, the three main high


schools in Fort Collins all called school off because of the record-breaking heat. Fossil Ridge high school, Poudre High School, and Rocky Mountain High School students were all thrilled to have had the extra add on to their Labor Day weekend. Kenzi Murphy, a junior at Fossil Ridge High School, said, “I am excited to have the extra day off! Now my three-day weekend has turned into a four-day weekend.” Band students were perhaps the happiest of all, due to the air-conditioning in the music room. Jose Delgado (15) said “It’s nice to chill in the bandroom instead of baking in Trotter’s.” Logan Doddridge agreed saying, “ I’m not complaining at all, this [band] room is probably the only room that has air-conditioning. I had to put on a jacket the other day and I am very thankful. It’s enjoyable.” Others found smaller things to be thankful for. Melissa Achzigner said, “When it is in the 90s in the shop, it’s a good weight loss plan.”



’... to drizzlin’ 92 88

EATON SCHOOLS KEEP ON TRUCKIN’ In perhaps one of the strangest turnarounds of Colorado weather, within one week students went from scorching heat to icy cold rain--lots of it. But Eaton School District suffered minimal problems compared with other cities following a deluge that swept through Estes Park, Lyons and Fort Collins as well as national headlines. On Monday, Sept 10 rain began falling in the high country. Rain fell across the Front Range and the mountains causing massive flooding and closing down more than 60 school districts in Northern Colorado, and by Thursday Lyons and Estes

were waist deep in flooding. On Friday the 13th. Brush High School, Platte Valley High School, the University of Northern Colorado, and Colorado State University were among many schools that got cancelled. Eaton tech department, staff, and students experienced major computer problems after flood waters tore the Baja fibroptic cables for Northern Colorado. Almost everyone in Northern Colorado had no internet unless they had Century Link or Skybeam. Meanwhile, over 2,000 Lyons residents were ordered to evacuate when creeks


overflowed and roadways washed away on Thursday, forcing many to flee homes they may never see it again. The rains kept on thundering down, and by Friday morning, southern Boulder, Longmont, Estes Park, Eldorado Springs, Milliken, Johnstown, some parts of Loveland, and Big Thompson Canyon were ordered to evacuate. Roadways, including I-25, CR 392, Hwy 34, and US 85. Flooding extended across the Front Range as people near the Platte River including Kersey, East Greeley, east Evans, LaSalle, Brush, and Fort Morgan were ordered to evacuate. Residents who live east of 35th Avenue and west of US 85 in Evans were ordered not to run water, use the bathroom, or even wash dishes for ten days—minimum. Librarian Tessa Ochsner said the house they just sold in Evans three weeks ago is now filled with flood water. “We just moved out,” she said.


Some Eaton residents were stranded when the Platte River on Friday crested at 4 p.m. 15 feet above the flood stage, which beats the all-time record of 11 feet and 3 inches. The surge continued east for several days. Alex Nelson, who lives in Kersey, could not get home Friday night, and many Fort Collins teachers were prepared for the worst. “I brought my overnight gear,” science teacher Molly McGuire said Friday morning as she toted in her duffle bag in to school with her. Flood waters extended outside of the river bed to over a mile wide, cutting the state, literally, in half. Finally by about 10 p.m. on Friday, the waters receded enough that I-25 could be opened from Denver to Fort Collins. Although waters have started to recede, many places in Colorado have been declared a National Disaster Area, and FEMA has been called in to assess the damage for many homeowners who lost everything.





69 66 63 schools closed due to flooding... Boulder Most Denver area Lyons Fort Collins Loveland Greeley Evans Estes Park CU Boulder Platte Valley






10 redview Hotter than Bro Tanks averyjones editorinchief

September 27, 2013

NSA Scandal Hints at Larger Problem haleycox webeditor

du’-mmy pa’-ges: (n) a set of pages with the position of text and artwork indicated for the printer

Thursdays are my favorite days at Eaton High School. Not because we’re finally over the hump (yeah, yeah we’re all thinking it, “HUMP DAYYY!”), and not because you get to procrastinate on all the homework assigned til the weekend. Thursdays are my favorite days because every Thursday at Eaton is Bro Tank Thursday. Bro tanks—The clothing statement that you have no worries in the world. They’re basically the tshirt equivalent of Hakuna Matata. They’re cool (both in temperature and swag). They’re stylish. And they’re comfortable. But for some reason, bro tanks are highly discouraged at EHS. I’ve seen at least five bros get told to change their shirts in the few weeks that we’ve been back at school. Since its creation, not one Bro Tank Thursday has gone by, without a bro being reprimanded. Apparently the bro tank shows too much skin on a man. Because how dare we see a boy’s arms when we are in an institution of learning…. Personally, I see absolutely no correlation between guys’ arms and studying. I mean, I feel like I can solve for X with or without someone’s biceps in sight. Actually, if we’re being honest, I’d prefer it. Bro tanks are not going to distract me from my studies any more than my phone, my friends, my drifting mind already does. If we’re going to talk about visible skin being a distraction, let’s talk about the girls at school, shall we? You think bro tanks show too much skin? Have you seen the latest girl’s fashion trends? I see more spaghetti straps, belly shirts, and booty shorts at school than anywhere else. Girls show not only their arms, but their stomachs, their chests, and most of their legs too. Honestly if skin is a distraction at school, it’s from the girls, not the guys. But trust me, I’m

not condemning them. I’m just as guilty of wearing these things as any other girl at school, and I’m not saying we should change that. It’s 97 degrees inside our school! Are we expected to wear pants and turtlenecks? The reason people wear such revealing clothing is to try in any way possible to stay cool. The cause of all these bro tanks--the heat--is way more distracting than the shirts themselves. The last month has been the hottest stint I’ve ever spent in Eaton High School. Most of this month I’ve spent way more focused on the heat and how to escape it than I have on my studies. When it’s 97 degrees upstairs and Mr. Shaw has been lecturing for an hour, there’s no way I’m still thinking about the colonization of America. All I’m thinking about is what I can do to cool down! And I’m certainly not the only one. Teachers have moved their classes. Kids have hidden out in air-conditioned areas of the school instead of attending class. Fans have been stationed in every classroom I can think of. Every window in the school has been thrown open. At this point, people are just shuffling around the school trying to figure out ways to dodge the heat. And they’ve certainly found one solution: wear lighter clothing. Ergo, the bro tanks. If the boys of EHS have found a way to stay cool enough to keep coming to school, then I say that it’s a positive thing. I think we should be promoting bro tanks! Maybe attendance would improve. The last thing we should be doing is persecuting those brave enough to endure the school day inside our furnace of a high school. So I look forward to Thursdays. Because every week I am inspired by students’ dedication to finding some way to return to this school day after a miserably hot day.

Amendment IV of the Constitution assures “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.” When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, things like email and social networking didn’t exist; however, this amendment is still crucial to securing Americans’ right to privacy. Recently, the National Security Agency (NSA) blatantly violated this right by seizing online information from thousands of Americans under the Patriot Act, and Act that was passed in 2001 following the 9-11 attacks by an overwhelming majority of Americans. How does the NSA justify its actions? With the hope that terrorist attacks might be caught and halted. This violation wouldn’t be a huge issue, had the NSA provided probable cause

that the Americans who were investigated were actual threats. But they didn’t. All they had was suspicion. For all I know, the government suspects me of being a threat to American safety. While I don’t feel comfortable knowing that the government can, at any time, access all of my online information, I’m not entirely sure why it should make me any more uncomfortable than knowing a big business has the information I provided them through my online accounts. Either way, I have willingly surrendered my right to privacy. This surrendering of rights should be a concern for every generation. Social Studies teacher Tom Trotter said: “I think it’s a concern. It’s a lot of private, personal information that, if used in the wrong way, could destroy lives.” Rights guarantee freedom and place emphasis on individual responsibility, therefore promoting individualism.

Individualism leads to growth of society because individuals who dare to step outside the norm and do their own thinking are essential for the progression of society. It’s safe to conclude that rights are very important to American society. MAYBE, instead of getting all worked up about the NSA executing its rights under the Patriot Act, Americans should have informed themselves about the possible consequences of passing such a law. And MAYBE, instead of getting worked up about their information being available to the government, Americans should think strongly about the possible consequences of putting all of their information online. Yes, the government guarantees Americans their rights and freedoms, but like most other things worth-while, rights require responsibility and constant maintenance.

Haley Cox

September 27, 2013

Fun. in rain for die-hards charge by sending his raw, penetrating voice through the clouds. The humble artists then strolled out from the cover If you have never experienced of the stage to feel the rain and have a something utterly religious outside of moment with the crowd. church, you should seriously attend a A couple jams later, Fun. left the concert at Red Rocks. stage and reWhoever designed and entered to built Red Rocks…well, finish with a that guy had a serious song that devision. serves a GramIt’s set in a serene my, “Some location just outside of Nights.” Denver, just far enough Ruess drew from civilization that it’s the crowd foreasy to escape reality. ward and into Flanked by a pair of the music, mountain-like rocks and soaking in the set just below the city sound of 9,000 skyline, Fun. took the people singing stage under the cloak of him his lyrics darkness and played a The crowd at the Fun. concert bears the rain to see the end of the show.

haleycox webeditor

few ballads to the night sky. A slight rain delay seeded out all the ungrateful fans and left a passionate crowd to get lost under the warm sprinkling rain and into the music. Lead singer Nate Ruess led the



under a shower of white confetti. Tucker Goodwine (15), who attended the concert, said, “I actually liked the rain because I’ve never been to a concert in the rain, and it Crazy staging only added to the concert experience. added to the experience.” ence and totally worth the all-nighter His greatest concert moment was it took in order to do my homework “when the lead singer walked on the and then get to band practice at 6:45 stage and I realized that I really was the next morning. fifth row. Their lead singer has the No night and no place on earth most amazing vocals. I haven’t heard could have been better for the final any other guy singer be able to hit performance in Fun.’s “Most Nights” notes as high and powerful as he does.” world tour. And if you missed it, you This concert was a magical experi- missed a high like no other.

The best

of the best television shows

Let’s face it, television affects almost every aspect of our lives in some way. Whether it’s a show that’s airing, or just on for background, television is there, creating an alternate world that people are dragged into. Everybody has a favorite TV show and here are some shows that we cannot help but find ourselves watching all the time.

One of our favorite TV shows is a popular CBS comedy starring five

Haley Cox

reedhodgson& adamschott

5. Duck Dynasty

When it comes to the Robertsons from Louisiana, only three words come to mind: “Happy, Happy, Happy.” This family from West Monroe became wealthy off of making duck calls in a family-owned business, Duck Commander. The company itself was founded by Phil Robertson, and is the focus of a reality show on A&E about his kin and their everyday lives running the business, adventuring outdoors, and amusing themselves with hilarious problematic--many times redneck--situations. The main members of the show are Willie (CEO of Duck Commander), Jase (the joking brother to Willie), Jep (the youngling of the brothers), and of course Si (the crazy Vietnam Veteran Uncle). These men all are known for their long beards and strong Christian faith. Duck Dynasty first aired on Mar. 21 2012, and is still going strong. Hey Jack, if you haven’t see this TV show, I suggest you grab some ice tea and sit down for a good, yet wholesome taste of the duck life.

3. How I Met Your Mother

4. Modern Family

There is only one word that can be used to describe the Modern Family series, and that would be, hilarious! This fairly new hit comedy debuted on ABC Sept. 23, 2009 and was watched by 12.6 million people and has continued to be a must-see show in most households. The plot is a little confusing, but, sort of like Duck Dynasty, it is the story of one large family that lives

under three different roofs. The family starts with one man who has two children, a boy and girl, both of which have grown up and have their own families. The family is quirky, but they find a way to get along. In the last season of Modern Family, one of the best moments came when the family added a new child, making their family grow even bigger. This show is definitely worth your while if you are looking to get perspecitve on your own family and have good laugh at a somewhat abnormal one.

friends who come together in New York City--the city made famous by this show’s predecessor, Friends. This show has been a hit for eight seasons, airing its ninth season this year. HIMYM is a favorite TV show of ours considering that every episode is uniquely different, and very entertaining. The series revolves around a man, named Ted Mosby, telling his two children the very detailed story of every moment until he met their mother--yet the viewers are always left wondering who she is. In the last episode of season eight, the mother was revealed for a brief second, leaving a long cliff hanger until the ninth season aired on Sept. 23. This wonderful TV comedy is sure to catch interest in anyone whodecides to stop by for any episode.

2.The Office

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica.” This show has the perfect combination of pop culture, humor, love triangles, and awkward silences that it is entertaining and hilarious down to the last minute. When characters who are stereotypes of modern day working class employees forced to work with each

other for 7 hours a day, the office becomes a place for venting all their prejudices and dark humor. The craftsmanship of the third-person filming and intricate scenes make it obvious to everyone how much time went into the smallest of details on the show. Under all the humor is a serious storyline, of finding true love, growing as people and eventually going their own way in the end. Lasting from Mar. 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013 the office has kept viewers entertained with its quirky humor and strangely relatable storyline and many were saddened when the show concluded.

1. Friends

Last but not least on our count-

down, this show that comes at number one on our list. It has to be pretty obvious, seeing as how reruns reign on many different networks. This show is about five friends, each with different personalities, who came together in New York City. Friends was an extremely big hit TV show since it first aired on NBC, on Sept. 22, 1994, and the series finale aired almost 10 years later, on May 6, 2004. This show continues to be played in reruns to this day on channels like Nick@Night, TBS, and many others. Much of the later episodes revolved around the on-again, offagain love afair of science geek Ross, and superstar Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel. Friends was so beloved by every viewer, that when the series finale aired it was watched by 52.5 million Americans. It became the number-one watched episode of the decade. Friends wraps up the best TV shows of all time, because it really hits home with almost every viewer and is instantly recognized with just the theme song alone.

12 redview

September 27, 2013

Something to Chew On staffeditorial

Chewing tobacco is a major issue in Eaton High School and many of the users are uneducated about the addictive properties and health hazards that go along with the substance. But there is another issue as well. Simply put, teachers and other adults are turning a blind eye. First of all it’s illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase the product, yet many underage students are chewing. Where are they getting it? In addition, Chewing tobacco is illegal on school grounds, pure and simple: it’s a law and the breaking of the law is punishable by at most $1,000 fine. That kind of cash could be used in so much better ways, like additions for a car, a TV, there are so many better alternatives than paying it as a fine. But the fact is, nobody is even worried about a fine. They have no reason to be when there is no threat of getting caught. Because many teachers continue to turn a blind eye to the use of

chewing tobacco in their classrooms, students will never kick the habit or gain knowledge about the hazards of chewing tobacco if this continues. Teachers have been role model for students for a long time and they should continue to be. Students spend hours with teachers and over time the teachers can, to some degree, shape opinions in students’ minds. The opinion that’s being shaped here is that disobeying the law and allowing harmful, addictive nicotine products on school grounds is no big deal. These factors all point to one outcome: students will continue to use tobacco products ignorantly because the teachers allow students to chew on school grounds. If character is such a big deal at Eaton like it is said so often, then instead of pounding it into our heads through assemblies and speeches, they need to show it, and enforce it, by preserving the safe and respectful environment that is Eaton High School.

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The Red Ink is a public forum, school-sponsored and student generated, which encourages the free exchange of ideas and information. All opinions made in the exercise of freedom of speech or press are the sole opinions of the writers and are in no way to be considered the opinions of Eaton High School, administration, Board of Education, or Eaton School District. The Red Ink strictly adheres to School Board Policy JCEA and Colorado Revised Statute 12-1-120. The Red Ink is a member of the Colorado High School Press Association, Journalism Education Association, and Quill and Scroll.

by Victor Batrez

Law open door for Criminals

emilypennington staffreporter

The state of California recently passed a law that allows transgenders to enter the restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams of their choice. Transgenders are people who are born as one sex, but have the appearance and behavior of the opposite sex. Some think of this law as the best thing to ever happen to the Californian society, others, however, view this law as an invasion of their human rights, an invitation to violence and an open door for perpetrators. When it comes to the California Gender Law, it does not only affect the transgender students, but every other student and faculty member in that school district. The gender law infringes on the rights of everyone else. First of all, it opens the door for violence. As Tia Jones(15) said, “Keeping and enforcing this law creates an invitation for violence and discrimination against transgender people...first we have to eliminate the prejudice against transgenders, then this law would be effective.” Individuality is an important part of American society, as well as having the freedom to have one’s voice heard; however, forcing students to just accept and be okay with the fact

that their privacy is being compromised is wishful thinking. Whether the students are homophobic or not, the law is just a recipe for disaster. Tom Ammiano, who wrote the bill, said in an interview with reporter James Nash, “We had children testify in the Assembly and Senate that this law will mean they no longer must hide who they are, nor be treated as someone other than who they are.” Transgenders should be treated equally and be able to be who they are; they should not have to feel invisible, but they could still stay true to themselves without this law. Participation in team sports is not as much of an issue as the bathroom and locker room part of the bill. Heterosexual students participate in sports meant for the opposite sex already. But changing in a locker room is another matter. When a teenage girl is undressing in the locker room and a boy walks in and changes right next to her, it is uncomfortable and unfair to the girl. Just because the boy considers himself to be female, that should not make it okay for him to be able to enter as he pleases. Teenagers are insecure with themselves enough as it is; adding this level of privacy invasion is ridiculous. This law could easily be taken ad-

vantage of by perpetrators who just want to be closer to the opposite sex. California State Senator Jim Nielsen said in an interview with reporter Eric Owens, “There are youthful sex offenders. I guarantee there would be those who use this opportunity.” Rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment are already difficult issues for high schools as it is. Passing this law does nothing but aggravate this already volatile issue. In addition, if this law goes further than just schools, it could become a larger public issue as well, opening the door to locker rooms, and other public facitlities for adults with harmful intents As Sylvia Renfroe(14) said, “Little girls or boys don’t need to be in the same facility of an adult while they are changing. It’s one thing if it’s their parents, but it’s completely different if it’s a random stranger.” This law has more cons than it does pros, and there is a huge possibility for problems to arise. All possible scenarios were not considered in the making of this bill. This bill helps the 2 percent of Californians that are affected; however, there is 98 percent of California’s population that it negatively affects. Simply stated, more bad comes from this law than good.


September 27, 2013


Reds Fall To University in Nailbiter DariusDuran guestreporter

by J. Sell Quarterback Matt Burkart (16) gets tripped up by a University defender

Eaton’s offensive force came with high expectations, creating a much anticipated match all week long against Division rival, University Bulldogs which made for an upsetting loss on Saturday. In Saturday’s game against the Bulldogs, there seemed not to be a play where a penalty flag wasn’t thrown. Over 25 penalties were collectively called between the two teams, making both teams aggravated and fatigued at the sight of yellow. The Bulldogs were able to pull a 7-6 victory over Eaton in overtime, their first win against the Reds in 36 years. The game was a defensive battle leaving both offenses incapable of creating scoring opportunities. The two teams were constantly going back and forth, without any results except for yellow flags. The first and second quarters consisted of 14 short drives resulting in punts, eight dropped or incomplete

passes by the Eaton Reds, and one missed field goal attempt by University’s, Matt Sevestre (14). By the second half, Eaton started to move the ball effectively along the field multiple times. But the Reds were derailed due to holding calls, false starts, offsides calls, and more. Once again, the third quarter led to seven unsuccessful drives; three belonging to Eaton. Into the fourth quarter, University’s Kyle Yoshimura (15) intercepted Matt Burkart (16), effectively turning the momentum of a scoreless game late in the third quarter, sending the Reds’ fans into a state of hysteria. The Red’s first scoring opportunity, however, came when Eaton’s Brady Tedesco (15) found the endzone, but was called back due to a holding call on Eaton’s line. Once University got the ball back, a deep 60-yard pass was thrown from Brandon Ewing (14) to Carson Cox (15) but was called back. With the end of regulation and a score of 0-0, the Reds deferred to

University and allowed the Bulldogs the first chance. University quickly scored on their first play with a short ten-yard pass from Ewing (14) to Andrew Larson (15). A successful PAT, this put the Bulldogs up by seven. Once it was Eaton’s turn, they quickly scored within two plays,as a result of a two-yard rush from Riley Jones (14). The game would be decided from a two point conversion attempted by Jones (14) who was handed the ball and was stopped only inches short of what could’ve been the game-winner. After the dissapointing losss to Univerty Head Coach Bill Mondt said, “We made so many mistakes and made so many penalties that every time we would do two or three good things right in a row, we would get a penalty and get stopped. That was what stopped our offense.” Eaton will return to its home lights on Friday September 27 for its homecoming game against the Fort Lupton Blue Devils.

Reds cross country team runs before Lyons storm CalebLeonard staffreporter

The four weeks of practice that the Eaton Red’s Cross Country team endured paid off at the intensive meet on Saturday, Sept 7. The mens varsity 2A cross country team took 16th out of 24 teams while the ladies varsity 3A team took 9th out of the 20 schools that attended. Alex Adams (16) led the men’s team taking 77th of the 229 runners with a time of 20:29. Triple Wadsworth (15) followed

by Caleb Leonard Josh Gregory(16) runs down another opponent, as he makes his way through the race

close behind taking 78th place one second behind Adams. The rest of the varsity men finished well: Tucker Goodwine (15) took 97th at 21:04; Connor Untiedt (16) stole 105th place at 21:18; Josh Gregory (16) took 108th at 21:24; and Zach Bookhammer (17) took 131st with a time of 21:58. The other runners did very well and helped Eaton for running JV. Everyone ran and finished very well. Adams said “I guess [I did well]. I could’ve done better, but it was good.” The ladies performed very well with Karalee Kothe (16) leading the team at 39th place out of 192 runners with a time of 23:19. The rest of the ladies varsity team finished strong as well: McKenzie Reiher (17) took 58th with a time of 24:09; Mary Beth Martin (16) followed close behind in 59th place with a time of 24:14; Abby Schott (17) finished at 79th place with a time of 25:19; Tayler Hays

(17) followed taking 83rd with a time of 25:31; and Haley Wadsworth (17) finished at 126th at 27:39. Although they didn’t take first place, the coaches did not hesitate to praise the team’s performance. After the mens race, assistant coach Zack Norris said they did fairly well. Norris said, “It’s our first meet; we worked and practiced, it was a good start and we’re more organized [than prior years].” With a new coach, pratices have been more focused on making everyone a team rather than prior years. Coach Jessica Ruff, the new head coach, said before the ladies ran, “We’re young and we’ve worked so hard. It’s our first race… and I am really confident.” The course itself at Lyons is a vigorous-terrain course. The trail consists of mostly grass and dirt roads, with a little bit of pavement and totals out to 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) including two minor-sloped

by Caleb Leonard Reds Cross Country girls take off during the start of the Lyons meet

hills and one steep-grade uphill. Keep in mind that the course was uneven ground, so runners had to place energy in running and staying upright. With all of these changes running conditions were rather difficult on Saturday due to the heat, with no breeze or clouds. On top of the warm day, there were very few trees, so runners experienced the sun beating down on their foreheads while running. After Still, the “the most challenging

part were the three hills,” Goodwine said. Gabriella Ramirez (15) agreed with Goodwine. She said that when running up the hills “you really have to control your body.” Even though scores were not what the runners and coaches dreamed, they said they still were very content with the quality performed at Lyons. Ruff said “We will have plenty of time for improvement.”

14 redzone

September 27, 2013

Four golfers packing for state Eaton qualifies all four players to State emilypennington staffreporter

In its best-ever performance, the Eaton golf team has four members packing their bags for state. Reed Hodgson (15), Jordan Stromberger (15), JD Truax (16), and Andy Geisick (17) came together for regionals at Indian Peaks Golf Course in Lafayette for a secondplace win on Sept. 18. Coach Gino Maio said the course was rough on the players, but after a long day the Reds played well enough to claim second place out of eight with a score of 235. Alexander Dawson High School, who hosted the regionals, took first by nine strokes with a score of 224. Hodgson shot his lowest round of the year and tied for second individually with a 3 over par score of 75. Stromberger shot one of his lower rounds of the year with a 78, and Truax also shot his lowest round with an 82 . After shooting an 84, Geisick participated in a two hole playoff to get the last spot on the state

team. Both Geisick, and another player competed for the last spot at state, and after battling it out Geisick reigned victorious. In Geisick’s case, two holes had to be played because the first hole was a tie. Now for the first time without winning regionals, Eaton will take all four golfers to state. Flooding around Colorado created numerous difficulties leading up to regionals. Due to the flooding, Estes Park High School was unable to attend Regionals, ending their season short and making them ineligible for state. The water also added difficulty to the course causing the rough to be longer than usual and causing scores to be higher than usual. Going to state as a team of four is both a major achievement for the Reds and a huge advantage. Maio said, “Because we have four players we have a better chance since they only count three scores.” He also said the team achieved a lot more than expected this season. Stromberger added, “We all had

“This is probably the most proud I’ve been of all my teams” - Coach


some of our best scores and had improved teamwork.” The Reds have high hopes for state, Hodgson said, “Our goal as a team is to hopefully place in the top four at state and get a banner for our school.” The Reds hope to keep their success heading into the state tournament. State will be held at Pueblo Country Club on Sept. 30 and Oct. 1.

State Golfers J.D. Truax (16), Reed Hodgson (15), Coach Gino Maio, Andy Gesick (17), and Jordan Strombeger (15) display their second place trophy at Indian Peaks Regional golf tournament. This win will send all four players to state competition in Pueblo.

Flood Washes Away Fall Sports adamschott sportsediter

Several area high school Athletes have been forced to hang up their equipment as a result of the devastating floods that have left Colorado roads impassable and fields unplayable.

For many schools in Colorado, the local floods have brought their fall sports programs to a halt. Teams have been unable to practive because of the record high rainfall, causing many games to become rescheduled; even canceled--period. One of the main reasons for this dilema is the lack of safe transportation. Major Roadways that have been rendered useless include Highway 34, I-25, US 85, Highway 287, Highway 66, Highway 14, and several others because of the severe damage. This shut down has prevented teams from competing with eachother because they are unable to travel and play one another.

Of the schools that have been affected, Lyons High School, Estes Park High School, Boulder High Schools, and a few others have been hit the hardest. Estes Park golfers Brian Coleman (14) and Dylan Jirsa (14) who competed at state last year, were uanable to attend Regionals for a chance to attend the state tournament. Lyons High School football, however, has been able to get back on the field to play, using Skyline’s practice field Many games for the Eaton Reds have been cancelled as well. Eaton Athletic Directer Steve Longwell said, “I’ve never seen anything like it [the flooding].” Longwell also said that sixteen events have been cancelled, and all but two will be rescheduled.


September 27, 2013


Reds Softball falls to Strasburg

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Morgan Karlberg (14) pitches a ball with power toward home plate. Karlberg scored the first run in the Reds’ game against Strasburg

The Eaton Softball team fell to Strasburg on Sept 24 with a 8-3 final. Strasburg only earned four of their eight runs leaving the rest to errors and walks. Laynee Hager (15) said, “We just gave them too many outs.” The Reds started the game strong with a shot to right field by Morgan Karlberg (14) which allowed her designated runner Karissa Hatchell (17) to score. However, Eaton couldn’t hold their own for long as they gave up outs. Other players who scored for the Reds were Tayler Renaud and Brittany Knutson. The Reds fought back with a few strong plays. Jenna Frink had a bunt catch and an out at first. Emily Willier caught a line drive forcing an out. This loss follows the Reds’ win

agains Valley which increased the Reds’ standing last week, in a close match with a score of 2-1. In the game at Valley, a tie was held until the fifth inning when Valley scored the first point, but was soon followed by Eaton, who scored 2 points in the 6th inning to take the lead. After a close battle between the two rivals, Eaton held the lead and came out as the victors. After a number of cancelled and rescheduled games due to flooding, including games with Sterling and Brush, the team finally had a chance to play. Led by Head Coach Dale Hughes and Assistant Coach Chad Shaw, the Team added to its previous record to create a new record of 6-7-1, and increased its ranking in the state to 83.

Eaton Volleyball Tames Highland Huskies



After a long wait for its season to begin, the volleyball team gave its all and it all paid off in a three-set victory over Highland on Sept. 10. The Reds outscored the Huskies on Tuesday, Sept. 10, winning 3-0 with set scores of 25-13, 25-8, and 25-14. This brings their record to 6-1. Throughout the game Kortney Lockey (15) had 15 kills. Lockey also led the team with 7 aces and 10 digs. Another standout player was Ryleigh Haynes (14) who said that freshman Tarynn Sieg “really add a lot to the team and that we all did pretty well.” Lockey also said that they need to work on, “picking people up when they’re down and we need to work on talking on the court and having more communication.” Caiden Rexius (16) also played a solid game, with 5 kills and 9 attacks. Lockey said, “The Highland

game was a good warm up match and the crowd really brought their Red Pride!” and that, “I wish that in the last set we didn’t let them go on a ten point run.” These three girls weren’t the only ones who did well during the game. The Reds had also defeated the Highland Huskies last year 3-0. The Lady Reds worked hard in this game and are prepared for the games to come this season. All of the girls worked hard during practice and and give it all at game-time. The Reds have a lot of young talent that’s chomping at the bit to play, and this will look to propel the Reds to continuing their success. The Reds will have the golden volleyball of state in mind. The Reds took a lot away from this game and are well prepared for their next games. On Oct. 1 they are hoping to play Estes Park at home, but that came may be cancelled due to the flooding that happened last week.

Emily Pennington Kortney Lockey (15) crushes the volleyball with her fellow temates Ryleigh Hanes (14) and Kenzi Anderson (15)

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September 27, 2013

State Previews

Back to tossin the ol’ pigskin

Reds Look Forward to Fall Season adamschott Football sportseditor

Nick Schreiber (15) scores a TD

Although the Reds still promise to be strong in football, many key seniors graduated last year. This new year, however, the Reds have lots of thriving young talent and tough seniors. Sophomore quarterback Matt Burkart, wide receivers Davis Anders (14), and both running backs Brady Tedesco (15) and Nick Schreiber (15), provide an explosive offensive front for the reds. Burkart made a point when it came to state contention saying, “If we make it through the regular season without injuries, it’s [state’s] gonna be good.” On the defensive side of the ball, the big contributors are senior linebacker Riley Jones, Garrett Coalson (15), as well as cornerbacks Casey and Cole Edens (15).


Considering the fact that many of the 2011 State Champions are returning for their last shot at state senior year, the Red’s hope is strong. This year’s seniors for the reds are Karen Sigg, Ryleigh Haynes, Britt Pierce, and Emily Naill. Of these seniors, star player and UNC commit, Haynes, unfortunately had her season cut short with an ACL and Meniscus tear in the first game of the season last year, but she’s back and ready to prove her authority out on the court. Another key player for the reds, also a UNC commit, is junior Kortney Lockey. Veteran Lockey and the rest of her teammates are ready to go. Lockey said, “After working hard all season, we will have a really good chance at contending this year.”

Ryleigh Haynes (14) attacks


Morgan Schumacher (14) watches

This year for the reds, the key contributors are going to be seniors Morgan Karlberg, Morgan Schumacher, Kendell Carlson, and Holly Mawson. Other Eaton softball players who stand as big contributors, are both Highland High School students Jenna and Kayla Frink (14). Head coach Chad Shaw said, “We are currently working on consistency on the field, home plate, and pitching circle. If we combine all three phases, we will be able to compete.” Returning player Jayla Jarnagin (15) also said, “Picking ourselves up after a mistake is the biggest thing we have to work on.” State softball this year will be October 18-19.

Cross Country

Currently for the Reds, sophomore Alex Adams maintains the top position, but is closely followed by junior runner Triple Wadsworth.Tucker Goodwine (15) shared his feelings about state, saying, “We’re very confident going into this season, but we’re going against some very good teams.” The girls are currently led by Sophomore Karalee Kothe in the front of the pack, who recently finished with a state promising time of 23:19 at the Lyons meet on September 7. Kothe said, “If I do make it [to State], I will probably barely make it. Kind of iffy.” State Cross Country will take place October 26 in CO Springs.

Karalee Kothe (16) keeps pace


Jordan Stromberger (15) focuses

This year for the reds, the returning state contenders are both juniors: Reed Hodgson and Jordan Stromberger, who are the captains of the team this year, and hold the number one and two spots on the team respectively. The battle for state will be hot when it comes down to state qualification. Hodgson said, “I’m really excited for state, but I need to work harder to get at another level to compete at state.” Regionals was September 18, and State is September 30 and 31 which is rapidly approaching. State is almost here, and the golf season’s holes are limiting.

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Johnny Football

With all the hype because of his Heisman trophy, incredible freshman season, and party life, Johnny Manziel has become a big face in the realm of college football today. Good and Bad. Over the summer Manziel was out seen partying and hanging out with many different frat parties at Texas, Texas A&M, Utah, and who knows what others. Manziel’s shenanigans are going to be slowing down dramatically now that the college football season has begun, but if anyone watched the the Texas A&M and Rice game, Manziel’s still got issues. First of all, he was suspended the first two quarters of the game for signing autographs and receiving money. Although that’s an entirely different topic--one that should go his way-he still got suspended. When Manziel came out the second half, Manziel was really impressive with his play, especially his first play of the second half, where he scrambled for a first down. However, later in the game Manziel got charged with a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, by reacting verbally to the Rice defense after a touchdown. The A&M coaches ripped into him when he got to the bench, but even still. I know that the players from other teams have been, were, and will continue to antagonize Manziel, but he still needs to keep his cool. He may not like it, but if he doesn’t, it will destroy his draftability. As Notre Dame great and ESPN college football analyst Lou Holtz said, “How would I have handled it? I would have grabbed him by the throat. That’s not the right thing to.” Extreme talent though, and how bout that *Bama* game.

The Broncos

If anybody just skims the local news, you can’t help but to find the paper bleed orange pretty heavily in its print for the Denver Broncos. The buzz is all about the Broncos and their shot at an extremely successful season again, with a possible Super Bowl Trophy in the making. This year the Broncos have made changes to their roster adding some

key players, one being former Patriot wide receiver Wes Welker. This is just another weapon in Manning’s arsenal of heavy firepower offense. Although Peyton Manning is getting up there in age, don’t kid yourself, he is still a premier quarterback in the league, if not the premier quarterback. After the destruction of the Baltimore Ravens with seven passing touchdowns from Manning (which tied the single game passing TD record), the Broncos are well on their way to win the Superbowl, especially with Von Miller coming back in a matter of weeks. Before anybody gets too excited about the Broncos though, lets take into hand the fact there are obviously many good teams in the NFL as well. 49’ers cough cough....*Pats* cough wait, just kidding on that last one. The Broncos definitely are one of them, though and the season looks to be packed with great football, quarterback play especially.

CU And CSU...UNC... Huskers

The outlook hopefully for both Colorado and Colorado State is to improve on their records drastically. Although I’m partial to CU for several reasons, I would still like to see CSU do well for the sake of great football in Colorado. For CU, the return of wide receiver Paul Richardson has already proven to be a big help since he was out last year with an ACL injury. Also the quarterback battle has gone to Conor Wood who seems deserving because of his ability to man Folsom field with his strong arm. Since CU’s winning record is already higher this year than last season’s record of one game, the season looks promising. As for CSU, they made a four game stint last year, and they will probably get that back if not better . UNC is hopefully on track as well for a solid season completing the Colorado football trifecta. As for the Huskers, sorry don’t really care, even though we know they’ll be good. Stay in Nebraska if you love it sooo much. Try to catch a game if you can because football is back.

Red Ink September 2013 vol 6 ed 1  
Red Ink September 2013 vol 6 ed 1