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ehs peeks at answers to cheating

November 22, 2013


Cheater cheater

volleyball takes state

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2 redREPORT New training rules up consequences November 22, 2013

davisanders staffreporter

When fall sports come to an end, the focus turns to the winter sports. The change in seasons this year also brought some major changes to athletic training rules. After an incident during the fall sports season, Athletic Director Steve Longwell and the Board of Education decided it was time for change. The new rules are loosely based off on Student Handbook. Some of the larger changes include a three-tier discipline chart that applies to all sports, ensuring that each punishment is equal across every sporting program. The first tier is a suspension for 40 percent of the season, the second tier is an 80 percent game suspension, and the third and final tier is a year-long suspension from all sports. A new eligibility rule has also been issued whereby if a student

is ineligible three times during a sports season, he or she will be removed from the team. Longwell said, “It was a change that needed to be made and will be better for every sport.”

The rules will be enacted before the winter sports season begins. Up until this point, the discipline for violating the training rules was entirely up to the coach, but now

davis anders

Eaton training rules seek to enforce consequences across the board in order to eliminate one coach suspending a student for one or two games and have another coach expell a student from the team for the same violation. Longwell said The new training contract eliminates all ambiguity.

A new community center in Eaton’s near future

high school hosting over 700 events a year on average, Nina Two hundred signatures on a Lewis, one of the committee petition may lead to the creation members, said she believes that “a of a community center in Eaton, new recreation center would benequipped with efit the combasketball courts, munity in swimming pools, c o u n t l e s s “A community indoor track, ways.” center will bring baseball fields, Lewis said the community soccer fields, and that “A new even lacrosse together in a new recreation fields. center would great way.” Twenty people not only help on a committee with events in for the establishthe commument of a recnity, but also reation center produce revhave finally started to make some enue in the town.” ground. The committee believes that If the petition goes through, a community center of such magthe idea of a recreation center will nitude would keep people in town go on the May 2014 ballot. more often, and, thus, allow them With the facilities of Eaton al- to spend more money in Eaton ready being heavily used, and the rather than going to other towns. reecekothe newseditor

the consequences are equal for every sport. The new training contract, said Longwell, still addresses the use of tobacco products, drug, and alcohol use. “It is the consequenc-

As a result, many businesses in Eaton are promoting the recreation center, and hope to see it built in the impending future. The recreation center could also generate revenue by hosting athletic tournaments and other events for people outside of Eaton. The committee hopes to build a center for holding all kinds of events, not just sports. The center will be located on the west side of town between 3rd and 5th street, on a 110 acre plot. According to Lewis, if the town does indeed vote for the recreation center, “it will cost the town approximately $6.92 million.” Home-owners will be expected to pay a small monthly tax to pay for the recreation center. Although the recreation center would be pricey, Lewis said she believes it would “bring the community together in a new great way.”

es that have changed,” he said. “They’re much tougher.” Now, if a student is in possession of tobacco on school grounds, he or she will be suspended for the day and liable to miss 40 percent of the season. The training rules also state that any ticket or citation by a law enforcement officer will result in a suspension, and many students are worried that this includes traffic violations. Still, the rule was enacted for underage drinking and drug offenses. Senior Basketball player Landon Koelzer explained what he thought about the rules. Koelzer said, “I haven't read them completely yet, but from what I have heard they are a big change from past years.” Another Eaton athlete, wrestler Tanner Lewis(16), said “If the rules are enforced, there will be a lot of players in trouble for chewing.”


November 22, 2013

EHS Band, choir honor veterans

The teachers, students, veterans and everyone else stood outside next staffreporter People from all over Galeton and to the flag, it was a heartwarming Eaton gathered on Veteran’s Day to event seeing the children as well as celebrate the sacrifices that soldiers the band honoring its veterans. “The have made over the years for the kids from Galeton were really excited American people. Parents, children to be there.” Said Jacob Augustine(16), one of the band memand students from bers. This was a comboth Eaton and Galemon theme among the ton gathered at 8:30 “ It was a heartwarm- band members, saying a.m. on Nov. 11 to that all of the people take part in a ceremoing event seeing the attending were really ny that was planned children and band hon- happy to be there as for veterans day. The oring the veterans” well as respectful for band and choir from the veterans who were Eaton High School attending. Though it played the national was an unexpected anthem while veterthing for many of the ans from the Marine Corps saluted the flag and called com- band members, “There really was no mands. Local businesses, parents, and warning, we were told like two days bestudents at Galeton Elementary to wit- fore,” Said Victor Batrez. Though is was an unexpected thing nessed this event, all of which was followed by the pledge of allegiance and for many, it was an incredible even that very well honored our veterans of war. a salute to the flag.



Students support those in need

tannor alm

Eaton High School band and choir honor veterans on Veteran’s Day as they sing at Galeton Elementary

Story of military rape comes to light staffreporter



This year Eaton High School is raising money to help Heifer International buy animals for people in poverty so they can support themselves. Jones’ advising class brings in whatever spare change they have to help raise money for Heifer International. Dylan Ethridge said, “This year we have raised about $70.” They send in the money they have raised throughout the semester to Heifer by Christmas break. Cynthia Garcia said,” I like helping disadvantage countries to help their lifestyle because what they have right now really sucks. What we are doing now is really beneficial to them because they don’t have what we have.” Last year Jones’ advising raised about $80 from their pocket change and others’ in from the school. Sylvia Renfroe said, “Last year we bought three flocks of chickens for the people in poverty.” This year they are hoping to raise about $100 and buy either flocks of

26,000.” The military has its own branch of Recently, media organizations the judicial system in the United have taken hold of a scandal plagu- States, and military members are ing the United States’ Armed Forc- punished according to military law and not as civilians. es--rape. When a rape occurs, it often According to The Washington Post, “The Pentagon has just re- goes unreported because women fear that they might be leased a punished rather than new report the rapists and assaultthat shows “Almost three rapes ists. sexual asoccur every hour, all NPR reports that saults in day long, all night long, “the Pentagon estithe milievery twenty-four mates that only 14 pertary are up cent of sexual assaults hours” sharply, up get reported. to the rate Many victims say of 70 per their rapists outranked day. That them, and sometimes translates into almost three rapes every hour, the perpetrator was the same offiall day long, all night long, every cial they’d have to report the crime to.” twenty-four hours.” Eaton High School has adminThe Huffington Post adds that “The Pentagon report found a six istered an exit survey for the past percent increase in reported sexual four years, and in 2013 four out assaults, or 3,374 cases, in fiscal of 92 graduating students marked year 2012 over the previous year… that they planned to join the Milibased on that number and anony- tary in their future. In 2010-12, eight out of 307 mous surveys of service members, the Pentagon estimated the num- students indicated they would be ber of victims may be as high as joining the military in their future. haleycox

avery jones

Freshman Corey Merritt reads up on the Heifer International program

chickens or a goat. Heifer International is something that a lot of people benefit from, especially the one’s who receive the food. Heifer International was established in 1944 by Pierre Ferrari, and it’s still going strong today. Allison Stephens, Public Relations Manager from Heifer International, said, “Heifer International has worked to give small holder farmer families a hand up, not a hand out.” The organization is more interested in giving the families living in poverty the information and education they need for their lives than just giving them some food that will last them a couple of weeks to a month. Heifer International has supported more than 15.5 million families (79 million people) in more than 125 pov-

erty stricken countries. The organization has assisted people living in North America, South America, Central/Eastern Europe, Africa, and Asia/South Pacific. It is a nonprofit organization, supported by individuals, organizations, associations, and congregations. The organization is trying to inspire people to do something to help change the world. Allison Stephens said, “The goal of every Heifer project is to help families achieve self-reliance. We do this by providing them the tools they need to sustain themselves”. Heifer International has and still will benefit many people in poverty all around the globe. Eaton High School hopes to support the Heifer International organization well into the future.



November 22, 2013

Private Powder Stashes

reecekothe newseditor

When it comes to Colorado skiing and boarding, shredders need to know where to go to truly enjoy fresh snow without the crowds that tend to track everything out. Although Keystone, Vail, Breckenridge, and A-basin see thousands of skiers a year, there is still plenty of fresh powder hidden within the expanses of these winter wonderlands that very few people know about. With the right know-how, skiers and snowboarders alike can enjoy great powder skiing like the pros with little or no effort--minus the people. Keystone- The Windows: Keystone is a great family resort. However it also boasts some great powder skiing within its sometimes crowded confines. When people think of Keystone’s Dercum Mountain, they think of its nice groomed terrain and famous A-51 terrain park. Although racing the groomers and taking laps through the park are nice, nothing beats good Colorado powder. The backside of Dercum Mountain holds a place called The Windows where some of the best powder skiing can be found. To reach the Windows, walk south from the top of Dercum Mountain on a snowcat trail that is well packed down and easy to navigate. After a short jaunt, you will come to the little-known area called The Windows. Vail- China Bowl: This local secret area is steep and filled with fresh, deep snow and blanketed with sparsely populated trees. I can guarantee that you will be in powder heaven for a good 1500 vertical feet. Although the hike scares many skiers and boarders away, it is in reality very easy and is well worth it on just about any day when the snow is good. Vail offers some of the greatest powder skiing in the world. Its back bowls alone hold stashes for days after a fresh snow. Although a skier or boarder could hit the powder

mother-load just about anywhere in the backcountry, the China Bowl truly is the place to go. This vast expanse of land holds countless stashes of fresh snow. Although the terrain is more difficult to ski with the occasional cliff and tree grove, the right line down it could be one of the best of the season. Experienced skiers and boarders will earn a gift that will keep on giving. On big snow days I recommend a snorkel because the powder truly is that deep and untouched. Breckenridge- Imperial Express Superchair: Breckenridge is one of the largest and most popular resorts in North America. Navigating it alone can be frustrating and time consuming. So that is why I recommend skipping the crowded groomers and heading for the highest lift in North America on Breckenridge’s Peak 8. The Imperial Express Superchair takes you on an adventure to the heights of Breck where cold, fluffy snow awaits the avid skier or boarder while scaring away the average enthusiast. Head up in the morning when the wind is mild, and enjoy some of the best snow on the mountain. A-basin- Pallavicni Lift: A-basin is a local hotspot and rightfully so. The resort is not at all touristy and many skiers and boarders tend to avoid it for that reason alone. So that is why I recommend going there. The locals know what they are doing. No crowds plus powder equals a good day. Although the basin’s terrain tends to be more challenging, the reward in powder can be great. The terrain offered by the Pali lift is the place to be when fresh powder blankets the ground. Pick your line through hundreds of acres of great tree-skiing and pillows or even find steep powdery shoots untouched days after a storm. Ski the legend and experience its local magic.

Davis Anders

Connie Willis plots a story

Students write as award-winning science fiction author Connie Willis teaches a writers’ workshop on Monday, Nov. 4. Willis explained how this will be her last workshop until she finishes writing her latest book about a mind reading device. Willis said, “It’s hard to do these workshops with so many deadlines. Unfortunately this will be the last one until I finish my latest book.” Nearly 70 students were in attendance at the workshop. Hosted by Eaton Public Library


November 22, 2013

Things we are Thankful for lindydixon & emilypennington We all have deep and thoughtful things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, but what about the little things--the things that we often overlook but would be truly lost without. I don’t think we realize the things that make a major difference in our daily lives. Here’s a list of the little things that we should all be thankful for this season.

1.No More Twilight Movies

We can all be extremely thankful that these movies are done! The hype was great, and the sparkly, attractive men were amazing, but the excitement is finally OVER. The only thing that is sad about no more Twilight movies is that Taylor Lautner will not be ripping his clothes off anytime soon.

2. Good Hair Days Tiara Miller Sylvia Renfroe (14) [Agent 99] and Tucker Morell (15) [Maxwell Smart] work together against the evil forces of KAOS to save Emily Pennington (15) [Princess Ingred] and the world in this year’s fall production.

EHS Theatre Gets Smart tiaramiller featureeditor

If you didn’t get smart last night,then you can still see EHS Theatre perform Get Smart tonight and tomorrow night at 7 p.m. Get Smart, starring Tucker Morrell (15) as Maxwell Smart, Michael Cardona (14) as Mr. Big, and Sylvia Renfroe (14) as Agent 99, was filled with plenty of laughs and goofy mishaps. In the production, Maxwell Smart, the quirky underdog agent is paired with one of the best agents, Agent 99 to save Princess Ingred [Emily Pennington (15)] from the evil-doings of KAOS headed by Mr. Big. Morrell and Cardona delivered plenty of gut wrenching laughs while Renfroe stayed true to her straight-faced character to deliver the typical underdog triumphing evil story. If there really were a KAOS force, this cast could’ve stopped them. A lot more goes into the play


than the audience sees; since day The seniors this year have a bitone, up until showtime, the cast tersweet feeling in their last year of has developed lifetheatre, Renfroe long relationships. said, “there are “I like performing Renfroe said, “It is more privileges such a great expe- because it gives me a way for me so much rience to be in the- out of the normal world more such as diatre and you won’t and it is just so much recting a one act get the type of and having a lead fun.”-Sylvia Renfroe relationships that role.” The seniors you build in this are seen as leaders, class in any other Cardona said, “We class.” The chemkind of set the existry seen between the actors on ample. It’s a lot more responsibilstage is very real because of their ity: if I act a certain way, it enables friendships off stage. them to.”

Some days you wake up, get ready, and things are just going your way. When your hair looks good, you can do anything! A good hair day is all it takes for dreams to blossom into reality.

3. Amazingly Accurate Horoscopes

There is always a little glimpse of hope right before opening your daily horoscope, where the world just stops. The chance that your horoscope may explain your whole life story is such a rush. When opening a great horoscope, your mood can completely turn around. The more accurate the horoscope, the better your day will be!

4. Crazy People

Crazy people make people watching so much fun. Whether you’re at the gym, the mall, the zoo, or the movies, running into that group of crazies makes for a much more exciting time.

What would we have to look forward to when we go out if they didn’t exist? We would like to say thank you to all you crazies out there.

5. Ryan Gosling

I think we speak for everyone when we say ALL of us can be thankful for the birth of Ryan Thomas Gosling. Without him, there would not be much eye candy on the big screens. Ryan, in the words of the great Melissa McCarthy, “I just want to be upfront and say that I visually enjoy you”.

6. Toilet Paper

Let us just all reflect on how much of a necessity toilet paper truly is. We do not want to go back to those leaf usin’ days.

7. Being Right

Nothing is better than this--the feeling that you just dominated a conversation. Knowing that you just proved someone wrong and that they can’t do anything about it makes you feel like a total boss. A little thing that makes you smile and boosts your ego a little every time is something you should always be thankful for.

8. YOU!

On a more serious note, aside from all the little things, we are thankful for all of you. Every person should be thankful for the people around them. Your family, friends, foes, frenemies, and even your straight up enemies. Every person around you has impacted your life in some way and you should be thankful for that. We have all learned lessons from each other, as we have ridden together in this crazy journey we call life.

Student Lunch Special Cheese burger...................................$2.00 Cheeseburger Combo....................$4.00 2 pc. Chicken Fingers w/Fries...$3.00 680 Oak Ave. Eaton, CO (970)454-2959



have you gotten caught?

November 22, 2013

did it stop you?

The ch

When groups of kids get together to talk cheating, they’re pretty honest. Ask a classroom of high school students many of you have ever cheated?” and d surprised when every hand goes up. But also don’t be surprised whe immediately want to clarify, “Do you m tests or on homework?” Because as it tur nearly 200 EHS students, ranging from fre to seniors, agreed--there is a large dif between the two. Nearly 72 percent of the 200 students su said they never cheat on tests, as compare the 70 percent who say they cheat on hom on a regular basis. As it turns out, the reasons for cheat almost equally split between “I am lazy” (2 forgot (26%), “I didn’t know the material and I wanted the “A” (20%). Only 5 perc the students blamed their cheating on the f they “were not taught the material. The problem with cheating, howeve student from the focus groups said was, “ cheat on homework, you have no choice cheat on the test. It’s a vicious cycle.”

how often do you che

Why do you cheat?



heat sheet on cheating

lk about

s, “How don’t be

en they mean on rns out, eshmen fference

urveyed red with mework

ting are (22%), I l (27%), rcent of fact that

ver, one “If you e but to

Freshmen and sophomores both ranked forgetting as their primary reason for cheating. The majority of juniors attributed theirs to laziness, and seniors indicated their number-one reason for cheating was because they didn’t know the material. Their second highest reason was to get the grade. Seniors, however, were the class least likely to cheat; 44 percent denied cheating on homework and 76 percent said they never cheat on tests. Eighty-three percent of freshmen say they cheat on homework, but only 12 percent cheat on tests. Juniors and sophomores indicated that they are equally likely to cheat on tests--at 40 percent. But 77 percent of juniors said they cheat on homework, while a whopping 89 percent of sophomores are guilty of cheating on homework. One student said, “It’s okay to cheat if you read the assignment but didn’t understand it.” And another said, “If you put in the effort it’s fine. But if you don’t put in the effort and you just write down the answers, that’s cheating.” Punishment was another area kids seemed in agreement. Even as prevalent as cheating appears to be, the consequences don’t seem to be equally

as common--or all that harsh. Only 19 percent of the students surveyed said they had ever been caught cheating. And of that 19 percent, only 37 percent said it deterred them from cheating again. One student said the application of the rules seems inequitable: “The kids who continuously cheat get away with it. One kid cheats once and gets caught.” But there are classes that kids simply don’t cheat in, and the three reasons are pretty much the same across the board: the punishment is severe and embarrassing, the teacher doesn’t allow for it because he or she moniters the room, or the students enjoy the class and respect the teacher. If a kid does cheat, however, students say, “You’ve got to be smart about it.” Much of cheating, they said, depends on “whether the teacher has set the boundaries or not.” Perhaps the most intriguing thing about students and cheating are the various, and creative methods they have developed for sneaking the answers to tests. Almost every student can recount somebody cheating through the time-tested manners of writing the answers on their hand or arm, but

some more updated versions include: For the thirsty: writing the answers on a water bottle label and reading through the water; For the wounded: writing the answers inside a leg or arm brace. For the nearsighted: writing the answers on the inside of your glasses. For the beach bums: use the bottom or edge of a flip flop. For the manicured: writing the answers (very tiny) on your acrylic nails. Kids will go to the bathroom and write on the stalls for the next kid, they will take photos with their phones and use screen savers, calculator covers, pencil sides, and breakfast bars as note cards. They’ll fake test anxiety so they can go to a separate room or the hall, wait for the teacher to leave the room or look away at a computer, knock a pencil on the floor to take a glance at a neighbor’s test, pocket text a friend or knock out Morse Code. But some students said it wasn’t hard to get away with cheating at all. One student in one of the focus groups said, “I don’t have any teachers that would be super hard about cheating. Some you can even cheat in front of.”

eat on homework?

whose class do you never cheat in?

tiaramiller lindydixon

emilypennington averyjones



November 22, 2013

Tenacious Strength calebleonard staffreporter

Tenacious. Strong. These two words have meaning words of strength, words of courage, words of respect and words that school counselors use to describe Forrest White. Forrest Forrest is a student who stands out in the crowd because he is unable to walk following a spinal cord injury. He is known to many students as the funny guy in a wheelchair who also loves life. Whenever people pass him in the halls, they always see him talking to people, encouraging somebody, or helping somebody who is having a rough day. But this new Forrest, the Forrest students know today, is the product of what he would admit are some pretty rough mistakes. Forrest White (14) says he used to live a life solely concerned about himself and his friends. Forrest said, “I hated school and people there. I don’t know, I just didn’t like people for really no reason at all.” School counselor Marcy Sanger said Forrest got off to a rough start freshman year. “My experience with him was he was an angry kid,”said Sanger. Things didn’t get much better in his sophomore year. Sanger said, “He just clearly cared to not be at school or to try hard and go to class. We didn’t know it at the time, but he was an alcoholic.” Counselor Tara Kaysen added, “He was more about the social aspect of school and not much academic. School was a place to connect with friends and to figure out where things were heading for the next social event.” For his first two years of high school, Forrest said he focused on himself and wanted to do things his way. All of this changed on Aug. 7, 2011 when Forrest, after hanging out at a street dance, drove home drunk wearing no seatbelt. On his way home near Nunn, his vehicle rolled, and he was ejected from his truck. Forrest was then rushed to Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley and was placed in intensive care. After he recovered from the coma, he was then transferred to a rehab hospital, Craig Hospital in Englewood, where he slowly recovered. Four months and two days after, Forrest was sent home but he said it took him a year for his brain to heal. Forrest said, “At

first, I couldn’t remember for 5 minutes students across the school to change [but] when I started remembering stuff for the better. A few days before the constantly, it was the hardest time.” freshman class’ Eaton 101 Ownership Forrest’s legs never healed. Because speech this year, Sanger asked Forrest of the injury to his spinal column, he to speak at the event. She said, “I had lost the ability to walk. Months think his story is truly remarkable, later he returned to the world of Eaton I think he is in a space where he has High School in a wheelchair. a lot of abilities to impact people Forrest said it wasn’t easy. Kids positively.” The most important thing, looked at him completely differently, Sanger said, is that “he is also willing but he had many people from Ault, to share.” Kersey, Eaton, and other locations who It took him a little while, but after helped him adjust to his new life style. a few days of serious consideration, Forrest said, “Destiny McNechan, Forrest said he felt ready to deliver Carissa Sandoval, Kyli Newby, Mitch his testimony to the freshmen. Forrest Bowman, Shelby Fisher, my sister… said, “It was hard in a way, but it made all of them cared for me and treated me feel good to get my word out. If me like a human. Being paralyzed [in I could just save one, that would be others’ eyes] is not good enough.” moral and stuff When Forrest “I should have thought like that.” One wheeled up about my future. Thinkspecial friend who in front of graduated Eaton a hundred ing about my future has High School in students for the gotten me farther the last first time, he said 2012 and moved two years of my life than to Sterling helped “I should have Forrest immensely. thought about the first 16 years I was “Brooke Miller… my future… alive.” I still have thinking about problems and I my future has talk to her, she is gotten me understanding.” Miller said, “I spent a farther the last two years of my life lot of time in the classroom with him. than the first 16 years I was alive…” He turned into a student and he knew Forrest’s speech at Eaton 101 he was in a crappy situation. He wanted impacted plenty of freshman students. to be there, he wanted to learn, and he Merceydes Gomez (17) said, “I was wanted to be friends--with everybody.” more in shock. Nobody knew what his Miller said she didn’t help Forrest as past was. He came across being kind much as he helped change her. Miller of a normal high school kid.” Gomez said, “It makes me look at life because said that although she had never known he was so positive.” At first, it was him before, he made her consider the hard for Forrest to adjust to the routine importance of choices in her own of never taking a step again. Even life. “I’m in awe of how fast things though his friends were supportive of can change. He showed emotion and him, Forrest said he felt inspired by a it was hard. I noticed emotion with friend who is a Quadriplegic, unable to everybody”said Gomez. She said that move both his arms and his legs. “I was many people in the freshman class talking to a guy and he bragged that he were affected by his story. Gomez shot a buck. He was so carefree and said, “I think that people like him will saw life in a way that made him happy. really change others. What he did was I was sad and depressed, but he was very inspirational and I think that we happy,” Forrest said. Through all of his could learn from him.” struggles, Forrest said he is finding his Forrest leaves these words for true self. EHS students: “Don’t drink when “Before my accident, I was kind of you’re underage. Don’t drink and an asshole to everybody. After, I was drive at any time because the effects more caring and understanding and are fantastic, or actually, massive. I nicer,” he said. wouldn’t call being in a wheelchair His transformation encouraged fantastic.”

Tiara Miller


November 22, 2013

Training rules create an even playing field

Moore! Drinking during the season?! Sit out for one game!!!


For every school and every sport, training rules exist. They are always there, and kids have always broken them. Students sign the little piece of paper and get Mommy and Daddy to sign (maybe they even forge the signature), and then go about their business. Those kids have been around since forever. And that’s unfortunate because that piece of paper means nothing to them. Eaton High School recently adopted a new set of training rules. These new rules make restrictions much tighter, and they’ve upped the consequences drastically for violations of these rules. One infraction leads to sitting out almost half the season, and three lead to ejection from the team. The new training rules should make a level playing field for all athletes now, as all sports must adhere to the same consequence system instead of going by the coach’s edicts. These new training rules, though admirable, won’t stop that dishonest behavior. What they do do however, is give coaches some “teeth” Red Ink Editor-in-Chief.............averyjones Sports Editor..............adamschott Opinion Editor.............tanneralm Feature Editor.............tiaramiller News Editor...................reecekothe Copy Editor...........................jakesell Tech. Support..........calebleonard Photo Editor......................haleycox Web Editor..........................haleycox Ad Manager...................lindydixon Staff Reporters

...........................................davisanders ..................................emilypennington ........................................................lexilapp ............................................. reedhodgson

when kids do break the rules. Consequences won’t be simply up to each coach to decide for his or her own team. Those decisions have been made for them and will come from the top down. A level playing field--this is what the new training rules should achieve. Every sport now has the same system of repercussions. Now you won’t get parents and kids saying, “Hey, you can’t do that. It’s not written in the policy anywhere. Show me where.” And coaches saying, “I don’t care, you got an MIP so I want you off my team.” And parents saying, “You can’t do this to little Andy because the x-team coach isn’t doing that.” the hammer will come down as soon as a kid is caught. There is no longer a gray area of “the coach gets to decide.” These new rules are not in place to deter the behavior (because we all know that’s a pipe dream). They are in place to provide the consequences. Staff Box


The Red Ink is a public forum, school-sponsored and student generated, which encourages the free exchange of ideas and information. All opinions made in the exercise of freedom of speech or press are the sole opinions of the writers and are in no way to be considered the opinions of Eaton High School, administration, Board of Education, or Eaton School District. The Red Ink strictly adheres to School Board Policy JCEA and Colorado Revised Statute 12-1-120. The Red Ink is a member of the Colorado High School Press Association, Journalism Education Association, and Quill and Scroll.


Brown! Drinking during the season?! You’re kicked off the team!!!


averyjones editorinchief

PROPS to Mrs.

FLOPS to No-

Hixon for growing a baby Hixon!

vember for producing a very disappointing amount of snow.

FLOPS to the

PROPS to Kara-

huge truck owners who park wherever they want--including on the lawn.

lee Kothe for starting a dance team at the high school.

PROPS to Pam FLOPS to the Koelzer for supervising the rowdy busload of fanatic teenagers that travelled to Denver for State volleyball.

PROPS to Steve

Ehrlich for going above and beyond awesome by creating a haunted closet for Halloween.

FLOPS to Val-

ley for stealing Eaton’s cheers.

PROPS to the

volleyball team for taking state.

radio for overplaying the best song of the to whomyear, “Wake Me Up” by Avicci, and ruining it for ever invented the strap clip on back packs. everyone.


10 redview The cheating game averyjones editorinchief

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Culture of rape in Military must end haleycox

an institution created to uphold the I’m just gonna get right to the civil rights and liberty of America point -- the pervasive culture of is a pretty terrible reflection on our rape in the military is disgusting. country. I wholeheartedly believe While both men and women face that joining the military is a selfless, the risk of sexual assault when they honorable, and respectable choice. join the military, males in the mili- I love America because it is a countary risk runs equal to that of civil- try that stands up for humanity on ian men. a daily basis, providing a safe-haven Women in the armed forces, for freedom and progress within however, face its borders. If Amera significantly ica is to continue to higher risk of stand for these ide“167,000 women serve als, and if Americans being sexually assaulted and and as many as 26,000 are to continue to raped than cienjoy the rights that of those women face vilian women. we are afforded by sexual assult each These egrethe members of our year.” gious condimilitary, then it is our tions, where job to protect the 167,000 women members of our milserve and as itary. There’s an old many as 26,000 of those women saying that the pen is mightier than face sexual assault each year, dem- the sword, and America grants us onstrate a shocking abuse of pow- the right to use our pens (voices) to er by a group of officials who don’t institute change. have the self-respect to allow their Rapists aren’t just going to stop colleagues the dignity that comes raping people because we tell them with control of one’s own body. not to… They’ve already proven Rape is demeaning and strips they’re willing to strip people of the victim of basic human rights, their humanity. These rapists and and the fact that it is occurring at sexual assailants need to be punwebeditor

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Call me old fashioned, but I’ve always believed in a very basic way of life. I’m not talking the log-cabin-inthe-woods, Henry David Thoreau type of basic. I’m talking cheating. If in some rare scenario you found yourself in a situation where you just had to cheat on schoolwork, you played it by the old stretchand-glance rule. You casually yawned, leaned back to stretch, checked your neighbor’s paper, then quickly returned to test-taking position. You didn’t make a big deal out of it. And most importantly, if you thought you were being watched, Abort! Abort! I’ve always assumed this is how everyone does the whole cheating thing. I mean, I knew some cheating was premeditated, like when people write on their arms or other body part before the class, but I had no idea how far in advance the planning really went! Students have gotten crazy creative with their methods of cheating. Some of the more elaborate strategies take days of preplanning! Honestly, in one story I recently heard, the student spent days observing the teacher in whose class he planned on cheating to see when she left the room for extended periods. He had a full on stakeout going! He made about a dozen sticky notes with the information he’d need on them. He planned his action based on the tendencies that he’d so meticulously observed. On the day of the test before his class period, he waited until she’d left her

November 22, 2013

room, ran in, jumped onto a desk, and stuck the sticky notes onto the ceiling above his desk. My new personal favorite is one I just found out about. Apparently you can order custommade water bottle wrappers with your answers in the place of the nutrition facts! They’ll print out the wrapper and send it to you so you have your very own answer-wrapped bottle. I imagine you’d have to place your order at least a few days ahead of time so the wrapper would come in on time. That is some serious pre-planning. I am incredibly impressed by all the innovative ways students have come up with to cheat. I’m also a little upset that I’m just now finding out about them! I’ve been in the dark all these years. I’ve been cheated out of the cheating game. I guess that’s for the better, eh? I mean, cheating has never been something I’ve planned out like that. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. If you know that far in advance that you’re going to do badly enough on a test that you’re going to need to cheat, then why spend all your time planning how you’re going to cheat when you could be using that time to actually learn the content? If you put the same amount of effort into studying for the test as you did preparing to cheat on it, you’d have aced the thing anyway. I’m still impressed by the creativity involved in cheating nowadays, but I just think students’ efforts could be better channelled into a more constructive use of time.

ished in order to change the culture of the military into a culture that believes rape is wrong and 100% unacceptable. It’s the American citizens who need to blow the whistle and demand change, out of respect and reverence for the women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. A Project Syndicate report states that “the fear of rape at US-held battlefields led directly to endemic illnesses caused by dehydration: women at the front, serving in 110-degree head, did everything possible to avoid drinking, because rape was so common in the latrines.” This is simply not okay. I cannot sit at home under the comfort of my rights as an American, and not use those rights to help the women who have granted them to me. I encourage members of our community to write our local Congressman Cory Gardner and our Senators, Mark Udall and Micheal Bennet. If we’re not willing to take a few moments of our time to protect rape victims and punish rapists in our military, we don’t deserve the rights they’re fighting for.


November 22, 2013


Reds Volleyball Captures State Title adamschott sportseditor

With Hunger-Games salutes held up in warrior fashion from each and every volleyball player, as well as their loyal Eaton fan base, Caiden Rexius (16) slammed down the final point of the state championship game to send a message loud and clear: Eaton is officially GOLD BLOODED. After eliminating Bayfield quite easily in the first match 3 -1, and closing out an extremely nervous match to Holy Family 3-2 with in the final set, Eaton embarked on its way to the state championship game on Saturday, Nov. 9 at the Denver Coliseum. In the championship game, the Reds managed a 3-0 blowout victory over undefeated Manitou Springs to win the 3A state championship. The intense atmosphere of the all three games, especially the close game between Holy Family, can be credited to the Eaton student section and loyal fans who attended the game. Everything came together perfectly for the passionate Reds players, as made clear from the emotional senior Ryleigh Haynes who said, “It’s so hard to describe the feeling of achieving everything we have worked so hard for. We all worked so hard all season and it’s nice to finally have something to show for it.” In the first and second match between Eaton and Bayfield, the Reds provided a spectacular showing of offense, not allowing any lead by Bayfield whatsoever. Senior Brittany Pierce said, “It was a lot more busy, and for me it was a good thing. Environment makes me more comfortable and the noise calms me down.” However, during the third set, the Reds slipped up, losing the match. Gathered and regrouped with the front line of Lindy Dixon (16), Tarynn Sieg (17), and Haynes, the Reds came out feistier the way they had managed to all season. A big part of the offensive force came with the combination of both University of Northern Colorado commits Haynes and junior Kortney Lockey. Both Haynes and Lockey displayed perfect athleticism, creating multiple kills put together throughout all of the games. The

Avery Jones

The 2013 State Champion Eaton Reds volleyball team holds their Hunger Games salutes in high fashion after a dominating performance over undefeated Manitou Springs. Pictured left to right: Izzy Noonan (17), Lindy Dixon (16), Bailey Schumacher (16), Emma Willadsen (17), Courtney Leafgren (17), Karlee Garland (16), Caiden Rexius (16), Tarynn Sieg (17), Kinzy Anderson (15), Karlie Dorland (16), Brittany Pierce (14), Ryleigh Haynes (14), Karen Sigg (14), and Kortney Lockey (15).

Reds finished the game with a score of 3-1. Perhaps the most critical part of the whole threegame stint for the reds was the matchup between Holy Family, considering the game ended 3-2. Just as in the first game, the Reds jumped a couple of quick sets but were quickly taken back by the Tigers in the third and fourth sets. Senior Karen Sigg said, “The games we lost, we looked to the coach to help us and let frustration set in, but as soon as we turned to each other it was a whole different game.” That happened exactly for the Reds, and they came back with a huge momentum swing taking the fifth set. The team as a total produced 37 kills in the game. The moment everybody had all been waiting for, the final state champion-

ship game, fell nothing short of a special experience. In the pinnacle of the season, the Reds came out of the gates hungry for the win. Sophomore Bailey Schumacher said, “The gold ball is motivation to our team, and it is in our blood and it really pushes and motivates us to win another one [championship]. We definitely worked hard for it.” Lockey especially seemed to be the go-to killer, single handedly creating a total of 17 kills, all coming from a pair of excel-

lent setters. When Rexius hit the last kill to win the game, emotion poured out of the team. The next step was to clutter the halls with family and friends, which is exactly what they did. Sieg expressed her emotions about the win saying, “Knowing that the seniors were happy to have that under their belt. I just was happy and overjoyed.” With the win against the only team who defeated them during the regular season, Lockey said, “We played a cheerful, emotional game when

avenging our season’s only loss in the championship game against Manitou Springs.” On a lighter note, probably the only real big thing the Reds had to overcome the whole season was the conflicting similarities in names! For example, Tarynn Sieg / Karen Sigg, Karlee Garland / Karlie Dorland, and Kortney Lockey / Courtney Leafgren-not to mention the fact that they all start with a k or ch sound-- and Bay (Bailey) and Britt both go by B.

Avery Jones

Pierce(14), Schumacher(16), Sigg(14), Lockey(15), Haynes(14), and Dixon(16) celebrate a nailbiter to HF.

12 redzone

Winter Previews

Eaton winter sports begin to take action jakesell copyeditor

The 2013 boys basketball season looks fantastic this year, even though many key players have left the team. Attributed to the graduation of the 2013 senior players, as well as a lack of manpower this year, the team’s size has dwindled to a smaller roster than last year. Key seniors this year include Jake Nelson, Landon Koelzer, Matthias Salazar, and Davis Anders. Led by head coach Dean Grable, the Reds hope to beat last year’s 16-11 record. “Players make plays, us against the world” is the team motto, and with this

tanneralm opinioneditor

Eaton girls basketball has been increasingly important over the years, many players have earned awards and are progressing very fast. There has been much progress so far, with the teams doing fairly well. Coach Hernandez is hesitant to name people who he believes will be key players, he emphasised that everyone was incredibly important to the team, but that the players who lettered were one of the most important factors. The players who have earned awards and will probably be

davisanders staffreporter

The Eaton Wrestling team is hoping to carry over that success into this year, finishing with 5 state placers last year,. With the resignation of 12 year coach Dan Lewis, one of the most successful coaches the wrestling program has ever seen, coaching 11 state

reedhodgson staffreporter

The swim team hopes to be even better than last year, with an increased number of athletes, and the loss of only six senior graduates last year. With most returners juniors, the Reds have high hopes. After sending six contenders to state last year, the Reds swim team is looking to come out strong this season, bringing back five out of its six state participants from last year, all of which are Juniors. Led by coach Doug Stone, the Reds are faced with big expectations for the year. Coach Stone said that his goals for the year include “bringing back all three relays that qualified last year, as well as more individual qualifiers, which would be three.” Coach Stone

ferocious mentality the Reds hope to achieve a dominating season. Speed is one of the team’s greatest assets this year, and they hope to apply it in their upcoming games. In regards to the season this year, Nelson (14) said, “We are going to be a relatively short team, so we are going to have to take advantage of our speed and shooting ability to be able to succeed. I think our defense will be great and we will create a ton of havoc for ball handlers.” The team hopes to prove itself early on by beating Metro League teams, including Kent Denver and Jefferson Academy, and later working on private schools key players this year are Morgan Shumacher(14), Bailey Shumacher(16), Jayla Jarnigan(15), and Bailey Jones(15). Hernandez said that for the most part, all of the players from the last year have returned. This implies that this year will resemble the last year greatly unless the players change drastically. Having a record of 16-8 in the previous year, and 25-2 the year before that. This shows that though their records have been good in past years, it does show that they could be deteriorating. What they need to do this year is step up training and try to keep up champions and 41 state placers, Roy True will take over the reigns as the new head coach. True has been the assistant coach under Lewis for 6 years, and quickly jumped on the opportunity to become the new head coach. Senior Riley Jones who placed 4th at state last year says he is “stoked to start wrestling again.”

The College Sports Scene adamschott sportseditor

Roll Tide...Maybe Never Mind Jake Sell Nelson(14) relieves pressure with the ball during basketball practice.

such as Holy Family and Faith Christian. The Reds will kick off their season by scrimmaging Gold Crown on Friday, Nov. 29.

Jake Sell Coach Hernandez directs players during team tryouts and practice.

with past scores. Overall this year is based on how hard the team works.

Jake Sell Wrestlers focus on instructions.

also said that he hopes his team can be “the team that everyone else wishes they had.” Individual returning state contenders for this year are Lauryn Schriner (15), and Justice Muro (15). Returning relay qualifiers from last year also include, Molly Adams (15), Taylor Dorsey (15), and Hailee Hernandez (15). This year the girls look to be a very experienced team led by a small number of seniors, and a very large number of juniors. Leading the team along with the juniors are two experienced seniors, Jazmin Schwark, and Shelbey Nelson. This is both Schwark and Nelson’s fourth year in the program. Excited for the year, lead diver Schwark said, “I’ve been part of many teams, and this is

November 22, 2013

Haley Cox Nelson (14) goes airborn out of the water for a quick rush of air.

something special, I feel like we are already ahead of where we were last year.” Also looking to lead the team, Nelson said, “I’m always there to help the underclassmen if they need it, and I look forward to being with a family I can always count on.” With everyone so excited to see what the year holds the whole team is ready for whatever obstacles may lie in their way. The Reds are, as Nelson said, “not so much a team, but more of a family.”

So what’s it gonna be... another three-peat for the Crimson Tide? I hate to say it, but probably. Alabama has literally dominated the arena of college football, but in my personal opinion of the SEC and the whole Alabama scene, I don’t like it. It’s not because they’re just one of those teams you feel naturally obligated to hate because of how good they are like the Yankees (just an example people), but they’re just so mismatched. And you wonder why coach Nick Saban doesn’t have interest in leaving Alabama at all...It’s Because he’s got it made (cutting out the idea of moving to Texas right now). He can literally have the top recruits pounding at his door for scholarships, and he doesn’t have to lift so much as a finger. I mean, who doesn’t want to play for Alabama? This also bleeds into the fact of Saben not going to the NFL. Why would he go to the NFL and take charge of a poor, decent, or whatever team, when he knows he can bank on pulling in high recruits. Let’s face it, in the NFL if you win you get a lower draft pick and the odds are more stacked against you; whereas in college, you can win win win, all the while being able to grab the attention of star-studded highschoolers. Another thing that isn’t necessarily Alabama’s fault, but a problem in college, is the lack of a fundamentally sound playoff system. The past two years Alabama has been able to pull in the National Championship with a loss in their record. They still get to go to the national championship even though they’ve lost a game as a result of the BCS rankings. It just simply isn’t fair to the other teams who go undefeated. This happened a few years back when Utah went

undefeated and Florida got to play, even with a loss! I don’t like that at all. I respect Alabama for its legacy but hey... take a step back and look at the whole picture. To give a fair chance to other teams and make it right there has to be standard, which is why the playoff system is best. It doesn’t matter if teams like UNC don’t have any possible shot at winning the championship, they should at least have the opportunity to. Football is tough because you can only play once a week, but hey if you want to find a true champion look at the way college basketball does it.

Wiggins’ Freshman class I’m going to be very brief about this...Andrew Wiggins was the top recruit coming out of high school in both his junior and senior year. He signed to play college ball at Kansas University, where it looks like he will be pretty stellar. Wiggins ironically said that it’s nice to be starting his last year of school, but in all reality he’s right, because he will easily go number one in this year’s draft, banking on a great season at KU. Arrogant? Maybe, but why waste time when you can make millions. The true question now, is that is it worth it to invest in him? I say yes. If KU is able to get a championship and boost its team, then it must be done. Simply put, you can’t ignore talent like that that will help you win. Simply said, look up highlights, watch a KU game, whatever just get a close eye on him, because he dunks, shoots, and get buckets a lot. He’s not the only one though, the whole freshman class is pretty g this year. Jabari Parker for Duke is solid and Kentucky’s line up consists of five true freshmen. Nuff said.

November Red Ink Vol. 6 Ed. 3  
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