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March 23, 20112


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March 23, 2012

Resignations may affect budget johnottoson


Next year one of the challenges EHS will face will be finding people to replace two recently vacated teacher positions. English teacher Stacey Brown is resigning at the end of this year along with shop teacher Arland Ball. Principal Mark Nail said that the English teacher spot would be filled. But, with state budget cuts pending for the fourth year, the future of the second vacated staff position is uncertain. Naill said the school budget for next year will determine if a new shop teacher will be hired. Due to the poor economy the past four years, the budget for

the Eaton district has become a challenge for administrators. According to Superintendent Randy Miller, what affects the district budget the most is the amount of money the district receives from the state. Each state in the nation is self sufficient when determining the school budget because schools are considered local. Since Colorado is ranked 25th out of 50 in the strength of the economy, Eaton High School may be at risk for budget cuts in the upcoming year. If the district faces severs state cutbacks then the district may be forced to make cuts as well.   If the cuts from the budget become too great

Assistant Superintendent Tim Unrien said it could result in the firing of a teacher. According to Unrien the easiest way to put money back in the system is to let go of one of the staff members. “75 percent to 80 percent of the budget from schools goes to teachers or staff,” said Unrien. “If teachers are cut then the class sizes may go up.” Less teachers able to teach students means more kids taught per teacher. If class sizes do end up increasing it would result in less one-on-one time with students and teachers. Another area that could potentially be cut is transportation. “If school transportation is cut,” Miller said, “it will mean

a result in kids having to pay their own way to school.” Although Miller said it would not be a large amount of money, students would have to pay a toll each time they rode the bus. This would cover the gas and mechanic costs. Miller said Eaton is one of the lucky schools that don’t have to pay for their bus rides right now. Many schools in Colorado require a flat rate fee for riding the bus. One area that seems to be unaffected by budget issues is the district food program. The school is self sufficient which Miller said is pretty remarkable.

EHS mourns loss of senior, Trevor Ewing

See Budget page 3

Denver Broncos donate equipment

Photo by Avery Jones

Trevor Ewing (12)poses at the 2011 Homecoming dance with one of the award-winning smiles he was so well-known and loved for.

aaronmiller webeditor

Photos by Hannah Glines

Physical Education teachers Contreras and Grable are over-joyed at equipment the Broncos donated.

hannahglines editorinchief

Eaton High School was shocked Wednesday afternoon when Mitch Unrein, former EHS student and current Bronco player, came to deliver some of the old donated Bronco equipment for the weight room. According to Unrein, he talked to Ross and Grable and wanted to put on a fundraiser but Unrein said, “I found out that the Broncos were going to get new equipment and I asked if they would want to

donate their used equipment to my old high school.” The new equipment consists of bikes, weights, new chalk and tubs, floor mats, bars, and other Unrein, a Bronco player oddities. and Eaton graduate some of the old Unrein added, donated Bronco work-out equip“I hope kids use ment to his Alma Mater. it and understand how important strength training is and that kids from small schools don’t have to be neglected and can

have that opportunity to achieve greatness.” P.E. teachers Christina Contreas and Dean Grable say they are ecstatic about the new additions; Contreas said, “I’m pumped. You have no idea!” Contreas had her fitness challenge class help move in all the equipment as their “work-out” for the day. Everyone was flocking in the transformed weight room to see the equipment that “Tebow sweat on,” said Kelsey Tait (12), “I think its awesome that we are finally getting good equipment. It’s definitely past time.”

Accidents leave a big impact in places like Eaton, Colorado. Trevor Ewing was a senior at Eaton High School and he will be missed by many, and remembered by all here in this little town. Ewing was born December 29, 1993 and passed away Sunday, March 4, 2012. Being an avid member of FFA led to Ewing be a memorable name for Eaton. “He was a good friend and always had a smile” said Homero Valdez (13). The impact soared down the hallways Monday morning. Hearts were filled with love and sorrow for the hurt ones. Shelley Tregoning, Ewing’s advisor, said, “The student body as a whole has come together.” A wall full of

memories of Ewing was laid out by the exact spot Ewing would spend every day during lunch. His friends said that they called themselves “the heater crew” and stayed there all day revisiting old memories. Walking by this wall, all of EHS students caught a glimpse of the love for the “heater crew’s” friend. On March 13, the school was called down for a presentation put together by Caleb Whitaker (13) with the help of Ewing’s close friends. Love filled the theatre with every body’s heart out to Ewing and the ones left behind. “Trevor wasn’t rebellious. He loved everybody and liked to have fun. He always did things to please his teachers, family and friends,” said Tregoning.


March 23, 2012


Footloose calls for full dedication ciaraabbott staffreporter

Every-other-year, Eaton puts on a musical and this year, the High School will be presenting the musical Footloose. However, unlike the other productions, the directors are trying something new. This year students had to choose between the musical and sports. At the meeting that started off the musical, the directors Kendra Campbell, Christina Contreras, and Phuong Nguyen explained why they decided that this year, students would have to choose between the two. “Mr. Nguyen and I have families at home that we like to see every once in a while,” Contreras joked, “And Miss Campbell has a wedding that she is trying to plan,” said Contreras, who is in charge of the singing portion of the musical. Campbell, who runs the acting in Footloose, said, “It’s a test to see if this will work, but we really wanted some

dedicated kids because it’s a lot of work. It was a really hard decision for us to make.” Nguyen, who will be in charge of the band for the upcoming play said, “My three year old said to me the other day, ‘Daddy, why are you going to work?’ and I said, ‘Because Daddy has to make money.’ And she said, ‘But Photo by Ciara Abbott Daddy, when you go to work, it makes me sad.’ Theatre kids Brianna DeVore (12), Alexis Truax (12), Amanda Penington (12), Alex Sanford (12), Teesha Prichard (12), Tucker GoodDo you want me to make wine (15), Teegan Owens (13), Rae Brown (15), Melanie Mackey (12), and Tucker Morrel (15) prepare for the play coming out soon. my daughter sad?” Martin (13) said she was going to try manager for the spring musical two end up staying behind for about Several students were an hour after the actors had left. forced to choose between the Musical out for the musical until she found years ago, Grease. She also did not try out for a spot “We’d always end up putting away and spring sports. Alexis Truax (13) out she had to choose between it and this year. “Grease practice always costumes, resetting lights, moving is one of the students who chose the sports as well. She chose soccer over the musical started after all of the sport practices flats, and resetting the stage for the musical over sports. “I regret not going out for Grease and said, “I have been playing sports had ended.” That was usually around next practice. my freshmen year,” she said. “When I all my life and just to give up my sport six and Herl said even then, people The directors always stayed later than heard we were doing Footloose, I didn’t was asking a little too much.” Mel would come in late. Rehearsal would any of us to make sure that everyone got home and that the school was want to miss out on that opportunity. Herl (12), who claimed state fame end around 9 p.m. on most nights. People working backstage would locked up correctly.” I have next year for sports.” Jill in shot put last year, was backstage

Karam allowed to walk at graduation christopherdawkins opinioneditor

A reversal to precedent will allow Brazilian foreign exchange student Merina Karam (12) to walk with the senior class at graduation this spring. Karam’s decsion does not essentially allow fellow exchange student, Sigvart Fredriksen (12), to walk, but does give him a better chance to talk to Principal Mark Naill if he wants to. Karam Karam said she wanted to walk with her class, and just recently at the beginning of the second semester asked Naill to be allowed. His intial decision, was to deny the request “due to policy,” Karam said. Nail said he felt he had “to honor the kids that have been here the full four years.” Karam understood his position and asked some of the seniors if they had a problem with her walking with them. When a petition was circulated among the students, she could find nobody in her senior class who opposed the idea. Since Naill has been principal,

foreign exchange students have not been able to walk. Last year German exchange student Carolin Van Den Adel was not able to walk, so Karam is not the first person to be denied. Karam’s family have been foreign exchange students here in the United States at other schools and were able to walk with their class. Karam said her parents motivated her to have a similar experience to theirs, along with the the fact that Karam’s dad will be in town to watch his daughter walk. After Karam was denied the right to walk, and after she found approval among her senior class, she made arrangements to visit the District Superintendent, Randy Miller, to gain a better understanding of the policy. Karam said she would be willing to take her request before the school board if it proved necessary. Before Karam would talk to Dr. Miller, she asked social studies teacher Tom Trotter how she could put her thoughts together. Not being an expert at English, Karam said she sometimes has difficulty saying exactly what is on her mind. Instead of helping Karam put her ideas together, Trotter accompanied Karam to the meeting with Miller          who could identify no written policy that said foreign exchange students

Photo by Sig Fredriksen

Above is the signatures of the senior class petitioning to have Karam (12) walk with them at graduation in May.

could not walk. Karm will now be allowed to walk pending the arrival and approval of her transcript from her high school in Brazil. Karam and Fredriksen both said they feel are very included in Eaton High School, each finding friends. Karam says, “It’s not like the stereotypes from the movies.” Movies have sent butterflies in her stomach, she said, making her unsure she would be accepted. Likewise Fredriksen says “I feel like I am pretty included.” Karam

and Fredriken have attended and will continue to attend most of the sports events supporting the Eaton Fighting Reds, and both have done their part to take part in school activities. Karam has strengthened her experience by joining both girls swimming and tennis. Having swum in Brazil, she has been able to build on her former passions for the sport as well as start new ones such as tennis. Fredriksen said he also found his knack at Eaton High School, joining the school newspaper class.


from page 2 The government no longer has a hand in helping out the district with money for lunches which is a pretty big step from previous years. Miller said, “We are no longer subsidized for the $60,000 dollars which would go into the schools food balance.” Now instead of that money going to the food it can be put back into the general fund and used for other things. In the 2011-12 school year the district received $6253 from the state for each student. In the 2009 school year Eaton received a personal high of $7019 dollars per student in the district. With enrollment at roughly 1,800 students, the loss of $766 per student was quite substantial. In fact it adds up to a loss of over $1 million dollars for the district in just those two years. The cuts for next year are still uncertain, Miller said. With this being the fourth year of budget reductions in a row, administrators are forced to make hard decisions for the future. Miller said that “our teachers deserve more” than what they receive. Eaton High School should know more about the budget in late April to early May when the school finance projections are published said Miller.

4 redview

Letter to the Editor

I am writing in regard to the “controversial” art projects written about in the December 16, 2011 issue of the “Red Ink.” My comment to the Art III class and Mrs. Graber; the Red Ink staff and Mrs. Jones; and Trotter particularly to Jacqueline Villanueva is GOOD JOB! According to Oscar Wilde, Irish writer and poet, Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force. There lies its immense value. For what it seeks is to disturb monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine. Did the art project cause some people to become uncomfortable? Good. Did the project cause controversy and discussion? Good. These are just some of the many things that art is supposed to do! Art should stir emotion, which in turn should lead to discussion. Instead of taking it down, ignoring it, or placing it where people can’t see it, art should be viewed, thought about, and discussed. Discussion about uncomfortable and controversial topics is what democracy and a free society is built upon. It is the “tension” created by art, and the discussion art engenders, that helps not only individuals but also society, gain insight, knowledge, and growth. Tom Trotter

March 23, 2012

A Bad Case of January February Holden’s Huddle March Blues

holdenrexius staffreporter

Peyton Manning is now an unrestricted free agent, but who cares when the Packers have Aaron Rodgers, the greatest quarterback in the game? Manning can play for a number of teams including the Broncos. This would be a good move for Denver and I would love to see it happen so everyone will shut up about Tim Tebow. People say, Tebow is a winner, but a terrible quarterback. I am not even a Bronco fan and I am sick of Tebow. Manning would obviously be the better option even if his stats are declining. No matter how good looking girls think Tebow is or how much he “Tebows,” it is not going to make him play better. Manning is a four-tiime MVP, a Superbowl MVP, and a perennial Pro Bowler. There is even a billboard in Denver that asks who the fans would prefer, Manning or Tebow. I would prefer Manning. In the NBA the Asian sensation Jeremy Lin has quieted down a bit. After finding success in Mike D’antoni’s offense for a while, Lin has faded away. With the return of Carmelo Anthony, Lin’s numbers have dwindled. Linsanity was short lived, and unfortunately Tebow was not the same. Lin, however, is not Steve Nash so the chances of Lin becoming a two-time MVP are poor. With the emergence of Lin,

Knicks fans had a renewed hope for the playoffs. This hope does not look like it will go far as the Knicks are 18-21 and would be the last team in the playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Though Spike Lee is an avid fan of the Knicks, him making another movie will not help a sub par Knicks team play any better. Argentinean soccer player Lionel Messi scored five goals in a Championship League match. He is the first person ever to do so. As Americans this may not appeal to many people, but it is an amazing accomplishment. He looked like a god among men. He looked like Michael Jordan playing the JV. He looked like Barry Sanders running on the Chicago Bears. What I’m trying to say is: that’s some impressive stuff. Seeing that it is March, I feel obligated to talk about the goofy round ball sport, basketball. Fortunately this year, Colorado sent two teams into the NCAA playoffs. Colorado State has the opportunity to beat Murray State and Colorado has a tough game against a UNLV. Colorado is not known as a basketball state, but it still looks to make some noise in the tournament this year. As for my final four picks: I have Kentucky, Michigan State, Florida State, and Kansas, with Florida State winning the Big Dance.

hannahglines editorinchief

Crabruary--There is just something about this month that turn everyone into crabby, snappy, overly-sensitive people. From teachers to siblings, these months cast a dark shadow leaving causalities in their wake. Every day people are waking up and running through the many excuses they have on hand to not go to school. It seems as though the tone of everyone speaking is simply too piercing for the human ear. Too much homework is being assigned and while there may be enough time to get it done in the day, it seems to only get finished in the wee hours of the next morning. With sicknesses on a rampage, sleeping becomes the only goal next to trying to lift your dead arm to wipe off the drool. Get-

ting out of class is the equivalent to coming out of a coma where you lose all your memories. Athletes Google ways to hurt themselves (with minimal pain) to get out of playing sports. I have never heard the word “whatever” used more than during these months. These three months should all just be coupled and called Whatever months. Its that time when everyone realizes New Year resolutions are just not going to happen. Jeans don’t fit right because you haven’t reached your goal; then Valentines rolls around! Since you feel crappy already about the jeans then you are going to vent with someone which ends up eating chocolates to make yourself feel better which only results in those jeans getting tighter and the cycle continues... History teacher Tom Trotter agrees that, “These are the dog days of winter dragging on forever. But you just overcome it because its a good day when you wake up in the morning knowing you are not six feet under.” Despite this positive perspective, I find myself wishing the Mayan calendar would have ended sooner... these months ironically make me not want to write articles either, so the end.


March 23, 2012


Pro-Con Tim Tebow


carterwilliams sportseditor

Five weeks into the NFL season, the Broncos looked like the laughing stock of the AFC, and seemed to be in the “Suck for Luck Sweepstakes,” which, of course, refers to Stanford Quarterback Andrew Luck, and teams reportedly purposely taking a nose dive in order to get the first draft pick so they could have the sensational college star. The Broncos took a different approach, however. First year coach, John Fox, went with the second-year quarterback Tim Tebow who previous coach Josh McDanials drafted in the first round. This was controversial because many believed Tebow would still be there in the second or third round. However, Tebow thrived in the unorthodox offense that the Broncos ran this year, and has been a positive influence for

CON: seanearley staffreporter

people of all ages. Most people see Tebow as an attention craving pretty boy that has never proven himself, which is completely false. He is arguably the best college football player to ever play the game. He won the Heisman, the most prestigious award in all of college sports, along with a laundry list of other awards such as two BCS National Championships. His professional career is unproven still, but Tebow does look promising. His rookie season consisted of just three starts, in which he went 1-2. Tebow began this season as the backup, but in just six weeks, he jumped into the starting position after the Broncos got off to a 2-4 start, but went on a 6-game win-streak, and ended up 8-5. The Broncos lost their last three games, however. His on-field performance was good enough to lead the Broncos to their first playoff appearance since 2006. Tebow is without question the most openly religious athlete in the NFL, and in any professional sports--- He prays on

the sidelines. While his teammates and opponents are pumping up to vulgar, inhumane rap music, Tebow is jamming out to religious gospel music. He is not only a physical specimen, but also lives a life of humility and morals that many professional athletes do not hold themselves to. Even though his on-field play is not exactly ideal, he finds a way to win games. He took a team that was projected to win four games to a team that made a playoff run, and even beat a Steelers team with an incredibly high-powered defense. Many people are critical of Tim Tebow and do not agree with Tebow Mania. Concider this. Would you want someone to come up to you and say, “Wow, your kid is a great athlete, he reminds me of Tiger Woods or Lawrence Taylor.” Or would you want them to say your kid reminds them of Tim Tebow. Obviously, Tebow is the better choice because he is not a womanizing, volger, ganster that so many athletes have the image of being. Tebow is a family

Over the last NFL season, between football fans there has been much controversy concerning whether Tebow deserves the praise he has been receiving. After finishing a decent 9-7 season where several of those wins were decided in the fourth quarter or even in overtime, many fans believe that several of these wins weren’t Tebow’s doing. He did have a part in getting to these scenarios but the ultimate deciding factor wasn’t his doing. Tebow’s, only true skill is his ability to run the ball. When asked what he thought of Tebow’s ability to run the ball Nick Gregory(12) said, “Tebow makes a good running back.”In three of their final four games, Tebow couldn’t finish the drive down the field, and the Broncos had to have Matt Prator come in and kick a field goal to win. Two of those three field goals were over 50-yard field goals. If anyone deserves credit for the Bronco’s amazing wins, it should be Prater and his miraculous field goals. If Tebow isn’t that good of a football player, then why do so many people adore him? The answer to this comes mostly from his ability to entertain his watchers. Tebow has a sensationalistic appeal that entices the watcher into liking him. By getting the watcher’s adrenaline pumping with close finishes, he turns watchers into fans because they are fond of his alluring football games.Another thing that makes people love watching hims his “Tebowing” where he goes down on one knee and presses his elbow to his knee.

For some unknown reason this action of praying on Tebow’s part has sparked many people’s attention. It has become a fad now to; at random times, people go down on one knee and accredit this action, which is now referred to as “Tebowing,”Tebow’s statistics show that he isn’t very good for a NFL quarter back with only 1,729 passing yards in a season. When asked if he thought if Tebow was a good quarterback Tyler Hauska(13) said, “Tebow isn’t a very good quarterback and people are giving him credit he doesn’t deserve.” His only skill as a quarterback is his ability to run the ball, but this still doesn’t explain why people think he is such a good quarterback. Maybe people like him because he is different than other quarterbacks, being more open about his faith as a Christian. Some people have even begun to question if there isn’t some kind of divine intervention going on to aid in some of Tebow’s wins. There are many die-hard Tebow fans out there that believe as a quarterback he is just getting started. Riley Jones(14) was asked what he thought about Tebow as a person and he said, “Tebow is a hard worker and is commited to his job.” In the years to come they believe he has a bright future ahead of him where he will win many playoff games. For this to even be close to coming true Tebow would first need to work on his form, which many NFL coaches can agree is far from perfect. Along with that Tebow needs to work on his ability to work inside of the pocket on the football field even when his fans say he already does this. Whatever the truth may be, one thing that is for certain: Tim Tebow definitely can’t turn water into Gatorade.

G h NG U GL I Sc J

Stu with jobs


christopherdawkins opinioneditor

Students find that the jobs they are working at now are not ones they intended to stay with forever. Hanna Karas (13) who works at A&W said she planned on keeping her job, “Until I leave for college, hopefully out of state.” College seems to be the biggest reason for planning to leave a job as Luke Travis (12) who has worked at Heritage Market for three years said he plans on staying, “Until I graduate, then I will find something full time.”

Jobs are needed to make money, money is needed to buy food, food is needed to live--and 7.9 percent of people in Colorado can not find a job. Unemployment is not a bad deal for employers looking to hire--they get the pick of the crop. But when employers are desperate for workers they sometimes are forced to hire anyone who will work even though they may not have the skill set for the job. Luckily a solid amount of students at Eaton High school have been able to find themselves a job. After a survey of 111 sophomores, juniors, and seniors, 55 percent of them have jobs. Jobs that may not be so desirable but still pay for gas, food, entertainment, possibly a car and insurance--basically anything a high school student needs or wants. For most students, parent pays the big-bill items: mortgages, utilities, credit cards, student loans. Of that 55 percent, 48 percent of students independently pay for their car and 33 percent pay for the beloved car insurance that must come with it.   Wyatt Joseph (13), Rachel Selby (13), and Justin Pyfrom (13) have put their licenses to a better cause than just driving to school or lunch. They have found jobs that build on their life skills, such as Pyfrom who works at Eaton Grove. “It teaches me hard work and teaches me skills like installing sprinkler systems that I can take into my life,” Pyfrom said. Because he works potting trees, and installing sprinkler systems, Pyfrom said it can leave a person exhausted especially on the really

h oo Jobs at EHS

udents hout s



J o & b s l

Students with jobs

hot days. His job starts in March when the weather turns warm and he saves up all summer long until school starts in August. A job plus school work can be troublesome for an unorganized student, which means Selby, could certainly be in the running for most organized student at EHS. Selby works as a hostess and busser at Eaton Country Club and said, “Usually I’m pretty good about getting my homework done before the day I have to work, but occasionally I have so much I’m up super late.” With a little planning and organization, Selby said saving for college doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be up after midnight every night. Students will most likely describe jobs available to teens as boring and not the career of choice. But they still send money to the bank so it doesn’t really matter anyway. Joseph is a competitive team roper and bull rider so he was able to slide into a job in that field. He opens the gates to let the steers out at Rappel, a nearby arena. He makes sure the steers ready to be roped and takes the rope off the steers after the run is over. He said his job “is the most boring job on the planet [but] I only work there so I can pay my entry fees for bull riding.” Statistics prove that students with jobs often do what Joseph does--work at jobs to help them pay for other activities they like to do. Survey says--59 percent checked the “other” box saying that they pay for activities outside of school that are not necessities.

Jesus Quinois (12) has been preparing pizzas for 8 months now at Eaton Pizza. Originally only applying for the work experience, Quinois said finds that, “My favorite part is now the fun people he gets to work with. “ Many students find that their co-workers are what make their jobs enjoyable. Luke Travis (12), who has worked at Heritage Market for three years, said, “I will keep working there until I graduate, its really the people I work with that make it fun.” From top left-clockwise: Haley Morrell (13) works at The Coffee Canteen, Carrisa Sandoval (12) at Heritage Market, Shyan Martinez (12) at McDonalds, April Smallwood (12) at Journeys in the Greeley Mall, Anna Brown (12) at Justine’s Pizza, Mary Brehon (13) at Colorado Kitchen & Bath/Steve’s Grill, and Stefanie Tedesco (13) at the Eaton Rec Center .

8 redspotlight normaloya photoeditor

Top 10: Love Songs

Valentine’s Day came and went almost as quickly as the ice cream tub in my freezer did on that lonely day dedicated to not-single people. So here’s a list of love songs to mope around with. Yay… “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal: It’s one thing if a girl sings a cheesy love song, but when a guy sings one… Whew, now that is a love song. Although Seal’s appearance is remarkably different from his voice, this song is a classic. Made famous by the movie Batman Forever, Kiss From a Rose fits any romantic scenario.                           “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion: Here, there, where ever you are, whenever this song plays Leonardo DiCaprio immediately comes to mind standing beautifully as the king of the world. This song made a movie about a sinking ship ten times better and it will forever be a classic love song. Titanic is coming out this April in 3D (Yay!), so prepare to hear this song over and then cry along

March 23, 2012

with Kate Winslet when Jack Dawson drowns all over again. “Let’s Get It On” by Marvin Gaye: Soul music was illuminated by Marvin Gaye in the 70’s when “Let’s Get It On” hit the sound waves. Although it is quite obvious what the song is insinuating, that does not take a w a y from the greatness of Marvin Gaye. Even though he dealt with drug abuse problems, Gaye managed to create legendary songs such as “Sexual Healing” and “What’s Going On.” Unfortunately, Gaye was fatally shot in 1984 by his father.

“Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green: Love songs were always so much better back in the day—back when lyrics were filled with soul and meaning. Even back then Mr. Al Green was bothered by singing, “Why do people break, then turn around and make up? I just can’t see.” It’s true. Obviously if a relationship ended once for a reason, it’s going to end again. Anyway, this jam is his most popular and loved. Therefore it’s worth checking out.

“Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton: Yet another classic love song from way back in the day when it was normal— and maybe even preferred—for guys (especially musicians) to have long, flowing, curly hair. Oh yes, the magic of the ‘70s. This ballad brought so much success to Frampton that it landed him shirtless on the cover

of Rolling Stone. Who says love songs are for chumps?

“Hero” by Enrique Iglesias: In this song, the Latin stud brags about his ability to be a hero. “Hero” is the ultimate karaoke song, a n d chicks dig it. Why? Not sure. It’s not the greatest song ever, but if a guy with a six pack can make it famous then it must be amazing. “Marry You” by Bruno Mars: The man made famous by “Just the Way You Are” released this song in his debut album Doo Wops & Hooligans. “Marry You” is so catchy and cute. Not all love songs are slow and tear-jerking, some are fun and spontaneous. Bruno Mars knows how to sing to women, and this song does not disappoint. “Be Still” by The Fray: Oh, The Fray… so wonderful. In their new album Scars &

Stories, nearly every song can be interpreted into a love song! Essentially, “Be Still” is a song of reassurance, saying “Be still and know that I am here.” Not to mention “Be Still” would be the ultimate song to be serenaded to. Just picture it now—Zac Efron singing The Fray. *sigh…*

“You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt: This British lad released “You’re Beautiful” in 2005. About an old girlfriend, this hit was surprisingly addictive and another karaoke hit. Essentially, though, all the song is about is a guy continuously calling a girl beautiful— not that that’s any different from other songs.

“Best Love Song” by T-Pain: If there’s any voice made for serenading woman, it’s not T-Pain, but at least it features Chris Brown to save the day. In the summer of 2011, this song was playing on everybody’s radio. Rather than being cliché, this jam makes people want to dance. Plus the completely computerized voice of T-Pain makes it fun to sing along to.

Eaton High school anticipates the end of the world averyjones featureeditor

With the arrival of 2012, the topic of the end of the world has never been more prominent. According to the Mayan calendar, The Long Count, the world, as it is currently known, will come to an end on December 21 this year. Many people at EHS are skeptical that the world will actually end this year. Rachel Selby (13) says, “Those people that think the world is going to end are going to feel very stupid the day after.”

Alex Ruff (12), however, believes the world may end this December. Ruff says, “It’s unfortunate obviously, I mean, we’re all going to die.” Though many people hold to the claim that the Mayans predicted that the world will end this year on December 2012; however, the Mayans never declared the end of the world. The theory is that the end of an age is caused by the world drifting over a dark rift or galactic equator. At the moment when the Milky Way crosses

the galactic equator, a new era must begin. The Mayans concluded that the last time this intersection occurred was the moment of creation. It last occurred . August

Adam Schott (15) cowers under a table practicing hiding under his bed for when the end of the world comes.

11, 3114 B.C. Mayan hieroglyphs indicate the next crossing of the Milky Way with the galactic equator will occur on December 21. Whether the 21 of December marks the end of the world or simply a new era, one thing is certain: the Mayans have predicted chaos coming at the end of this year. Justin Morefield (14) says his plan for escaping the apocalypse is simply outrunning it all. Adam Schott (15) says when it comes he’ll be “Hiding under my bed!”


March 23, 2012

Student starts new enrichment ciaraabbott

Beautiful was finally approved and handed over to Griffin who then changed the name to “For Girls Only.” Griffin and the girls have already started doing projects. On Valentines Day, the “For Girls Only” enrichment sent a flower along with an inspiring note to every girl in the school.


No girl was left behind on Valentines Day when Redefining Beautiful, a new enrichment class, sent flowers to every female in the building. There is a new enrichment at Eaton that started last semester called For Girls Only; it is also known as Redefining Beautiful. The class is run by Aleena Griffin, Spanish teacher, and is made up of 16 girls. Everything started when Senior Brianna DeVore heard about a school in Texas that started a club called Redefining Beautiful. “Redefining Beautiful is a club that is dedicated to inspiring confidence in teens— helping them to realize that people really will accept them for who they are. After four years in high school, I’ve realized that it’s the simple things like a smile from a friend that get me through the day. So when I heard of a school in Texas doing something like


Female students at Eaton High School were pleasantly surprised:

Aleena Griffin holds her favorite book Ask Elizabeth.

this, I decided that our school needed something like that too,” says DeVore. When getting the enrichment started, DeVore spent the first half of the year bouncing from school councilor Marcy Sanger, athletic director Steve Longwell, principal Mark Naill, and Griffin. Redefining

“I thought it was cool that the girls did something so that every girl could have something for Valentines Day.” -Emily Augustine (13) “The flower smelled great - and made my day!” -Holly Mawson (14) “It was nice and caring!” -Marcela Hernandez (14) “I thought it was really sweet that they were including all the girls. It made my day!” -Sami Muse (14)

A couple of the girls in For Girls Only explained why they decided to buy and send the flowers and note:

“It’s so no girl feels left out, and they all know they are wanted, needed, and loved.” -Karelly Arrayo (12) “Not a lot of people get Valentines and we wanted everyone to get something special.” -Marlenne Ferman (13) “It made me feel good seeing how happy all the girls were that got one!” -Maddy Shelton (14) “It’s so good to hear that the girls in the enrichment are becoming really close with each other. That accepting atmosphere is exactly what Redefining Beautiful is about,” says DeVore. “Even though I couldn’t actually be part of the enrichment this semester, it really seems to be growing stronger and becoming more well-known in the school.”

Gear Head Muscle Cars

certified gear-head

   Speed the final frontier for a gear head. The muscle car was thought up and was put into the production in the mid 1960’s, these cars were built as competition for the more exotic cars being being made in Europe at the time. The muscle car was at the time considered a small car with a big engine in it. A usual car from the time was a boat. The usual cars were about the same size as a BMW 7series or a Rolls Royce. The cars from this time had huge V8s such as a 454 Chevy, 440 Dodge, and a 460 Ford.  Then Ford in 1964 came out with the Mustang.

In the 60’s the Mustang was a small car. But what made the Mustang tick was a high output 289 or a 302 V8. Now most people back then thought that these engines were too small, but these two motors put out as much power as the big block V8s. After 1964 the Mustang caught on with 1965 racing Mustang Shelby gt350. After having the market all to themselves Chevy came out with the Camaro. In 1966 when the Camaro came out it in the 60’s was never able to catch the momentum that the mustang had with a two year head start. The mustang sold in massive numbers and out

sold the Camaro till the mid 70’s reeking the advantage after Ford switched to the Mustang 2. The Mustang started to gain the edge back with the third generation fox body. The buying war has gone back and forth till today. But there is a missing piece of the picture. A big muscle car that did not stand the test of time: the Dodge Challenger and Charger. These two cars along with its sister cars such as the Plymouth Hemi Cuda’ and the Pontiac GTO fade away and disappeared from production in the 70’s. The original thought of the muscle car was fit the biggest engine in the smallest car

possible. Today’s muscle cars are around 3500 pounds and are pushing 650 horsepower. But what is different with today’s muscle cars is that there is a range of different shops that take your car and make it even faster. For the Mustang there is Shelby, for Camaro there is GM’s power division, the same that made the Corvette ZR1. Then for the Dodge is their SRT division. The one thing that does not change is the American demand for more speed. And for top speed the new Mustang Shelby GT500 has a top speed of 205 mph, this is on the edge of super-car territory.     


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March 23, 2012

Eaton wrestlers take home two gold medals from state carterwilliams sportseditor

Six Eaton wrestlers entered the Pepsi center Thursday February 16, with a common dream. On opening day of the state tournament Channing Lewis (11), Cole Lawson (11), Jaden Olearnick (12) Riley Jones (10), Dalton Shoop (11) and Holden Rexius (12) were all set on winning a state championship.--only Olearnick and Shoop achieved their dream. After state, Olearnick, Shoop, and Lewis will be participating in nationals at Virginia Beach over Spring Break. The state tournament ended with two state champs and one 5th place for the Reds. Eaton also placed 7th as a team with only six wrestlers. The night began with Lewis at the 106 weight class receiving a technical fall win. Lawson had a tough match at 120s, and was pinned by the second seed. Olearnick followed with a first period pin. In Jones’ first round match he was pinned by Lamar’s 195. It did not take Shoop long to pin his guy at 220s and Rexius followed suit with another pin. The second round of finals did not go as well for the Reds. Shoop and Olearnick both advanced to the semifinals, but Lewis and Rexius failed to receive victories. Shoop had the toughest match of his tournament. He was facing off against the first seed of the bracket from

Hotchkiss, but Shoop put his opponent on his back and pinned him. Lewis lost his match to Austin Shank from Olathe by a decision of 11-0. Shank went on to place 4th in the tournament. Rexius’ match was against first seed Hector Morales from Lamar. The match went into the second period tied when Rexius tried a throw that failed and ended up with him getting pinned. In the consolation bracket Lawson won his match. It was a short time before he pinned his opponent using his signature spladle move. Jones had another tough match in which he was pinned and put out of the tournament. The next round of consolations pitted Lewis against Hotchkiss. Lewis threw his opponent to his back in a headlock in the first period. However the referee did not call the pin for over 30 seconds and time expired. In the second round, Lewis was put in a cradle and eventually pinned. Later that round Rexius wrestled against Valley and won the match by pin. In the Semi-finals Shoop pinned his opponent and Olearnick won by decision, putting to Reds in the championship. Rexius had one more match to win to enter the placing rounds against Bayfield. The long match ended in a 3-2 decision in Rexius’ favor.

On Saturday the finals for Olearnick and Shoop were scheduled at 6:30. Rexius had a match first round against Olathe to get into the third place match that did not last very long. Rexius was thrown to his back and pinned in the first period. The next round Rexius was up again. He was wrestling Bennet for 5th place. In the first period, Rexius hit an armspin that put the Bennet heavy weight on his back. After 40 seconds the referee did not call a pin. The match ended in an 8-3 decision with Rexius on top. Rexius said, “People tell me what a great job it is to only wrestle for two years and place at state, but it would not have been possible without my coaches. I have three great coaches that got me here and it is all because of them and my workout partners.” Later in the day Olearnick was ready to begin his match. The match was a rematch of the regional championship which Olearnick won 9-7 in overtime. The match did not reveal any sign of being as close as it was just a week earlier. Olearnick dominated the whole match. After three takedowns and an escape Olearnick was won 7-0 to become a state champ. After being crowned a state champ, Olearnick said, “I’ve always dreamed of winning a state championship, and now it’s crazy to think I have won

state.” Olearnick has put in a lot of time in the wrestling room, having been on the team through middle and high school. When asked who was most influential in his wrestling career Olearnick said; “My dad has coached me since I was four until middle school. Since high school it has to be Roy True. He is the upper weights coach, and we have developed a great bond.” Going into his finals match Shoop knew he had beat his opponent before. Shoop beat his upcoming opponent from Gunnison at the Florence tournament in the finals. To begin the match, Shoop got the first takedown. When the second period began, Shoop hit a standing switch that hyper-extended his elbow. Shoop did not let the pain get to him and finished the match. When the match ended, Shoop had won 6-4. Shoop achieved his dream and was estatic. Shoop said, “I was really happy I won because when I started wrestling in wasn’t something I expected.” Shoop, a junior, will have another chance to win a title next year. When asked what his toughest match was Shoop said, “Finals match at state. He was the only kid in the bracket I didn’t pin. I also got hurt 2nd period plus it was state finals. I would also like to thank my work out partners for getting me here.”

Courtesy photo

Dalton Shoop (13) celebrates vicotry after being crowned a 220 pound Colorado state champion.

Photo by Norma Loya

Jaden Olearnick (12) throws move on an opponent in regionals which helped him on his way to a state medal.

Eaton boys take swimming talents to Greeley West swimmers start long-distance kendellcarlson staffreporter

Since Eaton has not sponsored a swim team since 1996, Chris Dawkins (13) and Aaron Miller (13) swim for Greeley West. These young men won their first swim meet 95 to 85. “The feeling of adrenaline is awesome when you’re about to jump off the blocks,” said Aaron Miller ( 13).  About 20 kids are on the swim team for Greeley West. Dawkins and Miller work hard in preparation for meets. Aaron

Miller (13) said, “Swimming is and go until they super strenuous.” can’t make the Their practices “The feeling time, and then range from a lot of adrenaline is the distance gets of sprinting at shorter until they awesome when shor t-distance, swimming to a slower you’re coming out are short-distance. paced long of the blocks” He looks distance workout. forward to hard -Aaron Miller Dawkins and Friday practices, Miller both agree where the coach that the long makes them do distance is harder. 20, 50 yard sprints on a minute. A few of the drills that are 50 yards is two full lengths of difficult to do are the pacers. The

a normal sized pool. Miller has done competitive swimming for eight years and Dawkins started his freshmen year. Miller has also participated in club swimming. Aaron Miller (13) said, “I think club swimming is a lot easier, because they work on your stroke more and high school swimming is trying to get your time better.” Miller and Dawkins participate in swimming hoping to qualify for state. In order to qualify for state, swimmers have to make the state cut time. Miller

swims the 100 yard, 200 yard, and 500 yard freestyle; Dawkins does 50 yard freestyle, 100 yard freestyle, and 100 yard breast. Aaron Miller (13) said, “I’m so much more tired after a meet then a practice. The adrenaline rushes quickly and will wear you out.” Swimming requires a lot of commitment with all the conditioning. All their endurance payed off in their swim meet Friday against Mountain View at the Greeley Recreation Center.

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March 23, 2012

Track and Field more than ready to challenge Eaton looks to continue Patriot League dominance this spring carterwilliams sportseditor

Eaton looks to continue its championship-ridden school year as track begins soon. With volleyball winning state, Jaden Olearnick (12) and Dalton Shoop (13) claiming state titles in wrestling, and women’s basketball clinching state runner-up, Eaton has has already proven it is more than adequate in sports this year. Track looks to add on to the already impressive resume of

champions. Mel Herl (12) won state honors in shot put last season, and is the favorite again this year. Ryliegh Haynes (14) and Mariah Brantly (12) both placed in state last season and plan to do so again this year. Austin Ekeler (13), Sean Early (13), Luke Travis (12), and Hayden Johnson (12) have high hopes for their 4x100 team that is ranked third in the preseason state standings. Holden Rexius (12) and Eric Kler (12), both throwers, placed fifth and eighth in shot put respectively last season at the state meet. Karly Jeldon (12) is a heavy favorite in the preseason poles in the pole vault. Rexius said, “I got seventh place last year, and I’m looking to improve and I think if I work

Tyson Naranjo (13) flies against the sun in pole vault practice. For the girls, senior Karlie Jelden is a favorite in the pole vault event. Eaton plans on sending several athletes to state for another shot against their last year’s performances

hard and progress the way I know I can then I feel good about my chances at winning state.” Whether all these athlete make it to state, place at state, win state, or not, Eaton’s track team is full of talent, and has numerous other athletes that are potential sleepers, and could make noise at the state meet in May.

Photo by Norma Loya

Eaton men fall in Great 8

Britten Abbott (13) drives the lane againt Kent Denver at Moby Arena in Fort Collins. The Reds finished the season with an impresive 19-7 record.

holdenrexius staffreporter

Photo by Norma Loya

Left to right: Sean Early (13), Luke Travis (12), Jacob Smyth (14), Brittany Pierce (14), and Mariah Brandly (12) come off the blocks to run a 100 meter dash. Several runners are hoping to make a repeat appearance at state.

The Eaton Reds Men’s basketball team fell short of the Kent Denver Sun Devils 47-54 in the 3A state playoffs, great 8 round on Thursday, Mar. 8. The 3 seeded Reds began the state playoffs at home against the 30 seeded Academy Wolverines. The Reds handled the Wolverines throughout the whole game, winning 64-51. Then, a day later, the Reds faced off against the 19 seeded Brush Beetdiggers; a team that upset Eaton in the regular season. The first half was back and fourth in score, but the Reds pulled away in the second half, capping off the game 54-39. After handling the first two rounds of state at home, Eaton traveled to Moby Arena in Fort Collins for the

Great 8 against Kent Denver. Eaton shot poorly in the first quarter, but somehow managed to only trail by three after the first. The second quarter was the same story, and Kent pulled in front by nine, leading 13-21at half. The Reds made a run in the fourth quarter, moving to within three with just under a minute left in the game, but could never close the gap, and the Sun Devils came away with the win, 47-54. Austin Ekeler (13) said, “We got the shots we wanted, but really couldn’t hit anything, that is all there is to it.” The Reds then entered the consolation bracket, but fell to Colorado Springs Christian 49-59. Eaton finished the season with an impressive 19-7 record, and seventh place in state.

12 redzone

March 23. 2012

Baseball looking strong

Girls bring home State runner-up Despite three strong quarters, girls fall short in fourth to Faith Christian carterwilliams sportseditor

The Eaton Women’s basketball team fell short in the state title game against the Faith Christian Eagles, 44-49. The Reds now have fallen short in the state championship for two consecutive years. The three seeded Reds began their state run with a dominant performance at home in the round of 32, beating the 30 seeded Academy Wildcats 48-28. After beating the Academy, the Reds played 14 seeded Manitou Springs, again winning by double digits, 51-36. The ladies then traveled to Moby Arena in Fort Collins to take on 6 seeded Bayfield. The Wolverines lead 10-17 after the first quarter, but the Reds finally turned it on in the second, going on a 13-0 run, and at the half, the Reds led by one. The Reds dominated the second half, outscoring Bayfield 26-11 to win again by double digits, 52-38. The final four match-up for the Reds against the 17 seeded Denver Science & Tech Stapleton was the best matchup that the Reds had seen in the playoffs to that point.

Photo by Norma Loya

Tony Aguirre (14) swings at a pitch during spring training batting practice

holdenrexius Photo by Norma Loya

Leah Cheney, with teammate Kailey Kaiser, pushes the ball up the court against Faith Christian in the Title game. Cheney fouled out with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. The girls fell to the Eagles 44-49.

The Reds trailed by as many as 8, and only lead in the game three times before the fourth quarter. Eaton outscored the Knights in the fourth quarter 22-17 to sneak away with the win 61-57. The 3A girls basketball state championship featured the faith Christian Eagles and the Eaton Reds. Poor shooting in the first quarter by both teams lead to a mere 7-6 lead for the Reds after one. the second quarter featured better shooting, and

the Reds lead 21-19 at half. Faith turned it on in the third quarter, outscoring the Reds 14-8 to take a 29-33 lead into the final quarter of the season. The Reds cut the Eagle’s lead to three with 1:29 remaining, but could never regain the lead, falling short of the state title 49-44. Leah Cheaney (13) said, “We shot alright, but we got to the foul line a lot and couldn’t hit there and that is what ultimately killed us.”

Photo by Norma Loya

Coach Todd Hernandez strategizes with his team during timeout in the first round of the playoffs at home


Eaton baseball looks to have another strong season. With Jim Danely at the head of the team and a tough group of seniors, the Reds goal is nothing short of another state championship banner to add to the already full Eaton High School Gym. The season begins Saturday March 17. Reds catcher, Tyler Batt (12) has high hopes for this season. Batt said, “We are really excited for this year. We have the talent to be contenders and I’m really looking forward to see what the season brings.” Batt is currently exploring his options in his choice of college between Colby Community College, Metro State, Regis University, and Adams State. The Reds pitching rotation is competitive with ace Brandon Koehler (12) at the helm. Also in the strong rotation is Keenan Hall (12). This rotation has the chance to lead the Reds to a state title. Koehler said, “We have a deep rotation that we can work with,

and we can utilize the rotation to work towards a championship.” With the right mind set Koehler, who will be pitching for Colby Community College next fall, will be able to achieve his goal of winning a state championship if the rotation meets it high expectations. Leading the Reds talented infield are Weston Hager (12) and Cory Dyer (12). The pair of seniors have both signed to play for Colby Community College in the fall. Hager is ready for his final season to begin. Hager said, “We plan on having a good year. I think we have a good shot at winning the title since we have a lot of experienced players.” The Reds do not want to see their season fall short of a state title again after they lost to Faith Christian twice and Holy Family once last year. The last title the team brought home was in 2009, and the Reds want to end this draught. After placing third in last years state tournament, Eaton is set on beating Faith Christian this year.

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