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Power News 3 | 2008 Eaton Power Quality Customer Newsletter

editorial Dear Reader What is Eaton® after all the acquisitions? To many of its customers, Eaton is more familiar through a variety of product lines such as Powerware®, MGE Office Protection Systems™ and Moeller®. The company continues to grow, but what is really at its core? The answer boils down to three words that also appear on Eaton’s new logo – Powering Business Worldwide. All Eaton’s operations have a link to power. We produce it, manage it, secure its supply and develop technologies to use it more effectively. And all this is done to ensure that our customers’ businesses run as smoothly, reliably and effectively as possible. Worldwide operations now have a new meaning for Eaton. Eaton’s Power Quality business is growing strongly around the world. The acquisitions of MGE Office Protection Systems and The Moeller Group have strengthened Eaton’s position in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the acquisition of Phoenixtec further improves the company’s position in Asia. Our growing network of offices and employees allows us to serve our global customers with local expertise, close to their business. Fast, global growth creates a challenge for operations and requires solid foundations. Customers have to be able to rely on Eaton’s people and business as well as on the quality of the products and services – all around the world, all the time. This is why Eaton has been a forerunner in fostering sustainable business and ethical culture for years. As a sign of this, Eaton has once again been recognised as one of “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere magazine, thanks to its environmental activities, social responsibility, and strong leadership ethics. Get ready for powerful business! Anita Putkinen Editor-in-Chief

Eaton listed as one of ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ For the second year in a row, Eaton has been listed as one of the ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’ on the Ethisphere Institute’s annual list, revealed in June. The Ethisphere Institute is a research organisation dedicated to the research, creation, and sharing of best practices in ethics, compliance, and corporate governance.

Power from working together

Integration enables Eaton’s Power Quality division to serve partners and end customers better than ever.


uring 2007 Eaton grew its power quality business significantly through acquisitions. The acquisitions of MGE Office Protections Systems, The Moeller Group and Phoenixtec show Eaton’s commitment to the power quality business and building it into serving customers all around the world. Eaton’s knowledge, product range and sales organisation are all now wider than ever. And the company plans to achieve a great deal more in the future. “These acquisitions are just a start. To get the maximum value out of these arrangements we have a lot to do. Our sales and service people have already done impressive work in familiarising themselves with the new product range. This will be followed by massive investment in business development, channel operations, personnel and resources,” says Jorma Mannerkoski, General Manager, EMEA Sales & Marketing, Power Quality Division, Eaton. Other recent acquisitions include sales and service partners such as Balmen in Madrid, Spain and PK Electronics in Brussels,

Belgium. These will allow Eaton to serve its local customers in the most effective way.

The Ethisphere Institute’s researchers and analysts review several thousand companies every year to select the 100 finalists recognised on the list. In order to compile

the list, several relevant ethical factors are reviewed, such as codes of ethics, evaluating investment in innovation and sustainable business practices, and company activities aimed at improving corporate citizenship; nominations from senior executives, industry peers, suppliers and customers are also taken into account. “Eaton is among the companies honoured this year because they have developed impressive and meaningful ethical business practices, making them true standouts within their industries,” says Alexander Brigham, executive director of the Ethisphere Institute. “They go well beyond legal minimums, opting instead to bring about innovative ideas that contribute to the public well-being.”

Like pieces of a puzzle The acquisitions of MGE Office Protection Systems, The Moeller Group and Phoenixtec Power Company, Ltd. consolidate Eaton’s position as a leading global supplier of power quality systems, electrical power distribution and control products. The four companies complement each other in production, distribution, and geographically. The Moeller Group brings to Eaton a broad portfolio of power distribution and control products that meet International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. The Moeller Group’s products are an important addition to Eaton’s Power Chain Management concept. The company’s European and Asian distribution networks and remarkable Eastern European production facilities significantly expand Eaton’s capabilities in electrical markets. The high quality of MGE Office Protection Systems single-phase UPSs propel them

to a leadership position in the IT sector and in France, Southern Europe and Africa. Together with the strong presence of the Powerware product line in Northern Europe and the UK, Eaton can now serve its partners and customers with significantly more sales and service power than before with both single- and three-phase UPSs and ePDUs. Taiwan-based Phoenixtec’s 900 engineers and five manufacturing sites significantly increase Eaton’s production capabilities and its presence in Asia. As a former Eaton subcontractor Phoenixtec is familiar with Eaton’s products and way of working, which makes it´s integration into Eaton organization smooth. Eaton is now the leading UPS producer in China. Focus on EMEA Through these acquisitions, Eaton’s Power Quality business has grown stronger in Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA). “Eaton has turned from an American

Eaton has received widespread recognition for responsible business practices since its nomination on the World’s Most Ethical Companies list in autumn 2007. Eaton has been ranked first in its industry sector for “Best Corporate Citizens” by Corporate Responsibility Officer magazine. In addition, Eaton has received the “Most Committed Multi-National Award” from Foreign Investment in China magazine as well as being honoured by China WTO Tribute magazine for achievements in sustainable products. Read more at:

Jorma Mannerkoski appointed General Manager of Eaton’s Power Quality division, EMEA

Power from working together company into a truly global one. Our slogan ´Powering Business Worldwide´ is everyday life at Eaton,” states Mannerkoski, himself a Finn. “In terms of customer value, this means that the same reliable products and services are available to power our customers’ businesses wherever they operate.” Eaton now has a presence in 31 countries across the EMEA area, with close to 1,000 professionals in its Power Quality division and a number of partners all around the EMEA region. Nearly 100 Eaton people in service demonstrate the strong focus on customer satisfaction. “The local presence, as well as our organisation being bigger and stronger than ever before, enables us to support our partners in the best possible way. We want to help them in choosing the right products for the customers in an easy and effective way. The expanded product portfolio is an excellent starting point for this,” Mannerkoski points out. The expanded product portfolio, a result of the MGE Office Protection Systems acquisition, gives Eaton the possibility to become a leading player in the IT sector. Products such as BladeUPSs and ePDUs help to strengthen the company’s position in the world of medium-size data centres. The portfolio also enables access to the large UPS market with Powerware 9395, which serves mega data centres.

Eaton’s recent acquisitions MGE Office Protection Systems de-

plier of components for commercial and residential building applications and industrial controls for industrial equipment applications. Moeller sells products primarily to customers in Western and Eastern Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Based in Bonn, Germany, The Moeller Group has 15 global production facilities, sales offices in more than 90 countries and approximately 8,700 employees.

Phoenixtec manufactures single- and three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems that are sold globally. Phoenixtec has leading positions in UPS markets, particularly in China, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe. Based in Taipei, the company has manufacturing facilities in Mainland China and Taiwan, and employs approximately 5,800 people.

The complexity of data centre projects makes it sensible to purchase a complete turnkey solution from a contractor company that coordinates all components, subcontractors and workers. This is what Edeka did, using the expertise of Alltronic, a nationally acclaimed IT construction company. Also, Edeka’s criteria for UPS selection were clear: high reliability, security in cases of power failures, and energy efficiency with low running costs. The extensive security concept implemented in the Rottendorf data centre included a central UPS system to cover cases of power failures and to filter disturbances in utility power, reserve power with UPS batteries delivering 18 minutes runtime and a diesel generator that is activated 60 seconds after power failure.

Ivory Coast Telecom, part of France Telecom, has chosen Powerware UPSs as its new power protection solution. Headquartered in Abidjan, Ivory Coast Telecom offers fixed line and internet services to millions of local customers.


A completely secure and reliable power supply is a key element in constructing a data centre. As servers become ever more efficient, the demand for solutions which limit energy and cooling costs is booming. Major German retailer chain Edeka faced these challenges when updating its data centre in Rottendorf, Germany. In co-operation with selected partners, including Eaton Power Quality, the company implemented a state-of-the-art UPS solution. The experiences were so convincing that Edeka selected the same UPS solution for its brand new data centre in Würzburg, too.

A centralised UPS solution is especially useful in data centres as it enables easy configuration and adding of new systems. Further more, a centralised solution is the most costeffective – reasons enough for Edeka to purchase a Powerware 9390 with 160 kVA performance from Eaton. Today, the trend in large-scale installations is to use UPS devices with IGBT rectifier technology without a transformer, because this solution excels with high efficiency ratio combined with low heat dissipation. Special attention should also be paid on the quality of components. That ensures reliability and prolonged lifespan. In this respect, our experiences with Eaton’s UPS devices have been very good, says Jürgen Allmis, CEO of Alltronic.

disputably showing great results. “It is excellent to be among the first to bring customers in this area the choice of premium products,” says Eaton’s SubSaharan Sales Manager Aboubacar Fofana. “We also realise that if we want customers to recognise us as a solid player in the local UPS market, we need to be extremely cautious with after-sales support, availability of spares parts, and training for customers’ local engineers to be able to maintain the units and fully benefit from them,” he continues. “Service will be a key factor for us. We do our best to meet customers’ expectations. By providing them with excellent service, we secure co-operation in the future as well,” Fofana concludes. n

Eaton’s range of single-phase UPSs widened significantly with the acquisition of MGE Office Protection Systems. To secure effective product development and successful sales, a new Distributed Power Quality Division responsible for single-phase products under both the Powerware and MGE Office Protection Systems product lines was created. Jean-Marc Emonet manages a team of professionals in product marketing, marketing communications, sales and technical support in this new business unit in EMEA.

Why was the single-phase business unit founded and what is it about? I am proud and honoured to lead this EMEA business unit. Both MGE and Powerware single-phase UPSs are of the highest quality. Founding this organisation, pooling single-phase experts in marketing, R&D,

service and supply chain, will help Eaton strengthen its presence in this market segment. At the moment, Eaton’s Distributed Power Quality Division has 1200 employees worldwide. The business unit headquarters, with 145 people, is located in Grenoble, France. From there we take care of single-phase product development, marketing, sales support and technical support in EMEA. This is the first time Eaton has set up a divisional headquarters outside the US. What makes MGE and Powerware singlephase UPS a good match? Most importantly, the match enhances the reseller channel and service organisation. Powerware and MGE Office Protection Systems have traditionally been strong in different geographic locations. Combined, we are now able to help our customers all over Europe, in both IT and electrical channels. From the sales point of view, we can now provide much better support to our resellers and end customers, because the support and serv-

Trust in the System Powerware 9390 has been developed with a particular attention to the needs of highly critical company assets. Transformerless design with High-Speed-Front-End-IGBT rectifier enables accurate control over input power factor which is taken to the value of 0.99 with 9390 design. Double-conversion topology offers the highest protection possible, eliminating all major power disturbances, such as power surges and fluctuations. The output power rated at 0.9 power factor accommodates high power factor load requirements, and makes Powerware 9390 an excellent companion for modern day servers and other data centre equipment. There is also a further benefit of using a system without a transformer: the modern IGBT rectifiers in Powerware systems minimize the total input harmonic current distortion (THD) to less than 4.5 percent, enhancing compatibility with upstream power systems, especially generators. Consequently, this minimises auxiliary generator sizing requirements and provides more power to the servers. High (94 percent) efficiency of the UPS reduces the total cost of ownership: low heat dissipation and energy loss enables Edeka to reduce energy and cooling costs. In turn, this reduces UPS component wear, making the UPS more reliable and considerably reducing the need for maintenance and spare parts. After all the problems we had with the previous UPS system, I can only express my gratitude that now, finally, we have a system that works as it should. This really gives me peace of mind, says Michael Grötschel, Edeka’s IT manager responsible for the data centres. Edeka Group is very satisfied with its UPS solution that was first implemented in the updated Rottendorf centre and a few months later in the brand new Würzburg data centre. It was all ideal for us. At the planning stage of the new data centre, we already had a complete, ready solution available that we only needed to implement again. This saved us so much time and money, says Grötschel. n

ple, all Eaton specialists in EMEA with expertise on Powerware products have also been trained to support the MGE Office Protection Systems single-phase UPSs. We have also founded a network of experts who act as an efficient link between the field and the support and development teams – this is our way to guarantee, that the customers’ needs will always be taken into account in existing and future products.

Widest range of single phase UPSs ever

Ivory Coast Eaton’s reputation also played an important role. Powerware products are approved by the French parent company and, therefore, there were no issues regarding specification. The quality of products and services were already recognised. “It is a great advantage that France Telecom already recognises Powerware products which are also ISO certified. We knew we could count on the professionalism of Eaton people and quality of the products. All these aspects make possible future deals much easier,” says Mr. Narcisse Danho of Ivory Coast Telecom. The Ivory Coast office aims to reinforce and leverage Eaton’s direct presence in the Sub-Saharan area. The efforts are in-

Quality is Always Affordable

Spotlight: Jean-Marc Emonet

Premium quality products and local presence attract new customers in

he local Eaton sales forces presented the Eaton product portfolio, highlighting the premium quality of the three-phase Powerware products. The deal showcases the previous MGE Office Protection Systems office in Ivory Coast, which is now successfully extending its offering to include Powerware products. Combination of MGE Office Protection Systems and Powerware products provide customers with real alternative solutions. Eaton’s size, professionalism and the features offered by its products convinced Ivory Coast Telecom to order nine Powerware 9390 units to protect the power supply to its mission critical telecommunication equipment.


deka Group has a staff of over 27,000, and its armada of 320 lorries delivers fresh goods to shops everyday. Co-ordination requires an advanced IT infrastructure with an outlet management system, logistics program, and much more. These tasks are divided between the company’s two data centres in Rottendorf and Würzburg. Data storage is managed with Storage-Area-Network with approximately 140 terabytes per centre. The two centres are connected by a 16km-long Dark-Fibre cable. Wanted – Just One Partner


rian Brickhouse has been appointed to the new position of Vice President, Global Sales, Service and Customer Support. Following Brian’s appointment, Jorma Mannerkoski has been appointed as General Manager of Eaton’s Power Quality division in EMEA, the role previously held by Brian. He is responsible for the sales, services and marketing of all Eaton’s power quality and distribution products and solutions in EMEA, including UPSs, ePDUs and DC systems. “My first task is to create a coherent company after the acquisitions. The systematic thinking and large investments in building a truly global business form an excellent foundation for serving our customers better,” says Mannerkoski. Having been introduced to Eaton through an acquisition four years ago, Mannerkoski is familiar with business integration. His history with uninterruptible power supply dates back to the beginning of the 90s. Mannerkoski moves to the new position from leading Powerware sales in Northern and Eastern Europe. He will report to his predecessor, Brian Brickhouse. “Jorma has done an outstanding job over the past four years leading the Nordic region including Scandinavian and Eastern European countries. He has shown great strategic skills, sales acumen, and leadership ability. As we work to complete our EMEA integrations and grow our already significant presence in EMEA, Jorma will be a great asset. I have complete confidence that Jorma will lead EMEA to great success,” says Brickhouse. n

“I have been positively surprised at how similar the business cultures of the merged companies are. All the companies have longterm goals in their operations. The focus is on product development, sustainability and putting the customer first,” Mannerkoski concludes. n

The Moeller Group is a leading sup-

One Solution

Following the significant number of acquisitions in Eaton’s Power Quality division, a management reorganisation was launched in March 2008 to leverage the company’s combined capabilities more effectively.

Global company with shared values

signs and manufactures secured power products and solutions for enterprises, small business and homes. The company brings to Eaton a complementary range of single-phase uninterruptible power systems up to 20 kVA and surge suppressors. MGE Office Protection Systems is one of the largest UPS suppliers in Europe and is expanding its presence in Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and North America. MGE Office Protection Systems is headquartered in France, and has offices in more than 40 countries and customers in more than 60 countries. The company’s operations and customer base will greatly enhance Eaton’s presence in France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Spain and North Africa.

Two Data Centres

What new products will be on offer? The new Eaton 9130, part of the Powerware Series, is the crowning achievement of our single-phase product development. It will be followed by other products that combine the best qualities of both the Powerware and MGE Office Protection Systems single-phase UPSs. In addition, we will be offering state-of-the-art monitoring software and connectivity accessories.

ice organisation is larger. We are number one in the single-phase UPS market in several northern and southern European countries as well as in Africa. How will the customers benefit? Customers will be able to easily find the perfect UPS for their needs through a number of channels. They will enjoy the best service and quality on the market. For exam-

What is happening in the market? Over the years, the single-phase UPS market has shown constant growth, almost independent of economic cycles. This growth is fuelled by the ever-increasing demand for small and medium data centres and new distributed applications. The need for UPSs and surge protectors to secure high quality power at home is also growing. With all this growth, it is of the utmost importance to find the most energy-efficient power solutions. Providing innovative products to meet these needs will be our top priority. n

New Products in Powerware Series

Eaton 9130 Powerware Series combines the best technical features to meet modern electrical and IT needs The Eaton 9130, part of the Powerware Series, is a new UPS from Eaton, designed for IT and networking equipment, medical systems and manufacturing process control. The Eaton 9130 protects connected equipment from damage or failure caused by power anomalies. “The Eaton 9130 is probably the best solution on the market because it combines all the technical features to meet the requirements of critical applications,” says Christophe Jammes, Product Manager, EMEA. The 9130 UPS protects equipment from downtime, data loss and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power. It brings superior performance with 95 percent or higher efficiency to significantly decrease energy bills and a 0.9 output power factor which provides full power capacity for

today’s demanding IT equipment. Eaton 9130 has modern, compact black rack and tower designs which enable flexible installations. With Eaton 9130 RM version, up to 3000 VA power is packed into only 2U of rack space. The 9130 UPS will be available in EMEA from October 2008. Ensuring continuous, clean power The Eaton 9130 UPS constantly monitors vital functions such as power conditions, voltage, temperature, internal components, and battery health. Online double conversion topology regulates both voltage and frequency. The output remains within three percent of the nominal voltage even in case of serious power problems. If Eaton 9130 detects a potential problem, it raises alarms or takes corrective action. If there is a disruption, it instantly transfers the power path to a bypass source without any interruption in power. When the problem is resolved, Eaton 9130 automatically reverts to normal operations. All the functions of Eaton 9130 can easily be configured and monitored in real-time on a graphical LCD display which supports five different languages. Reliable power protection Thanks to a wide input voltage range, Eaton 9130 uses batteries only when utility power is highly unstable or completely out. In such cases, Eaton 9130 transfers to battery usage without any interruption in power. Batteries keep the loads running until the system is properly shut down. The batteries utilise Advanced Battery Management (ABM®) technology.

Eaton 5130 Powerware Series

The Eaton 5130 provides efficient, reliable protection against the most common power problems in only 2U or 3U (short depth version) of rack space. Eaton 5130 is a multiform factor UPS that can be installed in a rack or on the floor as a tower unit. Load Segment Control preserves battery power for the most critical applications by dividing the UPS into virtual UPSs which can be individually scheduled. Optional External Battery Modules (EBMs) further extend UPS runtimes, and smart battery management optimises charging sequences to prolong battery life. The Eaton 5130 UPS is available now in EMEA. n

Eaton Customer Newsletter

Eaton Corporation

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Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with 2007 sales of $13 billion. Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has 81,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader in electrical control, power distribution, uninterruptible power supply and industrial automation products and services. Eaton’s global electrical brands, including Cutler-Hammer®, MGE Office Protection Systems™, Powerware®, Holec®, MEM®, Santak and Moeller®, provide customer-driven PowerChain Management® solutions to serve the power system needs of the industrial, institutional, government, utility, commercial, residential, IT, mission critical and OEM markets worldwide.

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Intelligent power management with LanSafe The Eaton 9130 UPS ensures data and system integrity with LanSafe® power management software. Intelligent alarm management capabilities make it easy to control and monitor all UPS systems and to secure the independent load segment control. The standard unit comes with RS232 and USB communication ports. Connectivity options are available for most networking environments. A BD-Slot interface option is also available. To achieve even more effectiveness, manageability and resilience in a data facility, Eaton 9130 can be extended with several options, including power distribution units. n

Eaton 9135 Powerware Series

Autumn brings new solutions for power protection

The Eaton 5130, part of the Powerware Series, is ideal for protecting essential equipment, especially in computer rooms and wiring closets. It is suitable for use in a broad range of organisations – small businesses, financial institutions and healthcare facilities – where cost-effective power protection for IT, telecommunication and electrical infrastructures is important.

Eaton EMEA Eaton Power Quality Oy Koskelontie 13, 02920 Espoo Finland Tel: +358 9 452 661 Fax: +358 9 452 66396

The 3-stage charging process optimises recharge time, eliminates overcharging and monitors battery condition continuously. The technology prolongs battery lifetime by up to 50 percent and optimises and extends battery runtime and reliability. Eaton 9130 provides up to 60 days’ notice of the end of useful battery life. As many as four external battery modules can be added to extend the UPS’s runtime up to 4 hours. Internal and external batteries can be hot-swapped while the equipment is running, ensuring continuous operation. Load segmentation divides the UPS into virtual UPSs with separate receptacle groups. Each group can be programmed with individual shutdown and start-up schedules, thus preserving battery power for the most critical equipment.

New Powerware Series UPSs provide efficient protection for applications and equipment The Eaton 9135 UPS, part of the Powerware Series, provides power protection for missioncritical applications in medium-density data centres, banking and security systems, manufacturing process control, retail point-of-sale systems and telecommunications/VoIP equipment. Powerware 9135 is a multiform factor UPS that can be installed in a rack or on the floor as a tower unit. Eaton 9135 increases power density, delivering from 5 to 6 kVA in only 3U of rack space. It continuously monitors and controls AC output under normal operating conditions and regulates both voltage and frequency. A double-conversion online design isolates connected equipment from the most common power problems, such as outages, surges, spikes and frequency variation. LanSafe power management software enables independent control of load segments. Users can manage scheduled shut-

downs and sequential start-ups of protected loads. During a power outage, the power to less essential loads can be shut down in order to extend the battery backup time for critical devices. Internal batteries in the Eaton 9135 keep loads running long enough to properly shut down systems. Up to four External Battery Modules (EBMs) can be added at any point. EBMs provide over an hour of extended runtime. Eaton 9135’s batteries and electronics can be hot-swapped and replaced at any time without interrupting UPS operation or load protection. UPS management is easy using the rotating multilingual LCD display. The display has an interface which provides detailed information and access to menu-driven functions. Eaton 9135 is equipped with native USB and RS-232 serial communication ports. The UPS can be customized with MS-Slot interface options for other types of communications. Eaton 9135 will be available in EMEA from October 2008. n

Belgium Eaton Manufacturing LP Belgium Tel: 0800 99 579

GERMANY Eaton Power Quality Gmbh Tel: +49 7841 6040

Portugal Eaton Manufacturing LP Portugal Tel. + 351 21 421 74 30

The Netherlands Eaton Manufacturing LP Netherlands Tel: 0800 877 46 36

Czech Republic Eaton Electric s.r.o. Tel: +420 234 769 500

Italy Eaton Manufacturing LP Tel: +39 02 955 42 309

RUSSIA Eaton Power Quality Tel: +7 495 787 2890

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Eaton Power Quality SAS Tel +971 4 881 1933

DENMARK Eaton Power Quality Danmark Tel: +45 3686 7910

Morocco Casablanca, Morocco Tel: +212 22 95 77 40 (LG)

SLOVAKIA Eaton Electric Solutions s.r.o. Tel: +421 2 4463 7046

FINLAND Eaton Power Quality Oy Tel: +358 9 452 661 FRANCE Eaton Power Solutions SAS Tel: +33 1 60 12 74 00

NORWAY Eaton Power Quality Norge Tel: +47 23 03 65 50 POLAND Eaton Power Quality Tel: +48 22 331 85 24

SPAIN Eaton Power Quality S.L. Tel.: +34 902 104 220 SWEDEN Eaton Power Quality AB Tel: +46 8 598 940 00

UNITED KINGDOM Eaton Power Quality Ltd. Tel: +44 1753-608 700

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Eaton Power Quality Customer Newsletter

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