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11 Things That Are KILLING Your Real Estate Online Business. Real Estate Agents ask me all the time for my advice on • • • • • • •

How they can get the internet to work for them How they can get online leads How they can boost their online profile How they can improve their website How they can better use their social media pages How they can get their blogs working for them How they can get started with real estate videos

Then the next thing they want to know is, how they can effectively put all of this together After years of designing, assessing and studying websites and online profiles – I’ve put together for you The 11 Critical Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Whether you are just starting out online or you have progressed further – You need to know the 11 Critical Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make

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11 Critical Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Online

Real Estate Agents don’t understand how their customers are searching for them online. You HAVE to be on page one of Google for certain words that your customers are using in the search engines to find you. Example - If you type your suburb into Google, for an example, lets say, Belmont Real Estate. If you’re not on page one of Google, you ARE missing out on potential leads. Please, check Google now; put your suburb and the words ‘real estate’ after it. Your goal is to be on page one. Your clients are most likely searching ‘ suburb then real estate’, or ‘real estate then suburb’. They could also be searching your name. What comes up when you put your name into Google? Have a look NOW. You’re outcome is to also to build a massive online resume. (Your online profile)

Real Estate Agents that are going ok now, don’t think they need the Internet included in their marketing strategies. They think that what they are doing now, is enough to see them into the future. They think that if things are working for them now, why change? We’re not saying to stop doing what you are doing; we ARE saying to compliment your offline strategies. You don’t need to work as hard as you used to work, as far as door knocking and phone prospecting goes. You can still do some of those things; we just want to show you easier ways.

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Thinking that you are only targeting the younger generation online. Everyone is online now. Over 50’s are the fastest growing population online. Not only are older people getting online, you also have their children researching online for them. So thinking that you are only attracting the younger ones, is mistake number 3.

Not having a targeted marketing plan online. You need to have a strategic marketing plan, targeting your target market. Your plan is to capture your leads in a funnel, then drive traffic to your website. You need a method to create a list. It’s not good enough to just have a random LinkedIn page, a random Facebook page etc. You need a strategic plan - you need to bring it all together to work for you.

Not using the Internet as your online resume. You need to substantiate that you are the best agent in the area. You need to build a massive online profile for yourself and your office.

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Make sure you outsource all this ‘internet stuff.’ Outsource your set up on social media and your website set up. WARNING - Never outsource your brand or your personality. Protect your brand and make sure you always make your own status updates (or have someone you trust with your life, do it for you).

Not having a planned marketing program. You need to have a strategic plan and a marketing plan. You can film say, 20 videos in a day, like I did for the 11 critical mistakes video or you can write one article and filter it out into 10 different blog posts. You can filter that content out over the next few months. If you chose video, you can embed your video on your blog. This way you are creating some fantastic content and you’re helping your website attract traffic. Examples of videos you can do - First home buyers video, Spring video, Christmas video, Investors video etc

Not setting up your foundations online properly. You need to have the right keywords, the right marketing funnel – you need the right page names and all the correct foundations to build on your profile.

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Real estate agents don’t follow emerging trends. Watch emerging trends! Think of how you can create the edge in your market place. Think about how you can stand out and have a massive point of difference to your competitors - Innovate not imitate. An example - Real estate agents are starting to do property videos. There are over 27 other ways to use video in your real estate business. There is a huge opportunity here for you with videos. Hardly anyone is using videos to their advantage.

Real estate agents think if they are not online, they are safe from public scrutiny. That is so far from the truth. If someone is unhappy with your company, they could write something bad about you, but you will never know about it. You must have procedures in place to notify you if anyone says anything about you online. You must be conscious regarding brand protection. There are all sorts of different ways to protect your brand online. You need to follow these steps.

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Not treating your website as your listing presentation. You need to spend time; effort and some money on making it look great. If your website looks sad and sorry, so will your company. • • • •

You need to have access to write a blog You need a website that you can modify yourself You need to be able to post videos You need to have social media

Your website is your 24 hour salesperson

Another thing to remember your website is never finished It will always be a work in progress

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11 Critical Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Online  
11 Critical Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make Online  

Lisa B. Discover the 11 critical things that are killing your real estate online business.