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ANnual Review Supported by Golf Europe

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President: Ken Schofield CBE Board of Directors: Sandy Jones - Chairman (GB & I) Jean-Etienne Lafitte - Joint Deputy Chairman (France) Donato di Ponziano - Joint Deputy Chairman (Italy) Heinz Fehring - Director (Germany) Norman Fletcher - Director (GB & I) Frank Kirsten -Director (Holland) John Little - Director (Luxembourg) Jonathan Mannie - Director (Austria) Leif Ohlsson - Director (Sweden) Mikael Sorling - Director (Sweden) Guido Tillmanns - Director (Germany)

Education Committee: Leif Ohlsson - Chairman, Sweden Filippo BarbĂŠ - Italy Tony Bennett - Portugal Nicky Lumb - GB&I Jonathan Mannie - Austria Kyle Phillpots - GB&I Jim van Heuven van Staereling - Holland Martin Westphal - Germany


Chief Executive: Ian Randell Director of Education: Tony Bennett Executive Assistant: Eve Spellar Communications & Membership Co-ordinator: Steve Hewitt Media: Dennis Shaw PGA is a trademark used under license

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2007-2008: A Year of Progress • Jan Brügelmann, President of the German Golf Association wins Golf Legend award • 8th Teaching & Coaching Conference in Malmö • Jon Bevan wins Beko Classic • Austria are International Team Champions • Brazil join as International Members • Aldila become new Corporate Partners • Graeme Baxter becomes Official Artist

By Ken Schofield CBE, President

‘It seems to me to be a genuine ‘family’ of PGAs...’ It’s my pleasure to introduce this second Annual Review, reminding us all, as it does, of another twelve months of progress by The PGAs of Europe in fostering an ever stronger sense of togetherness among what

• Richard Perthen wins Christer Lindberg Bowl • ProSport Media 5-Star professional Awards to Paul Dellanzo, Jim Farmer, Mike O’Brien and Dale Hayes • Tony Bennett appointed first Director of Education • Niki Zitny wins 1st Avea Kempinski Pro-Am • 5-Man delegation visits EU in Brussels for talks • Coming of Age publication commemorates 18 years in existence • Chief Executive attends PGA World Summit in Australia • Fredrick Mansson wins Aegean Airlines Pro-Am • PGA Champion of Champions Tournament announced • Partnership formed with European Golf & Travel Media Association.

seems to me to be a genuine ‘family’ of PGAs in Europe and beyond.

The timing coincides with my own second year in office and, during this period, my totally upbeat sentiments about the work of the association, and its important place in the wide administration of golf, have been confirmed and enhanced. In the Chief Executive’s section, Ian Randell will discuss in detail the factual events of the year under review and, of course, each key activity has a section of its own so I will restrict myself to discussing the broader picture. Earlier in the year we were all able to recall and maybe re-live the 18 years that led to the association Coming of Age in 2008 by thumbing through the celebratory publication that was produced to mark the milestone. When you consider, after digesting its contents, how European golf has spread its wings with more and more national PGAs containing an

ever-increasing flow of well-educated professionals, one can only conclude that they have been eighteen worthwhile and productive years. It goes without saying that I am thoroughly enjoying my term as President, an honour that I will always treasure. I shall continue to do my best to represent the membership as often and as appropriately as I can. This, I hereby confess, is not a difficult ‘task’ since it entails ‘duties’ that I most enjoy, namely meeting likeminded people, discussing how best to grow the game of golf, socialising with them and accepting invitations to play on some wonderful courses. If my background with the European Tour, and the contacts and knowledge acquired during that time are proving to be of value to The PGAs of Europe, as I serve in this ‘figurehead’ role, then I am delighted to be of service.



‘Now we’ve ‘Come of Age’, we must press on...’ A year ago, when taking stock of the association’s previous year’s activities for the inaugural Annual Review, I had in fact been in office for only approximately half of the period in question.

Back then I wrote of our being in a period of change. Now, 12 months on, there is considerable evidence to validate that observation As a result of the detailed information gained from our PGAs through a process of consultation that culminated with the Annual Congress, we now have a greater knowledge and awareness of each country’s individual operation than possibly ever before.

By Ian Randell, Chief Executive

They have told us of their needs, their strengths and weaknesses, their relationships with amateur bodies and government and their training programmes, and any other relevant activities. Furthermore, they have shared their views on The PGAs of Europe, the services that we provide and our direction moving forward. This mass of information about our membership is crucial to our being able to supply the kind of services they would like from us and has also proved to be an invaluable organ of communication since we all know and understand each other better as a result. Consequently our efforts at all times will continue to be to implement services around the seven categories of our strategy and the seven areas

of activity that we believe to be at the core of all PGAs... Membership, Education, External Relations, Communication, Commercial, Events and Golf Development. Speaking personally, I have spent a great deal of time on the move, having visited a large number of PGAs, attended many functions and meetings, held hours of discussion with a whole myriad of PGA officials and external bodies and addressed such gatherings as and when requested. To sum up my feelings briefly, about so many visits and so many hours of discussion and debate, in too many different countries to recall, ought to be a tall order. In reality there has emerged one particular two-word phrase that sums it all up. Very aptly it is the title of this publication and of our monthly e-newsletter... Working Together. It is an absolute truth that wherever one finds oneself discussing golf administration in any part of the world... (and, don’t forget, this has included the USA and Australia in the last 12 months)... officials truly do have a most refreshing and positive desire to exchange experiences and information and to work together for the well-being of the sport.


This in no way undermines the activities of the Education Committee under the chairmanship of Leif Ohlsson, indeed it strengthens them, since there is now a full-time dedicated specialist alongside them to support and implement their recommendations. Although I cannot say this with absolute certainty, I doubt if any sporting body in the world has a more profoundly qualified pair of education practitioners supervising this essential subject than Leif and Tony. Leif spent many years of his professional life as a leading educationalist and lecturer at the famous Boson Institute in Stockholm where Sweden’s top athletes of all disciplines, including their Olympians, prepare. Tony, a PGA Master Professional, has one of the best CVs in Europe with regard to his qualification and, just like Leif, adds to those credentials, a burning desire to use them in pursuance of excellence for golf and golfers, both professional and amateur. In such safe hands our education philosophy spreads its influence through our members’ efforts but also to those emerging countries who seek advice and support and who, in due course, will officially join our growing list of countries whose education programmes are recognised. Nowhere was this more evident than in Malmo last October when the continent’s most significant Teaching & Coaching Conference was so successfully hosted and staged by the PGA of Sweden followed the continent’s most significant Trade show in Munich earlier that same week. Similarly, consultant/tutors continue to travel to faraway places worldwide under the banner of the Golf Development Programme, financed by The R&A and manned by The PGAs of Europe while the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, backed by its seven-figure fund, carries on the good work in financing grass roots schemes. To enhance our capacity on the teaching and training front, a new

category of Education Partner has been introduced, comprising the suppliers of various kinds of coaching aids and services, as endorsed by ourselves. The first of these was Break 30, now an Approved Putting Partner, while Swingzone is our Video Coaching Partner. Early in the year Aldila joined us as The PGAs of Europe’s Official Golf Shaft and Graeme Baxter became our Official Artist. These companies join our growing list of Corporate Partners without whose support we would not be able to make the progress highlighted throughout this review. Another addition to our activities has been the inaugural PGAs Champions Trophy of Europe, initiated by the PGA of Italy and hosted and sponsored at Lignano GC by Turismo Friuli Venezia Giulia to promote their lovely coastal region as a golfing destination. With its exciting ‘champion of champions’ format, the 54-hole, €72,000 stroke-play tournament, offers a place to the national champion, or order of merit leader, from each of The PGAs of Europe’s Full Member countries, a glittering incentive that has never been on offer before. The Tournament schedule proved its beneficial nature in the latest International Team Championship at Roda last December when, each day, the scoreboard featured countries among the leaders who had not previously enjoyed such an exalted position, and with Austria winning the title for the first time. Here again, the spread of education was evident, and the improvement in the playing quality of many previously unsung PGAs in the ITC was a delight to behold. We continued to endorse the Beko Classic Pro-Am in Turkey and the Aegean Airlines Pro-Am on the Greek island of Crete, while adding the Avea Kempinski Pro-Am at Antalya-Belek, Turkey, as a new date in our diary. A key element to all of these activities is Communications, and here also, we like to think that we are moving forward. The frontal appearance of our monthly e-newsletter, ’Working Together’, has been re-designed, along with a slight modernisation of the logo, to fall into line with our corporate identity.

This is also reflected in the upgrading of our website, which now has more pages along with the capacity to be gradually upgraded in terms of the experience it offers to its visitors. As we moved into 2008, the opportunity to record the 18-year milestone of so much sound work and progress thus far seemed too important to miss and for the purpose of placing everyone’s contribution on permanent record we produced the Coming of Age publication that was so well received by all. Also, as another means of extending our communications network we have formed a partnership with European Golf & Travel Media Association (EGTMA) a body with a self-explanatory title and populated by journalists with the means to publicise our affairs across the continent. Among the benefits of this are the existence of a media pool of contacts in many of our member countries and a new central point of distribution that will help with the obvious language difficulty that can occur. As part of this link, The PGAs of Europe will endorse and support the Media Masters tournament to be staged at Roda, coinciding with our International Team Championship, Annual Congress and Annual Awards Dinner. This tournament was inaugurated by ourselves at Atalaya Park, Marbella, Spain several years ago and planted the seeds of this blossoming relationship with the European Golf and Travel Media Association. We also have a contra-deal link with Eat Golf!, the superbly presented magazine whose editor and co-publisher, Nick Senior, designs this publication and Coming of Age on our behalf. Now we’ve passed that milestone, we must press on to ensure that the future is as productive as the past.


Obviously it came as a surprise to no-one that education proved to be the most crucial subject for every member and, to this end, we put into effect a major development in the appointment of Tony Bennett as our first Director of Education.



The 8th Teaching & Coaching Conference, Malmö

Keeping it Simple with the Experts In Sweden Since The PGAs of Europe staged its inaugural Teaching & Coaching Conference in Milan, Italy, in 1990, it has been hosted by various member countries, the innovative quality of the mass teach-in for PGA professionals has never wavered. of repetition, the organisers opted for a theme of ‘Aiming to Simplify’ and thereby concentrating more on the mind game, and preparation, always emphasising the mental approach.

It has been a journey not only geographically but also educationally, through the annual advances in knowledge and expertise of teaching techniques, with these travels being navigated by some of the world’s leading specialists in their wide-ranging subjects. From Italy to Switzerland, from France to Spain and from Germany to Sweden, the baton has been passed on, as though in some intellectual relay race... and always the winners have been those who have attended to listen, learn, debate and then go home and pass on the message to the golfing public.

It was, perhaps, the first TCC of the series to avoid speakers tackling the swing, with all of the fundamentals and pitfalls therein, to remind us that it all begins in the mind though there were also talks on Equipment by Tom Wishon and by Dr Alan Hocknell, Callaway’s chief designer. Also Dr Greg Rose and Dave Phillips of the Titleist Performance Institute spoke on The Five Most Important Body-Swing Connections. Some 600 PGA professionals attended the three-day conference and, throughout the period, many gems of wisdom were delivered in thought-provoking presentations that covered the mental approach from A to Z and back again.

When the next stop became Malmö no one would have disputed that Sweden was an ideal venue, a nation that had become a modern-day exponent of teaching golf with expertise and discipline. They, surely, would host the 8th version with Scandinavian efficiency. And so they did. Recognising that there could be a danger of an overdose of swing technicalities and, maybe a modicum

Jamil Qureshi (How the Mind Works in Golf) “How you see yourselves can be the most restricting factor. You beat yourselves up. You talk about what’s bad about yourselves... and yet you’re fantastic golfers. Your students will always look up to you because of your qualities.”

Here are some random extracts: Chuck Hogan: (How to be a successful Golf Instructor) “The worst thing that can happen to a player on a golf course is... nothing. It’s OK to miss the ball. It’s no problem to play a bad shot. It’s a game. People don’t ring each other and say ‘let’s go work some golf... ’ they say ‘let’s go play some golf... “Tell me one good thing that’s going to happen by getting mad on a golf course. No one has ever given me an answer to that question. “The secret of golf’ is ‘Only get emotional with your good shots..’.”

Helen Alfredsson, (What Good Coaching has Meant to Me) The self-confessed “oddball of every tournament I played in... ” spoke for those golfing individuals who are ‘different’, like herself. Those who do not necessarily comply with all the rules and regulations that coaches can set them, but who become winners in their own way. “I’ve hardly ever turned up on time. I never book a hotel in advance. I’ve always questioned everything. I’ve been thrown out of two airports for arguing. “I think coaches need to let young players, in particular, be who they are. Find out what they want to do, ask them how they feel they can improve their game, and help them to do it. “As Solheim Cup captain I wasn’t going to tell Annika (Sorenstam) that I thought she’d prepared wrongly. She knows best about herself. ” Birmingham to Stage TCC in 2009 At the close of the TCC it was announced that the 9th staging of this important educational event would be hosted by the PGA of GB&I at Birmingham’s vast 1,400-seater International Convention Centre on October 22-24, 2009. For further information see website:


Pursuit of Excellence Goes Onwards & Upwards The appointment of Tony Bennett as the first, full-time Director of Education, in January 2008, was the latest upward step on the Education ‘ladder that never ends’. A PGA Master Professional and with one of European golf’s most comprehensive CVs, he changed his places on the board, and on the Education Committee, into a salaried staff appointment in order to concentrate entirely on the association’s No.1 priority. With the importance of education programmes to the 37 member countries growing annually, an increase in Further and Advanced education, and more and more under-developed nations seeking support in establishing training programmes, the need for a full-time appointment became paramount. Tony Bennett was the ideal candidate.

Just as education is ‘a ladder that never ends’ it is also a subject that never stops getting wider. In addition to the requirements of member countries, the category includes liaison with The R&A in sending out consultants/coaches under the global Golf Development programme. So, as education continues to evolve, and with new legislation taking its effect, a PGAs of Europe Heads of Training Summit (HTS), is being staged in Lisbon, Portugal, on October 29-30, 2008. Appropriate personnel from all member PGAs are invited to send representatives for the two-day conference that will be packed with relevant information on this most crucial of topics for PGA professionals. As Tony Bennett explained: “The introduction of coach licensing, national recognition, transfer of qualifications and freedom of movement are all important subjects to be debated.

“The HTS will be an opportunity to discover best practice and to learn from each other. Keynote speakers on a variety of relevant subjects will address the summit, there will be an opportunity to debate and take part in smaller break-out group sessions, when overarching topics will be considered from a regional perspective. “Findings of the summit will be considered and will help to guide future PGAs of Europe education policies,” he added.

When Break 30 became an Approved Putting Partner of The PGAs of Europe mid-way through 2008 the agreement inaugurated a new strand to the association’s policy of working together with commercial enterprises.

Break 30 and then Swing Zone were the first such companies to be officially recognised and approved by The PGAs of Europe. The title ‘Break 30’ is based on a philosophy of taking fewer than 30 putts per 18-hole round of golf. The system comprises a certified putting

instruction course that enables the PGA Professional to provide structured learning programmes for their clients using the world’s leading analysis, neuroscience and training technologies. Swing Zone is the first business to provide an integrated and completely web-based coaching system that will enable golf pros around the world to coach any golfer, wherever they may live. This online facility, with flexible deployment options, will be instrumental in developing and extending the use of multi-media devices such as PCs, mobile phones and MP4 players in golf coaching.

The system also provides golf pros with further income generating opportunities with a unique corporate golf day package and coaching revenue from Swing Zone website and event customers.


A Look into the Future with Break 30 & Swing Zone

Such is the growth in the marketplace of teaching and coaching aids and services that the ‘Corporate Partner’ collection, with its array of leading names from the industry of golf, has been extended to include a new category of ‘Education Partners’, created to recognise the most innovative of them.


Heads of Training Summit Planned



How Royal Birkdale will help the World Game As the tributes and rave reviews rained in about the 137th Open Championship, one fact of worldwide significance was obscured beneath the euphoria: this was the incalculable amount of good that surplus revenue from the magnificent Royal Birkdale event will do for golf in under-developed nations.

To the total of some 25 countries named in this publication last year - a global cross-section of countries ranging from Botswana to Venezuela – has now been increased to 28 by the addition of Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras and Slovakia.

As has been the case for many years now, it is this income stream that funds the Golf Development Programme, a joint initiative under which The PGAs of Europe can send consultant-tutors to those regions across the continents where a golf federation or union has asked for support.

Among the countries who hope to benefit from this on-going programme are the Middle-east hot spots of Israel and Jordan, where pursuing a golfing culture in such a highlycharged political atmosphere, cannot have been easy, to put it mildly.

The high-calibre of consultant tutors who travel to these countries to examine, explore, discuss, coach and then report back with a recommended way forward, was exemplified by these latest three visits. Tony Bennett: The PGAs of Europe Director of Education went to Trinidad, PGAs of Europe director John Little to Bangladesh, Ian Peek to Honduras and Gary Alliss, the reigning PGA Cup Captain, to Slovakia.


Increasing the Pan-European Network of News With the ever-increasing scope of Internet Technology, and the new horizons it opens up, the process of keeping members informed of all that’s going on has been stepped up accordingly. The monthly e-newsletter, Working Together, is a significant success with the opportunity it offers for the free exchange of knowledge and information along with the reporting of events. September 2008 marked the arrival of the 24th issue of the four page, full-colour newsletter which remains open each month for all members to submit material that they wish to see published. During this period the work of sixteen member PGAs has been

Joe Maes

randomly covered in some detail in the popular Progress Report feature. Also, while this issue is the second Annual Review, recording the latest 12-months of activities in the seven specific categories of operation, the 16-page Coming of Age record of the Association’s first 18 years was produced to commemorate this important milestone. The general upgrading of communications policy has included the re-design of the website in order to give it a more modern appearance and to provide extra pages for additional subjects to be covered. More recently, in an innovative move to improve and increase coverage of members’ activities, a partnership has been created with the European Golf & Travel Media Association.

This link brings together 37 PGAs with a collective individual membership of some 15,000 PGA professionals and a pan-European media pool of approximately a hundred golf and travel journalists, from many different European countries, thereby creating an unprecedented publicity and promotional network. Among the difficulties of spreading the word about The PGAs of Europe’s work across the entire continent has been making the relevant media contacts in each country while also overcoming the problem of nonEnglish language publications. The partnership with EGTMA potentially goes a long way towards overcoming these challenges, as the phrase ‘Let’s Communicate’ becomes increasingly an integral part of the overall strategy.



Ryder Cup European Development Trust

Growing Number of Countries Benefit from Trust Fund Grants Grass root programmes for juniors, the disabled, and other worthy causes, have been approved in six different countries for support under the Ryder Cup European Development Trust, with several more schemes currently under consideration.

During the year under review the committee of the Trust Fund has discussed a growing number of applications and the members have been gratified to receive highly favourable reports on programmes already in progress. As a direct outcome of The PGAs of Europe’s status as 20% stakeholders in The Ryder Cup, sources in Germany, Ireland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and UK have been joined by others in Italy and Poland in making successful applications for funding. The total sum raised for this purpose reached €2.2M. From this, the Italian Golf Federation is to receive aid in providing the country’s first public course for teaching golf in Torino, Poland benefit from financial help in training its own golf tutors and the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) will put a scheme into place to improve golf coaching for golfers with disabilities. These schemes have been added to a list consisting of programmes

to aid disabled children in Germany, Junior golf in Ireland, similar work in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and disadvantaged children in the UK. While some applications are not considered suitable, many, from such countries as Russia, France and Cyprus, remain under discussion. As an example of the invaluable work being carried out, Miroslav Holub, general secretary of the Czech Golf Federation, reports that the number of Junior Training Centres funded by a Trust Fund grant has risen from 10 in 2006 to 16 in 2007. This means that more than 800 Czech children are now involved ‘with the number growing month by month’. The CGF organises regional tournament among the centres and these are being increased this year. The Czech scheme is being supervised by the Keith Williams, a PGAs of Europe 5-Star Professional and coach of the Czech National squad, who has 30 PGA professionals teaching the children.

“The JTC programme gives players a clear route to progress toward the national squad,” said Miroslav Holub. “There is no question that they greatly benefit from the sound fundamentals that they acquire. We are more than grateful for the support we have received.” Bulgaria report that their Junior Golf Development Programme now has nine schools in Sofia taking part along with others around the country as the sport continues to grow and flourish there. Ireland, whose spectacular Ryder Cup at the K Club contributed significantly to the total fund, have given a comprehensive report of the immense benefits of the grants they are receiving. This includes the setting up of 135 coaching centres in 30 counties across Ireland along with too many other advances to list here.


It was way back in 1993 that The PGAs of Europe and Messe Munchen became aware of each other, of the vast potential that each had to offer the other, and decided to form a partnership that would lead to the launch of the Golf Europe trade exhibition.

Now, in 2008, with the 16th annual staging of this monumental shop window for the European golf industry, the full realisation of the extent of that visionary decision becomes ever more clear.

As a result, and virtually year by year, the stature of Golf Europe has grown from strength to strength and has long since been universally recognised as the biggest golf trade show in the world outside of Orlando.

On one side of the partnership, one of the world’s great show grounds offering seemingly unlimited space, state-ofthe art facilities and an administrative team of Germanic efficiency and limitless patience and goodwill...

This year, perhaps, like several others since 1993, the challenge for Golf Europe is a significant one in view of the downturn in the global economy. Necessary cutbacks are in place both for exhibitors and for buyers alike and the need for prudence has not been greater for many years.

On the other side... a fledgling but inspirational association of European PGAs that had not only the desire to grow in influence, and numbers, but also the potential and the means to do so.

And yet... when times are tough many strategists take the view that this is the time to be more active than ever in the market place, to be selective

Germany’s Mr Golf was 2007 Golf Legend A man who has dedicated much of his life to the development of golf in Germany was honoured, in his absence through illness, with the 2007 Golf Europe Legend Award.



Year 16: ‘If times are tough, be active in the market place...’

and diligent in wholesale and retail matters, to get out there and be sure to offer the best that’s available. So, this year as always, those exhibitors and buyers will be out in force in those huge, comfortably air-conditioned Messe Munchen halls to prepare for 2009 with the latest goods and services that the forward-looking industry can offer.

Marion Thannhauser, representing Jan Brügelmann, President of the German Golf Association (DGV) was presented with the handsome statuette at a VIP dinner to mark the occasion. He was its fifth recipient in joining an elite group, comprising Peter Alliss, Sir Michael Bonallack, Fanny Sunesson and Ken Schofield. Herr Brügelmann is a former mayor of Cologne who has enjoyed a distinguished political career, having been awarded the The Great Cross of Germany in 1993. The award was introduced in 2003, as a joint-initiative between Golf Europe, The PGAs of Europe and the European Golf Industry Association. Its purpose is to recognise those special individuals whose efforts had inspired new generations to take up the sport, who had encouraged only favourable publicity and had thereby contributed to the success of the industry.

Pictured left to right: Sandy Jones (Chairman, The PGAs of Europe), Marion Thannhauser, Manfred Wutzlhofer (CEO, Messe Munchen) and Heinz Fehring (Director, The PGAs of Europe)

Another true legend will be honoured this year.



Expert Speakers in Seminar Programme An impressive selection of some of Europe’s leading specialists will provide a comprehensive seminar programme.

Product Award Scheme Continues The Golf Europe Product Award scheme, inaugurated last year, is to continue in 2008 due to its popularity in the industry. Pictured left to right: Harald H.J. Heil, Andreas Oswald, Jerry Kilby, Paul Dellanzo, Nick Middleton

Business, and how to operate in a thoroughly modern manner, is the main theme for the presentations, though there is also a speaker on the game’s most essential skill of all... unravelling the mysteries of putting, using the most up-to-date techniques. The Presentations will include: How to Get the Top Jobs? : Harald H.J. Heil & Andreas Oswald Future Trends and Opportunities in Golf Management: Jerry Kilby The Pathway to Success: Paul Dellanzo. Putting instruction: Nick Middleton Harald Heil and Andreas Oswald of the Greenwell Gleeson Company are experts in placing high level executives and top management into permanent or temporary positions. With their knowledge they will provide the audience with strategies to get the top jobs. Jerry Kilby is the Chief Executive of the Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) He is also a former Marketing Manager of the PGA of GB&I and collected experience managing various operations including being the General Manager of Nad Al Sheba Club in Dubai. He has been involved in sports

event and venue management as well as sports sponsorship negotiations in events such as the Ryder Cup. Equipped with this knowledge he will outline his views on golf management trends in the future. Paul Dellanzo is proud to be both - a PGA Golf professional and someone who has made the transition to and providing leadership in the field of professional golf management in Europe. Troon Golf is the largest single employer of Golf Professionals and Course Managers worldwide. Paul’s experience extends from running his own golf academies to giving about 20.000 golf lessons coaching players from beginners to winners. Last year he received a PGAs of Europe 5 Star Professional Award and his experience certainly allows him some considerable insight into the skill sets required by employers and he is a strong believer that PGA Professionals are ideally placed to take advantage of existing and new opportunities in the industry. Nick Middleton is the inventor of the Zen Oracle putting training system which is widely used by Tour Players and Coaches and the Break 30 Putting Education Programme. He termed “Zenjineering”, the mission sets out a holistic approach to Mind, Body & Motion and comprises an elite golf science support services.

An elite jury of professionals, including our chief executive, Ian Randell, will select their choice of the most innovative products to be honoured in six categories: Clubs, Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Caddies and Training Tools. Selection criteria includes functional aspects as well as design, level of innovation, and user friendliness. Entry is open exclusively to products scheduled for introduction to the market in 2009. The high-calibre panel will consist of independent industry and retail experts, along with leading representatives of the media. “Due to the very positive response to last year’s GOLF EUROPE Product Awards we decided to continue to recognise companies whose efforts drive golf onward and set new standards affecting the entire industry,” explained Armin Wittmann, the Golf Europe Project Manager. “In addition, the Product Awards offer the winners an excellent opportunity for highly visible exposure to retail sources and to stay a step ahead of the competition.”

2007 Winners Equipment: Yonex Nanospeed 1 Driver Accessories: H20 Bag by Sun Mountain. Clothing (Style): 2008 Collection by Girls Golf Europe Clothing (Functional): Solheim Cup Pitch Rain Jacket by abacus Footwear: Reelfit by Acushnet Special Prize: Tricad Early Bird Trolley by TiTec Golf.



PGAs of Europe International Team Championship

Austria’s First Win Soups Up the ITC Challenge

When St Andrews-born Scot Gordon Manson sank a 12 foot putt at

Leading Scores

the second hole of a sudden death play-off, in fading light at Roda

-25 AUSTRIA (Florian Ruprecht, Gordon Manson, Claude Grenier)

Golf and Beach Resort, it finally put paid to perennial challengers Wales and earned Austria their first ever success in the event. Austria’s success saw the emergence of a talented young newcomer to the tournament in Florian Ruprecht and confirmed the growing awareness that the ITC is no longer virtually an annual joy ride for either Spain or the British teams. Throughout an enthralling tournament new names appeared among the leaders, including Holland, Italy, UAE, Poland, and others... a most healthy sign for the competitive nature of the ITC and a reward for the education programmes put in place by the various PGAs. After Austria and Wales had ended a four-round tussle for supremacy on twenty-five under par, trading birdies and body blows in seemingly never-ending fashion, Wales sent out Andrew Barnett in a head-to-head shoot-out with Manson. The 486 metre par five eighteenth, with its yawning water hazard in front of a

sloping, undulating green is no place for taking chances, so it was down to third-shot target golf with a wedge.

WALES (James Lee, Peter Evans, Andrew Barnett) * Austria won sudden-death play-off at second extra hole - 13 ITALY (Mauro Bianco, Fernando Pasqualucci, Mario Tadini)

After regulation pars at the first attempt, Manson sent his approach to sinkable distance with the Welshman facing an impossible-looking task much farther out... and sure enough it was all over when he failed with his lengthy putt.

-11 GERMANY (Mark Stevenson, Paul Archbold , Simon Brown)

It meant, also, a well-earned reward for Austrian ‘veteran’ Claude Grenier, who has twice been a runner-up with Austria in previous years.

ENGLAND (Michael Nesbit, James Whatley, Danny Taylor)

Florian Ruprecht, Austria’s lowest scorer in the tournament and an exciting young discovery, commented: “I’ve been through the education system under Jonathan Mannie... and I’m a teaching professional, not a player”. So, would his brilliant form in this event change his career path. “I’m not sure yet,” he smiled.

- 10 IRELAND (Brendan McGovern, Robert Giles, Leslie Walker) -9 SOUTH AFRICA (William Guy, Morne Botha, Paul Marks)

-8 FINLAND (Harri Murtonen, Jyry Peltomaki, Sakari Aho) POLAND (Martyn Proctor, Mike O’Brien, Peter Bronson) , SWITZERLAND (David Clarke, Carl Robinson, Giles Hickman)

Supported by Calidona & Glenmuir

Avea Kempinski Pro-Am

Niki Zitny Continues Austrian Upsurge Former European Tour player, Niki Zitny, added to Austria’s success in The PGAs of Europe International Team Championship, by winning this 54 hole inaugural event thanks to his opening two rounds at Antalya-Belek. Although he struggled to match his earlier form of 70-68, six under par, his two-over-par 74 still gave him a one-stroke margin over the Australian Jason Evans (70) and

Beko Classic winner, Jon Bevan (72). Zitny had to survive a scary final hole when, in trying to play safe on the long par four, he dumped his second shot into water for an

uncharacteristic bogey five. This could have opened the way for either Evans or Bevan but both had also suffered their lapses to keep them out of contention at that crucial final hole.


Bevan Upstages Woosie and OutPutts Edwards

It began with Ian Woosnam taking centre stage as the former World No.1 chose the tournament to start his preparation to play on the Seniors Tour... but it ended with the lesser-known John Bevan accepting the trophy and the cheque.

The PGA Cup player, who subsequently qualified for The Open Championship for the third successive year and celebrated his debut in PGAs of Europe events with a play-off victory over twice-aprevious winner, Simon Edwards on the Sultan Course at Antalya-Belek. Woosnam was playing his first competitive game since being laid low for a lengthy period with chronic fatigue syndrome and though, he repeatedly revealed his shot-making class, he was too short of practice to challenge over the three rounds.

In the England versus Wales shoot-out it was Bevan who sank a seven foot putt at the second extra hole moments after Edwards had missed by barely an inch from only a foot further out. The 54-hole tournament was marked by some superlative golf as the leaders finished on fourteen under par after Bevan had narrowed an overnight gap with a five under par 66. Third place went to last year’s winner, Liam Bond, who finished on eleven-under par with a closing round of 67 while Paul Simpson was fourth alongside another past winner Erol Simsek on seven under.

Aegean Airlines Pro-Am

“I’ll promote golf in Crete...” vows Winner Mansson The third annual, staging of the 36-hole Greek island Pro-Am, contested by 44 teams from twelve countries, produced a giant winner in the shape of the six feet six inches tall, Fredrick Mansson. Thus it proved again that Swedish professionals, like their counterparts from around Europe, have penciled in the event on their annual schedule as a great chance to compete for the € 62,000 prize fund now on offer annually in this event.

Crete as a golfing destination for Scandinavian amateurs. The event itself was superbly organised and the hosts were amazing. I’m really looking forward to coming back next year. In the meantime, I wish Greece the best of luck as a golfing destination.”

In return sponsors Aegean Airlines are receiving their pay back in terms of the favourable publicity being generated with PGA professionals as their ambassadors. ““It was just phenomenal, once again, to have the great pleasure to play on a most challenging course,” said Mansson.

Mansson’s emphatic victory by six clear strokes over the rest of the professional field echoed the achievement of his countryman Henrik Engdahl a year earlier in the only event in Greece that is endorsed by The PGAs of Europe.

“I will, for sure, promote the event to my fellow professionals in Scandinavia. I will also promote

The 34-year-old giant from the Orebro Golf Club, harnessed his massive dimensions to leave the rest of the field trailing with a brilliant five-under-par total of 137.


Beko Classic International Pro-Am



‘The first meeting in Brussels of a golf organisation’ An increasingly crucial issue for golf at all levels is the forging of sound relationships with the EU in order to ensure that the sport benefits from a well-informed decision-making process whenever relevant legislation is put into place.

Delegates at the 2007 Annual Congress were given a broad outline of where The PGAs of Europe stands in this regard by the association’s consultant on this subject, Steve Pope, who explained that it was important to ‘stay ahead of the game’ as the constitution for the proposed new European Reform Treaty is put into place. “Once EU policies regarding sport in general and golf in particular become law, on a whole range of essential activities, it will offer the sport ‘both opportunities and threats’, ” he said He also explained to delegates how a working group had been set up to drive matters forward in time for a face-to-face meeting in Brussels on January10-11, 2008. The ‘working group’ comprising directors Donato di Ponziano, Frank Kirsten and Norman Fletcher, along with chief executive Ian Randell and Steve Pope met first with the West Midlands Brussels Office which offers ‘hot-desk facilities, exhibition space and meeting and reception rooms for 200 people.’ In his subsequent report of the two day visit, Steve Pope points out; ‘Given The PGAs of Europe’s Belfry

link to the region, the Office could be useful for future Brussels actions. The second day consisted of a meeting with the European Commission Sports Unit in the Directorategeneral Education and Culture. In his opening comments, Michal Krejza, the Head of Sports Unit said that this was ‘the first meeting in Brussels of the Commission’s Sports Unit with a golf organisation.’ There followed in-depth discussions on a whole agenda of issues that relate to The PGAs of Europe’s priority activities. These covered education and qualification, health, the economic impact of sport, the protection of minors, ‘sharing our values with other parts of the world’, and environmental factors. As a result of the meeting a range of possible future initiatives were listed for discussion and possible implementation, including an input to future EU’s European Sports Forum and the possibility of application to various funds. While in Brussels a meeting was also held with UEFA, at which their ‘long-standing, active role in Brussels’ on behalf of football, was outlined.

During a year of progress on the question of relationships with other organisations, Ian Randell was among delegates from ten of the world’s largest PGAs at a World Summit in Australia where the principle of a global golfing alliance was debated. Europe are also represented in this group of worldwide PGAs by Great Britain and Ireland, Germany and Sweden, who all took part in the Sydney conference at the end of April. It was the third world summit following those in the USA in 2004 and The Belfry in 2006. “There was a fantastic spirit of cooperation and collaboration to be felt throughout,” said Ian Randell at the end of the summit. “We are working towards a formal global alliance of PGAs that will protect and promote the PGA brand and PGA Professional. “It was most rewarding to experience the openness and mutual respect that existed during the conference and to confirm that The PGAs of Europe will play an important role as the Alliance progresses insofar as it replicates our philosophies on a global level.”



Members Have their Say in Future Strategies An important segment of the 18th Annual Congress provided an interactive environment to discuss wide-ranging areas of PGA business and acting as the third stage of the comprehensive membership consultation carried out in the preceding months.

Delegates were encouraged to enter into full and frank debate concerning strategies and services being put in place as a result of the written Membership Survey questionnaires sent out to all of the PGAs during the year and share information and experience on core activities within PGA business. As an outcome, this part of the Congress was, effectively, a workshop at which everyone present had the opportunity to contribute to the strategies to be put in place to meet whatever challenges the future might bring. Day 1 covered Education and Development while Day 2 followed up with Communication, Political and a general round up of topics prior to a third day when the subject was ‘Golf Tourism – a blueprint for success in emerging golf destinations.’ This section featured presentations by Jose Anselmo Luengo Perez (General Manager, Ministry of Tourism, Murcia), Jose Jover (President of the Murcia Golf Federation), Mathieu Hoeberigs (Principal Administrator of the European Commission’s Tourism Unit), Luis Gabarda (ex-president of the Association of Golf Courses in Costa Blanca), Bruno Dureux (President of the Murica Golf Association) and Jo Maes (Chairman of the European Golf & Travel Media Association). As a result of the four days of informative presentations - punctuated by the traditional President’s Challenge golf day, staged at nearby La Serena - a full and wide-ranging report was completed by Steve Pope, The PGAs of Europe’s EU consultant.

Full details of that report are too extensive to re-produce here, but the tone on tourism was set by The PGAs of Europe chairman, Sandy Jones, who opened the session by pointing out that European golf tourism is a €1.8 billion industry that fills eleven million hotel beds per year. Jose Anselmo promised that his office ‘will promote golf every day’ while Jose Jover said that it was ‘a matter of pride to us that The PGAs of Europe has chosen this region for its headquarters in Spain.’. In an impressive array of facts and figures to emphasise the extent of golf tourism, Luis Gabarda pointed out that there are 62 million golfers worldwide, half of whom are in the United States, 4.5 million in Europe and 317, 543 affiliated golfers in Spain. That figure for Spain is certain to continue to grow, with Murcia enjoying its share, hence the co-ordinated efforts of all concerned to learn from the past experience of others, and to get it right. Golf Tourism is now an integral part of regional economic development strategies in many countries. A significant number of elements come into play for those emerging golf destinations wishing to set off on the right foot, factors that have to be carefully considered by planners as part of an overall tourist strategy, including: * Climate * Location * Availability of flights * Quality and quantity of hotels * Number and proximity of golf courses * Culture * Price * Promotion and Communications * Events and Tournaments * Ambassadors such as high profile Professionals.

On the communications question, Jo Maes emphasised that for publicising golf destinations, independent reviews by journalists are a far more cost-effective means of promotion than advertising. In a comprehensive and detailed outline of how best to attract media publicity he advised:”Get to know relevant journalists and establish personal relationships for future reference.”

Brazil Join as International Members During the week of the Congress, AGM and Awards night, membership of The PGAs of Europe was extended to 37 when the PGA of Brazil , represented by their president, Paulo Rocha, were accepted into the International section.

...and Now for 2008 ! Plans for the 2008 Annual Congress are well advanced, based around a theme of the benefits that golf offers to the community, and society at large. These include healthy exercise and competition, comradeship, and the general sense of well-being that it creates by means of the positive use of leisure time and the impact a golf culture can bring to local economies and environmental issues. A full agenda of speakers and topics will be announced well in advance of the Congress.



ProSport Media 5-star Professionals

Four Winners Honoured for Service ‘Beyond Call of Duty’ Four outstanding PGA professionals, each with a vastly different CV to the other three, were honoured at the Annual Dinner and Awards evening that followed the International Team Championship in Murcia, Spain. The awards, sponsored by ProSport Media, publishers of ‘The PGA Professional’ magazine, recognise the 5 Star Professionals for ‘career performance beyond the call of duty’.

Dale Hayes, the South African who still holds the record as the youngest-ever winner of a European Tour championship, was winner in the International Category, while Jim Farmer, Paul Dellanzo and Mike O’Brien were selected from the Full Member countries. Ian Randell, The PGAs of Europe chief executive, who announced the four winners and read out their citations, from which there are extracts below, emphasised how the scheme illustrated the wide and varied opportunities available to the modern PGA professional.

Pictured left: Jim Farmer Pictured Right: (from left to right) Roger Murphy (ProSport Media), Paul Dellanzo, Graham Beardwell (ProSport Media)

JIM FARMER Honorary Professional, Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews “As an individual player... an international team player... a winning international Team Captain... a national coach… an administrator… and, since 2006, Professional to the world’s most famous golf club... “As a young player, dating back nearly 30 years, he won prestigious titles on what became known as Scotland’s Tartan Tour before becoming the PGA Club Professional Champion in 1983. “He represented GB&I in the PGA Cup four times as a player, and was on the winning side twice. This eventually led to his being captain of the team in 2005 when GB&I scored a most memorable victory over the Americans.

“For eleven years, between 1975 and 1986, he was Scotland’s National Coach while, on the purely administrative side, he has been chairman of the Scottish Regional Committee, a member of the PGA executive committee and, for eight years, on the PGA Board.” PAUL DELLANZO Vice-president, European Operations, Troon Golf “Before he qualified as a PGA professional in 1979 in Canada he served as a police officer in Liverpool, Bermuda and Toronto. After that his golfing career virtually went into orbit, and has remained there. “He opened and managed some of the world’s great private clubs and resorts as Director of Golf at Whistler Resort, Canada, Head

Professional at East Sussex National, Golf Consultant at Dubai Creek and from there he went to Loch Lomond and on to the role of General Manager at Doha Golf Club Qatar. “Most recently he was General Manager for Starwood Hotels and Resorts at Pevero Sardinia where he introduced The PGAs of Europe Championship. Because of his executive skills he was recruited by Troon Golf where he has built up the European Portfolio from one course four years ago to the 25 courses for which he is responsible today. “They include such successful clubs as Turnberry, The Grove, Vilamoura along with courses under development such as Monte Rei, (Portugal), Castiglon Del Bosco, (Italy) and Navarino Resort in Greece.”



From left to right: Roger Murphy (ProSport Media), Mike O’Brien, Graham Beardwell (ProSport Media)

MIKE O’BRIEN Head of Education, PGA of Poland “He arrived in Poland 10 years ago as a young professional to help develop the sport in a very young golfing country. As a player he enjoyed considerable success until last year when, unfortunately, he was forced to abandon his playing career for health reasons. Although very British he has mastered the Polish language and, what is more important, he understands the Polish mentality extremely well. “Four years ago it was decided that we had to change the system of golf education by putting it under the guidance of the Education Committee of The PGA of Europe. This year they have completed the first three-year course and are proud to present Fully Qualified PGA Professionals... ’Made in Poland’.“

From left to right: Roger Murphy (ProSport Media), Dale Hayes, Graham Beardwell (ProSport Media)

“He has done a great job…all in his own spare time and free of charge ...the PGA of Poland would not be where it is today without his support and hard work. ”

International Members DALE HAYES ‘The Peter Alliss of South Africa’ “Here we have a winner for whom the term ‘Five-Star’ is actually an understatement. Were there a Ten-Star Award he would win one of those too. “In 1971 he won the Spanish Open at the age of 18 and thus became the youngest-ever winner on the European Tour. Thirty-six years later the PGA of South Africa made him their first recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

“The years between have been simply a case of one outstanding service or another being performed on behalf of golf and golfers…far too many, indeed, to list in detail here. Tournament Player... Club Professional... Golf Magazine Publisher... Events Manager... Raconteur... Golf Journalist... Golf Commentator... TV presenter... Golf Course Designer... Dale Hayes’ contribution to the game is beyond question.” Past winners of 5-Star Professional Awards include Bernard Gallacher, Pia Nilsson, Dave Thomas, Mickey Walker, John Jacobs, Ove Sellberg, Seve Ballesteros, Bernhard Langer and many more distinguished PGA professionals operating in a variety of fields and regions.

Richard Perthen Wins Christer Lindberg Bowl Richard Perthen, the former PGAs of Europe director, was presented with the Christer Lindberg Bowl for his services to golf in Denmark and Europe, by chairman Sandy Jones at the Annual Awards Dinner. He succeeded Valderrama owner Jaime Ortiz-Patiño who won the cut-glass bowl trophy the previous year and joins an elite list of golfing luminaries who have won the honour that was introduced in memory of the association’s first president and chairman, the late Christer Lindberg.



GOLF EUROPE MUNCHEN: Golf Trade Exhibition Europe’s NO.1 Golf Trade Exhibition, currently enjoying the 16th Year in a Partnership that has flourished and grown with every year to record levels in terms of both numbers of exhibitors and of trade visitors. (see pages 8-9)

Tel.: +49 89 949 20172 E-mail: Website:

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CALIDONA: Supporters of the Annual Congress and host of The PGAs of Europe Training Academy Escape to the place you’ve always dreamed of... your own fabulous home in the sun, surrounded by beautiful gardens and lakes – a golf course just a pitching wedge away, and all the comforts you could want at hand. With CALIDONA this dream is a lot closer than you think. Using our knowledge of the region and our experience in new trends on the housing market, we have developed two stunning residential complexes (Roda Golf & Beach Resort and Corvera Golf & Country Club) where you can find the home you’ve always wanted. You can choose a townhouse, apartment or villa all designed around a lush, rolling golf course (exclusively created by Europe’s top course designers). It’s the kind of lifestyle that’s easy to adapt to. Your new home from home is situated in one of Southern Spain’s most vibrant areas, with a broad range of services and activities on your doorstep, to ensure you the comfort and quality of life you deserve.

GOLFSMITH EUROPE: Official Golf Club Component Supplier The leading wholesale supplier of golf components and workshop equipment, used for repairs and custom club making by PGA professionals all over Europe. The widest range of shafts, grips and club heads to be found anywhere, is always in stock, to provide the greatest range of options available on the market. The Golfsmith Europe brochure is readily obtainable and prompt service is guaranteed. Golfsmith Europe are NO.1 in the world for custom options being part of Golfsmith International whose R&D team drive forward their technology and custom development. Facilities in St. Ives, Cambridgeshire are fully equipped for custom fitting and has a host of custom fitting accessories to ensure the best customisation. Golfsmith are also Europe’s leaders in providing club making classes and seminars both at their UK headquarters and in travelling abroad to conferences and seminars to provide specialist training.

SNAKE EYES: Official Golf Club The Snake Eyes Custom collection includes the ideal club solution for every category of golfer of either gender. Quality options range from Finest Forged irons and metals with cutting edge technology to putters of ‘remarkable stability and feel’. Be it the elite player on a professional tour, the high-handicap beginner, or standard of player in between, there is an ideal club, or set of clubs to be found in the Snake Eyes Custom range. Their link to Golfsmith Europe, and the subsequent immediate availability of the very best of Custom Fitting and Shaft PUREing services, allied to the most experienced technicians, means that Snake Eyes Custom have a unique capacity to supply hand built clubs assembled at their head office in Cambridgeshire that meet the highest demands of modern technology and futuristic design.

GOLF PRIDE: Official Golf Grip Eaton Corporation, manufacturers of Golf Pride® grips, the world’s No. 1 grip enjoy an allencompassing lead in their specialist market. For more than five decades, they have been the leading supplier of golf grips to the manufacturing industry as well as being the number one choice for grip replacement. Year on year the company’s grips are consistently the Number 1 choice amongst Tour players, club pros and amateurs worldwide. They are valued and valuable Partners of The PGAs of Europe having taken out their fourth three-year arrangement at the beginning of 2007 that will complete a 12 year association. In 2008 Golf Pride introduced some exciting and fresh new colour additions to two of their most popular models. Based on popularity and success stemming from its introduction in 2007, the DD2 is now available in Lime Green, Sky Blue, Red and Yellow colour options as well as an undersized model and ribbed version. Seen on the PGA TOUR, the DD2 is a technically advanced grip that combines a firm core for stability with a soft exterior for comfort and control. The New Decade™ MultiCompound is the hottest swing grip in golf and is now available in two new colours; sky blue and yellow. The grip fuses high-performance rubber, providing comfort and responsiveness for the lower hand, with the moisture management and traction properties of cord for the upper hand.

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ALDILA: Official Golf Shaft Founded in 1972 as a manufacturer of carbon fibre golf shafts, Aldila is now widely recognised as the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of high performance graphite shafts. They are used in the assembly and marketing of golf clubs by leading brands throughout the world, by component distributors and custom club makers, and are a No.1 shaft among consumers on the leading global tours. Winners of tournaments, amateurs and professionals of both genders have Aldila shafts in their bag.

CHERVO SPORTS: Official Golf Clothing Dynamic fashion clothes for on and off the course, full of Italian flair and style and featuring the most up-to- date and attractive of materials. The ever-expanding Italian company described itself as ‘an emotional brand’ with passion for its choice of products ‘that means class, glam, richness with an iconic and sexy touch.’ Chervo are taking golf fashion into the broader market place while ensuring that any strict dress codes of the sport can be met. Even the younger set, previously afraid that wearing golfing attire might wreck their ‘street’ image will find plenty to satisfy their taste in the range. Along with such descriptions as ‘exclusiveness’, ‘chic’, ‘unique’ and ‘innovation’, Chervo bring the parlance of the world’s catwalks to the golfing circuit. They thereby offer the opportunity to dress the same for strolling down the fairways as for promenading at one of the ‘in’ places of the smart set.

NIZA CARS: Car Hire on the Costa del Sol With their fleet of 3,000 vehicles, made up of 15 models from some of the most popular makers in Europe, renewed every six to eight months, Niza have become market leaders along the busy and popular Andalucia coast. Their modern, fully-equipped and well-staffed new site adjacent to Malaga Airport has been a welcoming sight for visitors to PGAs of Europe events over a period of many years. PGA professionals and their families are afforded special discounted rates. As a company, Niza are exceptionally good friends of golf, injecting significant amounts into the sport by way of sponsorship, including the increasingly popular Niza Cars Pro-Am Series, enjoyed at various courses in the region by professional golfers and celebrities, along with amateur players, many of them valued Niza clients.

PRESTIGE COLLECTION A collection of the world’s most exclusive golf resort and spa destinations, which represent the ultimate in quality, comfort and ambience. It provides an invaluable source of information for the discerning golfer and offers a more informed choice when planning golf breaks or vacations. For those with a hectic lifestyle constantly committed to the conduct of business Prestige Collection offers exclusive benefits only available to a select few.

BAXTER PRINTS: Official Artist Artist Graeme Baxter’s incomparable prints of iconic golfing scenes hang in famous clubhouses as far afield as the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield, Scotland and Augusta National, home of the US Masters. Graeme Baxter is one of the world’s most highly acclaimed artists of golfing landscapes. His work is admired and prized internationally for its superb quality, depth of feeling and knowledge of the subject and is increasingly in demand for commercial as well as private and charitable purposes.


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SRIXON: Official Golf Ball Srixon is a worldwide brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. (SRI), a golf equipment company with a 70-year winning tradition in golf ball manufacturing. The brand is used by more than 70 professional golfers worldwide, including Jim Furyk, Henrik Stenson, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Tim Clark, Robert Allenby, Tom Lehman, Alex Cejka, Fuzzy Zoeller, Karrie Webb and Laura Davies. Srixon is the fastest-growing golf ball in the UK and Europe, and thereby one of the largest producers of golf balls in the world. They are the No. 1 patent holder of golf ball technology in the world and have won over 75 PGA Tour Titles since 1989, including 7 majors. The name SRIXON comes from three sources: *SRI Sumitomo Rubber Industries *X Unlimited, Dreams for the Future *ON Going onwards.



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BREAK 30: Approved Putting Partner Break 30 comprises a certified putting instruction course that enables the PGA Professional to provide structured learning programmes for their clients using the world’s leading analysis, neuroscience and training technologies. The Break 30 philosophy is that with the help of this unique programme students can achieve the aim of taking fewer than 30 putts in an 18-hole round. Break 30 combines Science & Motion Putt Lab ultrasonic analysis technology with Eclipse Eye Tracking and Zen Oracle direct feedback training to create the ultimate custom fit and putting performance toolbox.

SWING ZONE: Official Video Coaching Partner Swing Zone is the first business to provide an integrated and completely web-based coaching system that enables golf pros around the world to coach any golfer, anywhere. This online facility, with flexible deployment options, is developing and extending the use of multimedia devices such as PCs, mobile phones and MP4 players in golf coaching. The Swing Zone’s functionality will enable the delivery of a completely personalised lesson to local or remote golf pupils, supported by hints and tips from either the pro’s own stock of videos or from the Swing Zone library of video content and drills, available in several languages.

International Team Championship Supported by Glenmuir Glenmuir ‘AT THE HEART OF THE GAME OF GOLF’. Since 1981 Glenmuir has established from its Lanark home in the Clyde Valley, a position as one of the most prestigious and successful golf and leisurewear brands. Synonymous with quality... from Europe’s Ryder Cup elite to club members around the world, Glenmuir clothes golfers at all levels. The company’s passion for quality is as strong today as it was more than a century ago. Their readiness to ‘put something back into golf’ by means of sponsorship at many levels keeps them closely in touch with golfers and golfing authorities, with their support of the International Team Championship just one example.

BEKO Classic International Pro-Am Beko’s mission is to satisfy the full spectrum of consumer needs and expectations in the electrical appliance market. This passion for excellence won them the 1997 Turkish Quality Award, the 1998 &1999 Turkish Technology Award and helped it become a 1998 European Quality Awards Finalists. To build on its already impressive levels of quality and technology, Beko puts top priority on large-scale, on-going investments in plants, manufacturing equipment, Research & Development and, most important of all, experienced, professional staff. The Beko Classic International Pro-Am completed a 10-year run at Kemer G&CC, Istanbul, Turkey and moved to Antalya for 2007 with invitations having been sent to some world-renowned players.

AEGEAN AIRLINES International Pro-Am A name synonymous with beautiful journeys, since high quality services are offered to all passengers making every flight a unique travel experience. The safety, comfort, convenience and high quality of the services provided are the most important concern for Aegean Airlines. The high standards applied every day in all aspects of company’s operations constitute their acknowledged Quality and Reliability. The establishment of new technological standards, the ongoing enhancement of services offered and the ceaseless development of both flight coverage and human resources will always ensure Aegean Airlines role as an Innovator. Their International Pro-Am has completed its third successful year with 44 teams taking part as a shop window for golf in Greece and its islands.

Avia Kempinski International Pro-am Avea is Turkey’s fastest growing mobile communications company, with a customer base of some eleven million, a figure that represents 17% of the total market and offers innovative services tailored for the usage of both individual and corporate customers. Kempinski ‘The Dome’ is a luxurious hotel located adjacent to the beach and with a mountainous backdrop at Antalya-Belek, with two fine golf courses, The Sultan and The Pasha, an ideal golfing destination where the Beko Classic has also been staged.

PALAZZO ARZAGA Teaching and Learning Centre: PGAs of Europe Approved Palazzo Arzaga is situated between the Alps and Lake Garda, providing a stunning backdrop and a unique mild climate, which allows golf to be played throughout the year. The first 18 holes, Arzaga I, were designed by Jack Nicklaus, while the 9-hole course, Arzaga II, was designed by Gary Player. Arzaga’s Golf Academy is the first Teaching & Learning Centre of The PGAs of Europe in Italy. Embedded into the hilly landscape near to Lake Garda, the Arzaga golf courses have been planned in different ways with the attempt to satisfy the beginner as well as the professional player.


PGA: Austria Office Contact: Monika Gross Address: Hilmgasse 12/1 A - 8010 Graz, Austria

Tel.: +43 316 890 503 Fax: +43 316 890 50315 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1980 Total Membership: 341 No. of Players: 100,266 No. of Facilities: 152

PGA: Belgium Office Contact: Bernard de Bruyckere Address: Jozef Mertenstraat 46 B - 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium

Tel.: +32 2463 1963 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1988 Total Membership: 161 No. of Players: 48,351 No. of Facilities: 78

PGA: Bulgaria Office Contact: Pascal Simard Address: Oboriste Street 19 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel.: +359 2 943 0610 Fax: +359 2 943 0610 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 2005 Total Membership: 9 No. of Players: 200 No. of Facilities: 6

PGA: Croatia Office Contact: Nikola Smoljenovic Address: Fancevljec Prilaz, 16 10010 Zagreb, Croatia

Tel.: +385 1 667 3308 Fax: +385 1 660 6798 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1996 Total Membership: 13 No. of Players: 550 No. of Facilities: 2

PGA: Czech Republic Office Contact: Petr Nitra Address: Villa Golfista, Amerika 782/1C, 353 01 Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 354 623071 Fax: +420 354 621357 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1990 Total Membership: 131 No. of Players: 29,133 No. of Facilities: 69

PGA: Denmark Office Contact: Joan Ejlertsen Address: Graensevej 1b 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Tel.: +45 98 662235 Fax: +45 98 662236 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1972 Total Membership: 324 No. of Players: 140,507 No. of Facilities: 160

PGA: Finland Office Contact: Teemu Laakso Address: Radiokatu 20 00093 SLU, Finland

Tel.: +358 9 3481 2377 Fax: +358 9 3481 2378 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1985 Total Membership: 200 No. of Players: 128,000 No. of Facilities: 130

PGA: France Office Contact: Yves Bechu Address: National Golf Club 2, Avenue du Golf, 78 280 Guyancourt, France

Tel.: +33 1 3452 0846 Fax: +33 1 3452 0548 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1926 Total Membership: 1,303 No. of Players: 387,067 No. of Facilities: 700

PGA: England Office Contact: David Wright Address: Centenary House, The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 9PT, UK

Tel.: +44 (0) 1675 470333 Fax: +44 (0) 1675 477888 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1901 Total Membership: 5,793 No. of Players: 872,665 No. of Facilities: 1,960

PGA: Ireland Office Contact: Michael McCumiskey Address: Dundalk Golf Club Blackrock, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

Tel.: +353 429 321193 / 321197 Fax: +353 429 321899 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1901 Total Membership: 508 No. of Players: 287,000 No. of Facilities: 409

PGA: Scotland Office Contact: Gordon Dewar Address: King’s Lodge, Gleneagles Auchterarder, Perthshire, PH3 1NE, Scotland

Tel.: +44 (0) 1764 661840 Fax: +44 (0) 1764 661841 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1901 Total Membership: 671 No. of Players: 257,132 No. of Facilities: 579

PGA: Wales Office Contact: Gareth Lewis Address: GUW Offices, Catsash Road, Newport, NP18 1JQ, Wales

Tel.: +44 (0) 1633 436048 Fax: +44 (0) 1633 430843 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1992 Total Membership: 217 No. of Players: 64,012 No. of Facilities: 158


Member Directory



PGA: Germany Office Contact: Felix Lechner Address: Arnulfstr. 295 D - 80639 Munchen, Germany

Tel.: +49 8917 95880 Fax: +49 8917 958829 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1927 Total Membership: 1,639 No. of Players: 552,388 No. of Facilities: 754

PGA: Greece Office Contact: Vassilis Anastassiou Address: 9 Harilaou Trikoupi str. GR - 166 75 Glyfada, Athens, Greece

Tel.: +30 22410 52798 Fax: +30 22410 52798 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1989 Total Membership: 87 No. of Players: 1,339 No. of Facilities: 6

PGA: Holland Office Contact: Frank Kirsten Address: Huis Ter Heideweg 56 3705 LZ Zeist, Holland

Tel.: +31 30 228 7018 Fax: +31 30 225 0261 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1924 Total Membership: 625 No. of Players: 300,000 No. of Facilities: 165

PGA: Hungary Office Contact: Aron Makszin Address: Diosd, Pacsirta u. 3, Hungary

Tel.: +36 23 545440 Fax: +36 70 4545663 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 2002 Total Membership: 27 No. of Players: 2,140 No. of Facilities: 8

PGA: Iceland Office Contact: Arnar Mรกr ร“lafsson Address: Engjavegur 6 104 Reykjavik, Iceland

Tel.: +354 514 4050 Fax: +354 514 4051 E-mail: Website: n/a

Formed: 1987 Total Membership: 44 No. of Players: 15,865 No. of Facilities: 61

PGA: Italy Office Contact: Laura Rendina Address: Via Marangoni 3 20124 Milano, Italy

Tel.: +39 02 670 5670 Fax: +39 02 669 3600 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1962 Total Membership: 526 No. of Players: 84,153 No. of Facilities: 252

PGA: Luxembourg Office Contact: Leslie Cain Address: Golf Club Grand Ducal, No. 1 Route de Treves, L- 2633 Senningerberg, Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 348 394 Fax: +352 348 394 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1992 Total Membership: 7 No. of Players: 3,912 No. of Facilities: 6

PGA: Malta Office Contact: William Beck Address: Royal Malta Golf Club Aldo Moro Street, Marsa LQA 06, Malta

Tel.: +356 212 23704 Fax: +356 212 39302 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1997 Total Membership: 2 No. of Players: 620 No. of Facilities: 1

PGA: Norway Office Contact: Peter Sรถder Address: Pbox 226 2402 Elverum, Norway

Tel.: +47 993 44000 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website:

Formed: 2003 Total Membership: 143 No. of Players: 119,165 No. of Facilities: 154

PGA: Poland Office Contact: Marek Podstolski Address: ul. Kwiatowa PL - 81638 Gdynia, Poland

Tel.: +48 58 624 7813 Fax: +48 58 624 4309 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1995 Total Membership: 25 No. of Players: 15,000 No. of Facilities: 39

PGA: Portugal Office Contact: David Moura Address: Av. Das Tulipas, Nยบ6 - Edif. Miraflores, 17ยบ, Miraflores 1495-161 Alges, Portugal

Tel.: +351 214 123780 Fax: +351 214 107972 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1995 Total Membership: 139 No. of Players: 13,835 No. of Facilities: 77

PGA: Russia Office Contact: Nikolay Remizov Address: Khamovnichesky val. 12 119270 Moscow, Russia

Tel.: +7 495 988 8132 Fax: +7 499 242 7467 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1997 Total Membership: 24 No. of Players: 15,000 No. of Facilities: 13

PGA: Slovakia Office Contact: Martin Forro Address: Orenburska Str. 66 82106 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Tel.: +42 1903 256316 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website:

Formed: 2000 Total Membership: 13 No. of Players: 3,016 No. of Facilities: 6

Tel.: +386 4 148 7280 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1992 Total Membership: 28 No. of Players: 7,309 No. of Facilities: 8

PGA: Spain Office Contact: Javier Roura Address: c/Capitan Haya 22 - 5 C 28020 Madrid, Spain

Tel.: +34 91 555 1393 Fax: +34 91 597 0170 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1972 Total Membership: 1,077 No. of Players: 320,120 No. of Facilities: 375

PGA: Sweden Office Contact: Anna Svantesson Address: Malmovagen 647-36 S - 230 40 Bara, Sweden

Tel.: +46 353 2030 Fax: +46 353 2025 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1932 Total Membership: 1,069 No. of Players: 539,637 No. of Facilities: 442

PGA: Switzerland Office Contact: Andre Glauser Address: Murtenstrasse 5A PO Box 107, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 31 748 0312 Fax: +41 31 748 0313 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1942 Total Membership: 320 No. of Players: 50,578 No. of Facilities: 93

PGA: Turkey Office Contact: Andrew McNabola Address: Doktorlar Sitesi, A7 Blok Daire 6, Nato Yolu, Bosna Bulvari, Cengelkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

Tel.: +90 533 773 3019 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website: n/a

Formed: 1997 Total Membership: 26 No. of Players: 5,050 No. of Facilities: 13

PGA: Brazil Office Contact: Claci Schneider Rua Francisco de Paula Brito, 317 - Planalto Paulista, Sau Paulo - SP, Cep: 04071 - 050, Brazil

Tel.: +55 11 2276 0745 Fax: +55 11 2276 0789 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1970 Total Membership: 234 No. of Players: 25,000 No. of Facilities: 107

PGA: India Office Contact: P.K. Bhattacharyya 109-A, 1513, Guman Puri Complex (1st Floor) Kotla Mubarak Pur, New Delhi - 110003, India

Tel.: +91 11 3250 5456 Fax: +91 11 2461 6331 E-mail: Website: n/a

Formed: 1988 Total Membership: 95 No. of Players: No. of Facilities: 250

PGA: Israel Office Contact: Basil Katz Address: Simtat Hahoma 3/4 Raanana, Israel

Tel.: +972 4 6636 1172 Fax: +972 4 6636 1173 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1985 Total Membership: 16 No. of Players: 1,300 No. of Facilities: 2

PGA: Jamaica Office Contact: Orville Marshall Address: 9 Park Avenue Kingston 5, Jamaica

Tel.: +1 876 881 4444 Fax: n/a E-mail: Website: n/a

Formed: 1994 Total Membership: 38 No. of Players: 750 No. of Facilities: 11

PGA: Mexico Office Contact: Dylan Ross Address: Nadadores 30, Col. Country Club, Mexico DF, CP 04210, Mexico

Tel.: +52 55 5544 6644 Fax: +52 55 5689 4254 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 2003 Total Membership: 83 No. of Players: No. of Facilities:

PGA: South Africa Office Contact: Anne du Toit Address: PO Box 949 Bedfordview, 2008, South Africa

Tel.: +27 11 485 1370 Fax: +27 11 640 4372 E-mail: Website:

Formed: 1925 Total Membership: 644 No. of Players: 160,000 No. of Facilities: 450

PGA: UAE Office Contact: Julian Danby Address: Nad Al Sheba Golf PO Box 52872, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 4 336 3666 Fax: +971 4 336 1624 E-mail: Website: n/a

Formed: 1996 Total Membership: 51 No. of Players: 6,000 No. of Facilities: 16




PGA: Slovenia Office Contact: Metka Jamar Address: Dunajska, Cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Professional Golfers’ Associations of Europe Limited Centenary House, The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B76 9PT, England Telephone: +44 (0) 1675 477899 - Fax: +44 (0) 1675 477890 E-mail: - Web:

Mission Statement Working Together with our member PGAs to: 1. Membership •

Provide advice, information and support to National PGAs in the areas of development, education, communications and political recognition

Provide services and benefits to PGA Professionals in the areas of education, employment and commercial opportunities

2. Education •

Unify and improve standards of education and qualification to increase quality and provide the ability for PGA Professionals to work across the continent irrespective of their country of qualification

3. External Relations •

Build mutually beneficial relationships with other pan-European organisations, international PGAs and the European Union

4. Communication •

Promote the PGA brand and the work of member PGAs and their PGA Professionals

Operate as a respected voice for European Golf providing information and opportunities to both Professional and Amateur golfers across Europe

5. Commercial •

Seek and maintain commercial partnerships that will benefit the development of the Association

6. Events •

Provide relevant playing opportunities and other events for PGA Professionals

7. Golf Development •

Provide funding, expertise, programs and guidance for the development of golf across the globe

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