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Eatery Pulse expands multimedia news Washington, D.C. (December 12, 2019) Eatery

Pulse Media, a primary source of restaurants news and custom media and business consultancy, expands its multi-media information services with an exponential expansion of its visual restaurant news platform. The Washington, D.C.-based publisher is expanding its video-based news service and also Eatery Pulse Streem, adding 30 more “streems” over the winter and spring seasons. Eatery Pulse Streem is news delivered in about three (3) minutes to the nation’s top restaurant industry owners, operators and executives. “We’re excited to expand our recurring information services for the benefit of restaurant executives, owners and professionals nationwide,” said Rick Zambrano, Eatery Pulse Media editor. “Providing restaurant news in easy-to-digest formats, saving restaurant leaders and professionals was the driving force behind Eatery Pulse Streem,”

Expanding visual restaurant news platform Over this winter and spring, the Eatery Pulse Network, a collection of multimedia-based digital magazines and information services, will multiply its content threefold and become accessible on any device. Restaurant owners and executives already consider Eatery Pulse a vital tool to stay informed of important restaurant industry news and trends. Now, the network will become a regular source of important restaurant news in multiple formats: video, digital, audio and online. The publisher will add: Restaurant C-Suite Visual Restaurant News Magazine. Eatery Pulse’s restaurant news video platform will produce first-hand reporting and discussion in UHD video format. This quarterly video (news show) magazine will cover important topics released in the digital version, combined with analysis and discussion. The original, digital version will continue to be accessible as part of the Eatery Pulse Plus collection via subscription. Eatery Pulse adds EPN Portfolio. Through the monthly subscription service, restaurateurs can get caught up on national restaurant news in 15 minutes or less each month. As a comprehensive source of news briefs for an entire month, Portfolio becomes yet another vital tool that restaurant owners, operators and executives can access. Eatery Pulse Streem will connect restaurant owners, executives and professionals to restaurant news on more devices during Winter 2020 and an additional news platform. Eatery Pulse News, Eatery Pulse

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Streem (videos and social news), Restaurant C-Suite Magazine and EPN Portfolio are all part of the everexpanding Eatery Pulse Network.

Saving top restaurant industry professionals time and money to stay current, informed “Eatery Pulse News will be the restaurant industry news site that restaurant executives and owners will be checking frequently,” noted Zambrano. “By combining amplifying our multimedia news platform and adding user-generated content, we diversify and improve our news and analysis. We welcome experts, executives and owners to tap into our platform.” Eatery Pulse Streem feeds news to restaurateurs wherever they are, providing news updates online on social media and Apple News, and in digital, (soonto-arrive) audio and video formats. To subscribe navigate to To view restaurant news updates, click over to or watch videos on social media.

About Eatery Pulse Media Based in the Washington, D.C. market, Eatery Pulse Media is a primary source of national restaurant industry news and content, providing information services, consulting and a creative custom-content studio for business. As a multi-brand trade publisher, it delivers news content in multiple formats, including video broadcast. Eatery Pulse empowers foodservice professionals, business owners, and foodies to further engage and celebrate food and drink topics, as well as to profit and benefit from a growing food scene. RESTAURANT C-SUITE 9