Restaurant C-Suite Magazine | Spring 2021

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RANCH WATER MAKING A SPLASH AS SUMMER APPROACHES Ranch Water is a trend that bars, restaurants and grocers should be watching, according to trendtracking firm WGSN. The traditional drink and refreshing cocktail of tequila, lime juice and Topo Chico is being emulated, and sometimes reinvented as the hard seltzer category evolves. In the ready-to-drink category, convenience is at the forefront, and beverage producers are diving into creativity. Low sugar, low calories and low carbs make Ranch Water ideal as consumers seek lower-than-tequila ABVs with the same sour and zesty profile, notes WGSN. Especially for spring and summer, consumers will enjoy these drinks’ graband-go appeal.

Photo by Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

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Here are notable examples: • Ranch Rider stays true to form with reposado tequila from Jalisco, Mexico, and real lime juice. • Lone River Ranch Water replaces tequila with organic agave nectar and combines it with real lime juice. • WGSN also identified Ranch Water Hard Seltzer from Karbach and Ranch Water Hard Seltzer Classic Lime as examples of the trend.