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EDITOR'S NOTE Summer is heating up the city, but it will be gone before you know it. Many restaurants are working at full pace, enjoying a good swath of summertime business in the nation’s capital. Mission, a Mexican restaurant & bar with 18 taps for all sort of adult beverages, 8,000 feet of draft lines and 10,000 square feet of space just opened in Navy Yard—its limited-menu, limited-seating debut was the result of a race to open in time for the MLB All Stars Baseball Week and it was a big news story when it did. According to the Washington Business Journal, it was also helped by the D.C. Mayor’s Office checking in on the project and on the permitting, and by precise scheduling and a purposeful will to open on time. From Navy Yard to the Waterfront, back to the NoMa and Shaw neighborhoods, this city is booming, surrounded by a renown food scene. We were honored to be invited to cover the RAMMYS 2018 this year. Next year, I will not be working with the camera crew, but will opt to be a bystander, because this is such a joyous event to take in and share with other attendees with undivided attention. The revelry that arises during the awards event, and afterward, is quite unparalleled until you experience it live. And I want to get all decked out, and party, too. Check out page 14 for the video.. (You can watch the video without leaving the magazine, which is a benefit of Eatery Pulse Media having fully-video-integrated magazines for all our publication labels.) This is part of a RAMMYS series we’ll be posting on Swizzle Chill TV, our web-broadcast channel. A national backdrop to Washington, D.C.’s success is a very challenging environment across the country in nearly all markets. Restaurants must not only navigate the

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