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RESTAURANT: Distrito LOCATION: Saguaro Hotel Scottsdale, AZ

Distrito restaurant in Scottsdale is trying to break a curse. The space it inhabits has been a Fiamma, an Asia de Cuba, and something else we can’t remember. Worse yet, it’s surrounded by a hotel that’s been The James, The Mondrian, The Theodore, The something-inbetween-we-can’t-remember…

The PR people for the new Distrito didn’t want us to dine there yet. They asked that we please give them at least a minute to get their act together.Â

They said that if we went, we’d no longer be friends. So, of course, we snuck in and took alllllllllll these pretty pictures. We paid. We had fun. We’re probably going to get a phone call now.

But look! The handmade guacamole is served with a wintertime snowfall of cotija cheese! The pulled pork taco is piled grande! The chicken ropa vieja taco practically smells delicioso from your computer! And the huarache de hongos forest mushrooms is a Jackson Pollack of flavor!

And colors, they’re everywhere! Some things may change in the next couple weeks, but if this wall comes down, can we have it?

Reflect in the decorative fun! Pinks, organes, yellows, blues, greens, blacks, and whites! Some people fight race wars, but Distrito fights color wars, and wins!

Skulls of the recently deceased silently scream “welcome!� at the entrance.

Are we in Palm Springs? Mexico City? Mexico Springs? Either way, this private dining room is fit for a fiesta!

A truly illuminating chandelier that floats down over the colorful lime green leather booths.

brilliantly patterns adorn the bar’s community tables surrounded by bertoia stools.

The End (but probably not because we believe Distrito has finally broken the curse!)


EATERAZ stopped by the latest outpost for Jose Garces' Distrito concept located at the Saguaro hotel in Scottsdale, AZ.

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