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wind vision Rigging Instructions 2012 Racing Blade, Switchblade, Blade FR & Blade RB Please follow these instructions carefully as you rig. This product can be damaged if rigged incorrectly. Incorrect rigging will void the warranty. The Loft Blade, Switchblade, Blade FR and Blade RB designs are specialized performance camber-induced designs that requires this particular rigging sequence to rig correctly: 1.

Lay out your Blade on a dry, sand-free and ideally wind-free surface.

2. Insert the recommended mast fully into the mast pocket WITHOUT threading the mast thru the cams (bypass all cams so that the mast goes easily above the battens & mast panel and directly up to the sail top). Check to see that the sail top plug is correctly seated into the mast top.

4. Set your mast extension to the recommended length, thread downhaul line and apply firm tension so the mast bends to allow the boom to be mounted. 5. Set the boom to the recommended length and mount the boom on the mast. 6. Apply FIRM outhaul tension; pull the sail flat so that the cams are pulled back and away from the mast. 7. FULLY release downhaul tension. 8. Set cams into position on the mast by pushing up on the cams from the lower side with one hand and down on the sail batten inside the mast pocket (cam zip open!) for each cam. This action allows the cams to snap up into place. Do not over-apply pressure! If cams do not easily go into place, apply more outhaul tension & less downhaul tension.

9. Once all cams are set in place on the mast, apply full downhaul tension. 10. Check all batten tensions with The Loft batten tensioner included inside your Loftsails mast pocket. 11. Set outhaul tension to suit windsurfing conditionsand GO! The Loft Adjustable Outhaul system is included in your sailbag! Mounting sequence pls visit TIP ! Do not allow cams to ยกsnap! off the mast when de-rigging (may damage battens). Manually removing cams from the mast (opposite of rigging sequence above) will extend the life of your sail.

Spacers -

6 cam spacers are included (in sailbag). Spacers can be placed between the cams and mast panel front edge to promote a cleaner leading edge. The spacers will also affect cam rotation (more difficult). Mounting more than 2 spacers on cams is not recommended.

Trim! -

Trim your Blade! When powered-up, full downhaul tension! Release to suit wind conditions. Use your Loft Adjustable Outhaul: Strong winds- flat = easy. Light winds- released = power.

Items to note‌ -


Be sure the bottom mast section is fully inserted into the top section- before applying full downhaul tension. This can be done easily by carefully feeling the mast through the mast pocket (middle). Keep sand away from your Blade! Sand in the mast pocket will degrade cam rotation, cause excessive wear of your mast and generally promote early aging of your sail. Never drive the mast top into the sand as a method of anchoring the rig. Should sand enter the Blade mast pocket, take care to completely rinse away the sand asap! Your Blade should be dry and sand-free when rolling for storing in the sailbag. Keep your sail out of the sun when not in use!. Keep your batten tensioners clean and occasionally apply a small amount of lubricant to each batten tensioner.

2012 Specs Size


Racing Blades & Switchblades 2012 are both Sdm & Rdm compatible!** Cams Mast/Boom Rec. Mast Ext. Best Mast IMCS

Racing Blade 9.5 8.6 7.8 7.0 6.3 5.6 4.9

7 7 7 7 7 7 7

4 4 4 4 4 4 4

526x242 506x225 484x217 458x200 436x189 406x180 380x170

520sdm 490sdm 460sdm 430sdm 430rdm 400rdm 370rdm

6 16 24 28 6 6 10

520 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 490 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 460 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 430 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 430 Team Edition Rdm 100% Carb 400 Team Edition Rdm 100% Carb 370 Team Edition Rdm 100% Carb

33 29 25 21 21 19 17

3 522x245 3 504x228 3 488x216 3 473x209 3 442x196 3 418x192 (sdm only) 4 578x288 4 560x274 (sdm only) 3 524x244 3 494x235

490rdm 490rdm 460rdm 460sdm 430rdm 400rdm

32 14 28 13 12 18

490 Team 490 Team 460 Team 460 Team 430 Team 400 Team

550sdm 520sdm

28 40

550 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 520 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb

35 33

520sdm 490sdm

4 4

520 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb 520 Loftmasts Sdm 100% Carb

33 33

Switchblade 9.3 8.5 7.8 7.3 6.3 5.6

7 7 7 6 6 6

Blade FR 12.0 11.0

6 7

Blade RB 9.5 8.5

5 5

Edition Rdm Edition Rdm Edition Rdm Edition Rdm Edition Rdm Edition Rdm

100% Carb 100% Carb 100% Carb 100% Carb 100% Carb 100% Carb

29 29 25 25 21 19

-Measurements for the extreme upper wind range, reduce for lighter winds. -All Blades include Large Tekcams for Standard Diameter Masts (sdm) installed in the sail. Also included (in the sailbag) are Reduced Tekcams for conversion to Reduced Diameter Masts (rdm). -Specs subject to change without notice *not including The Loft Sensitip head batten and multiple leech micro battens ** ONLY Reduced diameter masts are compatible with Racing Blade 4.9 & 5.6 (only Reduced Diamater (rdm) cams are installed).

Instrukcja taklowania zagla Loft Blade 2012  

Instrukcja taklowania zagla Loft Blade 2012