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Easy Radio

Corporate Pack

Tonbridge, Maidstone & Royal Tunbridge Wells

Founder & MD: Jack Starns

Our Values  We provide equal opportunities to all  We treat everyone fairly  We strive to be open and honest is all that we do  We are committed to excellence in everything we do  We share our passions and love learning  We always look to be inclusive, supportive and friendly  We are ambitious and aim high

We believe Easy Radio is a unique, ambitious opportunity. We would like to proactively work amidst the three coverage areas that we serve: Tonbridge, Maidstone & Royal Tunbridge Wells to improve our communities as one.

The Vision As three united communities we would like to actively tackle the issue of social exclusion, improve the accessibility of training and support for both younger and older generations by offering opportunities throughout our organisation. We envisage Easy Radio as a pioneering, new and exciting venture that can prove to be very beneficial in improving our communities, as one.

The Mission Easy Radio Kent is an exciting community radio facility serving Tonbridge, Maidstone & Royal Tunbridge Wells. Easy Radio provides entertainment, music and live chat/discussions shows for the benefit of the public, whilst training, supporting and encouraging future generations of international broadcasters. Our mission is to use this medium to improve inclusive community relations and create a more tolerant, happy and socially acceptable society.

Easy Radio Kent is a fully constituted Charity operating within Kent offering ‘work from home’ volunteering solutions for ambitious, enthusiastic and keen participants. We aim to use the medium of music and radio to nurture the interests of young and old generations by improving the accessibility of community organisations like ourselves. We provide:  News and weather updates  Musical entertainment  Chat/discussion/call-in sessions  Shout-out requests

Managing Editor Jack Wise Deputy Director / Senior Trustee

Contributions Robert Stevens Jack Starns Michael Bailey Ashleigh Cawley Adam Garrett

Publication: Easy Radio Kent: Corporate Pack E: W: Founder/MD: Jack L Starns

This information can be made available in alternative formats and languages. To request alternative formats/languages contact: Published: May 2012 Š Copyright 2012 Easy Radio Kent All information in this publication was correct at time of implementation. Easy Radio reserves the right to alter and/or add/remove information without prior notice at their sole discretion. Information in this document may be reproduced, although not in any misleading or bias context. Any text or images used from this document must be acknowledged as the work of Easy Radio Kent – Senior Management.

Contents MDs foreword


Corporate structure




Project deliverance


Leading innovation The station Our ethic Methods

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Operating finance


Human Resources


Improving inclusivity


Connecting communities Our ambition Inspiring the world

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Our opportunities


MDs foreword It is a very exciting time to be joining the voluntary sector, with all organisations facing great challenges and finding new and innovative methods of overcoming 21st century issues. We believe this project will greatly contribute to improving wellbeing and inclusivity within our three communities. Our top priority for the coming year is ensuring this project and its potential is realised and supported during development. We will principally achieve this through stringent management and financial control, ensuring that every necessary cost is kept to a minimum to ensure the future sustainability of this Charity – which will benefit both us as volunteers and the wider community alike.

We, at Easy Radio Kent, have big plans for the future, with great potential for expansion making our horizon even brighter – and the best of all? Gaining the expertise and enthusiasm of a whole new generation of budding broadcasters pathing the way for a very successful future for the entire Charity. That said, we are excited for the prospects that we hope to provide to our future volunteers with both training and support being at the forefront of all that they do. These trying times have meant that many people have less disposable income to spend on activities and facilities that they once enjoyed, perhaps even hobbies have ceased. We would like to reinvigorate our communities and really make them stand far above the rest, as we believe they are

great contenders to achieve this. We look to work closely with locally-based agencies, charities and voluntary groups to deliver our aims and achieve our annual milestones (all of which are illustrated in our Constitution). In identifying issues and assisting other groups and individuals in project deliverance, we hope that Easy Radio Kent can become a very popular and exciting community radio facility with corporate likenesses. Many past projects involving such varied services have seemed to be less sustainable than we believe Easy Radio is. We have included all equipment and licensing in our budgets and have reduced any unnecessary spending by only budgeting for immediate and necessary expenditure. This has improved the dynamics of our financial standing and due to the corporate services we can offer, we believe this project can and will become financially sustainable within the first year of operation.

A very important aspect of Easy Radio Kent is Human Resources. Managed by Jack Wise and audited by Robert Stevens, our people are most important to us which is why we are developing a number of exciting training courses that would help in the development of future generations of broadcasting and associated professionals. We are not just seeking volunteers to broadcast; we are seeking and look to develop talented, enthusiastic and easygoing people that have a passion for music and entertainment. As ever, we value your comments. Best wishes,

Jack L Starns Founder & Managing Director P: +44(0)7805 155161

E: W:

Introduction This Corporate Pack has been developed to illustrate the structure, vision, mission and scope of Easy Radio Kent as a Charity operating in Kent for the purposes of broadcasting: music, live entertainment, news, weather & competitions. Our primary intentions are to improve our communities, increase inclusivity and tackle social-exclusion by offering this Charity to any individual that either wishes to tune-in and enjoy the station, or get involved, learn new skills and train while carrying out respective duties across all corporate departments.

1. Purpose

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The purpose of Easy is to improve the accessibility of advanced technology for the local community, and harness this in order to facilitate the improving of community relations through the medium of music and radio. Powers In continuance to the above purpose, but not further or otherwise, Easy may: Facilitate and encourage the non-certified training of local people with respect of any equipment used by the Charity. Harness and adopt new technology to assist in improving community relations. Promote and encourage local people to come together and enjoy the aforementioned project. To monitor local participation to ensure the ongoing accessibility of services and equipment provided. Assist local charities and voluntary groups, where appropriate, in developing community relations and improving accessibility of said ventures, to the wider district. Facilitate the ongoing use of equipment, in daily operations. Recognise and act upon Easy’s wider environmental and social responsibilities in developing a happy, inclusive community. Carry out all such other lawful activities as are necessary for the attainment of the aforesaid purpose.

Our corporate aims We look to provide a corporate internal environment, where we provide training and support to anybody that wishes to participate within the work of the Charity. We are setting new standards for community radio and wish to operate as effectively and structurally as a corporate radio enterprise in order to offer a more professional working environment for our volunteers – improving their training prospects and any curriculum vitae additions.

4. To support and encourage continual professional-like training in order to develop the broadcasting and associated experts of the future.

1. To give all interested parties’ confidence to grow and develop in their chosen voluntary career pathway and department.

5. Offer exciting opportunities to work inter-departmentally in order to enrich the work of volunteers.

2. To offer career development within the internal departments of the Charity.

6. Offer impartial and flexible advice and guidance to volunteers, particularly surrounding careers and personal development.

3. To continue to utilise all Human Resources efficiently, effectively and with an open-minded and professional approach.

7. Provide all resources that are necessary for volunteers to have in carrying out their respective duties for the Charity.

Leading Innovation

The Station

Our Ethic

Easy Radio Kent is distinctly unique in that we provide all of our broadcasters the necessary training, equipment and software in order to broadcast from their very own homes. We utilise the latest in technology and software developments including a ShoutCast Server all based within the cloud so absolutely anybody can get involved if they should so wish.

We like to think we offer a corporate environment so our volunteers can maximise their potential, develop and flourish in new voluntary careers which enriches and improves any curriculum vitae by that extra paragraph.

We will operate an intellectual property office which will be the primary hub for operations and communications alike and if any individuals wouldn’t wish to broadcast from their own homes and would prefer to broadcast from our Office, then we would be only too happy to accommodate. Easy Radio Kent was founded in 2012 by Jack L Starns after a small stint in previous years running a similar project which became unsuccessful due to lack of PR and financing. Easy Radio Kent will go above and beyond the usual expectations of radio community services and has already made distinct associations with profitable and not-for-profit organisations in order to achieve the objectives of the Charity.

We have a very unique ethic, in which we love to enjoy what we do, laugh and debate, make friends and offer new and unusual experiences to people that would not ordinarily participate in community radio facilities. Our ethic forms our corporate values and governs the way in which we work together.

Our Methods The world and its people has embraced technological advancements and so are we. Most of our services are hosted in the cloud, allowing anybody, anywhere in the world to tune-in and participate. We offer virtual working environments for our volunteers to interact and communicate – we look to continue to develop our online community.

Improving Inclusivity Inclusivity is at the forefront of all that we do as a Charity and is not just limited to membership or volunteers. We look to be inclusive in every aspect of our organisation, including Public Relations, Broadcasting, Human Resources, Community Development and Management.

Human Resources

‘Inclusivity’ is our keyword and will remain so for the duration of the Charity’s existence, which, we hope, will be a very lengthy period of time.

Community Development

We endeavour to offer equal opportunities to all volunteers and participants that are to carry out duties for, and on behalf of, the Charity.

We will approach our visitors and listeners in a fair and equal manner, offering opportunities to all without hindrance or restrictions.

We look to branch out into all areas of our community, not just those considered pleasant. We look to work with everybody to improve our communities together and provide more opportunities for training and support, advice and guidance.



We will always operate our broadcasting service with dignity and respect – ensuring we present both sides of a debate and restricting language to only that accepted by society.

We will offer career development (including in management posts) to any individual that applies, and our selection and recruitment process will be impartial, fair and each application will be considered on its individual merits.

Public Relations

We will use a number of mediums to grasp the attention of our communities and potentially spark interest in volunteering

We will involve as many as we can handle to ensure our Charity spans our three catchment areas and offering equal opportunities to all

We will not limit membership, recruitment or participation in any way, shape or form and will always be happy to support anybody!

Connecting Communities

We will invite local people and visitors to participate in debates, discussions and broadcasting – improving our horizons and offering exciting opportunities to all by sharing our equipment and enthusiasm

We love our communities and want to improve them together as one inclusive entity – our communities are exciting and lovable places to live and we look to ensure this is recognised.

We are the community, operating for the community – anybody can become involved whether they wish to volunteer or wish to be a Member.

Our Ambition We aspire to make Easy Radio Kent a community-wide, innovative pillar of society by looking to involve as many local people as is possible in order to create a family-environment. We want Easy Radio to be an inclusive facility where people can enjoy themselves, chat, laugh and listen to feelgood music. Be a part of it.


Inspiring the world...

Easy Radio is a very simple and effective Charity operating for social inclusion. We would like to inspire the world to develop more facilities like this in order to bring communities together.


We appeal to a very varied audience and strongly believe we can unite communities and encourage a new generation of budding professionals to ignite their flame and shine.

Our Opportunities

External Opportunities

Internal Opportunities

As a network provider we have a number of strategies and mediums that can be utilised to deliver sustainable financial returns. We are keen to establish corporate advertising opportunities for SMEs and corporate enterprises, whether they be local, national or international organisations.

We have developed a very corporate internal fascia which enables us to offer a more professional departmental working environment.

We are developing corporate advertising strategies that should produce financial returns for the Charity while ensuring we retain our local standing. This will enable Easy Radio to become financially self-sufficient which will reduce the necessity of applications to varying funding providers that aren’t guaranteed – which is a lengthy period of time consumed by application creation and submissions. A small (or regular) stream of income for the Charity could be very beneficial in securing the future sustainability of the Charity, allowing us to continue our work within the local community. Other opportunities include expansion, offering our services to wider audiences, branching into other counties and potentially nationally. A particularly interesting opportunity may arise for us to offer international broadcasting services.

We have a number of internal recruitment opportunities across our six departments as illustrated below:

Management Department Supervisory roles Production Production Managers and Schedule Presenters Community Relations Community Relations Manager, News Editors Marketing & Press M & P Coordinators Finance Treasury & Auditing Office Charity Secretary / Administrators

Charity Structure Find below our official organisational human resources structure DEPARTMENT KEY

Management Production Community Relations Marketing & Press

Managing Director Deputy Director Production Manager Schedule Presenters

Community Relations Manager

News Editors

Treasurer Marketing & Press Coordination

Group Secretary

All individuals work inter-departmentally with professionals across the board in achieving the aims of the Charity and securing its future sustainability.

Project Deliverance Charity Reporting


As part of our project deliverance plan, we intend to create and publish quarterly progress reports detailing the scope of our charity, improvements made, accomplishments and provisions for sustained improvements. These reports will be created by the Management at Easy Radio Kent, approved and published on our website and in tangible format for anybody to read at their request.

We look to create associations and partnerships with local and national organisations in order to assist us in achieving the aims of the Charity. We already have a budding Partnership with the Kent & Sussex Courier who supported our Charity with a publication in the local newspaper (available online).

We will continue to make budgeting provisions to ensure our financial sustainability remains a viable aspect for the Charity and we will continually benchmark to ensure we continue to make more dynamic, improved financial decisions. We will:  Publish quarterly reports  Analyse financial accounts to improve sustainability  Prepare end-of-year accounts and make accessible to all

We are open to suggestions and will continually look to source and support like-minded projects, charities and social enterprises.

Auditing Each year we will hold two auditing meetings, in which Charity management and external auditors hold a minute-recorded meeting which details and outlines the progress of the charity, future directions, issues & complications and strategies for viable operations. Auditing is vital to our sustainability.

Operating Finance BY THE TREASURY

Start-Up Capital

Operating Capital

In starting the work of the Charity, we will seek and submit four applications for grant funding from varying providers:  Awards for All (Big Lottery Fund)  Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust  Roger De Haan Charitable Trust  Santander Foundation

Easy Radio Kent is a unique Charity in that our Broadcasters and Volunteers often work from home, reducing unnecessary travel and associated costs allowing any invested capital to be directed into vital equipment, software, hardware and licensing.

These Trusts and organisations offer grant funding for community projects to start and/or continue operations. These grants are non-repayable and represent a significant investment in community development which we are very grateful for. We admire these organisations and individuals for offering local groups and societies these financial opportunities. Projected Income Awards for All - £5,364.45 CFCT - £11,622.71 RDHCT - £8,349.85 Santander - £8,104.90 Projected Expenditure Gross total - £30,441.91 Less surplus - +£3,000

We hold the direct ability to offer corporate advertising services to external organisations which will represent a steady and regular financial income for the Charity – meaning that further grant funding may not be a necessity in the future, demonstrating the financial viability of the Charity. The aforementioned projected income is a very significant figure and we have every intention of ensuring the success and financial sustainability of the Charity is maximised. As such, operating capital for first-year operations will come solely from Start-Up funders, and in the following years this capital can be generated from service provisions, marketing and donations from enthusiasts and supporters.


We are desperately excited about the future of this Charity and believe you should be too! We are always seeking enthusiastic, passionate and outgoing people to join the team in delivering our services and realising the potential of the Charity. We work together to ensure our aims are achieved and that our outlook is a continually positive one. Our community is a great place to live – and we believe it’ s finally time locals came together to enjoy a project that will provide entertainment and laughter for many years to come. We have a stringent recruitment process at Easy Radio Kent, which also includes Criminal Record Bureau checks and referencing has a very hefty weighting in recruitment. We will continue to develop our HR strategies to keep in-line with 21st Century HR practice.

Jack Wise Deputy Director (HR)

Our recruitment process is as follows:

Application submission

Application Review

Referencing & review audit

CRB check & offer of recruitment

All recruitment offers are subject to satisfactory CRB clearance and referencing. Holding a criminal conviction, whether spent of not, does not necessarily bar an individual from appointment to a post within Easy Radio Kent.

Useful E-mail Contacts: HR


Easy Radio E-mail: Web: Tel: +44(0)7805 155161 Š Copyright Easy Radio Kent 2012

Tonbridge, Maidstone & Royal Tunbridge Wells

Founder & MD: Jack Starns

Corporate Pack  

Easy Radio's charity pack detailing its structure, investment programme, service deliverance and scope for future development.

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