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The Physical Security Information Management Software. Situation Management made easy.

Situation Management made easy.

The situation management software easypsim™ enhances security while significantly reducing costs.

Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions allow the integration of individual security systems in to a unified solution in order to enhance security. PSIM solutions facilitate in the detection, handling and reporting of security related incidents.

easypsim™ is the easiest-to-use PSIM-software on the market today.

Why should I use the easypsim™ software? Highest usability: The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to work with.

User training in less than 15 minutes: The user gets quickly familiarized. No costly trainings, no thick manuals to read, no stress after vacation.

Reduces significantly your total cost of ownership: By focusing on making it simple during all phases (day to day use, implementation and maintenance) costs can be reduced by requiring less staff, staff with less experience and less operational costs. Guided workflow: The intuitive workflows remove operator randomness, reduce stress for the user during an incident and enforce the company’s compliance guidelines. Universal compatibility: The existing customer infrastructure can be utilized and the open architecture allows the integration of any third party system.

Multi-site control: Costs decrease significantly as all buildings and locations can be controlled from fewer locations. Powerful delegation rules allow optimisation of human resources.


Protecting your investment

Easily scalable from a compact version on a single computer to a complex, worldwide distributed solution on multiple computers. The easypsim™ solution can grow with your requirements. Easily extendable to accomodate future needs. The open architecture is ready for extension and integration of third party systems.

Operating System independence, since it runs on any Java© enabled operating system. easypsim™ is runnig successfully on Solaris©, Linux© and Windows© platforms allowing existing investments in IT-infrastructure to be used.


Simplicity does not mean simple.

Why does easypsim™ have the highest usability that helps significantly reduce costs? Minimal numbers of operator clicks required for each task The user interface was designed from the start to be simple to use, maximising efficiency of operator actions.

The highest usability The system is intuitive to use, which is the key to positive user experience and broad customer acceptance. The user interface has been especially designed with the security operators in mind, providing the right tools for any situation. Operators with no or little computer experience feel comfortable using the system. The system can be configured for the customer’s individual requirements. All functions utilize only one mouse button The simple operation requires only the left mouse button, no hidden context menus or functions. The user interface can be operated on a touch screen. That all means get more done with less!


What are your advantages by using easypsim™?

For the CEO and CFO High Return-On-Investment: Overall costs can be

significantly reduced. Multiple locations can be controlled from fewer locations (which leads to less staff), existing infrastructure can be used (network and security systems), and administration can be managed in-house (no expensive specialists).

Optimised resource planning: Through the flexible delegation rules satellite locations can be handled where capacity is available, thereby reducing costs while maintaining the same level of security.

Minimizing incident costs: More efficient handling of the security issues through the use of an integrated security platform. easypsim™ goes further by optimizing the user interface to achieve greater efficiency.

Better quality of work and higher productivity as easypsim™ decreases the stress, increases the job satisfaction and decreases absenteeism and operator turnover. Overall increase of security and decrease of costs through the consequent optimization of processes during installation, operation and maintenance. Great reporting tools offer an easy overview of all security relevant information.


Leave nothing to chance.

For the CIO leverages in-house know-how and With its universal OS compatibility, easypsim™ © directives and is successfully running on Solaris , Linux©, and Windows© platforms.

Open architecture allows an easy integration of third party systems, standard API’s are available and customer specific extensions can be added using a common web language. Network infrastructure investments are optimally used since the solution is fully IP based. Relocation or extension of control rooms becomes extremely simple. Secure since the highest industry standards are used to ensure secure communications.

For the Risk Manager

Compliance and Audit are integral functions of the solution. easypsim™ enable operators to easily comply with company guidelines/compliance rules and provides an audit trail of all events in the system. Workflows guide the operator at each step of a security related incident, reducing the stress factor and allowing company policies to be followed.

Minimize damage control through quick response and short handling times, resulting in less possible damage to people and infrastructure. The easypsim™ user interface design coupled with the workflow tools allows the most efficient handling of security related incidents.


Applications Locations requiring centralized security, access and monitoring - such as: 1












For the Security Operator The intuitive user interface reduces stress and creates a unique user experience, which has a positive impact on productivity and job satisfaction. Navigation using graphical images allows easy orientation in multi-site systems. Interactive and animated images allow the operator to quickly absorb information and get a picture of the situation. Actions can be initiated directly from the image. Customized workflows let the operator feel confident and less stressed while dealing with even complex security issues.

For the Head of Security

Higher security since the security operators experience less stress using the easy-to-use easypsim™ solution and therefore the effectiveness and efficiency is increased.

Lower costs since … … less staff is needed; since multiple locations can be controlled from fewer operating centres. … lower staff turnover; since the operators will enjoy working with the system … shorter training times, operators will be productive sooner.

Highly transparent and accurate reports for business analysis (KPI, budget, etc.) are easy to obtain. 7

Situation Management made easy.

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Highest usability Multi-site control Guided workflows Universal compatibility Reduces total cost of ownership User training in less than 15 minutes

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