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clean rooms

clean rooms



The main characteristics of High Pressure Laminates (HPL) are: • • • • • • • • • • • •

high resistance to scratches high resistance to abrasion high resistance to impact excellent resistance to humidity fair resistance to water fair resistance to steam excellent resistance to high temperatures fair resistance to chemicals excellent cleanability fair dimensional stability excellent resistance to fire and low smoke density special antistatic properties

• • • • • •

As HPL has a high calorific power, it is therefore ideal for thermal recovery. HPL does not deplete the ozone layer at any stage of its lifetime. Through thermal recovery, the weight of all waste is reduced by 59%. The remaining 41% of the weight is treated as municipal waste. Through suitable energy recovery processes, the impact on non-renewable resources, such as natural gas, coal and oil, can be reduced by 68%. As the life cycle of HPL is longer than that required to renew wood, it does not impoverish natural resources. Decorative HPL is polymerised and therefore chemically inert: as it is not subject to leaching or gas emissions, it is officially approved for use with food.

certifications Easypharma carries out strict checks during each and every production phase, that is planning, manufacturing and installation phases. This allows us to ensure that the quality and size specifications we have set are strictly observed. As a matter of fact, we believe that in our continuously-expanding field, also from a competitive point of view, a strict quality check is a very important objective to constantly pursue. In comparison to our first operational years on the market, we have steadily reduced the time period between getting the order and completing the installation. In order to achieve this important objective, Easypharma has greatly invested in new automation technology as far as both planning and manufacturing is concerned. This highly decreases the production times in our factory and allows Easypharma to mainly focus on the installation of our projects.

HPL e Certifications

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Azienda dinamica e in costante espansione, fondata nel 1998 per iniziativa di due giovani imprenditori, con esperienza ventennale nella progettazione, produzione ed installazione di camere bianche. Destinatari della nostra offerta sono tutte quelle società farmaceutiche, alimentari, chimiche e elettroniche che richiedono al fornitore competenza, soluzioni d’avanguardia, capacità di rispondere con puntualità, efficacia e flessibilità alle sue richieste.

A dynamic company, always expanding, founded in 1998 on the initiative of two young entrepreneurs with 20 years of experience in the planning, manufacture, and installation of cleanrooms. Our services are aimed at pharmaceuticals, food, chemical, and electronics companies who need their suppliers to be highly skilled, to provide avant-garde solutions, and to be punctual, efficient, and flexible.

Empresa dinámica y en constante expansión, fundada en 1998 por iniciativa de dos jóvenes empresarios, con veinte años de experiencia en el proyecto, producción e instalación de clean-rooms. Los destinatarios de nuestra oferta son todas aquellas sociedades farmacéuticas, alimenticias, químicas y electrónicas que requieren al proveedor competencias, soluciones punteras, capacidad de responder con puntualidad, eficacia y flexibilidad a sus peticiones.

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Clean Rooms Clean Rooms

Pareti mobili, porte, controsoffitti, visive, arredi, panche, passa-materiali e accessori per ambienti a contaminazione controllata. Questo il Know-how Easypharma, completo e flessibile, prodotto nel rispetto delle norme di buona fabbricazione (GMP) e delle regole imposte dai più importanti enti internazionali. Tutti i materiali ed ogni ciclo di lavorazione passano attraverso severi controlli che ne garantiscono la qualità.

Mobile walls, doors, false ceilings, viewers, furniture, benches, hatches, and accessories for clean rooms. This is Easypharma’s know-how, complete and flexible, fully compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and the best international standards. All materials and all processes undergo very strict controls, to guarantee their quality and persistence.

Paredes móviles, puertas, falsos techos, ventanillas, decoraciones, bancos, materiales pasantes y accesorios para ambientes de contaminación controlada. Este es el Know-how Easypharma, completo y flexible, producido en el respeto de las normas de buena fabricación (GMP) y de las reglas impuestas por los más importantes entes internacionales. Todos los materiales y cada ciclo de elaboración pasan a través de severos controles que garantizan la cualidad y duración en el tiempo.


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& Development Reserch &Reserch Development

e a s y p h a r m a

Il forte impegno in ricerca e sviluppo, mirato a trovare nuove soluzioni per i materiali consente a Easypharma di presentare ogni anno degli articoli innovativi. L’ampia gamma di prodotti, la modularità degli elementi, la qualità dei materiali e la tecnologia costruttiva d’avanguardia permettono di realizzare ambienti di lavoro funzionali, sicuri e confortevoli, pensati per durare nel tempo ma anche ampliabili e modificabili in qualsiasi momento.

Our commitment to research and development (which aims and finding the best solutions for materials) allows us at Easypharma to bring out new, innovative items every year. Our range of products, our modular elements, the quality of our materials and our avant-garde build technology all come together to ensure that our functional, safe, and comfortable workplaces are not only extremely durable, but can also be expanded and changed at any time.

El fuerte compromiso de investigación y desarrollo, dirigido a encontrar nuevas soluciones para los materiales consiente a Easypharma presentar cada año artículos novedosos. La amplia gama de productos, la modularidad de los elementos, la calidad de los materiales y la tecnología constructiva puntera permiten realizar ambientes de trabajo funcionales, seguros y confortables, pensados para durar en el tiempo pero también ampliables y modificables en cualquier momento.

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High Tech High Tech

Easypharma offre risposte concrete alle necessità e alle esigenze di un mercato, sempre più specializzato e complesso, che si evolve verso la qualità nella fornitura delle camere a contaminazione controllata. “L’attenzione alla qualità è il fulcro della nostra tecnologia costruttiva”. Carattere distintivo della nostra azienda è il continuo studio delle tecnologie, finalizzato ad introdurre costantemente nuovi prodotti e combinazioni funzionali, per rispondere con performances crescenti e con miglior rapporto qualità / prezzo all’evoluzione della domanda.

At Easypharma we provide concrete solutions for the increasingly specialised and complex needs of a market which is moving more and more towards quality in the supply of cleanrooms. “Our attention to quality is the pivot around which our technology has been built.” A distinguishing feature of our company is our unending search for technology which aims at always introducing new products and functional combinations, to provide the best performance and the best quality/price ratio for constantly-changing needs.

Easypharma ofrece respuestas concretas a las necesidades y a las exigencias de un mercado, siempre más especializado y complejo, que evoluciona hacia la calidad en el suministro de las clean-rooms de contaminación controlada. “La atención a la calidad es el eje de nuestra tecnología constructiva”. Carácter distintivo de nuestra empresa, es el continuo estudio de las tecnologías, finalizado a introducir constantemente nuevos productos y combinaciones funcionales, para responder con performances crecientes y con una mejor relación calidad / precio a la evolución de la demanda.


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P ro d uc t ionProduction

e a s y p h a r m a

Tutti i settori Easypharma sono sviluppati all’interno dello stesso stabile, per garantire in modo efficace le sinergie e i rapporti tra tutti i reparti: ufficio commerciale, ufficio amministrativo, produzione ed assemblamento, progettazione, ricerca e sviluppo. L’applicazione di questo semplice stato di lavoro, permette un miglioramento costante dei sistemi qualitativi e gestionali. Inoltre consente ad ogni dipendente di conoscere ogni fase del lavoro, rendendo più appagante il suo lavoro nel dettaglio.

All our sectors at Easypharma are developed at the same factory, to guarantee efficiency and synergy between the various departments: Business Department, Administration, Manufacturing and Assembly, Planning, and R&D. By applying this simple philosophy, we find it very easy to improve our quality and management systems. It also means that every member of our staff knows everything about the manufacturing process, and this makes their work much more satisfying.

Todos los sectores Easypharma se desarrollan en el interior del mismo edificio, para asegurar de modo eficaz las sinergias y las relaciones entre todas las secciones: oficina comercial, oficina administrativa, producción y ensamblaje, proyecto, investigación y desarrollo. La aplicación de este sencillo estado de trabajo, permite una mejoría constante de los sistemas caritativos y de gestión. Además, consiente que cada dependiente conozca todas las fases del trabajo, volviendo más satisfactorio su trabajo en el detalle.

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& Industry Business Business & Industry

L’obbiettivo di Easypharma, grazie alla consolidata esperienza nel settore, è quello di arrivare su livelli di assoluta eccellenza della qualità per accontentare le varie richieste del Cliente. Progettiamo e costruiamo affinché ogni tipologia si contraddistingua per la meticolosità dei dettagli e per la fattiva flessibilità di adattamento ad ogni esigenza. Easypharma significa avere a disposizione le migliori risorse per una efficace progettazione dei Vostri reparti di produzione, laboratori e confezionamento con soluzioni studiate ad hoc.

With our years of experience in this sector, we at Easypharma aim to arrive at absolute product quality excellence, to satisfy all our customers’ needs. We plan and manufacture so that all our output is distinguished by the scrupulousness of details and the flexibility of responding to all needs Easypharma means having the best resources available so that you can plan your output and packaging departments and your laboratories using customised solutions.

El objetivo de Easypharma, gracias a la experiencia consolidada en el sector, es el de llegar a niveles de absoluta excelencia de la calidad para contentar las diferentes peticiones del Cliente. Proyectamos y fabricamos de forma que cada topología esté caracterizada por la meticulosidad de los detalles y por su eficaz flexibilidad de adaptación a cada exigencia. Easypharma significa tener a disposición los mejores recursos para un eficaz proyecto de sus departamentos de producción, laboratorios y envase con soluciones estudiadas ad hoc.


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Service & Quality Service & Quality

e a s y p h a r m a

Easypharma si propone sul mercato Nazionale e Internazionale con prodotti di alta tecnologia con i massimi standard qualitativi. Da un perfetto lavoro sinergico sono nate cosi le nostre pareti, porte, controsoffitti, arredi e accessori per ambienti a contaminazione controllata. Un servizio completo, apprezzato ormai da numerose aziende di assoluto rilievo nel panorama Nazionale e Internazionale.

Easypharma is operative at Italian and international level with high-technology products and top-level quality standards. With this perfect synergy, we have designed doors, walls, false ceilings, furniture, and accessories for cleanrooms. A complete service, recognised by countless companies throughout Italy and the world.

Easypharma se propone en el mercado Nacional e Internacional con productos de alta tecnología con los máximos estándares cualitativos. De un perfecto trabajo sinérgico nacieron nuestras paredes, puertas, falsos techos, decoraciones y accesorios para ambientes de contaminación controlada. Un servicio completo, ya apreciado por numerosas empresas de absoluto relieve en el panorama Nacional e Internacional.

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Low Budget Low Budget

Valutate l’operato di Easypharma chiedendo di vedere le realizzazioni fino ad ora portate a termine per importanti Clienti. I nostri tecnici qualificati sono a disposizione per studiare soluzioni ottimali per le specifiche esigenze di ogni singolo progetto, mettendo la loro competenza tecnica al servizio della creatività, per realizzare sistemi originali e completi. Per valutare la bontà dei nostri prezzi Vi basta rivolgervi a noi, chiederci un preventivo e potrete verificare di persona l’ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo che caratterizza da anni il nostro modo di operare.

Gauge for yourselves what Easypharma is capable of by seeing what we have done to date for our most important customers. Our specialist engineers can show you the solutions we are capable of providing for all your needs, and provide you with all their creativity to bring about complete, original systems. To assess the competitiveness of our prices all you need to do is ask us for an estimate, and you will see for yourselves the quality/price ratio which has been our characteristic for many years.

Valoren la labor de Easypharma pidiendo ver las realizaciones llevadas a cabo hasta ahora para importantes Clientes. Nuestros técnicos cualificados están a disposición para estudiar soluciones óptimas para las exigencias específicas de cada proyecto, poniendo su competencia técnica al servicio de la creatividad, para realizar sistemas originales y completos. Para valorar la conveniencia de nuestros precios basta con dirigirse a nosotros, pedirnos un presupuesto y comprobar personalmente la óptima relación calidad precio que caracteriza desde hace muchos años nuestra forma de trabajar.


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Colors & Further Info

STANDARD COLORS Always available

Easy White E001

Easy Ivory E002

Easy Cyan E003

Easy Blue E004

Ice E005

Sand E006

Tech E007

Grey E008

Cement E009

Mouse E010

Ochre E011

Peach E012

Sea E013

Sky E014

Blueberry E015

RED E016

Straw E017

Lemon E018

Sunset E019

Orange E020

Peas E021

Avocado E022

Sea-green E023

Bottle E024

The color of images may be slightly different from the original. Please feel free to request a sample to verify the exact actual color, structure and finish.

info For further information, Easypharma can provide you with the latest media, from our technical brochure to the latest DVD video. We will show you our products in detail, and are sure that we can satisfy all your needs and answer your every curiosity. Please feel free to ask us or e-mail us for our latest explanatory documents. - Tel.: +39-039.6817142

clean rooms

clean rooms

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