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==== ==== New 2012! Paid Facebook And Twitter Jobs ==== ====

They say don't put all your eggs in one basket, and this way of thinking couldn't be more true when it comes to applying for jobs online. Searching for jobs on the internet has become the standard for job search and with good reason. I don't think any of us need a reminder of what it was like applying for a job pre-internet days; no thank you! Job searches continue to be on the rise and social media sites continue to flourish with ever growing communities. So it seems like a good time to highlight three great ways to use social media sites to search for your next job, whether it be from an employer or through freelance ventures. Last week I discussed Social Media That Matters, and what sites everyone should be on in order to keep a strong presence online. Today, I'd like to take it in another direction and discuss how those three social media sites can help you find your next paycheck. (Note: I saved the best for last. So make sure you read through to the end!) Facebook: You do everything else on Facebook. Why not use it to find your next job! A growing number of businesses continue to post and update company profiles on the social network. These company profile pages provide the latest job openings for many companies. Beyond on that though, there is a real gem here that might not be so obvious. Using the Facebook ads service, one can take out a low cost ad and use the ad to advertise their desire for a job of any type. This is a hot trend that is producing some successful results. A simple blurb such as "Hi, my name is (name) and I graduated with a degree in (degree). I'm currently looking for a job in (position type). Click to view my resume! Thank you." It's a great UNIQUE way to get noticed by potential employers with little cost and work on your end. It's also a great way to advertise your small business or freelance work! LinkedIn: When people think jobs and social media, they most likely think LinkedIn. You might be saying that this is a no brainier, but you would be surprised by the number people who don't use this site to its full potential. In addition to the obvious job postings listed there, I wanted to make known the power of GROUPS. There are so many different job posting and discussion groups both generic and career specific. For example, I signed up for a IT freelance group some months back and have had continuous success from it. These groups are a great way of finding job opportunities specific to your background and interest. I encourage everyone to join some groups and give it a try. Twitter:

Not just twitter, but rather a variation of twitter. is a site that uses the twitter platform to provide job listings for a number of jobs across many different industries locations all over. It's a really fast and fun way to job search. You can see the latest jobs posted in real-time, which is a nice feature of using twitter. I found it also was a huge time saver since you could scroll through many different job offerings in a short amount of time. See for yourself! is a technology driven lifestyle blog written for anyone who has a interest in social networking, and self employment. I started this blog as a way to motivate people (myself included) through the use of technology (i.e the internet) to pursue their true passions and interests in life. For more articles like this one, click here to view my site and see all the great quality content it has to offer.

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==== ==== New 2012! Paid Facebook And Twitter Jobs ==== ====

Three Great Social Media Job Searches  

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