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Year XVI No. 355 December 1 - 15, 2016

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Issue 355

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Year XVI No. 355 December 1 - 15, 2016

The #1 Free biweekly publication for the English speaking community of Milan

z SIGN UP NOW for the

New Year!

Corsi su misura e di gruppo in lingua per hobby ed esigenze professionali

55 years, 54 nationalities, 800 students: One International Community

Aperitivi, corsi di teatro, corsi di cucina con professionisti ed insegnanti madrelingua.

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Dear Easy Milano readers, It has been a momentous year for the United Kingdom. Of course, I am referring to the vote by the British people on 23 June to exit the European Union.


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Year XVI Issue No. 355 December 1- 15, 2016 Serving the community since 1999 Free every two weeks | Quindicinale gratuito

We are leaving the EU but not Europe, it is important to stress. Italy like the other countries in Europe remains a key friend and ally. We want to continue a close relationship with our European partners at a trade and investment level, in security and defence, and where we have the same shared objectives we had before the referendum.

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The British Government’s vision for Britain outside the EU is clear: a fully independent, sovereign country. We are not looking for an “off-the-shelf” deal for our future relationship – a Norwegian model or a Swiss model, “Hard Brexit” vs “Soft Brexit” (indeed, British Prime Minister Theresa May has talked of “Smooth Brexit”) – it will be a specific deal between the UK and EU aimed at reflecting the kind of existing mature, co-operative interaction we already enjoy. Crucially, on EU nationals already living in the UK, the Prime Minister has made clear that she wishes to protect their status.

...we come together with bonds of friendship and community to celebrate the season.

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Britain remains a great country. We will continue to play a leading role globally as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, of NATO, of the G7, the G20 and the Commonwealth. The UK is committed to peace and security, and is a leading supporter of the international rules-based system. Our commitment to our extensive security cooperation with international partners remains steadfast. British forces are deployed on 368 commitments in 69 countries in roles such as training tens of thousands of Iraqis and Kurds to counter Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) and working with Nigeria to tackle Boko Haram.

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Italy as well has faced challenges of a different sort. I am thinking of the terrible earthquake that struck central Italy in August killing hundreds, including three Britons, and the further major earthquakes in October 2016 which rocked the regions of Umbria and Le Marche. We were all left in a state of shock. Our thoughts go out to all the victims of these disasters and their family and friends. I wish to pay tribute to the Civil Protection Unit and all the volunteers who played a role. In the event of any such disaster do consult the British Government’s travel advice at or on social media. These tragic fatalities and the suffering of the people displaced by the earthquakes should give us pause to reflect at this time of the year when we come together with bonds of friendship and community to celebrate the season. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tim Flear MVO British Consul General Milan & Director Italy, UK Department for International Trade

The content that appears in Easy Milano and is copyright by B Easy srl. It may not be used by third parties without explicit authorization from B Easy srl or the individual authors themselves. The reproduction of such content is a breach of Italian legislation (Legge 22 aprile 1941 n. 633, Art. 2, com.9) and may result in penal sanctions, and in case of non Italian nationals may result in expulsion (DL 25/07/98 n. 286, Art. 26 e Legge 6/03/98, n. 40, Art. 24). Readers are encouraged to notify such episodes to Easy Milano makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the ads and advertisements that appear on its pages and invites all readers to notify us of discrepancies or problems arising from or related to the ads and advertisements in its magazine. Nonetheless, Easy Milano can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect undesired consequences of the content or form of the ads and advertisements appearing in this magazine. Registr. all Tribunale di milano n. 22 del 14.01.2000 3

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A Message from Tim Flear, Her Britannic Majesty’s Consul General

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The holiday seasons is also a time of reflection and we are pleased to publish a message from Tim Flear, British Consul General in Milan (p. 3). In holiday spirit you will also find a traditional recipe for Christmas Cake by English baker Estrele Cakes (p. 5). For those of you who may be relocating back home at the end of the year, we are pleased to feature an article by Principal Relocation that offers advice on Achieving a Successful Checkout in Italy (p. 5). Other articles for expats such as this can be found on the new community website, Lastly, I’d like to thank again our participants, the many groups, companies and institutions that have made this year’s community Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration a memorable evening for many of us (photos on p. 8). Don’t miss our next deadline, Monday, Dec. 5 for the special extended New Year’s edition which will be in circulation from Dec. 15 – Jan. 18. Happy Holidays,

Amie Louie Editor in Chief

Cinema in English

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5 Dec 15..20 / 17.40 / 20.00 / 22.20 6 Dec 15.00 / 17.10 / 19.20 / 21.30

nocturnal animals (115 min)

by T. Ford w/ A. Adams, J. Gyllenhaal

13,15 Dec. 14.45 / 17.00 / 19.20 / 21.30

Beasts and where to find them (120 min)

by D. Yates w/ E. Redmayne, E. miller

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translation services

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11/16/16 1:54 PM

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Tickets €7,50 1st two shows €5,00 students €5,50 in collaboration with under 18 €5,50

SOTT con sottotitoli in ital

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Christmas is just around the corner and as you are busily preparing for the holiday season, you will find in this issue are some local suppliers of international products that would make great holiday gifts.

Christmas Cake

Christmas cake is an English tradition that began as plum porridge. People ate the porridge on Christmas Eve, using it to line their stomachs after a day of fasting. Soon dried fruit, spices and honey were added to the porridge mixture, and eventually it turned into Christmas pudding. In the 16th century, oatmeal was removed from the original recipe, and butter, wheat flour and eggs were added. These ingredients helped hold the mixture together, resulting in a boiled plum cake. Richer families with ovens began making fruit cakes with marzipan, an almond sugar paste, for Easter. For Christmas, they made a similar cake using seasonal dried fruit and spices. The spices represented the exotic eastern spices brought by the Wise Men. This cake became known as ‘Christmas cake’.


550g sultanas, 175g raisins 85g currants, 85g glace cherries, 85g mixed peel, 95ml Brandy or Sherry, 175g butter, 145g brown sugar, 2/3 teaspoon orange zest grated, 3/4 teaspoon lemon zest grated, 1.5 tablespoons marmalade, 3/4 teaspoon mixed spice, pinch cinnamon, pinch nutmeg, 3/4 teaspoon almond essence pinch salt 20cm round tin or 18cm square tin.


1. Place all the dried fruit in a large bowl, and add the sherry or brandy. Cover it and let it soak overnight, 2. The next day, preheat your oven to 150C. Line your tin with a double layer of greaseproof paper or baking parchment. The paper should come up a good 10cm higher than the sides of the tin 3. Cream the butter and sugar together, then beat in the orange and lemon zest. 4. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition, and then the marmalade. 5. Sift the dry ingredients together, then mix the soaked fruit alternately with the dry ingredients into the creamed mixture, combining thoroughly. 6. Put the cake mix into the prepared tin and bake in the oven, for 2.5/3hours or until a cake-tester or skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. 7. When the cake is cooked, brush with a couple of extra tablespoons of extra liqueur. Wrap immediately in its tin – using a double-thickness of tin foil – as this will trap the heat and form steam, which in turn will keep the cake soft on top. When it’s completely cold, remove the cake from the tin and rewrap in foil, storing, preferably in an airtight container. Contributed by Sarah Horton

consular announcements

consular announcements

Registration service for New Zealanders overseas, . Please register to be contacted in an emergency. More info on www. [30706]M Email if you would like to receive the Embassy Newsletter and other occasional communications from the Australian Embassy in Rome. Please include your name, email address, country of residence, and please specify whether you would prefer to receive communications in English or Italian. [57714]XL Need to contact the British Consulate? italy Email: Tel. 06.4220.2431 [30234]M All Americans should register online at (even shortterm visitors) for important Embassy emergency notifications. [15819]M Registration of Canadians Abroad is a free service that allows the Government of Canada to notify you in case of an emergency abroad or a personal emergency at home. The service also enables you to receive important information before or during a natural disaster or civil unrest. http://travel. [58040]XL All Australians residing overseas or travelling for tourism or business, either for short or long stays, are encouraged to register with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. http:// [57543]XL Registration of South Africans Abroad (ROSA), allows travellers to register online. Registration is free and available to South African citizens who are travelling, studying, living, working abroad. By registering you assist the Department to locate you during an emergency, verifying your status. index.html [58041]XL All Irish citizens travelling to or living in Italy are invited to register their details via the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs: citizens-registration/ For further information please visit our website on or contact our consular office in Rome on (+39) [58042]XL ▲

public announcements

public announcements

Interested in contributing to new online community? Submit your stories and share your experiences with other expats and English speakers living in Italy. Email: [57614]B F XL New to Italy? Learn about the job market, figure out contracts, taxes & visas, as well as common scams & what to avoid. For tips and advice visit [60125] ▲

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Achieving a Successful Checkout in Italy!

The last thing in Italy that you want is dilapidations! The judicial system moves at a glacial pace and it is normal for lawsuits to be settled after many, many years. Given this state of affairs, it behooves everyone to stay clear of a legal route and to aim for a hassle-free departure. How do you achieve this? Well, follow me as we look at some vital points. Check In – For a successful departure, we need to go back to the beginning. I see a check in a little bit like being a CSI - you need to gather evidence that will support your case later. What does this mean? Simply put - you must have a very detailed inventory form that is in English and Italian to avoid anyone saying they signed something they did not understand! You need to take photos, photos, and more photos – you can never have enough photos that document the state of the property when someone moves in. If the inventory form is flimsy and the photos taken can be counted on one hand – prepare for heartache! Keep The Same Players – In Italy, the relationships you have with vendors, owners, realtors, etc. are vital to a successful departure. Therefore, as much as possible, it is highly advisable to use the same DSP (Destination Service Provider) who did the check in – at Principal Relocation, very often, dilapidations have been successful negotiated due to the great relationships we’ve built with homeowners and realtors throughout the years. In a country like Italy, knowing the right people and getting along with them will take you very far! Trust Your Instincts – I have taught my team that when you feel something could go wrong with the checkout always carry out a precheck out. Even if we bear the cost of this – it will often turn out to be the most valuable decision we have made. If your instincts tell you that there could be a lot of dilapidations – carry out a pre-check out at least one month in advance. This will give the assignee / client company time to rectify any damages that could interfere with the return of the deposit. Before each check in, we have our clients sign two forms that clearly explain wear and tear and what are their responsibilities as tenants – if followed to the letter, dilapidations or other claims for damage or lost items are almost non-existent or contained. Nobody wants to deal with huge dilapidations in Italy as they can go on for years! The Day of Reckoning – The checkout needs to be carried out with the same laser precision that the check in was carried out with. Again, you need a very detailed checkout inventory form and tons of photos to prove the state of the property when the tenant checks out. Once more, a slim inventory form and a few photos will very often come back to bite you. In Italy, property owners do not always stick to what was agreed and signed off on at the checkout and will come back later with a list of things for which they want further compensation. If your form was inadequate, or only in English, and the photos are few and far between, quite frankly you won’t have a leg to stand on and you might as well start writing the check! Another important point to keep in mind when departing from Italy is that all the relevant parties must be present at the checkout. Therefore, if the assignee cannot be present, someone from the client company must be there to sign on their behalf – likewise if the landlord cannot be present, someone who has a power of attorney from the property owner must be present to sign off on the checkout in their absence. ...this article continues online at: Article by Damien O'Farrell - Principal Relocation (see contact on p. 9)

New articles in English for Italy’s Expat community are published every month on The online community for English speakers in Italy


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computers related

“…the best Chinese restaurant in Milan, best dim sum, good food, excellent service with a smile.” – Trip Advisor

Certified professional engineer MCSE-CCNP provides computer/ network support, repair, upgrade, design, troubleshoot, WiFi, advice. Tel. [58378] M ▲

events & what's on


Via G.Fara 15 Milano (MM Repubblica) Lunch & Dinner Every Day, For Reservations Tel. | 328.62.41.351

Two wonderful cooking week ends in Milan! At Spazio Ventura 5. November 26: Cooking Naples- November 27: Soups and Focacce From 10:30 to 17:30. December 3: I love Salento! December 4: Viva New Orleans! From 10:30 to 17:30. For more info and to make a reservation, Email: info@ [60005]XL Starting Dec. 7 Traditional Christmas markets ‘Oh bej Oh bej’ during Saint Ambrose weekend at Castello Sforzesco. Dec. 7 Inauguration of the 20162017 Opera season at La Scala. Season pass and ticket info www. Il Villaggio delle Meraviglie opens everyday starting on Dec. 3 from 10am-9pm at Parco Indro Montanelli, Porta Venezia. Ice skating rink and other attractions. Visit Santa’s House until 25 Dec. and Befana’s House from 26 Dec. – Jan. 6 2017. For more info www.

The Diocesan Museum of Milan celebrates its 15-year history by exhibiting the ‘Adoration of the Magi’ by Albrecht Dürer on loan from the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. On Thursdays until Dec. 22, the Diocesan Museum will extend opening hours until 22:00. Corso di Porta Ticinese, 95. Tel. Email: info.biglietteria@museodiocesano. it The Museo del Novecento and Electa Publishers present “BOOM! 60 Era arte moderna” (BOOM 60 - Modern Art Era). The exhibition is devoted to Italian art between the early 1950’s and the early 1960’s, with a special focus on its coverage in the most popular communication media of the time, notably magazines and newspapers. Tel. Email: www. From Dec. 1 - 22, the San Fedele Museum will host ‘Christ Light of the World’. Centerpiece of the exhibition is the ‘Adorazione dei pastori’ (Adoration of the Shepherds) by Giovan Battista Gaulli, known as Baciccio, a small Baroque masterpiece that is presented to the public in Milan for the first time. Chiesa San Fedele Milano, Tel. Email: Last chance to see Escher at Palazzo Reale until Jan. 8. with more than 200 works, a reflection of his relationship with the historical avant-garde. The Palazzo della Triennale will host, "L'altro sguardo. Fotografe italiane 1965-2015" (The Other View. Italian Photographers1965-2015) until Jan. 8. The photographs on display highlight the conceptual, aesthetic and technological changes that have characterized photography in Italy. Tel. Email:

The Real McCoy.

Beware of imitations. Accept no substitute. Your supermarket away from home.

Hap Holi py days

International Food Products from around the world

ow Order n as stm for Chri ear Y & New

American, British, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, Greek, Mexican, Arabic, Kosher, Organic, Gluten-free & Vegan

The finest Scottish smoked salmon • Largo La Foppa 1 - Tel. 02.6571760 (MM Moscova) • Via S. Michele del Carso 5 - Tel. 02.4986346 (MM Conciliazione) • V.le Coni Zugna corner Pacioli - Tel. 02.89405749 (MM S. Agostino)


Issue 355

(and other products) brought straight from Scotland to Milan.

Santa available for present deliveries on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Children’s Entertainment & Parties Roberto Talso Tel. 380.7031539 On Jan. 29 at WOW Spazio Fumetto will dedicate an exhibition to ‘Donald Duck’, one of the most iconic characters in international comics. ‘Quattro volte Paperino’ (Donald x Four) is an exhibition that presents the public with all the four identities (Donald classic, Phantom Duck, PK, DoubleDuck) of this character so loved by the general public. Viale Campania, 12, Milano Tel. Email: Dec. 3 – 11 Find your Christmas gifts at the annual L’artigiano Fair at Fieramilano Rho dedicated to artisan crafts from around the world. From 10am to 10.30pm. ‘L'Uomo, la Terra, i Pianeti’ (Man, Earth, Planets) is a voyage in art, hosted until Dec. 24, at the Spazio Tadini House Museum, Via Jommelli, 24, Milano; it leads the viewer to the discovery of ‘Ophiuchus,’ the thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, with Milan and its astrological references. Free admission. Tel. Email: The Francesco Messina Studio Museum hosts the ‘Aspettando l’ispirazione’ (Waiting for inspiration) exhibition of works by H.H Lim until Dec. 11. The exhibition explores the role of art and the artist in the contemporary world and places the artist Lim in dialogue with the museum space and Francesco Messina’s sculptural works. Free admission. Tel. Email: The Fondazione Prada will host the ‘William N. Copley’ retrospective until Jan. 8. Organized in collaboration with the Menil Collection in Houston. The exhibition covers the American artist's entire career which initiated in the late '40s in Los Angeles, developed in Paris and subsequently spanned across Europe and the United States. Tickets €8. Tel. Email: www. The winter skating rink makes its return to the modern and innovative district of Piazza Gae Aulenti until Feb. 12. Tickets € 8. For info Tel. 340.150.8584 From 1st to 3rd Dec., the Artemis Dance Company brings ‘Tosca X’ to the Teatro Menotti stage with choreography, staging, sets, lights and costumes by Monica Casadei. Via Ciro Menotti, 11. Tickets €14. Tel. SIGNS is an exhibition dedicated to contemporary graphics and will be open to the public until Dec. 20, 2016 at the Base Milano venue. The programme also includes meetings with designers and graphic design workshops. Free admission. Email: - Three weekends of ‘A tu per tu con la ricerca’ (Face to face with research) at the National Museum of Science and Technology provide an opportunity

arts & leisure

From North Pole to your House

styled classified ads bold €10 framed €10 extra length €10 all capitals €10 red text €10

serving the community since 1999

for everyone to communicate through communicative games and experimental activities that researcher carries out daily. Tickets from € 7,50. Tel. 02 485551 Email: The twentieth edition of the ‘Banco di Garabombo’ market stall will be held until Jan 8 in the piazzale of Via Mario Pagano (M1) - a great chance for everyone to turn Christmas gift shopping into a positive act of solidarity and to construct a fairer and sustainable economy for persons and for the environment. Free admission. Promote yr event in Easy Milano! Submit yr event details every 2 wks. Don’t miss the deadline, see online calendar for exact dates. Promuovi il tuo evento in Easy Milano! Scrivi i dettagli del evento ogni 2 settimane. Controlla il nostro calendario per le date, [31976] ▲

arts & leisure & leisure


Looking for an odd Christmas gift? Come to Milano Manifesti. The biggest vintage Posters Gallery in the Town v. Thaon di Revel 12, open 11-13 am,5-8 pm Tel. 339.661.6415 [60141]F

PORTAROMANA131 hair & Beauty Store

Calling all handbell ringers! New ensemble beginning rehearsals in central location. Experienced and first time ringers equally welcome. More info: [60112]M Cross our threshold into a late 19th C aristocratic Milanese mansion, Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, v. Gesù 5. Renaissance art & furniture. Eng info/ audioguide. Tu-Su 1-5:45 PM [60197] This classified ad is Free! Plain text & 170 characters. Re-insert your free ad in a new issue every 2wks. Max 2 free ads per issue. See for more details [31977] ▲

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Professional Belly Dancer available for performances in Clubs and parties, available as a teacher too, several years experience. Tel. 351.214.6559 [60096] Scuola Internazionale Musicale di Milano. Learn all kinds of music/ instruments in an international context for children/adults. Preparation to ABRSM exams. Tel. [60178] ▲

English Speaking Salon - Come in for a Free Consultation Other languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Italian di Porta Romana 131 – 20122 Milano Tel. 328.023.6660 7

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Thanksgiving Dinner November 24, 2016 wishes to express its gratitude to all the participants, groups and companies that made this year’s community Thanksgiving Dinner Celebration a success. Nearly 150 Americans and international friends came together from all parts of northern Italy to share a special meal and to give thanks led by Rev’d Vickie Sims. Special thanks goes to the U.S. Consulate General in Milan and to the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy for their support, Delta Airlines for sponsoring the evening, Rapanello for the children's entertainment, the team at Hotel dei Cavalieri for hosting us and to the Questura di Milano for keeping us safe year round. Thank you to Ambrosio Wine Experience, Bags Entertainment, MammamiaKids, Scotland for You and Superpolo for contributing to the charity raffle which will benefit Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus.

Thank You!


Join the Premiere Network for Professional Women in Milan For more information on our networking and career development events, please visit our website: PWA is a member of EuropeanPWN

and e x pat clubs & expat associations associations clubs

Meet a dynamic group of international women at Professional Women's Association (PWA). For more info on career development events, go to We are the Italian member of European Professional W o m e n ’s Network Read about our Ready for Board Women project at [46113]B F XL Benvenuto Club of Milan- An allvolunteer organization of English speaking women meeting for friendship, fun, cultural exchange, travel and more: visit our website www.; write to us at; join us each Wed from 10:30 to 12 at D&G Martini Bar Corso Venezia 15 [54106]XL Casa Scozia, The home of Scottish Culture in Italy, is an association supporting Scottish initiatives or events involving Italy; from Scottish country dance lessons, Tartan night, Whiskey day to St. Andrew’s Dinner Dance, learn more on [58685]XL Register on, the online community for English speakers in Italy and join groups with likeminded people or create your own group. It's free, by the makers of Easy Milano. [58617]XL Connect with other English-speaking professionals at events in Milan & Rome. All nationalities welcome. No member dues. Join us today: http:// [60171] ▲

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worship directory

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Intl Church of Milan. A bible believing fellowship. Worship in English Sun at 17:30 w/children, youth & young adult programs. Jim Tel. 349.766.9678 [60153] ▲

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items for sale

items for sale

High quality, branded ski and snowboarding boots. up to 50% off. All sizes available for adults and children. Special prices for couples and family buys. Tel. 349.865.5990 [59990]M Prada libro: Beautiful big Catalogue documenting 3 decades of fashion, architecture, film and arts by Miuccia Prada. New with case. Perfect Xmas gift. 50€. Tel. 339.501.2473 [60179] Are you moving? Need to sell something? Easy Milano offers classified ad styles to make your text stand out from the rest. Choose from Bold, Framed, Extra Length, ALL CAPS and Red Text options for just €10 each. To place your classified ad, use the online form at & pay conveniently by credit card [31975] B F XL ▲

pets related

pets related

Flat Coated retrievers (black) sold at very reasonable price only to true pet lovers, with time to spend with their dog. Tel. 347.070.6175 Email: [60151]▲

items wanted

items wanted

Looking for a baby safety gate. Email: [60116] ▲


Issue 355

shares offered

housing offered ( shares )

MM Bande Nere - Beautiful furnished apartment for rent in a very quiet area. The apartment consists in a large entrance, living room with balcony, separate kitchen, bedroom, large bathroom with tub. It is provided with washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning. Tel. 366.116.4880 [60008]F XL In cerca dell’ inquilino perfetto? I nostri lettori cercano soluzioni abitative a breve termine. Cerca un nuovo inquilino oggi con Easy Milano su [40884] B F

housing wanted

housing wanted


26 yo med student is looking for an hosting solution in Milano, willing to rent non standard apt (e.g. without a kitchen/contract) Michael: [60196] Family from Netherlands looking for an apartment in Milan or Sesto. Living-room, kitchen, 3 bedroom & Box auto. Price around €1.500/ month. Email: [60164] ▲

housing offered

( short

short lets offered

1 bdroom Modern Top Flr Flat. 2 Balconies. Kitchen, studio, bath/ shower. 1 dbl bed. TV, D/washer Wifi f/furnished. Ca Granda metro. €350/week or monthly let. Cri Tel. 347.293.0897 [59705]M One-bedroom flat w kitchen, bathroom w shower. Balcony. Ground floor. 2 sgl + 1 dbl bed. Tv, wi-fi, f/ furnished. Monteceneri area. €250/ week. Livia Tel. 338.211.9253 [60089] Furnished, fully-equipped, serviced flats for rent in Milan (2-30 nights). Lots of well-served locations. Price starting from 60€/night (2 ppl). Email: [60180] Elegant 1 bdrm apartment in 1930's Vintage Style in the center of Milan, close to Navigli, 20' walk distance from Duomo. Sleeps 4. €69/night for 3, min. 2 nights. Tel. 335.233.018 [60157] Milan City center on Viale Piave f/ furnished Studio for rent for female guests, wifi internet. €60 per night, min. 2 nights. Tel.329.031.2013 Ettore [60185]▲


The best choice of apartments in Milan




next deadline: Monday, December 5 for publication date Thursday, December 15

following deadline:

housing ) ( elsewhere offered elsewhere Legnano, only 30 mins north Milano, modern beautiful panoramic lrg comfy f/furn - apartment for rent. Also short term www.legnanoapartments. Tel. 329.031.2013 [60186] ▲

+39 02 58328574

Tuesday, January 10 for publication date Thursday, January 19


ce 19


holiday rentals

holiday rentals

lets )


MM Palestro close San Babila f/ ns single room en suite bathroom, independent entry shared kitchen all day concierge €600/month call send message. Tel. 338.604.8557 [60109]M Adriano camera singola in trilocale con cucina abitabile, doppi servizi. €450 Tutto compreso. Disponibile da Gennaio 2017, solo donne. Email: chiccaaut@hotmail. com [60174] M3 Corvetto quite residential location lrg sgl rm with double bed F/F new furn €430/mth heating incl. Email: Tel. +39 388.573.2492 [60132] 1 year rent sgl room downtown, all comfort apt, prvte bathrm, garage for motorbike owner's. public transport nearby offers many trams, buses, metro 5 and 2. Tel. 348.045.4299 [60184]▲

RE MORO REAL ESTATE Property Management

( short

short lets wanted

lets )

Seeking furnished mono/bilocale apt near a metro stop, Preferably in Milan 1st 2 rings for March-July. Could house/pet/babysit, love kids & Animals! Email: menterprise@libero. it [60200] ▲

Vacation apartments located steps away from the main piazza of Orta San Giulio, close to restaurants/ shops and a clean lake. For more info pl go to [57973]M SW Florida paradise. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom F/furn condo in beautiful Naples for all year rent all mod cons/garage and pool. Frank Tel. 335.656.2992 Email: frank@ [60147]▲

real estate for sale

real estate for sale

Umbria, beautiful villa on sale by owner. Amazing panoramic view, olive grove. Totally restored fully furnished. Price €160.000 Tel. 334.573.5512 [60173] Vimodrone, near MM2, private sells wonderful, quiet apartment in the green. 2 bdrms, ktchn, living and more. 110 m2 plus garage. Pia 345.228.3674 Email: merippai@ [60154] ▲

e to wher it?


tion istribu See D rs page 15 e Partn

Leading Destination Service Provider for Total Relocation, Immigration & Language Services Throughout Italy P Multilingual, professional, and qualified staff P 24hr emergency helpline available

P All services carried out in-house with no outsourcing P Complete Welcome Kit for all new arrivals P Programs for singles, couples, and families 10% reduction if you mentioned this ad!

Contact: +39 02.4507.6722 9

housing & accommodation

housing offered

housing offered

employment opportunities

English Teachers Required Immediately Berlitz Italy is among the world leaders in the field of language learning services. We are currently seeking full-time and part-time teachers in Milan & Turin. Candidates must be native speakers and have a degree, preferably with some teaching experience or teaching certification. European passport or relevant working documentation a must. Berlitz teachers are motivated, enthusiastic and open to new experiences. Would you like to work in a dynamic, international environment, then this is the job for you!


Please contact Louise Thorne at:, or workinrome@


1 9 9 9.





The best source for bilingual employment in Milan La vostra azienda ha bisogno di una persona bilingue? Inserisci una pubblicità sul Tel. 02 66 98 32 99

employment offered

employment offered

EMT= English Mother Tongue Blue Sea Cruises International is now re-opening with new management and we are in search of qualified customer service Manager. Send CV to Email: info@blueseacruisesintl. com [60158] Historic bakery in the center of Milan is seeking PT shop assistants. Knowledge of English is required. Please send your CV to: job_info@ [60100] Hiring bilingual customer consultant (fashion industries) in Milan, basic knowledge of Italian language, limited experience as shopping assistant. Send CV to Email: hr@ [60123] Executive Assistant for the day to day running of a studio. University Degree. Previous experience. MS Office literate. Attention to details. Highly organized. Email: dia. [60092] La vostra azienda ha bisogno di una persona madrelingua inglese o una persona bilingue? Inserisci il tuo annuncio sul Easy Milano. www. [51812] ▲

employment wanted

employment wanted


EMT experienced secretar y is looking for a position in an international law firm or multinational company. Email: nicole.347@ [60187] EMT experienced secretary is looking for a position in a bilingual school. I also speak fluent Italian. Email: [60181] 26 years old medical student based in Milan is looking for a job (also PT). Speaks 4 languages, military background, presentable appearance. Michael: mulberry4u@ [60191] ▲



household employment offered


Looking for Filipina Female around 30yo, with docs and refs, full Time job, living in, iron, clean, cook. Please send mail to Email: or SMS to Tel. 329.002.8090 [60119] ▲



household employment wanted


Sri Lanka F seeks job as a babysitter and housekeeper, caregivers. Have very good experience, Tel. 329.137.9501 Email: nimalika. [60163] Signora italiana buon carattere paziente ottimo inglese referenze cerca PT lun/ven pom dama compagnia leggere cucinare spesa visite mediche libera sub. Tel. 347.518.7821 [60176]


Issue 355

starting at €38*

Tel. 02 66 98 32 99 *with quantity discount, iva not included

Looking for PT/FT job, knows how to clean, iron and cooking, hardworking and trustworthy, have a doc and good ref. Tel. 366.978.5952 [60110] M from Nepal, exp in cleaning/ hotel roomboy/ laudryboy/ portinai/ gardening/helper etc. Job FT/ PT or hourly. Worked in London/ Spain. Honest n hardworking. Tel. 351.260.1045 [60201] Sri Lankan F seeks job as a babysitter and housekeeper, in the afternoon. Excellent reference and experinced. Tel. 333.414.0025 Email: [60115] ▲



employment offered teaching


EMT= English Mother Tongue International school in Milan is looking for qualified primary EMT Teachers. Send CV to vacancies. [60009]M School of English is recruiting EMT teacher with experience in teaching to children for primary schools in the area of Lodi. Send your CV to Email: [60105]F Dynamic Intl lang studio in Ossona 25kms west of Milan reqs ace German MT teacher for all types of teaching. Hard working & professional. CV to Email: frank@ [60148] We need EMT trainers to work in the banking & finance sector. Must have univ degree, TEFL cert & prof'l experience. Apply with CV & photo Email: [60189] Do you love teaching? We offer Business English teachers real career dev & motivated students. FT salaried & PT opps learn more: [60124] EASY MILANO OFFERS CLASSIFIED AD STYLES TO MAKE YOUR TEXT STAND OUT. REACH OUT TO THE ENGL SPEAKING COMMUNITY OF MILAN. CHOOSE FROM BOLD, FRAMED, EXTRA LENGTH, ALL CAPS AND RED TEXT FOR ONLY €10 EACH. EASILY SUBMIT YOUR CLASSIFIED AD ONLINE WWW.EASYMILANO. IT & PAY CONVENIENTLY BY CREDIT CARD. [31971]B F R C▲

GoodGoing! is a network made up of consultants, executive coaches and counselors. We offer career guidance, aptitude tests, career check-up, CV / letter writing, interview prep, business plan for entrepreneurs, extensive assessment on education, training and employment.

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childcare positions offered


EMT= English Mother Tongue Fluent in English baby sitter for 2 yo son and household when the kid’s not there. 3 afternoons + 2 mornings weekly. Navigli. Ref required. Email: Tel. 338.146.8652 [60037]M Looking for a nanny EMT or with a good English level to pick up my child from kindergarten in the afternoon and play with her in English. Tel. 339.406.0853 [60140] Wanted F English mother toungue to provide conversation lessons to 8 year old girl at her residence (near Loreto) please contact Tel. 366.520.6385 [60111] Necessito baby-sitter madrelingua inglese, nativa inglese, americana, australiana, 2/3 giorni a settimana, per 2/3 ore al giorno, per giocare con i miei bimbi di 5 e 2 anni. Email: [60146] Looking for an EMT baby sitter able to perform educational activities and games with a 9 years old boy. Preferably on Wednesday afternoon. Email: [60127] Sto cercando una madrelingua inglese per mia figlia di 5 anni (2 pomeriggi alla settimana). Viviamo a Melegnano. Manuela Email: [60135] We are looking for an EMT F, once a week, from 16 to 19 to take care and to teach English to an 8 year old. Email: [60156] Want your children to speak English at home? Looking for an English speaking nanny or babysitter? Place your free ad in Easy Milano, under “Childcare Positions Offered”

childcare positions wanted

child care positions wanted

EMT= English Mother Tongue Bilingual (English and Italian) Nanny, several years experience available to take care of children. Tel. 348.463.6585 [60093] 19 year old Filipina. Fluent in English with experience in baby sitting. Available in the morning. Te. 327.347.9749 [60131]

Italian bilingual tutor/teacher will help children with homework, play, speak English after school. Exp, reliable. Driving if needed. Tel. 333.257.3894 Mirella Email: mfisch@ [60177] Italian F excellent English spoken written 4 yrs exp loves kids very good ref looks PT BS homework tutor engl convers play can cook Mon/Fri afternoons Tel. 347.518.7821 [60175] Filipina, 40 y/o w/ exp. looking for stay in job as nanny on end of March to a family who speaks English. Honest, hardworking, flexible and nice person. Tel. 388.699.5056 [60169] Baby sitter that speaks English offers her job for part time help in the afternoon. Regina Email: [60168] ▲

Take the plunge, make that extra step towards something that is truly yours. Call today, Mob. 389.5605447

ENGLISH TEACHERS REQUIRED IN MILAN Freelance, Part-time and Full-time

Looking for English Teachers to join our staff in a dynamic and international environment. Candidates should have: • relevant teaching experience • strong communication skills. Preferred requirements: • knowledge in the following areas (e.g. economics, legal, medical, business...); • flexibility; • residency in Milan; • basic knowledge of the Italian language.

If interested, please send your CV to: (write in subject: “CV Name & Surname - ENGLISH”)

internship related

internship related

Interested in contributing to new online community? Submit your stories and share your experiences with other expats and English speakers living in Italy. Email: info@ [56284]B F XL Full time stage at Educonnection. Busy office near San Babila. English speaker essential, Chinese beneficial. Good communication skills reqd. CV to Email: eva.s@ [60118] ▲

BEST WESTERN INTERNATIONAL The Hotel chain, founded in 1946, represents more than 4,000 hotels in 83 Countries. The reservation’s offices located in Europe, United States and Asia offer a unique standard of service to all callers: travel agencies, companies and individual travelers. The Milan Consolidated Reservations office, opened in 1992, in order to expand its database in view of possible future hiring, is selecting new candidatures for the position:

INDIVIDUAL RESERVATIONS SALES AGENTS Requirements: MOTHERTONGUE of all the European languages, and more specifically: Swedish – Norvegian - Danish – Dutch – German Perfect knowledge of English and Microsoft Office 2010 package are required. Knowledge of Italian or any other European language is appreciated

learning directory

learning directory

Im offering lessons for children elementary and high school students who have difficulties in Mathematics. For info. Janel Tel. 328.144.9925 [60117] Spanish Spanish! Davvero vuoi imparare lo spagnolo? Insegnante madrelingua impartisce a domicilio lezioni private o di gruppo, bambini, giovani ed adulti Tel. 392.280.4335 [60126] Chinese teacher with experience giving fun chinese lesson to children, help for HSK&YCT revision. Available also Sat/Sun Tel. 329.472.4977 Email: cinese017@ [60090]

Job Description: Title : Reservation Sales Agent Reports to the management team (Supervisors, Support supervisors, Manager) Objective: Professionally answer all customer’s business calls, trying to achieve all calls with a sell. Customers are considered as individual people, travel agencies and companies. Responsibilities: • To answer all calls in a professional manner, trying to show availabity and to percieve client’s needs • To make sure that every call results with at least one room night, suggest alternates if necessary. • To use every available tool to satisfy the clients’ requirements, direct him/her to different departments within the CRO (Groups, Customer Service, GDS, Supervisors etc) • To book the room(s) writing all necessary details in the system, provide guests with all relevant information. • To show constancy with sales initiative and persistently improve the office conversion. • To maintain a satisfying level of knowledge in all international and internal policies and procedures. Contact Best Western International - Human Resources department Send CV with photo to (ref. EM6): - Tel. 02 637 841 11

employment opportunities

How do I present myself as a candidate?

friends & partners


Easy Milano is pleased to have had the fortune to work in collaboration with the following institutions and organisations over the years:











ED - 02 58105598


British-trained Physics and Science teacher available for lessons and also English conversation. TEFL Qualified. Tel. 331.958.1812 Email: william. [60133]▲


fast & enjoyable, at exceptionally low prices

One to One Lessons try your first lesson free!

Group Course

italian I talian lessons lessons

IMT= Italian Mother Tongue Learn Italian! Fast & enjoyable at exceptionally low prices, 1-on-1 or group lessons. Special discount for intensive courses and for au pairs. Tel. Email: info@ [51948]B F XL -

Need to master your Italian? IMT DITALS offers one2one/class lessons. Business Italian and Finance. Email: Tel. 389.516.9849 [59688]M Learn Ital fast & easily! Exp & qual IMT teacher gives lessons tailored on your learning style & needs. Flex hrs incl w/e & good rates. Francesca Email: [60120] Italian native Teacher, highly qual & long exp. Flex hrs incl w/ends to match your schedule. Prof & friendly, good refs. Tel.334.573.5512 [60172] Freelance teacher with over twenty years’ experience. Tailored Italian Language Courses. Free trial lesson. Flexible timetable. Aldo Email: av.verbamanent@ Tel. 347.177.3877 [60159] Italian teacher for foreigners available for lessons at home too, several years experience with students of differente nationalities. Tel. 351.071.2583 [60095] ▲

english E nglish lessons lessons

EMT= English Mother Tongue

Città Metropolitana di Milano

Madrelingua inglese da Londra lunga esp. insegn. offre lezioni casa tua/ufficio ogni livello esigenza max q.tà serietà Tel. 333.780.9708 Email : masnut@ [59435]B I offer General English or Business English lessons. One to One or groups. CELTA qualified. Please contact me at Email: [60194]


Issue 355

max 8 people: from € 150 for 4 weeks

Evening Groups

6:30 - 8 pm or 8:30 - 10 pm

Intensive Course

80 hours/mth SPECIAL DISCOUNT € 450

Au pair discount 10% off for group courses

LANGUAGE.IT Info Monday - Friday 10.00am - 18.00pm Galleria del Corso 4, 7th floor MM Duomo Tel. 02 76 00 95 75

Bilingual Teacher, English and Italian, available for lessons all levels, also at home. Tel. 327.094.1595 [60094] Improve your English weekday mornings! Experienced teacher with Uni/CELTA Tel. 338.864.6794 Email: [60136] Wish to train on Skype with native teachers for job interviews, make conversation, study general, business English or train for exams? Write me at Email: danasandu83@ [60166] F 26 Filipina, fluent in English. Available for babysitting and/or English lessons for kids. Flexible time. Contact Email: ms.danicagalolo@ [60129] EMT teacher-BA fine Art, TEFL Cert Cambridge RSA. 16yrs exp. offers Art/English lessons and Cambridge exam prep starters/flyers/movers etc. for CV Email: canyoudigit3@ [60134] Italiana offre lezioni inglese per studenti da elementari a scuole superiori per compiti, esami e ripetizioni. Prezzi ok. Email: [60139] Pro teacher of English offers private lessons & courses to all levels: beginners & advanced; and ages: adults & kids. Group teaching & 1 to 1. Tel. 389.153.6139 Email: [60107] Sono Ariel, Laureato in Medicina, con esperienza nell'insegnamento, disponibile per ripetizioni di inglese e aiuto compiti a bambini delle scuole. Tel. 380.170.6550 [60161] English as you like it! Tutto l'anno, lezioni/corsi intensivi/rapidi, recuperi, job interviews, grammar, convo, business, insegnante IMT privata. Email: [60193]

UK certified bilingual Speech and Language Therapist; SLT, Learning Difficulties specialist; English mother tongue tutor; Educational, occupational and chartered Psychologist; Medical doctor and psychotherapist specialized in Neuropsychiatry.

English - Français - Italiano - Deutsch

SUPPORT • Speech and language rehabilitation • Learning difficulties rehabilitation • Treatment for attention issues • Planning and organization skills • Homework tutoring • Brain strengthening • Mindfulness programs • Yoga and mindfulness program

Cardiac and Chest Evaluation - GI Abdominal Complaints Stress Related Disorders Women’s Health - PAP Smears - Dermatology Sports Injuries - Minor lacerations - Travel Medicine Second Opinion - Internal Medicine Infant Newborn Care - Immunizations Growth Evaluation - All Parenting Concerns

Easily organized X-Ray - Mammogram - MRI - CT - U/S On site lab exams *US TRAINED SPECIALIST PHYSICIANS


Tel: 02-5831-9808 - Via Mercalli, 11 - Publicity authorized-Ordine dei Medici 08/10/01- Municipal No: 225307/2001

PSYCHOLOGIST - PSYCHOTHERAPIST health & well-being & well-being

English - Italiano - Français


Alcoholics Anonymous English Speaking Group, meetings on Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun for info: > Meetings > Italy > Milan for info : Trevor 333.115.9266 [59966]M Need to rejuvenate your skin, fillers injections or botox? Need to check your body energy? English speaking MD spec. in Medical Aesthetics, office in downtown Milan. Elena Paglia MD, Tel. +39 338.339.6079 Email: info@ www.elenapaglia. com [59324]XL Child Psychologist offers English academic assessment for learning disability, psychotherapy and parent counseling in English. Email: milani. [60138] Flower Power! Bach Remedies & others for any emotional distress. Bilingual Registered Practitioner in Milan helps you reconnect & balance. Email: [60192] ▲

sports & fitness & fitness


British Personal Fitness Trainer Originally from London I provide a unique service for expats/natives in Milan. My methods include Gym, Outdoors & Private home training. 1 on 1 and Group sessions available. An Athlete myself I guarantee results! For info contact Donovan at www.donovanrussell. com [60074]B F XL Come visit our new Tai Chi & Qi Gong, Feldenkrais studio in Milano center, for your well being of body and mind. Corso Italia 49. Tel. 335.708.6008 Alessandra [60150]

• Couples and family therapy • Cultural adjustment • Court-appointed psychologist Member of Italian “Ordine degli Psicologi Regione Lombardia” Design B Easy srl

Psychoanalyst - Psychologist, member of NYU Post Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, with over 30yrs of experience. Fluent English and Ital, offers individual sessions, short term couple psychotherapy, family expatriation counseling. Tel. 338.977.4594 www. [57595]B F XL

• Individual psychotherapy for adults, adolescents and children

Dr. Giulia Remorino Ibry Studios in the Fiera area & city center Tel. 02 46 94 911 - Cell. 348 76 48 464

ar e a


a s y ma


En gli s h Profes s or/ac a d e m ic Eng specialist – preparation for university entrance/IB/IELTS/IGCSE/ Cambridge and Oxford exams. Email: Tel. 347.877.7475 [60121] Insegnante bilingue con Celta e esperienza pluriennale in scuole e aziende offre lezioni di inglese a bambini ragazzi e adulti. Email: [60128] Experienced English teacher offers personal classes at home, grammar and conversation. Ana Email: [60167] Experienced and qualified IB English Literature and Language teacher available for extra tuition. Excellent resume and results. Available on a one to one basis or group. Email: [60142] EMT F from London offers one to one English conversation lessons at your home or office in the afternoon or evening. Email [60188] EMT 20 anni di esperienza. 3 ore 70€ lezioni 1 a 1 Grammatica vocab anche tecnico ascolto conversazione ecc. Divertiamoci! Tel. 391.717.5602 Email: justformystudents@yahoo. [60130] CELTA American English lessons at your place, for children or adults. Grammar, conversation. Lunch time, noons, evenings. Sempione area. Tel. 333.257.3894 Mirella Email: [60145] Learn English w/ me! All ages, for work, school or just to speak better!English conversation from an American tutor! Book now for you or your children! Email: ddigirly@ [60102] EMT, USA, British Council Mbr, BC Public Teacher Mbr offers English Lessons/exam-career prep/conv 1:1/group + Phonics! Super w/kidsinteractive Fun! Email: menterprise@ [60199] Corsi 1:1 o di gruppo su Skype con insegnanti madrelingua per imparare inglese a casa o in ufficio. Conversazione, grammatica, colloqui o altro? Visita [60183]

ar e e

ASSOCIAZIONE LO STUDIO Via Soncino, 1 Milano Tel. 02 8909 6934 - Cell. 347 162 8163


EVALUATIONS • Cognitive skills • Speech • Language (comprehension and use) • Specific Learning Disabilities (SpLD) • Neuropsychological functions • (DDI, ADHD) • Pervasive Developmental Disorders • Emotional, social and relational difficulties


Publicity authorized-Ordine degli Psicologi-Municipal No S01 1569 del 26/11/01

PSYCHOLOGIST – PSYCHOANALYST Dr. Mariano Enderle Member of the Psychoanalytic Society of the “New York University Post Doctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis” Faculty ISerDIP: Institute for the Study and Research of Psychic Disorders and School for Integrated Short Term Psychotherapy Member of “Ordine degli Psicologi Regione Lombardia”

Individual Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis Short Term and Focused Oriented Psychotherapy Short Term Couple Psychotherapy Executive Coaching and Family Expatriation Counseling EMDR Trauma Treatment M ilano - P iazza M irabello , 1 C entro C linico IS e RD i P T: +39 3389774594 – E mail : mariano . enderle @ alice . it www . marianoenderle . it

Dr. Sara Mirabelli

Psychologist and Psychotherapist Milan Specialized in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. - S. Freud - Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Specialized in Relational Psychotherapy - Cultural Adjustment - Psychodiagnostics - Sessions in English or Italian Member of “Ordine degli Psicologi della Lombardia” Publicity Authorized - Ordine degli Psicologi Municipal N. S04/1110 del 5/10/2004 - PG 1060412/2004 del 21/10/2004

Via Moretto da Brescia, 6 - 20133 Milan Cell. 339 3681493 - - 13

health & well-being

Specialized team for International Bilingual Schools

learning directory

New to Milan ?

Yoga classes in English near Porta Romana/Bocconi taught by experienced EMT teacher. For info visit or contact Flo at Tel. 366.379.3023 [60137]▲

Want your children to learn English from the USA? With me American English conversation tutor! fun for all age children! They will be able to speak fast! Book now w/me Diane Email: [60104] ▲t

kids' corner

kids ’ corner

English/American style birthday cakes for kids' parties - made 2 order, personalised to your theme. Cupcakes and custom cookies w/ yr child’s face or any other photo. See Tel. 340.064.0608 [29757]B F XL

Don't worr y, our online map will give you directions on how to locate your closest distribution point.

study holiday

study holiday

Want your kids to learn English? Learning by playing is a great way to do that. CELTA certified teacher. Lessione ludiche per bambini. Email: [60195] English lessons for kids. Experienced EMT from England - any level, from help with homework to exam prep. Affordable, flexible, any area. Email: [60108] Wishing to give yr kids the best birthday ever? 25 yo IMT Magician for Children fluent in English available in Lombardy and Switzerland! Info here: [60152] Help history come alive for your kids, authentic late 19th C aristocratic Milanese mansion, Renaissance art & furniture, Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, v Gesù 5, Tu-Su 1-5:45PM [60198]

Looking for Engl courses abroad? Ask the experts! 400+ courses in all Engl speaking countries. 30 yrs exp. British Chamber of Commerce Tel. www.britchamitaly. com [60091] ▲

language exchange

language exchange

EMT looking for a content manager to teach me the finer points of social media for private business in exchange for English lessons. Email: Lucy.porter73@ [60113] Pro teacher of English. Male 47 yo. Friendly and easygoing. Also journalist and poet. Looking for language exchange in Milan. Tel. 389.153.6139 Email: [60106] This classified ad is Free! Place your classified ads in plain text (not bold, frame, etc.), max 170 characters every 2 weeks. Max 2 free ads per issue. [31979] ▲

The online community for English-speakers in Italy The goal of the community is to support collaboration and knowledge sharing among like minded people living in Italy, thereby making the experience of living


abroad the very best possible.





from the makers of


Issue 355


How to place a classified ad

per mettere un’inserzione, visita il nostro sito e segui le istruzioni in italiano

punti distribuzione

Year XIII Issue 277




The #1 FREE biweekly


for the English




of Milan


No. 277 March 21 - April 3, 2013



Early Learnin


STEP 1 Choose free or styled scegli uno stile


g Centre

OPE DAY N S • International • Major Focus and Intercultural Education on Science • Next Generation and Math Learning • Modern, Approach Green 9-acre • Extensive Campus Sports Facilities


ril 2013 Thursdays 10:00 -10:30 Fridays (Sabotino 10:00 -10:30 School)

(Plinio School) • Full, morning or afternoon • Age 1 to 6 Canadian/Britis classes 8:00 am to 6:30 • Program h curriculum pm includes Swimming, • Optional Yoga, Music Chinese Mandarin • Baby and Art Swimming Atelier afternoon and more program • Qualified, caring mother afterschool clubs • School tongue bus service staff If you would its facilities, like to experience life at the talk to the the best school, English nurseryteachers, and wonder around enjoy a Come and schools moment meet us! in Milan in one of While you since 2004, are visiting in one of our school our classes. your child may participate






SABOTINO SCHOOL Viale Sabotino 16 MM P.ta Romana Tel. 02.8703.5280



PLINIO SCHOOL via Plinio 16 MM Lima Tel. 02.3653.1079




American Via K. Marx School of Milan 14, Noverasco Tel. +(39) di Opera 02 5300 (MI) 0015 -

The new gateway

to health in Milan.

Services offered by the center • General medicine • Allergology • Dentistry • Dermatology • Orthodontics • Dietetics • Otorhinolaryngolog • Gynaecology • Pediatrics y and Obstetrics • Psychotherapy • Systemic Laboratory counselling tests: blood, urine, allergy tests, microbiology, pap smear, food intollerance test.


Via Angelo Mauri 3 - 20144 Metro: MM1 Conciliazione Milano near corso Vercelli - Tram: 16 5 min. from , 29, 30 Cadorna Bus: 61 Tel. 02 Railwaystation 43990401 - Fax 02 43989800


Milan Medical

.it - e-mail: info@milanmedicalcente

Center srl - Direttore Autorizzazione Sanitario Dott. Ercole Sanitaria Montefusco n.26/2006/A

tel. +(39) 02 66 98 32 99 fax info@easymila +(39) 02 70 04 www.easymil 40 812

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Bugs and Daisies V. Massaccio 12 (Lotto) Follador Nursery School Viale Cassiodoro 24 (Domodossola) New SpeakEasy Via G. Rossetti 9 (Amendola Fiera) Offside Sports Bar V. Losanna 46

British American PreSchool & Bilingual European School V. Val Cismon 9 (Maciachini) Methodist Church of Milan V. Lambertenghi 28 (Zara) Milano Manifesti V. Revel 12 (Zara) MIP Politecnico di Milano V. Lambruschini 4C (Affori) Vintage Bakery V.le Stelvio 41 (Zara) Easy Milano is also distributed at special events including monthly meetings of local expat clubs and associations, as well as at private receptions and cocktails hosted by Consulates, Chambers of Commerce and within multinational companies in Milan. Some examples are American Business Group, British Chamber of Commerce, Benvenuto Club of Milano, Benvenuto Monza, Democrats Abroad, Europlacements, International Church of Milan, International School of Milan, Louis Vuitton Offices, The Moms & Tots Group, Professional Relo (Agrate Brianza), Professional Women’s Association, Maire Tecnimont Offices, Toastmaster Int’l, etc. Become / Suggest a distribution partner

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Carré d’Artistes V. Cuneo, 5 Harbour Club Milan V. Cascina Bellaria 19 Milan Medical Center V. Angelo Mauri 3 (Conciliazione) Progettare Zero Sei V. Quarenghi 22 (Uruguay) Language Academy Vercelli 51 (Pagano) LearnEng V. Marsica 5 (Amendola Fiera) Vanilla Bakery V. San Siro 2 (Buonarotti)

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Consulate General of Bangladesh V. Via Giambellino 7 Ducale Multisala Piazza Napoli 27, (P.ta Genova) European School of Economics V. Tortona 27 (P.ta Genova) Hambistro V. Savona 13 (S. Agostino) Hotel Residence Zumbini V. Zumbini 6 (Romolo) La Tradizionale V. Bergognone 16 (P.ta Genova) Les Galipettes V. Cottolengo 25 Libera Università di Lingua e Comunicazione V. Carlo Bo 1 (Romolo) Mexico Cinema V. Savona 57 (P.ta Genova) New English Teaching V. Tortona 74 (P.ta Genova) Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti V. Darwin 20 (Romolo) Rookies Sports Bar V.le Gorizia 30 (P.ta Genova) Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci V. Darwin 20 (Romolo) Scuola Politecnica di Design V. Carlo Bo 7 (Romolo) The Milk Bar Milano V. Conca del Naviglio 5 (P.ta Genova) Tizzy’s NY Bar Grill Alzaia Naviglio Grande 46 (P.ta Genova)



Accadueo Fitness Center V.le Lucania 27 (P.ta Romana) California Bakery V.le Premuda 44 (P.ta Venezia) Caruso PortaRomana131 di Porta Romana, 131 (P.ta Romana) Istituto Europeo di Design V. A. Sciesa 4 Pogue Mahone’s V. Salmini 1 (P.ta Romana) Sweet Mama V. E. Morosini 51/1 American School of Milan V. K. Marx 14 (Noverasco di Opera) Bilingual Montessori School V. Palmieri 72/4 (Famagosta) Bocconi University V. Sraffa 11 Istituto Europeo di Design V. P. Leoni 3 Les Galipettes V. Verro 39 Live Nation V. Pietrasanta 14 Ludum V. Pietrasanta 14 Madama Hostel & Bistrot V. Benaco 1 (Brenta) Orchestra La Verdi Largo G. Mahler Residence Ascanio Sforza V. A. Sforza 55 SDA Bocconi V. Balilla 18 (P.ta Romana) Sunny Side Up V.le Col di Lana 6 (P.ta Genova) Wall Street Institute V.le Sabotino 16 (P.ta Romana)



Andersen International School V. D. C. San Martino 8 (Piola) British Institute MI2 S. Francesca Romana 3 (P.ta Venezia) Cinema Arcobaleno V.le Tunisia 11 (P.ta Venezia) EasyHomes V. degli Orombelli 11 (Lambrate) Politecnico di Milano L. Da Vinci 32 (Piola) Grand Hotel Puccini Buenos Aires 33 (Lima) Il Libro Libreria Internazionale V. F. Ozanam 11 (Lima) Intensive Business English V. Palazzi 2/A (P.ta Venezia) International Language School Pz.le Loreto 11 (Loreto) International Residence V. Modena 4 (P.ta Venezia) John Peter Sloan La Scuola V. Boscovich 61 (Lima) Kikolle Lab V. Fratelli Bronzetti 18 (Piola) Language Point Aspromonte 35 (Loreto) Progettare Zero Sei V.le Premuda 38A (P.ta Venezia) Politecnico di Milano V. Ampère 2 (Piola) Relocation Enterprises V. T. Cazzaniga 9/6 (Moscova) Residence Pian della Nave V. Lambrate 9 (Loreto) Sara Mirabelli V. Moretto da Brescia 6 (Piola) Spazio Oberdan V.le Vittorio Veneto 2 (P.ta Venezia) The British School of Milan V. Pisani Dossi 16 (Udine) Wall Street Institute Buenos Aires 79 (Loreto)


CAMO Centro Ambrosiano Oftalmico Repubblica 21 (Repubblica) Canadian School of Milan V. Melchiore Gioia 42 (Sondrio) Cinema Beltrade V. N. Oxilia, 10 (Pasteur) Copernico Milano V. Copernico 38 (Sondrio) Core Cocchini Reppublica 12 (Repubblica) Hilton Hotel V. Galvani 12 (Stazione Centrale) Homes Rentals IV Novembre 4 (Stazione Centrale) Il Nano Gigante V. Lambrate 18 (Pasteur) Osteria Qui Da Noi V. Fara 10 (Stazione Centrale) Studio Inn Centrale V. Cardinal Cagliero 14A (Sondrio) Su Garden V. Carlo Tenca 12 (Repubblica) Ta Hua V. Fara 15 (Stazione Centrale) Westin Palace Milan Reppublica 20 (Repubblica)



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Easy Milano reserves the right to refuse publication of any ads submitted. Please do not submit more than 2 free classified ad requests per person in each issue (max 1 ad per catergory). No personal, friendship or massage adverts. Italian regulation on the handling of personal data. I dati vengono trattati in conformità con la legge 31 dicembre 1996 nr. 675 sulla tutela delle persone e di altri soggetti rispetto al trattamento dei dati personali integrata dai decreti legislativi nr. 123/1997; nr. 255/1997; nr. 135/1998; nr. 171/1998; nr. 189/1998; nr. 81/1999; nr. 135/1999. All ads submitted incorrectly will be disregarded. Tutti gli annunci che verranno presentati in maniera non corretta, non verranno presi in considerazione.

All Saints’ Anglican Episcopal Church V. Solferino 17 (Moscova) American Bookstore V. Camperio 16 (Cairoli) American Chamber of Commerce V. Cantù 1 (Duomo) American Consulate V.le P. Amedeo 2/10 (Turati) American International Medical Center V. Mercalli 11 (Crocetta) Anteo Spazio Cinema V. Milazzo 9 (Moscova) Associazione Lo Studio V. Soncino 1 (Missori) Australian Consulate V. Borgogna 2 (Duomo) Autostradale V.ggi Srl Passaggio Duomo 2 (Duomo) British Chamber of Commerce V. Dante 12 (Cairoli) British Consulate V. S. Paolo 7 (Duomo) British Council V. Manzoni 38 (Turati) California Bakery Sant’Eustorgio 4 (Sant’Agostino), V. Larga 19 (Missori) Canadian Consulate in Milan Cavour 3 (Turati) Carlsberg OL Bastioni Porta Nuova 9/11 (Moscova) CDI Clinic Largo Cairoli 2 (Cairoli) Centro Sportivo San Carlo V. Bernardino Zenale 6 (Ambrogio) Clorofilla Bilingual Nursery V. Cesare da Sesto 5 (Sant’Agostino) Consulate General of the Netherlands V. G. Donizetti 20 (San Babila) Consulate General of Sri Lanka V. F. Melzi d’Eril, 34 (Moscova) Enel Flagship Store V. Broletto 44/A (Cairoli) Follador Nursery School Largo Quinto Alpini 6 Four Seasons Hotel Milano V. Gesù 6/8 (Montenapoleone) Goethe Institut V. San Paolo 10 (Duomo) Hoepli International Bookstore V. Hoepli 5 (Duomo) Hospitadella V. San Pietro all’Orto 9 (San Babila) IN EX Palestre V. Molino delle Armi, 7 (Missori) Int’l Education Studies V. Carducci 26 (Ambrogio) International Health Center Galleria Strasburgo 3 (San Babila) International House Velasca 5 (Missori) International Language School V. Disciplini 5 (Missori) Istituto Dante Alighieri V. G. Leopardi 8 (Cadorna) Istituto Marangoni V. Verri Pietro 4 (Montenapoleone) KC School V. Orti 18 (P.ta Romana) La Feltrinelli Intl V. Manzoni 12 (Montenapoleone) La Feltrinelli Duomo (Duomo) Marchina Hairstyling Venezia 3 (San Babila) Medics V. P. Litta 2 Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia V. San Vittore 21 (S. Ambrogio) New Zealand Consulate V. Terraggio 17 (Ambrogio) Ostello Bello | Milan Hostel V. Medici 4 (Duomo) Pils Pub V. Agostino Bertani 2 (Moscova) Piscina Colonna V. Conservatorio, 2 Regus P.le Biancamano 8 (Moscova) Santa Maria del Carmine Church S.M. del Carmine 2 (Lanza) School Uniforms V. Gesù 17 (Montenapoleone) Shenker Corporate Corso Italia (Missori) Sloan Square Pub P.zle Cadorna 2 (Cadorna) Smile Nursery & Preschool V. G. Boccaccio 34 & 43 (Conciliazione) South African Consulate General V. San Giovanni sul Muro 4 (Cairoli) Spazio Lingua V. Carducci 17 (Cadorna) Subway Café V.le P. Amedeo 2 (Turati) Superpolo International Food Store Largo La Foppa 1 (Moscova) Teatro Strehler Largo Paolo Grassi 2 (Cordusio) The Bagel Factory XXIV Maggio 1/8 (Sant’Agostino) Toni&Guy V. Vincenzo Monti 27 (Conciliazione) Tourist Office InfoMilano V. Emanuele II ang. della Scala (Duomo) TutorYou V.le Luigi Majno 7 (Palestro) Università Cattolica V. Carducci 28 (Ambrogio) Università degli Studi di Milano V. Conservatorio 7 (San Babila) University of Milan V. Santa Sofia 9/1 (Duomo) Versace V. Borgospesso 15 (Montenapoleone) Wall Street Institute V. Carducci 9 (Cadorna)


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la prossima scadenza: 5 Dicembre


New issue every 2 weeks. Deadlines generally fall on a Tuesday for publication the following Thursday. For our full publication calendar go to We do not accept classified ads in person or by phone. All ads submitted incorrectly will be disregarded. Easy Milano reserves the right to refuse publication of any ads submitted. 15

ATM transportation fees

Taxis in Milan

In Milan you may have noticed it's difficult to hail a taxi. Most available taxis are found either at taxis stands, usually near major metro stops or they are reserved in advance. The meter will start ticking once the taxi is heading in your direction for pick up (not once you get into the taxi). There are set fare to and from the airports. Malpensa airport to the city center will cost Euro 90, whereas from Linate Airport will cost on average Euro 35 depending on where you need to go.


There are different types of tickets for traveling on Milan’s ATM transportation network. Here are the most common fares: Urban Ticket: (1.50€) valid for 90 mins. One Day Ticket: (4.50€) valid for 24 hours. Two Day Ticket: (8.25€) valid for 48 hours. Weekly 2x6 Pass: (10€) Allows two rides per day for 6 days in a week. Carnet of 10 Standard Tickets: (13.80€) Allows ten 90-minute rides.

Milan airport connections

easy map

Underground / Metropolitana Sesto 1° Maggio FS — Rho Fiera Milano / Bisceglie Cologno Nord / Gessate — Assago Milanofiori Forum / Abbiategrasso Comasina — San Donato Bignami — San Siro Stadio Suburban Railways / Ferrovia suburbana For Rho Fiera use trains S5 (Varese) or S6 (Novara)

Milano Linate Airport (LNT) Located 8 km SE of Milan. Mainly for domestic or short European flights

Milano Malpensa Airport (MXP) Located 40 km NW of Milan. Largest airport of Milan metropolitan area

Issue 355

Milan Bergamo Airport - Orio al Serio (BGY) Located 45 km NE of Milan. Popular with low-cost airlines


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