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Welcome to Easymeeting Here at Easymeeting, we believe that video conferencing can be the most time efficient communication tool in the world. But first, it needs to be accessible to small and large companies alike. That is why the engineers at Easymeeting have been developing our services and products to be easy to access from any device and even easier for you to use. Imagine, a reliable business class video conference using video systems, computers, tablets and smartphones – that’s Easymeeting. We offer a solution for you to have face to face business meetings with your contacts all over the world; without the hassle and instability of the traditional video conferencing world. Our vision is that by using the Easymeeting services, your organization can start to cut down on commutes, business trips, budgets, and more. You will find yourself and your team working more efficiently and having more time to focus on what’s important. We call it Time Well Spent, and you will too. Evan Andriopoulos, CEO of Easymeeting

Effective communication Effective communication is one of the most important factors in today’s business world. Easymeeting gives you the tools you need to take your communication to the next level and get the most out of your business relationships. Key benefits - Better and more effective use of resources, affords a better bottom line. - Stronger relationships and better proficiency with distant colleagues. - Significant travel cost savings. - Shorter project completion times. - A more attractive workplace for skilled professionals. - Freeing up more peronal time.

We take care of the details..

Easymeeting is a complete and ready to use solution. Our vendor agnostic services and products allow you to work with your team and have productive meetings from anywhere without large investments in costly infrastructure. Our services include EasyConference, EasyNumber, Easymeeting Experts, and more‌

..so you don´t have to.

EasyConference With anyone... from anywhere EasyConference is our cloud service that allows you to connect into the same virtual meeting using video conferencing systems, computers, tablets and smartphones. It is easy as using your mobile phone! Available in groups of 3 - up to 30 participants, the EasyConference service is a great way for you to meet face to face, share presentations and have meetings everywhere. Whether your company needs the capability of having multiple meetings at the same time, or larger meetings, our EasyConference service is a communication solution designed for you.

Let´s meet, just dial 777333

EasyNumbers Say goodbye to long complicated addresses Most of today’s traditional video conferencing systems use IP addresses to call each other - we think this is too complicated. When calling with EasyNumbers, you just dial a six digit number and you are connected to the meeting. EasyNumbers make video conferencing as easy as making a phone call. When you Easymeeting enable your system, you are not only getting a number that everyone can easily dial, but you get seamless functionality with SIP, Lync and URI dialing (dialing with email addresses). With an EasyNumber you can also access our EasyConference service by dialing just a 6-digit number. Easymeeting does not restrict you from dialing the traditional way of using IP addresses or URI - We just think our way is easier!

EasyDirectory The online directory for all video meetings

This is our global directory for all video conferencing - where companies and people can find each other’s video dialing information, just like a phone book for the video world. Register all your existing video systems in the EasyDirectory.

Easymeeting Experts When great technology alone is not enough Our experts have one mission: To make sure you have a great Easymeeting experience, everytime. They are available for trainings, troubleshooting and to help answer any Easymeeting questions. With the Easymeeting Experts assistance, you will be able to have successful meetings, every time! Our Easymeeting Experts are available on video, phone or email.

Meet the Experts

Hardware options

All Easymeeting servicess and products are available via our reseller network. Our partners offer product bundles that work great with the Easymeeting services including our video conferecing system, the Easymeeting TWS.

Easymeeting TWS The Easymeeting TWS is the perfect hardware system to bundle with Easymeeting services. This solution is ideal for small and medium sized conference rooms or a home office. With its 10x, 1080p camera and micpod, it will deliver professional HD video conferencing to your organization. It’s easy to use design makes it possible for any employee to join meetings and make video calls. The device is a compact, all in one solution that will enable you to have productive video meetings and is supported by our team of Easymeeting Experts. The Easymeeting TWS comes with wall and display mounting brackets, accommodates dual displays and can also be used as a personal desktop solution. Includes support and a 3 year limited warranty.

Time Well Spent Our vision is that with the Easymeeting services and products at your fingertips you can communicate more efficiently and continue to focus on the important things in life. Reducing travel, improving relationships and saving yourself time are just a few of the reasons that we think you’ll enjoy working in the Easymeeting Cloud. Cheers, The Easymeeting team