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==== ==== Your One Stop Guide To Lego For Girls And For All Lego Friends ==== ==== It seems to be normal that most people think Lego is just for boys. Fact is, Lego for girls does exist and has been around for quite some time. This is most probably due to the indisputable fact that there is certainly much more Lego for boys than girls. We hear all the time about Harry Potter , Star Wars, Ninjago and Lego Hero Factory but there is never a mention about the wide range of Lego for girls available. When you really start to look past the boy products, you certainly realise it is actually available and has equally as many exciting features and details as the boys Lego does. Going back as far as 1994, Lego introduced a range for girls called Belville that came in different set sizes and price ranges. The colours in Belville also targeted the girly colours pink and purple and the figures were of a larger scale than the usual lego figures. It is still possible to find this product but certainly easier to find it online rather than in the high street stores. In 2003 we saw another lego for girls appear on the market. This was called Clikits and targeted the creative side of the girls by introducing them to arts and craft. This product is no longer in production. The latest product from Lego for girls came out this year and is proving to be a huge hit by the little ladies. Lego Friends is the new trendy society that is based on the neighbourhood community that live in Heartlake Levels. As it should be in every neighbourhood, they have their own City Park Cafe, Vet, Bakery, Beauty Shop, Tree House and even a Pet Patrol. The cool girls that live there are Emma, Mia, Stephanie, Andrea and Olivia. The friends love to meet up at Olivia's house and throw a barbecue or lounge on the terrace. The new Lego Friends really sparks off the imagination in the girls and there is loads to do getting the shops, Vet, Beauty Salon etc. set up and running. This promises hours and hours of interaction. If you are a Lego Friend, you just have to check out the Lego Friends in the Heartlake Levels neighbourhood.

==== ==== Your One Stop Guide To Lego For Girls And For All Lego Friends ==== ====

Your One Stop Guide To Lego Friends The New Trendy Lego For Girls