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Easy Grow have been supplying horticultural wholesale with food & plant safe foils and reflective sheeting since 1998, to over 30 countries worldwide. Priding ourselves on being providers of high quality grow products to our distributors. Easy Grow have a UK Food Grade manufacturing standard second to none, which is proven by the British Retail accreditations we adhere to and by winning numerous award's for the best UK exporter. Since starting in the supply of foils and sheeting the company has grown into an international distributor, throughout Europe & North America with a number of high quality hydroponic grow products from: • ONA- Odour Neutralising Agent (Winner of the Malaga 2011 Best Grow Product Award). which is a massive commercial success story. A powerful scientifically advanced blend of 32 essential oils which bind to odour molecules, permanently eliminating even the nastiest of odours, naturally. Serving the hydroponics industry since 1995. (Winner of best grow product - Barcelona 2010.) • Easy Grow lightite foils and reflective sheeting - the original and best hydroponic growing foil. Our professional reflective foils reflect both light and heat thermals, to assist with controlled heat loss. Yield increasing, thermal reflecting, stimulates vigorous growth, helps stop mould and algae growth. • The current best-selling product range in North America from NPK industries - Mighty Wash, Power Wash, PM Wash, Multiply and Stack, Sparkle & RAW. • A range of hydroponic nutrients from the new award winning Green Planet Nutrients (Winner of Best Fertiliser Award - Madrid 2011), including the 100% organic one part nutrient 'Medi-One' to the hugely popular Metrop concentrated fertilisers. • Microbe Life Premium Hydroponics - the leading manufacturer of photosynthetic bacteria. • Green Room Grow Tents -the new standard in grow tent design. • Budclean Scissors, Aluminium Ducting, Grow Bulbs & More! Our products are the original & the best!. .. never bettered .. only poorly copied. On behalf of all the Easy Grow team we would like to wish you continued success & happy gardening.

The Original & The Best!! Never Bettered ... Only Poorly Copied! Easy Grow Ltd

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1472 346900

enhanced silver reflector, duced to eliminate grow room hot

to a gloss white/triple layered grow sheet. Offers optimum light return and 1000/0 lightite capability.

spots. 100% lightite a true (BLACK OUT) PET coated membrane memory to dramatically reduce creasing effect.

PET coated to protect against corrosion.



Wholesale: 100 mtr x 1.25 mtr Handy Pack: 30 mtr x 1.25 mtr Retail: 10 mtr x 1.25mtr

Look for the Easy Grow logo every I mtr on our Iightite

products for proof and


sheet with a centre fold.

White both sides of the sheet but light tight to allow seperate light cycles to perfonn within the same area.


~ ow


Product: Wholesale: 100 mtr x 1.25 mtr Handy Pack: 30 mtr x 1.25 mtr Retail: 10 mtr x 1.25 mtr




Look for the Easy Grow logo every 1 mtr on our lightite

products for proof and

propylene sheet. It has advanced properties through infused metals which give it special properties that are highly reAective, completely light tight and


Look for the Easy Grow logo

stops infrared heat from being emitted, bouncing it back

Wholesale: 100 mtr x 2 or 3 mtr Handy Pack: 30 mtr x 2 or 3 mtr

every I mtr on our Iightite

into the room. Ideal if you need to keep control of your


10 mtr x 2 or 3 mtr

products for proof and

growing environment.

Retail :

5 mtr x 2 or 3 mtr

assurance of quality

Product: lOOmtr. 30mtr, lOmtr 5mtr (L) x 1200mm (w)

All our foils and sheeting are UK manufactured and are made to strict food grade standards as shown by our BRC certificate to ensure the highest quality of sheeting.


Non gassing guaranteed: Do not risk your plants health by using cheaper plastics that can off-gas toxins into your plant and cause slow growth, use the sheeting designed not to produce any dangerous gasses.

Easy Grow Ltd

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1472 346900

Non Lightite Reflective Foils and Sheeting

duced to eliminate grow room hot spots. PET coated to protect again s t cossosion and wear. Membrane memory to reduce creasing.



Ultra silver for maximum reAection of light and heavy duty to reduce the chance of rips and creases occuring. Diamond pattern to spread light more evenly.

silver grow sheet. the perfect reAection on a dual layered silver roll.

Product: Product: Wholesale: Handy Pack: Retail: Retail:

Wholesale: 100 mtr x 1.4 mtr x 35mu DIAMOND or PLAIN 30 mtr x 1.4 mtr x 35mu DIAMOND or PLAIN 10 mtr x 1.4 mtr x 35mu DIAMOND or PLAIN 5 mtr x 1.4 mtr x 35mu DIAMOND or PLAIN

100 mtr x 104 mtr x 35 or 50mu Handy Pack: 30 mtr x 1.4 mtr x 35 or 50mu Retail: 10 mtr x 104 mtr x 35 or 50mu Retail: 5 mtr x 104 mtr x 35 or 50mu

Black White Grow Sheet Dual layered grow sheet. White to increase light in the grow area. black to reduce external light.

Product: Wholesale: Wholesale: Handy Pack Wholesale: Handy Pack: Handy Pack:

150 mtr x 2 mtr x 85mu 100 mtr x 2 mtr x 85mu 30 mtr x 2 mtr x 85mu 100 mtr x 2 mtr x 125mu 30 mtr x 2 mtr x 125mu 25 mtr x 2 mtr x 70mu

Retail: Retail: Retail: Retail: Wholesale:

10 mtr 2 mtr x 85mu 5 mtr x 2 mtr x 85mu 10 mtr x 2 mtr x 125mu 5 mtr x 2 mtr x 125mu 25 mtr x 8 mtr x 120mu

Easy Grow Lightite foils are our premium grade reAective sheeting and White Floor Secure are 100% light-tight. meaning the sheeting if fully light proof, prevent- Created to ing unnecessary loss of energy and also preventing any light entering save growers the grow room and distributing the light cycle. The diamond lightite from the worry of and silver lightite both contain 5 layers of sheeting to create a true water black out and provide 99% reAectance. damage. A

......-=__ I.PETCOiIIedrnenknememol)'toreduoe~xl'iltx:heund ~comJIion

non ripping heavy duty product to secure any

. . . . ._ _ 2. Aluminium layer to provide 97% reAectancy and diamond embossed to


~_• • •~ "

' -_


spread light more evenly and reduce hot spots.

---"' }- 3.TriP. .,....d.W/8/Wgn>w.""' . .. p..,,;d. OO.. ;ghP~rG..b;I;I;~

Easy Grow Ltd

Product: Wholesale: 25 mIT x 4 mtr

I www .easy-grow .co .uk I sales@easy-grow .co . uk I +44

1472 346900

aNA is a scientifically advanced blend of32 essential oils developed to permanently eliminate even the nastiest odours, naturally. They attack, neutralise and destroy a wide spectrum of organic and non-organic odours effectively, efficiently and permanently. Non Toxic & Environmentally friendly.

ONA Gel - Popular, Practicle, Powerful. Made from a secret blend of ONA and various other suspensions elements, which have been developed over many years, resulting in this excellent product. The gels agents are released in a timely manner so every bit of this product is completely optimized. An odour remover in gel fOIm, dispensed by natural evaporation, either by removing the lid or through the assistance of the Breeze or Cyclone fan. Available in lLtr, 4Ltr & 20Ltr sizes.

ONA liquid - Vaersatile, Practicle, Mighty. ONA Liquid is used in many applications because it is so versatile. It can be dispensed with any type of sprayer - indoors or outdoors - and it's safe to use in household or commercial areas. An odour neutraliser in liquid fOIm, dispensed by natural evaporation or by spraying into the air. It's safe near people pets and plants. Available in lLtr, 4Ltr & 20Ltr sizes.

ONA Mist - Remove Odours Anywhere. ONA mist aerosol cans are great for neutralising odours in your home or office, especially when the bad smell needs to be removed at speed. In convenient aerosol fOIm you can stash them anywhere, or use with ONA mist dispenser. It can be used on its own or with an automatic dispenser unit to peImanently eliminate airborne odours

ONAApple Crumble - Brand New Scent From ONA Introducing the new Apple Crumble scent from ONA, which uses the same unique formula as our other proven scents, with a pleasant new twist leaving a fresh apple smell! Formulated from essential oils, it will tackle the most difficult odors and literally eliminate them - no masking - no coverup - just neutralization and elimination. The odors are gone. Available in Gel, Block, Mist & Spray form.

Easy Grow Ltd

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1472 346900

DNA Blocks - Small Size, Large Performance. The DNA block is a small and efficient workhorse when it comes to odour control. Put it anywhere you are suffering from odour problems and forget about it until the bad smell returns. Put it in your gym bag, entrance closet, entrance or under your car seat, and it will neutralise the strongest odours without being noticed. An odour neutraliser in solid wax form .

ONA Spray - Instant Odour Neutraliser Spray. Do you have smokers in your family? Do you have pets that go everywhere in your house? Do you have an unpleasant garbage area? Would you like the air in your home or office to smell fresh and clean? Then use DNA spray to instantly remove those bad smells! It comes in a convenient 250ml bottle, and is all you will ever need in tackling stubborn smells. It's a true odour neutraliser, unlike some brands that just scent the air. It permanently eliminates almost any airborn odours, cleanly and effectively - binding directly with the DNA molecules to render them null and inert and remove the smell from the air permanently.



4IlIIlIIlIIh 111111111111111 '11111111111' ' I",U"


ONA Dispensers - Increased Dispersion . There are 3 different dispensers available. DNA B,.eeze Fans have been designed to sit on either the 1 litre or the 4 litre ONA Gel products, for when fast odour neutralisation is required or larger scale neutralisation is needed. With 2 speed settings - medium and high. Cyclone Fans are designed to sit on the top of the 20 Litre ONA Gel pails to pump odour neutraliser into a large area, generally used in more industrial applications. With 5 speed settings this is the perfect product to tight large scale odour problems. DNA Mist Dispense,; to be used with ONA Mist aerosol cans, provide automatic odour neutralisation. Programmable to 3 different intervals, and with day and night settings the ONA Mist dispenser allows for controlled odour neutralisation.

ONA Bleech - The Ultimate Cleaner. Removes All Biotilm, Mineral Deposits and Organic Material Safe. Powerful. Effective. Easy to Flush - diluted residue is plant safe. ONA Bleach is a potent hydroponics cleaning and decalcitication system. It will clear spaghetti lines, reservoirs, clay beds and other bed bases from biotilm, calcium, magnesium and mineral deposits and undesirable organics. Pump through the system until clean then flush with water. Mild dilution of ONA bleach will not hann plants or roots.

.. """",c.-



.-.~ ---...---_



._'! :__ . -===--=-

ONA Mini Mist - Portable Odour Control ONA mini mist Apple Crumble can 's are a new product from ONA that provide portable odour control with the same great odour neutralisation capabilities. Fitting in the palm of the hand the mini mist can provides a continuous pressurised spray of ONA while the nozzle is held down, instantly neutralising any odorous molecules the ONA comes into contact with. Non toxic and environmentally safe, organic and safe to use around people pets and plants. Measuring just 33mm(w) x 120mm(h) these cans can easily be stored in your pocket, hand bag, gym bag or glove compartment allowing fast action when needed.

Kills All Known Odours

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1472 346 900


Only use the finest raw materials / Own scientific extractions Very low preservaitve / No dyes or food colouring Black bottles so there is no light degredation No salt build up / Burns very clean Very affordable /Every product has a purpose Multi award winning / No sacrifices in quality T


Easy Grow Ltd

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~~l~B~!fM~ Wm~~fM~ Plft!:' I Pine.

,.1i..~ -

Easy Grow Ltd

I I sales I +44

,.1i..~ ., -

1472 346 900

Exhale CO 2 Bags: How They Work Photosynthesis is the process by which plant leaves make carbohydrates. Sunlight, CO 2 and water are converted into carbohydrates and 0 2 by the action of chlorophyll in the chloroplasts of the plant. Plants growing indoors under artificial light often lack enough CO 2 to efficiently photosynthesize. When plants are able to maximize the process of photosynthesis, the result is larger plants with larger yields. ExHale cultivates CO 2 24 hours a day with no need to refill bottles or use expensive CO 2 production units. The power of ExHale lies in the mycelial mass inside the vented cultivator. This mycelial mass cultivates CO 2 and the one-way breather patch releases CO 2 continually for up to 6 months. The ExHale Cultivator is designed for small to medium grow spaces, or more specifically 1 ExHale Cultivator will provide 4-6 plants with the CO 2 they need. ExHale can be used for both vegetative plant growth as well as for fruit and flower production.

How to Use ExHale CO 2 Bags

ExHale comes complete and is cultivating CO 2 even before you get out of .:"~. the checkout line. No need to turn it on or turn it off, simply place the : .j ExHale CO 2 bag in your grow space and leave it alone to do its job. A continuous shower of CO 2 directly onto your plants is the most efficient way to deliver CO 2 , Placing the ExHale Cultivator slightly above the level of your plants will insure they receive the CO 2 they need 24 hours a day for up to 6 months.



JJO:l1W ~@Jg

Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your plant problems. Mighty Wash is a ready-to - use proprietary formula. It may be used

throughout the grow and flower cycle.

READY TO USE. DO NOT DILUTE SHAKE WELL DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray Mighty Wash on fruits, vegetables, foliage, and flowers. Mighty Wash may be used on indoor, outdoor and greenhouse plants. Pour Mighty Wash directly into spray bottle or atomizer (do not dilute). Saturate top and bottom of leaves (entire plant) in order to achieve best results. If necessary spray every 3 - 5 days or until problem has stopped. Note: only one application may be necessary. Don't spray in direct sunlight (i.e. spray with lights off). It is effective throughout the grow and flower cycle. Use Power Wash after Mighty Wash to remove residual and increase re Sults. Do not apply in temperatures above 90째 F. or below 35 째 F. Only use .as directed.

PM WASH PM Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your plant problems. PM Wash is a ready-to-use proprietary formula. PM Wash is

designed to work on plants subject to humid environments. READY TO USE. DO NOT DILUTE DIRECTIONS FOR USE: PM Wash may be used on fruits, vegetables, foliage, and flowers. Pour PM Wash directly into spray bottle or atomizer (do not dilute). Saturate top and bottom of leaves (entire plant) in order to achieve best results. It is effective throughout the grow and flower cycle (even during harvest). We recommend using PM Wash during the warmest, low humidity time of day (i.e. lights on). Use only as directed. Note: PM Wash works especially well when used while harvesting!

Stack builds on the structure created by Multiply by "Stacking" continuously on flower sites that are present, creating larger tops with a more uniform canopy of fruits and flowers, i.e. higher yields! Spraying every 7 days keeps this momentum going throughout the flower cycle. Directions for Use: Foliar spray "Stack" at turnover. Re-apply every 7 days for 6 weeks. Add 15 ml of "Stack" per 1 gallon (4L) of water. "Stack" is not a fertilizer or nutrient.

FROM THE LEADING MANUFACTURER OF PHOTOSYNTHETIC BACTERIA, INTRODUCING THEIR SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY TO THE HYDROPONIC &AQIJAPONIC INDUSTRIES. PHOTOSYNTHESIS & ROOT ZONE ENHANCEMENT. Plants require light energy & soil biology to function. - Microbe Life bioformulations improve foliar and rhizosphere processes increasing the capture of light and its conversion to available plant energy, while establishing, increasing and restoring essential root zone biological processes. + Improve photosynthesis and uptake of plant carbon nutrients and minerals within the rhizosphere, improving plant processes and providing a reduction in plant exudates, allowing plants to focus their energy on growth, yield and colour, resulting in a reduction of disease pressure, improved root and shoot development and a reduction of chemical inputs. INCREASED ENERGY FROM LIGHT - Microbe Life photosynthetic bacteria, with its carotenoids, purple membrane and photosynthetic membrane, absorb portions not absorbed by plant chlorophyll. The photosynthetic bacteria actively compliments the energy absorption of the plant, optimising utilisation of the energy from the plant. MICROBE LIFE PHOTOSYNTHETIC TECHNOLOGY

+Improves light energy through an increase in chloroplast activity at the foliar level derived from Microbe Life photosynthetic microorganisms. The resulting increased capture of light improves the conversion of C02 to essential plant carbohydrates. +Improves plant processes as phototrophs have the capability to achieve carbon conversion in foliar and rhizosphere bioprocesses.

RIGHT DOWN TO THE ROOTS ~ Builds Root Mass & Drives Root Functions + Plants exude nutrients into the root zone to support the growth of beneficial microbes. With biological enhancement, less exudates are required, enabling the plant to use nutrients to increase root and shoot mass and yield, and enhance its own health. + The beneficial microbes in Microbe Life enhance mineral absorption, out-compete less desirable microbes and produce complex compounds, such as precursors to plant hormones that improve plant health. Like humans, a plant expending less energy on mere survival will spend more time enhancing its own health. Easy Grow Ltd

I I sales

1+44 1472 346 900



What it is: The culture consortium produced by Ecological Laboratories, Inc. that is used on tens of thousands of acres of

What it is: A unique, liquid conditioner derived from a highly de como sed organic humus deposit, unparalleled by any other source of humates. Contains natural carbon made up of marine animal carbon and vegetative carbon compounds, making it more complex and superior to Leonardite sources as well as an amazing wealth of Cypress lignin - a high-level food source for the beneficial fungi and bacteria -which strengthens plant cell walls and enhances nutrient absorption and waterbinding capabilities. 100% verified organic to USDA standards.

crops worldwide is the foundation of our photosynthesis plus - a complete ecosystem in a bottle. The proprietary formulation and culture growth enhances product performances via selective adaptation, resulting in superior perfonnance in aerobic, faculative. anaerobic and anoxic environments. It is shelf stable for 2 years. What it does: Enhances plant function at the foliar level and the root zone in both soil and soiltess substrates. Enhances photosynthesis and biological function by allowing plants to capture and utilise radiant energy more efficiently. Speeds uptake and distribution of essential macro- and micronutrients required for all plant metabolic functions and growth. Promotes plant health and reduces input costs while increasing yields. Use in addition to all nutrient and fertiliser programs for maximium yields.

What it does: Enhances the ability of plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently, optimising plant functions and facilitates greater results using less nutrients. Aids in micronutrient uptake, increases water retention and provides vegetative humic acids. Supplements water, mineral, carbon and essential element requirements.





What it is: Specifically created for foliar applications, root dips and root drenches, this supplement to MLlPhotosynthesis plus and ML/Nourish-L, combines the high concentration of photosnthetic cultures with natural. rare earth humates and essential elements for improved plant biology.

What it is: A highly active and advanced blend of microbes and humic substances that combines photosynthetic cultures and essential elements. Formulated specifically to enhance the yield of vegetables and fruit by aiding the plant's ability to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

What it does: Enhances metabolism plus increases chlorophyll and nutrient availability. Works well with all nutrient availability. Works well with all nutrient I fertiliser programs and all soil and soilless media.

What it does: Speeds seed germination, root development and shoot outgrowth. Additionally it increases nutrient value, enhances overall plant health and yield.

ALL-IN-ONE VITAMINS &AMINO ACIDS IN A BUFFERED SOLUTION What it is: Contains a blend of all the essential micronutrients and minerals required by many fruits, vegetables and plants, which may not be present in your current nutrient program. What is does: Vitamins - comprising organic compounds made by combining basic elements - will help your plants Aourish as long as you know what you are giving them and why. Amino Acids - the true building blocks of all proteins and required by plants throughout all stages of growth - are helpful when plants are under stress. Amino Acids act as chelating molecules of essential nutrients during all stages of plant development.

Easy Grow Ltd

CONTAINS ESSENTIAL PRIMARY & SECONDARY NUTRIENTS What it is: A specialised formula of micro and macro nutrients for vegetables and plants. What it does: Specially formulated etables and plants of all types. Use analysis supplement once or twice larger, brighter, faster blooms and roots.

for vegthis low weekly for stronger


I I I +44

1472 346900

T he leading manufacturer of photosynthetic bacteria for the past 36 years introduces our superiortechnology tothe HYDROPONIC & AQUAPONIC INDUSTRIES !

Nourish is a unique conditioner derived from an extremely rare and highly decomposed organic humus deposit The substrate in Nourish provides high levels of water-soluble humic acids, comprised of animal and vegetative matter. The result is a robust substrate structure which may increase or enhance micro-nutrient uptake. Nourish may be used indoors and,or outdoors, added to solutions for all hydroponic, Nfl; drip, aeroponic, irrigation and continuous liquid feeding systems as well as all soil and soilless media, including Coco Coir. Nourish is compatible with all nutrient program s. Nourish may be used with your regular nutrient and fertilizer programs. Nourish works with all growth media and soil and symbiotically with the microorganisms in all Microbe Life products .

1l e Mil -,be Life Family



..... L:.I_


pi .duOs is NOW

The entire Microbe Life family offers an unparalleled microbialand humus-based product line of the highest quality, from a name you can trust. After all, Ecological Laboratories has been around since 1976... and we're just getting started!

Dea ers call

01472 346 900




It J til e ,,(fe. while sup"lies last:

dt the,e AI thorized )ist butors





Providing Environmental Solutions Since 1976


;) ~LI


Our Professional reflective foils reflect both light and heat thermals, to assist with controlled heat loss. Yield increasing, thermal reflecting, stimulates vigorous growth and helps stop mould and algae growth.



- - - - - I. PET Coated

membrane memory to reduce creasing. scratches and pre>ent aHTOSion

- - - - - 2. Aluminium layer to provide 97% reflectancy and diamond embossed to

'--___~ J:----"


spread light more evenly and reduce hot spots. 3. Triple layered. WfBfW grow sheet. to provide 100% light proof capabilities.

I~ .;

, .~~

You decide which way to grow! . •. -



. •. . . -






From just plain simple to highly sophisticated, all Bio Nova ways are incredibly effective. Would you like to grow things, but lack a green thumb? No Problem! Use The Basic Way and be overwhelmed by the success of your effortless input!

. •. •. •. •. •. -




PROFESSIONAL Are you a passionate grower who wants high quality? Use The Dedicated Way of growing, it will blow your mind! Or are you that perfectionist, who knows exactly what he is doing and why? The Professional Way will be your path to ultimate satisfaction!




www.bionova.nI I Distributors United Kingdom: Mariner Packaging Company Ltd .

Neut .. alise Odou .. s in You .. Ducting

Pe ...... a. .. e . . t:ly

Lid easily removed via quick release catches enabling easy replacement of ONA Blocks when exhausted .

Metal Lid with Rubber Seal to ensure air tight.

Air blows through the ONA control duct Desired number of ONA blocks inserted into mesh work metal

and any odorous molecules within the ducting will be completely neutralised .

tube within ducting .

• Easy Grow Ltd



I www .easy-grow . co . uk I sales @easy-grow .co . uk I +44

1472 346 900

A powerful scientifically advanced blend of 32 essesntial oils to permanently eliminate even the nastiest odours, naturally.

ONA is a true odour neutraliser, directly bonding with odour molecules to render them null and inert It is not a masking agent There are 3 types ofmechanisms:

/3 .. ~ ~.. . T ... ·




~ t



Designed for maximum comfort & ease of use with spring loaded action. High grade stainless steel with soft rubber grips. High quality trimming scissors increase ~~~~::::::::}i~~p:;;:~&I~' speed and ease of trimming plants.

The ultimate trimming scissor! Can be used on soft stems up to 1cm maximum width. Available in straight or curved blades.

Rope Ratchet pulls tight, locks in place, will never break or slip, and will not ru Made with special composite material. Heat and Cold Resistant. ~~,........"..,,......,....,....,......,,.,....-..J ' c路~~\('Vc,.iffi"~.M

Includes 8 ft braided polypropylene rope & Caribiner clips which provide a secure hold. x 2 Excellent for hanging reflectors, light fixtures, carbon filters, ventilation equipment & much more. Available in Heavy Weight (Max capacity 68Kg) and lightweight (Max capacity SKg)

Traditional Plastic Pots

Easy Grow Fabric Pot


Blue Vinyl Gloves . Available in small, medium, large and extra large sizes . 100 Gloves per case.

Plain carrier bags with patch handle . Available in blue, silver, black & g ree n . Available in 2 Sizes : 15" x 18" x 3" 22" X 18" x 3" Boxed in 500 units

Available as black XL Compactor sacks, thick & thin black refuse sacks, also available in Brown (35mu) & beige . Supplied Boxed Compact bag size : 34"(w)x47"(L) Refuse Sack Size : 28" (w) x 38" (L)

High Tac Black Opaque Pallet Wrap (6 per Box) . Ideal for wrapping a range of parcels & produts . Black opaque for security & privacy . 500mm x 25mu x 200mtr UK MANUFACTURED

Metallised X-Weave Tape

Easy Grow Tape

75mm x 46 mtr. Incredibly strong, industrial strength adhesive. Non Tearing with a cotton X-Weave & peel off backing for easy application.

75mm x 46 mtr. A high level reflectance tape at competitive pricing.

Foil Peel Backed Tape

Fragile Packing Tape

50mm x 45 mtr. Industrial strength adhesive with a "peel off" backing for ease of application.

50mm x 66 mtr. Printed "FRAGILE" tape. Ideal packing tape for sendingout parcels.

Silver Cloth Tape 50mm x 50mtr. Strong Silver cloth tape with high adhesive level and strong grade of material.

Clear & Brown "3M" Branded Packing Tape 50mm x 66mtr 3M/Scotch branded packing tape. High grade adhesive ideal for all manner of packing requirements.

Light proof pouches provide the best way to keep your produce fresh. Available in small medium and large sizes. Simply iron the end of the bag to seal shut.

FOOD GRADE MATERIAL Available in 3 Sizes: 300mm x 500mm, 500mm x 550mm, 560mm x lOOOmm

"ow ftctl Supplied in retail friendly packages and with 4 detatchable hooks for easy fastening. Grow nets allow the control and support needed for plants to flourish within an indoor environment. Available in '2 Sizes: lmtr x lmtr, l.'2mtr x l.'2mtr Easy Grow Ltd

I I I +44

1472 346900

ALU + (Aluminium Flexible Duct) is a range of fully flexible uninsulated aluminium/polyester laminated ducting. Construction: ALU+ is a multiple Aluminium Polyester Laminated ducting with an en-capsulated high tensile steel wire helix. Alu_ _ _ _ _----l minium ducting is manufactured with 2 plies of tough flexible aluminium foil and steel wire and is suitable to operate with air stream temperatures from -30c up to 250c. Advantages: Supplied in standard 5 & 10 metre lengths, compressed to either OA-0.6metre. Diameter available from 4" -12" (100mm - 300mm). Individually boxed . Low costs on transport and logistic. Easy to install over either round or oval ducting. No special tools required for cutting or fixing .

Combi Duct: Application Combi duct (Combined Flexible Duct) is suitable for the ventilation market and industrial purposes, because of an interior of aluminium the temperature range is up to 140째C and the outside layer gives a mechanical strong product. _ _ _ _ _ _-' Construction: The combi duct is a combination of an aluminium/polyester laminated innerduct with an encapsulated high tensile steel wire helix and covered with a mechanical resistant PVC (Poly Vinyl Chlorid) layer. Advantages: Supplied in standard 5 & 10 metre lengths, compressed to either OA-0.6metre. Diameter available from 4" -12" (100mm - 300mm). Individually boxed . Low costs on transport and logistic. Easy to install over either round or oval ducting. No special tools required for cutting or fixing .

SONO Ducting: Application. Silent Insulated Flexible Duct is a fully flexible thermally and acoustic insulated ducting. The vapour barrier prevents condensation forming on the outside of duct carrying air at lower temperatures than the surrounding air. 1-_----.:= _ _....JThe SONO ducting range has been developed to reduce cross talk and noise generated by inner duct components. Construction: SONO ducting has been constructed using a microperforated ALU+ , INNERDUCT, 25 mm thick fibreglass insulation and a vapour barrier JACKET + or one of the types of ALU +. Advantages: Can be easily cut at the required length and taped at both sides (sound attenuator). Supplied in standard 5 & 10 metre lengths, compressed to 1-1.2 metre. Diameter. Available from 4" -12" (100mm - 300mm). Individually boxed.Low costs on transport and logistic. No special tools required for cutting .

Easy Grow Retail Starter Packs have been designed to give the new shop owrer the h<>c:f'""",1Ii to their new business. Representing massive savings on normal wholesale prices these tW(S clll a selection of all our great products at reduced prices.lnduded in the llisy Grow Starter Packs Grow Lightite Foils and Reflective Sheeting, ONA (ONA Gel, ONA Liquid, ONA Blocks, Green Planet Nutrients (Massive, Finisher, Medi-One, Take It and Grow Starter Packs), lVru:nx:JIi!.JlI (Photosynthesis Plus, Nourish-L, Vegerable and Fruit Yield Enhancer, Foliar Spray lndustries Products (Mighty Wash, Power Wash, PM Wash, Multiply & Stad<) & BudldealIlSi:~ There are two starter packs available all with the same range but with verying items. Only one starter pack per shop. Easy Grow Ltd

I I sales @easy-grow .co . uk I +44



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