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DIAMONDS in the making

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Time is very precious to us and maybe the most precious thing we have. A lot can happened in one second. What takes years to build can be gone in a blink of an eye. The power of the present, here and now, can change any future. It only takes will and some direction. Also, speed plays a very important role in everything, setting the boundaries between defeat and success. Maybe the speed is the thing that gives the satisfaction in the end, more that the finality. Speed also creates addiction. Uncertainty, the feeling it all can be over in one second, the rush, you must maintain a constant awareness of the surroundings. All the senses are active and at full capacity, concentration is at a high level, similar to a racing car with no breaks, it all comes down to who is in the first place during the race and not the one who finishes first.

I recently read something interesting, it is expected that in the future, under the roads there will be some advanced super power conductors that will take their energy from the Earth’s core and cars will be supplied automatically with this energy, virtually unlimited. Whatever it is, we must understand that the future is virtually unlimited, one of the universal laws says that if you cannot prove the contrary there is a possibility you can do it. With optimism and a lot of will dreams turn, at some point, into reality, just like rough diamonds turn into beautiful jewelry. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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Bosch Pocket Assistant - product identification for professionals Motto of the Bosch Pocket Assistant: "Find the product you need quickly and easily". It extends the free Bosch Toolbox app and helps tradespeople find the right tool or accessory. All it takes is three simple steps: just open the Bosch Pocket Assistant, scan the Bosch product or accessory packaging using your smartphone, and now you have access to all available information about the product including technical details and application films. This is all possible thanks to a new product identification function implemented by Bosch in this form for the first time worldwide. It combines various technologies, such as image and text recognition, so ensuring that reliable results are obtained. The Bosch Pocket Assistant goes one step further: it not only recognizes the scanned product, it also gives recommendations on which accessories are best suited to which products. In addition to this, tradespeople can order tools and accessories directly online via the app.

10.8 V 'Wireless Charging' batteries from Bosch The prize-winning 'Wireless Charging System' from Bosch is welcoming a new addition in the 10.8 V class: The compact yet powerful GBA 10.8 V 2.5 Ah OW-B Professional battery from Bosch. With this battery, tradespeople can enjoy the benefits of inductive charging in the 10.8 V class for the first time. As with the 18 V devices, tools using these batteries are charged whenever they are in contact with the 'Wireless Charging' station, ensuring that they are ready for use at all times, while the charging stations themselves are more robust than conventional chargers: since they no longer have any contact points, they are durable against water, dust and dirt. In addition to the stationary solution with a frame, which can be mounted on workbenches, shelves or other work surfaces, the 10.8 V class also features mobile solutions such as the 'Wireless Charging L-Boxx Bay'. With a matching inlay, the 10.8 V batteries can be charged directly in the L-Boxx on the way to the job site.

WELTEC Group Acquires 3.3 MW Biogas Plant In 2015, the WELTEC Group had acquired two biomethane refineries. Now the company has taken the next step on its growth path: In January 2016, Nordmethan GmbH, a subsidiary of the plant manufacturer WELTEC BIOPOWER, purchased an existing biogas plant in Falkenhagen, Brandenburg, Germany. Following the fundamental technical and administrative restructuring and modernisation, the currently decommissioned Falkenhagen biogas plant is expected to resume operations towards the end of 2016. Upon go-live, the plant with its five digesters, five post-digesters, five digestate storage units and six combined heat and power (CHP) plant will generate 3.3 MW of electricity. The power will be fed into the public power grid, and the exhaust heat from the CHP plant is to be used for the digestate drying process. The plant had been built in 2007 and commissioned in 2008. Until 2015, the plant was operated by various owners. By means of renovation investments totalling about â‚Ź2 million, the WELTEC Group wants to reenable profitable operation.


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New Bosch Measuring Master App for professionals A new mobile app for the Bosch GLM 50 C Professional and GLM 100 C Professional laser measures and the GIS 1000 C Professional thermo detector will be available for planners and tradespeople from August 2016: The Measuring Master App. It combines the previous GLM measure&document, GLM floor plan and GIS measure&document apps, extends them by the addition of further functions and therefore makes construction documentation easier and more efficient. Users no longer have to switch between apps. The Measuring Master App is also optimized for both smartphones and tablets, meaning that users no longer require two different mobile terminals. Thanks to the Measuring Master App, professionals can now digitally record, manage and process their measured values centrally in an app.

Roll-out of the E2 generation of E-Jets: Liebherr-Aerospace on board Embraer celebrated the roll-out of its first member of the second generation of the commercial E-Jets family, the E190-E2, at its headquarters, in SĂŁo JosĂŠ dos Campos (Brazil). Liebherr-Aerospace provides the advanced full fly-by-wire high-lift system with integrated computers, the complete air management system with the latest technologies in terms of lightweight electropneumatic and mechanical components, as well as several highly engineered parts of the landing gear system for the E-Jets E2. According to the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, the E-Jets E2 have achieved already 640 commitments. The first flight of the E190-E2 is scheduled for the second half of 2016 with entry into service in 2018. The E195E2 will enter into service in 2019 and the E175-E2 one year later. Liebherr-Aerospace offers support solutions for its components and systems on board the E-Jet E2 and accompanies the aircraft during their entire life cycle.

The 13th China (Qingdao) International Tire & Rubber Fair China International Tire and Rubber Fair(CTF) focuses on the development of the rubber and tire industry in China. It is a prestigious exhibition established in 2004 that completely devotes itself in exhibiting awestruck rubber processing equipment, finished tire products and tire related products such as tire accessories, wheels. The abundant product series lead CTF to become one of the most successful trade shows in the world wide tire industry chain. In April 2015, 431 exhibitors participated in the exhibition and it attracted 18,632 visitors from 57 countries and 90% of the visitors said they would like to come back in 2016. All these testify to the impact, exposure and value the event added to the visitors. The event will take place on 9th-11 of April, in Qingdao International Convention Center, China.


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Spreading technology with high performance

Bucher Municipal offers now its well-proven series Yeti for the new Unimog U 216 and U 218. This series was previously available in sizes from 1.8 m続 only for the larger Unimog


models (from U 318 to U 530). For the previous model of the new compact series, Unimog U 20, Bucher Municipal exclusively supplied its smaller series spreaders called Gmeiner Husky and Gmeiner STA 2000 (for dry spreading material). Due to the increased payload of the new Unimog U 216

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and U 218 it was now possible to adapt Yeti on these Unimog types. The smallest representative of Gmeiner Yeti series bears "1600" too. Bucher Municipal keeps the same naming thus describing the maximum of dry spreading material volume of its new offspring. Gmeiner Yeti 1600 W


Highly efficient winter maintenance technique Daniela Rădeanu

The legendary Unimog Mercedes-Benz has been for decades an extremely flexible equipment for winter maintenance operations. Even Bucher Municipal specialists see it as the ideal vehicle for their snow-clearing equipments and their spreaders. Lately Bucher Municipal developed the new Yeti 1600 W Gmeiner especially for new compact Unimog U 216 and U 218, ideally suited for the higher payload of the new compact series.

has a hopper capacity of 1,600 liters of dry spreading material and a possible humidified salt volume of 645 liters. Gmeiner Yeti 1600 W has been tailored with a container long 2,130 mm and wide 1,870 mm, ideal for a ball point mounting on the new compact Unimog series – i.e. it fits them like a glove.

The extensive equipments range and their possible accessories are based then exactly again on the remaining Yeti models. But next to the new Yeti Gmeiner 1600 W also the well-proven spreaders series Gmeiner Husky and Gmeiner STA 2000 for Unimog U 216 and U 218 are available.

The new Gmeiner Yeti 1600W is mounted directly on Unimog ball-type fastening points. Also with two-chamber system everything remains the same: if desired, the new Yeti is of course again available as a dual chamber spreader. So salt and grit can be separately spread for special operations.


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Sophisticated control box versions

As far as spreaders control boxes are concerned, customers can choose among two different versions. EasyCom is the standard equipment already having a speed-dependent regulation feature. All significant data can be precisely visualized on a display. Ecosat completes the control box range and shows how modern electronics can make winter service more effective and safer. On its antireflection 7-inch graphical display with sharp


imaging quality, users can quickly and safely check all parameters displayed. Control knobs allow easy and ergonomic operation. With the precise grid circuit parameters can be quickly and safely adjusted. Using a USB stick or SD card can work data be easily and conveniently stored and processed. On request, it is possible to add to Ecosat the data acquisition system RouteInform and the automatic spreading system Route Replay. The spreading data acquisition system RouteInform continuously records the spreading data and transmits them via GPRS at least

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once per minute to a server. Data can then be retrieved and evaluated at any time on the PC. In addition, the current position of the spreading vehicle is visible. The system RouteInform is optimally supplemented through the automatic spreading system RouteReplay. Spreading routes and the respective parameters are unique recorded in reference movements. During the use the spreading is completely automatic according to recorded spreading data – if you wish, also according to the pavement temperature measured by the thermal imaging camera. With RouteReplay

the driver uses the recorded spreading route.

Snow plows for all clearing operations

Particularly difficult clearing operations can be easily overcome by GmeinerVario V- ploughs of Arox type series. This 2-furrow V-ploughs are mounted on sturdy ladder-type frame design and each have two heightadjustable skids for optimal adjustment of the snow plough on the road surface. Varioequipments of this series allows snow plough

positions in wedge or diagonal form for clearing operations and a Y-shape for pushing together snow. Arox V-snow ploughs have a section width from 2,400 mm up to 3,000 mm. For medium clearing tasks, universal snow plough Ramox series provides the right solution. GmeinerRamox models are morefurrow swing-arm snow ploughs with single sided hoisted ploughshare and sturdy ladder frame. All Ramox snow ploughs have an automatic and freely adjustable ploughshare retrieval. Thus they are reliable in the clearing position, also in hard snow removal action,

but swerve solid obstacles in an elastic way. Ramox snow ploughs are available in widths from 2,600 mm to 3,600 mm. B.T. Best Tools Company S.R.L. Autostrada București-Pitești km 11,5 Domnești – Ilfov – 077090 T: (40-21) 318.36.87; F: (40-21) 318.36.89 vanzari@best-tools.ro www.best-tools.ro


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Bosch is extending its range of professional products to include the world's most powerful small angle grinders – four models each with a power output of 1,900 watts: the GWS 19-125 CI Professional, the GWS 19-125 CIE Professional, the GWS 19-125 CIST Professional and the GWS 19-150 CI Professional. They provide even faster work progress than the previous most powerful models rated at 1,700 watts, thus increasing the productivity of tradespeople. At the same time, the tools are ergonomically designed and easy to operate. They fit well in the hand thanks to a 208-millimeter handle circumference, weigh only 2.4 and 2.5 kilograms respectively, and offer the best power-to-weight ratio on the market. Not only that, the tools offer a high level of user protection: They feature “Kick Back Control” (previously known as Kick Back Stop), soft start, restart protection, a protective guard with anti-rotation lock and an auxiliary handle with vibration damping feature.

The right model for every application

The 1,900 watt small angle grinders are ideal for continuous use thanks to their high performance and ease of operation. They allow very gentle, fast and powerful machining of sensitive materials, even when it comes to complex cutting and grinding operations. The four models cover a wide range of applications for


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Bosch The world's most powerful

small angle grinders

Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu


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different trades: • The GWS 19-125 CI Professional is the all-round tool for all grinding and cutting operations. • The GWS 19-125 CIE Professional is ideal for material-friendly applications using low speeds and special accessories such as brushes. • The GWS 19-125 CIST Professional has a higher torque rating and is optimized for highly intensive grinding operations, such as machining of stainless steel. • The GWS 19-150 CI Professional offers the largest disc diameter, giving it the largest cutting depth and grinding surface. The new angle grinders achieve especially good results when used in combination with Bosch ceramic accessories. Thanks to self-sharpening ceramic corundum, the abrasive discs provide particularly high stock removal rates. Efficient dust extraction is achieved through the use of Bosch dust extraction guards for angle grinders, allowing safe operation with a minimum of tool wear. The compact angle grinders in the 1,900 watt classes are available from January 2016 at specialist retail outlets. They are supplied with a mounting flange, protective guard, tensioning nut, auxiliary handle and two-hole wrench. The extensive range of accessories includes cutting discs, flap discs, diamond discs and grinding discs, as well as brushes and dust extraction guards.


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Cat C2 Series Articulated Trucks Feature More Power and Increased Payloads Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu


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The new CatÂŽ C2 Series articulated dump truck range includes the 314 horsepower (234 kW) 725C2 and the 367-horsepower (274 kW) 730C2 and 730C2 EJ with ejector-type body. Rated payloads are 26.5 tons (24 tonnes) for the 725C2 and 31 tons (28 tonnes) for the two larger models. Standard automatic traction control ensures efficient operation of the new models, which advance the design of predecessor models with increased productivity, lower operating costs, and added rimpull/retarding capability, while retaining the longterm durability, high availability, high resale value, and optimum rental margins of previous models.


Engines in all three models are available that meet or are equivalent to world emission standards: US EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II, Tier 3/Stage IIIA, or Tier 4 Final/Stage IV. A diesel particulate filter and selective catalytic reduction system provide exhaust aftertreatment for Tier 4 Final/Stage IV models. The Cat 6F/1R power-shift transmission electronically modulates clutch engagement pressures for smooth, positive shifts and incorporates the Caterpillar Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) system. The APECS system improves acceleration, maintains torque converter lock-up (and ground speed) during shifts, provides automatic speed holding, and modifies shift points to match

operating conditions. Net benefits include high productivity, optimum control, and increased fuel economy For controlling downhill speed, the 730C2 and 730C2 EJ employ an engine-compression brake that provides 60 percent more retarding force than previous models. The 725C2 uses a fluid retarder with four operating modes. Both systems effectively manage speed and minimize service brake application for extended brake life. All three new C2 Series models feature full-time, six-wheel drive and are equipped with wet disc clutch locks in the cross axle and inter-axle differentials. Automatic, on the go application of the locks is fully proportional, engaging only the required amount of lockup to maintain traction in adverse conditions—with no


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input from the operator. Also, new for the C2 range is all-axle wet brakes. The sealed system prevents the ingress of debris and extends brake life.

Structures and suspension

The new C2 Series models feature field proven major structures that ensure long term durability in severe applications. The front frame incorporates box section longitudinal beams, and the rear frame uses a four-plate box construction to reduce stress points. The hitch retains its durable two-piece construction, using a cast-steel head bolted to a hard wearing, forged steel tube that maintains a tight, trouble free connection between the frames. Three-point, oil/nitrogen front suspension and walking-beam rear suspension effectively absorb haul road impact to allow safe, high speed travel. The newly design dump body, using high strength Brinell HB450 wear resist-


ant steel for added resistance to impact and abrasion, features a diverging flow design that promotes clean dumping and minimizes material carry- back. The body top rail design reduces material spillage in the loading area, and a fully welded front bumper and fullwidth belly pan provide enhanced machine protection.

Operator environment

The spacious two-person cab features a multi adjustable air suspension seat for the operator; a full size, forward facing seat for the trainer; tilting/telescopic steering wheel, and convenient wrap around dash. A multi-purpose color display provides pertinent operating information, as well as the feed from the rearview camera when activated. The low, sloping hood of the new models, coupled with the operator's central position and extensive glass area, ensures excellent all-

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around visibility. Intuitive, low effort controls contribute to safe operation and operator convenience.


The optional Cat Production Measurement system brings payload weighing to the cab, helping operators work more productively and accurately. The integrated system calculates payload values using sensors located on the walking beam suspension and shows when target weight is reached, thus maximizing payloads and productivity, while reducing overloading that results in premature wear.


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Ralf Majchrzak, spokesperson for rig-mounted attachments at Chicago Pneumatic commented: “In today’s high pressure construction and demolition industries, where every minute of downtime and resulting loss in budget is scrutinised, operators are increasingly demanding products that are more durable, long-lasting and simple to maintain. For this reason we have developed our new range of rig-mounted hydraulic compactors to specifically address these requirements, and make our customers’ lives that little bit easier.” All models within the RC range are designed for instant use, with no special installation required, and combine high compaction frequency with high vibrating force to enable operators to make quick work of most compaction jobs. To reduce stress on the compactor during operation, the housing is offset by 15%. This provides better force distribution across the plate, in addition to reduced wear and tear. To ensure the hydraulic compactors are protected against overloads all models come equipped with integrated flow rate and pressure controls. This ensures operator safety and also saves time when the compactors are used on different carriers. The use of solid rubber isolators also provides excellent shock dampening of return vibrations, meaning there is no limitation of back pressure in the return line.


Chicago Pneumatic

launches new RC range of hydraulic compactor attachments Claudiu Berariu International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched its latest generation of rig-mounted hydraulic compactor attachments. The RC range includes five new models, for use on carriers with an operating weight of 1-40 tonnes, offering robust performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance for demanding applications including slope, trench and waste compaction, side development and piling.


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chicago pneumatic

light towers Durability, Safety and Performance Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu

Chicago Pneumatic is to launch two new light towers. The new V15s are the first models in the Chicago Pneumatic range to use a heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) canopy. This new canopy coupled with the light tower’s small size, ease of transportation and fuel-efficient performance ensure that the new models meet the demands of a variety of applications. To facilitate productivity by allowing workers to operate safely in any ambient light conditions the V15 range has two models. The CPLT V15 comes with metal halide technology, while the CPLT V15 LED features LED lighting technology and can light an area apppoximately 25 per cent larger, while proving additional fuel efficiency benefits. A Kubota EPA Tier 4 engine powers both options, and to ensure operational efficiency as well as fuel efficiency the units are equipped with a 28-gallon fuel tank. In practical terms this allows the light towers to operate for many days without the need to refuel, helping to maximise productivity and illumination time. Because of the harsh conditions that the light towers are likely to operate within the new PE canopy protects vital internal components

to ensure peak performance and offer optimised lifespan and resale value. Not only is the canopy durable, but it also features wide wing doors to allow easy maintenance access to the machine, including service components and drains. The V15 range also has an environmentally friendly frame that prevents any excess fluid escaping. “These light towers tick all the boxes and provide complete peace of mind when it comes to even the most demanding job site,”Says Henry Xu, Factory Product Manager for Chicago Pneumatic. “The CPLT V15 range offers customers a choice of options to fit their exact needs and deliver the most efficient product for their site, along with offering great value for money – as customers have come to expect from Chicago Pneumatic.”


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CAT Announced World's First Smartphone

With Integrated Thermal Camera Daniela Rădeanu, Bogdan Mustățea

Cat phones announced the launch of its new flagship product, the Cat S60; the world’s first smartphone with an integrated thermal camera, and the world’s most waterproof smartphone. The device will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2016, in Barcelona. The Cat S60 includes an embedded thermal camera from FLIR, the global leader in thermal imaging technology, allowing Cat phone users to be the first in the world to use their smartphones for a multitude of use cases, including: detecting heat loss around windows and doors; spotting moisture and missing insulation; identifying over-heating electrical appliances and circuitry; and seeing in complete darkness. Cat phones customers and to discover the myriad of daily time and efficiency use cases it will present for them.” “We are delighted to work on the latest Cat phone with Bullitt Group, to integrate our thermal camera into their proven, industrialized smartphone to create a truly innovative and groundbreaking mobile product,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. “The CAT S60 presents mobile users around the world with new capabilities – a ‘sixth sense’ experience that only thermal imaging can offer.” The Cat S60 is also an extremely tough and robust, world class rugged smartphone. It exceeds military spec, is built to withstand drops onto concrete from up to 1.8 meters, and it’s dustproof as well as waterproof. Its versatile, super-bright display can be viewed in bright sunlight, and the touchscreen can be controlled with wet fingers or while wearing gloves. It is also protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

The thermal camera visualizes heat that is invisible to the naked eye, highlighting temperature contrasts. It can pick up heat and measure surface temperatures from a distance of up to 50 to 100 feet, and see through obscurants such as smoke, enabling a huge range of use cases for building professionals, utility workers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and emergency first responders to name but a few. The Cat S60 is also waterproof to depths of up to 5 meters for one hour, allowing it to be


used as an underwater camera, pushing the boundaries of mobile technology, and how and where it’s used. “To stand out from the crowd in today's smartphone market requires true innovation and we are proud to partner with FLIR to announce what is truly a world’s first,” said Peter Stephens, CEO Bullitt Group, global mobile device licensee for Caterpillar. “The Cat S60 represents a milestone for smartphones. We are excited for thermal technology to be in the hands of

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His organisation has grown into a diversified group of companies involved in chemical trading, manufacturing, logistics and bulk terminal storage. He puts forward the two main challenges for all coatings companies in 2016. The first is the increased need to meet sustainable and green production requirements. “A major challenge for the industry this year is to find more sustainable and environmentally friendly products to be incorporated into the existing line of finished products and raw materials,” says Vijayan. “We need to ensure they are economically feasible and commercially viable to ensure successful transition. The challenge is an ongoing one and our industry has spent a lot of resources over the years to improve the situation. However, with the recent UN Climate Summit, our commitment to improve has been reinforced.” Vijayan believes support from the Government authorities in implementing guidelines to enforce the green products is also paramount. He says, “the coatings industry and the government bodies have to work hand in hand. Only if the relevant government authorities make new regulations that make

Environmentally friendly chemicals will be increasingly important for suppliers to the coatings industry during 2016, says one of the region’s top business chiefs. We talk to Dr. Thazyasseril Vijayan, Managing Director of Anichem FZCO, one of the UAE’s biggest chemical suppliers. After 37 years in the sector he offers his view of 2016 as the industry prepares for the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai. Dr.Vijayan is Managing Director of Anichem FZCO, who has worked for 37 years in the UAE.


the consultants approve only environmentally friendly/green products will there be a significant improvement in the current situation. “If this does not happen, environmentally-friendly manufacturers who come up with innovative products will struggle to reap benefits when competing with others. The regulatory bodies should work with the industry to , set up strict guidelines through the consultants.” Dr. Vijayan believes that for suppliers, the United Arab Emirates remains the key country in the region for successful business. “The UAE economy has been resilient to the volatility caused by the drop in crude oil price. The number of projects awarded and being completed is an incredibly positive sign for the industry.’’ He goes on to say, ‘’the non-oil economy has performed far better than expected. After the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia still holds many opportunities for our business to grow despite budgetary cuts in the nation.” Also, he warned that this year the coatings industry should avoid being aggressive and should settle for low-moderate risk.

Why 2016 will be tough

but survivable for coatings suppliers #25

www.easyengineering.eu | march 2016

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How make a complicate process that can take days of testing and require specialized people and multiples equipment, to be transformed into a simple and precise operation which can be done in a few hours even by an operator without prior experience? The answer is easy: with a compact and easy to use equipment. We are talking about bevel a pipe or a metal sheet, a complex and often used process used in industry until very time a time and energy consuming process.


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Bevelling with traditional methods which can be difficult, despite extensive experience in processing and cutting materials to be welded. In most cases, the way to a satisfactory result evolves hours, sometimes days of exercise and errors. Bevelling can be made by milling (for beveled cuts quality and high precision), rectification (for materials and chamfer high), shear (tanks, containers, shipbuilding), cutting flame autogenous (for steel with carbon content below 0,3%), cutting with lasers, plasma (for steel thick with speed and precision increased), cutting water jet very high pressure, jet speed reaching up to 1,000 m/s, the heat contribution is very low.

Why beveling?

Each industry has its own challenges in the industry in terms of the sophistication of training materials for welding. Bevel is an operation used in construction, agriculture, forestry, mining, oil and gas and shipbuilding. These industries use bevelling as part of the preparation for welding. Beveled edges with different angles allow a stronger weld, which can with-

stand the weight or take over tasks such machines and structures. Regardless of the difficulty of preparing materials for welding, a good result requires two key elements: a capable and precise equipment and skilled people.

What did RIGDIG changed?

At the beginning of 2016, RIDGID launched on the European market a compact machine for bevelling pipes and sheets, the B-500 model, with a mass of only 24 kg. the equipment has been designed to lessen the impact of the human factor on the final result. Its use is an absolute simplicity, so any operator without prior experience can execute a perfect bevel. The machine performs a bevel similar to processing with the lathe, owing to six knives that work simultaneously and perform three bevelling angles (37.5 °, 30 °, 45 °), thus covering most of the procedures of bevelling .thanks to the accuracy of the angle of bevel it requires one pass through the pipe around or along the sheet metal. It can process pipes wit 3 ½” diameter and sheet metal flat carbon steel and stainless.


www.easyengineering.eu | march 2016

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New developments on show in all sections AT

Bauma 2016 Daniela Rădeanu, Silviu Mustățea

Cranes rising high into the sky and gigantic machinery—that’s the familiar and exciting skyline of bauma. But in the shade of all the XXL lifting gear and heavyweight mining machinery, this world-leading trade fair has many, much smaller, but equally innovative products and solutions to interest trade visitors. Below is a sample of just some of the new developments in construction machinery, vehicles, equipment and components on show at bauma between April 11 and 17, 2016 at the Messe München exhibition center. For many building professionals it’s quite a challenge to keep track of all the tools, equipment and supplies: Who is using what, and where? Which items are due for a safety check or routine maintenance? And: What commodities or consumables need to be ordered next? To help answer these and similar questions quickly and easily, tool manufacturer Hilti has come up with a software system called ON!Track, which it will be presenting at


bauma. Via an RFID-barcode scanner assets can be tagged and uniquely identified regardless of manufacturer. According to Hilti, the Cloud-based software ensures centralized and synchronous storage of data. The data can be called up at any time via a computer or on a smartphone. Hilti ON!Track has been in use by selected customers since the start of 2015, and since January this year it has been available across Germany.

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The vehicle and machinery manufacturer MAN is also offering advanced digital solutions. At bauma it will be premiering its new app DriverConnect, aimed at optimizing the connection between driver and dispatcher. Both can communicate quickly and simply with one another by means of text messages. The driver can send user-definable quick text messages at the touch of a button and in doing so, keep the dispatcher up to date

technology in areas which would otherwise be difficult to reach, e.g. under bridges or in dry docks. The pump is driven by the vehicle engine via an integrated power-split gearbox. By not having a separate pump motor, there are savings on space, weight and costs, says manufacturer Woma. If needed the high-pressure unit can be replaced quickly and easily. There is a choice of three pump modules, ranging from pressures of 170 to 3,000 bar and water volume flows of 16 to 235 l/min. Putzmeister will be showcasing the next generation of its truck mixer concrete pumps. Among the most important advancements in its Pumi 25-4 model and the 28-4 New Generation is the unique stepless support, which allows a flexible and safe machine set-up, including on a comparatively small space. The safety system Ergonic Setup Control guarantees permanent control during set-up and minimizes operating errors.

regarding arrival at the destination address, breaks, status or breakdowns. In the event of a breakdown, the app transmits all the relevant information so that the truck in difficulty can quickly be reached by the service team. The driver receives information regarding orders and addresses which he can accept through the MAN navigation system integrated in the vehicle. This avoids transmission and typing errors. In parallel with this the fleet manager and dispatcher retain an overview of trips and orders. Zandt Cargo, on the other hand, is offering a real “analog� solution in the shape of its new low-bed trailer AT-P 400. This is essentially a very simple, but highly flexible and proven concept for transporting even extra-high construction machinery. The trailer is fitted with adjustable cover elements. When these are pulled out a platform is created that can be used for a variety of loading applications. To create wheel recesses, the cover elements are stored via a telescopic system in the frame of the trailer. Because of the low drive-on/ drive-off angles, all standard construction machinery such as wheel loaders and excavators, but also large tractors, can be loaded onto this trailer and positioned in the resulting wheel recesses.

Reducing fuel consumption and increasing productivity—those are the demands construction machinery today has to meet. Driveline and chassis technology specialist ZF is responding with cPOWER, continuously variable transmission technology. cPOWER delivers comparatively low engine speeds and engine stabilization by a constant speed concept. According to ZF, in off-highway applications hydrostatic-powersplit transmission ensures significant consumption benefits compared to hydrodynamic transmissions and purely hydrostatic concepts. In typical off-highway machinery operating cycles, i.e. during bucket-filling, transporting or loading, the percentage of hydrostatic power is kept low and as a result an optimal degree of efficiency can be achieved. Already in the startup process most of the output comes from the mechanical part of the transmission, and according to ZF, even in very short loading cycles, this results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

At bauma 2016 Woma GmbH will be presenting to the trade visitors in Munich a new fully integrated system for transporting and operating high-pressure units delivering up to 3,000 bar. The special feature of this system is that the unit is installed in a Mercedes Sprinter with a total weight of 3.5 tonnes, and therefore can be driven with a Class B EU driving license. The versatility and low weight of the EcoRunner facilitate the use of high-pressure


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what will

future earth

look like? If you could travel back in time five centuries, you'd encounter a thriving Aztec empire in Central Mexico, a freshly painted "Mona Lisa" in Renaissance Europe and cooler temperatures across the Northern Hemisphere. This was a world in the midst of the Little Ice Age (A.D. 1300 to 1850) and a period of vast European exploration now known as the Age of Discovery. But what if we could look 500 years into the future and glimpse the Earth of the 26th century? Would the world seem as different to us as the 21st century would have seemed to residents of the 16th century? For starters, what will the weather be like?


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Depending on whom you ask, the 26th century will either be a little chilly or infernally hot. Some solar output models suggest that by the 2500s, Earth's climate will have cooled back down to near Little Ice Age conditions [source: Perry]. Other studies predict that ongoing climate change and fossil fuel use will render much of the planet too hot for human life by 2300 [source: AFP]. Some experts date the beginning of human climate change back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s, others to slashand-burn agricultural practices in prehistoric times. Either way, tool-wielding humans alter their environment -- and our 26th century tools might be quite impressive indeed. Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku predicts that in a mere 100 years, humanity will make the leap from a type zero civilization to a type I civilization on the Kardashev Scale. In other words, we'll become a species that can harness the entire sum of a planet's energy. Wielding such power, 26thcentury humans will be masters of clean energy technologies such as fusion and solar power. Furthermore, they'll be able to manipulate planetary energy in order to control global climate. Physicist Freeman Dyson, on the other hand, estimates the leap to a type I civilization would occur within roughly 200 years. Technology has improved exponentially since the 1500s,


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Foto: Discovery Channel Source: www.howstuffworks.com and this pace will likely continue in the centuries to come. Physicist Stephen Hawking proposes that by the year 2600, this growth would see 10 new theoretical physics papers published every 10 seconds. If Moore's Law holds true and both computer speed and complexity double every 18 months, then some of these studies may be the work of highly intelligent machines. What other technologies will shape the world of the 26th century? Futurist and author Adrian Berry believes the average human life span will reach 140 years and that the digital storage of human personalities will enable a kind of computerized immortality. Humans will farm the oceans, travel in starships and reside


in both lunar and Martian colonies while robots explore the outer cosmos. Where will we go from there? Explore the links on the next page for even more predictions about Earth's long-term future.

What will Earth look like in 5,000 years?

Human technology has advanced significantly over the past 5,000 years, and the Earth bears the scars to prove it. We've altered the landscape, the climate and the biological diversity. We've erected skyscrapers for the living and colossal tombs for the dead. Perhaps most important, we've learned to harness a portion of the planet's energy, but we still thirst

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for so much more power. This insatiable appetite for energy will continue to chart the course of human civilization in the 5,000 years to come. As a result, it will also dictate what Earth will look like in A.D. 7010. In 1964, Russian astrophysicist Nicolai Kardashev theorized that a civilization's technical advancement directly correlates to the amount of energy its citizens can manipulate. Along these lines, he defined three classifications for advanced civilizations in the galaxy: 1. Type I civilizations are masters of planetary energy, meaning that they can harness the sum energy of an entire world. 2. Type II civilizations can summon the

power of an entire star system. 3. Type III civilizations command energy on a galactic scale. Cosmologists use this Kardashev Scale to predict the technical advancement of future and alien civilizations. Currently, modern humans don't even rank on the scale. We're essentially a type 0 civilization, but we'll eventually become a type I. Kardashev himself predicted that this transition would occur. But when? Theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku forecasts this transcendence occurring within a mere century. Physicist Freeman Dyson raises that estimate to less than 200 years. Back in the day, Kardashev envisaged that it would take only 3,200 years to reach type II status.

If humanity only reaches type I status by A.D. 7010, then it will still have the ability to manipulate and control atmospheric and geothermal forces. Warfare and selfdestruction might still pose a threat to humanity's survival, but ecological concerns will be a thing of the past. If we achieve type II status by that point, then 71st century humans will wield even greater technological power. Dyson proposed that such a civilization would be capable of encapsulating a star with a swarm of satellites to harvest its energy. Other theorized type II feats include interstellar travel and the ability to move entire planets -- and all this on top of whatever breakthroughs have occurred in genetics and computing.

Such future humans will likely differ greatly from us culturally or even neurologically. They may well be what futurists and philsophers refer to as posthumans or transhumans. Regardless, a lot can happen in 5,000 years. We might destroy ourselves with warfare or unwittingly ravage the planet with nanotechnology. Perhaps we'll fail to mitigate the threat posed by asteroid and comet collisions. We might even encounter an alien type II civilization long before we achieve that level ourselves. Explore the links on the next page to learn even more about humanity's future.


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Powerful and the widest jaw opening on the market. The new crushers DCR 300 and DCR 100 take Husqvarna Construction’s robots to even bigger heights when it comes to demolition machines. “Our powerful crushers widen the usage range for our robots”, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product Manager, Construction Equipment, Husqvarna Construction Products. Husqvarna’s demolition robots have, in a short period of time, become very popular in the construction industry. Now the company launches robotic crushers that further enhance the machines’ usability. The crushers DCR 300 and DCR 100 have a crushing force of a massive 45 and 34 tonnes, respectively. Husqvarna’s crushers are also equipped with a deep and wide jaw opening and the capacity to get through walls of 430 or 425 millimetres respectively. This means that the user can do his job both easier and faster.

Husqvarna's new robotic crushers

the fastest Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu


march 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

“This is a welcome addition to the demolition machines. Our robots equipped with our own crushers is the most powerful solution on the market�, says Lars Gustafsson, Global Product manager for Construction Equipment at Husqvarna Construction. Both the DCR 300 and the DCR 100 are typical Husqvarna products with a thought through, robust design and innovative solutions. Both crushers have an excellent powerto-weight ratio. The crushers can be equipped with crushing tips in the middle of the crusher, grinding the concrete even more effectively. The metal cutters in the back of the jaw makes it possible to cut thicker rebars. The crushers are easily serviced, for example, the tips on the DCR 300 are detachable. The DCR 100 has two pre-sets for the jaws, thus giving it an even a wider range of use.


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OICT unveils new truck

appointment system

Oman International Container Terminal (OICT) has officially unveiled its eagerly anticipated truck appointment system (TAS) at its operations at Sohar Industrial Port Company. Launched under the auspices of H.E. Dr Ahmed Mohammed Salem AlFutaisi, Minister of Transport and Communication in Oman on 21 January, TAS promises to revolutionise logistics industries and supply chains throughout Oman, according to Albert Pang, Chief Executive Officer at OICT.

“TAS includes new roads and dedicated truck lanes and brings us a step closer to making the entire logistics system more efficient in terms of our own operations and our customers’ supply chains in Oman,” said Pang. TAS will allow truck drivers to schedule collection and delivery of cargo at the container terminal in advance of their arrival through either a mobile app, a dedicated website, or an interactive voice response number. Meanwhile, the system will not only allow Omani logistics companies to view peak periods and schedule their trips to the port accordingly, creating cost savings through productivity gains, it will enable OICT to better plan and allocate resources in real-time. “We continue to expand our container


handling capabilities as part of our commitment to cater to the world’s largest container ships. At the same time we recognise the importance of facilitating smoother land transportation. The TAS system will enable us to do just that,” said Pang. The launch of the new system follows total investments made by OICT in the expansion of infrastructure at Sohar of over US$184 million, and is part of a long-term vision. “We remain committed to building a modern container terminal that contributes to the overall efficiency of the port at Sohar. Part of this will be realised through reduced wait-times for drivers through TAS. We also expect to be able to identify trends and potential bottlenecks before they arise and take appropriate action,” said Pang.

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TAS will be available for use immediately and will serve logistics companies linking up with some of the world’s biggest shipping companies, including United Arab Shipping Company, CMA CGM and APL, which operate out of OICT. Oman International Container Terminal (OICT) is a joint-venture between Hutchison Port Holdings Limited (HPH), the Government of the Sultanate of Oman, Steinweg of the Netherlands and a number of other well-established Omani investors. OICT is a modern containerhandling facility with capabilities of accommodating the latest generation of mega-vessels. OICT is situated in the Port of Sohar, outside the Straits of Hormuz in the Gulf of Oman, approximately 200 km from Muscat and 160 km from Dubai.


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Wacker Neuson presents the electric wheel loader for emission-free work Claudiu Berariu With the WL20e, which has a shovel capacity of 0.2 cubic meters, WackerNeuson is presenting the first wheel loader with an electric drive system for emission-free work. The wheel loader awarded with the WackerNeuson ECO seal – for particularly economical and environmentally friendly products – has the same performance as the conventional model WL20.

Two electric motors, one for the drive system and one for the hydraulics, ensure that the performance parameters of the wheel loader WL20e correspond to those of the conventional machine. The off-road capability is similar to the diesel-driven model WL20. Consequently, entrepreneurs who opt for the compact battery-operated wheel loader WL20e do not have to make any compromises with regard to performance, but can also benefit from the advantage of zero emissions. No exhaust


emissions result when working with the new wheel loader, which is an aspect that is becoming increasingly important, especially on construction sites in urban areas, when working indoors, such as in greenhouses, building restorations or parking garages. All currently applicable exhaust emission standards for mobile work machines with combustion engines are no problem for the new WackerNeuson wheel loader WL20e. With the wheel loader CO2-emissions can be reduced by

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up to 43 percent* ; a fact that underlines the machines environmental friendliness. A positive ancillary effect is the significant reduction of noise emissions. In addition, the energy costs of the wheel loader WL20e are significantly below those of a diesel-operated model – savings of up to 50 percent are possible – and there are additional cost advantages in the maintenance and service intervals, since fewer elements and components are used that are exposed to wear or that could fail.

Once the battery is fully charged, a work application of up to five hours can take place with the wheel loader WL20e – enough time for typical applications, such as loading and transporting goods over short distances. A lead-acid battery is used that is time-tested and proven in the industrial sector. To charge, an electrical connection of 400 volts is required, which is available on most construction sites. For the charging process, the engine hood is opened and the battery connected to the

battery charger. The corresponding plug receptacle is installed on the machine such that it is protected against dust and splash-water. With a height of 2.19 meters and a width of just one meter, the wheel loader can easily be used in confined spaces or in buildings. The articulated pendulum joint allows the machine to remain stable even on uneven floors. As the front and rear ends can oscillate independently of each other, the wheels always have

maximum traction. With an operating weight of 2,300 kilograms, the batteryoperated wheel loader WL20e achieves a tipping load of 1,416 kilograms – around 200 kilograms more than the conventional machine. The shovel capacity with a standard bucket is 0.2 cubic meters. The battery-powered wheel loader WL20e supplements the series with the first model with an electric drive system for emissionfree work.


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pakelo Krypton MBK superbike MOTOR OILS Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu

The wait is almost over, first sunny days are inviting more and more bikers to stretch their legs and turn the engines on. Since many aficionados still apply the ‘do it by yourself’ philosophy when it comes to check their motorbikes up for the warm season, we would like to offer you an insight about Pakelo Lubricants and its suggestions to find the perfect oil.

Pakelo is an Italian brand with a threegeneration tradition in the lubricant field. R&D department together with the analysis laboratory is the true asset of the company. Pakelo likes to be called a designer of lubricants rather than a blender or a producer. The ability to create tailor made, high-performing products helped the company to enter the thrilling and dynamic world of racings. Over time it reached an established status in the racing milieu for its partnership with AF Corse, the Italian winning team that triumphed in FIA World Endurance Championship 2014 with the Ferrari 458 Italia led by Gianmaria Bruni and Toni Vilander. As regards


to the motorbike’s scenario Pakelo partnered NGM Forward Racing team in MotoGP in 2013, while in 2015 the company chose to get closer to its customers supporting different projects celebrating the passion for motorbikes in all its different forms. Pakelo’s avant-garde Krypton MBK motor oil range is designed to meet the requirements of both two- and four-stroke engines. The name ‘Krypton’ is a witty reference to the comic’s hero Superman and it aims to underline the strength and flexibility of these products. Regarding the lubricant viscosity range Pakelo offers many solutions, from SAE 5W-40

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to SAE 10W-60. The first one is more fluid so it’s suggested when temperatures get cold, while the second one is advisable when ambient and working conditions get warmer. In any case, since Krypton MBK lubricants are fully synthetic, they are planned to keep their viscosity status almost intact regardless to the external conditions. Although viscosity is important, it is not the only parameter to take care of when choosing the perfect lubricant. The ability to protect the gearbox and to grant the clutch’s efficiency should be considered carefully as well. Indeed Krypton MBK range perfectly suits both motorbikes with wet clutches

(Japanese ones) and dry clutches (like some Ducati models). In order to choose the best quality product for your motorcycle Pakelo suggests to check two performance indicators which can be found on the packaging of the lubricant: API (American Petroleum Institute) and JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organization) levels. API states the quality of the lubricant with reference to the motor, while JASO points out the quality with reference to the clutch. Currently top levels are API SM - API SN and JASO MA2. Is it necessary to say that Pakelo Krypton MBK range passes the test with highest honors?


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Multi-platinum selling music artists, Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas, appeared at the Honda Press Preview event during New York Auto Show week today to announce they are headlining the 2016 Honda Civic Tour. The Honda Civic Tour Featuring Demi Lovato & Nick Jonas: Future Now is promoted exclusively by Live Nation and launches June 24, 2016 in the Miami area. Demi and Nick will take their highly anticipated tour to 37 cities throughout the U.S. including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas and more.

"We want our fans to step in to our worlds and to feel like they're a part of Honda Civic Tour: Future Now from the moment they enter the venue 'til the moment they leave," says Demi Lovato. Nick Jonas adds, "We're looking forward to creating an unforgettable experience that's unlike anything else." Tickets for the 2016 Honda Civic Tour are on sale now. Starting at noon PDT today through midnight on March 28, a special Buy 2 tickets, Get 2 ticket offer will be available at Honda.us/2for2. To redeem the offer, fans can enter the special access code "DemiNickCIVIC" upon checkout. The Honda Civic Tour also invites fans to power up their concert experience


with The Power of Dreams sweepstakes. Starting today through August 27, one lucky ticket holder and a guest at each show along the tour will be selected for the ultimate backstage VIP experience, including an arena tour, a look inside Demi's and Nick's tour bus, a chance to walk on stage prior to the show and a private meet and greet with Demi and Nick. Fans can enter for their chance to win at Honda.us/tix. Continuing in Honda Civic Tour tradition and starting today through February 2017, fans will be able to enter to win a brand new 2016 Honda Civic Sedan designed and autographed by Demi Lo-

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vato, a Honda Grom motorcycle customized and autographed by Nick Jonas or (thanks to Honda Financial Services) a trip to the tour finale at The Forum in Los Angeles on September 17. More info and rules for all sweepstakes can be found on HondaCivicTour.com. 2016 marks the 15th Anniversary of the Honda Civic Tour. Over 4.2 million fans have attended Honda Civic Tour since 2001 to see 68 artists including One Direction, Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, blink-182, The Black Eyed Peas, Incubus and more.

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Headline 15th Anniversary Honda Civic Tour


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However, the volume exhibits a tensioned surface which, depending on the viewing angle, is characterized by a dynamic curve. This gives the lamp a high degree of sensuality. "Ameluna" does not need a central light source. The lamp produces an appealingly mystical light atmosphere similar like bioluminescent creatures. Situated at the bottom edge is an extremely flexible printed circuit board with 288 LEDs to provide an optimum illumination. Some of the light is scattered through the transparent body, causing the entire lamp to glow thanks to an innovative optic solution expression of the Artemide optoelectronic applied research. The high-end variant additionally comes with a separate light source in various colours, which generates ambience lighting, familiar from Mercedes vehicles. "Ameluna" is controlled from an app. „Artemide as well as Mercedes-Benz are well known for their high demand for design and the creation of iconic products. Within the collaboration my team and I created an exclusive designer piece that bear the potential of a modern design icon”, says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG. “The pendant lamp ‘Ameluna combines beauty and intelligence and hence perfectly embodies our design philosophy of sensual purity.” Mercedes-Benz and Artemide, one of the world's leading Italian light design company, are united by the same brand values: design, innovation


Under the slogan "A Bright Future", Mercedes-Benz Style is cooperating with premium Italian light design companyArtemide. At the “Light + Building” trade fair, which will take place between 13 and 18 March 2016 in Frankfurt am Main, both companies will present their first joint product: the "Ameluna" pendant lamp. It embodies the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of sensual purity, which is characterised by the aesthetically complex interplay between pure forms, sensual surfaces and intelligent high-tech. The body of the lamp, whose dynamic layout was inspired by the underwater world, looks like a perfect circle.

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ameluna Futuristic pendant lamp with

typical Mercedes ambience lighting

and quality. Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice PresidentArtemide: "The purpose of our cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Style is to unite the two companies' innovative expertise in the areas of design and technology. Our goal is to develop lighting systems that improve the quality of human life - with unexpected experience maximum economy, and efficiency. We often find our role models learning from nature. In the deep sea for example, almost all living beings have the ability to shine - they convert chemical energy with nearly no loss into light: this is biomimicry design. "

Dynamic design and flowing colour effects

The "Ameluna" pendant lamp created by Mercedes-Benz designers combines functionality and emotive appeal for an individual lifestyle. The body, with a diameter of 800 millimetres and a height of 150 millimetres, is made of transparent acrylic. Its interplay between a clear, circular form and an asymmetrical, sensual volume creates a highly emotive and very dynamic tension. Suspended by three wafer-thin carrying wires, the lamp appears to float in space.


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As one of the market leaders, Wirtgen offers the largest range of cold milling machines industry-wide, with milling widths ranging from 14 mm to 4.40 m. Whether small, compact or large, the road rehabilitation specialist can supply a suitable cold milling machine for every application. The highlights of the 12 cold milling machines presented by Wirtgen include two world firsts, the W 120 Ri and the W 150 CFi.

A small machine that's big news

With a milling width of 1.2 m, the W 120 Ri is the first mobile rear-loading machine on wheels; together with the W 100 Ri, it rounds off Wirtgen's new generation of small milling machines. The W 120 Ri features the same operating concept as the W 35 Ri, W 50 Ri and W 60 Ri – 50-cm class machines which are already successfully established on the market. This includes the multifunctional armrest that is so highly


appreciated by machine operators. Numerous automatic and driver assistant functions speed up the work processes and greatly relieve the machine operator in his everyday work. LEVEL PRO PLUS, the brand-new leveling system developed by Wirtgen, has been completely integrated into the machine control system, where it ensures a precise, high quality milled finish thanks to its simple intuitive operation. With its generously dimensioned conveyor

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system, the W 120 Ri can load the reclaimed asphalt pavement quickly and continuously, while its incredibly maneuvrable wheeled chassis and the optional dynamic package which supports speeds of up to 7.5 km/h ensure rapid relocation of the machine between job sites.

Top of its performance class

The front loader W 150 CFi rounds off the new Compact Class from Wirtgen. Like the W 120 Ri,


it features environmentally unbeatable engine technology in compliance with emission level EU Stage 4 / US Tier 4 Final. The Compact Class combines the advantages of small milling machines – maneuvrability, one-man operation and flexibility – with the front-loading principle and the productivity of large Wirtgen milling machines. With working widths from 0.6 m to 1.5 m and milling depths up to 330 mm, the complete machine series, which includes

not only the W 150 CFi, but also the models W 130 CFi, W 120 CFi and W 100 CFi, stands out through its high performance and costefficiency. The most powerful machine in the Compact Class, namely the W 150 CFi, is ideal for larger job sites where space is limited, such as in downtown areas. Particularly in such conditions, the sophisticated visibility system in

combination with the camera systems help the machine operator to maneuver the cold milling machine. In the Compact Class too, the machine's simple and intuitive operation is based on a standardized operating concept, ensuring that all operators quickly feel at ease on every machine model. Perfect leveling is also assured, thanks to the LEVEL PRO PLUS system integrated into the compact milling machines.


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The 86th Geneva International Motor Show

With a total of 687,000 entries recorded (+0.7% vs. 2015), the public has demonstrated its ongoing fascination with an industry in constant evolution. The 86th Geneva International Motor Show was also exceptional for the large number of new models and variety of technical innovations. All of the feedback from visitors and exhibitors was very positive. The 87th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show will take place on March 9-19, 2017. The doors closed on the Geneva International Motor Show 2016 Sunday evening with the traditional concert of car horns.


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The early results of a survey of visitors indicate that over 80% were very pleased with their visits to the Show. The results were equally positive with the survey of the exhibitors. They stated that they were very satisfied with the organization of the event and the quality of their contacts with the public. These results confirm once again the high level of quality of the Geneva International Motor Show and the strong support from the Swiss public with a little over half of the total visitors coming from the four corners of the country. In addition, 30% of visitors came from France, 6% from Italy, 3% from

Germany, 1% from Austria and 9% from the rest of the world. In the end there were a total of 687,000 entries recorded up to two hours before the close of the Show, an increase of 0.7% over last year’s event. « It’s a magnificent Show » declared Mr. Maurice Turrettini, the President of the Geneva International Motor Show. «The stands were more attractive than ever, the new models presented were unusually numerous, and the enthusiasm of the visitors was manifest by their numbers. We are very proud to have the privilege

of welcoming the world of the automotive industry to the halls of Palexpo. We again express our appreciation to all of the exhibitors for their confidence and participation in this exceptional event.» Mr. André Hefti, the Managing Director of the Motor Show, saluted the creativity and dynamism of the automotive industry: « The evolution of the aesthetics and the new technologies of the models on exhibition this year were more extensive and practicable than ever. It is proof of an industry in constant evolution and of its capacity to respond to the diverse and complex requirements of its customers.»


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