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The thrill of the chase

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We try to do more and more each day, but 24 hours just isn't enough these days. The recent science theory shows that time is accelerating might be true, from our perception point of view. Just like in an action movie where the hero must do a task in a limited amount of time, to disable a bomb or to stop a bus for example, these scenarios become more and more relevant to our daily reality. You just have to venture out into the concrete jungle, wherever you are on the globe. I remember a short story that i like. Not long ago, a renowned scientist was at a table in a restaurant, celebrating his latest discoveries, with many friends. This scientist was known for his eccentric habits and his excess for partying and drinking, even at his age of over 60. During the time he and his friends were at the table talking, an old friend of the scientist enters the room, comes to the table

and because he did not see him for a long time, before sitting down, he proposes a toast. "Long live this man! Besides his discoveries, he drank a lot all his life that we could fill this whole chamber with liquor, as high as I am, which is a lot!" exclaiming and waving frenetically. The scientist gets up, looks at his friend’s measurements and exclaims: "I have many years, but I need a lot more to fill the whole room!". In conclusion we are all on the clock. Every mission, big or small, might seem impossible at the beginning, but let's not forget that all the uncommon situations are the most beautiful, they give you the most thrills regardless what dream you are chasing, and make the most memorable adventures. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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GSMA ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF ECOSYSTEM ACCELERATOR INNOVATION FUND At Mobile 360 – Africa, the GSMA announced the launch of the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund, which will support innovative start-ups in emerging markets and is open to start-ups from and operating in Africa and selected countries in Asia. The Fund is backed by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) and supported by the GSMA and its members. “Through our Mobile for Development team, the GSMA has a proven track record in delivering life-enhancing mobile solutions at scale in critical areas such as mobile money, health and nutrition, agriculture, utilities and many others,” said Mats Granryd, Director General of the GSMA. The Fund will help identify innovations with the greatest potential for growth and provide best practices for stakeholders within the ecosystem on the ways in which they can use mobile to drive positive socio-economic impact.

MAKITA RELEASES NEW FAST-CHARGING 18V LXT® LITHIUM-ION 6.0AH BATTERY The new battery is engineered more run time (twice the run time of the Makita 3.0Ah LXT® battery), but with the same weight and dimensions as the lower-capacity 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah, and 5.0Ah LXT® batteries. It reaches a full charge in only 55 minutes, the fastest charge time in its category. For added convenience, it has an on-board L.E.D. charge level indicator. Users will also benefit from expansive breadth-of-line: the new BL1860B is compatible with over 150 Makita 18V cordless solutions, the world’s largest 18V lithium-ion cordless tool line-up. The new 6.0Ah battery will set new standards in run time, particularly when used on efficient brushless motor tools or in tandem on select Makita "X2" tools. Makita 18V X2 LXT® (36V) cordless tools are powered by two 18V batteries, and are engineered to deliver corded power and run time for select highest-demand tools like saws, blowers and trimmers – but without leaving the 18V battery platform or investing in heavier, high-voltage batteries.

Milwaukee Introduces Industry’s Most Portable Drain Cleaners Providing the benefits of both handheld and floor-mounted drain cleaning machines, the Drain CLEANER’s simple cordless setup, as well as its new-to-world design, deliver game-changing productivity for plumbers and contractors cleaning sinks, tubs, and other small drain lines up to 8 m long. Powered by any Milwaukee® M12™ Redlithium-Ion™ battery, the new tools provides best-inclass performance without the cord. The Redlithium-Ion™ battery pack delivers more work per charge and more work over pack life, maintaining power under load better than corded competitors. In addition, eliminating the cord increases productivity and safety for the user by providing instant set-up, and reducing the risk of electroshock hazards associated with AC tools in wet environments. Typically, one of the biggest annoyances of this job is the potential for the fully exposed spinning drum to come into contact with the fixture or user.


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Wacker Neuson plans to open new factory in China The Wacker Neuson Group is planning to open a new plant near Shanghai in China. Initially compact excavators will be produced for the local market, further products will follow. It is planned that the first compact excavator should roll off the production line at the beginning of 2018. Wacker Neuson further extends its production capabilities in Asia and strengthens its local presence in China with the construction of a new production plant in Pinghu about 30 km from Shanghai. Cem Peksaglam, the chief executive officer of Wacker Neuson SE signed the corresponding contracts on site last Friday. The decision arose from an extensive search for a location. “We have finally decided for the Pinghu location in Zhejiang Province, which best fulfills our requirements and the support of the local authorities is outstanding”, according to Cem Peksaglam.

SAMOTER-VERONA OUTLOOK for the WORLD CONSTRUCTION MARKET: INDIA OVERTOOK CHINA IN 2016 India is the new landmark for world construction industry market. In 2015 saw leadership in Asia change hands, with China falling back in terms of global investments in this sector. India posted growth of 5.3% over the year, while China achieved only +4%. This change at the top was confirmed the presentation of the SaMoTer-Verona Outlook, the construction sector observatory set up in partnership with Prometeia, the international economic consulting and research company, with the support of Unacea, the Italian Association of construction machinery and equipment manufacturers. The results were presented today during the second SaMoTer Day, the training and guidance event focusing on opportunities and trends in the building and construction machinery market in Italy and world-wide. The focus of the 2017 edition will be on management and prevention of environmental emergencies, with thematic focus meetings dealing with on land consolidation sites and the Italian Government plan which envisages investments of over 7 billion euros and 3,500 different projects.

CAT® 300.9D VPS MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR OFFERS FLEXIBLE POWER OPTIONS Caterpillar has added the model 300.9D VPS (Versatile Power System) to the Cat® range of mini-hydraulic excavators. The versatile design of the 300.9D VPS benefits both the owner/ operator and the rental company by allowing the machine—in conjunction with its separate hydraulic power unit—to work either with its diesel engine or from a remote electrical power source, with no loss of performance. Having an electrical drive system remote from the machine enhances utilization and rental options. The 300.9D VPS can be rented alone for regular applications—or with the hydraulic power unit when the job requires low noise and zero emission.


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SDMO celebrates its 50th anniversary On Friday 17 June, all SDMO employees at the sites in Brest were invited to an informal event to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. Nearly 700 employees got together in the semicovered aisle of K2bis to celebrate together the 50th anniversary of SDMO. Founded in 1966 in Brest, the small company, whose main development stages were recollected by Jean-Marie Soula and HervĂŠ, would grow rapidly.


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Following a number of deliberately improvised and informal speeches, the attendees were able to enjoy a little refreshment with some symbolic dishes from the birthplace of the company. Crayfish, oysters and buckwheat pancakes were enjoyed by one and all. To create an enjoyable ambiance, a music group replaced the company's managers on the podium. The convivial atmosphere was a perfect setting for discussions and for the joy of coming across old colleague. To immortalise this festive moment, photo booths were available for taking solo or group souvenir pictures of the 50 years. Everyone had to really use their imagination, especially in the gravity box where you had to dream up the most over-the-top poses in an upside down and very 1970s setting. These few hours were enjoyed by personnel from Brest in a fine relaxed atmosphere. It was also a good way to prepare for the changes after the summer holidays, starting with the Villeneuve head offices moving next to the KII plant. At 50 years old, SDMO is

proving that it is still able to conserve all of its wonderful energy!

these moments as they are published by subscribing to the SDMO Facebook page.

2016 - Let's turn the clock back 50 years

First step: 1966 Founding of the company

Throughout the year you will be able to relive the major milestones in the company's history. You can experience each of

It all began in the 1950s when Albert MEUNIER takes over the engine repair workshop founded in Brest by his father.


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At the time the company consisted of just 7 people. Through hard work and perseverance, the company develops its activities in the field of diesel engines as a Perkins agent. •Resulting from this partnership with Perkins, 1966 marks the birth of the subsidiary Société de Diffusion des Moteurs de l’Ouest, better known by the acronym, SDMO. The SDMO adventure had begun with the objective of distributing MWM marine engines


manufactured in Germany. •As there was great demand in this field, very quickly MWM wanted to turn SDMO towards the manufacture and marketing of generating sets. •The diesel engine manufacturer also joined forces with the alternator manufacturer, Leroy Somer, in order to convince Albert MEUNIER to take this strategic direction.

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SDMO gensets in backup mode at a renewable energy power plant in South Africa

Towards the end of the year, SDMO Iberica will deliver an installation designed to provide backup power to a thermal-solar plant in Chile. This is the second project of this type for Abeinsa, a customer who has already demonstrated

its confidence in us for an identical project in South Africa. In 2013, the technical department led by Ramon Subiranas of SDMO Iberica won a contract with ABEINSA, the engineering department of the company ABENGOA. This international company offers innovative technological solutions in the environment and energy sectors, based on solar energy generation, the production of biofuels, sea water desalination and the recycling of industrial waste. SDMO won the contract for a power plant consisting of two T1650 gensets in ISO20 containers with separate cooling systems coupled together and linked to the medium-voltage grid. These gensets have been designed to act as backup to a 100MW plant powered by solar energy captured by parabolic trough mirrors and stored using a system of molten salt. Located in South Africa, this plant is able to power 80,000 homes and has an estimated lifespan of 30 years. By using renewable energy, this installation offers an annual reduction of

300,000 tonnes in C02 emissions. Commissioned in early 2015, this SDMO installation has met all of ABEINSA's requirements and the company has decided to renew its confidence in us with a second project of the same type: the ATACAMA 1 contract, this time in Chile. Begun in the summer of this year, the project should conclude in December with the delivery of a power plant consisting of 5 gensets: 1 x V500C2 with enclosure, 1 x T1540 in an ISO20 container, 2 x T1900s in ISO 40 containers and 1 x T2200 in a CPU40. B.T. Best Tools Company S.R.L. Autostrada București-Pitești km 11,5 Domnești – Ilfov – 077090 T: (40-21) 318.36.87; F: (40-21) 318.36.89 vanzari@best-tools.ro www.best-tools.ro


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The powerful rotary hammers in the 36 volt class are getting even better: Bosch is replacing the existing models with a new cordless rotary hammer generation, the GBH 36 V-LI Plus Professional and the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional. You can choose between the model with fixed chuck (V) and the model with changeable chuck (VF). Both rotary hammers improve on their predecessors by providing more power, a longer lifetime, new convenience features, vibration damping and longer battery runtimes. They therefore set new standards in the 36 volt class. As tests conducted by the SLG testing and certification institute show, both cordless rotary hammers not only achieve significantly better results in terms of drilling rate, they are actually faster than comparable corded tools in the three kilogram class. In drilling comparisons with a 68-millimeter core cutter in concrete using the impact function, the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional cordless rotary hammer is on average about 35 percent faster per hole.

More efficiency: High power, long runtime and lifetime

The new 36 volt rotary hammers with


their 3.2-joule hammer mechanism and robust motor offer high drilling and chiseling performance. The motor is equipped with four brushes, providing a longer lifetime than the previous twobrush motor due to reduced load on the individual brushes. It is also cooled better due to the optimized geometry of the ventilation slots. This doubles the lifetime compared to predecessor models. The rare earths now used as magnets provide a constant magnetic field, which makes the motor more powerful while also making the design more compact. This optimizes the ratio of power to size. The GBH 36 V-LI Plus Professional and GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional rotary hammers weigh only 4.5 and 4.6 kilograms respec-

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tively including powerful 4.0 Ah CoolPack battery.

Bosch electronics for comfortable and controlled use

Both of the new rotary hammers are equipped with Electronic Rotation Control (ERC) and Electronic Precision Control (EPC). These electronic innovations from Bosch ensure more comfortable and controlled use of the tools. With Electronic Rotation Control (ERC), an integrated sensor detects sudden jamming during work – for example due to tilting in metal or a hard object in masonry – and immediately shuts down the motor in order

Bosch New 36 volt rotary hammer generation Claudiu Berariu

to protect the user’s wrist. Electronic Precision Control (EPC) makes it easier to work on delicate materials precisely. If the EPC function is activated, the maximum power of the rotary hammer is limited to 70 percent with slower run-up. As a result, even soft materials such as tiles can be worked from the beginning in impact mode, enabling the professional tradesperson to save himself a step in the work process. The bit is prevented from slipping off when the user starts to drill, and precise results can be achieved quickly and easily. These tools also have efficient vibration damping. A damping element decouples the main handle from the hammer drive to reduce vibration exposure for the user by 25 percent

compared to the previous model.

Versatile for applications in tiles, stone, concrete, wood and metal

drilling rate. Moreover, users can also work on wood and metal with straight-shank drill bits using the GBH 36 VF-LI Plus Professional and the keyless chuck supplied with it.

These new rotary hammers with proven lithium-ion technology are designed for a broad range of simple to complex tasks. Be it small drilling applications in tiles or masonry or more extensive serial chiseling applications – the new cordless rotary hammers master them quickly and precisely. Even when drilling with core cutters with large diameters of up to 82 millimeters to install junction boxes, the high single impact energy combined with the longer battery runtime ensures a fast


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Diagnose quickly electrical installations problems

The new DMM, RIDGID® micro DM-100 can diagnose almost all the problems in electrical installations. It features doubleinsulated housing (1m) IP-67, which provides protection from water and shock resistance. It is suitable for use in the toughest conditions of the site. The device has micro DM-100 True RMS and auto-ranging, thus ensuring maximum accuracy and speed for any application. It features 11 different positions, from AC / DC AC and DC (1000 V) up to temperature measurement function. DM-100 is also certified for industrial use (CAT III-1000V & IV-600V); It has an Extra Large LCD that provides an easy and unambiguous reading. Micro DM-100 is supplied in a carrying fabric with double-insulated leads, Type K temperature probe and a 9V battery.


Solutions for maneuver in small spaces

The digital power pliers, RIDGID CM-100, is equipped with True RMS & self scaling capacity and high operating range. May include cables with an outer diameter of up to 30mm and can measure currents up to 1,000 AC / DC. Besides measurements of AC and DC, micro CM-100 can be used as a multimeter for another 8 positions; It has an Extra Large LCD that provides an easy and unambiguous reading. The slim design and double insulation enabling one-handed operation in switchboards with little space to maneuver.

Precise humidity and air temperature

The thermohygrometric micro device HM-100 is a professional easy to use for

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precise measurements of air temperature and humidity. All measured values (% RH and ° C or ° F) occur instantaneously and simultaneously on the LCD with dual illumination. It assesses the quality of air from the enclosure and from the air conditioning or ventilation state storage rooms with a simple button press. Micro HM-100 automatically calculates the dew point and condensation; Its capacitive sensor withstands condensation and high temperatures, thus being usable for any HVAC application.

In addition ... how can you see inside pipes?

With the launch of these new products, RIDGID launches a powerful accessory for inspection microcameras CA-300 model, video header 6 mm. It allows viewing of

Having problems with electrical installations? You need to look inside health installations or oil pipelines? You want to get precise measurements of humidity? RIDGID has the perfect solutions. Only a year after the launch of the six products with the price of 99 euro range Test and Measurement, RIDGID announces the extension of this range with another three products. Two of them are professional equipment for electricians and the another new product helps the manufacturers and installers.

pipes with diameters from 7 mm and has applications in the oil industry for viewing valves, plumbing and electrical and automotive industry. 6 mm video head is illuminated by four LEDs comes on strong and push wire 1 meter or 4 meters. Otherwise, microinspection RIDGID range covers a full range of pipes, from 7 mm to 125 mm and lengths up to 30 meters.

RIDGID® guaranteed quality Ridge Tool Co. It is one of the world's leading manufacturers of professional tools and equipment, whose products are marketed in over 130 countries worldwide. RIDGID® company is headquartered in Elyria, Ohio, and is since 1966 the consortium Emerson Electric. RIDGID factories are located in USA but also in Europe and Asia. RIDGID® wide range of products (over 300 models) includes a variety of tappers and to clean pipes, plumbing tools, and machinery used in industrial or electric. Emerson opened the Cluj Romanian Engineering Center and first production facility. In the first quarter of 2009 were put into RIDGID first production unit and a large training room and after a factory service center.


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Being a fan or not, when the motorbike you see is a Harley-Davidson involuntary associations about Route 66 and US highways pop up to everyone’s mind. It’s a cliché. In a second (and maybe just for a second) you’re living the American-way of life. Denying is not the way it works, and figures support our thesis, since the revenues of the Milwaukee Motorcycling House never came to a halt. Harley-Davidson directly speaks to the tribal part inside every biker or wannabe. That’s the key to success. However, this

is not just another praising article about Harley-Davidson. There’s much better literature about it, but the introduction helps to understand the reason why a lubricant producer may decide to create a dedicated Harley-Davidson range of products to satisfy this niche. Pakelo is a 100% Italian lubricant producer that has been operating in the field for more than 80 years. Research & Development department together with the analysis laboratory are the true assets of the company which is able to



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formulate tailor made products meeting even the most demanding requests. This is the reason why Pakelo likes to be called “lubricant designer” instead of lubricant blender or producer. The inborn attitude towards excellence brought Pakelo to develop a terrific line of lubricants for the two-wheels that has been also validated by Moto GP team NGM “Forward Racing” in 2013 and that’s now working with JET – former Honda Jolly Racing – which is an enduro team competing in the Enduro World Championship.

A long desired summer has finally come and bikers are starting to buzz around like group of bees. You can hear the sound of their engines from the distance and your mind is caught in imaginary daydreams about which kind of motorbike you’ll be able to admire this time.

Stepping back to the main topic of this article, Pakelo had the idea a couple of years ago to create specific lubricants for Harleys, answering the needs of a very passionate, almost maniac group of customers. Pakelo HD MBK Series, namely “HarleyDavidson Motorbikes Series”, is essentially made of highly performative 4-stroke engine oils. The first is Pakelo Mono HD Mbk (SAE 60) a mineral monograde lubricant that is recommend for air-cooled historic Harleys which demand


a carefully calibrated and suitable to past mechanical requirements. If the Harley is quite recent you can try Pakelo Multi Hd Mbk (SAE 20W-50) a performative mineral multigrade engine oil satisfying JASO MA2 specifics. Its natural evolution is the fully synthetic version called Pakelo Multi HD 3 MBK (SAE 15W50), which is actually the first in class among Pakelo range for Harleys. It has been conceived for 4 stroke air-cooled motorbike engines and it is suitable for the lubrication of the engine, primary

chaincase and transmission. Many inexpert bikers don’t think about the quality or the suitability of the lubricant they’re using, compromising their beloved motorbike from the basis. Choosing a specific lubricant would reduce the risk to harm the parts and it would help to extend oil maintenance period. Next time you see a Harley-Davidson tribe ask yourself “Are those bikers truly caring about their motorcycles, or are they just the umpteenth fanatics pretending to be Easy Riders’ actors?”

Pakelo Are you daydreaming about

buying a Harley-Davidson?

Claudiu Berariu, Daniela Rădeanu


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rosemor With every generation comes new innovation! Daniela Rădeanu Rosemor International has recently lined up 4 different generations of their customers machines in their workshops. This shows 16 years of innovation and technical development.The Alta 20, built in 2000 was the original model Rosemor brought from Tennant, also known as the Rotomac 300. As you can see the control panel and many other features were modernised in developing the next model, the Rotomac 330, some 5 years later.

The machine was developed to be quicker and more efficient, the brushes increased from 6 to 11, leading to the Rotomac 360 in 2013. And lastly, the newest model, the ET15B with 15 brushes and onboard battery back-up. The latest model now includes a plug-in option to add the T10 attachment to enable quick travelator or escalator cleaning using the ET15B’s tanks and power source. Saving in both storage and cost. The oldest machine has now been renovated to ‘as new’ condition, converted to include the newest model’s features


and electronics. Because these machines are built using such high quality, durable materials; coupled with precision engineering this machine can now perform for another 16 years or more! Rosemor has now added another model to the range; the T10i - designed for customers who only have the requirement to deep clean the horizontal part of escalators or travelators quickly - on a moving walkway or escalator. Rosemor is fully committed to ensuring that their customers get the best results and prevent any unnecessary

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expenditure. They offer all customers full training, globally. They have developed online training videos that can be viewed on their website or on YouTube, anywhere at any time. These show in full detail, how to operate and maintain the machine. Using their extensive customer feedback and servicing history, this enables their customers to prevent any misuse or abuse. This reduces costs and is more easily accessible to companies with high staff turnover and night shift staff. www.rosemor com. / .net / .ru / .ro


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DHL delivers black rhino Eliska to Africa DHL has completed another landmark transportation project with the delivery of a black rhino from its birthplace in the Czech Republic to its natural homeland in Tanzania. Three-year-old female Eliska was moved to a natural park in Tanzania as part of an ongoing conservation project run by the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust, aimed at helping endangered animal populations to grow and prosper in their natural habitat.


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Eliska’s move was overseen by an international DHL team, comprising around 40 specialists in areas ranging from ground transportation and aviation to customs clearance and certification across at least five countries. The 900 kilogram female was transferred from ZOO Dvur Kralove in the Czech Republic, where she was born in 2012, to the main DHL European Hub in Leipzig, Germany. She was then loaded on to a dedicated 28-ton Boeing 757-200 freighter, specially modified for animal transport, and flown more than 6,500 kilometers directly to Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania, from where she was transferred by truck to her new home. “The delivery of Eliska to Tanzania continues a proud tradition at DHL Express of supporting international animal conservation efforts,” said Ken Allen, CEO, DHL Express. “We were very excited to have the opportunity to transport this beautiful animal home to Africa and to play our part in these critical efforts to help revive endangered Eastern black rhino populations. Complex projects like this, where failure is simply not an option, also allow us to showcase the power of the DHL global network and the expertise of our certified international specialists.” Along the way, she was accompanied and monitored by a team of support staff, including Dr. Pete Morkel, one of the world’s leading black rhino veterinarians. Five containers of food and water supplies were also loaded for the journey. “We were delighted that DHL was able to support us with this project, as we were only prepared to entrust Eliska to partners who could absolutely guarantee a safe and seamless move,” said Tony Fitzjohn OBE, Field Director, The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust. “Having the support of an experienced team of international transport specialists allowed us to focus without any distraction on the comfort and well-being of Eliska and to ensure that she had the best possible

introduction to her new life in Africa.” Eastern black rhinos are one of the most endangered mammal groups, with large-scale poaching in the late 20th century leading to a significant decline in black rhino populations in Africa. There are estimated to be about 800 in the world today. ZOO Dvur Kralove, where Eliska was born, has a strong record of breeding Eastern black rhinos, with 43 calves of the species born to date. “Eliska’s departure is a bitter-sweet moment for ZOO Dvur Kralove. We are sorry to say goodbye to one of our much-loved animals, but at the same time, we are extremely gratified to have played a part in this important conservation project and excited to see how she adapts to her natural habitat,” said Přemysl Rabas, Statutory Director of ZOO Dvur Kralove. “The build-up to her move to Tanzania has involved years of careful preparation, and we are sure that – with DHL – she is in the right hands for the journey.” DHL has supported a number of major conservation projects in recent years, including the delivery of three black rhinos from

the U.K. to Tanzania in 2012 and the delivery of two rare Sumatran tigers from Australia and the U.S. to London Zoo in the same year as part of a breeding program. A 2013 project to transfer two giant pandas from China to a Belgian sanctuary resulted in the ‘perfect delivery’ in June 2016, when the female gave birth to a panda cub.


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Defence global supplier of commercial satellite imagery The Intelligence Programme Line of Airbus Defence and Space is recognised as a world leader in geospatial data provision and defence intelligence. It is a global supplier of commercial satellite imagery; the No. 1 European supplier of land command and control solutions as well as a lead supplier of ISR and Air Defence solutions to France, Germany and NATO. Based upon proprietary commercial access to the PlĂŠiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X optical and radar satellites, combined with comprehensive applications experience, Airbus Defence and Space delivers a broad product and services portfolio spanning the entire geo-information value chain.

With more than 30 year experience in data acquisition, processing, data management and hosting, we deliver sustainable solutions that deliver exactly what customers need, when and where they need it - across a comprehensive range of markets, addressing defence & security, commercial and civil institutional customers.

Easy Engineering: What are the most innovative products? Airbus Defence: We have a lot of products and services derived from satellite imagery among them some are really innovative. WorldDEM, launched in 2014 is a good example. It consist in a new Digital Elevation Model (3D


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representation of the Earth surface), derived from radar satellites acquisition, offering a complete and homogeneous pole-to-pole coverage, i.e. covering the entire Earth landmass (which represents about 150 Mio. km²), with a 12m posting. That means that WorldDEM (based on the German radar satellite TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X) offers the same level of accuracy, wherever the location is. This is unique on the market, and provides a reliable and precise reference layer to enhance a wide range of applications. This year we are launching two new products, One Tasking and One Atlas, both will allow our customers to easily access information when they need it.

With One Tasking, commissioning a satellite has never been easier. 30 years ago, Airbus Defence and Space revolutionised the satellite imagery market, being the first to offer tasking services. While strengthening our current competitive advantage on new collection, One Tasking sets a new industry standard. We target the essentials: we commit to collect and deliver the imagery our customers need, when they need it. Our ambition is simple: making satellite tasking easier and faster than ever before.

E.E: What about the civil Engineering market? A.D: Concerning the Civil Engineering market, One Tasking will help for example to plan the

set-up of new infrastructure, to monitor its construction progress, but also to assess the risks, and prevent or recover damages. With One Atlas, we offer an easy access to the world’s freshest basemap. One Atlas is a virtual globe that completely transforms the way satellite imagery is examined. This new service revolutionises how satellite images can be retrieved – online and on-demand from anywhere in the world. Every day, two million km² of fresh imagery is pushed to the platform. Users can access it with a single mouse click, a simple internet connection and without any specific imagery software simply from home. Concerning the Civil Engineering market, One Atlas will help to perform preparatory

studies for infrastructure planning, to define and adjust early routing or visualize, share and communicate infrastructures impacts.

E.E: Some stats about the market right now and future plans. A.D: Airbus Defence and Space is a strong growth phase. We’ve grown at 10% per year over the last three years and this year we are expecting a step change in our performance outgrowing market. We keep growing our commercial business and diversifying our customer base. This has been made possible thanks to our unique optical & radar imagery portfolio and a compelling multi-satellite Direct Receiving Station offer.


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Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Max Anstie has secured an impressive overall MX2 class win at the GP of Belgium, claiming two imposing race winning performances at the brutally rough Lommel track. Confident of strong results at round 14 of the 2016 FIM Motocross World Championship, Anstie didn't fail to deliver and secured his first double moto winning result of the series to date. In doing so the Brit became the first rider to win three consecutive Lommel GPs.

Putting a high-speed qualifying race crash behind him Max pushed hard during the opening moto to claim a well-deserved win. Again battling against the soft, sandy track conditions in the second moto, he remained both fast and mistake free to put the finishing touches to a perfect GP by securing a second win. For Anstie’s teammate Thomas Covington the GP of Belgium proved to be a difficult one. Struggling with lower back pain prior to the GP, two crashes in the opening moto resulted in a 17th place finish. Frustratingly the second moto was also a demanding one. Following a poor start Thomas battled his way to finish 12th. Max Anstie: “I’m so, so pleased I got the GP win here at Lommel. The track was as brutal as ever but the work that myself and the team have been putting in really showed. I knew that if I kept away from mistakes I could get the GP win - and that’s what we managed to do. I knew my speed was good, and I think I showed that in the qualifying race, but crashing as heavily as I did certainly wasn’t part of the plan. The pace was really fast at the start of the opening moto and then when it started raining it really made things tough. Lommel’s soft anyway, but the rain just seemed to make it even softer. I kept pushing and got the win. Moto two was altogether different – the track was still tough but I just kept pushing to get that second win. I feel really good right now. Heading into the remaining GPs I really want to focus on the overall podium.” Conrad Mewse enjoyed two strong outings at Lommel despite a tough qualifying race. Running off track and dropping back to 20th, the British youngster fought back to ninth on Saturday, before going on to finish in 12th and 14th. Overcoming a poor start in moto one, Conrad claimed the holeshot in the second moto, running second for the first 10 minutes of the race. An overall MXGP class win was well within the reach of Husqvarna’s MXGP class rider Max Nagl at Lommel, as the German star continued the impressive form that took him to overall victory at the recent GP of the Czech Republic. Winning the opening moto, the FC 450 mounted rider was well placed to earn a second consecutive overall GP win until a simple fall in a slow speed right hard corner in the second moto resulted in him finishing seventh. Frustratingly for Nagl his 1/7 score resulted in a second overall result, just one-point from the top step of the podium.


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The Airbus site in HamburgFinkenwerder is the largest of the European aircraft manufacturer’s German facilities. Amongst other things, this site is where the final assembly of the A320 product family takes place. Production in the three final assembly lines in Hamburg takes place 24/7 in order to be able to respond to the high demand for this successful range of aircraft. Over twenty airplanes are built every month at the site. The assembly line stretches across four construction stations, which the aircraft runs through over a period of a few days as if on a conveyor belt. At these stations, for example, the sections of the fuselage are assembled and the wings, vertical stabiliser, elevators, engines, landing gear and seats are installed. In hall 9, which


belongs to the final assembly line, the individual supply stations can be lowered or raised as needed, so that the aircraft can be moved freely in the hall between construction stations.

Maximising system availability and personnel safety

The low voltage main supply unit for hall 9 has used Eaton’s high-quality Modan switchgear for many years. As part of the reconditioning efforts, Airbus decided to upgrade the existing system to optimise the availability of the power supply. For the Airbus maintenance and energy team this meant ensuring maximum technical system reliability and the option of extensive system and component

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monitoring with a connection to the building management system, plus extended personnel protection. Replacing the entire system was not an option, because that would have meant several weeks of work and production downtime. The existing system had to be retrofitted.

Retrofitting a complete solution Within the context of the project, the aircraft manufacturer worked with Eaton to develop a complete solution, including switchgear monitoring and continuous temperature monitoring at critical points to an arc fault protection system. Eaton’s Moeller series IZM circuit breakers form the cornerstone of this solution, providing

outputs from 630 to 4000 A with an electronic tripping unit and integrated measuring function. These circuit breakers are able to transmit detailed data to the BreakerVisu logging and visualisation system, in the event of overcurrent, undervoltage or overload, for example. All existing NZM circuit breakers were included in the monitoring concept. This process was simple thanks to the intelligent SmartWire-DT connection and communication system. The direct connection of BreakerVisu to the building management system means it is now possible for the Airbus team to query all relevant power supply data in detail via web-based visualisation, so that deviations can be identified more quickly and errors can be promptly corrected.

Airbus optimises

the system availability ,

of low voltage switchgear

with Eaton technology

In order to ensure maximum reliability of the power supply for the final assembly, Airbus has implemented extensive reconditioning measures for the low voltage main distribution unit of its successful A320 family of airplanes. Based on technology from Eaton, an existing system was upgraded quickly and successfully to state-of-the-art standards in terms of monitoring, safety and personnel protection.

Eaton’s diagnostic system for temperature monitoring also allows the temperature of critical areas of the switchgear be monitored continuously for the first time. According to common practice and industry standards, Airbus conducted thermal imaging at regular intervals, but this approach only provides a momentary snapshot of a load situation. Furthermore, hidden points of the switchgear that are not easily accessible - like connections behind the main current switchgear cannot be monitored this way. Eaton’s new solution is based on a control device (diagnostic controller), autonomous temperature sensors for monitoring all busbars and connection points, as well as versatile temperature sensors for monitoring all other measurement

points. The temperature values are transmitted wirelessly to the controller at regular intervals (approximately every 10 minutes). This wireless connection simplifies installation and keeps the busbar area free from conductors. As part of the project, almost 80 temperature sensors were installed in the switchgear for hall 9. Among other things, Eaton has saved the thermal thresholds for its Modan switchgear system in the controller. The thermal behaviour of the system was analysed in a number of tests and mapped out in mathematical operations accordingly. In the event of deviations, the system either generates a warning about the present error or triggers an alarm if certain thresholds are exceeded. These messages run via BreakerVisu to the control

system at Airbus, so that an error can be corrected before a critical situation develops. In order to enhance the main distribution unit in terms of personnel safety, and since Airbus has already had good experiences with Eaton’s Arcon arc fault protection system at another site, the system was retrofitted with the arc fault protection system here, too. Retrofitting was completed within just a few hours thanks to the new point sensors.

Maximum reliability and as good as new

After the successful implementation, Airbus was pleased with the outcome of the project. The concept that was developed in cooperation with Eaton proved

to be efficient and provides the in-depth, detailed look into the system that the maintenance and energy team was expecting. The low voltage main distribution unit for hall 9 is now fully up-to-date in terms of technology. Implementation only took a weekend thanks to preparation and close cooperation with the production teams. The switchgear was shut down at 10 pm on a Friday in October 2015 and was ready to operate again by 6 pm on Sunday, so that production could start on time on Monday. After the retrofit, the system was re-inspected and recertified with a guarantee of 36 months, making it good as new. Based on this experience Airbus is now considering expanding the concept to additional halls at the Finkenwerder site.


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But that's taking the negative view. To neuroscientists, psychologists and researchers in the field of artificial intelligence -- that is, teaching computers how to mimic and even improve upon the human thinking process -- machines can be a positive influence on our lives, too. They've come up with the term cognitive technology to describe how electronic devices and other tools can assist and influence humans' mental activities, such as learning, retaining and retrieving information from memory, and problem solving Cognitive technology encompasses not just

electronic gadgets, but a range of other things that can assist human thinking, from pharmaceuticals to brain-training games. As Tel Aviv University philosophy professor Marcelo Dascal has noted, something as basic as spoken language itself is a form of cognitive technology, because it not only is a tool for describing our thoughts, but also influences the way we think. And this stuff won't necessarily do the thinking for us "cognizers," as researchers call those of us made of meat circuitry. Instead, it'll give us an added edge over the non-augmented brain. As cognitive technology researchers Itiel Dror and Stevan Harnad

When you're walking down a typical city street these days, it's hard not to bump into people who are so absorbed in their smartphones and tablet computers that they're almost one with their gadgets, oblivious to the world around them. This burgeoning digital dependence may conjure up vaguely creepy images of the hapless citizenry in "The Matrix" movies, strapped into chairs and wired into an illusion that takes the place of reality.


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explain: "Cognizers can offload some of their cognitive functions onto cognitive technology, thereby extending their performance capacity beyond the limits of their own brain power". As today's technology gives way to devices with vastly more computing power and communications bandwidth, and new generations of psychoactive drugs and electronic implants eventually emerge, cognitive technology is likely to really, really rock our world.

We'll Live an Augmented Reality

If you've seen the "Iron Man" movies or "The Avengers," you probably marveled at Tony Stark's robotic suit when it talked to him and showed him a continuous stream of data, which seemingly floated into his field of vision within his helmet, constantly analyzing and giving feedback about his surroundings. While we probably won't be able to fly into the air or batter supervillains with our metal fists anytime soon, in the near future we might be able to walk the streets and have pop-up data

materialize around us. Drugs May Enhance Our Mental Abilities Perhaps you've seen news segments about how growing numbers of college students are abusing off-label drugs like Adderall, which is used to treat attention deficit disorder, and the anti-narcolepsy drug Provigil, in hopes of boosting their focus and ability to cram for exams. And they're not the only ones. In a recent informal survey in the journal Nature, about one in five scientists who responded admitted to experimenting with nootropics, a controversial class of drugs that are believed to boost brain performance by altering the

Futurology: The Cognitive Technology


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Foto: Discovery Channel Sursă: www.howstuffworks.com availability of neurochemicals, increasing brain cell metabolism, improving oxygen supply to the brain, or stimulating the growth of neurons.

We'll Be Able to Move Things with Our Minds

You've probably heard of so-called spoon-bending psychics who claim to possess psychokinesis -- that is, the power to manipulate inanimate objects with their thoughts. Well, while those folks may not actually possess such powers, in recent years scientists have made breakthroughs that someday may give all of us the ability to operate machines not by flipping a switch or manipulating a joystick, but by simply thinking about them.


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The key to such power is something called a brain machine interface, or BMI, which essentially is a communication pathway that allows your neurons to send signals to external gadgetry, just as easily as they do to your muscles. Starting in the 1970s and 1980s, researchers began developing algorithms, or mathematical formulas, that mimicked the brain's control over the muscles. By the mid-2000s, they had begun to devise electronic brain implants called neuroprostheses, which picked up and translated human neural impulses into signals that could tell a robotic arm to move or manipulate a cursor on a computer screen. The technology is still in its infancy, but scientists envision someday equipping paralyzed people with neuroprostheses that would enable them to control powered exoskeletons to walk and do other everyday activities that fully-abled people take for granted.

We'll Achieve Digital Immortality

Perhaps the biggest limitation of the human intellect is its shelf life. You only have so many years to learn, because no matter how smart you get, eventually the body that carries around your observations and insights will die. Humans have tried to overcome that by writing books and amassing libraries to pass along knowledge, but it's hard to preserve more than a smidgen of the data stored in the roughly 100 billion neurons in the typical human brain. But some futurists see a way around that.

What if we could capture and digitize the entire information content of our brains and then upload that data to a computer or a robot? Russian industrialist and media mogul Dmitry Itskov told attendees at a recent futurist conference in Moscow that he hopes to achieve a cruder workaround version of that vision -- transplanting a working human brain into a robot -- in just a decade. But that's just the first step. Within 30 years, Itskov envisions finding a method of copying and uploading human consciousness into a machine, or even a holographic virtual body -- basically, a software replica of a person. That may sound totally, impossibly crazy. But given researchers' recent progress in developing neurosynaptic computer chips -- that is, machines that mimic the

neurons and synapses of the brain-- it's hard to just scoff at Itskov's bold prediction. Such chips eventually may have the ability not just to store information, but to learn and remember, just as real brain cells do. That could mean that we'll not only be able to create complete copies of our brains' content, but that those copies would be able to keep using what we know and build upon it, long after our original meat bodies have vanished. Imagine, for example, how many more great plays William Shakespeare might have written, if he'd had an additional 100 years to further develop his craft and to find new sources of inspiration. Or better yet, how many new dramas he'd be producing today, if a copy of his brain was still at work.


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New from CAT


The 14M3 motor grader

The new Cat® 14M3 motor grader builds on the solid design of predecessor models with a larger engine, increased fuel efficiency, improved machine balance, enhanced transmission performance, advanced electrohydraulic steering, more powerful telematics, and added operator-safety/convenience features. An easily maintained drawbar-circle-moldboard assembly is designed for productive performance in a range of applications, and long-term durability of major structures combines with low operating costs and serviceability to provide optimum value.

The 14M3’s front frame is a single, heavyduty steel casting designed to dissipate working forces, and the rear frame features two bumper castings and thick hitch plates. A series of patented, easily installed “top-adjust” metallic or nonmetallic wear strips and wear inserts ensure that drawbar-circle-moldboard components maintain a “factory-tight” condition that promotes high-quality work and significantly reduces operating costs. An adjustable circle drive also


assists in maintaining assembly tightness and further reduces service time and costs. The Cat C13 ACERT™ engine replaces the C11 engine in predecessor models and features an ECO mode that boosts fuel economy by limiting the engine’s high-idle speed to 1,750 rpm in working gears, while maintaining machine power. ECO-mode savings are especially significant when working at high idle in light to moderate applications in gears 3R to 5F.

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The standard Optimized Variable Horsepower system is designed to closely match power requirements in all gears, and the Consistent-Power-To-Ground feature automatically changes engine power levels to compensate for coolingfan losses, resulting in consistent power delivery in all ambient temperatures and working conditions. The C13 ACERT engine is available in three versions to suit emissions standards in the area of use. All emissions solutions are transpar-

ent to the operator and do not interrupt working cycles. The 14M3’s 8F/6R power-shift transmission has a wide operating range for application flexibility and maximum productivity. The Cat Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) enhances range-to-range shifting by maintaining consistent torque flow and smoothing shift points. The Shuttle-Shift feature enables directional shifts without slowing engine speed or

using the inching pedal, and an available Autoshift system allows programming shift points to best match requirements of specific applications. An engine-over-speed-protection system prevents downshifting at excessive ground speeds, and the standard automatic differential lock disengages during turns and re-engages during straight travel, simplifying operation and protecting the power train. For added braking capability,

hydraulically actuated, oil-cooled, disc brakes at each tandem wheel feature larger brake discs and piston areas, compared with predecessor models. Also, separate oil supplies for braking and implement systems eliminate crosscontamination, reduce heat, and extend system-component life. An available compression brake enhances the 14M3’s overall stopping power.


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construction equipment

VÖGELE Reliability and innovation in road pavers

The paver sets the pace of any road construction project. Building the best roads in the world is only possible when this machine functions smoothly, delivers high quality and can be operated intuitively. At VÖGELE, these are the objectives. With a corporate philosophy that puts everything second to the success of the customers. And last but not least with the broadest, leading-edge product range, from pavers and screeds to material feeders. As this diversity impressively demonstrates, VÖGELE do not just manufacture products, the company also provides solutions that give customers a lead in a tough competitive environment.


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Established in 1836, today VÖGELE are the global market leader and the road construction company trusted all around the world, and for good reason: The world of VÖGELE is a World of Quality – with no compromises. Through the integration in the WIRTGEN GROUP, the company is also increasingly a process-oriented supplier: Using VÖGELE products and services, customers can cost-efficiently cover the entire road construction process chain.

„Home of Innovation“: VÖGELE's headquarters in Ludwigshafen

One important reason for the high reliability of VÖGELE’s products: They are developed and manufactured at the headquarters in Ludwigshafen, the most modern production site in the world for road pavers. This is where the foundation for the extraordinarily high quality standards that are the hallmark of VÖGELE technology is laid. Operating from this “home of innovation,” the global market leader earns the confidence and esteem of road construction businesses all over the world. Each of VÖGELE’s innovations pursues a clearly defined goal: New technical developments must help to advance daily work practices in terms of simplicity, efficiency or quality. And the company is able to achieve this time and again, thanks to the passion of its employees for processing asphalt. VÖGELE know more about asphalt than any other manufacturer. This expertise is one of the main reasons why the company is the number one in road pavers. In service around the world – on projects ranging from new motorway construction to urban rehabilitation VÖGELE’s products are usually among the machines used on international large-scale contracts that impose high demands on asphalt pavements. VÖGELE build race tracks in Formula 1 quality, pave perfectly smooth take-off and landing strips at international airports and are in service on motorway job sites around the world, whether they involve new roads or rehabilitation projects. The advantages of the machine technology are also a boon in everyday jobs, such as building urban roads or footpaths, because the same applies wherever the company’s pavers are at work: with VÖGELE machines, paving teams play in the premier league.


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VOLVO New application-specific buckets increase productivity and profitability

, Optimized for the application, Volvo Rehandling and Volvo Sand buckets enable wheel loaders to perform at maximum capacity, helping customers save time, money and effort. From a wide range of attachments, Volvo customers can choose the best match to meet – and exceed – jobsite requirements, ensuring a more profitable operation.

Shaped to perform

The intelligently-designed Volvo Rehandling, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor and Volvo Sand buckets are easy to fill, thanks to the bucket shape, balanced floor back ratio and countersunk holes. These productivityenhancing features enable operators to do more at a faster rate, while improving fuel efficiency by up to 20%. Optimized spill guards deflect material for greater linkage protection, while curved side plates provide excellent containment, securing the material for more efficient operation. To prevent different material grades from mixing, the buckets feature minimized pockets.

Profit in every bucket

Whether in a quarry or gravel pit, Volvo Rehandling bucket is the ideal partner to ensure a highly productive and fuelefficient rehandling operation. Owners can expect the highest level of performance, plus reduced fuel costs thanks to the easy-to-fill bucket, which cuts


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The latest additions to Volvo Construction Equipment’s range of wheel loader buckets combine clever design with unbeatable durability for longlasting performance matched to the application and conditions on the jobsite. Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced three new buckets specifically designed to fit Volvo L110-L350 wheel loaders – Volvo Sand bucket, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor bucket, and Volvo Rehandling bucket, which will replace the current model.

cycle times. With Volvo Rehandling bucket, operators can do the same tasks while using less fuel, resulting in more loaded material for less money. For handling, stockpiling and loading processed materials such as sand, gravel and aggregate, Volvo Rehandling Flat Floor bucket is the perfect fit. For applications on sand or other soft terrain, the bucket maximizes traction and break-out force, while maintaining a clean work environment for unbeatable productivity and efficiency. When operating in soft ground conditions where tire traction is compromised, Volvo Sand bucket is the ideal choice. Designed for handling sand or aggregate in small fractions, the long bucket floor maximizes penetration for improved traction, while its flat design helps to maintain a clear and level work area. Durably designed to withstand harsh conditions, Volvo Rehandling, Volvo Rehandling

Flat Floor and Volvo Sand buckets are built on decades of engineering experience to ensure a long lifetime. As with all Volvo attachments, the latest additions have undergone extensive testing to ensure the highest standard of productivity and durability across any application. To ensure long-lasting buckets, high tensile steel and wear-resistant parts are positioned in critical areas, minimizing unscheduled downtime. No matter how hard they are pushed, Volvo buckets are built to last for ultimate machine uptime and profitability. In addition to receiving the most productive and reliable buckets on the market, customers also receive outstanding support from Volvo’s global dealer and service network. When a wear part needs replacement, availability is guaranteed. Volvo is committed to positive returns on its customers’ investments.


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Wacker Neuson presents new wheel dumpers

Wheel dumpers are replacing smaller trucks on many construction sites or are used to transport material in particularly difficult terrain conditions. Wacker Neuson has been among the market leaders in this segment for years and was able to make a mark with the presentation of its innovative dual view safety concept at Bauma. The wheel dumper DW50 supplements the series of large wheel dumpers with hydrostatic all-wheel drive and ECO mode, which is characterized by good off-road capability and traction, especially in uneven terrain conditions, and includes four models in total (DW50, DW60, DW90, DW100) that were completely revised last year. The DW50 has compact dimensions, is extremely maneuverable and can hold its own with much larger models when it comes to performance efficiency and technology: an innovative operating concept for the control console, including joystick operation, the wear-free spring-loaded parking brake, which is durable and reliable, and many other details provide for the highest level of operating comfort. Five-ton payload and a travel speed of up to 28 km/h make the dumper an effective helper that can be used to move a great deal quickly. The wide and safe access to the operator's compartment is particularly user-friendly. The optimized bucket design, a back-up alarm and an optionally available front view camera, which compensates for the blind spot, increase safety on the construction site. The new dual view concept from Wacker Neuson promises even more safety through maximum overview, which was presented as a concept study for the first time at Bauma. Dual view allows the operator to rotate the entire console by 180 degrees. This is made possible by a


rotating assembly installed under the seat, making it possible to easily and quickly change the seat position in a few seconds. To drive, operators can therefore simply leave the dumper's bucket behind them, creating the largest possible field of vision. By rotating the control panel, it is no longer necessary to turn around in the tightest of spaces, which takes time, and the operator always has an unobstructed view to the front. There are many features that will make construction sites much safer in the future.

Fit off-road and on the road

Overall, Wacker Neuson offers its customers 17 different models of track and wheel dumpers, which are in particular characterized by simple and safe operation thanks to the hydrostatic drive system. They can be used flexibly in order to meet individual customer needs. Especially in rough terrain conditions, the dumper is indispensable as a transport vehicle.

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BASF boosts R&D in Asia Pacific

for automotive coatings BASF is stepping up its regional research and development (R&D) activities for automotive coatings in a new world-class platform at the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific in Shanghai, China. At these state-of-the-art coatings and coating resins laboratories, the company’s R&D team is innovating to address regional automotive customers’ growing demands for high-performance, quality and flexible coatings solutions with a lower environmental impact. With high level of expertise and cuttingedge facilities, the new laboratories focus on R&D activities for coating formulations, resins, polymer synthesis, as well as coating applications for spray-coats and electro-deposition coatings. Latest coating application technologies also ensures that customer’s production line conditions can be simulated, creating superior values to customers. “We anticipated early the growth potential of the automotive industry in Asia, as well as the build up of R&D capacities of our customers,” said Peter Fischer, Senior Vice President, Coatings Solutions, Asia Pacific, BASF. “One key enabler for future success is the globalization of our R&D landscape and to establish an organization to meet future market needs. That is what we did. We target to increase our R&D personnel in Asia Pacific, mostly in China.”


In general, demand for sustainable and high-performance coatings that reduce volatile organic compounds in the automotive industry is on the rise. “We have built up significant R&D resources at the Innovation Campus in Shanghai, where many of our innovations are developed to benefit our customers. We will further invest and come up with new solutions that address growing demand of our customers for products that are sustainable, durable and esthetically pleasing,” added Rafael Bautista Mester, Head of R&D and Technology Management, Coatings Solutions Asia Pacific, BASF. “Bringing together our R&D talent, we are working on global and regional projects that focus on researching and developing new and improved products, application and alternative technologies.”

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The top players in the earth moving and construction market will be on hand: CASE CE, Hyundai, Kobelco and Komatsu are the first top companies to sign up for the 30th SaMoTer, the triennial event scheduled at Veronafiere 22-25 February 2017 (www.samoter.it). Komatsu thereby re-confirms attendance after the 2014 edition, CASE and Hyundai make a welcome return, while 2017 will mark the absolute debut of Japanese corporation Kobelco at such an Italian trade show. SaMoTer has been the landmark even in Italy since 1964 for the construction equipment sector. The coming date at the Verona Exhibition Centre will focus on the management and prevention of environmental emergencies and is scheduled in conjunction with Asphaltica, the exhibition dedicated to technologies and solutions for road paving, safety and transport infrastructures, and Transpotec Logitec, the transport and logistics event. “Confirmations were received from these four

manufacturers in recent weeks,” says Giovanni Mantovani, CEO & Director General of Veronafiere, “and are a very important signal for two reasons. It means that large international companies are ready to invest in an event they feel is strategic for the Italian construction machinery market, as it finally picks up after the collapse in recent years. It also means that SaMoTer’s new format and the various initiatives implemented by Veronafiere are working in the right direction: building a trade show that is increasingly tailored to the real business and training needs of exhibitors and sector operators.” Enrica Oderda, Italy Business Director of CASE Construction Equipment: “The Italian market is experiencing a significant growth trend: +28% in 2015 compared to 2014 and further improvements in 2016. This increase is stimulating a climate of confidence among dealers and customers, within a virtuous circle that we are sure will strengthen the recovery. CASE believes in Italy and demonstrates this belief by

upgrading its production centres in San Mauro Torinese (excavators) and Lecce (wheel loaders, compact wheel loaders, backhoes and graders). Attendance at SaMoTer by CASE bears witness to its confidence in the Italian market and support for our customers and network thanks to our full-liner offering, at the same time as focusing on the specific features of the Italian market with compact excavators, triple boom systems and short radius versions.” A change in direction as regards production and purchases of machinery and equipment in Italy, after the low-point posted in 2013, is demonstrated by the latest data analysed by SaMoTerVeronafiere Outlook. In fact, imports came to 816.7 million euros in the first four months of 2016, up by 1.6% compared to the same period last year. Imports also performed well: between January and April 2016, Italy posted turnover of 210.3 million euros, up 13.8% over the first four months of 2015.


SAMOTER 2017 #44

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Chicago Pneumatic has extended its range of CPDG mobile diesel generators up to 200 kVA. Originally including 5 models from 9 to 40 kVA, the CPDG range has been bolstered with the addition of six new models from 60 to 200 kVA. Tony Calippe, spokesperson for generator equipment at Chicago Pneumatic commented: "As a result of this expansion, we are now able to offer our customers a complete range of small to medium sized mobile generators, which all provide a combination of exceptional toughness, reliability and easy operation.” Available through Chicago Pneumatic’s global distributor network, the rugged and easyto-move CPDG generators are designed to meet the tough demands of the construction industry. Using proven technology, which draws upon Chicago Pneumatic’s history of making

generators since the mid-1930’s, CPDG generators can be relied upon by operators to provide a continuous source of electrical power. They are suitable for prime power applications in the general construction and rental industries, with all models being fully CE compliant for use in Europe. With integrated forklift slots and a lifting beam, the CPDG generators are easy-to-move and designed to be highly impact resistant. Other standard features include easy-to-read gauges, easy-to-access maintenance points and a galvanised canopy. Chicago Pneumatic recently introduced a host of new optional features to the CPDG range. This includes a variety of tow bar and coupling combinations to fulfill the needs of different customers. Fully approved for use through-

out the European Union, the new road trailer options mean the generators can be easily transported between sites without the need for major adaptations. A new optional skid has been introduced to add extra robustness to the base-frame of the generators. It is specifically designed for applications where the unit will reside on uneven surfaces, or if needs be moved across the ground over short distances. To provide operators with the option of extended run times, CPDG generators can now be equipped with higher capacity fuel tanks. This, coupled with 500 hour service intervals, means CPDG generators are especially suited for applications where a generator is required to reliably run for a high number of hours with reduced attention from the operator.

Chicago Pneumatic extends CPDG generator range up to 200 kVA


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Renexpo professional conference in the field

of water management in Belgrade Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu Within three days of the Congress RENEXPO Water management in Belgrade, there were held a number of professional conferences in the field of water management. Domestic and foreign experts have dealt with the topics of water, such as the availability of drinking water, flood defence, climate change, proper management of waste water etc. Rivers have no borders, and after the catastrophic floods that occurred in the region in 2014, it became clear that this natural disaster can be kept under control only through international cooperation and collective action of all sectors, and just that was emphasized at the meeting. Climate change is present and what was the centuries-old becomes a year old, and it is very important to be devoted to flood control, and that is the stand that was estimated today at the opening of the conference RENEXPO on prevention and protection against floods in the western Balkans. Dusan Jovic, adviser in the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection stressed that water is very important for humanity, adding that it is estimated that about one billion people lack access to clean water and over two billion have no access to adequate wastewater management. It is estimated, according to him, that by 2025 more than half of the world's population could be faced with problems related to water, and by 2030 in some areas in development consumption could outstrip supply by 50 percent. Water, as he said, plays a significant role in the world economy, but is also important for agriculture. Jovic said that we are witnessing the catastrophic floods that sent a message throughout the region and that only through international cooperation, interaction, and joint operation of all sectors we can fight against this natural disaster. Franz Georg Unger from the Office of the City of Vienna for water management and flood protection, that the most important thing the capital of Austria gained is the experience


gained by timely engagement in flood defences . He underlined that "More than two centuries we are dealing with flood prevention in Vienna, in particular along the Danube river and we have taken appropriate preventive measures. We have developed a model for predicting floods, build dams and surfaces for the water withdrawal, in order to adequately defend the city against possible decennial flood ". Unger said it is very important to know when floods may follow and to what extent. So in Serbia should be possible to predict rainfall, that is the volume of the rainfall, and where it can cause flooding. Further pole of the flood protection is the cooperation of all institutions, underlined by the Austrian expert. The conference participants were more than 60 experts, and they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the system of flood control in Vienna, and national institutions in the region will present their experiences and plans. Also, there are presented opportunities for investment in systems for the prevention and protection from floods. Congress RENEXPOÂŽ Water Management is the first organized international exhibition expert meeting and conference on water management and waste water management in the Western Balkans.

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