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Is Africa the

cradle of humanity?

Caterpillar presents the best of bauma 2016

Drone Volt enters

the world of

Rosemor - With every generation comes new innovation!

virtual reality

Sdmo turnkey energy solutions



K 3000 Wet Dry and wet cutting with the same machine

Turn the magic on

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We live in a world full of magic if you think about it. The unexplainable is part of us and our lives, and stays always around the corner. But is magic something just not explained yet or does it really exist? Some scientist say that nothing in this Universe is unexplainable, it is just a matter of time until the actual discovery. But this means that eventually the Universe will turn into very dull and boring place in the future? Luckily everything around us is changing at such a rapid speed that the possibility of this scenario is far from being true. Until that happens there is a lot of magic going on right now, in this moment, into our own lives that is not to be taken for granted. When it comes to seeing and feeling it and, well that is another story. The unexplainable really means that there is a lot of place for creativity to further take place. When it comes to bringing this creativity into our daily routine and businesses, magical things start to happen. Let's take for example a production process of a normal product. Maybe that process usually took very long and used up a lot of resources, and one day, by

pure magic an ides comes out from nowhere, and the whole process is remade and the product adapted, making it, maybe, smaller and more efficient. Just like nature, recent studies revealed that atoms have some magical, unexplained by now, properties like never knowing where one is until someone is looking directly at it, and their electrons can disappear into nothingness and reappearing again. Like our thoughts and ideas that come into being from virtually nothing and have such a huge impact on reality. We act like nature, the simpler the better, like the ancestors of the dinosaurs that have succeeded surviving extinction, technologies are getting smaller and their level of detail bigger and more efficient. I remember the phrase “if you don't grow, you fall behind�, but let's not forget the other important things like direction and speed and the journey. So, full speed ahead with the magic turned on. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- Electric bicycles see an enormous increase in popularit y in Austria - Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions presents Transport Data Logger and IoT Development Kit - Denise Johnson Named MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016 Chairperson for World’s Biggest Mining Equipment Show - GSMA ANNOUNCES FURTHER DETAILS FOR MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI 2016 - KPA Unicon to supply a biomass-fired boiler plant to Stora Enso´s sawmill in Honkalahti, Finland - Weltec Biopower Presents Solutions for the Generation of Energy from Waste and Wastewater


Sdmo - turnkey energy solutions


higher performance and precision Starlock accessories for multi-cutters by Bosch


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Rosemor - With every generation comes new innovation!


Unimog as a food truck in and around Finland


Intersolar and Ees Europe fully booked


Record demand at BAUMA 2016


Husqvarna K 3000 Wet - Dry and wet cutting with the same machine


Drone Volt enters the world of virtual realit y


Is Africa the cradle of humanit y?

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new portable compressors and paver at Hillhead


Chicago Pneumatic launches tough mid-sized portable compressors


New series of Bosch orbital sanders for professionals



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Wacker Neuson’s new telescopic wheel loader can move loads further and faster


WIRTGEN GROUP prepares air base for take-off




Caterpillar presents the best of bauma 2016



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Electric bicycles see an enormous increase in popularity in Austria According to the VSSÖ (Austrian Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers and Sports Outfitters), eBike sales in 2015 accounted for more than 77,000 units out of a total sales volume of 390,000 bicycles. Compared to 2014 (50,000 eBikes sold), electric bicycle sales grew by over 50 per cent. Since 2010, annual eBike sales have nearly quadrupled in Austria. This probably makes Austria one of the leading eBike markets in relation to population in Europe. By way of comparison: according to the ZIV (German Bicycle Industry Association), in Germany, which is the largest market in Europe, the eBike share of the total bicycle market was 12.5% in 2015, or 535,000 units. In terms of the number of eBikes sold per million inhabitants, Germany has approximately 6,700, while Austria currently has more than 8,850. Bosch eBike Systems is a driving force on this growth market. The global leader in the premium segment sees excellent prospects for the coming years.

Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions presents Transport Data Logger and IoT Development Kit With the launch of the Transport Data Logger (TDL) at Hanover Fair, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions brings transparency into the entire supply chain. By being attached to the shipment of sensitive industrial goods, e.g. industrial machines, and recording relevant measured parameters such as temperature, humidity, tilt, and shock, the TDL makes the delivery process visible and traceable. These measurements are then documented and visualized through an app for smartphones and tablets. Since the limits of each parameter can be individually configured, any parameter that exceeds its limit is traceable thereby ensuring that the appropriate stage of the supply chain is held accountable. In the event that a parameter exceeds its limit, the TDL provides verifiable proof and a reliable indication for possible primary and secondary damage. In the case that no limits are exceeded, the TDL is the evidence of a carefully conducted and failure-free transport chain.

Denise Johnson Named MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016 Chairperson for World’s Biggest Mining Equipment Show

The National Mining Association, sponsor of MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016, today announced that Caterpillar Resource Industries Group President Denise Johnson will chair the world’s largest mining equipment exhibition. Johnson will lead the 2016 show, held September 26-28, at the Las Vegas, Nevada, Convention Center. “I’m honored and excited to chair such an expansive showcase of mining equipment, technology and expertise from around the world,” said Johnson. “MINExpo® 2016 is showcasing real technologies, advancements, innovations and solutions that will impact the bottom line of mining companies today – and into the future.” ohnson joined Caterpillar in 2011 and initially served as the general manager of Specialty Products within Caterpillar's Reman & Components Division, where she had global responsibility for wear component products and facilities. She previously had a career with General Motors, where she built deep expertise in operations and product management.


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Weltec Biopower Presents Solutions for the Generation of Energy from Waste and Wastewater Weltec Biopower will present its mature procedures for the efficient utilisation of waste and wastewater for the generation of energy at this year‘s IFAT from 30 May to 3 June in Munich, Germany. At this industry platform for environment technologies (Hall B3, Stand 205), the German biogas plant manufacturer will show visitors its tried-and-test process technology for the installation and upgrade of anaerobic energy plants. “Biogas plants around the globe still have a high need for installation and optimisation“, says Jens Albartus, Director of WELTEC BIOPOWER, drawing attention to the need for action in many industries. The potential of resources that are not used for the generation of energy but that are suitable for use in biogas plants – such as wastewater and organic leftovers – is still enormous. “With an anaerobic digestion plant, many municipalities and industrial enterprises could generate additional income and reduce their own energy and disposal costs“, explains Jens Albartus.

KPA Unicon to supply a biomass-fired boiler plant to Stora Enso´s sawmill in Honkalahti, Finland Stora Enso Wood Products Ltd and KPA Uniconhave signed a contract of a biomass-fired hot water boiler plant delivery to Stora Enso sawmill inHonkalahti, Finland. The output of the new UniconBiograte boiler plant will be 17.7MWth. The new boiler plant will utilize bark and other wood residues from the Honkalahti sawmill as fuel, and it will produce hot water to the sawmill´s drying kilns. The new biomass boiler plant is scheduled to be in operation in August 2017. This is aturnkey delivery excluding civil and foundation works. The contract includes all process equipment, installations, commissioning and training of the operational personnel. The heart of the new biomassfired boiler plant is Biograte combustion technology, which is especially designedforutilization of wet biomass fuels for effective energy production. The contract includes KPA Unicon`sPlantSys system for local and remote control of the plant.

GSMA ANNOUNCES FURTHER DETAILS FOR MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI 2016 The GSMA today provided further details for the 2016 GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which will be held 29 June – 1 July 2016 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The GSMA announced additional exhibitors, sponsors, partners and programmes for the annual Shanghai event. “Mobile World Congress Shanghai will spotlight innovation not only across the Asia mobile market but also internationally,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “Our 2016 event features the world’s leading mobile players and brands throughout the exhibition and our conference, and introduces new elements such as 4 Years From Now and partner programmes that will also offer a global perspective on this rapidly expanding industry. We look forward to seeing the mobile world gather in Shanghai in June.” The GSMA announced additional companies that will be participating in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai exhibition, highlighting the latest mobile products and services.


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sdmo turnkey energy solutions Daniela Rădeanu

SDMO engineering services benefit from the expertise the company has developed since its creation and its extensive experience in France and internationally in creating electricity production plants. The 80 engineers and technicians who make up the engineering department are able to compile all the constraints in a specification, analyze them and offer each of our customers an individual solution matched by relevant and innovative recommendations. The pragmatic approach implemented by these power generator professionals ensures the highest standards in dealing with each request. SDMO Industries is therefore able to respond to multiple power supply requirements in the most varied fields of activity.

Turnkey energy production

Telecommunications, military equipment, standby gensets for hospitals, power plants. From the simplest to the most complex of installations, SDMO’s engineering department channels all its energy into finding solutions for all the cases presented to it, whatever the energy requirement. Its international experience and the boldest electric power plants all over the globe testify to this. SDMO Engineering is a team of 80 engineers and technicians who work as 3 design departments to carry projects through to their


installation, while ensuring full compliance with the specifications. In the electric, the distribution and the automatism fields, SDMO Industries can rely on the expertise and the experience of its sister-society Soreel. This double competence enables to propose a complete offer which covers all the stages of the energy supply, from the production to the distribution.


Production power plants in the middle of the desert, standby gensets for hospitals,

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telecoms installations... SDMO generating sets can be adapted to suit a wide range of applications, from the very simple to the most complex, while meeting the relevant requirements (sound level, dimensions, environmental constraints, economic constraints, etc.). Our long-standing experience in the telecoms sector has enabled us to develop more economical telecoms solutions with lower fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, as well as significantly reduced operating costs. Based on hybrid technology, this new solution combines numerous energy sources.

Twinned with alternative electricity production applications, the generating set can help protect the environment. SDMO brings you solutions adapted to each situation, environment and budget, with the assurance that all its solutions can be modified and sized to your specifications.

Military applications

As part of their general and public service duties, the French Army has at its disposal SDMO multi-purpose generating sets. Indispensable for the running of a mobile hospital or supplying support units and computer systems in military camps with electricity, our generating sets are also fitted in command vehicles, reconnaissance vehicles, personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles.

Use in hospitals

In current times, power cuts in hospitals can have serious consequences. Although such

failures are not a common occurrence, they represent a risk which all healthcare institutions must be prepared for. Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, regulation requires all such institutions to be equipped with an autonomous and storable back-up energy source. The efforts made to meet with these obligations have resulted in the generalization of standby generating sets in medical institutions. Both in France and throughout the world, a large number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with SDMO generating sets, able to provide an electricity supply around the clock in the event of a mains power failure.

Continually seeking innovation to satisfy markets

demands, especially in terms of compliance with international standards. Inspired by our customers’ demands, the Engineering department is dedicated to the research and development of technical evolutions in response to the constraints encountered: need for a reduction in noise levels, a drastic decrease in pollutant emission levels, ability to operate in extreme climatic conditions, management of environmental constraints (humidity, sandstorms, etc.). B.T. Best Tools Company S.R.L. Autostrada București-Pitești km 11,5 Domnești – Ilfov – 077090 T: (40-21) 318.36.87; F: (40-21) 318.36.89 vanzari@best-tools.ro www.best-tools.ro

The Engineering department offers complete solutions which comply with professionals’ requirements and realities. SDMO is constantly seeking innovation, a factor of vital importance in guaranteeing perfect fulfilment of


www.easyengineering.eu | may 2016

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Bosch offers the Starlock accessories in three performance classes: Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax. These performance classes ensure that the tool and the accessory are perfectly matched to one another, helping prolong their useful life. There are markings on both the accessory and on the tool for this pur-pose. Altogether there are 32 Starlock accessories, four StarlockPlus accessories and twelve Star- lockMax accessories. The smaller performance classes are designed to fit the larger tools. This means that all 48 accessories are compatible with the Star- lockMax tool. Furthermore, accessories with the Starlock mounting system are also downward compatible: they fit existing professional multi-cutters by Bosch and Fein without the need for an adapter, as well as other tool with OIS 12-point or multi-star mounting system. The Bosch range of accessories featuring the Starlock mounting system is now more versatile than ever before. With a selection of 48 different blades, the pro-fessional multi-cutters are suitable for various applications ‒ even in hard-to-reach areas. A color-code system makes it easy to select the right accessory: color markings on the packaging and on the accessory enable the user to see at a glance which accessories are suitable for which materials, both on purchase and during everyday use.


Unique accessories: precision plunge saw blades and sanding fingers The range of products includes unique accessories, such as precision plunge saw blades with rounded, convex ‘CurvedTec’ cutting edges. These accessories provide better control and even higher precision when making cuts in wood, hardwood and wood/ metal, such as cutouts in cabinets for access to a power outlet. This also prolongs the useful life of saw blades: unlike with conventional, straight cutting edges, the rounded cutting face minimizes tooth break-off. For challenging metalworking applications, Bosch has developed a series of ‘MetalMax carbide plunge cut saw blades’ with carbide teeth. Thanks to carbide technology, they last 30 times longer than conventional saw blades with bimetal teeth. As a result, the ‘MetalMax’ saw blades are highly wearresistant and even suitable for cutting hardened screws and nails as well as for working stainless steel. Another new addition to the product range is a sanding finger which allows pro-fessionals to reliably work surfaces as well as remove paints and lacquers, even at sharp angles. High efficiency and long life are ensured by carbide chips which stick less than conventional abrasives thanks to the use of open coating technol-ogy. The sanding finger is available in 40 grit or 100 grit.

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higher performance and precision


Starlock accessories

for multi-cutters

by Bosch Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu

In future Bosch will be offering a complete range of accessories for its profes-sional multi cutters featuring a new mounting system: the Starlock system. Star-lock has been jointly developed by Bosch and Fein, global market leaders in os-cillating power tools. This new accessory mounting system by Bosch and Fein gives users a uniform standard that delivers even higher performance as well as faster work progress and more precise results.


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Perfect handling: only 2.8 kilograms

In January 2016 it was launched on markets worldwide RE-60MLR, equipment developed and manufactured in Romania. This is the smallest and lightest handheld hydraulic device for crimping in its class, weighing only 2.8 kg. It requires a reduced force for operation and can crimp very quickly (due to the RIDGIDŽ RapidAdvance System ™) up to 300 mm2. RIDGID is however not at the first model from the range of this practical equipment. In the spring of 2014, the first


product from the RIDGID range of tools for electricians was launched and the model RE-60 would revolutionize the way entrepreneurs cut cables, could crimp terminals, punch holes in walls or automation of switchboards. This equipment, developed and manufactured by RIDGID in Switzerland, is able to perform all these operations by simply replacing a specific head for each operation.

engineers began developing products for electricians, with the objective of producing the smallest, lightweight and efficient equipment for manual hydraulic crimping electrical terminals. Therefore, last summer there was launched the first product in this range, model RE-130M, a manual hydraulic equipment, developed and produced entirely in Romania destined for markets worldwide.

Innovation comes from Cluj-Napoca

RE-130M can crimp electrical terminals with a maximum section of 400 sq. mm, developing a constant force of 130 kN. Also, through the innovative design of the head support that attaches to the

In the same period, in Cluj-Napoca, inside the production unit of RIDGID, a team of

may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

front of the device, it was solved a serious problem for operators. It allows crimping electrical terminals while the tool is on a flat surface. The RIDGID® RapidAdvance System ™, for which RIDGID holds the patent ensures you reach the crimp position with two pumps, which significantly shortens the duration of execution of the operation. Also, Romanian engineers realized the easiest device in its class, weighing only 5.3 kg. Another important advantage is the price for a device manufactured to the highest

quality standards and the most modern equipment that is equipped with production facility in Cluj RIDGID. The team of engineers in Romania is still developing interesting projects for new products for electricians and Energy contractors. RIDGID - brand owned by Ridge Tool Company - is the leading manufacturer of electrical and hand tools, in its portfolio also entering equipment for cleaning pipelines and over 300 types of tools used in plumbing, HVAC / R, diverse industries, energy, oil, utilities and commercial areas.

Subsidiary of Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions ™ - Ridge Tool Company is present in Romania since 2005 and the beginning of production took place in 2008. Ridge Tool inaugurated in 2007 in the campus of Emerson ™ Cluj-Napoca, the first RIDGID regional Center in Central and Eastern Europe, including a production plant, a Training and Technical Support Center, a showroom and a Customer Service Center. www.ridgid.eu


made in

Romania Camil Aliman

In the age of speed, all things move fast, work must be done in a very short time, and the equipment we work with must, of course, to keep up. And this applies to any area of activity, including the repairs and electrical projects. So just imagine: what if, instead of three large equipment difficult to handle and with a narrow range of operations you can use a single device easily and quickly, which can be handled in (almost) any conditions? Even when it is necessary to cut electric cables to crimp terminals or punch holes in walls or automation of switchboards? In addition, developed and manufactured right in Romania? Well, the solution exists and comes from RIDGID.


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Ciprian Rotaru, Silviu Mustăţea


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Pakelo is an Italian company focused on the production of vanguard lubricants. It was founded in 1930 by Polacco family which is still holding the leadership of the company. Pakelo started as a local oil manufacturer for earth moving machineries, but in a few decades it turned out to be an international excellence in the lubricant field both for the automotive and for the industry branch. Pakelo also gained an elitist position as official lubricant supplier of AF Corse, the defending champion team in GTE FIA World Endurance Championship, but the company doesn’t rest on its laurels. It keeps on working and innovating.

From the very beginning Pakelo tried to challenge its own boundaries and limits. The laboratory and R&D department are considered the true breeding grounds of new ideas and products. One of the most challenging and demanding projects regards food industries. Many years ago Pakelo began to invest on low-toxicity lubricants for food companies anticipating the current strong market request. Every plant and machinery has its lubrication needs – for sure - but in food industry things can get very complicated sometimes. For this reason Pakelo invested on research and technical training in order to develop a complete and flexible set of low-toxicity products. Today the company offers a very well balanced, advanced line of products and it is also able to advice food industries on H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) for those aspects connected with lubricants. This thorny auto-certification of the potential hazardous points in a production chain was introduced in Europe in the late 1990s and it represented a huge change from the past. With this new system food industries had to accept full personal responsibility regarding the safety and hygiene of their commercialized food. As a consequence finding reliable and experienced lubricant suppliers became a primary issue in order to guarantee totally safe production conditions. Pakelo FOODGRADE range is made of NSF-International registered lubricants, greases, anti-freezers, sprays and detergents. All of these products have been classified as H1 (accidental contact with food) or H3 (direct contact with food). For more demanding situations Pakelo can also formulate made to measure solutions to meet unique technical requirements. Pakelo FOODGRADE lubricants grant a longer service duration (even under intense working conditions) which means reduced consumption and lower costs connected with garbage disposal. This is due to the fact that these products are fully synthetic. Raw materials used by Pakelo possess naturally high viscosity rates which guarantee the thermal-oxidative balance of lubricants over time. With the introduction of H.A.C.C.P. certification stressing the full responsibility of the manufacturer in the trading of safe food it became more and more important to commit with trusted and experienced partners. Thanks to its know-how Pakelo can offer full support for the planning of the best oiling solution for food companies which provides cost saving and high performance at the same time.


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The machine was developed to be quicker and more efficient, the brushes increased from 6 to 11, leading to the Rotomac 360 in 2013. And lastly, the newest model, the ET15B with 15 brushes and onboard battery back-up. The latest model now includes a plug-in option to add the T10 attachment to enable quick travelator or


escalator cleaning using the ET15B’s tanks and power source. Saving in both storage and cost. The oldest machine has now been renovated to ‘as new’ condition, converted to include the newest model’s features and electronics. Because these machines are

may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

built using such high quality, durable materials; coupled with precision engineering this machine can now perform for another 16 years or more! Rosemor has now added another model to the range; the T10i - designed for customers who only have the requirement to deep clean the horizontal part of escalators or

n g o rosemor i y t r a e v v e o n h t n i i W ew

n o i t a ! ener

s come


rian anu, Cip e d ă R la


t differen ed up 4 shops. This n li y tl n rk rece their wo nal has he ternatio ers machines in development. T In r o m l m a to Rose ic s r n u o h tec em eir c odel Ros ons of th tion and generati years of innova s the original m otomac 300. R a 6 shows 1 , built in 2000 w o known as the ther features o als y t, n n a Alta 20 a m n n d e om Te nel an fr a t p model, th l h t o g x u tr e n n o bro e c e th g th elopin an see As you c odernised in dev me 5 years later. m , 0 re 3 we c 3 so Rotoma

travelators quickly - on a moving walkway or escalator.

The Rotomac ET15B and T10 available worldwide Rosemor is fully committed to ensuring that their customers get the best results


and prevent any unnecessary expenditure. They offer all customers full training, globally. They have developed online training videos that can be viewed on their website or on YouTube, anywhere at any time. These show in full detail, how to operate and maintain the machine. Using their extensive customer feedback and

servicing history, this enables their customers to prevent any misuse or abuse. This reduces costs and is more easily accessible to companies with high staff turnover and night shift staff. www.rosemor.com / .net / .ru / .ro


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Buying the Unimog was something of a personal affair for Sami Repo. The Finn explains that he already toyed with buying a Unimog U 20 around seven years ago. "It was purely for personal use, but I didn't really have much of an idea as to what I was going to use the vehicle for!" Repo – which actually means "Fox" in English – had lived for a while in the US at the time and it was there that he came up with the idea of a foodtruck. "It was in Austin. The town is like a Mecca for street food. I just had to do something like that." The body was tailor made to his own specifications over the course of several months. "I drilled every single hole myself," explains Repo. His problem: "The truck was everything all rolled into one: a blue print, a test vehicle and even the finished product." The centrepiece of it is a 400 kg special barbecue oven from Spain. Around the BBQ oven, the


dab hand added a wash basin, a gas stove, work surfaces, a copper water boiler and various cooking utensils. The rear wall of the foodtruck is truly Finnish, both on the inside and the outside: hanging in the kitchen is an old school presentation board with pictures of various whales on it. The outer skin of the body, meanwhile, is made of old wooden panels which Repo waterproofed using "tarvia" (natural tar). The material is also well-loved in Finland as a sauna infusion. "The Unimog is a truck for life!" The link between the native Finn and food isn't just something he plucked out of thin air. Repo has spent many of his working years as a photographer where he specialised in food photography. He spends approximately half of the year in Helsinki, around four months in his

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small, over 100-year-old farm house in Simpele (Karelia, Eastern Finland) and every now and again a few weeks in the US for a change. The foodtruck is used for company events, birthday parties or public events. These also take place off-road and in the thick of the winter, such as was the case with a food exhibition in Rovaniemi recently. It's possible that the mobile kitchen won't be the only use he finds for the base vehicle. Already upon his initial encounter with the Unimog all-rounder, Sami Repo was amazed by the sheerly limitless possibilities the vehicle can offer him: "A Unimog is a truck for life! I bought the U 318 with all hydraulic connections and many extras. At the moment, I'm dreaming about getting a crane for doing forestry work on my farm. And I also need to build myself a motor home body at some point."

Unimog as a food truck

in and around Finland

The inhabitants of Finland have a reputation for being the somewhat unconventional folk of northern Europe with some unusual habits. Sauna championships or berry-picking competitions are just some of the disciplines which are practised there with great commitment. It is also in this part of northern Europe where Sami Repo built his own foodtruck perfectly suited to the endless Finnish forests. Partly thanks to the off-road capabilities of the Unimog U 318 serving as its base, but also because of the rustic "do it yourself" body. It's a unique piece with a very personal touch.


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From June 22-24, 2016, all eyes in the solar industry will once again be on Munich: Intersolar and ees Europe are expecting 40,000 visitors from 165 countries this year. For 25 years, the Intersolar Europe has been shaping the industry and providing fresh impetus for the development of a future-oriented energy supply. The event organizers recognized the particular importance of energy storage and established ees Europe two years ago. Taking place parallel to Intersolar, ees Europe has created a prominent and successful international platform for batteries and innovative energy storage systems. This year, a total


may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Intersolar and Ees Europe

fully booked Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu

Two months before the exhibition opens, Intersolar Europe is sending the market positive signals:The exhibition space at the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners has been fully booked. And the same is true for ees Europe, Europe's largest exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems. Exhibitors from all over the world are set to present their innovations over 66,000 sqm of exhibition space from June 22–24, 2016.The widespread interest in the event demonstrates the importance of Munich and Europe for the international solar industry – as has been the case for a quarter of a century. Intersolar Europe celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2016. of 380 exhibitors will be displaying their products, services and solutions in this area – 200 of these at ees Europe alone. The event has thus established itself as a leading exhibition with strong international participation in a remarkably short period of time. Even after the great success of last year, ees Europe is recording substantial growth again this year, reflected by the exhibition space, which has expanded by more than 40% to over 12,000 sqm. Smart renewable energy: The modern energy supply Photovoltaics are experiencing a world-

wide boom. According to the market research institute GTM Research, the global photovoltaic market volume reached a total of 257 gigawatts (GW) in 2015 – an increase of one-third compared with the previous year. Researchers predict a further 64 GW will be added in 2016, to reach a total of 321 GW. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly important to use and manage solar energy effectively – in your own home, in your neighborhood, in industry and in the power grid. The key words here are smart home, smart building, smart cities and smart grid. The aim: to use modern storage technologies to find smart solutions for

controlling generation and consumption between various producers and consumers in the power grid. This has led the organizers of Intersolar and ees Europe to look to the future and connect solar energy generation with other renewable sources of energy and electricity storage as part of smart renewable energy in the 2016 program. Every day, experts will be presenting innovations in this area at the newly established Smart Renewable Energy Forum. The topic also plays an important role at the Intersolar Conference. Intersolar and ees Europe 2016 take place from June 22–24, 2016 at Messe München.


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A total of 3,423 exhibitors—1,263 from Germany and 2,160 from abroad—from 58 countries presented their products, developments and innovations on a record 605,000 square meters of exhibition space. Exhibitors from outside Germany accounted for 63 percent of the total—higher than ever before. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München, is delighted: "The response from the participants this year was amazing. The visitors at bauma always come looking to invest, but this year the exhibitors’ order books filled up much faster than expected. Many exhibitors are talking about a record level of demand at bauma 2016. And that is an extremely positive sign in this current uncertain climate." Johann Sailer, Chairman of the VDMA Association for Construction Machinery and Building Material Machines, agrees: "bauma is the ideal platform for presenting innovative new developments, because it has a big impact in the industry around the world. Again in 2016 the world’s largest show of construction machinery


will deliver impetus for further growth in our sector."

No. 1 platform for signing orders

As well as breaking records in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers and exhibition space, bauma is also a great place for filling the order books. Stefan Heissler, a member of the Board of Directors of LiebherrInternational AG, confirms: "bauma 2016 was a tremendous success for Liebherr. We received many orders from a wide variety of different markets. In some segments our expectations were even exceeded." For Michael Heidemann, Vice-Chairman of the Management Board of Zeppelin, noted "that bauma 2016 has once again shown everyone that it does indeed boost innovation and it has lived up to its reputation for being the leading trade fair." Jürgen and Stefan Wirtgen, Managing Partners in the Wirtgen Group, can only agree with this assessment: "bauma as the leading trade

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fair has always been a kind of barometer for the industry and from the start it had a very special significance for our company. Our presentation at this year’s bauma is the most successful so far in the history of the company." The mining section at bauma also received a very positive response in this context, as Erwin Schneller, Managing Director of SBM Minerals, reports: "bauma is very international. We had visitors from Chile to Canada, from China to Russia, from Africa to Norway. My personal highlight was that we signed up some unexpected sales at the show."

High quality trade visitors from all over the world

There’s no doubt about it: this 31st edition of the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, Construction Vehicles and Construction Equipment is top of the class. Alexander Schwörer, Managing Director of Peri, agrees: "For

us bauma 2016 was a tremendous success. We are very satisfied with the response and with the high quality of the trade visitors." Also impressed was Frank W. Reschke, Sales Director and Member of the Management Board of Masa: "We are very happy with how the show went. Right from day one we were welcoming a constant stream of guests from all over the world at our booth. The quality of the trade audience is first rate, as it was three years ago, and we had some excellent business talks."

The top platform for showcasing innovations


One other characteristic of bauma is that for the exhibiting companies it is the No. 1 platform for premiering their innovations to the trade audience worldwide. John L. Garrison, CEO & President of the Terex Corporation, emphasized: "Every three years bauma offers us the unique opportunity to meet with customers from around the world. As the largest trade show in our industry, it is a good opportunity to showcase new products and services." And Masatoshi Morishita, Managing Director & CEO at Komatsu Europe, sums it up neatly: "We make use of the attention bauma attracts to present our innovations. This event is a milestone for the industry. It’s not only Komatsu that tries to get certain machines ready in time for bauma. This trade show really drives the entire industry forward." The next bauma takes place from April 8 to 14, 2019 in Munich.

demand at bauma 2016 Claudiu Berariu

Bauma attracted around 580,000 visitors from 200 countries to Munich between April 11 and 17. That’s a rise of more than nine percent. After Germany, the top ten countries of origin among the visitors were Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, the Russian Federation, Poland and the Czech Republic.


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Like the name implies, the Husqvarna K 3000 Wet is a power cutter. for wet applications. The mach¬ine is equipped with the dust extinguisher system DEX, where an integrated water regulator controls the water volume, ensuring an amount that is just enough to bind the dust. This gives the user the possibility of wet cutting with a minimal amount of water and slurry, both indoors and outdoors. The K 3000 Wet also works as a dry power cutter: by attaching the Vac unit available as an accessory, the K 3000 Wet is transformed to a power cutter which generates a minimal amount of dust. The dust is sucked through the Vac unit that works as a “sled”, easily attached to the guard, and connected to a vacuum cleaner. “We’ve continued to develop a really good power cutter and made it even better”, says Johan Simonsson, Global Product Manager for Power Cutters at Husqvarna Construction. “The K 3000 Wet is filled with smart solutions that facilitates the work for the user. One of the biggest new virtues is, of course, that you’re now able to cut both dry and wet generating a minimal amount of water and dust.” The K 3000 Wet has been developed with the user in focus. The machine has a new, lighter mag¬nesium guard and a newly developed splashback that is attached to the blade guard. The splashback protects both the user and the machine from water and slurry. Like all Husqvarna power cutters, the machine’s blade rotates forward minimizing the strain for the operator and making the work more efficient. The K 3000 Wet is also equipped with the electronic overload protection system ElgardTM and the SoftStartTM system that enables start even with normal, slow-acting fuses. Multicutter. The K 3000 Wet is a wet power cutter that minimizes the amount of water and slurry. By adding the vacuum unit accessory (see next page) it’s easily transformed into a power cut¬ter that produces a minimum amount of dust.

More facts on the K 3000 Wet

• Motor: Electric 230 / 120 / 110 V • Weight power cutter: 8.5 kg • Diamond blade 350 mm


may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

A wet power cutter that minimizes the amount of water and slurry. And that is easily transformed into a power cutter that generates a minimum amount of dust. Husqvarna is now relaunching the electric power cutter K 3000 Wet that makes it possible to wet and dry cut with the same machine.

Accessories K 3000 Wet

• WT 15 – Ne w, compact and easyto-use water tank with electric pump. The tank has a capacity of 15 litres and allows continual cutting for 45 minutes. Battery-powered. - Vac unit, weight 1,0 kilos. The Vac unit is easily detachable when the vacuum cleaner is not in use. - DC 1400 – Effective, compact vacuum cleaner for wet and dry applications. Effect: 1,4 kW. Weight: 16 kilos. - Dust eliminator. With the compact vacuum cleaner DC 1400, available as accessory, K 3000 Wet can be transformed to a dry power cutter that generates a minimal amount of dust. - Easy. The Vac “sled” is easily attached to the back of the blade guard and is connected directly to the vacuum cleaner. - Water provider. The WT 15 has a capacity of 15 litres and allows continual cutting for 45 minutes.

Husqvarna K 3000 Wet

Dry and wet cutting with

the same machine Claudiu Berariu


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Drone Volt

enters the world of virtual reality Daniela Rădeanu


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Drone Volt, the French leader in professional drones, revolutionizing the world of Photography and Cinematography with the JANUS 360 by DRONE VOLT, a Drone dedicated for 360° Virtual Reality content production. Drones and Virtual Reality: a revolution! Virtual reality has a tremendous future and points to a growing need for 3D content filmed in 360° for cinematography, tourism, advertising, sports & sports training, gaming, design & architecture, construction, real estate and many other industries. A study by Goldman Sachs Research estimates that the VR and AR (virtual and augmented reality) market would reach $ 80 billion in 2025. To meet the needs of this strategic market, the R&D division of DRONE VOLT has integrated the best of its

technologies to develop the JANUS 360 by DRONE VOLT. This drone can capture spectacular aerial images used (after video processing) in virtual reality playback systems, goggles or helmet. The JANUS 360 drone creates an immersive 3D experience A genuine flying camera, JANUS 360 by DRONE VOLT is a drone dedicated to producing video content for virtual reality. This quadcopter, equipped with ten 4K cameras spread over 2 heads is for taking pictures and videos that once assembled and processed provide an immersive 3D experience for virtual tours and videos 360°. "The audiovisual market currently represents 80% of DRONE VOLT’s customers. We find it necessary to provide innovative and futuristic solutions to our customers,

so we have developed JANUS 360, the first drone dedicated to virtual reality; with 2 heads and with 5 cameras on each allowing a fantastic 360° result. One of the major strengths of our model is the ability to shoot in the air at 360 ° without any elements of the drone, such as propellers or landing gear appearing in the image," says Dimitri Batsis, President of DRONE VOLT.

Specs :

10 4K cameras 15 minute flight time 150 Go of images per flight HD video return Approved for S1, S2, S3 360° without image cut off Double stabilized head



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But where did this population explosion and wanderlust begin? Look back through time as our skyscrapers shrink down to huddled tents, our city lights dim to campfires and global conflicts die back into mere territorial aggression. What has become a thriving global community once consisted of roaming, Stone Age primitives. But where did even these ancient ancestors come from?

If you look hard enough, you'll find any number of theories about just where human beings originated - and who knows? Maybe we really were banished from a Mesopotamian Garden of Eden, or we really did stumble out of a crashed spaceship. The prevailing theory among scientists, however, is that the first Homo sapiens evolved in Africa and, between 56,000 and 200,000 years ago, migrated

It's pretty safe to say that Earth has more than its share of human beings. We're currently staring down a global population of 6.77 billion people and rising. We've spread like a virus, diverting resources to fill our needs and transforming the planet in the process. As with any communicable illness, we strive to reach beyond the limits of our own meager habitat and colonize distant worlds.


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into other lands. Some anthropologists actually refer to this theory as the out of Africa II theory, as it involves a previous African exodus by tribes of Homo erectus, followed by the scattering of Homo sapiens that eventually became human civilization. This wave of migration steadily washed over the entire world for tens of thousands of years. The pockets of primitive

Is Africa the cradle of humanity?


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Foto: Discovery Channel Sursă: www.howstuffworks.com


life on Earth come from? Prior to the 1860s, when Louis Pasteur developed his germ theory of disease, the common consensus was that life could spontaneously generate. For example, if you left wheat grain out, it would spawn baby mice. Water left standing for days would birth organisms like algae. Today we know new life won't generate out of nothing, but this is due largely to Pasteur's work hominids, such as Neanderthals, eventually disappeared. Perhaps they weren't able to compete with H. sapiens for limited resources or weren't as capable of adapting to survive the constant rigors of a prehistoric Earth.


What is the origin of life on Earth?

It's easy to take the life that our planet teems with for granted, but its existence raises a very difficult question: Where did

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At around the same time that Pasteur developed his germ theory, Charles Darwin was introducing his theory of evolution to the world. It would contribute what constitutes a logical road map in the search for the first life on Earth. In "The Origin of Species," Darwin references

Sir John Herschell's description of the genesis of life on earth as the "mystery of mysteries" and proposes that the species on Earth today weren't independently created. Instead, they evolved in ever-expanding numbers from earlier species through the process of evolution by natural selection. At the heart of this line of reasoning is the implication that all organisms could have evolved from a single common ancestor. Thus, the modern investigation into the origin of life on Earth began.

classifying organisms based generally on physical traits, from the narrowest taxon (species) to a group of related species (genus) and into increasingly broader taxa up to the kingdoms of plants and animals (and originally minerals). This system of biological classification has itself evolved over time, with the number of kingdoms expanding and the broadest taxon, domains, established to categorize cells as eukaryotic(containing cells with DNA in a nucleus), bacteria and archaea (the domain of extremophiles).

Darwin's work was built upon an already existing system of biological classification proposed in 1753 by Swedish biologist Carl von Linne (known as Linnaeus). Linnaeus developed taxonomy, a system for


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presents the best

of bauma 2016 Daniela Rădeanu

Roughly 580,000 people from 200 countries attended bauma 2016 in Munich, Germany – cementing its status as the largest trade show in the world. Caterpillar, along with Cat® dealer Zeppelin, displayed more than 60 Cat products and a variety of digital solutions that are transforming the ways our customers are doing business. Take a look at the highlights from the week. "We are far and away presenting something different than anyone else." Those were Chairman and CEO Doug Oberhelman’s thoughts on Caterpillar’s display at bauma. You can watch his full interview where he discusses the show and the company’s digital vision. Welcome to the Age of Smart Iron Caterpillar unveiled its digital vision to the world at a news conference with Doug and Customer & Dealer Support Group President Rob Charter. Learn how our digital solutions will improve productivity, efficiency, safety and profitability for customers in the Age of Smart Iron video. Zeppelin Cat also talked about the digital age, while Marketing & Digital Vice President George Taylor and Zeppelin Dealer Principal Gerstmann discussed the importance of thinking like a customer. Plenty of Products We previously mentioned the plethora of products that were on display at bauma. Get the stories on an unique black backhoe loader, the C9.3B Industrial Engine, F Series Pavers, the 6015B Hydraulic Shovel and work tools on display.


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New additions to Atlas Copco’s comprehensive range of construction equipment, on show for the first time in the UK, will include the new Series 8 portable compressor. Weighing in at under 750Kg across the range, the Series 8 sets new standards in almost every category, from size and weight to efficiency and performance. It also features the latest iteration of the polyethylene HardHat canopy, which is lighter and more durable than

traditional metal canopies. The new Dynapac SD1800 CityPaver combines a tight turning circle with the popular features of its SD2500 big brother making it ideal for repairs in narrow streets and tight working areas. Other new ranges on show include HiLight towers which use LEDs to reduce energy consumption without compromising light coverage. And the latest

From the new Series 8 range of portable compressors to the latest Dynapac CityPaver, Atlas Copco will unveil a range of versatile and cost effective new construction equipment on stand N4 at this year’s Hillhead.


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handheld pneumatic RTEX breakers that offer significant reductions in energy consumption and weigh 25% less than their equivalents, without compromising performance. Visitors to the show, which is held in a Derbyshire quarry from 28th – 30th June, will also see Atlas Copco’s portfolio of hydraulic attachments. From the SB202 breaker, suited to 2.5 - 6t carriers to the

world’s largest volume-reduced hydraulic breaker, the 10t HB10000 suitable for carriers up to 140t. The full range of silent demolition attachments including grapples, pulverisers, crushers, and combicutters will be on show. From the road construction portfolio, the popular Dynapac SD2500WS wheeled paver will be shown alongside the new SD1800W CityPaver. For those finishing

touches we will also be showing a range of asphalt rollers and the 13t CA3500 soil roller. Alongside the new Series 8 compressor, there will be a range of mobile compressors and generators on the stand. Many of our handheld pneumatic, hydraulic and petrol tools will be demonstrated on the stand. Compaction equipment including, rammers and plates will be on

show. Concrete equipment will include trowels with the quick stop feature for safe use when stopping. The SMART concrete pokers which feature a built-in frequency converter for ease of use will also be on display.

Atlas Copco new portable compressors

and paver at Hillhead


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International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched two new tough and highly versatile midsized portable air compressors with adjustable pressure settings. The CPS 11-10 can be set at either 7 or 10 bar, while the CPS1114 can be set at a pressure of 12 or 14 bar. Manu Claes, spokesperson for portable compressors said: “Thanks to the simple to use Control Pressure system our new portable compressors offer a high level of versatility. In essence operators get the benefits of two machines in one package. All they have to do is dial up the pressure and the compressor will do the rest.” The CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 are Chicago Pneumatic’s toughest mid-sized portable air compressors to date. Both models have been tested in field conditions to withstand harsh working environments, and feature a three layer protection coating (corrosive category C3) of all bodywork. This prevents corrosion and ensures performance over time, meaning the compressors are ready for whatever the elements can throw at them. Both models are towable and mounted on a single axle. This combined with their lightweight and compact design, makes the portable compressors incredibly easy to move both on and between work sites. Built for ease of use, the CPS 11-10 and CPS 11-14 require very little maintenance, and only need an oil service every 1000 hours or once per year. They are also equipped with John Deere engines that offer reliability and improved fuel consumption.


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Chicago Pneumatic launches tough mid-sized portable

compressors with adjustable pressure settings Daniela Rădeanu


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New series

of Bosch

orbital sanders

for professionals Extremely handy and flexible – these are the hallmarks of the new Bosch one-hand orbital sanders for professionals. The range, which is designed for small, preparatory sanding work, comprises three corded tools: The GSS 140-1 A Professional, the GSS 160-1 A Professional and the GSS 160 Multi Professional. With the launch of the GSS 18 V-10 Professional, Bosch is also now bringing the first 18 V cordless orbital sander onto the market. The tools offer professional tradespeople from the woodworking trades, as well as painters and varnishers, increased flexibility when sanding in comparison with comparable models from our competitors. The basis for this is three different base plates which professionals can use to convert their orbital sanders quickly and easily to the task at hand: A square sanding plate, a rectangular sanding plate and a triangular sanding plate. The sanding sheet is fixed using the established "Easy Fit" clamping system or using a microfastener (Velcro), depending on the base plate. Weighing between 1.1 and 1.5 kilograms, the tools also are considerably lighter than their predecessors and, thanks to the ergonomic knob with soft grip, can be easily moved into different positions and operated using only one hand. Bosch offers the perfect tool for every application: The GSS 140-1 A Professional comes with a square base plate and is suitable for sanding small, even surfaces. The new metal base plate makes the tool even more robust than previous models. Users can work with both a standard sanding sheet or a sanding sheet that they have cut to size themselves, as it is either attached using a Velcro fastener or the "Easy Fit" clamping system. The GSS 160-1 A Professional comes with a rectangular sanding plate as standard and is particularly suited to machining sharp edges, such as those on dining tables. In comparison to the square base plate, the narrower base plate minimizes


the risk of the orbital sander slipping over the edge while sanding, thereby rounding it. The sanding sheet is fixed by means of a Velcro fastener, which makes it particularly easy to replace. In addition to the square and rectangular base plate, the GSS 160 Multi Professional offers a triangular sanding plate for simple machining of corners, window frames, doors on furniture and panels of all kinds. With the GSS 18 V-10 Professional cordless orbital sander, working overhead and in difficult to reach places is now easier for professional tradespeople. It also makes the task of sanding sensitive materials easier, as there are no cables which could damage the finished surface. The cordless orbital sander is available with a square sanding plate or with all three sanding plates. All four models feature an efficient dust extraction system for protecting your health and the tool while you work. Dust is either absorbed by the micro-filter in the supplied dust box or is directly extracted by a connected vacuum cleaner. The corded orbital sanders are now available from specialist retailers, with the cordless tool following in autumn. The models are offered in a cardboard box or L-Boxx with a different range of items included. Subject to change.

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Federcostruzioni and SaMoTer join forces to support growth in the Italian construction sector. The Federation belonging to Confindustria that brings together the leading productive categories of construction sector and Veronafiere, organiser of the landmark trade fair in Italy for earth-moving and construction equipment, today signed a cooperation agreement ahead of the event scheduled in Verona 22-25 February 2017.


The objective of the partnership is to develop promotional and training initiatives to support a system that in Italy is worth more than 400 billion euros and employs 2.6 million people. Yet this sector is still suffering from a far-reaching crisis, having lost between 2009 and 2014 nearly 30% of production and 650,000 jobs, although 2015 showed some signs of a gradual recovery with substantially steady forecasts for 2016. This resumption can only be consolidated

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by action to start new projects for public works, at the same time as encouraging energy saving, quality and sustainability. These are the focal topics for the 30th edition of SaMoTer, taking in solutions for environmental emergency and safeguards, the territory and hydro-geological risks, with special reference to intelligent machines. hybrid low-emission and high efficiency machines, technological platforms for human to machine and machine to machine












interaction. “The agreement,” said Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere, “is another effective step forwards benefitting the national construction system. The collaboration with Federcostruzioni strengthens SaMoTer's role as the reference platform in Italy for the international promotion of companies in the construction and site machinery and equipment sector, backed up by two other shows scheduled simultaneously dealing


a Ră



n Rota

, Cipria deanu

with bitumen and road infrastructure and road transport and logistics.” “Collaboration between Veronafiere and Federcostruzioni,” Rudy Girardi, President of Federcostruzioni, agrees, “fits in with the approach always followed by the Federation of supporting all initiatives that highlight the real role of the construction sector in Italy, in terms of both production and employment, as well as to encourage the adoption of suitable measures stimulating

the recovery.” The partnership involves the creation of a joint work group in the research field to develop technical and scientific studies in the sector, as well as the design and development of training events associated with the themes in the forefront of SaMoTer 2017 and participation at Federcostruzioni appointments during the run-up to the event, such as Road Shows in Italy and the SaMoTer Day.


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Wacker Neuson’s

new telescopic wheel loader can move loads further and faster Daniela Rădeanu Wacker Neuson’s newest telescopic wheel loader offers reach and stability in one machine. The 8085T is the only all wheel steer loader with a telescopic boom available and with an extended reach of over 15 feet, the applications are endless for loading, stacking and dumping materials. Because of the all wheel steer design with a constant center of gravity in the middle of the machine, the 8085T is extremely stable and provides a constant payload regardless of whether the machine is going straight or turning.

The 8085T is available with a standard travel speed of 12.4 miles per hour with 19 gallons per minute auxiliary flow making it an excellent machine to use on a variety of job sites with most standard attachments. The 8085T has the option of high speed/high flow that allows it to travel up to 25 miles per hour, the fastest wheel loader in its class. With the high flow auxiliary hydraulics of 30 gallons per minute, this 8085T is ideal for operating high performance attachments such as blowers, brooms and mowers. The high flow edition comes standard with a manual travel speed and manual throttle control to more efficiently operate hydraulic


attachments. Wacker Neuson’s new 8085T also offers three steering modes that sync electronically. (Previously, all wheel steer units were all wheel steer all the time.) With the 8085T, operators can change between 2-wheel mode for faster forward travel speed to all wheel drive for travel over rough terrain, and to crab steer that moves the machine horizontally in order to fine-tune placement in tight spaces. The operator can simply change the steering mode with the flip of a dashboard switch and the machine will automatically synchronize to the desired steering mode.

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Adding to this machine’s versatility is the hydraulically operated universal attachment plate which enables the operator to quickly switch attachments without leaving the operator’s station, saving time and extra effort. In addition, the universal plate allows owners to use their current or new skid steer attachments on this versatile wheel loader which increases their return on investment and provides new job opportunities. The 8085T wheel loader features a long wheelbase for smooth driving and easy handling. The center of gravity located in the center of the machine and counterweights located far behind the rear axle allow for higher payloads and increased stability. The deluxe cab takes operator comfort to a new level with extra space, air-ride seats, premium HVAC and a panoramic view all standard. The 8085T is powered by a Tier 4 Final, 74-horsepower Deutz diesel engine with maintenancefree DOC after treatment that provides power and efficient operation. Weighing in at 12,236 pounds, the 8085T has a tipping load of 6,435 pounds and extended reach height to the hinge pin of 15-feet, 5-inches. When extra reach is needed, such as placing materials in flower beds, snow removal to free up parking lot space and stacking construction and agriculture materials, the 8085T allows you to move the load further and faster.


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prepares air base for take-off Concentrated power of the Wirtgen Group on the job at Büchel Air Base: Together with asphalt mixing plants from Benninghoven, machines built by Wirtgen, Vögele and Hamm successfully reconstructed the surface course and handed over a top quality runway right on schedule. The success was based on painstakingly planned site logistics, reliability and precision of machine technology and the commitment of the contractors involved.

New asphalt surface course for Tornado jets

Every month, Tornado aircraft take off and land roughly 200 times at Büchel Air Base, set amid the uplands of the Eifel region. Large transport planes also take off and land here. After more than ten years of service and several harsh winters, signs began to emerge that there was a risk of “foreign object damage” (FOD) on the runway. FOD is the damage sustained by aircraft, for instance when they draw in mineral particles from the asphalt, which may destroy the jet engines as they start up. Such “foreign objects” are hence a bane for all airfield operators. When loose particles measuring up to 5cm in diameter were occasionally


found on the runway in Büchel, planning started immediately for reconstruction of the roughly 4.5cm-thick asphalt surface course with its 0.5cm overlay of anti-skid material. The Brenner engineering office in Hennef, Germany, considered several possibilities during the planning process. In the end, they decided to reconstruct the surface course with stone mastic asphalt. Compared to conventional materials, stone mastic asphalt offers much better non-skid properties, is durable and highly resistant to deformation.

Precision work by Wirtgen milling machines with super-fine milling drum

The first step was to remove the damaged asphalt pavement with the aid of Wirtgen cold milling machines, a job that was carried out in two passes. The first 5 – 10mm were interspersed with anti-skid material and had to be disposed of separately. For this reason, the top layer was removed to a depth of exactly 10mm by super-fine milling. This sufficed to remove the entire layer and at the same time minimize the volume of special waste. A perfect job for the two Wirtgen milling machines of type W 210i, both fitted with a micro-fine mill-

may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

ing drum with 1008 cutting tools distributed over a milling width of 2m. Needless to say, accurate levelling is essential for such a precision job. On large milling machines, the modern automatic levelling system LEVEL PRO ensures that the milling depth is precisely adhered to. The height is adjusted via four lifting columns in the front and rear crawler tracks, all of which are interlinked hydraulically. As soon as one of the crawler tracks runs over an elevation or into a depression, the other tracks automatically balance out the resultant difference in height. This four-fold full floating axle system ensures that the machine always adapts to the base.

The International Exhibition and Conference for the Solar Industry of the Middle East Access the fast growing MENA market at Intersolar Middle East Expose your brand by showcasing your products at a premium solar event Save time by connecting with current and potential clients over three days of the event


In conjunction with

Knowledge partner


Middle East Solar Industry Association

Empowering Solar across the Middle East

For stand or sponsorship enquiries Contact Lucy Kamau E: lucykamau@dmgeventsme.com www.easyengineering.eu T: 971 4 438 0355


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TRACKED BACKHOE IDEAL FOR HIRE The JCB 1CX-T tracked backhoe loader is proving hugely popular for a Welsh plant hirer - as a cost-saving, single-machine solution to a wide variety of tasks. Haverfordwest-based TJ Wales Plant Hire bought the machine from local dealer Holt JCB. Combining the capabilities of a mini excavator and a compact tracked loader – it saves customers from the prohibitive costs of paying for two machines for small projects. The innovative, tracked JCB 1CX-T machine takes the compact backhoe concept a step forward, providing the ideal machine for customers who require increased climbing ability, unparalleled stability and exceptional pushing power in soft ground conditions. TJ Wales Owner, Tudor John said: “We chose JCB because of the strong reputation of the brand and we have not been disappointed. The machine is so versatile it is always in demand, either from our hire customers or for our own projects. For small builders on small sites, it’s the perfect tool – saving the cost of hiring two machines when the 1CX-T can do the job with just one machine and one operator.


“The other clear benefit is the tracks - which means low ground bearing pressure, greater stability when digging and more power when shovelling. We see great potential with our construction customers as well as with the farming community. “Over the last few weeks alone it has been used to prepare fencing with an auger, dig out footings on a confined building site, shovel out barns and carry out a host of loading jobs.” While the 1CX-T boasts the power of a 2.5 tonne mini excavator, the standard sideshift backhoe digs up to 36% deeper with the Extradig option, more digging

may 2016 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

depth than a comparative skid steer with a backhoe attachment. JCB’s telescopic dipper arm design provides the 1CX-T with outstanding loadover and dump heights. As the backhoe has been designed as an integral part of the machine, the 1CX-T also retains far more compact dimensions, making it the ideal machine for confined work sites. The tracked machine has 14% greater bucket capacity than the standard 1CX too, thanks in part to its superior stability over rough terrain. With powerful high-flow auxiliary hydraulics it is capable of driving a host of attachments on both the front loader or the rear backhoe, making the 1CX-T the master of many tasks in many industries.

Warsaw Build Warsaw’s Largest Building & Interiors Exhibition 16 - 18 November 2016 EXPO XXI, Warsaw, Poland More information at: www.warsawbuild.pl

Connecting your business to the world

Organised by:


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The World’s Leading Exhibition for the Solar Industry Messe München, Germany The unique meeting point for the global solar industry Success guaranteed: 1,000 exhibitors – 40,000 visitors – 165 countries A dynamic marketplace with a global reach

co-located with

Top information for your visit in Munich, Germany!

21-24 November 2016 Dubai World Trade Centre EXHIBITION. DEMONSTRATION. EDUCATION.


THE LARGEST INFRASTRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY EVENT IN THE MIDDLE EAST • Acquire new business and maintain existing clients by exhibiting at the largest infrastructure and construction machinery event in the Middle East • Stand out amongst your competitors with our tailored sponsorship opportunities • Save time by connecting with more than 32,500 current and potential clients over four days • Make use of multiple free marketing opportunities as soon as you join as an exhibitor Audited by:

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Speak to Firas on how to grow your business: Firas Abou Ltaif FirasAbouLtaif@dmgeventsme.com +971 (0) 4 445 3655

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