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LIGNA 2017 delivers big on innovations

How Chaos



Mobile World Shanghai 2017 The must-attend industry event in Asia

the luxurious

life in Bulgari Residences


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Who are we, where do we come from, how did we end up on Earth? These are only a few of the eternal questions that have stirred the curiosity of mankind from ancient times. It is said that the more people were closer to the beginnings of the Universe, the closer they were to the truth, and by implication, the easier it was to distinguish the mysteries surrounding them, and the more we advance in the future, the more we are moving away from the truth and it will be harder for us to find out the answer to many questions that will come, even the basic questions. Taking into account the latest advancements in science and technology, we can hope for a greater understanding of the mysterious world that surrounds us. Of course, there is the possibility of realizing that the more we know, the less we know. Surely it's much better to know than not to know. I remember a theatre play

called "Waiting for Godot". The play features two male friends waiting for the third one called Godot. The problem is that they are waiting and he does not come, and they wait and wait ... practically at infinity, but they do not even leave. There are times in which we feel like playing in a play, but the scene is bigger and you cannot choose the character. A play in which all come and go unceasingly. Similar to the improvisation actor, in which you need to give an answer on the spot, depending on the situation. Human nature has always tried to open new paths for knowledge, to overcome its limits, and to go where no one has ever been. So let's get out of the comfort zone, step into uncertainty and know an infinity without frontiers. Editor-in-Chief, Ciprian Rotaru


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- CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 Chair Named: Mary Erholtz of Superior Industries - AEM Wins Innovation Honors for ‘ Tech Experience’at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 - The new Sauer ecc 4.0 compressor control - Sauer BREEZE series: Industrial compressors in modular system - WELTEC BIOPOWER among the Top Five Innovative Drive Praised by Olaf Lies, Minister of the Economy - Sauer Compressors enhances product range with oil-free and gas-tight HAUG compressors

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Best Tools Company has launched in Romania the KD range of motors and generators


Bosch - “Expert for” circular saw blades for professionals

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Inaugural Tool It! Challenge - Hits nail on the head at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017

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LIGNA 2017 - delivers big on innovations

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Mobile World Shanghai 2017 - The must-attend industry event in Asia


A strong start with record numbers for Biesse at Ligna 2017


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Grotefeld - new machining systems for the whole world of state-of-the-art materials

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Okuma to present super multitasking machines and Smart Factory Solutions

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Greater precision and maneuverabilit y with the new CASE CX245D SR excavator

the luxurious life in Bulgari Residences

How Chaos Theory Works


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Increased durabilit y and easy maintenance with the new CAT M315D2 and M317D2 wheeled excavators


Kramer Expert Days 2017 - a special machine experience

Positive market response to first edition of LABVOLUTION in Hannover

HOMAG presents planing machines for profile processing




CASE at Steinexpo





GSMA announces speakers for Mobile 360 Series Africa 2017



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CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 Chair Named: Mary Erholtz of Superior Industries The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announces Mary Erholtz, Vice President Marketing for Superior Industries, will chair the next CONEXPO-CON/AGG, set for March 10-14, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, USA. Erholtz will lead a cross-section of industry leaders who come together in the show’s management committee to oversee planning of the construction industry’s global gathering place every three years in North America.“Mary is a proven company leader and industry supporter and we are delighted she has accepted this leadership role; We know she and her committee will ably guide the show’s strategic direction to deliver enhanced customer connections and insights on the latest technologies and best practices,” said Sara Truesdale Mooney, show director and vice president strategy & business development, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

AEM Wins Innovation Honors for ‘Tech Experience’at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has won innovation honors for its new Tech Experience at CONEXPO-CON/ AGG 2017. AEM was among a select group winning the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) ‘Power of A’ Gold Award. The award annually recognizes organizations that distinguish themselves with innovative, effective and broad-reaching programs and activities that positively impact America and the world. AEM’s 75,000 square foot immersive Tech Experience at CONEXPOCON/AGG showcased innovations and emerging technologies that will shape construction and manufacturing. Keeping pace with technology is vital for our industry and members’ success, and with the Tech Experience, AEM amplified the technology on the show floor and advanced CONEXPO-CON/AGG to a new level of thought leadership,” said Sara Truesdale Mooney, AEM’s vice president strategy and business development and 2017 show director.

The new Sauer ecc 4.0 compressor control Sauer Compressors is offering a new range of controls for fully automated monitoring and control of compressor functions. The first model is the Sauer ecc 4.0 – a control for universal use in all compressor series for applications in the naval, shipping, offshore and industrial fields The software has been completely developed by Sauer Compressors, which enables it to be adapted precisely to the relevant requirements. Certain features can be added and customised for specific projects. The design of the Sauer ecc 4.0 follows an intelligent modular principle tailored to the compressor type and version. The modular system can be configured over various expansion levels - from the economical basic version through to complete monitoring of all measured values in the fully-featured version. The Sauer ecc 4.0 can connect up to twelve compressors, communicating via all standard interfaces. In terms of Industry 4.0, the control can be integrated into higher-level systems.


May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

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New innovative water-miscible cooling lubricant increases service life As one of the leading manufacturers for drive and control technology, Bosch Rexroth offers precise and energy-efficient solutions for plants and machines of all sizes. The company is able to, at user level, combine worldwide experience of plant construction and engineering, mobile applications as well as factory automation for the development of innovative components. In addition, Bosch Rexroth enables appropriate services and bespoke system solutions from a single source. Its portfolio ranges from linear and assembly technology, electrical drives and controls to hydraulics and transmission technology. Bosch Rexroth manufactures, among other things, control valves, pistons and cylinders at its location in Lohr am Main. When processing components, the production and maintenance department focuses great importance to machine cleanliness and bio-stability.

WELTEC BIOPOWER among the Top Five Innovative Drive Praised by Olaf Lies, Minister of the Economy „The ‚Made in Germany’ label is a special cachet and thus an export driver“. With these words, Lower Saxony‘s Minister of the Economy Olaf Lies conferred the Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award. The so-called „export Oscar of the North“ was awarded for the eighth time on 26 April 2017 at the Foreign Trade Conference held at the Hannover Messe, the world‘s largest industrial trade show. The German biogas plant manufacturer was pleased to be among the Top Five in the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The 10-person jury elected the winners from about 40 businesses, all of whom have delivered outstanding perfor¬mance in the international competition. „The submissions were of a high quality and impressed me and the jury.“, said Olaf Lies on the occasion of the award ceremony in the presence of 300 business representatives.

Sauer BREEZE series: Industrial compressors in modular system Sauer Compressors presents the BREEZE WP323LM Basic air compressor. This three-stage air-cooled compressor generates a flow rate of 420 m³/h with a final pressure of 40 bar (g) and a power consumption of 90 kW. It is one of four medium pressure models from a newly developed compressor series for industrial applications. The BREEZE series is based on a flexible modular system consisting of several crankcases with three to five cylinders. Thanks to its nine cylinder/piston combinations, the series covers a wide output range and meets numerous customer requirements. The aircooled compressors from the new BREEZE series offer other innovations too, including the CubeCooler concept, which is being used for the first time. Block coolers arranged radially around the fan enable the recooling temperatures to be reduced by a third. A protective cover comes as standard and has an integrated gauge panel, ensuring outstanding usability with the highest safety standards.


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The presentations were made by the two representatives of KOHLER-SDMO, Yann TANGUY - Area Sales Manager and Denis CALVES - Project Sales Manager. The presentations were followed by an outdoor demonstration of the KD1100 - 1100kVA model with the soundproof case and then by a cocktail where the guests had the opportunity to take part in a Golf Pro tournament. Winners of the tournament have received models with the new range of generators, golf clubs and customized golf balls. The new KD engine series, which is part of KOHLER-SDMO generating sets that provide power ranging from 800 kVA to 4,200 kVA, has been developed by KOHLER-SDMO and LIEBHERR during 6 years of which the three years of testing have been added together more than 50,000 hours of running on test benches. In the KD series, two engine models, K135 (for power range 800-1800kVA) and K175 (for> 2000kVA), were designed to deliver extreme durability, low fuel consumption, compact size and can be used in a variety of applications.


May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Best Tools Company

has launched in Romania the KD range of motors and generators Ciprian Rotaru, Daniela Rădeanu On Friday, May 19th, Best Tools launched the KOHLER series of KD Series KD Series engines and generators, with powers ranging from 800-4200 kVA, in an event organized at Stejarii Country Club in Bucharest. During the event, there were new engine presentations as well as detailed descriptions of the KOHLER KD series engine generators.


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Users of the new KD series will find essential cost savings in terms of higher fuel efficiency, extended service ranges and space saving. New generators are designed to meet global emissions rules and can be customized to meet specific user requirements. Multiple options are available to ensure optimum performance for the most demanding operations. The generators are designed for varying ambient temperatures. Thanks to the advanced technologies and control systems, as well as the monitoring of each compo-

nent, the KD series offers very high power quality and the fastest response according to the most rigorous standards. KD SERIES generators are designed from high quality, durable materials for use in the most demanding environments. KOHLER-SDMO does not compromise when it comes to the quality of its products and their compliance with existing standards. Moreover, the KD SERIES generators' safety and utilization levels exceed current requirements. Best Tools, the sole importer for KOHLER-



May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

SDMO in Romania, was established in 2006, starting its activity by distributing cleaning equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaners, floor washing machines and sweeping machines. Over time, the range of equipment has been diversified, developing four separate divisions. The first division is now engaged in the sale of cleaning equipment and sanitation equipment, the second of generating sets and UPS, the third is the representation and distribution of construction equipment, while the latter is dedicated to renting generators.

Best Tools covers several market segments such as industry, portable equipment, rental equipment, or special projects. Over time, the company successfully developed several distribution channels for the entire range of equipment in the KOHLER-SDMO portfolio. With over 100 years of experience as a global specialist in generators, the partnership between KOHLER and SDMO has entered a new era with the launch of the new models of the KD Series, equipped with its own KOHLER engines.



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Bosch “Expert for” circular saw blades for professionals


May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

The right circular saw blade for almost any machine type: Bosch is expanding the existing “Expert for” range and is introducing dimensions for additional machine applications in five series. This includes the “Expert for Wood”, “Expert for Construct Wood”, “Expert for High Pressure Laminate”, “Expert for Fiber Cement” and “Expert for Sandwich Panel” circular saw blades. With this expansion, Bosch is offering specialized solutions for working on pressure laminates with miter and table saws and on fiber cement with miter saws.

Using the “Expert for” range of circular saw blades, tradespeople can therefore rely on an accessory that is optimized for each material and that can be used in almost all hand-held or table saws, miter saws, plunge saws or metal dry cutters. The “Expert for” circular saw blades are therefore perfect for numerous trades – for joiners, metalworkers, installers of electrical, sanitary and heating systems, as well as for carpenters, roofers, and formwork, concrete and façade builders.

Carbide technology for high cutting performance The “Expert for” range offers a special carbide and coating technology for precise cutting performance: The circular saw blades have teeth that are made of “MicroteQ” carbide. This means that the teeth are manufactured from extra-hard, durable metal grain. The grain size of the carbide is important for the sharpness and wear resistance of the cutting edge, which is why Bosch uses fine to very fine grain sizes to give its circular saw blades high cut quality and a long lifetime. For precision and a long life, the steel body on the circular saw blades is also of an exceptionally high quality and comes with “ProteQtion” coating: This prevents the saw blades from corroding and reduces friction. It also increases the cutting performance. With its "Expert for Fiber Cement", Bosch offers a special circular saw blade for use in fiber cement panels. Due to the abrasive properties of this material, Bosch uses polycrystalline diamonds (PCD), which are even harder than carbide, to manufacture the teeth. The result is a considerably longer life-time of the circular saw blade. The extensive carbide range from Bosch also comprises circular saw blades for further special applications, for example for aluminum (“Expert for Aluminum”), steel (“Expert for Steel”), stainless steel (“Expert for Stainless Steel”), laminated panels (“Expert for Laminated Panel”) and for various materials such as plastic, wood and aluminum (“Expert for Multi-Material”). The “Expert for” circular saw blades in the additional dimensions are available now from specialist retail outlets. Subject to change.


www.easyengineering.eu | May-June 2017

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Inaugural Tool It! Challenge

Hits nail on the head at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017

The UAE’s finest carpenters, technicians, and expert operators stole the spotlight at the Middle East’s dedicated trade fair for hardware, tools, machinery, and materials in Dubai on 22-24 May. The Tool It! Challenge at Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017 invited contracting and fit-out firms, construction companies, and workshop owners, to nominate their most skilled technicians for an intensive test of will, as they ground and drilled their way to glory among industry peers.

All 48 of them responded in kind, showcasing their finely tuned skills, and undeterred by the growing crowds drawn to the live sound of machinery piercing wood and metal. The contenders were eventually separated from the pretenders during the one-day live competition which covered five categories: drilling and screwing for both wood and metal, and measuring. It came down to the top three craftsmen for each category, with the final winners celebrated by their colleagues and professionals from the construction, technical, and fabrication industries.


Leading tool manufacturers Bosch, 3M, Hitachi, and Nitto Khoki were on board as category sponsors, presenting the champions with their prizes: the latest tool sets, measuring equipment, and accessories. Taking home the spoils was Khalil Miah from Sarco Building Contracting Company, who won two categories: the Metal Drilling category by Nitto Khoki, and the Measuring Tools category sponsored by Bosch. Other winners were Jagan Sekar from Al Fajer Contracting, who won the Metal Grinding by 3M category; Inderjit Singh from Divine Creations for Metal Screwing by Hitachi, and Nathu Sharma from Al Fajer, who took home the Wood Screwing Gold Medal, also sponsored by Bosch. “The Inaugural Tool It! Challenge has proved to be a massive hit, and we’re delighted with the industry response to this inaugural competition,” said Ahmed Pauwels, CEO of Messe Frankfurt Middle East, the organiser of Hardware + Tools Middle East. “These men work tirelessly in building some of the UAE’s most loved landmarks, using skills and techniques needed to

May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

perform in the most extreme conditions. To see them showcase their skills live in front of their colleagues and industry peers is a unique spectacle.” “This is something that’s never been done before, and it’s pleasing to see leading manufacturers get on board,” added Pauwels. “The competition also underlines the importance of having top quality dependable tools in order to ensure the safety of the worker and the workplace.” The annual three-day event is the region’s only exhibition dedicated to tools, hardware, materials and machinery, representing a broad spectrum of segments within the construction and technical industries. It was opened by His Excellency Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. Hardware + Tools Middle East 2017 returns with the Expert Zone, a onestop destination showcasing the latest technology and solutions from the most established brands in the business. More information is available at: www.hardwaretoolsme.com.


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RIDGID micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter

The RIDGIDÂŽ micro LM-100 Laser Distance Meter provides simple, quick and accurate distance readings at the push of a button. Simply push the measurement button to turn on the ultra-sharp Class II lasers, point the device at the spot to be measured, and push the


measurement button. The distance reading will appear on the easy-to-read LCD display. This rugged, compact, portable instrument enables professional tradesman to quickly determine run distances for bidding, distance of piping run, measuring trouble spots down the line, and quickly determine spacing for code compliance.

May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine


- Ultra Sharp Class II Lasers clearly highlight the point being measured. - Exceptional distance range allows accurate measurements up to 164' (50 m). - Adjustable units enable you to quickly read feet, inches or meters on the fly. - Bright backlit display for use in poorly lit areas.

- Quick and accurate calculations on the spot. - Displays the last three measurements, stores the last 20 measurements. - Rubberized over-molding for a solid grip.

Micro IR-100 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

The RIDGID® micro IR-100 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer provides simple, quick and accurate surface temperature readings at the push of a button. Simply squeeze the trigger and point the ultra-sharp dual Class II lasers at the surface being measured. The micro IR-100 provides an immediate temperature measurement on a clear, easy-to-read backlit LCD display. In addition to numerous other uses, this rugged and compact instrument enables professional tradesman to diagnose heating and ventilation problems, perform preventative monitoring of electrical motors and systems, troubleshoot steam traps and quickly check fuses or circuit breakers for overheating – all without contact.


- Ultra sharp dual class II lasers illuminate the surface being measured.

- Ergonomic pistol style grip with rugged over molding allows you to keep a solid grip in the harshest of industrial environments. - 20:1 distance to spot ratio allows you to take more accurate measurements from long distances. -Visual and audible alarms quickly alert you to temperatures outside of the ranges that you set. - Bright backlit display that can be toggled on in poorly lit areas. - Tripod Mount Capable for repeatable, precise temperature measurements.

with a visual, audible or vibration alerts which can be adjusted for your environment. - Adjustable sensitivity settings provide precise leak locating with the touch of a button. -16" (40 cm) flexible probe allows location and detection of leak in hard-to-reach and confined spaces. - Field replaceable sensor means more uptime and less time waiting for repairs.

Micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector

The RIDGID® micro CD-100 Combustible Gas Detector provides simple and quick readings to identify the presence of combustible gases. With adjustable sensitivity, even lowlevels of gases can be detected in seconds. It ensures proper gas line installations, checks for maintenance and repair needs and quickly pinpoints combustible gas leaks. - Rugged ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use, yet tough. - Tri-Mode Detection™ for option to be alerted


www.easyengineering.eu | May-June 2017

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LIGNA 2017 delivers big on innovations

LIGNA 2017 drew to a close on Friday, 26 May, having delivered big in terms of innovations and global appeal, with a significant upswing in the number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad and new impetus for the wave of digitalization currently redefining the industry. After five action-packed days, the organizers could look back on a truly impressive event. LIGNA 2017 drew to a close on Friday, 26 May, having delivered big in terms of innovations and global appeal, with a significant upswing in the number of exhibitors and visitors from abroad and new impetus for the wave of digitalization currently redefining the industry. After five action-packed days, the organizers could look back on a truly impressive event. The world's leading trade fair for woodworking and wood processing plant, machinery and tools is booming. "LIGNA 2017 will go down as a milestone in the digitalization of the wood industry," said Dr. Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member in charge of LIGNA, at the end-of-show press conference on Friday in Hannover. "Industry 4.0 concepts for the wood industry were


the dominant theme at this year's LIGNA, with major emphasis placed on digitalization, integration and automation. The exhibitors covered everything from sophisticated approaches to plant integration right on down to entry-level systems for the skilled trades, thus offering the right technology for any scale of operation." LIGNA 2017 featured a new site layout and an array of display categories chosen to reflect the increasing technology convergence between the skilled trades and industry. "The new layout has proven to be a great success. Our customers have found it very easy to navigate", remarked Wolfgang Pรถschl, Chairman of the Woodworking Machinery division of Germany's Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, VDMA (Frankfurt/Main), and

May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

Chairman of the Management Board of Michael Weinig AG (Tauberbischofsheim). "Digitalization and integrated production are the new keys to success for our customers. There is huge demand across the board, resulting in full order books. The challenge now is to shorten delivery lead times as much as possible." LIGNA 2017 attracted a total of 93,000 visitors, including some 42,000 attendees from outside Germany who had come to Hannover from more than 100 different countries. The show's increasingly international turnout was reflected in the figures for virtually every corner of the globe, and particularly for Asia, North America and Europe. More than 80 percent of all attendees rated LIGNA's new thematic layout as "good" or "very

good". The special highlighting of surface technology at the show also met with a very enthusiastic response, with one in three visitors expressing an interest in the topic. Pekka Paasivaara, CEO of the HOMAG Group (Schopfloch, Germany): "This has been an outstanding LIGNA for us. We had excellent visitor turnout at the HOMAG stand. Highlights included our 100-meter long, 'batch size 1' plant, our innovations center and, above all, tapio – the new digital woodworking platform. Our skilled trades display was very well attended. There was a higher international presence this year, and LIGNA has clearly confirmed its profile as the leading global trade fair in its sector." Market leaders used the flagship fair to introduce new software for integrating the complete range of plant components. In line with the mega-theme of Industry

4.0, visitors were especially interested in the trend towards visualizing process and work steps. The wood industry's capacity for innovation was showcased via solutions ranging from a service app for machine monitoring to a digital graphical operator saw guide, plus a bucket camera system for wheel loaders. Cloud-based digital twins of tools and machines were used to present effective processes for faster machine commissioning and lifecycle documentation. The new LIGNA layout was also well received by primary industry visitors, with the four thematic areas of Forestry Technology , Sawmill Technology , Woodbased Panel Production and Energy from Wood . The focus was on the production of wood as a raw material for products or energy generation, through the planning, felling and retrieval stages. The current state of the art on the use in forestry

of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), or drones, proved a popular drawing card, along with the latest forest surveying processes. For the first time at this year's fair, an open-air demonstration area was set up at the foot of the Hermes tower, in partnership with the German Forestry Council (KWF). Several moderated technology presentations were staged each day on an area measuring approximately 1,500 square meters (approx. 16,145.87 sq. ft.). Every step in the process was covered: pruning, the extraction of standing timber with harvesters, removal to the forest roadside with forwarders and logging trailers, and transport to the sawmill. The next LIGNA will be staged from 27 to 31 May 2019.


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future of the mobile ecosystem – Mobile World Congress Shanghai has something for you. GSMA Mobile World Congress Shanghai, which will be held 28 June – 1 July 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The Mobile World Congress Shanghai conference program will run for three days and will be held in Hall W3 of SNIEC. In addition to the keynote sessions, the conference incorporates 12 focused summits that will explore the latest industry trends, from connected cars to network evolution to augmented reality/virtual reality and more. The Easy Engineering team talked to Doris Pang, Event Director at GSMA, for more information about this year's Mobile World Shanghai highlights.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy consumer interested in the latest innovation or an industry professional interested in learning about the


Easy Engineering: What does MWC Shanghai 2017 have in store for us (new products, innovations etc.)? Doris Pang: We are continually working to ex-

May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

pand and enhance our attendees’ experience at Mobile World Congress Shanghai. Along with the event favorites such as the Innovation City which attendees will be immersed in technology-led experiences from home to office, from connected cars to global transport logistics. The VR & AR Zone will demonstrate a variety of the latest life-like virtual reality experiences. The Future Retail Zone will present a unique futuristic shopping experience shopping experience where attendees can pick up what they want and purchase the item automatically upon walking out without the hassle of queuing and checkouts. The GSMA will also host its first drone-racing tournament, with pilots from across China demonstrating their skills in “first person view” flying. In addition, there are feature areas in the exhibition areas that showcasing the latest mobile devices and gadgets, health, sports, lifestyle and entertainment products and innovative technologies.

Mobile World

Shanghai 2017 The must-attend industry event in Asia Daniela Rădeanu, Claudiu Berariu

E.E: Which are the main companies that will be participating this year? D.P: We are expecting more than 650 companies participating this year, confirmed exhibitors include Alibaba, AsiaInfo, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, CITIC International Telecom, Datang Telecom, Ericsson, Fiberhome Technology, HTC, Huawei, PayPal, Qualcomm, Samsung, Sony, Toyota, Visa, Volkswagen, ZTE and among others. For the full list of exhibitors, please visit www.mwcshanghai.com/exhibition/2017-exhibitors/. E.E: Which are the predominant countries participating at the show (exhibitors as well as visitors)? D.P: We are expecting exhibitors, visitors and speakers from over 100 regions around the world. According to the previous events, we will have relatively more visitors from the Asia Pacific regions including China, Hong

Kong, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and among others. The event will also attract visitors from Europe and the Americas. The event has a number of regional pavilions including Germany, Korea, Israel, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and among others.

Exhibition” which target business users and will be opened on 28-30 June. There will be also a four-day “Experience Exhibition” that showcases mobile devices, gadgets, innovative technologies and entertainment for consumers and families that will be opened 28 June – 1 July including Saturday.

E.E: What are your expectations regarding this year’s MWC Shanghai? D.P: We are expecting more than 65,000 attendees, 650 participating companies, the 2017 edition of Mobile World Congress Shanghai is shaping up to be our most ambitious event, with an expanded exhibition and programmes, events and activities showcasing the full breadth of mobile lifestyles. We have increased the footprint of Mobile World Congress Shanghai from four to seven halls at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), including an “Industry

E.E: What would you like to say to companies and visitors who may be thinking of participating at MWC Shanghai? D.P: Companies and visitors that will be attending Mobile World Congress Shanghai will be excited to participate in the most extensive event in Asia with many new event features and programs for business attendees and consumers alike. It truly showcases the power of mobile and its impact in our everyday lives which echo our theme “The Human Element”.


www.easyengineering.eu | May-June 2017

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Greater precision and

maneuverability with the new

CASE CX245D SR excavator


May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

CASE Construction Equipment has introduced the allnew CX245D SR minimum-swing radius excavator to its D Series line-up. Designed to provide increased digging and lifting power in confined work areas, the CX245D SR features a compact counterweight and modified boom placement that minimizes the machine’s footprint, resulting in a highly productive and maneuverable excavator that’s ideal for restricted conditions, such as road and bridge work, residential projects and urban construction.

With an operating weight of 26 tons and a 160 HP Tier 4 Final/Stage IV engine, the CX245D SR offers more bucket digging forces and lift capacity compared to the previous model. Each D Series model is built to provide significant operational gains, including decreased cycle times, improved responsiveness and multifunctional controls, and greater fuel efficiency. An electronically controlled hydraulic pump and larger control and solenoid valves increase lifting capacities and improve responsiveness. D Series models offer more standard features than previous CASE excavators, simplifying the buying process and making them extremely versatile and operator friendly.

Maintenance-free Tier 4 final/ Stage IV Solution

The CASE CX245D SR excavator meets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emissions standards through an innovative combination of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) technologies, which helps maximize uptime and performance – all with minimal maintenance. There is no diesel particulate filter (DPF), no DPF regeneration or associated lifetime service costs. The system is also very economical in its use of AdBlue, which is just 2.5% - 3% of fuel consumption. The large AdBlue tank only needs to be refilled every 5 fuel refills, so that no time is wasted.

Intelligent Speed, Power and Efficiency Faster cycle times are achieved through a new electronically controlled pump, a larger control valve and multiple sensors. These features combine with the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System and the CASE advanced energy management with its five integrated control systems to make the best use of the machine’s hydraulic power and momentum, resulting in added strength, maximum power and fuel efficiency. The five systems that make up the CASE Intelligent Hydraulic System are: Idle functions: the Auto Idle function lowers engine rpm after 5 seconds of lever inactivity whatever the throttle position, while the Idle Shutdown function shuts the engine down after a pre-setted time. Torque control decreases main pump loads to prevent a drop in engine rpm. Boom Economy Control (BEC), which reduces RPMs by using gravity during boom down and swing. Swing Relief Control (SWC), reduces hydraulic power at the swing start. Spool Stroke Control (SSC), adjusts hydraulic pressure during digs. Using improvements to the Spool Stroke Control system, the CX245D SR excavator re-uses hydraulic fluid whenever possible to automatically increase cycle times and efficiency. The operator experiences a more productive machine without losing the precision of the machine’s controls.

Light it up

Each machine is available with a new (optional) LED working light package that provides illumination similar to sunlight – and more than three-times brighter than halogen – allowing contractors to work around the clock. The LED package includes eight LED lights (3 front, 1 on the arm, two rear and one on each side).


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The 15 mansions, the only Bulgari mansions in the world, range from AED 18 million to AED 51 million, and have attracted similar interest in international markets. More than half of these spacious 3-6 bedroom, 10,504 to 29,113 square foot mansions, have been sold. Meanwhile, demand for the luxury oneto-three bedroom Bulgari apartments, which range in price from AED 4.5m to AED 13m, has seen over half of these 168 units sold. Uniquely situated 300 metres off the coast of Jumeirah 2 area at Jumeira Bay, a man-made island by Meraas, Bulgari Residences are part of The Bulgari Resort &


Residences Dubai, a first-of-its-kind master development in scale and magnitude. Spreading over 1.7 million square foot, and framed by lush landscaped gardens, the luxury marine complex is only the sixth Bulgari Hotels & Resorts property in the world. Designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners, every aspect of life has been arranged to create efficient and open living spaces, with interiors finished to the highest quality. Homes overlook green gardens interspersed with wood terraces, and the pristine sands of a private beach cove that offers spectacular views in all directions.

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The Bulgari Residences community will be managed by the adjacent Bulgari Hotels & Resorts, and residents will enjoy an innovative luxury service concept, including a dedicated, informal, and impeccable 24-hour concierge service. They can also benefit from ‘Hotel a la carte services’ which include housekeeping, catering, and butler services, among others. This will create an experience defined by comfort and convenience, and ensure that residents’ every need is catered to. Buildings will also be equipped with a Private Fitness Centre, a swimming pool, and a steam room for extra comfort.

the luxurious

life in Bulgari Residences

Meraas revealed that it will commence the handover of Bulgari Residences early 2018. The luxurious residences have garnered great interest from property owners around the world since they went on sale, with all eight penthouses and over 60 percent of the 188 units at Bulgari Residences sold. One of the penthouses, a 14,346-square-foot luxurious unit offering panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline and the ocean, was purchased by a GCC national for AED 60 million, or about AED 4,182 per square foot. Another of the spectacular penthouses is now owned by a European national, with this particular 12,122-square-foot property going for AED 50 million. The two deals mark a new record for the two most expensive penthouse transactions in Dubai to date, beating a record set in 2014 for a penthouse which sold at AED 42 million, according to Reidin’s statistics.


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The next day dawned gray and brooding, and the local weather crew reiterated the previous night's forecast: The storm was still lurching its way northeastward. My boys climbed on the bus, smugly telling me they'd see me at noon, after an early school dismissal. But noon arrived without the slightest hint of precipitation. So did afternoon. When they stepped off the bus at 3:45, my boys glowered at the sky,

all the while insisting that the storm had only been delayed. The next day would be a horror of snowdrifts, slick roads and power outages. Even the weatherman clung to the party line: The storm was still coming, although now we might expect just 3 or 4 inches (about 7-10 centimeters). Yet when we finally turned off the lights at 11:30 that evening, not a drop of moisture -- frozen or otherwise -- had

How Chaos Theory Works It happened again recently. The local weatherman predicted a major winter storm had set its sights on central Virginia. Precipitation would start the following morning, and we should expect 8 inches (20 centimeters) of the white stuff by evening. The weather service issued a winter storm warning, and red triangles popped up on my desktop and smartphone weather apps. My boys bounced around the house, celebrating the snow day that would soon be commandeered for sledding, loafing and video-game playing.


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fallen from the sullen skies draped over the Shenandoah Valley. As you've guessed by now, the storm never came. We woke up the next morning to clearing skies and daily routines unaffected by snow. Years ago, we would have scoffed at the meteorologist's inability to make an accurate forecast. How could someone, with so much technology at his or her disposal, so much data to

crunch in supercomputers, be wrong so much of the time? How could modern science continue to fail us so miserably? Now we know. The weatherman had fallen victim to chaos. Not the kind of chaos we remember from English class -- complete disorder and confusion. This is a property of highly complex systems, such as the atmosphere, the economy and populations of living things. In-

deed, perhaps all systems, even those that seem to conform nicely to scientific laws as solid as bedrock, exhibit chaotic features. If that's true, then everything we know about everything is not necessarily wrong, but different. The ordered, obsequious universe we now take for granted may be the exception to the rule, instead of the other way around. At the very least, our glimpses of order could

be byproducts of chaos, brief flashes of structure and form against a backdrop of seething complexity. But that's getting ahead of the story. To understand chaos, we have to get to know its counterpoint. And that takes us back to the 17th century and some of the biggest names in the history of science.


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Photo: Discovery Channel Source: www.howstuffworks.com

The Birth of Determinism

The 1600s enjoyed a slow and steady illumination as a collection of visionary thinkers brought reason, form and structure to the great mysteries of the world. First came Johannes Kepler, the German astronomer who, in 1609 and 1618, described how planets moved in elliptical orbits with the sun as one focus of the ellipse. Next came Galileo Galilei, who made fundamental contributions to the scientific studies of motion, astronomy and optics throughout the early 1600s. These empirical concepts and ideas joined the inventive thinking of philosophers such as RenĂŠ Descartes. In 1641, Descartes published his Third Meditation, in which he discussed the principle of causality -- "nothing comes from nothing," or "every effect has a cause." All of these ideas set the stage for Isaac


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Newton, whose laws of motion and gravitation shaped science for centuries to come. Newton's laws were so powerful that, if you were so inclined, you could use them to make predictions about an object far into the future, as long as you knew information about its initial conditions. For example, you could calculate precisely where the planets would be hundreds of years from the current date, making it possible to presage transits, eclipses and other astronomical phenomena. His equations were so powerful that scientists came to expect that nothing lay beyond their grasp. Everything in the universe could be determined -- calculated -- simply by plugging known values into the well-oiled mathematical machinery.

The Lorenz Attractor: A Portrait of Chaos

Lorenz's computer model distilled the complex behavior of Earth's atmosphere into 12 equations -- an oversimplification if there ever was one. But the MIT scientist needed something even simpler if he hoped to get a better look at the tantalizing effects he glimpsed in his simulated weather. He narrowed his problem to a single atmospheric condition known as rolling fluid convection. Convection occurs on a large scale when the sun heats air near Earth's surface faster than air higher in the atmosphere or over bodies of water. As a result of this uneven heating, warmer, lighter air rises as cooler, heavier air sinks. This in turn creates large circular "rolls" of air. Convection also can occur on smaller scales -- in cups of hot coffee, in pans of warming water or in rectangular metal boxes heated from below. Lorenz imagined this latter small-scale example of rolling convection and set about deriving the simplest equations possible to describe the phenomenon

Chaos Today

For a while, in the 1980s and early 1990s, chaos was touted as the next big revolution in science, on par with quantum mechanics. Storytellers embraced its principles and worked them into their novels, films and plays. Almost everyone remembers how "Jurassic Park" treated chaos, with self-proclaimed chaotician Ian Malcolm letting drips of water run along Ellie Sattler's hand to prove that the liquid never takes the exact same path. In the Michael Crichton novel, which came out in 1990, chaos takes on even greater thematic importance. Crichton organizes the book into iterations, just like the iterations used to generate bifurcation diagrams and fractals. And Malcolm provides much deeper insights into the science of chaos than his onscreen persona: You're going to engineer a bunch of prehistoric animals and set them on an island? Fine. A lovely dream. Charming. But it won't go as planned. It is inherently unpredictable. We have soothed ourselves into imagining sudden change as something that happens outside the normal order of things. An accident, like a car crash. Or beyond our control, like a fatal illness. We do not conceive a sudden, radical, irrational change as built into the very fabric of existence. Yet it is. Medicine may be the next frontier to benefit from the insights of chaos. For example, physiologists have discovered that cardiac rhythm is extremely sensitive to initial conditions and that when

heart rate becomes highly regular, the muscle tissue is less capable of adapting to demands, predisposing a person to arrhythmias and myocardial infarction. Researchers also suspect chaotic behavior in brain function and are trying to find links between a patient's cognitive power and his or her electroencephalogram (EEG), the record of brain activity produced by electroencephalography. Is it possible that your ability to perceive and analyze information is related to the fractal dimension of your EEG? Perhaps one day, thanks to chaos, we'll know the answer. But don't count on getting any closer to having a reliable 10-day forecast. As much as we hate to admit it, some things are simply beyond the grasp of our Newtonian science.


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Positive market response to first edition of LABVOLUTION in Hannover

LABVOLUTION got off to a fine start and is on the right track for the future. That sums up the outcome of the European trade fair dedicated entirely to innovative lab equipment and lab workflow optimization. Crowded aisles, brisk traffic at exhibitors’ stands and an upbeat mood among exhibitors and visitors added up to a vibrant 3-day event. Major emphasis was placed on illustrating exactly how today’s laboratory operations can benefit from digitization. Accordingly, the special smartLAB display provided a comprehensive look at the fully integrated lab of the future, and visiting professionals very much welcomed the contributions made by smartLAB’s 13 business and research partners – contributions that gave visitors the chance to delve deeply into the shape of things to come, as well as to put various components


through their paces in real-world application scenarios. "We were quite optimistic going into the show, but the final outcome turned out even better than we had expected," reported Dr. Andreas Gruchow, member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board. "The launch of LABVOLUTION was a great success. The event’s transformation

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from a pure biotechnology fair – BIOTECHNICA – to the LABVOLUTION lab technology fair proved to be exactly the right step, and this was underscored by the positive echo triggered by the show on the part of exhibitors and visitors alike. LABVOLUTION is definitely up and running, and well aligned for strong tailwind at its next staging in the spring of 2019," he

concluded. Exhibitors commented in like manner: "We detected a genuinely lively spirit here," remarked Ralf Claussen, head of advertising and communications at the Eppendorf Group, adding: "LABVOLUTION has what it takes to become the northern European lab community’s networking hub." And in the words of Dr. Stefan Sadtler, Director of Marketing Life Science at Sarstedt: "In our opinion, Deutsche Messe has succeeded in its relaunch of LABVOLUTION. The new concept was embraced by the market, and the hall was brimming with visitors. For Sarstedt, LABVOLUTION is the right place for us to reach our customers in the north." Firsttime exhibitors also responded positively: "At LABVOLUTION for the first time ever, Carl Roth opted for a stand of its own," remarked Thorsten Wagner, Marketing Director at the Carl Roth company. "The bottom line: satisfied customers and satisfied staff members. For us, LABVOLUTION was clearly a success." The fair’s transformation was also visible in terms of its new exhibitor makeup, with some 100 lab equipment enterprises making a first-time commitment to appear at LABVOLUTION. The lineup also featured several firms who had decided to return to the event after a break, among them market leaders like Sartorious. This positive trend also carried through to the visitor side of the equation, with lab users from virtually every field in attendance. Exhibitors were delighted with the show’s visitors both in terms of quantity and quality, especially in view of the fact that a full 99% of them were found to be professionals. This notably means that the show’s audience consists almost exclusively of trade professionals. Not only that, but its international appeal is also appreciable, with 15 percent of all attendees coming from abroad. Many companies noticed a shift in the mix of professionals attending the event: "This audience is substantially different, and also qualitatively better than at past events," said Matthias Ludwig, Life Science Applications Specialist at Analytik Jena. "Our visitors addressed us with very specific questions revolving around real-world applications." This observation was backed up by the findings of a visitor survey, according to which a large percentage of visitors came from the life sciences/biotechnology sector, while the share of visitors from the chemical industry actually doubled. Attendance by professionals from the pharmaceutical and plastics industries was also up. Another figure worth noting is that decision-makers accounted for more than 60 percent of the total visitor count.

Full house at smartLAB

smartLAB – a special display on the intelligent lab of the future – turned out to be a visitor magnet, and was a veritable highlight at LABVOLUTION. With their fully functional model laboratory, the contributing organizations at smartLAB presented live use cases for and a range of talks on the digital lab of the future,

delving into topics such as the use of automation and robotics, intelligent surfaces, 3-D printing, data glasses and, above all, the digital integration of diverse components. "smartLAB 2017 went off really well," commented Dr. Simon Bungers, CEO of labfolder and spokesperson for the smartLAB group. "It was fantastic that we had such a full house even for our very first usecase presentation. Many even came to the show expressly with the goal of seeing smartLAB. Overall, smartLAB represents an evolutionary milestone on the road to the digitalized lab. The 2017 showcase made it clear how many key steps have been taken. Even for me, it was a bit astonishing to realize that we have already reached something like the homo erectus stage, though with more work ahead, of course." Digitization, big data and the integration of workflows were also popular topics at exhibitor stands as well as at the new LabUSER exhibitor forum and the BIOTECHNICA Forum. Companies like BIO Deutschland gave presentations focusing on the latest technical standards and equipment as well as communications interfaces and the potential for analyzing large, heterogeneous volumes of data.

LABVOLUTION features interactive supporting program

LABVOLUTION’s supporting program featured a number of outstanding opportunities for interaction, e.g. the smartLAB special display, the BIOTECHNICA Forum, the supporting "3D Printing in Science" conference as well as the new LabUSER exhibitor forum consisting of workshops, certified training seminars and discussion rounds. Visitors enthusiastically responded to these value-adding offerings, with more than a third of the show’s attendees choosing to take advantage of them and rating them as "excellent". Praise was also expressed for the fact that everything at LABVOLUTION was easy to reach, with all its associated conferences and displays being staged under a common roof in Hall 19/20, i.e. directly adjacent to the North entrance and thus in close proximity to public transportation and parking facilities.

Springboard for young, innovative companies

Numerous start-ups seized the opportunity to make direct contact with user industries at LABVOLUTION, among them the InnoMe company. "We are highly satisfied with LABVOLUTION," said Martin Woywood, R&D and Sales Engineer at InnoMe. "The turnout by potential customers and users from various lab backgrounds was excellent. The 'Young, Innovative Enterprises’ pavilion was a great idea. We’ll definitely be back." The next LABVOLUTION will be staged from 21 to 23 May 2019 in Hannover.


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With more than 20 years of experience in the solid wood sector, HOMAG is now stepping into a new market segment. At LIGNA, the company presented planing machines for the first time in its history – completely in keeping with the HOMAG standard, including the powerTouch user interface. This is how HOMAG covers the entire range of solid wood processing and offers cell solutions with perfectly aligned technologies from a single source – both for the processing of solid wood and for wood materials. Examples of these complete solutions are found in the production of windows and profiles. Focusing on the value chain of window processing, the new LPP 300 series from HOMAG carries out the first step in window production – the planning before being processed on the CNC machine. Similar applies to coating, varnishing or for wet lacquering of profiles and strips with the HOMAG Lamination technology or with the HOMAG partner Makor. For all processes, HOMAG offers everything from a single source – both in sales and in the service sector. A particular advantage of the new LPP 300 series presented is powerTouch with operating comfort, developed especially for these machines. This is unique in the industry: With just


a few touches, the operator can load and select processing programs on the touchscreen. The machines in the LPP 300 series also have a variable feed, a variable spindle speed, a tool management system and a proLock spindle clamp. The machines in the LPP (Lumber Processing Profiles) series for wood processing with a focus on profile processing are available in various performance classes and with five, six, or even seven spindles. What's more, the usual HOMAG complete package is of course available for these machines: from maximum machine and processing quality, through the teleservice connection via the HOMAG ServiceBoard, up to the connection to the "tapio" platform (Industry 4.0) as a machine that is ready for the cloud. "The new HOMAG LPP 300 is a very special machine for us. It combines the most modern machine operation with a heavy and solid

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machine construction. With this machine we will integrate the wishes of our "Generation Y" customers in a machine generation shaped by traditions, allowing dynamic and innovative solid wood processors to create perfectly planed surfaces in the future. It was no easy task, but we have put our heart and soul and our many years of experience into this further development and we will continue to work on the machine," says Vera Zimmermann, Product Manager for CNC technology.

Unique: Planing machines with powerTouch

powerTouch has now established itself as the operating philosophy of HOMAG on the worldwide market: easy, equal, ergonomic, evolutionary. This system unites design and function in a new generation of control systems. At the heart of the concept is a large, 21.5" wides-

HOMAG presents planing machines

for profile processing

creen multitouch monitor that allows machine functions to be controlled directly by touch. The operating comfort developed for the LPP 300 offers, in addition to the well-known powerTouch, a graphical operator guidance via gesture control (e.g. "swiping" to change the spindles) that allow intuitive handling.

Cross-product use of powerTouch with operating comfort The principle is used in numerous HOMAG machines in the area of surface technology — for example, in sanding technology. Characteristic features include the integrated tool management and the interactive creation of formulations (program templates that can be saved and accessed again by the user) — specially designed for the applications of the selected machine.


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GSMA announces speakers for Mobile 360 Series

Africa 2017

The GSMA announced the first speakers for the 2017 Mobile 360 – Africa conference, which will take place 11 – 13 July 2017 at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Following the success of last year’s event, Mobile 360 – Africa has been extended to three days, with the GSMA’s Mobile Money Global Event taking place on the third day. Huawei is Global Industry Supporter for the full Mobile 360 Series of conferences taking place throughout 2017. “The positive transformational impact of mobile is being felt more profoundly in Africa than anywhere else in the world, with more than half a billion people across Africa now subscribed to a mobile network. This connectivity provides them with a gateway to a range of other essential services in areas such as digital identity, healthcare and financial services,” said Michael O’Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, GSMA. “The region continues to undergo exciting development and change and this dynamic will be reflected across the entire Mobile 360 – Africa agenda.” At Mobile 360 – Africa, CEOs and senior executives from leading companies in the mobile industry and throughout the digital ecosystem will address the most pressing trends and issues in mobile. The event will formally be opened on 11 July, with speeches by H.E. Samia Suluhu Hassan, Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania and Mats Granryd, Director General, GSMA. Additional speakers confirmed to present at Mobile 360 – Africa include: - Adam Wolf, CEO, Arable; - Strive Masiyiwa, Founder and Executive Chairman, Econet; - Shalu Umapathy, Managing Director, IDEO.org; - Tonee Ndungu, Founder and CIO, Kytabu; - Samira Negm, CEO, Raye7; - Dr Gilbert Saggia, Managing Director, SAP East Africa; - Dr. Hamadoun Touré, Executive


Director, Smart Africa; - Nazar Arabi, Chief Strategy Officer, Sudatel; - Caine Wanjau, CTO, Twiga Foods; - H.E. Makame Mnyaa Mbarawa, Minister for Works, Transport and Communication, United Republic of Tanzania. The conference will comprise thought-provoking keynote addresses, fireside chats, and panel discussions. Each session will tackle a different aspect of the empowerment story such as; ‘Mobile as a Platform for Achieving SDGs in Africa’, ‘Growth and Innovation’, and ‘Creating Local, Relevant Content for All’. The event will explore questions such as ‘What Does a Digital Future Look Like for Africa?’ which will examine how to leverage mobile to advance a digital Africa, alongside much more. The full conference agenda is available at www. mobile360series.com/africa/#agenda. In addition to the main conference, Mobile 360 – Africa will highlight the initiatives and activities undertaken by the GSMA Mobile for Development programme. The event will focus on its work to increase access to and use of life-enhancing mobile services, acceleration of socio-economic improvements for the underserved, especially women, rural and youth, and particularly digital and financial inclusion and identity for the unregistered.

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A HUGE SUCCESS FOR SCM AT LIGNA Thousands of customers and business visitors flocked to the splendid SCM booth, where over sixty technological solutions were presented, including the “Cell Lean 4.0” for highly automated industrial production. Compared to the 2015 edition of the fair, the number of orders, agreements and contacts increased considerably. This confirms the sharp growth in the sector, which after the positive signs registered in 2015, is now enjoying a period of full-blown expansion. SCM had the pleasure of being represented at the closing press conference by Luigi De Vito, Director of the SCM Woodworking Machinery Division and vice president of Eumabois. This was a prestigious honour for SCM that has been a worldwide leader in this sector since the 1960s. In his address, De Vito emphasized the increasing internationalization of the event. In fact, Scm was contacted by customers from over 60 different countries from all around the globe and succeeded in creating new relationships with a number of up and coming countries. Luigi De Vito's speech underlined the importance of Industry 4.0 technological solutions for the future growth of the entire sector, “Companies, today, are ready for Industry 4.0. The wide use of robotics should not be confined to a simplistic and incorrect equation of saving labour costs, but should be focused on creating and forming a more highly qualified workforce. In our sector, human labour will never lose its central role. The use of advanced technology allows our companies to appeal increasingly to highly qualified young people who repre-

sent the future and already feel completely at home with these new techniques.” The German market displayed its considerable strength and SCM registered a 35% increase in German visitors attracted by “Made in Italy” technology. In its refined, white and blue booth, SCM presented a range of woodworking technology so vast no other booth at Ligna 2017 could compare with it. This range stretched from classical machines to automated systems for industrial-scale production. A particular favourite was “Cell Lean 4.0”, an integrated solution for flexible production that applies “Industry 4.0” and “mass customization” concepts in a way that is concrete and feasible. The solution presented is completely automated, controlled by Maestro Watch software and served by an anthropomorphic robot fitted with a piece recognition viewer. The cell uses standard, absolutely reliable, high performing, easy to use and configure machines. The system operates automatically from the moment the order is launched and can be used with any operating system. The cell is therefore able to manage automatically and with only

one operator, all machining phases, from standard panels to furniture assembly. Cell Lean 4.0 demonstrates the skills of the SCM engineering division, whose aim is to present simple, functional solutions that allow work flows and times to be calculated precisely, and a quick and certain return on investment to be guaranteed. The SCM booth was one of the busiest in the entire event. Its main focus was a large square, the SCM Arena, that featured a tribute to the heroes of Ground Zero, in the shape of a 12 metre long table made by Riva1920 from thousand-year-old kauri. The concept of the square was used symbolically to represent the way people have met to talk and exchange goods throughout history. In the same way, people came together in the SCM Arena to share their knowhow, experience and the latest trends in woodworking technology. For four days, SCM specialists, together with customers and guest speakers took part in a packed programme of daily events. Ligna closed its doors with almost 100 thousand visitors and 2.8 million contacts on its various communication platforms.


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An extraordinary start to the show for Biesse at Ligna 2017, with record numbers which reflect the enormous success of the Pesaro-based colossus, with a stand spanning more than 5000 square meters at the Hanover trade fair, and increase of 37.3% in consolidated turnover, with a 14.2% rise in orders received and a 199.4% increase in net income recorded by the Group for the first quarter of 2017. "We started 2017 with an exceptionally strong first quarter compared to the same period of last year; it is worth pointing out, however, that the results for the coming quarters will join together to make up the numbers for the current year, all of which will go towards meeting the goals in our plan. That being said, such a strong


start is of course particularly pleasing on the eve of the biennial trade fair (Ligna - Hanover 22-26 May) for the wood sector: The Group has registered the best ever turnover, margins and NFP for a first quarter" - commented the General Manager of Biesse,Stefano Porcellini, at the meeting of the Board of Directors. In addition to the many visitors and numerous customer delegations at the event, the outstanding results achieved and Biesse’s technological innovation, which is very much in evidence at Ligna, have served to attract 60 journalists from several leading titles from all over the world to the stand, for a tour dedicated to representatives of these publications, designed to provide them with further first-hand

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insights into the cutting-edge solutions that the company offers the manufacturing world. More than 40 fully-functioning technologies were on display at the trade fair, designed for companies of all sizes that worked with wood and other materials, enabling them to discover how the digital factory can change the way they design and produce objects, through integrated, complex solutions that are easy to use. Biesse is committed to transforming customer factories into digital factories, which enable them to benefit from the opportunities offered by being Industry 4.0 ready. Visitor turnout in the Services area bears testament to the success of Biesse's investment in various advanced digital projects and tools,

A strong start with

record numbers for

Biesse at Ligna 2017

MKC – Machine Knowledge Center – and Parts portal, designed to provide customers with the possibility to obtain ever greater value from their machines, thanks to an increasingly direct connection with the company, and the professionalism and experience that characterizes it. The Housing area was also the focus of major interest, with turnkey technological solutions and projects for the production of doors, windows, beams and lamellar walls, exhibited at a dedicated stand in Hall 13, as well as on the Group's main stand. The Biesse Collection also made a sparkling début, with this range of branded clothing and merchandising capturing the style, the practicality and the exclusivity of the brand.

The range includes a host of everyday items, clothing and accessories for adults and children, as well as pieces for the home and for the office, and for play and leisure time. On the first day of Ligna (May 22nd), the collection.biessegroup. com site was launched, enabling visitors to buy products, view the real-time availability of all the items, and check out the constantly-updated catalogue. At the trade fair, the launch of the Biesse Collection has been combined with support for a charitable cause - indeed, all of the profit from the products sold on the LIGNA stand will be donated in full to the Fondazione Francesca Rava NPH Italia to help fund a project for the reconstruction of a school in Cascia.


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Grotefeld new machining systems for the

whole world of state-of-the-art materials The system supplier Grotefeld GmbH from Espelkamp is a highly specialised premium producer of process-oriented power unit technology. The company constantly applies itself to developing new applications in terms of materials – from plastics and metal to mineralbased construction materials through to composites or biopolymers. The company, which is based in northern part of Germany, has fully embraced this year’s motto of the LIGNA “Processing of Plastics and Composites” (PPC) by gearing its presentation at Ligna towards its own high-precision units, which are able to withstand stress over a long period of time, for the processing of interesting and unusual materials.

Targeted further developments for special applications

The company demonstrated the drilling of gypsum-cement panels with controllable drilling gears. Although this may sound a simple task, a substantial amount of time and effort is actually put into the development on closer inspection. The highly abrasive dust mixed with the moisture in the air causes considerable problems for both the stability of the unit and the guarantee of long-term, trouble-free operation. These issues have been completely resolved by Grotefeld in a constructive manner and by using specially selected materials for the tools. First-class solutions are achieved in this particular application with features including new wipers and seals/gaskets and by making use of preexisting physical characteristics. This thus ensures three-shift operations without any interruptions, for example in the drilling of concrete acoustic tiles for sound protection on motorways.


What is right for concrete can be wrong for plastics

Although the machining of glass and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (GRP and CRP respectively) is entirely different, their processing is by no means less demanding. Grotefeld offers special, smart machining solutions both from a technological point of view and in terms of health-related aspects. The company has set itself the standard of “only the best is good enough” and its operations are always in line with this aspiration. This is demonstrated by means of extensive detailed solutions. For instance in the case of the processing of CRP: The heavy-duty, lightweight carbon is electrically conductive and thus causes a high degree of corrosion on the machining tools and power units. What is thus very welcome in electrical engineering requires additional time and effort when it comes to finding solutions from the point of view of machining. The diversity of the properties of plastics fundamentally necessitates extensive development work in the field of premium power unit technology. Although high

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torque values are mostly required for the machining of such materials, the frictional heat generated by the tool can bring about the deformation of many plastics – and in some cases even cause them to melt.

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In accordance with this year’s EMO-theme “Connecting systems for intelligent production”, Okuma’s innovations are dedicated to facilitating smart manufacturing by promoting automation and increasing connectivity in state-of-the-art production facilities. Okuma will present eight European premieres and a total of 16 machines at their 1500 m² booth. Smart line machining with minimal footprint Okuma’s latest 5-axis vertical machining centre MU-S600V enables 5-face machining with unparalleled floor space productivity. With a width of 1,400 mm the machine handles workpieces 600 mm in diameter. For high levels of automation, several machine tools of this type can be connected to form a compact smart production line. This allows for a fully automated transfer of the workpiece from one machine to the next, thus eliminating downtime between different processing stages. Production line layouts are easily adjusted to accommodate changes in volume or lead times. Okuma will present two connected MU-S600V in a fully automated cell featuring a vision system and robot-assisted loading and unloading. Laser-infused super multitasking machining Okuma’s LASER EX line includes the world’s first “done-on-one”-machines. The 5-axis verti-

cal machining centre MU-6300V LASER EX is capable of milling, turning, grinding, Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) and heat treatment for a wide range of workpiece sizes and shapes. On-machine hardening is faster and causes less distortion than conventional heat treatment, resulting in dramatically increased accuracy and throughput. The high-quality TRUMPF laser beam source enables stable laser processing over long runs and both large-capacity and high definition additive manufacturing. The MULTUS series, known for its precision and accuracy, has been a staple in Okuma’s line of multitasking machines for quite some time. The MULTUS U5000 is designed for stable heavyduty cutting with low spindle speeds. Its unrivalled high-torque spindle serves to maximise efficiency. The MULTUS U5000 handles medium and large parts as well as difficult-to-cut materials, such as Titanium and Inconel. Finish grinding is also among the new arrival’s many features. With the addition of the laser-equipped variant, Okuma is taking multitasking machining to new heights. The MULTUS U5000 LASER EX enables laser processing from coating to Laser Metal Deposition (LMD). Okuma will demonstrate the machine’s laser hardening capabilities in a dedicated stage-presentation.

In-depth smart factory know-how Smart Machines are part of the IoT-equation for the single-source provider. Having recently opened the second start-to-finish smart factory at its Japanese headquarters, Okuma is ready to pass on its smart factory expertise at EMO. The learnings from the company’s “Dream Site” factories resulted in its Smart Factory Solutions as a means of making Industry 4.0 a reality for customers. Driven by Okuma’s latest AI-imbued CNC control, these applications allow for total control of the entire scheduling and manufacturing process to support high product mixes and shorter delivery times, ensuring flexibility even with fluctuating demands. Okuma’s Machine Status Monitor connects not only machines but also production plants around the world, displaying their availability at any given time. It visualises the machine status and accumulates, stores and processes big data, including machining and operating reports and the alarm history. Based on this, continuous improvements can be made to make each run better than the one before. The web-based interface can be viewed from anywhere and on any device – even smartphones. By connecting the machines on display at EMO, Okuma will simulate a smart factory and demonstrate the possibilities afforded by their Smart Factory Solutions live on site.

Okuma to present super multitasking machines and Smart Factory Solutions

Okuma Europe will display its latest machining solutions to provide supreme connectivity and productivity at this year’s EMO Hannover (18-23 September, Hall 27, booth D20). Okuma’s smart machines as well as the LASER EX series of super multitasking machines capable of turning, milling, laser hardening and additive manufacturing will make their European debut at the fair. In addition, Okuma will introduce their latest Smart Factory Solutions and present new ways to integrate robotics to take productivity in an IoT-environment to the next level.


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CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT Engine refinement The new Cat C4.4 ACERT™ engine meets China Nonroad Stage III emission standards, equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA standards, while delivering the same power and fuel economy as predecessor engines in both working and traveling modes. The C4.4 ACERT also contributes to reliability with a fuel system designed to manage worldwide fuel quality. A primary fuel filter/water separator features a water-in-fuel switch that indicates when draining is required, thus reducing the risk of fuel-system contamination. An additional secondary fuel filter has been added to further enhance filtration capability.

Flexibility and versatility

Cat wheeled excavators— versatile by nature and capable of working on prepared surfaces or off-road—can travel independently between job sites at high speeds (up to 37 kph), reducing travel time transportation costs. The new models also serve as utility machines for moving material on site. Two stick options are available for each model, and a one-piece boom provides easy operation in all applications, whether loading trucks, working close to the machine against the blade, or in situations requiring maximum digging depth and reach. The Variable Adjustable (VA) boom is designed to improve right-side visibility and roading balance, as well as to facilitate working in tight quarters or lifting heavy loads. For dozing capability, the new models are available with a radial blade, and available outriggers enhance stability. Cat attachments are designed to function as an integral part of the excavator and are performance-matched to Cat machines. The new wheeled excavators are available with


a wide range of attachments, including quick couplers, specialized buckets, hammers, multi-grapples, vibratory-plate compactors, and shears.

Operator comfort

The operator station is spacious and comfortable, offering seat options (including heated cushions and automatic weight adjustment), standard automatic air conditioning, low sound levels, and an ergonomic control layout for ease of operation. Large glass areas provide optimum visibility, and lighting packages provide an extra margin of safety. Accessibility to the cabin is convenient, with well-positioned handrails that allow three points of contact at all times. Anti-skid plates on all walking surfaces and steps reduce slipping hazards.

Serviceability and technology

All daily maintenance can be performed from ground level, enhancing safety, and service points are centralized for convenience and to reduce downtime. The M315D2 and M317D2 are equipped with the Cat Product Link™ system, deeply integrated into machine systems and providing timely, useful information that assists in effectively managing equipment and associated costs. Remote monitoring via the web-based VisionLink® application allows access to data such as location, security alerts, fuel burn, idling time versus working time, and diagnostic/event codes. Knowing where equipment is located, what work it is doing, how it is performing, and its general state of health allow machine owners to improve the overall effectiveness of their operations and lower operating costs.


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Increased durability and easy maintenance with

The new CAT M315D2 and M317D2

wheeled excavators

The CatÂŽ M315 and M317 wheeled excavators have earned a solid reputation worldwide for reliable performance, long-term durability, versatility, fuel efficiency, low operating costs, and easy maintenance. The new "D2" Series models (M315D2 and M317D2) build on that reputation with a more robust fuel-injection system, versatile front-linkage configurations, expanded work-tool capability, and new operatorcomfort features.


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EASY ENGINEERING | www.easyengineering.eu


The Expert Days have long since been a tradition at Kramer, and this year was no exception. "Kramer is constantly expanding its product portfolio. Developments, such as the new 5055e, an all-wheel-steered electric wheel loader and a world first in its size class, always give us a reason to invite our dealers and customers to come and take a look. It is more important than ever that we are able to demonstrate to interested parties and customers the possibilities and scope of use that our machines can offer," says Karl Friedrich Hauri, management spokesman of Kramer-Werke GmbH. As well as a vast static exhibition of the full product range, from wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders to telehandlers in various fields of application, great empha-

sis was also placed on the machine experience. Guided plant tours through one of Europe's most cutting-edge production facilities in operation were very popular. However, the demo shows that took place regularly over the two days also attracted visitors' attention. The e-wheel loader, hugely popular with customers, was the focal point of the event. The world's first all-wheel-driven electric wheel loaders in the 0.65 mÂł size class was explained in detail at one station, batteries were carefully examined and experiences exchanged. Participants also had the opportunity to test the e-wheel loader 5055e on a test track and demonstrate their skill with the machine. "We have been manufac-

Kramer Expert Days 2017

a special machine experience ,


May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

turing the 5055e as standard for a year now and we are consistently receiving positive feedback from the industry. Tunnel construction work or inner-city applications are just some examples of the benefits of the emission-free and noiseless wheel loader," explains product manager Daniel Fechtig. The aim of these Expert Days was to enter into dialogue with the customer and to present the Kramer brand and product portfolio to dealers and their customers. "We are very pleased with the feedback that we have had from this year's Expert Days. The concept has once again proved its worth and we are sure that many projects will be generated on the back of this event," says Karl Friedrich Hauri in summary.

The Kramer Expert Days were held on the 29th and 30th of May at Kramer's Pfullendorf plant. Several hundred visitors accepted an invitation to experience this medium-sized construction machine manufacturer's range of machines up-close and personal.


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As in previous years CASE will once again be exhibiting at Steinexpo which takes place in Europe’s biggest basalt quarry near to Homberg in Germany, from the 30th August to 2nd September. CASE’s line-up will include several models from the company’s most recently launched ranges, which will also display the manufactures’ new livery that celebrates their 175th Anniversary.


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The focus will be on machines that offer practical and highly efficient solutions for the mining and quarry industry. Equipped with CASE’s exceptionally fuel-efficient Tier 4 Final (Euro IV) maintenance-free technology and no DPF. These machines offer high productivity, great performance and low running costs, plus industry leading operator comfort and safety levels. The centrepiece of the CASE display which is set to make a big impression is being kept tightly under wraps for now, but visitors will be able to get a first look at one of the larger wheel loaders from the recently launched new seven-model G Series range. With its superior visibility

CASE at Steinexpo

and best-in-class windscreen size, CASE has designed these cabs with the operator ‘front of mind’ - comfort with premium control interface, a seat-mounted console and new joystick steering with speed proportional sensitivity. The new G Series range also offers superior payload to weight ratio for maximum productivity. There is also a pressurised cab with HEPA and active carbon filtration options and for increased security they are password protected. There will also be the opportunity to have a close look at one of the new D Series crawler excavators, renowned for their performance and durability. All the

models in this range offer high productivity and faster cycle times. This is achieved with the new, more efficient hydraulics, resulting in lower operating costs and improved fuel consumption. There is ultimate comfort for the operator due to the spacious pressurised and iso-mounted cab, which also has an excellent interior layout, and the large multifunctional widescreen monitor with its continuous rear view camera adds to the already excellent all round visibility. Haulage specialist IVECO Astra, who is part of the CNH Industrial family will also have one their latest trucks on display.


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Historic Anniversary

Asia's most significant trade fair for the sector encompassing joining, cutting and surfacing technologies will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original fair called Beijing Essen Welding: From June 27 to 30, 2017, BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING will take place in Shanghai. Around 1,000 exhibitors from 30 countries will present their products and services in the Shanghai New International Expo Center. These will include not only installations and equipment but also systems for computerassisted fabrication, measuring technology and the equipping of workplaces. tain information about systems for computerassisted fabrication and equipment for the processes in joining, cutting and surfacing technologies right up to the safety-relevant equipping of workplaces and the measuring technology needed for exact working, to exchange ideas or to place orders directly. As one of the largest sectoral fairs in the world, BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING has positioned itself as an indispensable, international platform.

The Interdependence with the German and European Markets In China (the largest steel nation in the world), there is a strong demand for products relating to all aspects of joining, cutting and surfacing. BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING will offer the visitors an ideal platform in order to ob-


For foreign companies, BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING is an important platform in order to introduce themselves in this Asian growth region and to intensify business relations. Numerous international cooperative booths will offer firms the possibility of giving the trade visitors compact overviews

May-June 2017 | facebook/EasyEngineeringMagazine

of their services. On the cooperative area of the Federal Republic of Germany which will be promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, many renowned manufacturers will show products and services "Made in Germany". BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING will be staged in cooperation between Messe Essen (organizer of the premier global fair, SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN), the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and the German Welding Society (DVS). The partners are organizing a specialist supporting program in 2017, too. In forums, experts will thus take up topical subjects in the sector and will pass on their knowledge. In the meantime, BEIJING ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING is far more than a pure product show. It has developed into an important communication platform for the exchange and transfer of knowledge. Further information: www.beijing-essen-welding-cutting.com


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